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Helen Hathaway

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Desktop EndNote guide 3

Downloading records from databases using a filter
For EndNote version X7

This guide will take you through how to save records from a database and
import them into EndNote using an EndNote filter (with an example using
Most databases have a direct export option to enable you to transfer reference details from
the database to your EndNote Library. This is described in Desktop EndNote guide 1. Where a
direct export options is not available you may be able to use a filter.
Even though using a filter is a two-step process we strongly recommend that you use Filters
rather than the Online Search within EndNote because you can use all the advanced search
features of the database you are searching. It is easy to refine your results and ensure that
you only import the records you want into your EndNote library. See Desktop EndNote Guide 2
for guidance on using Online Search with library catalogues.

Searching (using Zetoc as an example)

The Zetoc database does not have a direct export facility. To get references from it into an
EndNote library you need to save a file of references and then import it.
1. Open Internet Explorer and go to the Library homepage at www.reading.ac.uk/library
2. Click on Databases a-z list link
3. Scroll or jump to the bottom of the list, choose Zetoc and connect to it.
4. Click on the Zetoc Search link
5. Select General Search
6. In the All fields search box type a topic that interests you
7. Click on Search to perform your search
8. You should now see the results of your search. Mark the first three records by clicking
on the Tag boxes beside the titles
9. Click on the Download button at the top right of the records screen
10. Change the Format to Short labels
11. Click on Send file
12. You will see a File download dialog box at the bottom of the screen asking if you want to
open or save the file

13. Select Save as from the pick list and save them to your N: drive or a memory stick. Use
the default filename Zetoc-records. You will see a message saying that the download
has been completed. Note: If you are not using Windows 7 just save the file in your
usual way

University of Reading 2013

Guide produced: October 2013

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Transferring your search results into Endnote

1. Open EndNote and open the library you want to import the records into. For instructions
on how to open an EndNote library see Desktop EndNote Guide 1.
2. From the File menu select Import or use the

icon on the toolbar

3. You should now see the Import File box

4. Click on Choose... to find the file of references you downloaded from Zetoc
5. Use the pick-list to select the drive you have saved your records into and select your
Zetoc-records file and click on Open
6. Next you must choose the correct filter for the database you have saved from. If you
dont use the right filter EndNote will not be able to transfer your file.
To choose the filter, click on the pick-list arrow at the right-hand-side of the Import
Option box
7. From the Import Option pick list, click on Other filters

8. This will display a list of available filters. Scroll down the list and select Zetoc (MIMAS)
and click Choose

University of Reading 2013

Guide produced: October 2013

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9. The Duplicates option should be set to Import All and Text translation to ANSEL (see the
EndNote Help manual for more information about these options)
10. Make sure that the Import dialog box options are the same as this image:

11. Click on Import to transfer the data. Edit or delete as you wish.
12. Click on All References to see your complete library.
Tip: It is quite easy for data to become corrupted during transfer. If this procedure does not
work the first time, it may be worth making another attempt.
Getting extra filters
You can download additional filters from the EndNote website at
www.endnote.com/support. Save the downloaded filters into your Filters folder of the
EndNote programme on your C: drive.

Further information and help

Consult the EndNote information on the Library website at:
Use the Help button within EndNote
Visit the EndNote website - provides technical support; updates to filter, connection and
output style files; FAQs and tip sheets.

Guide written by:

Helen Hathaway
The Library
University of Reading
PO Box 223
Reading, RG6 6AE
Tel (0118) 378 7870


University of Reading 2013

Guide produced: October 2013

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