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Late June, 2015



your Labour councillors

keeping you up to date

Big Changes for Bristol City Council in 2016

- and YOU could be part of it all
Next year we will be looking for 70 candidates to
stand as councillors in 34 new wards in the city.
Many of those wards have changed shape, some
have new names under the review made by the
Boundary Commission which is pretty much final.
Could one of those candidates be YOU?

Why not come along and find out?

We've organised a special meet the councillors
evening at Brunel House large pillared building
behind the Council House. You'd be more than
welcome. Come along even if you are just curious and
haven't fully considered the idea.

It's on Thursday 25th June at 7.30pm

You can chat over the idea with people who already do
the job - helping neighbours and communities get the
things they want for their area and having a say on
the big issues that affect Bristol.
Additionally there's another meeting just for women
who might want to be candidates organised by Ruth
Pickersgill the Women's Officer of the Local Campaign

Helen Holland

Goldney House
Garden Party
All are welcome to this annual summer garden
event. Bring a picnic or enjoy strawberries and
cream, jam and scones and tea. There's music in
the orangery. There's a hidden secret grotto and an
inexplicable tower. There are stalls with books and
bric a brac and games, too.
It's a great afternoon and an important fundraiser
for Labour. It's also a chance to meet Bristol West's
new MP Thangam Debbonaire who will be there.

Sunday from 2pm - 28th June

there's a small entry fee

That's on Tuesday 30th of June at 7.30pm

- again at Brunel House.

Labour Cabinet Member sacked by the Mayor over Port sell-off

This was our Press Statement which appeared in the POST online but not in the actual newspaper
The news that Labour Cabinet member, Cllr Mark Bradshaw, has been sacked by the Mayor has been
greeted with dismay by Labour councillors.
Anyone who looks at the webcast of the Bristol City Council Cabinet meeting (Tues) will see that Cllr
Bradshaw put his case reasonably and advised that the Mayor might pause and think again about the
sale of the freehold of the Avonmouth port lands. http://www.bristol.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/179560
When Labour entered the Cabinet the Mayor agreed that there would be votes on controversial
issues and that some would necessarily go against his decisions. Cllr Bradshaw exercised his right to
advise the Mayor and vote against the sale.
We are astonished that he has been sacked. There has been a lot of support for Cllr Bradshaw this
morning. Members are outraged that Cabinet politicians are not allowed to express honest opinions or
even revise their views when counter arguments are put to them whats the point of debate
otherwise? Cllr Bradshaw has had reservations about the port sale from the start and Labour
councillors shared those concerns.
Its hard to escape the conclusion that the political manipulation here has come from the Mayor who
wants all his Cabinet to back his decisions and sacks those with the temerity to disagree with him,
says Cllr Helen Holland, Leader of the Labour councillors.

Contact: Cllr Helen Holland - helen.holland@bristol.gov.uk


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