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Part 1:

Information about the Secured Party Creditor Recording

I am getting a lot of questions about Secured Party Filings.

In this writing I wish to tie several topics together to give you my understanding of what
it means to be a Secured Party Creditor. My goal is to help you determine if such a filing
could benefit you. In my opinion, the secured party filing isnt for everyone. I will discuss
the role of the secured party creditor in general as it relates to your commercial affairs,
to include your present debts (to be charged back), and future debts that need to be
discharged, and how one can protect themselves against malicious claims by using
your Secured Party records.
The first thing to note, is that, if you do not understand what a Secured Party Creditor is,
on a basic level, then it will not benefit you to complete your filing. Why? Because you
are going to be tested when you attempt to use your remedies against Agencies in the
Public. The illicit gains of Corporations have been threatened by the exponential
number of people getting educated about how money works. These Corporate Agencies
cannot keep you in the capacity of being a debtor, but they will put forth their best effort
to scrutinize and challenge your authenticity. They are aware that many alleged
creditors are downloading paperwork off the internet without any knowledge of the
contents. Such individuals are delusional. One should never trust in their paperwork,
above competency, because the paper work alone will not save you.
The choice to complete the SCP recording comes with acquired understanding and
maturity in your studies. As an example, my introduction to law, sovereignty, and
commerce occurred about 5 years ago. Like you, the information changed my
perspective and my outlook on life. It ignited a hunger for information and truth that
couldnt be set aside. I had to incorporate this new paradigm into my existence. Ive
come to accept that learning the Law (in all realms) and becoming a Master of
commercial processes, are things I must devote part of my life too. So naturally, as I
learned about Assets & Liabilities, Creditors & Debtors, Bonds, Notes & Bills, Insurance
Policies, Liens, Fiduciary Obligations, Estates & Trusts, Artificial Persons & Fictions,
there came a point of clarity, when I understood how being a Secured Party Creditor
ties into the big picture.
The most immediate purpose for perfecting your Secured Party Creditor Filing, is to
protect the assets of your Estate.

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Loosely speaking, your Estate encompasses everything (all the property and assets)
connected to your trade name. It doesnt matter if the trade name is capitalized or in
lower case, if it is referring to affairs or property using the Trade-name then it is parcel
to your estate. In the business world, a Secured Party is the term for one who holds an
Interest or superior claim in a Corporations assets. The Secured Party creates a record
of this interest by filing a UCC-1 financing statement. This is the same affect we are
accomplishing by filing our UCC-1 as a Secured Party Creditor (SPC). We are
essentially creating a verified record of our superior claim over the assets of the John
Alex Doe Corporation (Your Name).
Excerpt http://www.allbusiness.com/technology/software-services-applications-markup/108288241.html%23axzz2HtryJQPK

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a series of uniform regulations designed to streamline
commerce between businesses across all 50 states and various territories of the U.S.
The most important UCC form small businesses are affected by is a UCC-1 form also known as a
Financing Statement. A Financing Statement is filed to perfect a security interest in named
collateral and establishes priority in case of debtor default or bankruptcy. All lenders in the U.S.
are required to use the same form to give public notice of their interest in certain or all assets of
a business. UCC-1 forms are filed in the secretary of states office in the state of the debtors
business, however, it can also be filed in multiple states if the business is on a border or if the
business has locations in multiple states. All information on a UCC-1 is public information.
Many states offer UCC searches online for a small fee.
The same UCC-1 that businesses use, is the same UCC-1 that we use. Sometimes we
loosely refer to the UCC-1 as a commercial lien, but technically the UCC-1 only gives
Notice that the assets were aliened. The true Lien, is the contract, also known as a
Security Agreement, which is executed and signed by the Secured Party (you) and the
DEBTOR (John Alex Doe, Corp).
The security agreement is a private contract which specifies that the Secured Party
(you) provides assets and collateral to the debtor so that the debtor can perform as the
agent and transmitting utility for the Secured Party (living man) in commerce. In return,
(and for equal consideration) the debtor (Corporation) provides the secured party a
security interest in its assets for in interest equal to $100,000,000,000.00. The term
equal consideration denotes that both parties are giving value and receiving value. This
is a requisite to establish a contract. Contracts must be balanced.
Inside our security agreement the collateral. section, defines the assets being aliened.
The UCC-1 again, is only a Notice of a pre-existing lien based on the Security
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Agreement contract. The UCC-1 lien is our way of giving all Public Agencies and
Corporations notice, that our John Alex Doe Corporations assets are already secured
under contract. Also the UCC-1 allows us to only list the important aspects of the lien
rights, without exposing the specific details of our private contract (aka security
agreement). The contract is not open for third parties, it is only between the Secured
Party and the Debtor.
In 1933 the President removed money of substance (gold and silver) from the monetary
system, due to an alleged national emergency.
11TheMoneyOrder(Bill)ForGold.docx 13SupersedeasBondToPayOurDebts.docx 14PublicPolicyHJR-192.docx

As an operation of law, this act required a lawful remedy to be put into place. The
Government essentially took the peoples wealth to pursue its own endeavors. The
people were left with an inability to pay. As a remedy, the people were given HJR-192
(a bond), which provides a mechanism to discharge debts at the Governments expense.
Keep in mind, I am simplifying this so that you can understand. Please click the links
above for more information.
Until the consideration (money) is returned to the people, by the government the
contract (and/or bond) is still in place. The Law always provides a remedy for a
trespass. This isnt a matter of opinion, it has to do with a universal principle that cannot
be broken. Its true at the most scientific level. Some people may not agree with what
Im saying because they do not understand that this isnt a decision made by the
Government officials as to whether or not we merit our remedy.
The remedy is allegorically similar to the glitch in the matrix. No matter how many times
you rebuild, you cannot get rid of the truth. The lies cannot exist without a truth. You can
not remove a creditors remedy without destroying the present commercial system. The
remedy is part of the foundation and removing it will collapse the financial system, which
is based upon faith and credit. I wish I could get each reader to understand it. This is
why your diligence in caring out your own remedy will ultimately lead to success. Those
who understand this continue relentlessly, tapping, and testing, the matrix for
vulnerabilities and holes.... we know the answer is there and as the proverb says. He
who has a slack hand becomes poor, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.
After 1933, Fast forward to the year 2014. Most people do not understand the illusionary
money system today, nor do they comprehend the remedy of being a creditor is optional
and for the taking. Corporations battle for our minds, because only through our
ignorance can we remain debtors. Our ignorance maintains the veil over our eyes,
which allows for us to continually operate on the liability side of commerce. As debtors
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we in essence are the batteries who the Corporations continuously charge to sustain
their existence.
In our present monetary system the corporations make money, by charging debtors.
Every time a debtor is charged, whether by speeding ticket, fine, criminal offense, a
loan,.. then money is created on the financial statements of Corporations. This type of
money is created through book entry. When a debtor is charged, the Corporation
ledgers an asset on the Corporations books (account), at the expense of the debtor,
who caries the liability in his own books, or in his pocket.
For example, if a police officer writes you a ticket. Then your obligation to pay
constitutes an asset for the Police Agency, and it is ledgered on their balance sheets as
an asset. The agency created money by giving you the liability side of their transaction.
For every asset in commerce, there must exist an equal liability. For every liability there
must exist in asset.
The focus of almost all commercial redemption processes, including SCP, OID,
Executorship, is aimed at methods for acquiring or identifying the Asset to balance your
book, close an account, or charge back a debt. In other words, your goal is to be made
whole in commerce. The quickest way to advance your study is to overstand that, there
is always an asset where there is a liability. Typically that asset is going to have your
signature on it (in paper form). Such as a Promissory Note, with your signature on it.
When you are dealing with a fiction, the money is always created from your asset. In
one form or another the corporation is taking or holding your asset, and giving you the
Let me explain exactly what I mean when I say they are giving you the liability, because
many of this do not comprehend how Banks and Government Corporations make their
money. Corps and Agencies do not make there money the same way we do. There
money is actualized based on their financial statements and records. That being said,
whenever they can show an asset, without a liability that increases the Credits (money)
on their books. Your obligation to pay (as a record) is an asset. Your only remedy is
either to redeem your asset (that they are holding), or to discharge the debt. Paying a
debt, is reserved for debtors only. Debtors cannot hold assets, only liabilities.
Many people ask if they can discharge private debt. My understanding, is that such a
transaction would not be equitable (fair). Private debts differ from public debts (debts
with Corporations) whereas in a private transaction, each party is exchanging
something of value. When one gives value, the other party is giving a promise to restore
the value (which is equal consideration). In Commercial transactions regarding Banks
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and Governments there typically isnt any exchange of value taking place, only a
withholding of your asset, in one form of another.
In a private transaction: I lend you $100 debt note (this is an asset on your books and
a debit from my books), and within this same transaction you incurred an obligation
to owe me $100. (the Obligation is an asset on my books, and a liability on your
books). Notice that this one transaction requires entries to be made on two sets of
books. Notice that both books remain balanced because I debited my account and
received an asset, you credited your account and received a liability. We are balancing
our books, everything is accounted for.
In a transaction with a Public Corporation, a bank gives you a loan. In reality the bank
withheld your asset (loan application), they monetized it (times 10) and gave you the
liability funds (the illusion of money) so that you can agree to pay, as a debtor.
Meanwhile, the longer it takes you to pay, the longer the bank can benefit from your
asset on their books. The application has a value. Banks monetize debt obligations
(everything with a signature on it).
With this limited understanding of assets and liabilities as relates to money, you can
follow how recording your SCP essentially sweeps the carpet from under the feet of
Corporate Agencies who thrive off charging debtors. By placing the assets (money) of
the debtor off limits. Lets Take a speeding ticket for example. When a Policeman writes
a $300 speeding ticket to John Alex Doe for speeding, in reality, officer Smith doing
business as Jones County Police Corporation is trying to alien the DEBTOR
Corporation for $300.00 (remember the contract is the lien). If the Secured Parties
interest is already perfected, and on file, then by law the Police Agency cannot force the
obligation on the debtor, whereas in doing so, he will be trespassing on the commercial
rights of the secured party.
If one trespasses on a Secured Parties rights, they become commercially liable under
the Lien and Security agreement. This could be to the detriment of any Corporation,
whereas the attachment of a SPC lien would destroy their balance sheets, as well as
their credit rating.
Remember, by forcing the obligation on the John Alex Doe Corp, the Police Agency is
putting an asset on his books (making money). The Secured Party in such a situation
can discharge the debt (pursuant to public law 73-10) and if necessary he can make an
appearance as a third party (not as the DEBTOR) to foreclose his lien essentially
preventing any third party from removing assets (escrowing funds) from the debtors
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estate. Remember, the Police Agency wishes to place an asset from the Debtors
Estate, on their books. The asset being, a promise to pay or debt in owing.
The Secured Party, making an appearance, with a superior perfected lien in hand, has
the legal affect of barring any other claimant with a secondary claim from securing any
assets (payment) from the debtor. Technically a judge cant award a secondary claim
without satisfying the first claim (your $100,000,000,000.00 UCC-1 Lien) or he or she
would be breaching the Trust. Again, it is important to understand who you are in the
transaction. If you enter the court, representing the Debtor Corporation and NOT the
secured party, you will not have proper standing, and everything you do will be ignored.
Ive seen SCP filings affectively against civil matters. Typically a winning situation
results in the claim being dropped.
Public agencies cannot make money off of creditors, because creditors cannot create
debt. They can only discharge it. The public agencies in a sense, act as commercial
parasites, looking for unsecured debtors, to place charges against. These charges are
in the form of mortgages, fines, bills, tickets, etc.

Part 2.

Information about the Secured Party Creditor Recording

By what authority does one establish herself or his-self as the Secured Party of a John
Alex Doe. To have a clear understanding lets take it back to the business world. It is the
one who provides the funding for a Corporation, that acquires a lien right against all the
assets of the Corporation.
The John Alex Doe Corporation has its certificate of stock just like Microsoft. The John
Alex Doe has a Certificate of Live Birth. What is Stock? Stock is simply the goods and
wares of a merchant or tradesman, kept for sale and traffic. (this is a basic definition of
Blacks Law 2nd). Each certified certificate of live birth is printed on Securities paper,
and has a unique identifying number (like a cusip).
Important parts of the Secured Party Creditor Documentation
The Master Discharge and Indemnity Bond
There is no specific value assigned to a Certificate of Live birth. They are similar to
checks and are issued without a face value. They are printed on Securities paper, and
like checks, they are numbered. One doesnt write the value on a check, until it
becomes necessary to close a transaction. As the Secured Party we must create our
bond to attach to HJR-192. In our acceptance of the governments Executive order (of
1933) to remove the money of substance, we provide our credit to their Order in the
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form of a Bond. We do this by delivering an asset to the treasury with a Bond order, to
be held in Trust, with a value equal to $100,000,000,000.00 to be used for discharging
our public debts
Such Bond is held by the Treasurer in a fiduciary capacity. Affectionately, we are
providing the tangible instruments we need to write our A4Vs and Money Orders in
accordance with public policy, public law, hjr192, and the uniform commercial code. We
are completing the circuit. Everything must connect to something else, in order to be
effective for discharging. All of our Secured Party Documents must be fundamentally
accurate for the ease of enforcement.
UCC-1 Commercial Lien
We already covered the purpose of the lien in various areas of this document. The
Secured Party gives notice of his rights in the assets of the John Alex Doe, after
providing the secured funding (Master Discharge and Indemnity Bond). The same way a
financier files a lien to protect their investment after funding a startup company. The
UCC-1 is recorded in the Public. The Actual Security Agreement is a private document.
The Security Agreement.
Although the Security Agreement is private, it doesnt mean that you will never have to
produce it. It is important that you have a sound security agreement that covers all the
rights, remedies, and entitilements of the Secured Party. If you ever have to make a
special appearance as a Secured Party, you should have your original security
agreement in your hand, and your power of attorney
Why the Power of Attorney
The power of Attorney is evidence of your authority to act on behalf of the John Alex
Doe Corporation. Essentially, you are acting as a legal representative of the John Alex
Doe Corporation, but you are not the debtor (or the Corporation itself). This protects you
from liability. It also serves as an additional distinction between the Secured party John
Alex Doe and the debtor John Alex Doe Corporation. If you have a colleague that you
can trust, it may also be helpful to grant power of attorney.
Although not relative to SCP This could help clear negative items from the Debtors
credit reports. A third party does not have any authority to interfere or intervene in
private contracts, without written express consent of an original party. Your own power
of attorney serves as the written express consent for you to engage on the behalf of
John Alex Doe Corporation. The Law requires that the so called debt collectors, must
also be able to produce their own Power of Attorney or Authority to qualify there legal
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authority to report or discuss any potential account they allege that youve held with
some Public Agency or Corporation.
A third partys inability to certify their own authority, while continuing to report negative
derogatory information against your Corporation, is a prejudice to the interest held by
the secured party. A proper demand letter in this regard might resolve several credit
issues. This topic is not the focus of this discussion, but we plan on detailing the
different methods of removing negative items from the Debtors Credit in our next
Chargeback Order
The Chargeback order is a recovery action where the secured party revokes credit to
balance the debtors negative accounts. It is a good practice to order the chargeback of
all negative accounts to take place upon maturity of the Discharging and Indemnity
Bond. The bond will indemnify the the Secured Party and the Fiduciary against any
claims for loss, resulting from the chargeback. When presenting a Chargeback order
with your SPC filing, you should include all present debts and account numbers to be
charged back, on the actual order
Common Law Copyright
Although not required, a good practice, is to create a copyright for the John Alex Doe
trade-name. This can be used as a legal defense against the Pirate/Parasitical
Corporations that are quick to use your trade-name in commerce without a bonafide
contract, permission, or proper authority to do so.
In this grand awakening or movement, after long hours of diligence and the help of the
Internet to bring an abundance of information, conferences, and videos to our disposal,
we are starting to see wins across the board. The veil is falling, and the light is piercing
the darkness. We are redeeming our constitutional rights, our homes, our debts, and
exposing the frauds and conspirators among us. Those of you who are new to this
information will benefit from the last ten years of extensive and intensive research of
those preceding you. The key is, to never give up, and keep digging in. The remedy is
there, but you cant be passive. Use what we have established, and build on top of it,
then share what you have.

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