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Shepherd of the Pines

Lutheran Church
1950 125th
Street NW
Rice, MN
Phone: 3934295
Pastors Home/Study Phone: 320-363-1323
Email: sotpministries@jetup.net


Church Website:

This month we celebrate the blessings of being a citizen of the USA. I want to share
some thoughts with you that Dave Meyer has shared that spoke to my heart:
Although many people are unaware of it, Satan has a plan for America. He
wants us
to forget our godly heritage and slowly erase our rich, biblical foundation.
We see
the signs everywhere. God and prayer have been removed from schools and
books. God has been removed from our government except during times of
emergency like September 11. Our Constitution has also been reinterpreted
re-written to change our Founders original intent.
To take our moral temperature, all you have to do is turn on the television.
Our society
celebrates doing whatever they think is right, and sin is no longer called sin.
The good news is God also has a plan and His plan is always greater. What is it?
Gods Four-Step Recovery Plan
In 2 Chronicles 7:14, the Lord says, If my people, who are called by My name,
humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn
their wicked ways, THEN will I heal their land.
God gives us four specific things to do: humble, pray, seek, and turn. This is our
part of

the process. As we do these things, then God will do His part to hear, forgive and
But until we do our part, God will not do His part. The key word in this entire verse
then. It makes it clear that our part must be fulfilled before Gods part can be
Our part involves true humility and repentance. We can pray for restoration,
restoration cant come until there is revival; revival cant come until there is
responsibility; responsibility cant come until there is repentance; and repentance
cant come
until we remember

We must remember who we are, where we come fromand why its important to
accountable for what Gods given us through our Founding Fathers. We must
things like:
How was our government formed?
What price was paid for our libertyand who paid it?
What role did God play in the lives of our Founding Fathers?
What responsibilities did our Founders give us?
The Bible says wisdom comes from two sources: the Word of God and lifes
(history). If we choose to forget the past, then we lose the wisdom of the past
wisdom that
came at a great price. If we forget, then history will inevitably repeat itself and
well once
again pay a tremendous price.
Evil doesnt just happen overnight it happens slowly over time as we fail to
fulfill our responsibilities. Not doing what needs to be done in the face of evil
its existence and growth. Evil is only denied existence by wise actionand wise
is our responsibility!

As Christians, the choice is up to us: We can either stand up and fight or lay down
But we cant stay the same and expect the direction of our country to change.
Worth Fighting For
God is waiting for the body of Christ in America to become a courageous bodya
who will stand up and do what He is asking us to do. This is the true meaning of a
patriot. It involves becoming educated about our past, then taking action for our
The Lord wants to use our nation, our resources, and our people to once again
a beacon of light, to shine brightly for Jesus Christ all around the world. God has
given us
plan. One by one, we can do our part to take a stand for America. As we are
faithful to
do what we can do, the Lord will be faithful to do what we cant
and bring healing to our land.

Blessings, Pastor Bob

Board of Lay Ministry

Pending Approval Minutes
June 25, 2015

BOLM members present: Brent Betker, Deb Erdmann, Curt Kvamme, Keith Peterson, Keith Hackett, Sarah
Anderson, Tim Neutz, Wayne Johnson and Pastor Bob.
Absent: Tom Ollman
Meeting was called to order by President Brent Betker at 6:31pm. Pastor Bob opened the meeting with prayer.
Mission statement was read by Wayne Johnson.
Acts Chapter 12 was read and discussed.

Treasurers report was reviewed. Motion made to accept the report by Keith Hackett, seconded by Deb Erdmann.
Motion passed.
Properties Report: Keith Peterson reported that the team met last week. Dennis is working on a blueprint for the
kitchen expansion project which will be used to get bids. This will come to the BOLM at a future meeting.
Speakers for the sanctuary were also discussed. Concrete work is planned for July. Parking lot work will happen
in the next couple of weeks. The team will ask some landscapers to look at the front of the church for ideas for
improvement. They are also looking at getting the fire extinguishers checked and recharged if needed.
Secretarys report was read. Motion made to accept the report by Keith Peterson, seconded by Wayne Johnson.
Motion carried.
Old Business:
The SOTP sponsored day on Spirit 92.9 will be August 6th. Listen and enjoy!
The Service team is wondering when the idea of a Contractual DCO can be presented to the congregation. A
quorum of the congregation is necessary to make a decision and the Board would like to see this come before the
congregation at the annual meeting in November. This will also give the Properties team time to organize the
plans for a kitchen remodel to be discussed at the same meeting.
The service team also mentioned the possibility of this months noisy offering being taken up for the Rice
Community Parade.
Service team would like to do a prayer walk and have local interaction with community members. They asked if
the Momentum team had a flyer ready for handing out during this type of activity. This will be discussed at the
team meeting next week.
KCFB sent a letter regarding sponsoring a day of programming and 5 minute mission moment, Bruce is looking
into this.
New Business:
Worship Shepherd Schedule was reviewed through July 19th. There will be a baptism on August 2nd.
Next BOLM meeting will be on July 16th at 6:30pm. It will be a joint BOLM & EMT meeting.
Pastor Bob will be on vacation July 9th-24th to go to Florida for his moms 90th birthday celebration. On July 12th
Pastor Jake Gillard will be conducting services along with Holy Communion. Craig Collins will lead services on
July 19th. Pastor Don Kirsch will be available for emergencies while Pastor Bob is away.
Financial support for Outpost Ministries was discussed. Pastor receives a monthly newsletter from this group that
ministers to those wanting freedom from same-sex attractions. Sarah made a motion to send $300 to Outpost
Ministries, Deb Erdmann seconded. Motion carried.
Pastor Bob shared a mailing with the group regarding Salem Christian Fellowship which is a ministry that shares
Christ with Muslims and others from the Middle East and North Africa. The board was interested in having a
speaker or video from the group during fellowship or announcement time. Pastor Bob will see what is available
for an upcoming Sunday morning.
The church office has been experiencing computer problems. The secretarys computer was replaced following
the crash of the motherboard. Pastor Bobs computer hard drive was replaced; the processor may last a few more
months. The computers have been updated with 2013 Microsoft office to correct file sharing problems within the
church. This will be a major expense in the computer & maintenance line of the Office Managers budget.
The BOLM reviewed the copier information supplied by Karen. Our lease is coming due and she had researched
different options for our copy needs. The BOLM plans to meet with Karen on Sunday to clarify some parts of the

different options.
The Pastoral Call committee met on June 24th. The nomination box will remain on the counter in the narthex until
July 19th. The congregation is encouraged to fill out nomination forms for Pastors they feel would be a good fit
for SOTP who are in the LCMS. The committee spent time in corporate prayer. The next call committee meeting
will be on July 29th.
Pastor shared that we will need a delegate for the District Electoral Circuit meeting in September. Bruce Resch
has attended District meetings as a delegate in the past. Pastor will talk to Bruce regarding this meeting. The
BOLM will talk about this at next months meeting.
Motion was made by Deb Erdmann to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Wayne Johnson. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:28pm.
Closed with prayer.
Respectfully submitted by Sarah Anderson, BOLM Secretary

We have been praying for our church

family each week as we go through
our church directory from A to Z. As
you go about your daily tasks lift a
prayer for the family of the week as the Lord brings
them to mind.
In July we will be praying for:


Josh & Sarah Anderson

July 12 Steve & Emme Anderson

Children: Zach, Dustin, Devon & Destiny

July 19 -

Wayne & Judy Anderson

July 26 Josh & Sara Arickx

Children: Darby, Nolan & Gavin

There is a tote
fellowship hall
for you year-

round shoppers. If you wish to

fill your own box (wrapped or
unwrapped) please bring that
We received some
generous cash donations so
we're up and running for 2015.
Thank you for all of the


July 9th,
at the Old Village
We will be quilting at
the church July 9th,
23rd and 30th
Everyone is
welcome to stop in and join us!

Jubilee is coming to Shepherd of the

Pines this Fall!

This year of 2015 is Shepherd of the

Pines year of Jubilee. Come
experience financial freedom Gods
way. We are excited that god has led
us to this journey and that He is
touching the lives of those who have
gone through the 9 week course with
His hand of blessing.
Over 65 people have been through

the 9 week course and we are

experiencing gods help and guidance
to financial freedom. We are learning
to be blessed to be a blessing. In
September of this year we will kick of
our church wide Jubilee experience of
Enjoying Financial Freedom gods
Way, as we go on a 9 week journey in
our Sunday School, Youth Group,
Sunday morning worship services and
adult study groups. This is based on
Dave Ramsey materials. What we are
learning gives us the ability to pass on
a Godly heritage to our children
concerning money. Here is this
months info from Dave Ramsey and
his daughter Rachel Cruze:
Steer Away From Credit Cards
RACHEL: Too many college students see
getting their own credit card as a rite of
passage into adulthood. Its not. It just
starts the vicious cycle of being in debt
and taking part of your paycheck each
month to pay credit card bills. A debit
card is much better because it means
you have the cash to pay for what youre
DAVE: Sometimes parents tell me theyre
getting their teen a credit card to teach
them to be responsible. Are you joking?
Credit cards dont teach responsibility.
They teach that you can buy something
you cant aford today but hope to pay
for tomorrow. When you teach a child to
lean on a plastic crutch, you are teaching
him that he doesnt have to delay
pleasure, that he shouldnt sacrifice or
save up.

On Sunday, July 12th, Pastor Jake

Gillard will be our guest preacher
and delivering the message.
Remember to bring your Bible!
Have you ever wondered what makes
Christianity unusual when compared
to the other religions of the world? It
comes right down to a unique
teaching called THE GOSPEL. I am
excited to share a message July 12th

which will clarify THE GOSPEL in a

poignant way by unpacking a familiar
text: The Parable of the Good
Samaritan in Luke 10. This will be
GREAT Sunday to invite a friend or
relative to worship especially if they
are open to seeking Gods Truth in a
fun and engaging way. The sermon
title will be Jesus the Jokester. Dont
miss it!
Pastor Bob & Carol will
be away on vacation
July 9th 24th. If you
need pastoral care during this time please
call Pastor Don Kirsch (320) 251-1951 or
his cell phone (320) 291-1221 or call the
SOTP office at 393-4295.


We will be taking up our
noisy ofering on Sunday,
July 19th, for the team
building the SOTP Rice Days Parade
Float. Thank you for your support
and your generous donations!

We will be putting together a
parade float for Rice Family Fun
Day on August 15, 2015.
Michelle Motschke and Karen
Ellefson are working on some
wonderful ideas and will need all
kinds of helping hands little
ones too! If you are able to help
out with this, please give Karen
a call in the church office at

393-4295. We will need riders

on the float as well as walkers
to help pass out items. Its
important for SOTP to have a
presence within our own
community celebration so come
join the fun!!

We have reached an important stage in the call

process; the nomination of names for the pastors
role. Please join us in praying for our new pastor.
We encourage you to please share any names for a
new pastor that might be on your heart by filling out
one of the pastor nomination forms we have
available next to the call committee box in the
entrance of church. We will be collecting names
through mid-July to be sent into the District Office
and added to the names they have chosen for us
We also have a bulletin board set-up in the
fellowship hall that outlines the process of calling a
pastor, if youd like to see what step we are on in
this journey you may check that resource for
updates. Youll find a list of the call committees
names also posted so that if you have any questions
you may easily contact anyone of the committee
members for answers.

Worship Shepherds
July 5

Sarah Anderson

July 12

Keith Peterson

July 19

Tim Neutz

July 26

Keith Hackett

July 5

8:00am Ron & Barb McKeever

10:30am Wayne & Colleen Peterson

July 12

8:00am Steve & Roxann Ree

10:30am Bryon & Michelle Motschke

July 19

8:00am Brad & Holly Jasmer

10:30am Beth & Shawn Richter

July 26

8:00am Brent & Jennifer Betker

10:30am Bruce & Sandie Resch

and cleaning up the kitchen after the

first service. The others serving
with you would appreciate it!



July 12 -

K. Kirchner, R. Brutcher, B. Betker,

J. Hendrickson, S. Douvier/J. Johnson

July 19 -

K. Peterson, R. Weinand, C. Kvamme,

S. Manea, K. Warzecha

July 26 -

DJ Janski, D. Perleberg, M. Popp,

S. Arickx, Hanebuth/Gunderson

July 5

8:00am Janet Maleska

10:30am Howard Forer

July 5 -

Psalm 46
Matthew 22:15-21

July 12

8:00am Jeff Ramey

10:30am Sandie Resch

July 12 -

Ephesians 1:3-14
Luke 10:25-37

July 19

8:00am Jordie Stay

10:30am Judy Hackett

July 19 -

Ephesians 2:11-22
Mark 6:30-44

July 26

8:00am Roxann Ree

10:30am Pam Fuchs

July 26 -

Kings 19:9-12
John 8:42-47

July 5

Ron & Mary Bulthuis

July 12

Sarah & Josh Anderson

July 19

Scott & Peg Manea

July 26

Shelley Pintok
Ernie Oltz, Milt Popp
Jerry Nelson, Barb McKeever

If it is your turn to serve fellowship, please bring some treats

to share and arrive early to help set up. If your name is first
on the list, please arrive 30 minutes prior to the 8:00am
service to make coffee. The directions for making coffee
are posted on the bulletin board in the kitchen. When you
serve fellowship, please plan on serving coffee and treats


Joan Ramey, Pam Fuchs,
Sandie Resch, Nancy Anderson

July 5

8:00am Donovan Elyea

10:30am Matthew Neutz

July 12

8:00am Samantha Dubbin

10:30am Noah Ellefson

July 19

8:00am Craig Collins

10:30am Craig Collins

July 26

8:00am Dennis Arntson

10:30am Donovan Elyea



Jesus Empowers...

Bob Trinklein, Pastor

Church Phone: 393-4295
Pastors Home Study: 320-363-1323
Email: sotpministries@jetup.net
Church Website: sotpministries.com
Brent Betker, President 584-8170, Deb Erdmann, 393-4279, Keith Hackett, 393-4531, Keith Peterson, Vice-President 292-4007,
Curt Kvamme, Treas. 393-3353, Sarah Anderson, Secretary 267-2628, Tim Neutz, 393-3386, Wayne Johnson 253-9020
Tom Ollman, Church Properties 253-4623
Brenda Hackett - Small Group Team Leader, Michelle Motschke - Worship Team Leader, Maria Traut - Service Team Leader
In case of church cancellation due to bad weather listen to, 98 COUNTRY 98.1, SPIRIT 92.9, KCLD 104.7, WJON 1240,
or call the church office and listen to the message.

Shepherd of the Pines Mission Statement: Connecting People to GodTo Othersand To Service
The purpose of this congregation is mandated for us by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as found in the words of the Great
Commission (Matthew 28), namely first of all to Go. To leave our walls of refuge, going into all the world, comprising of our families
and neighbors. We plan to achieve our purpose by identifying persons with whom we are particularly well-equipped to serve and reach
with the challenge of becoming Disciples of Christ.
Second, to Make Disciples or in the words of St Paul, To equip the saints (Ephesians 4:12). This is to be understood as helping
people to live the Christian life here on earth. Preparing and encouraging young and old alike to find and to use their God given gifts
and abilities for the extension of His Kingdom, and to grow in fervent love for God and for others.
Thirdly, to Baptize as commanded by Jesus Himself. As God reaches down to mankind with His means of grace, He would have us
baptize His people, bringing them into His family and Kingdom, granting to them life, forgiveness of sins, and eternal salvation.
And lastly, to continue steadfast in His Word, Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. A continued
zeal for the study of His Word, the Bible, is necessary for the growth of any Christian congregation. Thus, the Word of God will be
taught and studied in full measure and His Word shall be the rule and norm of this congregations faith and life.

To that end, our every effort and energy will be used in motivating, training, and putting to use our time, and talents and treasures
to Make Disciples.