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DOLE Regional Offices

National Capital Region

DOLE-NCR Building
967 Maligaya St.
Malate, Manila
Telefax No.: 400-6242
E-mail: dolencr2008@yahoo.com
Cordillera Administrative Region
Cabinet Hills, Baguio City
Tel. Nos.: (074) 442-2447,
443-5338, 424-0824
Telefax No.: 443-5339
E-mail: dolecar88@pldtdsl.net,
Regional Office No. I
Arnel Building, Mabini St.
Catbangen, San Fernando City La
Tel. No.: (072) 700-2520;
Fax No.: 607-8114
E-mail: dole_ro1@yahoo.com
Regional Office No. II
Turingan Building, Caritan Centro,
Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
Tel. No.: (078) 844-0113
Telefax Nos.: 844-2728,
E-mail: dolero2@gmail.com,
Regional Office No. III
Regional Government Center
Barangay Maimpis
San Fernando City, Pampanga
Telefax: (045) 455-1613
E-mail: dolero3@gmail.com

Regional Office No. VI

Swan Rose Building
Commission Civil St.
Jaro, Iloilo City 5000
Telefax Nos.: (033) 320-8026,
E-mail: ro6dole.gov.ph, doleregion6@yahoo.com
Regional Office No. VII
3rd and 4th Flrs. DOLE-RO7 Bldg.
General Maxilom Ave. Cor. Gorordo Ave., Cebu City 6000
Tel. Nos.: (032) 266-9722, 2662792
Fax No.: 416-6167
Regional Office No. VIII
Trece Martires St.
Tacloban City
Tel. No.: (053) 325-6293
Fax No.: 325-5236
E-mail: doletacloban@yahoo.com
Regional Office No. IX
3rd Flr., QNS Building
Veterans Ext., Tumaga Zamboanga City 7000
Tel. No.: (062) 955-0151, 9550214
Telefax No.: 991-2673
E-mail: dole9record@yahoo.com

List of Accredited Biofuel Producers

Bioethanol Producers

San Carlos Bioenergy, Inc.

Green Future Innovation, Inc.
Leyte Agricultural Corporation
Roxol Bioenergy, Incorporated

Biodiesel Producers

Chemrez Technologies Inc.

Pure Essence International, Inc.
JNJ Oleochemicals, Inc.
Golden Asian Oil International Inc.
Mt. Holy Coco Industrial Company Ltd.
Bioenergy 8 Corporation
Tantuco Enterprises
Freyvonne Milling Services
Philippine Biochem Products, Inc.

Amelioration and
Program in the
Biofuel Industry

Regional Office No. X

Monte Carlo Bldg. RER Phase 1,
Kauswagan National Highway,
Cagayan de Oro City
E-mail: dole10_imsd@yahoo.com

Regional Office No. IV-A

3rd and 4th Flrs., Andenson Bldg. II,
Barangay Parian
Calamba City, Laguna
Tel. No.: (049) 545-7360
Fax No.: 545-7357
E-mail: dole4imsd@yahoo.com,

Regional Office No. XI

4th Flr. DCPI Bldg., Dacudao Ave.
Cor. Lakandula St. Agdao, Davao
Tel. No.: (082) 227-4289
Fax No.: 226-2671
E-mail: dole11davao@yahoo.com

Regional Office No. IV-B

3rd Flr. Confil Bldg. Roxas Drive cor.
Sampaguita St., Lumangbayan,
Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro
(Tel. No.: (043) 288-2078
Telefax No.: 288-2080
E-mail: doleregion4b@yahoo.com

Regional Office No. XII

102 Acepal Building
Mabini Ext.
Koronadal City
Telefax Nos.: (083) 228-2190,
E-mail: dole12.ro@gmail.com

Regional Office No. V

Doa Aurora St.
Old Albay, Legaspi City, 4500
Tel. Nos.: (052) 481-0768,
E-mail: ro5dole@yahoo.com

Caraga Regional Office

Nimfa Tiu Building
J. P. Rosales Ave., Butuan City
Tel. No.: (085) 342-9503
Fax No.: 225-3229
E-mail: dolecaraga13@gmail.com

Socially Protected Biofuel Workers

Make a Competitive Biofuel Industry!

For more information, visit or contact:

9/F G. E. Antonino Building,
J. Bocobo Street cor. T. M. Kalaw Avenue,
Ermita, Manila
Tel Nos.: 527-2804;
Fax Nos.: 404-3336; 527-5858
e-mail: mail@bwsc.dole.gov.ph
website: www.bwsc.dole.gov.ph

Department of Labor and Employment

What is SAWP?

Who are eligible to avail of SAWP?


It is a production sharing scheme instituted under RA 9367 or

the Biofuels Act of 2006, primarily to improve the
socio-economic well being of workers in the biofuel industry
including their families.


Rank and file workers in the biofuel plant/distillery;

Field or plantation workers, migratory and seasonal
farm workers involved in feedstock production;
Small farm owner cultivators who are providing
feedstock in the production of biofuel.

This program will provide package of services that may

include cash bonus distribution, maternity and death benefit
assistance, training and education, livelihood assistance,
emergency assistance, social protection and welfare

Excluded are managerial employees, and workers/

employees who are working in the biofuel plant and farms
with legitimate contracting or contracting

How is SAWP funded?

Who are qualified to implement projects?

SAWP for bioethanol workers (using sugarcane as

feedstock per DOLE DO No. 100-10)

It is financed out of contribution of sugarcane planters and

accredited bioethanol producers for the benefit of
bioethanol workers and their families. Currently, SAWP lien
amounts to P13.43 per ton cane or Php0.19 per liter of
bioethanol produced and sold.


SAWP for bioethanol workers (using molasses as

feedstock - as proposed)

The proponent may submit to DOLE thru its Regional

Offices their respective project proposal and business
plan on any of the following:
a. Livelihood Assistance
b. Training and Education Assistance
c. Social Protection and Welfare Benefits
d. Emergency Assistance
To ensure non-diminution of existing benefits, sugarcane plantation or field workers may avail of cash
maternity and death benefit similarly provided for under RA 6982 whenever sugarcane is used
as feedstock. They may file their cash bonus claim
from Their planters. For their maternity and death
benefit, they may file their claims from the nearest
DOLE Regional Office.

SAWP for coco biodiesel workers (using coconut as

feedstock per DOLE DO No. 123-12)

The proposed SAWP lien for coco biodiesel will be supported

by accredited Coco Methyl Ester (CME) producers at Php0.05
per liter of biodiesel to benefit coco biodiesel workers and
their families.
All SAWP contributions will be deposited in a government
depository bank under the name of the Department of Labor
and Employment and shall be treated as public trust fund.
Additionally, all interest and earnings from deposits will entirely accrue to the SAWP fund which shall form part as benefits for biofuel workers and their families.


How can SAWP help in making a competitive

biofuel industry?

How can SAWP benefits be availed?

The proposed SAWP lien of Php0.07 per liter of bioethanol

will be borne by accredited bioethanol producers for the
programs and projects for distillery/plant workers and their

Accredited biofuel producers;

Registered workers organizations / association; and
the Department of Labor and Employment.



Project proposal shall be evaluated by the DOLE and if

found viable and feasible, it will be endorsed for
review of the Tripartite Consultative Council. The
DOLE and its partner NBB member agencies may
assist the proponent in the proposal and business
plan preparation, if requested.

Upon recommendation of the Tripartite Consultative

Council, the Secretary of Labor and Employment shall take
action on the project proposal.
Once proposal is approved, a Memorandum of Agreement
(MOA) shall be entered into by the DOLE and the
Upon release of SAWP fund, proponent implements project
for biofuel workers. A status report shall be regularly
submitted to DOLE.
DOLE and concerned NBB member agencies may provide
technical assistance and other necessary support services to
the project, upon request.

Provide opportunity to gain wider public support for use of

biofuel, generate good will and enhance corporate image.
Build a long term commitment from farmers in providing a
stable and continuous feedstock supply for biofuel
production thus resulting to a steadier price of blended
Contribute in maintaining employees loyalty, reducing
turn-over rates or absenteeism, increasing employees
morale and promoting overall productivity.
Help in promoting industrial peace and keeping harmonious
relationship between workers and management to improve
teamwork and cooperation in the company.
Alleviate poverty situation of farmers and farm workers
particularly those involved in feedstock production, by
providing opportunities to expand their livelihood assets
and reducing their vulnerabilities to social risks.
Enhance sustainable growth of the company and create
more value for all stakeholders in the biofuel industry.

San Carlos Bioenergy, Inc. Bioethanol Distillery Plant