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Task sequence
1. General precautions

Identified hazards in task

Falling objects
Entanglement in moving
Flying objects eye injury

2. Preparation

Falling objects
Damage to drill bits or work
Flying objects injury to
hands, body
Damage, wear to drill bits

3. Using drill

Flying objects risk of eye
4. Cleaning of machine
Flying objects, cuts

Key processes to be followed

Drilling machines must be securely bolted to the floor to prevent movement.
Foot protection should be worn where a risk of injury from falling objects.
Do not wear loose clothing or jewellery, or gloves when using drill.
Contain long hair in a way which will not allow it to contact drill.
Switch off belt driven machine before attempting to change speed.
Swarf and chips will be thrown from cutting zone whilst drilling.
Remove all items from table before adjusting.
Ensure drill bits are correctly sharpened before use.
Use smaller diameter drill to cut pilot hole before using larger drill.
Ensure that chuck jaws are clean and undamaged before inserting drill bit.
Ensure that chuck key is removed from chuck before turning drill on.
Objects to be drilled should be secured against movement before drilling.
Work will spin if drill catches, especially in thin plate or at bottom of hole.
Ensure that correct speed is selected for size of drill and material to be cut.
Do not force drill keep firm (not heavy) pressure on drill bit.
Check condition of drill bit and cutting speed. Check angle of drill point for
wear or damage. Do not continue to use worn or damaged drill bit. Use
suitable lubricant or coolant for heavier work or work of a longer duration.
Keep work table clear of swarf and chips clean regularly with brush.
Use eye protection or face shield while drilling to protect from flying chips.
Do not allow clothing, etc, to contact drill bit or swarf.
Unplug machine before carrying out maintenance.
Use brush to clean table and vice of swarf and chips.
Remove drill bits and store in safe place where they will not be damaged.
Regularly provide a light coating of machine oil on all exposed parts to
prevent corrosion avoid excessive oiling which will attract dust, etc.

Precautions / PPE required

Wear Type 1 protective
Keep hands and fingers clear of
moving parts.
Keep fingers away from nip points
Wear eye protection.
Do not allow table to fall t.
Incorrectly sharpened drill bit will
cut oversize hole.
Use correct key to tighten jaws.
Provide holder for chuck key.
Ensure that work piece is secured
by vice, grips or clamps.
Stop drill before changing speed.
Allow drill to cut at own rate.
Resharpen drill bit using drill
sharpener if available.
Do not use compressed air to blow
swarf and chips from table.
Wear eye protection.
Do not wear gloves.
Do not use compressed air.
Wear gloves when handling swarf.
Wipe down after applying oil.

The following precautions are to be observed,
and suitable safety and warning signs displayed
in areas where pedestal drills are used.

SWP39 Version 2.0

ASSA Pty Ltd



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