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Banga is an agriculture community with almost 80% of the population

depends on agricultural crops. The Municipality has a huge source of water. People
tend to use it in agriculture purpose as well as in inland fishing/ fingerling
production. However, environmental abuse, improper waste disposal and use of
pesticides rapidly affect our environment.
Our environment is very important to us as human, since it is our home. It is
where we live, breath, eat and raise our children. Our entire life support system is
dependent on the well-bieng of all the species living on earth.
With modern technologies that today, the challenge for us that how our
solution should be made to became our best practices. Some of the practices that
best preserved our environment and lessen our garbage are: vermin-composting,
waste segregation, MRF and C Sanitary Land Fill. MRF and vermin- composting
facility has been established in every barangay as mandated in the provision of RA
9003. DA had established a Municipal composting facility and nursery at Liwanay.
MRF has been installed at the Public Market to serve as storage for recyclable waste
such as plastic, bottles, corrupted cardboards and cans gathered from the intended
collection areas to be sold by the crew. Residual waste will be brought to the
Sanitary Land Fill. The Municipality created a Waste Enforcer Team and conducted
an IEC in every schools.
Another thing that we Banganhon are really proud of is the continuing corn
husk production. Instead of burning it after harvest, we recycle, process and turn it
into handicrafts such as bags, slippers, and the likes. Presently, we are display our
finished product in our display center. We used to sustain of our quality cornhusk
production through continuous hand-on trainings.
Every body in our place adopted the system to recycle and minimize waste.
This is the best we can give to our environment. This will also increase our revenue
and augment the family income. We have here the famous South Valley product,
Proudly made in Banga. South Valley is already a distributor in South Cotabato.
Recently, Our Mayor, Hon. Albert D. Palencia is giving free education to all
elementary and high school students from public school not covered by
Kabugwason and 4Ps. This program is of great help to the family of our students. To
bring closer and to make them feel the sincerity of the municipal government, A
barangayan is being conducted regularly every month to reach out the community
and for quick delivery of basic services among them.
With these, we know that we the Bangahins are taking our part these
bestpractices. Working it hard in the realization of these dream to be materialized,
our innovation open door of opportunity and windows of a progressive municipality.