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20 TOP SAP Security Multiple Choice Questions and Answers
Posted on March 22, 2015 by skills9

List of top 20 most frequently asked SAP Security multiple choice questions and answers pdf
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SAP Security Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

Which of the following SAP tables can help in determining the single roles which are
assigned to a given composite role?
A new single role is created and only one custom transaction code Z123 is added to the
role menu. How many authorization objects should be available in the authorization data
when a user goes to generate the role?
Which of the following actions are not present in user action field for authorization
object S_PROGRAM?
What reports/programs can be used to regenerate SAP_ALL profile?
Old Security audit logs can be deleted using tcode:
Transaction code text can be displayed using table:
Default password for SAP standard user SAP* is :
RFC ABAP Type 3 is created between two systems using transaction code SM59. During
RFC call, what authorization object will be checked in the source system?
Which of the following is false?
As per the options given below, please select the one which is checked second when a
user executes a transaction code?
The user buffer can be displayed using transaction code:
A role contains several profiles. Which of the following tables can fetch that list?
The AS ABAP categorizes users into several types for different purposes. Which of the
following are NOT valid user types in AS ABAP.
Security Java security roles on the AS Java can be defined either globally or locally.
Which of the following are globally defined security roles in AS Java?
The As ABAP communicates with its communication partners using various protocols.
Each of these protocols use a specific security mechanism. which of the following protocols
are matched up correctly with the security mechanism?
With reference to the LDAP directory, and the UME, which of the following are true?


You have a mixed system landscape including both SAP and non-SAP systems, or you
have an existing corporate LDAP directory in your system landscape. User management data
is stored in a combination of an LDAP server and a database. Which of the following data is
written to and read from the IDAP server?
The LDAP Connector is called using ABAP functions and communicates with the
directory server using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). The connection
with the directory server can be created with various analysis methods, such as simple
binding or anonymously.
The User Management Engine (UME) allows you to define a security policy, with
reference to this, which of the following statements are true?
What are the best practices for establishing a connection type Establishing Trust for