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Living with Wolves

Winona has always loved animals. Her work supported that love she
worked really hard to achieve the best possible result when it came to
saving, protecting or housing animals. Despite the fact that she
graduated with a degree in political science, it was her personal affinity
to animals which pushed her towards a slightly different trajectory in
life. She worked with Greenpeace for over two years, but despite the
fact that it was good work for a good cause, it was not as satisfying as
working with animals. After that she worked at an animal shelter, and
found it to be a lot more rewarding.
So Winona, what are you doing this year? Samantha asked.
What do you mean? Winona replied.
Well, every year you do something different, and I assume you dont
plan to work at the kennel for another five years, said Samantha.
Yeah, I was considering going to Eastern Europe. Theres a lot of work
there regarding helping the populations of wild canines, she
Samantha was lying on her back on the couch, sipping her smoothie
from a straw, lazily, when Fossy, her dog ran in and came up to
Winona, who was sitting on a wicker chair, and was almost thrown off it
from surprise.
Hey boy, Winona said, leaning over and petting the dog. Fossy was
an Alaskan Malamute Winona would never tell Samantha this, but her
desire to work with wolves stemmed from her growing relationship with
Fossy. Alaskan Malamutes basically look exactly like wolves, they have
a thick hide and an abundant fur coat. Winona pet the dog, and rubbed
its chin repeatedly as she spoke to it.
He really likes you, you know, Samantha said as soon as the she
stopped slurping her strawberry smoothie.
Yeah. I really like him too, Winona replied with a smile, still looking at
Fossy. She leaned down and let the dog lick her face. The reason
Winona would never tell Sam that she loved the dog enough to go into
the work of helping wolves, was because she was a little ashamed of
her developing feelings. She was awkward around the dog because of

the unnatural eroticism she felt with him. It wasnt all animals she felt
this way about, but something about this wolf-like animal, brought out
some dark sexual feelings from deep inside her.
Even now, as he licked her face, she started feeling a little turned on.
She had to pull away quickly, as she felt herself getting a little wet and
flustered. She sat back and breathed heavily, but Fossy was still
rubbing his muzzle into her crotch.
Oh, OH! Winona moaned loudly, and a wide smile formed on her face
as she jumped up.
Whats wrong with you? Samantha sat up and asked, seeing that her
friend was starting to act a little weird.
Nothing, nothing, she replied. Just having fun with your dog.

It wasnt the first time Winona went home and masturbated, thinking
about the dog, but in a more detailed and volatile fashion. One of her
most favored fantasies was having three or four wolf dogs attacking
her, tearing her clothes off, and gangbanging her all together, using
and abusing her body.
She lay back on the recliner in her house and started rubbing her
center. With her bottoms completely off, stroking the top of her labia
with her fingers, moving them in a circular fashion, and feeling her
imagination run wild. Two wolves standing above her as the third one
coming from behind and having sex with her, thrusting in and out, not
like a human, but like an animal, with all the benefits of animalistic
behaviors. Growling and biting, paws held down and sharp claws
extended, feeling the soft fur on her back, covering a warm breathing
body, thrusting hard, expanding and releasing endless amounts of
canine seed into her warm core. By now, two of her fingers were
lodged deep inside of her, moving them around, allowing her mind to
wander as she brought herself to a powerful orgasm (and not for the
first time) to Fossy and his fictional pack.

Williamsburg, VA Varna, Bulgaria.

One way
May. 2, 20:00 May. 3, 06:00
Terminal B1, Gate 21
She had just printed out her ticket, and was packing, getting ready for
her new life in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe, living with a handful of people
on a reservation in the middle of the abundant forest that occupied
Bulgaria. Creating restrictions and borders for those who intend to
harm the decreasing wolf population; also tagging them for populous
purposes, and refining their environment to keep poachers and hunters
from locating and killing them. Another responsibility entails nursing
and feeding young and injured wolves so they will be able to live a
healthy and full life with their packs.
The flight took about ten hours, and without her books Winona would
have died of boredom. She looked around the cabin, seeing the various
amount of people who were planning on landing in Bulgaria, many of
which are just on a connecting flight to Moscow, although she might
have been mistaken since Russian and Bulgarian dialects are quite
similar. However, the partyers were evident young adults with their
surfboards, ready to live it up in Varna, which was technically known
for its highly attractive beaches, clubs, bars and party centrals. She
smiled, put her book to the side and decided to take a nap.
The room was pretty small, but with the optimistic view Winona has
had since birth, she would say it is cozy. She put her bags aside and
went out to meet some of the other environmentalists. She connected
with everyone pretty quickly, and over the first couple of weeks, things
were simple, the data collecting, terrain studying and the adjusting to
the cold weather. She thought back to those kids who were expecting
to party on the beach in the start of a cold winter, and she laughed,
because she just couldnt understand it. It wasnt until about three
weeks in that she saw her first wolf she has seen wolves before, but
never a Bulgarian grey wolf. It was large, and beautiful.
Why hello there, she muttered, put her hand out and stepped closer
to it. She had walked quite deep into the woods, a feat undone by the
others; in fact it was not orthodox to delve too deep into the woods,
especially when approaching nightfall.

The wolf was standing tall on a number of large smooth rocks, which
still did not deter Winona, since she was not only mesmerized by the
beauty of this wolf, but also very interested in touching it and feeling
its coat, and maybe even getting a look at a wolf erection. As her mind
started to explore a little deeper within itself into her hidden carnal and
bestial pleasures, the wolf turned and moved to the side, which
startled Winona, causing her to slip on one of the rocks and hit the
ground, hard. She rolled down a little, and what she unfortunately did
not know before, was that on the other end of those rocks, was
nothingness it was a steep fall, which she had succumbed to, and
was now rolling down the hill, only seconds after she slammed her ribs
into the rocks.
Aaaaaaaaaaghhhhh! She screamed loud as she fell, hoping someone
would hear her, but most of her concern lied in not hitting any sharp
branches or landing on jagged stones. She rolled down, trying to
scream, but every moment she opened her mouth, she would hit her
side painfully. It felt like a lifetime, but eventually the ground leveled
out and she slid down and finally hit the bottom, which was essentially
trees and shrubbery, thankfully no sharp stones or sticks hit her and
she lay there, on the ground, in total shock, unable to feel anything.
She looked up at the sky, which was drowned out mostly by treetops,
the beautiful blue barely made it through, but about a minute in, she
felt the pain start to set in. She looked down and saw that her legs
were a mess; they looked broken, the way they were bent. She was
terrified for a moment, but eventually the feeling came through, and it
was a feeling of pain, which partially relieved her momentarily since
her first thought was paralysis. However, the relief left her body quickly
because she started feeling a sharp pain rushing through her limbs; it
was a pain she would never forget.
She stayed there for three days. Three painful days, sipping off her
water bottle and screaming out loud, trying to grab someones
attention, but it was a depressing situation lying there in pain,
rearranging her dislocated knees, and having had to endure her own
splinting, using fallen branches and pieces of bark. Crying, she couldnt
take it anymore, she forced out one more scream before she
completely lost her voice as well as her hope. Just then she heard a

Is someone there? Please. Help, she groaned weakly, and her heart
dropped for a moment, only to have the same wolf that caused her fall
initially to march out of the bushes. Oh. Its you, she muttered,
looking back up at the sky, trying to show a bit of confidence, since
wild wolves can sometimes be pretty aggressive to intruders. The wolf
approached her gracefully, almost skipping over and leaned his muzzle
down and sniffed her hair. Winona looked up at him, he was a male
wolf as she could clearly see the canines penis hanging a few inches
under his furry groin; she shook her head from such thoughts, but the
wolf sat down next to her, rubbing his nose on her arms. Winona
started to tear up, feeling a sense of relief and love towards the entire
animal kingdom, as this animal was obviously feeling some sort of
remorse or sadness towards an injured woman. He started licking her
neck and just stayed with her for countless hours. She talked to him for
a long time, feeling herself going a little insane, but it was the only
thing holding her together.
Wait. Where are you going? She asked out as the beautiful grey wolf
got up and trotted away into the foliage, causing Winona to feel even
more depressed than before, only to have her rejoice when the wolf
trotted right back about an hour later with a branch in his mouth, on
the edge of which were red berries and multiple leaves. She reached
out, with a total human instinct and hugged the wolf around the neck
tightly, pulling him down kissing him all over the face, and in response
the wolf dropped the branch on her. Winona pulled back and grabbed
the branch and threw a handful of berries in her mouth, with a few
twigs and a leaf attached, and she didnt care, crushing them in
between her teeth, and swallowing the sweet juices.
The wolf sat there next to her, day after day. She gave him the name
Lobo, and just pet him for hours she started feeling a mixture of
closeness and erotic feelings, brought on by a sense of transference
from this wolf, who kept leaving and coming back with more and more
food. He even once returned with a dead rabbit, from which she had to
rip the skin using her own teeth, and dry the blood off and bite into it
she figured she needed some protein, which was her initial excuse to
bite into a raw animal, but then again, it has already been a little over
a week. She decided to test her movements, since she relocated her
bones together over a week ago and peeing and defecating in the
same corner for days was starting to produce a disgusting smell that
she no longer could stand. She got up and decided to find her way

back to her group, and since she couldnt climb the steep hill she fell
down, especially not with her still sore legs, she tried to find a way
It took over twenty hours to walk around, and again she found herself
lost in the woods, however Lobo was by her side the entire time. She
felt so lucky, having such a beautiful animal with her through her
aimless journey. She journeyed for about an entire day, going in circles,
feeling more and more lost every day. Lobo would rub up against her
throughout the day, showing his own affection in his own way, as
Winona reaches down every now and again rubbing his head and
enjoying his company. Eventually she sat down on a large rock,
dejectedly, feeling hopeless, but Lobo started barking and growling,
walking away with a slight intention of bringing her with him. Winona
didnt know what to do, so she just got up and followed him. It has
been over two weeks, and she didnt know what to do marching
behind Lobo, following him God knows where, but he has been a
thoughtful animal, and has brought her things and made sure she
survived, so Winona thought she should trust him.
Where are we going boy? She muttered, as she hopped over a
branch, and stepped around a raccoon that seemed to be scurrying
around. She was surprised that Lobo didnt attack the raccoon, which
made her feel bad because she thought that every wild animal was a
wild animal. when night fell, she started feeling a little scared,
walking through the woods with no light or weapon to protect herself
a feeling which did not dissipate when she stepped into a beautiful
moonlit clearing, and Lobo howled loudly and melodically, only to get a
response howl a kilometer or so down the road. This caused her to
hesitate, but being a fortnight in the woods has cause her to adapt
some sort of acclimatization factor, and she carried on, following a grey
patch of reflected moonlight off a fur bottom, past the clearing, into
some more trees, and further into a another clearing, when she looked
up and saw the beautifully clear glade, with tall grass and large stones
set sporadically around, with a pack of wolves, about seven or eight of
them, standing tall and looking at me, with a look that sort of implied
an unwelcoming of a stranger.
She backed away slowly, her heart beating in my neck, starting to feel
a little more fearful now, they started to bark and howl, menacingly,
scaring her. She stood in her place and they stopped, which made her

think that she should stop moving. For a moment she thought she was
putting too much faith in the personification of a friendly wolf, but then
again, grey wolves are smart creatures, and its not like she had much
choice in the matter. Winona looked back and Lobo stared back at her
dismally, and she walked back, and sat down silently near the opening,
in case she had to run off at any moment, which she should have
reconsidered because they can smell fear.
The alpha male trotted up to Winona, slowly, as if he was checking her
out, eyes direct and wide. He was a beautiful white wolf, with grey
withers and fuzzy grey stripes on his shoulders, a black line going
down his muzzle, and he was huge at least fifty-five or sixty
kilograms heavy, a long tail. He opened his mouth, retracted his
tongue and bared his canines, growled at her and stared her down, she
tried to look directly, but she looked instantly away. He turned to his
side and lifted his leg slightly, and she got a look at is penis, it wasnt
fully erect, but it was red and long, hanging down, it was sort of
inviting, she wanted to reach out and grab it. But before she could do
anything, it twitched for a moment and then it released urine, on her
lap. She just sat there, allowing this alpha wolf to urinate on her,
marking her, at least now if she was his property, he wouldnt hurt her,
she thought. Winona felt disgraced and disgusting, she didnt know
what to do, she just sat there, looking away, feeling him dousing her
with his warm liquid. When he was done he walked away, his tail held
high with confidence and howled loudly, only to have the entire pack
start howling as well. In response Winona lay there on her side, and
tried to fall asleep.

After months with living with wolves, things started to change,

drastically. Her hair grew long, on her body obviously not like the
wolves, but enough for her to feel connected physically with her pack,
which she needed, because it would be over a year before anyone
would rescue her. Aside from her hair growing, and her moving rapidly
in a crouched position, and being able to capture small animals, killing
them, ripping off their hides, and bringing back some food for her pack,
over the past few months she had developed a few more animalistic

He growled, her master, lying on the top of the rock, barking down at
her, she stood up and responded, enthusiastically, running to the small
patch of grass where they do it. She crawled around and looked at him;
he approached her, standing tall, with his penis erect and stiff. She
pushed down the tattered cloth that she kept on her center, and
exposed her backside, arching her back and pushing her face down.
The alpha came up and jumped up, putting his paws on her back side,
sliding down so that she could feel his large heart beating through his
chest, which rested on her back. She braced herself and moaned as he
tried to position himself in her, but Winona was way ahead of him,
reaching between her legs, grabbing it, positioning it at her opening
and pushing back. She loved doing that, even living as an animal for so
long, she cherished the fact that she could hold his erect wolf penis in
her hand, stroke it softly and then pull it into her.
Mmmmmm, it filled her and she moaned, loving it, feeling it fill her
up. She felt ashamed at first, mostly because the first time the alpha
started fucking her, she gave in quickly, and it was odd how easily she
grew accustomed to it. After every estrous cycle of the wolves, Winona
would start feeling herself automatically getting wet, in anticipation of
the things that that powerful wolf was going to do to her. She thought
back to the first time it happened, and it helped her get wetter while
she was getting rammed, filling deep, his long red erection, sliding in
and out in an animalistic way. His hind feet straining as he thrust down
into Winona, opening her up, as she let her breasts sway in front of her
and her hair fall over her sweating forehead.
It all started about a month into her living with the pack. She was
getting the hang of it, Lobo kept his eyes on her and helped her with
problems she had with other pack members, even though by that point
she was the property of the alpha. One night, as she slept, she felt
some teeth chewing on her leg softly, biting at her tattered pants,
which she still wore despite how many times she had to wash them
after the alpha had urinated on them. She shrugged in her sleep,
figuring it was just Lobo, hungry or bored, but the bites got a little
more aggressive and Winona jumped up suddenly when she felt teeth
sinking into her leg.
Oh! What the.., she cried out and saw Alpha standing there, looking
down at her petite body, walking closer and getting on top of her as
she lay on her side. She struggled to move, not knowing what exactly

he wanted, but then she felt it, a stiff rod against her leg, and she
looked down, and saw Alphas penis, hanging low, touching her leg. At
first she thought it was just hanging there coincidentally, but Alpha
started moving his waist, making his penis rub against her leg more
and more. Oh I dont know, she muttered to herself, and in
response, Alpha growled at her, exposing his teeth. Winona bit her lip
and decided that it was about time, so she pushed down her pants,
which were torn in so many places, throwing them aside as the wolf sat
and stared at her, glaring with his wide yellow eyes. She was afraid
now, but shivering deep inside, feeling herself filled with excitement
and anticipation. She pushed her panties off, which have also been
overused so much, she had to wash them in the river a few times, but
not after this.
As soon as she kicked off her panties, she looked up at the wolf who
kept staring down at her, and she rose up, and bent over, presenting
herself like any other animal would. She felt her own breasts hanging
low, without a bra they swung freely with every move she made, and
when the wolf come up from behind her, pressing his lower body onto
her back, and she braced herself. She felt her elbows locking as she
stood there and waited for the wolf to do what he wanted to do. She
had to wait for about a few seconds, she was feeling a little flustered
and scared, hearing the wolf pant in her ears, dripping and salivating
down on her back. She reached back and pulled her hair to the side,
and let it hang down by her, in an attempt to feel the wolfs breathing
against her neck, and making their coupling feel a little more
intimidating, having her completely exposed, from neck to loins.
Winona started thinking if it would be difficult for the wolf to fuck her,
however as she shifted her thighs together, and spread them apart
slowly to allow him into her, she felt a streak of wetness outlining her
lips, inside and out, and before she could reach back and spread it
around, she felt Alpha putting her bulbous penis head against it and
start to push forward. With no rhythm or grace, he leaned up further
onto her, pushing it further inside her. Winona bit her lips and
clenched, feeling him slide in, and her first thought was how similar it
was to human sex, except maybe a little bit less awkwardness and a
little more smooth movements. By the time she snapped back to what
was going on, she started feeling him thrusting in, pulling back a few
inches, only to slide it back in hard and aggressive, like any alpha
animal would, even men.

Mmmm, after the initial discomfort fizzled, she started to enjoy it and
give it some more consideration, for future purposes, especially since
she was sure that this might be the first, but it will definitely not be the
last time, not if she had anything to do with it. That final thought made
her feel very dirty, and she started to feel her entire body thrust
forward violently and sternly. She leaned down a bit, her nipples so
hard they could have torn lines in the ground that they were rubbing
against. Yes.. Ughh amazing, she groaned as the wolf fucked her
harder, not with a much faster momentum, but with great intensity.
She dug her nails into the ground and felt herself reaching an
incredible orgasm that shook through her entire body, only to have
Alpha release himself, his hard red member lodged deep inside her,
still moving and throbbing, but now releasing a steaming hot liquid
inside her in spurts that never seemed to end. He pulled back and
walked away as Winona fell to the ground on her stomach her hands
instinctively started rubbing on her nipples through what was left of
her dilapidated shirt. It felt like an entire cup of semen was released
inside of her, and she hoped it was, since she just had the most mindblowing orgasm she ever had, coming from the hot-blooded mammal
with a hard-on and fur as smooth as cashmere.
But this was all over a year ago. Winona had lost her speech almost
fully, her clothes were long gone, and she had grown hair on her body
in a matter so quick, it would almost be unequivocal proof of evolution
through adaptation to the surrounding environment. It was about that
time when she was discovered by hunters in the deep woods of
Oh my God, its a woman! One of them said, they chased the wolves
off with their gunshots, and as Winona started running off, they
stopped her. Wait, wait, in Bulgarian, and she halted. They started
asking her questions and she would not respond, even though she
knew what they were talking about. They covered her in a blanket and
stood there for a little bit, trying to figure out what to do. One of the
men started talking about making money off her, and even though she
learned a little bit of Bulgarian a long time ago, she could break down a
sentence or two, and the words circus animal and money, coupled
with the laughs was enough motivation for her to jump up and bite one
of the hunters on the ear. AAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!

As soon as the man yelled out, she released him and ran off into the
closest wooded area, she was already furlongs away when she heard
their shots firing in the sky, but she was long gone, with a large piece
of flesh in her ear, blood running down her chin, and her master, the
alpha dog, awaiting her return less than a kilometer away.