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General Observations:

The text is very dense and I found it difficult to get accustomed to the
vocabulary and the language.
The introduction should be simpler so that it can capture the readers
attention. Better start with leadership and then introduce spirituality and then
connect the two stating why and how spirituality is important from leadership
Need more anecdotes/ stories e.g. like the one you have in chapter three.
Otherwise the book reads like one big scientific paper.
Chapter summary at the end of each chapter would be great.
Need more figures to better explain the concepts you are purposing. e.g. it
would be helpful to actually see the WBE framework.
The discussion of impact of spirituality on Leadership/ business/ business
practices is missing. Either quote how spirituality has positively impacted
Leadership or discuss how spirituality can impact leadership and businesses.
Book needs to have an action map/steps (maybe in each chapter or
wherever its relevant) which people can follow to become better spiritual
Need sections/ subsections specially in first four chapters. Dividing your
chapter into sections makes it much easier for easier to read and understand.
It also gives her an overall view/ understanding of the chapter. Otherwise, it
becomes difficult to understand what writer is really trying to say.
Need glossary at the end. Some terms such as SQ-competency/proficiency
should be explained either within the chapter (the right approach) or in the

Specific Observations:

Very long running sentences e.g. We now have paradigm tools, frameworks
- page 8.
The sentence sounds incomplete - Plunging into the edges of spiritual .
page 9
operate from the divine reality; use comma instead of semicolon.
page 9
lose the momentum of significance doesnt make sense. page 9
.settle for loose chaos rendering cohesion somewhat impossible doesnt
make sense. use commas to structure the sentence better. page 9
It is important to clarify, that dont use comma. page 9
These are the particular trajectories sentence needs simplification. page
The message of the crux of the chapter is lost in a lot repetition which is
specially done at the beginning of the chapter.
But when we ignore . page 10 sentence needs simplification.

My experiences as prophetic seer page 10 sentence needs

Certain prophetic adepts page 10 sentence needs simplification.
Finally, are five summative points to consider . sentence needs
correction. = Finally, following are the five page 13.