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Steps to Configure the Oracle OSP in OPM:Create an OSP Resource

Define a Generic Resource with Outside Processing Flag enabled

Define the Plant Resource
Important: The OSP Item is associated with the resource at this level. The
Cost Source is also defined at this point and the Default Value is Resource

Process Execution Parameters: Setup

a) Requisition Creation Time: At Batch Creation/ At Batch Release/ At Step
b) Batch Change Controls for Purchasing Documents:
Propagate Batch Change to Purchasing: Automatic/Manual
c) Need-By Date Tolerance

Outside Processing Item can be created as Assembly or Resource

Inventory Item Creation
Purchasing Tab
Unit Type: Assembly
Create an OSP Generic Resource
Create an OSP Plant Resource: Assign the Outside Processing Item to the
Plant Resource and the Cost Source
Create an Activity
Create an Operation: Assign the Activity and the Outside Processing Resource to
the Operation
Create Routing with the INHOUSE and OSP Operations
Create a Formula: Formula is created for the Other Finished Good Item
Create the Recipe with the defined Formula and Routing

Create a non-Inventory item classified to be OSP

A PO is created reflecting the OSP services. PO could be created at the
time of the Batch Release/Step Release defined in the Process Execution
Batch and PO are synchronized and any changes on the batch are
reflected on to the PO
OSP item receipt- corresponding resource transactions are triggered for
the OSP Batch and Actual Qty gets updated
Cost Source: Resource/PO Price OSP Resource charges as per the PO Price

Automatic Purchase Requisition Creation:

Controlled by Process Execution Parameters at Setup Level: Batch Creation/ Batch
Release/ Step Release
Run the Requisition Import

Synchronization of the Batch and Purchase Orders:

Batch Reschedule
Step Reschedule
Batch/step quantity change
(If the OSP item unit type is Resource, plan resource usage also would be updated)
Batch Cancel
Batch Scale
Batch Termination
Note: the current validation on batch terminate action is an error message popup if

the PO/Requisition in open status OR resource transactions are in place for OSP
step, and batch terminate action would not sync with PO)

Automatic Quantity Synchronization on Batch

Setup>Production Supervisor>Parameters

Batch Actions which will not be supported in case there are Open

System would not allow users to unrelease the batch / Step when the open
Requisitions / POs are associated to it OR resource transactions exist for OSP


System would not allow users to close the batch when the open Requisitions / POs are
associated to it.

After the PO Receipt

Run Resource Transactions Manager

If the OSP item unit type is Assembly

The resource usage is the (delivered quantity * planned resource usage of OSP resource in
the batch /Batch primary product quantity)
If the OSP item unit type is Resource

The resource usage is the delivered quantity (Delivery transactions primary quantity)