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Gunnard A. Fredrickson Jr.

5820 55th St., #7, Kenosha, WI 53144

(262) 358-0420(cell)
email : gfredricksonjr@wi.rr.com

SUMMARY: A qualified, creative Information Systems professional, skilled in various programming

languages, problem resolution, and technical assistance.

Applications: SAP, IDCAMS, Endevor, Essbase, Fileaid, IMS, SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005,
MS Access 97/2000/2002/2003, Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, VISIO, Formula One,
Crystal Reports, Tactician, Oracle, Visual SourceSafe, Adobe Acrobat, MS Excel
2003/2007, SQL Server Reporting Services, SSIS.

Languages : Visual Basic 4/6/.Net, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, JavaScript, HTML, COBOL,

CICS, C/C++, MQ Series JCL, Visual C++, SQL, T-SQL, DB2, ASIST, Easytrieve,
QuikJob, ABAP, SAS, Focus.

Operating Systems: DOS, Windows 95/98/XP/2000/NT 4.0, UNIX, MVS.

September 2008- M&I Bank, West Allis, WI
February 2010 Reports Analyst-Contract Complete
Worked with users to create many pivot table reports in Excel 2003/2007. Created many SSIS
packages using Visual Studio 2005 for the purpose of extracting data from text files, Excel
spreadsheets, or tables in the SQL Server database and manipulating the data further for reports.
Exported data from SQL Server using stored procedures to Excel 2003/2007. Created reports using
SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Created tables, queries, and stored procedures using T-SQL
in SQL Server 2005. This was for the credit cards that M&I issues.

July 2008- Marinette Marine Corporation, Marinette, WI

August 2008 Database Analyst-Contract Complete
Worked with users and subject matter experts to gather requirements and create a new Access 2003
databases for the purposes of tracking of suppliers, maintenance companies, and parts for a new class
of warship. The database imported data from SQL Server and other outside sources.

April 2008- Invitrogen Corporation, Madison, WI

July 2008 Business Analyst-Contract Complete
Worked with users to gather requirements and create several new Access 2003 databases for the
purposes of tracking of medical supplies such as proteins and antigens. The databases have forms,
queries, and ad-hoc reports for display of data and importation/exportation of data to/from Excel
2003. The information is used for transplants. Conducted a feasibility study for possible translation
of data from Access, Excel, and Prism to SQL Server.

March 2008- Harley Davidson, Milwaukee, WI

April 2008 Programmer-Contract complete
Worked with users to modify Access 2003 database to export data to Excel spreadsheets for reporting
purposes for tracking dealers goals and results.

December 2007- Force America, Waukesha, WI

March 2008 Software Engineer-Contract Complete
Modified and tested reports using SQL Server, Crystal Reports 11, and VB.Net 2003 for purposes of
tracking use of plows, salt, and sand for companies and municipalities. Modified user case test
procedures documents using MS Word.

June 2007- Pepsico-Chicago, IL

November 2007 Business Analyst-Contract Complete
Gathered requirements and worked with users to create databases with forms and ad-hoc reports in
Access 2003 and Excel. The reports were used to check the validity of the data for a conversion from
AS400 to SAP. Created database with tables, forms, queries, and reports for tracking of expenses for
the HR department.

May 2007- DCI Cheese-Richfield, WI

June 2007 Business Analyst-Contract Complete
Created reports using SQL Server 2000 and Crystal Reports 10. The reports were to show open
stock for manufacturing. Modified existing reports to make them run more efficiently. Modified
existing report by adding new selection criteria.
October 2005- Hunter Business Group-Milwaukee, WI
January 2006, Database Analyst-Contract/Project Complete
May 2006, May 2007 Created database schemas. Worked with users to create databases, forms, queries, and tables using
Access 2003. Wrote VBA code to import Excel files into Access database from Excel 2003. Linked
SQL Server tables to Access database. Wrote DTS script to transfer data from Access 2003 to SQL
Server 2000. Created process flowcharts with Visio outlining proposed new process for Hunter
Business Group. Created Visio flowcharts, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets to outline
current process for one of the clients of Hunter Business Group. The application used VB6, ASP, and
SQL Server 2000. Used Windows XP.

March 2007- Johnson Diversey-Sturtevant, WI

April 2007 Programmer Analyst-Contract/Project Complete
Changed VB6 application to allow grouping of sales by the truckload to allow rebates to customers
later. Added field on SQL Server 2000 table to accommodate code changes in VB6. Changed several
stored procedures in SQL Server 2000 database to accommodate new field in table.

February 2007- Racine Federated-Racine, WI

February 2007 Database Analyst-Contract/Project Complete
Created ad-hoc reports, queries, and tables on Access 2003 database for users in sales and
production staff.

January 2007- Kohl’s-Menomonee Falls, WI

February 2007 Database Analyst-Contract/Project Complete
Linked table on SQL Server 2005 database to several Access 2003 databases. Changed data types on
SQL Server table to allow data to be entered from Access 2003 database. Documented method of
linking SQL Server table to Access 2003 database. Changed VBA code to accommodate new table
and fields. Installed SQL Server 2005 Express edition on user’s PC’s.

December 2006- Ace World Wide Moving-Cudahy, WI

December 2006 Programmer Analyst-Contract/Project Complete
Created tables on SQL Server 2000 database. Changed tables on SQL Server 2000 database.
Created VB.Net code to load data into forms of VB.Net application. The application was used for
tracking drivers and truckloads involved in moves for truckers employed by Ace Worldwide.

August 2006- Gehl Company-West Bend, WI

December 2006 Database Analyst-Contract/Project Complete
Changed Access 2003 database to include forms, queries, and reports for users and managers in
Finance department of Gehl Company. Gehl Company is a manufacturer of agricultural and
construction equipment. Wrote VBA code to run queries and ad-hoc reports. Created database
schemas. Worked with users to gather requirements and write new reports in Access 2003 for users
and managers in Finance department. The reports were used to assess the financial health of the
company on a weekly, quarterly and/or monthly basis.

June 2006- Rockwell Automation-Milwaukee, WI

August 2006 Database Analyst-Contract/Project Complete
Created database schemas. Created documents in Word 2002 to document Access 2002 tables and
queries for Rockwell. Created database for purposes of headcount for company. Imported Excel files
into headcount database. Wrote VBA code to run Access 2002 database. Access 2002 database
included tables and queries. Changed Access 2002 database to include forms, queries, and ad-hoc
reports for managers in Finance department.

January 2006- EDS-Madison, WI

June 2006 Programmer/Analyst-Contract/Project Complete
Converting VB6 application to VB.Net. Incorporating combo boxes, data grids, textboxes, forms,
and buttons. Wrote PL/SQL statements on an Oracle Database. Using Visual SourceSafe for version
control. The application uses Oracle as the database. Wrote reports using Crystal Reports. The
application used ASP.Net to permit users statewide to access the system. The application is used for
the tracking money paid for the care of Medicaid/Medicare recipients by the State of Wisconsin for
the purpose of reimbursement to the state after the demise of the recipient.
April 2005- Allstate, Northbrook, IL
August 2005 Database Analyst-Contract/Project Complete
Created database schemas. Performed QA on database already created. Have created forms,
tables, queries, ad-hoc reports, and charts using Access 2000. Wrote VBA code for database. Wrote
VBA code to import files into Access database from Excel 2000. Used Windows XP.

November 2004- Wolters-Klowers(formerly CCH), Riverwoods, IL

April 2005 Database Analyst-Contract/Project Complete
Created database schemas. Performed data mining operations for users. Have created tables,
reports, and queries using Access 2000. Imported text files into Access database. Used MS Word
2000 to create manuals for access processes that were created by myself and other programmers.
Created ad-hoc reports on Excel 2000 using files exported from Access 2000. Created maps using
Tactician from files exported from Access. Used Windows XP.

August 2004- York International, Norman, OK

October 2004 Database Analyst-Contract/Project Complete
Have created databases, ad-hoc reports, tables, and queries using Access 2000. Imported data from
the AS400 Legacy system and the SAP R/3 system and compared the data from the two systems using
Access 2000. Used Windows NT 4.0.

August 2003- Kenosha, WI

Present Web Designer-self-employed
Have created and designed my own webpage. Wrote the webpage in HTML and JavaScript.
Embedded JPEG files, GIF files, and WAV files. Created secondary page which was password
protected. Used Windows XP.

September 2003- Aero Dynamix, Inc., Euless, TX

October 2003 Access DBA and Developer-contract/project complete
Created database schemas. Used MS Access 2000/2002. Normalized several previously created
tables. Gathered requirements from users to develop reports and forms. Created SQL queries which
were used to create forms and reports necessary for FAA compliance. Used Visual Basic.Net to
create user interfaces to MS Access 2000/2002. Used ActiveX Directories. Used ADO.Net with
VB.Net. Used Windows XP.

April 2003- Verizon, Beltsville, Maryland

June 2003 Programmer/Analyst-Contract/Project Complete Self-employed
Assisted developers to write programs for the Verizon billing system. Wrote documentation such as programming
standards for COBOL developers at Verizon. Have made sure that existing documents adhere to current
documentation standards and are accurate. Created numerous documents detailing where COBOL programs, JCL,
sysins, and procedures exist on the mainframe system. Used TSO/ISPF. Used Endevor and wrote documentation for
developers on using Endevor. Used VISIO to create flowcharts of individual programs. Used PowerPoint to create
flowcharts of job processes. Used elements of MS Office Suite 2000 such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel to write
and maintain documents. Used Windows NT 4.0.

April 2001- Geddie’s Photography, Mesquite, Texas

Present Programmer/Analyst-contract
Created database schemas. Writing a database package to be used by photography studios. Creating the tables and
screens for the database in MS Access 97/2000. Migrated databases from Access 97 to Access 2000. Used VB.Net
to interface with application. Used ASP.Net to permit users to access system via the web. The system is used to
track clients, supplies, AR/AP, and other business needs. Used ActiveX Directories. Used SQL to write reports.
Worked with the photographers to ensure the application user friendly. This was a complete software life cycle
development process. Used elements of MS Office Suite such as Powerpoint, Word, and Excel to write and maintain
documents. In the process of converting Access 2000 database to SQL Server 2000. Used Windows 98 and
Windows 2000.

June 2000- SAP America, Coppell, Texas

March 2001 Programmer/Analyst-Contractor- contract/project complete
Wrote and maintained a Graphical Tool interface using VB COM application and SQL Server 7/2000 database for
clients of Sap Labs. The application used embedded C code. The Graphical Tool is an application used to
graphically represent a network of oil wells, gas wells, pipelines, and measurement points such as meters or tanks.
The application used the SQL Server database to contain information regarding a network was stored. The
application linked to the SAP R/3 database where the majority of the data such as tax and ownership information was
stored. The Graphical Tool used Tom Sawyer software to help draw the elements of a network. Wrote specifications
and instructions for software project. Used elements of MS Office Suite such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel to
write and maintain documents. Managed the Energy Integration Platform team of four other programmers for SAP
Labs. Used MS Project to track goals, etc. Used Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0.
June 1994 DeVry Institute of Technology, Irving, Texas
Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems
Graduated Cum Laude.3.6 GPA

October 1999 to Richland College, Dallas, Texas

April 2000 Visual Basic 6.0 I & II, VBA for Office 97, Block certificate for Visual Basic

March 2001 SAP Education, Dallas, Texas

ABAP Workbench:Concepts & Tools
Developing User Dialogs

August 2004 Brainbench Certification

SQL Certification