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Under the doctrine of command responsibility, the PNP chief answers to the

SILG. In turn, the SILG answers to the President.

Under the ALTER-EGO doctrine, the SILG and the President share the
same signification.
Who validates the orders when Purisima, who possesses all the INTEL, is
PNP is under the portfolio of the DILG. If Purisima is not calling the shots,
the DILG should have monitored it because it is a function of the SILG to
report to the OP.
A. On the issue of lack of knowledge:
1. Being the SILG, it is his duty to know.
2. He is the alter ego. Hence, if the President knows, SILG should also
3. Failing to have knowledge is useless because you are a public servant.
It is presumed that the SILG accepted the position because he has the
technical knowledge of that portfolio.
When the President makes an order and the SILG is bypassed, it does not
mean that the SILG should not do anything because it is his duty to know
what orders where given because it is his portfolio.
The purpose why the SILG was appointed is to help because they are
knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the department.
No contest of the decision means adherence by inaction or adherence by
incompetence. If the operation fails, SILG will be held accountable because
it is his duty to know and his duty to give his input.

B. On the issue of operational/tactical control.

1. If we look at the functions of the DILG, it involves policy determination
and coordination. In essence, the SILG has a say if not the last say
because it is his department.
2. That he did not ask for information is negligence by omission. He is there
in the command responsibility after PNP Chief. He is one of the decision
3. The SILG is also an adviser.
4. PNP is under DILG because there was a problem with coordination.
Hence, DILG is in charge of coordination.
C. On the issue that the PRESIDENT ordered PURISIMA.

Is there proof?
It is paperwork and the SILG should have demanded.
SILG is still in the middle.
Lack of confidence.
The SILG agreed and accepted the position.

D. On the issue of accountability.

It does not mean criminal liability.
Accountability means to accept, own up, admit the mistake, and apologize.
1. Recognize
2. Admit lack of foresight
3. Insist on doing the job even if bypassed.
He is still accountable to president and people.

E. On the issue of what could have been done.

1. He could have given his insight even if not tactician.
2. He could have known of the danger most especially when the
President needs advise.
The is incompetence by omission. Misfeasance is as bad as
The SILG represented that he can do the job.
He was appointed. There was a search committee. There was a letter of
F. On the issue that PURISIMA was IN CONTROL
1. PNP has a problem with management.
2. The SILG could have outranked them and done something about it.
3. The SILG can prevent and preempt. He had every power. He knows
there is problem with protocol.
The SILG was on the job since 2012.
G. On the issue of gravity of the situation.
It is his duty.
When we say arrest a criminal, it speaks highly of an international matter.
Incompetent decisions are as bad as wrong decisions.
It was a well-planned operation. He should have known.
In public governance, a wrong act as bad as a non-act.
He should have advised the President.
You are presenting yourself that you can do your job. No minimum
qualification not everyone can be a SILG. Insist to be informed.

The government is working.
Officers do their job well
Soldiers want vindication explanation.
The SILG is more accountable because he was supposed to be there and
he was supposed to know because he is the head of the department.
When the President decides about the PNP, it is still the portfolio of the
SILG. Three years of training and expertise. He has a duty to tell the effects
of the presidents decision.
Negotiate for handling over. They did not listen to me.
Who is at fault for the characterization?
1. Is it not that this is international terrorist?
2. Is it not prudent to treat it as a local matter?
In cases involving national security DILG has no jurisdiction.
Lack of knowledge is not a defense in a position that you should have
knowledge of.
Its not the degree of accountability, but those who did not do their job.
Part of governance is explaining what went wrong.
Highly technical policy determination.
Making policy means expertise.
Confidential, policy determining, highly technical
Know the field to determine policies.
Most qualified years of training competence sound decisions action we do
not expect ignorance.

There is a concept of qualification.

Blame the president and PNP chief.
Accountability holds true to all officers.
Under the law public officers are accountable for nonfeasance misfeasance
Explain the position.