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20 Revolutionary Road, Ossining, NY 10562

914-924-7568 • lrivaud@optonline.net • www.linkedin.com/in/lrivaud


SCIENTIFIC ANALYTICAL RESEARCHER with extensive experience in electron microscopy within

nanotechnology of metal, semiconductor, and powder effect pigment fields. In-depth knowledge of scanning
electron microscopy (SEM), scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM), and energy dispersive x-
ray spectroscopy microanalysis (EDS). Skilled in advising non-scientific personnel on laboratory
instrumentation requirements and specifications to facilitate research, product development, and
manufacturing yield enhancement. Expert in operating state-of-the-art digital instrumentation and supporting
product development. Bilingual in English and Spanish


ENGELHARD CORPORATION, (acquired by BASF CORPORATION 2006), Ossining, NY 1990-2009

Senior Physicist, Analytical Group, Effect Pigments (1996-2009)
Operated highly sophisticated instrument manual controls and software. Created SEM facility from the
ground-up, including materials sourcing and layout. Used state-of-the-art SEM instrument capable of
imaging in the nanometer range. Established SEM analysis techniques for diverse materials, mainly pigment
powders and iridescent film. Facilitated product development by troubleshooting failures and resolving
manufacturing issues.
• Performed root cause analysis of failing glass-based effect pigment product; provided solutions for
manufacturing processes that prevented problem mechanisms and resulted in multimillion-dollar
revenue product.
• Tasked to procure new highly sophisticated SEM instrument to advance research and product
development; networked with vendors, acquiring $600,000 digital imaging analytical equipment.
• Invented sample preparation techniques for SEM and ultramicrotomy that allowed data extraction
and enabled a project to proceed more quickly with faster, enhanced information feedback.
• Analyzed competitor’s product samples and determined violation of a company patent, resulting in
thousands of dollars saved on legal expenses.
• Research Strengths: Physics of Inorganic Materials, Troubleshooting Microstructures, Scientific
Problem-Solving, Scientific Report Writing into Electronic Databases, Scanning Electron
Microscopy, Imaging Material Surfaces, SEM and EDS Instrumentation, Data Interpretation,
Ultramicrotomy sample preparation

MEARL CORPORATION, Research Physicist, Analytical Department (1990-1996)

Developed SEM laboratory; introduced SEM and STEM techniques into research laboratories. Executed
ultramicrotomy process for cross-sectional polymer film analysis.


Research Scientist, Microelectronics Technology Division
Utilized TEM for planar and cross-sectional views of microelectronic silicon devices


Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

M.S. in Solid State Physics, Imperial College of Science and Technology [London, England]
B.S. in Physics, National Autonomous University of Mexico [Mexico City]

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by Selective Light Scattering Using a Diffraction Grating”, filed October 15, 2008.
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bombardment”, Surf. Sci. 102 (1982), pp. 610-617

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