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Wireless Management System Small Cells


Daftar Isi

1. Wireless Management System Small Cells introduction

a. WPS
b. HDM
c. WMS
d. NPO
2. WPS,HDM, and WMS introduction
a. architecture description
b. WPS GUI main window
c. HDM Web and Console
d. WMS view
e. WMS GUI main window
3. Small Cells Provisioning
4. Small Cells Monitoring
5. Small Cells Troubleshooting
6. Small Cells Performance Collection
a. NPO view
b. Small Cell Performance Collection

Wireless Management System Small Cells introduction

a. WPS

b. HDM

c. WMS

d. NPO

WPS, HDM, and WMS introduction


WPS architecture description


WPS GUI Main Window

GUI components
Network tab: displays the entire MOI in a tree.
Workorders tab: displays the workspace and the workorders.
Templates tab: displays the defined templates
Datasets tab: displays the defined datasets
Checks tab: displays the check profiles and the check sessions.
Audit tab: displays the audit profiles and the audit sessions.


HDM Web and Console

a. Open Web browser input on tab and will show like image

b. For HDM console we can use putty or SecureCRT for doing

IP for HDM :

User :hdm and password : newsys99

After login will show like this image


a. Open the application for WMS

Double Click this icon and will open

password than login




Small Cells Provisioning

1. To provisioning small cell first login to WMS and to do this step like
1.login to WMS click configuration

2.to export all script before import to WPS, click CM XMLExport


3.make name for file snapshot want to export

4.click Export now

5.Now going to WPS to import snapshot file we expoert from WMS

6.choose browse repository, and serch snapshot we make when export on


7. After finish to import snapshoot to WPS, we must make new

workorder to save the script for small cell we want to create

8. On snapshoot we import already have template for small cell, we

just need to copy and paste on femtocluester

9. After paste, some window will open and need to put the Cell ID for
the small cell

Open the small cell we make change all the parameter we need
to change CI (bsrid), LAC, longlad, bsrname (Site name), backhoul
profile(enterprise,home,satalite), SAC and Serial No

After finish all parameter change, go to workorder and right
click ,than choose export workorder on the server repository

Choose the folder repository on server to save the workorder,
in here we choose folder connection, on filename make name for the
workorder we want to export in to server. We can make name same
with the Cell ID

Finish export to server, we going to WMS for luch (run the
script in to small cell on site),in here we choose
ConfigurationSessions Manager

Will open Session Manager Window, click Create new

Choose folder workorder, and serch workorder from WPS we

Add to list the workorder, nextand lunch, wait until finish and
done with no error or warning

Small Cells Monitoring

1. Small Cell Alarm monitoring from WMS, open WMSSelect Network

2. Click TTC_BUARAN and View

3. Double Click on Navigator window

4. Right click on FGW icon and choose show alarms

5. Monitoring Small cell from HDM console, this monitoring should be

know the IP Tunnel and login by ssh to Small Cell on site
a. Open browser and login into HDM link

b. Click Device

c. Click Find Device

d. Choose which one we want to check and than Click Manage

e. And all data aboute Small cell will come, and choose Device data
to get the URL IP for login into Small Cell on site

f. Get the URL data and open Putty or SecureCRT, in here we use

g. Connect to HDM IP

h. Ssh l localOperator (IP Small Cell URL from HDM web)

i. Input password for localoperator A$f4J6+zKW=G

j. Su localAdmin to login on superuser (root) of small cell

password for localadmin E=t2X$3hq8jo

k. Login to consolemenuchoose what we want to know (led

Status,Small cell parameter, UE come in to Small Cell and
Sniffing for macro neighbor

L. for checking NTP status we must exit from menu and run
ntpStatus on console

Small Cells Troubleshooting

Small Cells Performance Colletion

1. Open Single-Wibox, user name osmadmin and password Alcatel&1

2. Will open wibox window and choose analysis desktop

3. Analysis Desktop window

4. Choose Small Cell which one we want to collection the data, in here we
choose by serial nomer and Cell ID

5. Choose which one KPI want to get and drag drop on down window

6. After drag and drop will show time window, from when we want the data to
collect, click Execute