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CheriBeri Garden

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How to Buy?
Dear valued customer, please read below before you place order:
Order and Shipment
Prices are excluding the postage charged. We are using post laju to deliver the goods to you.
We only deliver within Malaysia. We are come from Sabah, thus,
the postage will charged as follow:
First Max
500g Next 250g weight(kg)
within 2
Sabah RM4.50 RM1.00
Peninsula 2
r RM7.00 RM2.00
Sarawak RM6.00 RM1.50 2
for the detail of calculation of goods, please refer to the Pos Malaysia link,
The goods will be delivering to you around 2 - 3 weeks after pre-order period closed and with
payment received.
Goods will be delay deliver further if your item is temporary out of stock.
All items are imported therefore please place order if you able to wait and not urgent delivery.
We do not accept change or cancellation of order once you have made the payment.
Thus, please make sure the details given for item description, quantity, colour, size, delivery
address are correct. You can fill in the order form in this link
or you can write down the details and sent email to us, cheriberigarden@gmail.com or u click
the shopping chart. We will try our best to reply to you within 24 hours.
If the item that you order was sold out, we will send you replacement order form to replace your
order. If you refuse to replace, we will refund to you immediately.
After you fill in the order form, we will send you an order confirmation/invoice, payment
notification form and our bank account detail by email. We accept the following bank:
Standard Chartered
You can make the payment via ATM transfer, internet banking or counter bank in.
Please make the payment to the bank within 3 days after order confirmation/invoice sent.
After payment, please fill in the payment notification form, and submit to us.
Please click this link if you have done the payment:
We will process your order after verify the payment. We also sent e-mail to you for update your
order status, or you can email to us to check the status.
For stock Ready
For stock ready, we will process the order within 2 days after confirmation of payment. The
goods will deliver to you within 2-4 days, based on Pos Laju normal delivery period.
Pre-order period
Please send your order before the closing of pre-order period. For the order receive after
prescribe period, we will process your order in next round pre-order period.
If you have any enquiry, please do not hesitate to email to us, cheriberigarden@gmail.com. We
try to serve you best!!