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Editor - Betty Cross

MARCH 8, 1979

Upon the recommendation of the Department

of Defense Civilian/Military Service Review
Board, it is the determination of the Secretary
of Defense that the service of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) shall be considered
active military service in the Armed Forces of
the United States for purposes of all laws
administered by the Veterans' Administration.
Tha t was the glorious day, and those the magic words. In order
to share with you as fully as possible that splendid event, I
must start back on Oct. 2, 1978, the day that I returned home
to Pasadena from Colorado Springs. I came away from the
reunion believing, as I feel most of us did, that our honorable
discharges and resultant veterans benefits were imminent. But
the reports that started coming to me almost immediately
from Washington, D. C., revealed a considerably less optimistic
reality. I soon learned that the operative word was "determination," as in: such a determination must be approached with
infinite caution as there is no precedent; much time will be
needed to research all questions and conclusions relating to
such a determination; the machinery for making such a determination must be very carefully structured; much patience is
required as there is no way to predict how much time will be
needed in making a determination of this magnitude; it is not
possible to say when or if an affirmative determination will be
forthcoming. If? That alarming small conjunction sent me
directly to a study of the G. 1. Bill Improvemen t Act of 1977.
And, sure enough, there was the "if."
Unfortunately, there had been so much cheering that this small
"if' had been generally overlooked. In section 40 I of Public
Law 95-202, dated Nov. 23, 1977, all of the great sounding
prose about the WASP was followed by, " ... if the Secretary
of Defense ... determines ... that the service
such group
constituted active military service ... ". Later, in the summary
of the Proposed Rule (3810-70) Department of Defense
(32CFR Part 47) publish - in vol. 43 of the Federal Register
dated Sept. 13, 1978, it stated, "This act directs the Secretary
of Defense to determine if civilian employment or contractual
service rendered by groups to the Armed Forces of the United
States shall be considered active duty ... ". So, in effect, what
Congress did in P.L. 95-202, was give the Secretary of Defense
permission to ignore any laws to the contrary, and to determine
that the WASP (and perhaps other WW 2 groups) had performed active military service if he chose to do so. Then, in effect,
what the Secretary of Defense did in Proposed Rule 3810-70,
was to explain the preliminary ground rules under which the
Department of Defense would operate in reaching such a
determination. (All emphasis mine.)


I,' IV"



APRIL 1979

Thus, our real position was far different from what most of us
had believed it to be since Congress acted in 1977. We had not
been made veterans at any time. Regardless of what the membership was told at Colorado Springs, the WASP were not
veterans preceding, during, or subsequent to that reunion.
While familiarizing myself with the above during th~ closing
months of 1978, I was receiving much correspondence from
the WASP in which a few identical questions and opinions recurred. Most wanted to know why there had been such a long
delay in receiving discharges and benefits after our being declared veterans in 1977. Many wanted to know precisely what
was holding things up, what was being done to get things unstuck, and how much longer it was going to take. And a considerable number expressed varying degrees of disgust, bewilderment and anger. Obviously, my new knowledge of the
facts plus this correspondence created a troubling question.
How to answer? I could not deliberately misrepresent the
facts, nor could I present the truth without doing a terrible
disservice to the individual correspondents and to the organization as a whole. It would have been quite inexcusable on
such a piecemeal basis and at such a late date to unleash the
factual statement, "We were not made veterans in 1977, we
are not veterans now, we may someday be veterans or we may
never be veterans, and no one knows how much longer we'll
have to wait for a decision to be made." So I replied by
pledging to discover all of the facts and to report them by personalletter directly to the full membership within a period
of six months. That six months carried through to the last
day of March.
By the middle of January, 1979, I learned from Lee
Wheelwright (Chairman Veteran & Congressional Liaison
Committee) that the Washington, D. C. picture remained as
bleak as ever, including the fact that not even the final version of the ground rules had yet been published. As it was
only after publication of the final rules that the actual business of "determining" could begin, our day of tru th appeared to be receding farther and farther into the future. So I
made plans to spend a month in Washington from Feb. 7,
to March 9, and then made the following notes of what
needed to be stated, asked and answered. I report my notes
After all the hoopla, what? I continue to receive requests from WASP, press persons and others, all
wanting to know what has happened. It simply will
not suffice to keep repeating, "don't call us, we'll
call you." It just won't do. It is not only unfair but
quite impermissible to leave the WASP any longer in
this seemingly unending state of lim boo Because we
have been misled, since 1977, by just about everyone into believing that the whole thing is a fait accompli with our discharges and benefits always around the corner. In a few weeks I must begin writing my report to WASP relating the facts of our situ a-

tion. WhateYer the facts. If the facts

are great, great. But if the facts reveal
that no one has any intention of implemen~
ing P.L.95-202 until we're all dead, so be
it. One thing I can say for sure. From
this moment everyone's questions get answered with hard facts. No fiction, no tiptoeing through the tulips, no back-patting,
no wishful thinking, no discreet silence.
From here on it's facts only, even if that
includes the possibility that we've been had.
Now is there anyone in a position of authority - on the Review Board, in the DOD, in
the Air Force - to whom 1 could speak and
make our case for prompt and affirmative determi~tion?
As only tlle Women Airforce Service Pilots are mentioned by name in P.L. 95202, isn't it both possible and reasonable
for the Review Board to consider us first before weighing the merits of all the other umteen groups that may have applied? And what
is this nonsense about not contacting the DOD
because the DOD will contact us? The DOD didn't
exist in W\~ 2, and even at that time our records frequently vanished down a crack somewhere
between the Army and civil service. Today,
with all of the WASP name and residence changes,
we have enough trouble finding each other - so
how on earth is the DOD supposed to find us?
So isn't there some existing process by which
we oould make ourselves known, individually, to
the DOD? Let's say that the determination has
been made and the answer is yes. Who, precisely, will be eligible to apply for discharge?
What procedure may 1 outline for the eligibles
of actual steps to take in getting discharges?
And can anyone give me an estimate, even a wild
guess, of when, month and year, the WASP might
really be declared to be veterans?
In brief, 1 received the following answers. The
question as to when we would be veterans was an
"assuming" question as the determination of our
status still lay in the future. Prevailing "0pinion" was that the determination would be in our.
favor. If an affirmative determination should be
made for our group, then each WASP would be evaluated on her individual application and the Compt;roller General would make the final judgement on
benefits. Best estimate on date of determination
was, at the earliest, June or July of 1979. No
reason or opinion could be advanced to explain
widespread misinformation that WASP had been made
veterans in 1977 by congressional action. Neither
the Air Force nor the Department of Defense ever
issued a statement conveying, in essence, Don't
call us, we'll call you ", be cau se the approved
rules mandated the exactly opposite procedure;
tperefore, each WASP should promptly send the required application so that processing could begin
without delay when and if a favorable determination was made. The final rules of procedure had
been published on Jan. 24, 1979, and the Civilian/
Military Service Review Board had finally been
authorized to meet and begin its review process
on Jan. 25. That process was not likely to reach
a determination on any group prior to June or July


as all questions would have to be historically

researched and legally verified by the appropriate
bodies such as the Historical Advisory Panel, the
legal advisors to each member of the Review Board,
and the various service representatives making up
the Review Board itself. Then all reasons for a
yea or nay decision on each question would have
to be put in writing and signed by each board mem~er before submission to the Secretary. As there
~s no way to estimate how many substantive questions
will arise, there is no way to estimate how much
time will be required.) One can only assume that
it will be considerab~e.
However, all Air Force
procedures for issuing discharges to WASP have
already been established so that no time will be
lost when and if an affirmative determination is
made. (1 was also told who would be eligible for
discharge and how application should be made and
to whom it should be mailed, but 1 will not repeat
such information here as I've already sent it to
you by personal letter, had it printed in the
Stars & Stripes and am reprinting it .once more in
this Newsletter.)
So that is how things stood on the morning of March
8, the last day of my stay in Washington, D.C
It was not a happy morning because I was acutely
aware of the miserable news that 1 would soon have
to inflict on the membership.
1 had already incorporated most of the unhappy facts in a draft
version of my promised letter, and had also put
together a letter of application for discharge and
supporting documentation according to instructions
and had had it all checked for accuracy. There was
only one official duty remaining.
At 1:30 that
afternoon 1 was to meet Capt. Mary Pruitt at the
Pentagon when we would go together to the office
of Assistant Secretary of the Air Force Antonia
Chayes where 1 would present the WASP Statue that
had been awarded to her the previous year. I knew
that it was not to be a formal picture-taking presentation as there was not sufficient time available in her tight and altogether formidable schedule, so as Capt. Pruitt and I waited in an anteroom for Ms. Chayes to return to her office I had
taken the WASP Statue from its wrappings in order
to be ready for instant action. Precisely at 2:00
o'clock she swirled in like Haley's comet, trailing her entourage behind her. She is small, lovely
to look at, gracious, and exudes efficiency.
exchanged how-do-you-do's in the anteroom and I
asked if she would like to accept the award without
more ado right where we stood. She smiled and said
that time wasn't all that short and invited Capt.
Pruitt and me into her office.
It's a charming room and mirrors its occupant except that it's large instead of small. After a ew
words of presentation she accepted the statue and
spent some time admiring it and commenting on its
beauty and her appreciation, then after a brief survey of the room she decided that the statue should
be placed on a table that was midway between her
desk and the door to the reception room. As she
arranged its position on the table I took this to
be my cue that our time was up so I held out my
hand and started saying goodbye. To my surprise she
asked me .to stay and gestured to a man standing just

outside the door, motioning him to come in. He entered and handed her some papers which she quickly
flipped through down to about the fourth one in the
stack, then she invited me to read it, saying she
thought I would be interested.
As she pressed the
papers flat on her desk I stood beside her readingJ
"Upon the reconmendation Review Board, it is the
determination Secretary of Defense Women Airforce Service Pilots shall be military servide Armed Forces ". I !:legangetting a signal that sometting absolutely splendid was happening but it was getting through only dimly as I wasn t t functioning very well. Actually, I was by way
of being rooted to the spot, with all normal thought processes in full suspension. I looked at
Secretary Chayes and asked, "Does this mean what
it seems to mean?", and she smiled and replied,
"Yes, Mrs. Roberts, it means exactly what it seems
to mean". But whatever was supposed to be shifting my gears from bad news to good news was asleep at the switch, so I started rereading the
paper, more slowly this time and giving it everything I had available at the moment in the department of earnest and intense concentration.
Heading the page was the seal of the Department of
Defense followed by:
Upon the recommendation~of the Department of
Defense Civilian/Military
Service Revi4w
Board, it is the determination of the Secretary of Defense that the service of the
Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP,) and
the predecessor organizations of that group,
whose service encompassed the period September 10, 1942, through December 20, 1944,
shall be considered active military service
in the Armed Forces of the Unitee States
for purposes of all laws administered by the
Veterans' Administration.

Antonia Handler Chayes

Assistant Secretary of the Air Force
(Manpower, Reserve Affairs
and Installations)
I looked up at her once more and asked "Does this
really mean what it seems to mean?", ~d she laughed and said, "You may take my word for it it does
indeed mean what it seems to mean and I thought
you mi?ht like to be here when I signed i til. She
then p~cked up a pen, wrote her name and the date
and handed me the pen. As I looked down at the '
bl~c~ and grey pen that I was holding, the whole
sh~mng truth began blossoming in my mind like the
flower of a century plant visibly opening before
one.'s eyes. In that same instant I became aware
oflt~e ~arm presence of friends, and I glanced up
~o f~d the empty office filled with WASPs crowd~ng the room from wall to wall, their figures
garbed in the whole motley range of ge.:.rthat weld
worn, all standing with shoulders touching facing
us at the desk. They they were gone but in their
place remained a singing sense of co~pletion and


victory. There began welling up within me such an

abundance of joy and laughter as to be almost instantly at the point of bursting out of control.
Never before has an Assistant Secretary of the Air
Force come so close to being kissed by a stranger.
I'm a bit hazy as to what I did as a substitute,
but I have a lovely composite memory of the laughing face of Antonia Chayes and much clapping and
laughter coming from outside as well as inside
the office.
Again, I haven't a clear memory of just how we
left but I came back into focus walking rapidly
down a Pentagon corridor beside Mary Pruitt. We
were both still laughing, I was clutching the pen
and holding it out in front of me somewhat in the
manner of a torch lighting the way, and our destination was the office of the Secretary of Defense.
Secretary Brown was out of town, and Capt. Pruitt
and others in the Air Force had arranged for me to
be given a tour of his quarters. This special
kindness was another demonstration of the invariable support and thoughtfulness shown the WASP
by the Air Force. It was a marvelous experience
seeing the beautiful rooms that make up the office
of the highest ranking person in the Pentagon, but
I will describe only one thing. The first room
off the marble corridor is a reception room in
which there is a large oil painting. That painting is of the WASP. It is an oil rendering of the
well known photograph of the four WASP walking
away from their B-1? after completing a mission,
and across the top of the painting in large bright
blue letters is the legend WCl-1ENAIRFORCE SERVICE
PILOTS, WW 2. As this is the painting hanging on
the wall of the Secretary of all of the services,
I think that's spectacular. I hope you do too.
After saying an exuberant goodbye to Mary Pruitt
at the Pentagon, I found myself alone in a taxi on
the way back to Margaret Boylan's home. It was
terribly frustrating being alone and also being on
my way to a house that would be empty of persons
for another two or three hours because I was still
bursting to go all out in some kind of unrestrained
But where there's a will, something
usually gives way, thus I found myself singing at
the top of my lungs THE BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC. IIOh, mine eyes have seen the glory of the
coming of the Lord J 11 Noticing that the taxi
driver was looking at me in the mirror with a degree of nervousness, I paused to explain that something so joyous and wonderful,had just happened to
me that I simply had to let it out and hoped he
would bear with me no matter how awful the racket.
He cheerfully agreed so I started up again. "0h,
mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the
Lord, He is trampling hum-de-dum-de-dum the grapes
of wrath are stored J 11 And as I reached the c
chorus he joined in and together we bellowed out,
11 Glory , glory hallelulja,
glory glory hallelulja,
His truth is marching onl" From that moment we
were a team and we hum-de-dum I d and hallelulja' d
together, at peak volume, every inch of the way
back to Margaret's house. We had a wonderful time.

The responsibility for taking the next step is

ours. Each of us must nowmake application for
discharge. This consists of a brief letter stating the nature and duration of service plus Form
DD2168 plus copies of supporting documentation.
(It is important that you retain the original documents, mailing only copies.) If little
or no
documentation is available, FormDD2168 has been
specifically designed to serve as a substitute.
So that I could use them here as a sample of what
is required, I have had myletter of application,
my documentation and myfilled out FormDD216B
checked and OK'd by Capt. Mary Pruitt, USAFRecorder for the Civilian/Military Service Review
Board in Washington, D.C., and by Major TomArbaugh at the address below.

Andthat, GoodFriends, ends my story of howwe becameveterans on March 8, 1979. The story belongs
to all of us. I hope you've nowlived it just as
I did, so that it will be for you as it is for me
an ever glowing part of memory.
Sample of Press Coverage Throughout U.S.
San Franc~sco Chronicle, Maren18, 1979-

A Salute
To the WASPS
military planes during World War II often under hazardous conditions have at last received the long-merited
recognition that they are, Indeed, service veterans. Air Force Secretary John
C. Stetson announced recently that the
1097 Women's Air Force Service Pilots
(WASPS) who flew for the Army Air
Corps during 194244 will be considered
to have seen active military duty. As
such, they are entitled to veterans

Major TomArbaugh
AFMilitary Personnel Center OMPCAKE)
RandolphAFB,Texas 78148
I write to request consideration for honorable
discharge as a WASP
Airforce Service
Pilots, WW
2). Myinitial cadet flight training took place in 1943, at Ellington Field,
Houston, Texas, as a memberof the third class
of womencadets, and was completed at Avenger
Field, Sweetwater, Texas, where I graduated.
I was then assigned to the WASP
Ferrying Squadron at RomulusArmyAir Base, Romulus,Michigan. I remained there until the day of WASP
deactivation, attaining the military pilot
of 4P (Liaison-training,
cargo, heavy cargo, heavy cargo, mediumbombers and pursuit).
I acquired my instrument
rating at the AAFinstallation
in St. Joseph,
Missouri, and my pursuit training at the AAF
in Brownsvill, Texas. Enclosed
are true copies of all of the supporting documentation that is still available to me.

That term "active" is, In truth,

something of an understatement. These
women flew mi).itary planes from B-29s
to Piper Cubs In the U.S. They ferried
these craft some 70 million miles, towed
targets for live-fire training and It was a
WASP test pilot who tlew the first jet.
Thirty-elght of them were kllied.
It, is only fair and proper that they
be welcomed Into the ranks of veterans
of a war they did so much to help win.

OnMarch 8, 1979, in the Pentagon office of Assistant Secretary of the Air Force Antonia Chayes, I
stood by her side as she placed a documenton her
desk and invited me to read it.
It conveyedthe
following information.

Thankyou for your attention.


The Secretary of the Air Force, under authority

delegated by the Secretary of Defense, determined on March B, 1979, that the service of
the Women
Airforce Service Pilots (WASP)
the predecessor organizations of that group,
whose service encompassedthe period September
10, 1942, through December20, 1944, shall be
considered active military service in the Armed
Forces of the United States for purposes of
all laws administered by the Veterans Administration.
Ms. Chayes then placed her signature on the document and handed me the pen with which she had
signed it.
Until that moment,and contrary to what most of
us have believed since Novemberof 1977, the decision could have gone either way, for us or against
us, and could have continued to remain undecided
for an indefinite period into the future.
this was victory, complete and final.
Thirtyfive years of waiting were over.


Conner Roberts

Mydocumentation consisted of copies of someten

photographs and copies of two USAAF
pilot graduation certificates.
In all of the photographs
I was ih uniform in an operational activity such
as: in the cockpit of a Pr-26, at a public ceremonyprior to takeoff of a WASP
flight delivering
to Canada, in the pilot's seat of a B-25, final
day RomulusWASP
Squadron phot~ after deacti vation, etc. The above was found to be adequate .,....
supporting documentation, but for those of you
who are lucky enough to have more and better documentation, by all means include it.
Fom DD2168
should present little
There are
seventeen numberedboxes to be filled out. F<;>llowing are myanswers, preceded by the appropr~ate
box number, for those questions that might pose a
problem. Youwill, of c~se,
change.t~ose ~
which your rating or spec~alty or tra:uung differed from mine. Whenin doubt of the day and month
of a required date, use a guess, a question mark
and the year.


5. WASP, WW 2. 7. Pilot 4P. 8. $250. per mo.

9. February 7, 1943, Ellington Field, Houston,
TX. 12. Aviation cadet. 14. Ferry Pilot.
17. (1st box) Deactivation, (2nd box) Deactivation. (5th box) December 20, 1944.
Request Form DD 2168 by writing to Major Tom Arbaugh at the address previously listed, or by
telephoning him at 512-652-2l48.
When your application (consist~1g of letter plus
copies of supporting documentation plus DD Form
2168) has been processed and an affirmative finding made, a Discharge Certificate and DD Form 214
(a certificate of service including time served)
will be mailed to you. You may then apply to the
Veterans Administration for benefits. It is important to remember that each state has a program
of veterans benefits that is entirely separate
from the federal program, so both should be investigated and pursued. The above application
should be made by all WASP including those whose
service terminated prior to graduation, and by
all survivors of WASP and trainees. Applications
on behalf of individuals who are deceased or incompetent must be accompanied by legal proof of
death or incompetency.
For those serving less
than six months no benefits will be available as
we now rall under the same regulation that has
always limited eligibility for veterans benefits
to those women and men possessed of at least six
months of military service. However, an honorable
discharge and perhaps, upon a family's requ~st,
a flag, could be forthcoming.

(2) Corporate situation. Still in process

of being reviewed by the Study Committee, Incorporation & Name Change, Dora Strother
and by our legal advisor, James
Hutter, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher.
(3) Veteran status. Concluded.
by Secretary of Defense, March
8, 1979.
(4) Correspondence.
A losing battle. ~oo
many matters of vital concern to the e~t1re
membership have intervened. My apolog1es.
Principal activities envisioned for the next six
month period.
All residual matters of transition will be
concluded at the board meeting of May 10, and
the agenda of that meeting plus ~y a~propriate information resulting from 1t W11l be
transmitted to the membership.
The conclusions and recommendations from all sources re
our corporate situation will be pr~sented to
the membership for study and dec1s10n. The effort to find all WASP and others considered to
be eligible to apply for discharge will continue and a program of exploration will be undertaken to ascertain the full scope of benefits available from the Veterans' Administration and from the state programs. If of sufficient importance and immediacy, decisions on
benefits will be communicated directly to the
full membership.

In the heading of the above notice of instruction

there is included for the first time an additional category of WASP that will be accorded veteran status and benefits. For the present this
group is designated as WASP-Administrative, which
mayor may not be the permanent title. ~ven the
official definition of WASP-Administrative is
still in the process of being formulated, but
following is the best present description available. These were full time civilian service personnel who were comparatively few in number and
who were categorized as administrative members
of the WASP organization.
Examples of such WASPAdministrative positions were Executive, Staff
Director and Staff Advisor. Many of these positions were filled by WASP flying personnel or
by WASP who at some previous time had been on
flying status, but some of the positions were
filled by non-flying personnel who at no time
were categorized as WASP pilots or Trainees.
Persons recognized as officially occupying these
WASP-Administrative pOsitions had to have been
appointed by the Director of Women Pilots, Jacqueline Cochran.


by Sally Van Wagenen KeiI, may be purchased by writing to
Elizabeth Gardner, 280 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y. 10025.
By buying through our organization you save $1.00 on the book
store price of $10.95, you get your book autographed by Sally.
Keil, you have the convenience of direct purchase, an~ the profit
on each sale goes into our WASP treasury rather than mto the
pocket of some unknown book seller. The book received a fine
review in the Book Section of the New York Times and elsewhere. It is a joy to read and an invaluable reference work to
own. Make check payable to WASP or Order of Fifinella.

The following three unusual items are avail~ble for

purchase. Each in its own.way wo~d prove 1nvaluable to those interested 1n the history of the
HISTOR! OF WASP by Byrd Granger
As we have only a limited number of the Hearings
reports their sale is restricted to one per person on ~ first come first served basis. Please
insicate preference.
It is understood that if the
requested report is no longer in supply, ~he other
hearing report will be substituted. Hear1ng reports are $2.50 each. History of Wasp is $10.00.
Mail request to Luci,le Wise, 2314 North Tracy St.,
Alexandria, Va. 22,311. Make check payable to WASP
of Order of Fifinella.


First Six Months

Principal items:

Transition, corporate situation,

veteran status, correspondence.
(1) Transition.
Has been slow but is near
ing completion.


For those of you who are WASPgraduates of the

class of 44-9 and whose supporting documentation
for discharge'may be either skimpy or non-existent,
you will be pleased to know that Gayle Snell has
forwarded to Major Arbaugh at Randolph a copy of a
document that serves to authenticate
the status of
ail of you. This is Special Order #99, dated Nov.
6 1944 listing
the names and individulol service
WASPas having graduated,
thereby becoming authorized to fly military
Edna Davis our Secretary-Treasurer,
has been interested fo~ some years in the possibility
of creating worldwide travel for the handicapped.
and those of others culminated November,
1978, in Yugoslavia, where the first
international meeting of such interested
persons was held.
Further information may be obtained by contacting
It is hoped that in future a choice of possib1
reunion sites can be presented to the mem?ership
for its consideration
well ahead of the bJ.&nnual
This is to solicit
all interested
The reqUJ.rement J.S for a
formal,. detailed
These will be carried in all issues of the Newsletter.
For further
information contact Edna Davis.

First meeting of the new board will take place May
10. 1979, 9:00 AMto 5:00 I'M, at the Los Angeles
home of Edna Davis.
Sales & Merchandise Chairman - Lola Ricci
- Gayle Snell
Lawyer - James Hutter, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher
Accountant - Mr. Southgate, Wendes & McLaughry

Bee Haydu, Past President,

opened the meeting with
a discussion of unfinished business with reference
to a Study Committee to be appointed by the new
Roberts, as Bee had made a committment to the members that the Study COlIlIllittee
be composed of members from all parts of the country.
The committee was recommended after rejection by the membership of incorporation
as presented.
It was r-greed by all present that Sara
Hayden, who had done so much research on the corporation,
become a member of that committee.
Granger agreed to discuss the Study Committee and
the recrommendation that Sara be on it with our new
Bee Haydu indicated
she would mail Lillian
a list
of cOllllllittees for her use in calling
the next board
It was indicated that Betty Cross would
continue as Newsletter Editor and she agreed a
could probably be out by February.
It was agreed that Betty Nicholas, former Secretary-Treasurer,
would continue signing checks temporarily until a.rJ bills previously
committed had
been paid.
Sara Hayden pointed out that she had temporarily
accepted the sales duties and re~eved
the secretary-treasurer
of those duties during the militarization
struggle and would therefore
send all sales
slips handled at Colorado Springs, along with a.rJ
remaining sales itema, to the new secretary-treasurer who resumes responsibility
for them.
It was decided that a list
of duties of each office
be sent to the new President.
Also, a.rJ records
to be turned over to the new officers
be mailed to
them as soon as possible or held until an early

board meeting.

Members, Study Committee, Incorporation

& Name
Change: Deane Ferguson 44-9, Iris CUIIlIIlings
43-2, Ann Atkeison 44-10, Esther Noffke 44-2, Isabell Fenton Stinson 43-3, June Wolfe Lectie 44-10,
Fai th Buchner Richards 43-4.

It was highly recommended that a Budget Canmittee

be appointed and a new budget set up for use of the
It was recommended the Vice President
has ready for
the next board meeting the cost of rosters
Meeting was adjourned

Colorado Springs,


Oct. 1, 1978

at 11:45 a.m.


Betty Nicholas,

11 a.m.

Bernice Haydu
Sara Hayden
Dedie Deaton
Marty Wyall
Betty Cross
Byrd Granger
Betty Nicholas' (acting as Secretary
pro tem)

Pro fem


was inadvertantly
fran the list of those who received Certificates
of Appreciation priated in the last Newsletter.
"Her efforts
on our behalf in obtaining outside
support and publicity
were outstanding


If you have questions

or need anything please ~op
me a line and I will either handle it or pass 1t
on to the proper source.
I like being your secretary and making so many new friendsl


Roberts - President
- Vice-President
Edna Davis - Secretary/Treasurer
Marty Wyall - Hi storian/Board
Leoti Deaton - Board Member
Byrd Granger - Board Member
Bernice Haydu - Board Member



- Chairman Veteran & Congressional

Liaison Committee.
Dora Dougherty Strother
- Chairman Study Committ~e
& Name
Hughes'- Special Advisor 'to the Board
Betty, Cross.- Editor,


Lee Wheelwright

~.J.; ,Williams - Director



Edna Modisette



We are

sol ventl

to 'date : ,1Aprll
Order of.Fifinella
of Ft. Worth
Airforce 'Service
~ilots,WWII or ./Order of
SeCUrity Pacific Natti~nal '
Los Angeles

692.74 '
Additional money from the Colorado Convention is
brling, sent in.. Our Accounting firm is: 'Wendes &
McClaughry '- Long Beach, CA. .
All checks, paid, in ~
be made, out to
Airforae Service Pilots,
WWIIor Order of Fifinella.
do not make them out to me.
Keep your dues checks coming in. In the past,
and information
have been mailes to
n?n dues paying members .~ut, unless hardship,
of neces~ity,
If you have not received membership cards will you
please so no~ify.
SearetOiI'Y Report:
New Stati~naryl
WomenAirforc~' 'Servic~ Pilots,
The letter
head and envelope is the same, 'in a
WASPblue ink on cream texture
It is
for purchase.
Price is listed
in this Newsletter.
Smitty has sent out a marvelous letter
hoping to
find and interest
of the WASP's in
Sweetwater or Houston.
So far, 11 have responded
paying $10.00.
and membership Cards have been sent to them.
Authentic WASPwings are available
ONLYto verified WASP's and approved museums, by request in


Gettirlg the final report, Out for the ~978 WASP

Conference has been far more difficult
than organ~
izing the conference.
So many things have transpired since the conference that have necessitated
my being away from the office a great deal of time.
I want to thank all the Committee Chairman
(Mary Helen Chappell, Marlyn and Bill Peyton, Penny
Millie Young, and Earl Medlicott). and the
other Colorado people (Mary McCabe, Rosina Todd,
Ann Frink, Don Kupfer, D~ane Drury, Jim Patterson,
Rick Broome, Sally Jennings,
and Elizabeth Quinn
and Dottie Hendricks of the Antlers Plaza Hotel) ..
who help'ed out to make this conference so succes':;':'
Of course, many th~s
to the Air Force Acadeiny' and their wonderful personnel (General K.L~'
Tallman, Colonel Howard' Ri.ce~ Colonel Malhain Wakin,
Major John McCord; William Madsen and Janet :'Shea. '
Bill attended most of our ~ommittee'meetings
submitted information pertaining
to our conference
in 30 various publications.
. He did 'so many other'
things, for us which are too numerous to mention. .;
A big thanks to General, James Hill'of
and his
for all the tours of the NORAD
Deane Drury of Centennial Cont:erences did
.standing job of helping us organize 'our conference.
Deane had such wonderful ideas and suggestions to :
offer regarding the conference.


I also want to thank my husband, Carl Reed; who

allowed me unlimited reign,~~th
our purse strings'
to ,help make this the biggest and best WASP'Conference ever held.
I want to thank the previous Board of Directors' for
their excellent
encouragement and support in making the 1978 WASPConference such a huge
And las~, but not least,
I want to mention that
without Sally Jennings,
I'm sure we would never
i:ave pulled everything off as successfully.
(I might mention th~t all the help provided for the
conference was strictly:
with the exception of Deane Drury and Sally Jennings.
MaIlJ~miles were driven by the various Committee members to attend the committee meetings, and each member paid his/her
own expense.
None of this was
charged t'o' the conference."
Also, the salary of'
Sally Jennings to do the work in connection with
the bonference was my own personal expense, and'
again this was not charged to the conference.
of 2,173 copies of various conference mater-

ial were mad8 in my office at a cost of $0.02 per

Most places charge at least $0.10 a sheet.
As you can see this in itself
was a tremendous savings to the conference.
Apprcoci.mat8ly270 letters
were written for the WASPConference.
Of this total, 50 letters
were written transmitting
packets of conference material to those who had
either lost or mislaid the material originally
them. You can see what an added expense for postage alone that this was. If there are any of you
who might have been miffed by some inconvenience
during the conference, we are certainly.: very sorry.
Everything just grew by leaps and bounds, and we
all did the very best we could. We had been told
that 350 is the most who have ever attended a reunion and almost 600 attended the 1978 Conferenc8.
I am sure that if prices continue to increase the
next two years as they have in the past, the cost
for the next r8union will be considerably higher
than the 1978 Conference.
I would like to elaborate on some of the costs to show howmuch money the
WASPorganization will be deriving as a result of
this Conference.
It is very interesting
to note that the advertising in the Conference Booklet came very close to
defraying the cost of the booklet.
Penny Garrett
worked very hard obtaining all the advertising
for the booklet.
The cost of publishing
the booklet was $2,780 00 and the amount obtained
from advertising
was $2,160.00.
Thus, the Conference Booklet cost only $620.00. There are approximately 50 booklets left which could be sold for
$1.00 each These will be turned over to the VicePresident for Sales.

Marlyn and Bill Peyton did a fantastic

job on registration.
They not only kept a record of registrations numerically in the order in which they
were received, but also alphabetically
and by class.
Somevery. valuable information was received, and all
this will be forwarded to the WASPorganization for
future use.
1,000 bumper stickers were purchased
at $0.18 ea.
The bumper stickers
sold at the conferenc8 for $1.00 ea. and could continue at this
price until the stock is depleted.
The bumper
stickers will produce $820.00 for the treasury.
The Vice President has the stock of bumper stickers for sale.
2,000 decals were purchased at $.20
The decals sold at the c~nference for $1.50 ea.
However, we f::el that we obtuned them at such a
reasonable ~r~ce that they could be sold for $1.00
8a. ApprOXJJIl&tely
7OC:~8CalS were ,:,-sedfor th8
~e rem~
decals will be turned
ov~r. to the V~ce Pres~dent for sale.
If the r8m~~
decals are sold for $1.00 ea., $1,040.00
will be produced for our gr?Up. If they are sold
for $1.50, then $1,690.00 will be produced.

and we are sure that over a period of a
few years all 200 prints can be sold.
We bought
these prints for $30.00 per print, and our organization will make $10 on each print sold.
1500 copies
of the fine-art
print were printed,
and we bought
200 prints.
The remaining 1300 prints will be selling for $60 each nationally.
The WASPorganization
will receive a small commission on the sale of the
1300 prints.
The black-lite
prints will be selling for $200 per print nationally
as of June 1, 179.
To date 35 prints of the fine-art
print have been
sold, thus produciJlg $350.00 for our organization.
W. will continue to sell these prints for $40. ea.
until the next reunion in 1980. After that time,
our suggestion is to raise the price to $50 per
If all 200 copies of the fine-art
are sold for $40 ea. , the WASPorganization will
make $2,000.00.
We are. sending various items used' at the 1978 Conference to the next reunion chairman.
These items
include: the 21 x 24' nylon WASPbanner purchased
for $135.00, several signs can be used again, apprcoci.mate1y250 plastic naID8tag holders were turned
in at the conference Ithese were purchased for $.25
each - a savings of $62.50 for the next conference)
and the ribbons worn hi the Committee members and
Sally Jennings and I took the week off following
the conference to get our own houses in order.
I would1ik8 to tell you now that DJ3' father was
in his last days with cancer when the conference
was held.
He kept telling me to tuli'ill
DJ3' o~
on th8 conf8rence and continue on as I
had. He passed away the 23rd of October.
father always took me to the air shows when I was
a little
girl, and I feel this is what started
DJ3' interest
and desire to be a pilot.
We returned to the office the following week and
wrote all the nec8ssary thank-you letters.
Mary Helen Chappell's mother has been bed ridden
for a long time, and she passed away on Oatober
25. In addition to this, ~
Jenning's mother
fell and broke her hip the same week, and Sally
has been pretty much confined at the hospital.
Hi. Gals:
Lots of water _ ice and snow has passed under the
bridge since you gals checked out of Colorado
Springs on Oct. 1st.
Our worst winter ever.
I want to thank all of you for your cooperation,
your consideration in keeping the problems to a
bare minimumand making the whole affair a most
happy experience.
Also, your many letters
of appreciation were greatly lWweciated.
B810wis the financial

W8will continue to accept orders in D8nver for

both the black-lite
prints and the fine-art
prints of the WASPAT-6 over Avenger Field until
the 50 black-lite
prints ar8 sold since these requir8 Rick Broome's personally finishing th~m.
Wh8nthe 50 lack-lite
prints are sold, we will then
ship all remaining fine-are prints to the VicePresident for sale.
This was such.a fine painting
by one of the most outstanding artists
of aircraft


of the conference.

Loan fran Fifinella
Picture Rafne
sales of Avenger Field Pictures




Coumittee Expenses
Lunches & Banquet
Ra1'tle & Pictures
& Printing
- Cases
emblems - signs
Re.tunds (24)
Loan pdd to Fifinella
Balance to Fi!inella

uniform (skirt,
2 ties,
and hat),
two winter Eisenhower jackets,
1 pair winter
1 summer blue dress, hat and belt,
jewelry (4WASP, 4 props, 1 hat eagle and 2
shoulder pins).


All Conference material

Davis, Treasurer,
for Audit.

be forwarded

to Edna

Mary Helen Chappell,

General Delivery
Divide, Colorado 80814

Uniforms - Nina K. Morrison (donor), winter Eisenhower jacket and slacks.

Magazines and Articles
- Jean Moreo (donor), Vogue
Magazine, August 15, 1952; an article
by J",cqueline Cochran about WASP. Lola P. Ricci (donor )
FAAWorld, June, 1978, an article
about the FAA
and WASP. Barry Smith (donor), Vogue Magazine,
1979 p. 297, "Jacqueline Cochran" an
excerpt from book THOSEWONDERFUL
by Sally van Wagenen Keil.
Clippings are too numerous to list
but are appreciated by the Historian.
Thank youl
Madge L Minton donated a beauti.!'ul paper doll booklet in excellent
about the WAFSlabeled
"Girl Pilots
of the Ferry COIIllWUld".
It was purchased in 1944.

3616 Landy Lane
Fort Worth, TX 76118

FROM:Sara Hayden

The following WASPshave accepted

help Dora on the committee:

Cummings Critchesa

a request

I have not previously
on the above projedt,
as it was started
several years ago, got to
be quite lengthly,
and was not finished.

June Wolfe Leckie





I am pleased

Dorothy Dean Ferguson

on a photograph.









Ann Atkeison



of Columbia


New Mexico
All of these


welcome comments from the

Marty Wyall


In recent correspondence
with the San Diego
WASPs, they are working full tilt
to get the exhibit
on the WASPsunderway at the new Aero Space
Museum. These gals are requesting
of all
planes you !'lew in -the WASP, training
from Sweetwater or Houston, Photos of
your active duty, WASPin uniform, etc.
would appreciate
other historical
data to be displayed.
The committee is very anxious to make
the WASPof WWIIexhibit
than it was before,
Write to : MEREDI'?fCAMPBEIJ.,
(Mrs. Curti.},
5540 Grape Street, San Diego, CA. 92105
The traveling
WASPdisplay case is temporarily
with Betty J. Williams.
She is adding articles
which will be of historical
Since the Conference at Colorado Springs in
October, 1978, the following
have been
donated to the Historian:
Uniforms - Alberta P. Kinney (donor), winter dress


to report

now that:

In looking into the original

copyright of the
Fifi pin by Walt Disney, it was clear that 28
years had gone by and thus the work had gone-into
public domain.
All of th~ regulations
I have
read state specifically
that there is no way to
copyright protection
when this has happened.
In order to give our Fili some protection
and with the concurrence of the "oldll board, I
applied for copyright
of a Filinella
We now have this,
in full original
As long as we control the purchase and sale of
the Fifi pins, and the WASPwings, reproduction
. both must have the approval of the board , and
h ave a copyr~ght, I hope this will give us some


8)8 Havenwood
TX: 752)2

Old Man River has nothing on our peripatetic
WASP. They, too, just keep rolling
along fran
ODe address to another,
through lWll8 changes, job

changss and on and nearly 400 changes since

our latest
update to the 1977 roster.
But that's
good! As long as you keep moving,
keep those changes coming. They mean the difference between current mailing labels and 400 lost
WASP. Your membership chairman
your duplicate
to her as
you make your moves (or the postal department
changes your address without your moving an inch).
It does help to spesd up communication and we know
current mailing lists
are most important at this
time of keeping you informed of VA developments.
PLEASE,please include telephone numbers and
husband's initials
with addresses.
It takes literally hours of contacting
LD operators
to get your
number and it's
impossible when it's
or in someone else's
name. If we have your phone
we frequently
can check out an address
when mail is returned.
'Twas beautiful
the way you came through with
phone numbers after last summe~'s Newsletter.
Let's try it again for the following listed
Get other needed info from your roster's
and check your local phone directory TODAY.
ARIZONA:43-6 Evelyn (Stewart) Jackson, Mesa.
CALIFORNIA:WAFSDelphine Bohn, San Francisco;
43-1 Elizabeth A. McKinley (formerly Matry), Beverly Hills;
43-3 Virginia
(Crinklaw) Pierce,
43-4 Nancy E. (Nesbit) Staples,
43-5 Jeanne D'Ambly, Los Angeles, and Irma (Cleveland) Weigel, Adelanto; 43-5 (t) Mary Ann Wetherby, Weed; 43-8 Elizabeth
(Keatts) Munoz, San Francisco; 44-2 Dorothy (Hawkins) Goot, Fair Oaks;
44-5 Margaret (Phelan) Taylor, Palo Alto; 44-6
Geraldine (Miller)
Asimalds (formerly Barry),
Ventura; 44-6 (t) Sue E. (Snedaker) Durran, Suruiyvale; 44-6 Nanette (Hazeltine)
44-7 Ann 'Mimi' (Caffrey) Sheean, Los Angeles;
44-9 Margaret J. Phillips,
Tracy; 44-10 Pam Carr,
Los Angeles, and Janis (Gregg) vlheatl~l,
43-7 Betty J. Clark, Rifle .!h9..:
44-6 France s E. Coughlin. FLORIDA:WAFSDorothy
(Fulton) Slinn, N. Miami; 43-7 (t) Barbara (Fowler)
Norton, Okeechobee; 44-2 Margaret (Needham) Walker,
Port Orange; 44-3 Mary Louise Prine, Marianna;
44-6 Lesley J. Williams, Melbourne; 44-10 Martha
(Blair) Gaunce, Fort Lauderdale.
Martha J. (Potter)
Bar Harbor. MASSACHUSErfS: 44-8 Doris J. Daniel, Falmouth.
44-7 Scotty (Bradley) Gough, Gaithersburg.
MICHIGAN:43-4 ROlialie L. Grohman, Harbor Springs.
NEWJERSEY: WAFSHelen Mary Clark, Tenefly.
MEXICO:44-3 Josephine (Martin) Gale, Pecos.
WAFSCatherine Slocum, Reno; 44-5 (t) Geraldine M. Turner and 44-6 Audrey (Maxwell) Ducote,
Las Vegas.
NEWYORK: 44-2 Frances (Luaway) Smith, Westbury, Lol.; 44-5 (t). Helen D. Underhill,
OHIO: 43-6 Rita (Cason) Stump, Morrow. OREGON:
44-2 Mary (McCrea) McCallum, Sunriver;
44-3 Patricia
(NethercuLt) Weaver, Cave Junction;
(Houran) Rideout, Eugene. ,PENNSYLVANIA:
43-6 (t) Garland Jean Moors, Huntingdon; 43-6
(McGeorge) Sullivan,
Ortanna; 43-8 (t)
Jerry (Williamson) Horu, Pittsburgh.
44-8 Beulah (Smith) Thurston~ Barriruct,on.
Ed. nots:
Some of the' 'above named WASPhave been
found and' new name' or address will be listsd
in the new Roster update.


CAROLINA: 44-2 Mary M. (Saunders) Willison,

TENNESSEE:44-2 Marjorie J. Johnson,
TEXAS:44-5 Martha (Harmon) Rountree,
Fort Worth. UTAH:44-3 Marjorie (Redding) Christiansen,
Cedar City; 44-4 Ethelyn M. (S~ards)
Young, Provo.
43-5 Elizabeth
E. Greene,
With your great help we've whittled
out "Lost"
graduate record down to less than 10 per centlast count was 78 graduates
unaccounted for.
Concentrate on your own class or those on the same
base with you and direct your efforts
to those.
Perfect records now go to classes 43-3 and 44-1.
They all have current addresses at last count.
And now 43-1 has joined the record-perfect
And 44-5, we hate to single you out but you still
have the largest
number lost--10.
and 44-6 are running a close second with 9 unaccounted for.
Please check your class records and let's
in on those few lost ones in your own class.
are still
looking for Betsy Ferguson
Lenore L. McElroy and Esther L. Nelson.
Ross Kary
Anderson is still
lost in 43-2.
Others include:
43-4: Dorothy R. Colburn, Doris M. Manuel, Eolyne
Y. Nichols and Rena B. Wilkes.
43-5: Ann A. McClellan, Floella Mcintyre and Wilma
Morehead Cockburn.
43-6: Margaret C. Callahan Grant, Shirl~y J. C~ndit Sergott,
Darcy, Enid C~ FJ.sher Evelyn L. Fletcher
Stephens, CorrJ.ne W.
Ni~nstedt, Maxine A. Holt Wright, Ruth Roberts,
Betty Scantland (she may be deceased).
43-7: Neva L. Calderwood, Mary A. Gresham, Phyllis M. Jarman, Mozelle I. Simpson, and Audrey R. Tardy.
43-8: Elvira C. Griggs Cardin, Doris M. Marland
Martin, Kathryn Stamps and Betty E. Wright.
44-2: Kathryn F. Herman, Eleanor J. Patterson
Brady, Rose D. Reese and Jane Rutherford







Elizabeth M. Chambers, Eileen B. Evans WrJ.ght, Elizabeth Ann Lore, and Mary Abbie
DorothT J. Allen, Jo Ann Parry and Susie M.
Elizabeth C. Hubbard, Joan C. Hutton, Ethel
L. Jones, Jean M. McFarland Koehler,.Karla
D. Mogensen Jordan, Dorothea M. NorrJ.s,
Beverly J. Olson Southwick, Margaret A. Roberts Goldham, Harriet I. Stockwell,
TePas Wiltsee and Urcela D. Waldo
Dorothea B. Baumeister Hamilton, Juner Bellew, Beverly B. Cangiamila Peak, Edythe M.
Carlton Lusk, Margaret M. Godfrey Powell,
Eleanor R. O'Dell, Elizabeth
G. Peters Goettel
and Ann G. Warren Griffith
and Margaret
E. Hick Thomas.
Virginia B. Krum and Vivian Mae Williams.
Margaret M. Moore, Mary Ann Palmer Hays,
Jamece Paxson Brewton and Wilda N. Winfield
Anna C. Baron Belliv~au,
B. Jean Reimer,
Sarah G. Rewey, Frances D. Stroud Ochoa,
Janet E. Wayne and Mary F. Woodward.
Suzanne 'L.' Bane Armstrong, Nancy J. Burnside
Murra7, Josephine H. Kater Robinson, Jane
E. Morrison, Barbara C. Searles Squire and
Gail G. Sigtor4.

Don't forget to keep your membership current.

If you haven't sent in your $10 annual dues (period of Oct. to Oct.), please get them in to Edna
Modisette Davis, Sect.1Treas.,
114 N. Norton Ave.,
Los Angeles, CA90004, without delay.
this entitles
you to the WASPRoster, as well as
the Newsletters ANDthe best'way to keep in
touch with your other WASPfriends.


Betty Jane Williams


primary in"terest,
of course, was the News Release issued by the Public Affairs Office Assistant Secretary of Defense, dated March 9, with
SERVICE.That release served as
the basis for subsequent articles
in newspapers
across the country,. spot announcements in radio
and TV and a renewed interest
in our military
The concurrent release of Sally Kiel's
book, "Those Wonderful Womenin Their Flying
Machines'" afforded good publicity
with her appearance on the March 19th NBCTODAY
Show and
other tie-ins
in newspaper articles.
Roberts has been interviewed by Scripps
Howard Newspapers, Washington, D.C., the San
Diego Union and was featured in the Pasadena Star
News, the local paper in Pasadena, where she is
residing and several others as we go
to press.
Films and TV programs currently
in production _
NBCand Universal are shaping A TV show which has
been reported in the trades as "Jaclde's
but the executive producer indicates
that the concept of the show has changed considerably the
approach which attempted to be authentic
about WASPsdid not please the "powers
that be" and so the present approach is completely
the producers wanted more excitement so the action will take place in Europe during WWII
with wanen pilots
getting into all
sorts of escapades and of cour~the
be changed. Will be intere sting to see if it ever
gets on the air and what action will be portrayed.
The executive producer has been worldng on this
for nearly a year and a half, if not longer.
Rac1lhamFilm Productions,
Ltd., is preparing a
half hour documentary for TV on the WASPs
have interviewed about five WASPsincluding Jacqueline Cochran and a recent telephone request for
help from their film editor in NewYork indicated
that they are hoping for an early play date
though nothing was firm at that time.
She said
that this Will be the firs episode in a series of
films for TV on wanen pilots,
not only American
wanen, but womenthroughout the world.
Nelson Adams and Kitty King, young fi.lJmna.kers
fran NewY~rk, are putting a documentary together

with the aid of a grant, worldng through Public

Broadcasting in Washington.
And some of the major
studios, here in Hollywood, have various scripts
under development.
Suffice to say that our story
has genarated considerable interest.
In the past
two years, I have been contacted by at least 30
or 40 writers,
producers, or story developers
have given freely of days and days of meetings,
giving information and sources for their individual research not only for films, TV, but for college thesises
and feature articles.
Many of the
WASPshave been interviewed and worked closely
with film and TV producers and writers.
hope that out of all this effort a really good
film for TV or theatrical
release will emerge.
Our experiences are unique our story has earned
its place with the public.
been buried in the
footnotes of history too long.
The small exhibit materials which Marty Wyall,
our historian,
has put together,
were used in a
Federal Women's Program in Atlanta the week of
November 6-9th, last year.
They displayed the
various articles
in glass cases and handled the
log books and personal gear with care took
photos and reported excellent
I I d appreciate hearing from any WASPwho is featured in news articles
or needs assistance
background material for personal appearance or
Three womenartists,
members of the Society of
have selected the WASPs
as themes of their ,annual painting,
given to the
Air Force Art Collection,
a major program under the
of the Air Force Office of Information in
the Pentagon.
These paintings will be presented to
the Air Force along with those created by other artists
at the formal ceremonies in Washington, April
One, created by Kathleen Gillette,
WASPS,is a composite of three WASPs
done in water color, about 24 x 30 in size. Another,
created by Mollie Kerr, a montage of photos transferred by dyes and stitchery
onto white fabric
(about 16 x 20) is called WASPPRIDE
and the
as of this writing not totally
promi~es to be a beauty created by Na~al~e Mode
an acrylic
(24 x 30) will show a WASPfilll.ng out
forms on the wing of an airplane,
contrasted by one
today1s Air Force womenpilots and a T-3S, aptly
PILOTS- A.Generation
Gap". 'The se paintings ar~ usually. displayed o~ the
Pentagon waJ.ls in the var~ous corr~dors when filst
acquired and then become part of a traveling
The Air Force Art Collection is a handsane
one, worth a trip to the Pentagon.
Of interest
to WASPs(this country'S first
Air Force
22 womenofficers
in the Air Force
are presently in the field;
16 are pilots and six
are navigators.
Five more will be selected for
undergraduate pilot training
in April and two,. for
navigator training.
Their class entry dates will
be in September or October.
This continues. the
women's fiying training
test program began. ~ July
1976. Another five will be selected for pilot
later this year.
Five active-duty

-II -

five AFROTCgraduates
have already been selected
for pilot
in the calendar
year 1979.
Comment: the Air Force still
to this as a
The Air Force has augmented women into combat ready
(ICm) crews
there are 13 officers
and eight enlisted
women performing alert
duty in the Titan II ICm sYstem.

NOTE of Interest
- If you are planning
any WASPget
in your area you might wish to schedule
such a gathering
in conjunction
with scheduled Air
Force traveling
exhibits theater
van, aircraft
van, etc.
Check with your close~t
Air Force Base, Information
Office or write me I
have the schedule.
too extensive
to reprint

The following
44-10, will be of interest

to all members of our

Three airports,
to our knowledge, have been named
for WAFSwho died in service:
Tenn., Evelyn Sharp AirpQrt,
Ord, Nebr. and Dorothy Scott International
Airport, Oroville,



Mr. Dudley Fort,

A brother
of WAFCornelia Fort,
has written
to me (Jewell)
that the State or
Tennessee has erected
an historical
marker (above)
in memory of WAFCornelia Fort.
It is located
an Airport which was named for her a number of
years ago.
A dedication
of the memorial, though
not yet scheduled as to date, will be held within
the near future.
Lest it should occur before the
next Newsletter
could announce' the date, those of
you who would like to attend may contact Mr. Ernest
Mgr., Cornelia
Fort Airport,
It is hoped that a photo of the memorial
will be available
for the Newsletter
before the
next publication.






Ava M. H;umn(Richardson)
- died at heme September 3, 1978, after
a two day illness.


Marie Shale of Yuma, AZ - word received

died of cancer in the winter of 1978.



The Air Force Museum, Dayton, Ohio would like to
expand their
of slides
about the WASP.
They will duplicate
scenes that are significant
and make them into slides.
When sending slides
please identify
where the picture
taken, when, who is depicted
and if an airplane
the plane.
Give as much detail
as possible.
Also indicate
you are giving
or loaning the pictures.
They need time to copy.
Send these to:
Ruth Hurt, Curator,
Research Division,
Dept. of the Air Force, Air Force Museum,
Air Force Base, Ohio 45433.
you want to borrow this collection
for lectures
or sane such, contact
this same department.


Thursday, May 10, 1979, International
Hotel; JFK International
New York City.
For Information:
Rev. Marlin L. Bowman, JFK Protestant
Chapel, Jamaica,
N.Y. 11430 - (212) 6565693
REUNION,May 11-12-13,
1979, Sheraton Universal
Hotel, Hollywood/Los Angeles, CA. (1700 members)
For Information:
Wayne Dodds, General Reunion
Chairman, P.O. Box 10428, Glendale,
CA 91209
(213) 240-6868
July 20-21-22,
1979~ Imperial
Ohio. (1000 members)
For Information:
Lloyd "Scottyll Hathcock, General
Chairman, J4 College Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45407
( 513 ) 223-8432
ASSOCIATIONREUNION,September 12-17, 1979 at the
Airzona Biltmore,
P.O. Box 2290, Phoenix,
For Information:
Mrs. Jan Thies, Executive
808 Lester Street,
Poplar Bluff, Missouri
As a means of exchanging Holiday greetings
each other and having the opportunity
to meet two
of our new national
the Los Angeles WASPs
on December lOth at Longfellow's
restaurant in Downey. Lila Mann, Chairman of the event,
arranged a delightful
complete with decorations
and the help of Vi Cowden and the guest
speaker, Mr. John Wright, Space Shuttle

Administrator from Rockwell International.

was an excellent speaker, sharing high points of
the Space Shuttle progr~ with the 52 WASPs who
attended one as far north as Puo Alto, (Sue
Wardle) and some of our San Diego neighbors as
well (Joan McKesson, Bonnie Shinski, Meredith C~pbell). Our newly elected president, Lillian Roberts
and secretary-treasurer, Edna Davis, had an opportunity to exchange a few remarks and get to Imow
some of the Los Angeles area WASPs a little better.
Jolly fun for alll


Following is a list of sources of research . If

any of you know of other appropriate materi~~ and
its location, please send such information tc the
editor, Betty Cross, so that she may print it in
future Newsletters.
Those Wonderful Women In Their Flying Machines
,by Sally Van Wagenen Keil. Published March,
1979. Available in bookstores or through the
WASP organization - by writing Marjorie Gray,
136 Summers St., Oyster Bay, N.Y. 11771. Price
$10.95. Present availability in libraries not
currently Imown.


Following is the Thank you note sent by Bruce
Arnold to Elaine Harmon for ,the $100 donation
to the Air Force Aid Society in accordance with
the f~lyls
wishes rather than flowers upon the
death of Bruce's mother last summer.

1st Lt. Mary M. Livingston

37 Flying Training Squadron
Columbus AFB, Miss 39701

Periodical Index in Libraries:

Women in the Air Forces
WAFS (Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Service)
Women in the Armed Forces
Women in Uniform
WASP's mentioned in:
Over The Hump by Lt. Gen. Wm. H. Tunner, pages
34-39 (Suell, Sloan, and Pearce, N.Y.:1964)
The Eagle in the Egg by Oliver La Forge (Riverside Press 1949) Chapter 12.
Article in JOURNAL American Aviation Historical
Society, Winter 1974, page 298 to 306 on which
page Reference is made to information source.
Title of Article: The W.A.S.P. Training Pro:'"
gram by Lt. Col. Dora Dougherty Strother,
Article in AEROSPACE HISTORIAN, Vol. 17, SummerFall 1970, Nos. 2 & 3, page 76 to 82 with
pictures. Title: The WASP of World War II
by Lt. Col. Ann R. Johnson. Aerospace'Historian, Dept. of History, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas 66502.
Final Report on Women Pilot Program to Commanding
Commanding General, Army Air Forces, Headquarte~s, ~
Air Forces, Washington, D.C.
# 6-1262, AF by Jacqueline Cochran" Director
of Women Pilots (53 pages).
Current Seeking for Militarization of the WASP's
(Women's Airforce Service Pilots) and, more
important, recognition.
9-10-76 Congressional Record - Senate
S15586 to S15593
9-14-76 Congressional Record - House
10- 1-76 Congressional Record - Senate
May" 1977 issue of VIVA magazine Feature Article
Research material Albert F. Simpson Historical
Research Center, AFSHRC/HO, Maxwell AFB"
Ala. 36112
Congressional Record:
Senate Hearings" Veterans Affairs Committee
May 25, 1977

2nd Lt. Kathleen R. Cosand

335 Military Airlift Squadron
McGuire AFB, NJ 08641

'Capt. Kathy LaSauce

14 Military Airlift Squadron
Norton AFR, CA 92409

House Hearings, Veterans Affairs Sub Camnittee Sept. 20" 1977

1st Lt. Sandra M. Scott

904 Air Refucling Squadron
Mather AFB, CA 95655

Capl. Mary E. Donahue

911 Air Refueling Squadron
Seymore Johnson AFR, N. C.

Dear Elaine:
Am catching up on some long over-due correspondence. A report from the Air Force Aid Society show that the WASP donated to the H.H. Arnold Educational fund in memory of our mother.
We are very grateful for this kind and thoughtful gesture.
Many thanks and love,
Hank, Dave


Bruce Arnold


While seated at the banquet dinner table in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Svptember 30, 1978, Senator Barry Goldwater noted that Joe Haydu called
his wife, Bee, "The Old Crow". Joe has used this
niclmame for Bee for years. Upon his return to
Washington, D.C., Senator Goldwater had Bee named
as an Honorary Member of the Association of Old
Crows. She was sent a Certificate of Honorary
Membership, a coin with their emblem-a black
crow -- and a,COpy of their'magazine.
1st Lt. Victoria K. Crawfoid
454 Flying Training Squadron
Mathcr AFB, CA. 95655

Capt. Connic J, Engel

97 Flying Training Squadron
Williams AFB, AZ 85224

Capt. Susan D. Rogers

II Aeromedical Airlift Squadron
Scott AFR, Ill. 62225

1st Lt. Carol A. Scherer

54 Weather Recon Squadron
APO San Francisco, CA 96334
(Anderson AFB, Guam)

Capt. ChTistine E. Schott

II Aeromedical Airlift Squadron
Scott AFR, Ill. 62225

House Hearings 1944

- 13-

AIRMAN (Official Magazine of the U.S. Air Force)

May 1977 Vol. XXI No.5 "Cochran's Convent"
by SMSgt. Harold Newcomb.
Federal Register, Vol. 43, No. 178 - Wed., Sept.
13, 1978, page 40884, Article No. 3810-70

check, payable to the Order of Firinella and send

your dogtags to :
Lola Ricci
15341 Mulholland Drive
Los Angoles, CA 90024



Bill Allen, who flew with WASPs at Kelly Field

believe he was a bombardier wants to invite any
and all WASPs to join the "B-17 CClmAT C~1EN
WIDlENII with their motto as "Pride in our past,
Faith in our futurell their address is P.O.
Box 482, South Gat, CA 90280. Natch the invitation is extended to male pilots as well so if
any of you want to touch base with fellow B-17
pilots, here's a warm and enthusiastic welcome.
Ph. (213) 569-3146.
To the many who wrote Bee Haydu g~Vl.ng the names
of the 4 WASPs walking in front of the B17 named
PISTOL PACKINI Ml\MAl which information had been
requested in the June, 1978 Newsletter, many, many
thanks. Some of the answers differed which was
confusing but then, Dawn (Rochow) Seymour sent me
a copy of a New York Herald Tribune article dated
Sun., Sept. 8, 1944 with the picture and with this
From left to right: Frances Green 43-5
Margaret Kirchner 43-6
Ann Waldner 43-6
Blanche Osborn 43-6
The place was Lockbourne Air Base, Columbus, Ohio
where 17 WASPs had reported for B17 training
October 1943.

Wings and prop insignia, dropped on floor

of sales room immediately after purchase.
Write Sara Hayden - 44-10.

We offer for sale:

WASP wings -duplicate-available
only to
WASP graduates or bonafide collectors.
WASP wings, charm
WASP wing in circle, charm
WASP 'toiings,
111 pin
WASP stationary, 8~~-40
Fifi stationary, 7txlot;-40 sheets/envelopes
Fifi pin, colored enamel
T.-shirt, Fifi design, blue neckband &
sleeve band (adults)
T-shirt, "Grandma was a.WASPII, child size
Airplane notecards, mixed designs, 10 cards 2.00
Chains, for charms gold or sterling, fine
Chains, for charms gold or sterling
Fifi decal/patches
Nel'rit.em: Have your "dog tags" gold-plated
with a lovely burnished finish. (We will
hold your "tags" to run lots of 10 at a
Make all checks payable to:
Order of Fifinella or WASP
Order frem: Lola Ricci
15341 Mulholland Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90024
All back-orders from Colorado Springs have been
filled-if you have a question, please contact
the above.
Large numbers of bumper stickers, decals & Color~o Springs Conference Booklets were left over
from the Conference.
All items $.50. It is
probable that they will be available only for a
limited time as they are already some six months
out of daye and their disposal will be considered
at the board meeting May 10.

HELEN SNAPP 43-4 1.!!.!: a tan folder, containing

news clippings, and a year book. She says this
occurred at either the Hot Springs or Colorado
Springs reunion, she wasn't sure. She'd greatly
appreciate the return of both items if anyone
found them as they are irreplacable.

15341 Mulholland Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Prices are subject to change by 1 October 1979.


Looking for a unique piece of jewelry to wear on

a chain a real conversation piece here 'tisl
GOLD PLATED DCG TAGS they're very attractivel
Gayle Snell found a source that will take your
WASP dog tag(s) and 24 kt goldplate them in a
satin finish. They must be processed in units of
ten, so here's the plan. Send your WASP dog tag(s)
to our cu stodian for \;ASP I T1!l1S(for sale) Lola
Ricci and as soon as she has ten, she will get
them processed.
Your cost - $8.00 make your

NOTE:. Caryl Stortz has a few autographed copies

of "WE WERE WASPSII (written by Win Wood and
illustrated by Dottie Swain) reprinted in
soft back for the recent WASP convention.
This book has been out of print for years
and will probably never be reprinted again.
Selling price is $6.95. (tax ~ ppd). Published
just after deactivation, it is full of training memories.
Write: Caryl W. Stortz
2733 Sarver Lane
San Marcos, CA 92069

-14 -




Hot Springs~

cept golfing,
and now relax with
a bit of ham radio.
My call is N5DK. He has
two years"to go before retiring
and hasnlt made
up his mind yet what area to narrow in on.


o. Box FF

Arkansas 71.901

R. Smith reports that it's

a pleasure to act as
FREDBREISEis now writing a book on his fifty
for the instructors
and he'll
do his
years of aviation knowledge. He was a flight
best to find as many instructors
as possible.
in Swe.twater for all the tine the
III mailed 100 inquiries
to those instructors
WASPwere in training.
Then he returned to San
whomwe know addresses and of these five were reDiego and organizea a flight
school and continturned by the Post Office as being undeliverable
ued giving flight
and flight
with no forwarding addresses.
They are: Logan
until 1976. Then he sold the business and reMitchell,
Bill Dickensheets,
Glenn Miller,
tired with 50 flying-commercial
years behind
Palmer, and C.E. Hatcher.
Do any of you have
him. NowFred says he flies mostly for pleasleads on these missing instructors?
If so~ please
Fred and wife Freda are still
in good
let me know at the above address.1I
health and enjoying life~ their two sons and
For those of you whomI don't know, I was born
one daughter,
seven grandsons and one grandinto the printing
business and after my stint as
Fred's address: Pilot No. 32179
an aviation
cadet~ I was discharged while in ad5750 Severin Drive, La Mesa~ CA 92041.
vance flying from Albany, Ga. in November~ 1945.
I returned then to Hot Springs and the printing
has a new address: 318 So. 57th St.,
My organization
memberships are :
Omaha Neb. 68132. He was among the first
Past Exalted Ruler of Hot Springs Elks Lodge 380~
of in~tructors
and instructed
the gals in primary,
Masonic Lodge, York Rite Bodies, 32nd Degree Mason basic and advanced (both single and twin engine).
and Sahara Shrine, 33-year member of Hot Springs
IIHowever I left in May of 1943 and joined the
Lions Club, American Legion and 40/8. I have parFerry Co:unandwhere I served in U.S. as well as
in practically
all sports, but now, at
in the C.B.I. overseas.
At the present time 1'111
my age, I enjoy golf more than any other sport.
general manager of the OmahaBetter Business
I try to play at least 5 times a week when weaBureau and have been with them since I got out
ther permits.
I have been scratch to 7 handicap
of the service in 1946. I married a Sweetwater
and will always make a game with any of you who
girl and we have two boys and a girl.
Mike~ an
might be coming my way. Nonnie and I have four
orthopedic surgeon~ lives here in Omaha; Terry~
children and 10 grandchildren.
We are regular
of Blount, Ellis and Loewi in
camnunicants of the Episcopal Church and I am a
Milwaukee; and Alice ~ married to an investment
past Senior Warden and at present serve on the
broker, here in Omaha. I love football
Vestry. My golf club is Belvedere Country Club
who wouldn't if they were in Omaha), play golf
and some of you will be receiving invitations
every chance I get (but pretty well shut down
to play in some of our tournaments.
Please conin the winter),
and love to take my golden resider these lIinvitesll and try to come to Hot
for 3 to 5 hikes during winter months.1I
Springs for an enjoyable visit.

EARLHENRY'sVirginia reports Earl Henry is ill

L. SCHLIEPwrites that IIsomething always
and in a nursing home. She writes he would
comes up at reunion time so I haven't renewed
have loved to have attended the Colorado reold acquaintances. II He lives in Grand Lake,
union and did attend and enjoyed the one in
CO 80447 (P.o. Box 546) in the midst of the Rocky
He would like to be remembered in
One grown son presently works for
the Newsletter,
even though he wouldn't be conRocky Mtn. Nat'l.
Park and has for 15 years.
scious of it. Flying and instructing
were his
Richard left Sweetwater to enter active duty and
life and he never mentions them now. His roomspent about a year in the CBI Theater ~ flying
mate while there~ KEITHLUTZ, now lives in
C-46 , s over the Humpand domestic ferrying before
Atlanta - 3063 Vimings Ferry Drive NW~Atlanta~
going overseas.
My main hobby is playing golfGA30339. The address for Earl is: Earl Henry
but I must admit - not too well.
Also do some
Farm Service, P.O. Box 310~ Blackwell~ OK74631.
snowmobiling here both on the job and as a sport
and also do a little
says his schedule cut him out at
member classes he taught at Avenger but believe
and he's sorry he missed it.
they were one class of cadets - 43-W-4, W-6~ W-7
sale s engineer in plumbing.
and W-8 as primary, basic and advanced, also insays IIflying business could never pay enough
He also worked with Ted Merchant in the
for me to own a bird like Baron TC-94~ last one
built with Duke engines - fastest
stock piston
engine flying.1I
Bill promises that IIw?erever
the next reunion is~ I shall be there J.Il less
is now living at No. 12 Twin Lakes
than 3 hours.1I His address: P.O. Box 10148,
Court, Arlington,
TX 76016, married~ with a dauKansas City ~ Mo. 64lll.
ghter 18, a son 21 and five grandchildren.
flying for American Airlines
going on 35 years
JAY SHIMSsends this IIVitae Curriculumll
He left
and just finished qualifying
on the 747. After
Sweetwater for Austin where he worked as sports
flying five years with the old C.A.A. (Civil
for newspaper and radio while getting
Aeronautics Administration)
that is now F.A.A.
M.A. from U.T. He got West ?oast con~act ~s I
and my instructing
time at Sweetwater~ there
radio comedy writer and marr~ed Charl~e Pr~nce s
wasnlt much time for any other activities
They have one daughter who now runs

- 15-

a construction company. Worked 'as ArchitectBuilder (8000 homes) in Southern California and
Las Vegas. Returned to writing-200 hours of
primetime network television and ten motion
pictures. Jay is now semi-retired, writing and
selling one motion picture a year. They live
"in a house which is much too big in a neighborhood which is much too snotty. All our grandchildren walk on four feet and have hair allover
their bodies." He flew until he totaled out an
experimental Culver Cadet and a light winged
Beech with only minor contusions. Then the sky
got too crowded. He'd really like to know about
two of his old primary students, Edith Upton and
her friend whom he called "Alphonse and Gaston".
They were, according to Jay, two of the best
pilots he ever instructed.

lines in 1956. He and his wife of 36 years,

Phyllis Rogers Green, lived in the Dallas area
until 1977 when they moved to, Houston area. He
has been with Tl 23 years and is looking forward
to retirement in about 5 years when they will
probably return to DFW area. They are'parents
of two sons, Lanny, 34, captain with Frontier
Airlines and younger son Larry passed away in
1963. Harold would enjoy hearing from former
students and other instructors.
TED MERCHANT has an address change: P.O. Box 447
is new; everything else is same as roster shows.
He lives near Pleasanton, TX on a 150 acre ranch
and is in cattle.

MARVIN A. KlUEGER writes that after leaving Sweetwater in Sept. 1943, he finished out the war at
CLINTON L. HUBBARD, JR. would like his address
Terrell, TX. He instructed in Meteorology and
corrected to read: 216 Sandgate Road, Houston,
Navigation at the British Flying Training School
TX 77061, phone 713-643-0828.
In 1945 he mar"l. He then joined an advertising agency in
ried Mina Johnson of Sweetwater.
They have one
Dallas where he serviced the Bell Helicopter and
son, Clinton III, a graduate of Texas A&M Univ.,
Pioneer Air Lines accounts among others. He
Captain USMCR and District Wildlife Officer,
opened his own advertising agency in 1960 and has
New Mexico Game and Fish, Gallup, N.M. His wife
six aviation-connected accounts in addition to
is Director of Tourism for Gallup Chamber of
others. He and his wife, the former Joy Tabor,
Commerce. Clinton and Mina have lived in Texas,
have two sons. Marvin is interested in the hisMississippi, and Oklahoma through his fiying
tory of lighter-than-air and has a modest collcareer and now live in Houston since his reection of memorabilia OInd library dealing with
tirement from Federal Aviation Administration
early aviation history. He is a member of the
(FAA) as a High Altitude Flight Inspector.
board of advisors for the History of Aviation
is now associated with Flight Safety InternaCollection at the Univ. of TX, The OX5 Club,
tional at Hobby Airport, Houston and Mina just
Quiet Birdmen, Texas Aviation Historical Society,
completed 20 years with FAA and works also at
and the Lighter-Than-Air Society, Aviation Space
Writers Assoc. Marvin's address is: 3200 Maple
Ave., Dallas, TX. 75201.
FRED NESPER "Spanky" wrote Harold IIShorty" Wood's
Wm. SAM HUSTON sends greetings from: 641 W. Shepaddress and said he would get his "info" off soon.
herd Drive, No. 1286, Mustang, OK 73064. He is
But as of our deadline we had not yet received
still with Friendly Aviation Agency and is now
news of "Spanky." He did say he was glad to
stationed in Oklahoma City, though living in the
hear news of the WASP and hoped to see everysuburb of Mustang (about 6 miles west of Will
one one of the5e days. Fred is still at: 1149
Rogers Airport). He and wife Gene celebrated
N. 92nd St. Sp. 537, Scottsdale, AZ 85256.
34th wedding anniv. last December and look forward to 34 more. They have a daughter and a son
DR. FRED W. 'Ph'TERSEN is looking for an address
and two grandchildren.
For kicks Sam and Gene
for Marv Wildman or Frank Verhl, but we could
are avid square dancers and also practice for
not help out. Anybody have these addre~ses?
retirement by pulling their travel trailer all
Write Fred at: 7426 N. Ritter Ave., Indianapol~s,
over the Cont. U.S. They have kept their home
IN 46250. Fred and w:U:e Faith have been marrin Euless, TX and plan it as base of operations
ied 33 years and have two daughters, Kristi and
when they throw their hat down and retire. The
Karen, and t~ee sons, Fred, Bob, and'Dan. His
rest of Sam's letter gave leads and information
interests are golf, cooking, fishing, and hunton several instructors and that follows:
ing. He has used his D.V.M. degree from ColoRALPH HARRIS, 449 Turkey Creek Driver, Kilgore,
rado State Univ. with the Eli Lilly and Co.,
Lilly Research Laboratories where he is Int'l.
'IX 75662 is in good health and still plays a
Field Research Administrator, Animal Products
"mean" game of golf.
(Australia, New Zealand, Canada~ South Africa,
Me xico - Area Responsibilities).
Fred lists
W.F. II BlLV' MOORE, Ft. Stockton, TX. Bill had,
his travels as extensive - Alaska, Japan, Somoa,
been county treasurer there for a number 'of yrs.
Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Mexico, South '
and was still going strong.
Africa, Rhodesia, Kenya, and Europe.
R.C."BOB" JOHNSON, Lubbock, TX. Bob operated
HAROLD R. GREEN gave a new address: 3318 Candleand was owner (in 1971) of the Johnson Mfg. Co.
knoll, Spring, TX 77373, ph. 713/353-5559.
in Lubbock. At that time he was still flying his
Harold was in Sweetwater from late 1943 through
own airplane on business trips. Sam had not heard
from Bob in about three years.
summer of 1944. He was in Cadet program from
1945 to 1946 and in Air Force ,until discharge
ROBERT H. "BOB" HUNT, ~t. Worth, TX. Bob was the
in late 1946. He lived in his home town of Fort
Capt. Hunt in Sweetwater.
He was a branch chief'
Worth until ,he went to work at Te~s Intll. Air-16-

and SlUn's boss for a number of years while in the

Ft. Worth regional office. Bob is now retired
from the E.A.A. and splits his time between Ft.
Worth and a lake place.

7/12/43 to 11/14/43, after which he got _ release

and passed the test for Service Pilot. After
going on active duty unassigned Ferrell was transferred from Air Force to Infantry, then back to
Air Force as enlisted Rescue Pilot and then MechMRS. ANN (RUOOLPH) McCRORY, 7306 Durado Drive,
anic. He thinks he's traveled quite a lot (some
Lake Couutry Estates, Ft. Worth, TX 76179. After
at Uncle SlUn's expense), beginning with the PhilVern died in Germany several year sago, Ann relipine invasion (Leyte) and ending up in Korea
turned to Texas and is now married to Al McCrory.
when the war ended. For 5 yrs. he woned and operShe still remains in touch with some old friends
ated a truck and trailer traveling over the southshe and Vern made in Sweetwater.
Last fall she
ern US to haul oil equipment and machinery after
and Al had Al Saunders and his wife as house guests.
the war. Now he lives in Oklahoma City, having
Al is now retired and living somewhere in South
retired from Civil Service (Tinker Field) in Oct.
Dakota. SlUn thinks Ann would like to hear from
1974. He said he didn't like retirement, however,
WASPs and might know some current addresses.
and started a one~
lawn service. As a bornagain Christian, he devotes time in Christian
W.F. "BILL" TISCHLER. Three years ago Bill was
work and has attended Bible College and Oral
still in the Los Angeles area as a Capt. with
Roberts Univ. in Tulsa as well as other trade
United flying DC-8 s.
As a pasttime he performed
and business schools. He remembers the following
in children's hospitals as Jingles the Clown.
students from Sweetwater: L.T. Aspell, Mary
Conner, Dorothy Gilstock, Jana Crawford, Lucie
SlUn occasionally saw Bobby Hunt and Eugene Robinson. Adams, F.A. Jensen, Jane Lamar, M. Ehlers, B.R.
Bobby flying executive out of Houston and Gene
Lanzdork, M.L. Heckman and Ruth Callahan.
flying out of College Station, TX. He does not
EDWARDS, long one of Sweetwater's foremost
know their status now.
citizen~ was Mobil Oil Company agent and later
jobber until his retirement in late 1972. He's
JOHN R. TUCKER reports that wife Barbara Lea Hershey
attended the Colorado Springs reunion and J.R. hopes past president of the Sweetwater Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club and was named Outstanding
he can get away for the next reunion. When he left
Citizen in 1966. He's served as chairman of the
the instructors dept. at Avenger Field he served
official board of the First United Methodist
a couple of years flying for the Chinese NationChurch and was also Ratary District Governor. He
alists (CNAC), went broke in photography, and tried
recently completea a three-year tenure as chairairport operations in Sweetwater for a while. He
man of the board of trustees of McMurry College
ended up as executive pilot for a millionaire in
and as such is the first and only graduate to
Brownsville, TX. There he met Barbara (the second
head the McMurry board. He and his wife Mary
time), married her and raised three children. Two
Emma Anderson had tpree daughters, Sydney,
boys and a girl are all grown and well established
Sandra and Sharon (deceased). At present Rigdon
in life now. Next he joined up with Resort Airi~ a real estate broker in Sweetwater and chairlines in San Antonio and served as captain on
man of Sweetwater Goodfellows.
He has been active
C-46 aircraft and check pilot for about 5 yra. A
in WASP work through the years.
better job offer came along and he went to work
for PSA in San Diego (owned by Kenny Friedkin, or- W.F. TISCHLER feels bad that he hasn't n~de any reiginator of Avenger Field civilian contract). He
union yet but says he'll be at the next meeting
spent 13 yrs. with Kenny and wife Jean and you can
for sure. He hopes he helped just before Congress
bet they talked a lot about the good-ole-days at
finally recognized WASP as vets by arranging a UPI
Sweetwater. With PSA he flew as Senior Captain on
story through the UPI Rep. Gayle Dorantes in AcaDC-3, 00-4 and Lockheed Electra Jets. Then an old
pulco, Mexico. It went allover South America;
buddy, Reed Pigman, asked J.R. to join him and his
30 minute TV in Waco, TIC.; 30 minute news inter"American Flyers Airline" at Ardmore, Okla. This
view in Temple, TX. and same in Belton, TX and
c-46 contract flying led back to Flight School bus10 minute TV in LA. He says a bunch of WASP are
iness in San Diego, after which a new airline conaround LA but he doesn't see them. Bill's been
tracted to deliver their new jets, hire and train
with United Airlines for 34 years (33 of these as
captain) and now flies the 747 mostly to Honolulu their pilots. He found himself as Chief Pilot and
Operations Director for Air California, reputed to
"flies like a bathtub with hydraulic controls - old
man's airbus. "He says the work is much less than
be one of the most progressive airlines in the inwhat he did in Sweetwater and less fun. Looking
dustry. They operate 10 Boeing 737 jet. and 3
L-188 Electra jets lUnong 13 major terminals on the
to retirement in 4~ years, Bill's involved with the
Shriners in LA as Ambassador and coordinator over
West Coast and John R. must keep up with over 150
170 Shrine Clowns during the Circus and other acpilots. In another 4 or 5 years he plans retiretivities plus his own time in costume (as"Jingles")
ment. In the 6UJ1lIIle1l'
he and Barbara take off a
all over the world. Wife Kay is his assistant.
month and fly to exotic places. They've been to
He reports John Hosier is still in Cleveland and
England, Europe, Egypt, Japan, Thailand, China,
Dorf Larsen is about to retire from Eastern in
Greece and Spain. His hobbies include radio conMiami."
trolled model airplanes, boats, cars, helicopters
and work in his metal and wood working shop.
CURTIS SCOTT writes from his new address (P.O.Box
FERRELL O. BooZER originally ClUne to Sweetwater from
1076, Clovis, N.M. 88101) that he is a semiCor*icana, TX where he had spent a year teaching
retired farmer. He and his wife hp.ve a son and
male cadets. He had 2 classes at Sweetwater, .
daughter and two very pretty granddaughters.

-17 -

Recreation for Curtis involves going to the mountains in their motor home and parldng by streams
to catch trout and turn most free again.
BURTON P. BOHLEN, )12 Glendora, Covina, Calif.
91724 and wife Bernice (Burt was Instructor at
Sweetwater and wife was on staff in accounting)
have one son married and lives in West Covina,
one granddaughter Lori. Burton, is a life insurance agent for New York Life Ins. Co.; has
been with them 22 yrs.
WAFS Secretary:


FINE, KATHRYN (Sis) - "\1e're still galloping around

doing our thing, .Thatever that is? Bridge games,
cocktailing it up a bit and tending to our Limosine Service. Got to board an American Airlines
bound for St. Croix recently .lith a client and,
of course, made a beeline for the cockpit. The
Captain turned out to be a P-47 pilot (Pacific),
so there was much chit-chatting.
Small Worldl
Besides that, we had two throat operations this
summer, polyps, and managed with our inimitable
flair, to turn both hospitals into disaster areas.
Will never be allowed to darken their doors again.
The second one was .lith a real cute Dr. and his
Laser Beam - Terrificl He seemed fascinated with
his fly-girl patient and said "clmon, honey, fly
.lith me. II \'lehave a distinct feeling we went
solol Now, we only answer to Beverly. Sills,
that is."
BATTEN, Br;IDJICE- Well", were we ever happy to hear
from the long lost Batten. She v~ites she left
the U.S. Forest Service after 18 years to work
for the Seventh-day Adventist Conference Office.
She retired after 9 years and has been fighting
the battle of the budget ever since. "Join the
happy throng, Bernicel" She also took care of
her mother who passed away last October at 87.
We send our deepest s,ympathies. Bernice adds
that she is living in a mobile home in a recreation area about half-way between Longview and
Chehalis, Washington, and .Tould love to see anyone who might happen by. We'll keep you in mind
ole gal.
CLARK, HELEN MARY - All we can report is that H.M.
is still in a Nursing Home and is holding her
own. Again, we wish her instant health.
CREI'lS,NANCY ( BATSON) - Nancy got off her duff
and sent us a synopsis, just like we asked her.
Says she's living in a little desert house five
miles from the airport where she hangars her
Super Cub. Last year she bought a thoroughbred
mare who will be foaling soon, and recently she
acquired a two year old filly who is now in
training to be raced this summer at Del Mar. Wowl
that sounds like fun. How's about laying a two
dollar bet on her for us? Nancy adds that her
daughter, Janey, is in College in San Diego,
studying Drama, and her son, Redford, is flying
with Express Airways, aiming for more flight
time and a job with the Airlines. Besides that,
she is keeping her eagle eye on both of them and
they are all doing great. Lawdl Lawdl of coursel!
FASKEN, BARBARA (TO\'lNE)- Barbara says she has nothing exciting to report, except they have rented a
flat on .Green Park, London, for the month of
March. Nice and she loves it there, but would
rather take the Swan Tour up the Nile in April

with her son Rob, so is trying to cancel England. She says hubby Dave hates Cairo and much
prefers the comforts of London. We will wait
with bated breath for the outcome! She adds
that she signed up too late for hotel reservations to the Convention, but hopes to be dropping in soon on Betty G., and B. J. London. All
sounds pretty gay to us and keep in touch wherever you are.
GILLIES, BErTY - Betty says she wishes she had something to really shock the Hell out of us. (How
you have changed), but nothing much has happened
except she broke her left arm playing tennis in
Italy with her daughter, Pat, Hubby Bud and 16
year old granddaughter.
Tripped over her two
left feet and ended in the hospital where nobody
spoke the same language. Quite an experience!
She says last December 2) was the Fiftieth Anniv.
of her first solo flight in an airplane, (not
counting her broom time). Bud gave her a super
dinner P:iXty and, of course, fun was had by all.
She adds, that she's still passing her FAA physicals and so is on the "active pilots" list.
Hey! that's greatl She also has just joined the
P-47 Jug Club, since "it's the only way" and we
all say "Welcome Aboard." Beyond that, her 19
year old granddaughter, Lili, has her Private
Pilot's License, and her 2) year old granddaughter
(her son's oldest) is about to get hers. Lili is
in Lausanne, Switzerland preparing for a career
in hotel management, and while Betty has nine
grandchildren - no greats as yet. Keep the faith,
JAMES, THERESA - Jamesie writes it's been dullsville this past year as she's been anchored taking care of her sister, Betty, who unfortunately
had two back operations. She has been getting
her kicks shopping, cooking, doing yard work and
trying to outwit the Florida bugs. For real excitement she watches baseball, football and jai
alai on TV. Doesn't sound much like our gadding
about friend, but we give her a big E, for effort~
and hang in there gall
LONOON, BARBARA J. - B. J. .~i te s that II her news
seems like a broken record and a repeat of the
last two years, as she is still at the same old
stand - Long Beach Airp.ort." She says she sure
enjoyed seeing so many of the gals at the WASP
Convention after such a long time, and rooming
with Betty Gillies after those happy Powder Puff
Derby days. Her daughter, Terry, is still with
Western Airlines but was grounded last month.
So now comes the big test case as the first
woman airline pilot to go on pregnancy leave.
B.J. adds that she won't lose any seniority, but
can't fly while pregnant. Hoi Huml Rules is
rules! Barbara is looking forward to seeing
everyone in 1980 in Orlando, Fla., and we sure
hope we can all make it.
HcELROY, LENORE, L. - We have just learned via
Barbara Donahue Ross that Lenore McElroy has
been unearthed, and is marvelously content living in the super-ranch life since the 40' s, in
the gorgeous wilds of Colorado. Should anyone
care to get in touch, her address is P.O. Box
1154, Breckenridge, CO 80424.
ROSS, BARBARA (OONAHUE) - We can't believe we finally got Donahue off her you-know-what.

-18 -

our allusion to a couple of bulls sitting on her

chest did the trick? Anyway, she apologized for
being the "retarded type" about write-ups, and
says she Is still IFarming I near Washington and
loving it. She added that her one claim to fame
for 1978 was enearthing Mac HcElroy.
Nice going
SCHARR, ADELA - Del is complaining about the weather and the constant donning of her thermals,
to say nothing of the necessity for a sharppointed cane for the exciting trips to and from
the mailbox.
She says she's still busily writing
her book on the WASP when chores, spills on the
ice and annoying evenly spaced illnesses donlt
Besides that she says if the WASPs
who promised her material for the book would
please get on the ball, she would be forever
grateful, since "you help to tell it as it was."
SLINN, DOROTHY (FULTON) - Dorothy called from Fla.
in answer to my query about her doings, to say
that she is still driving a school bus, and to
break up the monotony, has discussions with the
kids (age 8-18) on Heteorology, Navigation, Aircraft Accidents, U.F.O.IS, the Bermuda Triangle,
etc. She says they all seem to enjoy the lessons,
and I was happy to hear her melodious voice. Her
address: 13550 N.E. 10th Ave., North Hiami, FL
TUBBS, GERTIE (HERSERVE) - We think since Gertie
sent us an Xmas card, she I s too lazy to write
again. So weill refer to it and report that
"she hasn't done much this year, except work, go
to school and work, which keeps me out of troublel"
WeIll add that she popped in this past summer,
looks terrific, and we had a good, old-fashioned
She threatens to return this summer,
and we say Al"JENto that.
43-1 Secretary:

17205 North 14th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85022

MAGDA TACKE has now added one more activity to her

busy golf schedule. She and George are doing
volunteer work at a hospital once a week - a
worth while cause.
GERRY and VAN NYMAN have moved to Trona, CA (temporary address is 81889 Trona Road, 615, 93562)
where Van is "trouble shooting" for a copper mine.
They did a lot of traveling and had a number of
interviews before finally deciding on the Calif.
job. Before settling there, they had a couple of
months vacation, visiting their children and
Gerry misses the Phoenix and Tucson WASP reunions, but perhap8 Dha can take time
off and be here for the next one in September.
MARION AND FELIX DeGRffiOID.O have sold their restaurant and hope to do some traveling around before definitely deciding whether they will stay
or leave the "Big Apple" and locate somewhere
else in the U.S.
ELEANOR HORGAN, I understand, is staying in Washington, D.C. for the winter, but her permanent
address is Box 3..4442, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 33302.
JANE STRAUGHAN plans on working for one more year,
conducting Social Security classes at night and
works with retirement seminars, informational
talks to schools, clubs and organizations, which

-19 -

keep her busy. In the summer she and her husband

spend their vacation on Fenwick Island.
MARY LOU NEALE was honored at the Amelia Earhart
dinner, hosted by the Zontas. She and Ray go to
Santa Paula airport every week and have fun flying around. Hary Lou and I tried to contact
Elizabeth HcKinley Hatray but our letters were
Perhaps one of our classmates knows
her current address and will let me know, so
she will no longer be one of the lost 43-ls.
YOUNG telephoned to say that roTTIE ,,,asin the
hospital suffering from bronchial trouble, but
would be out in a few days. They attended the
Helicopter Convention in Las Vegas in January
and had a ball. I forgot to ask him how successful they were at the "slots" or "tables".
Dottie is still Flight Operation Chief for Catlin
BYRD GRANGER will undergo her second facial operation on Harch 2nd as a result of her auto accident last September when her car was totaled.
On the brighter side of the news, Byrd has been
appointed to the four member Advisory Board
for the American Jet School.
AS FOR HYSELF, I continue to work two days a week
and have taken on a typing job at home which is
most interesting.
Semi-annually, I spearhead
meeting for the Phoenix and Tucson WASP. We
met on Feb. 16 at the Harina in Arizona City
(half way between the two cities). Nineteen
gals came and it was a fun time for all. My
biggest frustration is NOT hearing from ALL the
43-ls at Newsletter time.
43-2 Secretary:


4650 Dulin Road #18
Fallbrook, CA 92028

COLEMAN ADIE, Erie, PA - "Before we left
the snow and cold of Erie, we helped baby-sit
for son Scott and Kathy, who were househunting
in Cuyahoga Falls near Scottls new job. I was
exha.usted when we finally left for San Francisco in mid-December.
Had nine days in Kauri,
four days in Honolulu, and five more days in San
11m still wondering why anyone of
sound mind would stay here in Erie. We looked
at some condominiums in the Bay Area and found
some that had a lot to offer, but made no move sometime in the Spring I'll go back. I want to
buy something so that I can be there next winter. We shall see. Doug is working on a trip
to Egypt. lIve decided that he should be a
travel agent/independently wealthy/ back-pack
wanderer - take your pick! As long as I can end
up someplace in the sun, whatever is OK!"
MARGARET KERR BOYLAN, Washington, D.C. - "I'm so
glad I went to Colorado Springs - it was a very
exciting meeting and I was so delighted to see
everybody, especially our class. lIve had two
lazy, leisurely, magnificent weeks recently in
the Virgin Islands, sailing with friends who
have a yacht there year around. The only WASP
news I have is that Lillian will be here in
Washington with me for a month. We should stir
up some news while she is here, because I imagine she will be checking out the status on various issues in which we are all interested. I

know she will be in touch with the membership

as soon as she has something to report.1I
BRO\'lN, Patterson,
LA. -IIWasn't our
class picture terrific?
We are not getting older, we are getting better!
Wish we could have
had the whole class at the reunion.
Life is
never dull in this booming South Louisiana Cajun
Oil and salt domes, seafood and horsera.cing, Super Bowl and Mardi Gras.
There's a
heavy concentration
of rotary-wing and fixedwing aircraft
in the area, land and sea.
Therefore my jobs as FAAAccident Prevention Counselor, flight
examiner, and charter pilot keeps
me busy.
But there's
always time to have old
friends stop in.
Ya'll come!"
CARTER,Fort Walton Beach, FL. IIToday1 relived a few of the "old timesll for the
AAUW.It took me back in a way 1 hadn't expected to share with a very generous group of women some of my HASPexperiences.
1 continue to
work with the Administration
of Service delivery to HRSclients.
1 miss the on-going person
to person with clients.
1 would dearly love to
have our militarization
be effective.
two years 1 can add towards retirement,
and 1
think 1 may be getting close to that time.
Daughter Melissa is a Lieutenant in the U.S.A.
- seems to like the life.
1 wonder why? To
all of you who come this way (Fort Walton Beach,
FL), please call.
Would love to see you. II
Eureka, CA - III've been attempting to compile a bibliography
for WASPsabout
womenin flying.
l' d like to reconnnend to everybody the following:
Lettice Curtis, Forgotten
the story of the Air Transport Auxiliary
1939-1945, pub. 1971 by G.B. Foulis.
was one of the British pilots
and has a remarkable
story; Ch. 10 is on Cochran bringing the American
1 got the book on inter-library
Appendix 19 list
USAwomen, rank, dates of joining and leaving;
appendix 18 lists
all ATAwomen
except those from the USA. Another is Patricia
The Putt-Putt
Air Force: the StOry
of the Civilian Pilot Training Program and the
War Training Service (1239-1944), pub. by Dept.
of Transportation,
Federal Aviation Administration, Aviation Education Staff, GA-20-84; Ch. 11
is about women; 116 pp. As for me, I'm busy teaching.
Whatever happened to Veterans' Status??
1 visited the Veterans Administration
in Boise,
Idaho, my home state,
and they did not know what
to do about me - said they never expected to have
a WASPapply for veteran's
DISNEY,Tulsa, OK- III hope other members of our class have more interesting
things to
report than I.
Our class attendance at Colorado
Springs was really a larger group than 1 had expected.
I hope everyone had as much pleasure renewing friendships
as I did.
We took a leisurely
route back to Tulsa to enjoy the beautiful
and cooler weather.
Oklahoma summers are notoriously hot, and the one past was also very dry.
Welike to fish our area lakes but had difficulty
finding launching ramps that were still
in the
Finally did get the boat in at Grand Lake,
but the lake level continued to drop to the point
where we couldn't pull it out.
Had to find a boat
stall and leave it in for the duration.
We were
at Shangri-la
the weekend ~
the Combat Pilots

came in October - poor planning on my part.

had a couple of good fishing months before our
fiendish winter came on full force.
with us.
I've a bad case of Cabin Fever right
now,. and this note probably refiects
looking forward to Spring and to resuming all our
outdoor activities,
and to the Newsletter
though my contribution
is small.1I
HINDS, ~dding,
CA - III've been trying
to get J.Il touch WJ..thFran (Dias) in Fallon with
no luck.
Tried calling Jerry Ulmer in Sacto but
she wasn't home. I've been writing to our new
president to express the view that all girls who
took WASPtraining,
whether they graduated or not
should be classified
as WASPs,but no one who di~'t
take training
should be a WASP. I'
planning to
enter the Air Race Classic (a continuation
of the
Powder Puff Derby) again this year-and
just returned from three weeks in the Peop1e's Republic
of China, which was'interesting.1I
HUBER,Colima, Mexico - III didn It
return to Mexico until Nov. and then had the task
of renting a IIbungalowll for cousins from Chicago.
Accomplished this during the time I finally
got a
plumber to my house in Cuauhtemoc to start installing solar hea.t apparatus for my pool-begun
three years ago. 1 need it only from Nov. to March
when the nights are cool.
It took several trips
to Manzanil10 and a cancellation
to find something
th~t ~ish
speaking GRINGOS
would enjoy.
this t~e my help were not diligent
in separating
my two poodles, who, in the second week of Jan.
produced five pups.
I took her to Manzani110 t~
have them, and a week later brought all of them
home. Late in Feb. I took them back to have the
Always, people say, IIWhat do you do
down there?1I 1 never catch up. I loved the Conference in Colorado Springs and was delighted to
see how well preserved and vivacious we all are.
11m a little
surprised we haven't yet had status
whatever, spelled out by Washington.
checked the VArepresentative
at the the American
Consulate in Guadalajara recently and they had
heard nothing.
1 extend an invitation
to all to
My Apdo., you will note, is Colima, but
my house is 15 kilometers north in a pueblo se
llama Cuauhtemoc. Mail from anywhere in the U.S.
takes a minimumof seven days.
probably be
here in March and April because my tourist
up until May. Between the solar system and
peddling puppies, the two months will be consumed.
Land of manana, ya know. Regards to all & abrazos--"
McKAY,L.A., CA - lI1-1ac
and 1 went to
Orchard Park, N.Y. (since Colo. Sprngs.) to celebrate my father's
90th birthday,
and then, before
Christmas, he died.
lie had not been well since he
broke his hip and had replacement surgery two years
ago. 1 went back again and spent a couple of weeks
moving my mother, who is 90 also, into a nearby
health care center that she had chosen.
Mac and 1
often speak of how much fun we had at the reunion.
We had a nice drive up Pike's Peak on Sunday.
Pat Roberson's new address is Rte. 1,
Cedar Bay #40, Bullard, TX 75757. I'm joining
the P-47 group - sending my dues to Kay Brick
And a coincidence occurred in my family:
MacI s brother moved to Calif. from Hinneapolis
recently and bought a place just down the road
in Fallbrook from our 43-2 class secretary. II

-20 -

O'BIUEN, Weston, CT - IIJohn, who had
lXP, one of the forerunners
of the P-47, in which
been ill since last June, had surgery Nov. 6.
some records.
I've planned a brief look
We've been going to Yale Hospital every day for
at a few of our WASPmembers, most of the emphasis
over eight weeks for radiation
being on those who are still
Dying or highly proover, and I'm leaving for Florida early tomorrow.
ductive in sOllIeway, but this section may get shot
John will follow later in the week by plane.
down before we go to press.
Hdqtrs. for the May
period in our lives has been very trying and demeeting is the Sheraton-Universal
Hotel in North
I'm praying that 1979 will bring us
Hollywood, and this year, since many will have so
much more health and happinessl
1111 see everyone
far to come, the reunion will be extended beyond
in L.A. in May at the P-47 reunion.
I hear from
the usual weekend parties,
air show, banquet, and
Ruthie (Trees) and Gini - they're
both fine.
ball, to include a tour of Edwards AFBand the
east has had very cold weather but, I'm happy to
Test Pilot School, a golf tournament at Palos
say, not too much snow. Had only one bad trip to
Verdes Country Club, a tour of Universal Studios,
New Haven in a sudden snowstorm with much ice, but
a tour of JPL, a wine-tasting
part, P-47 Pilots
managed to get home. See you soon."
to Tijuana for
Halcott Center, N.Y. _
shopping and the bullfights.
Besides Jary John"My thanks to all who pulled together the outson McKay, recent WASPadditions to the P-47 rosstanding Year of the WASPconference.
It was great
ter include Lillian
C. Roberts, Betty Gillies,
to visit with all the gals who rode the Blue Goose
and Barbara E. London. Wemeet every year, a
from our motel to Houston Airport and to meet a
sensible arrangement for us, since we all get to
host of others from Sweetwater.
Besides that event,
see each other annually as well as biannually
the other heartwarmer was to have 0'.11my famil.y
this way. The reunion in May, 1980, will be in
home for Christmas Eve, some for all the holidays.
Son Alan was able to get a nearby delivery frOlll
Lake Charles, LA. As for my family, one daughter
with his KemlOrth big-rig
and stay over
i.s watching the enormous icicles
melt from her
a few days; son Warren's off-days from NYSPolice
roof in Chicago while melting snow drips through
fit into the celebration,
daughter Nancy and husthe roof onto'the living-room rug;
another dauband drove 80 miles in a snowstorm for the evening;
ghter is training
in Monterey for the field of
and, best of all, daughter Peg and husband surprised
job finding; and my son, the magician, still
us during their college break (with a 10-day vacaWhen he gets too hungry, he goes off on a 30 day
tion from their jobs) by driving all the way from
cruise through the Caribbean or the South PacHuntsville,
TX, bringing along their huge dog and
to places like Haiti, Jamaica, and Samoa,
tiny kitten.
Ward and I are still
very busy with
where he can dive and snorkle and explore belaw enforcement and bookkeeping, respectively.
tween shows on the ship, but always with those
Right now (Jan.),
I'm closing out books for the
lavish meals awaiting in the ship's dining room.
environmental grpup I've been employed by the last
I have to think that \'I'ewere the beginning, the
nine years, and for the town, where I am on the
very first
to leave our homes and families to
council and volunteered the pookkeeping.
Not much
head for parts unknown, many of never to return.
outdoor time, but I did get in one day of pheasant
Nowanyone who doesn't leave home is a rarity.
hunting with the guys and our beautiful
So long, and I '11 see some of you soon. MDR
We have pheasant and venison in the
- "You can't imagine how
freezer - we're fortunate
in being able to step
wonderful it iii to be back in Calif.
outside our door to hunt and fish on our own propWe sold our flight
business at the Fallon Airerty."
port and I went to work as accountant for the,
CA YombaShoshone Indian Tribe.
We decided that
Southern Calif. had a lot of winter and extremely
there really wasn't any reason for us to stay in
low temperatures,
too, with snow, hail,
Nevada, 110 I quit my neat job and away we went.
prolonged storms.
For a supposedly frost free
We bought a house and now I'm trying to get it
area, 20 is kind of low: Dowers turned to black
The moverli wrecked nearly everything
rot, all the winter tomatoes turned to squish,
we ~wn so I have had to redo a lot of the furshrubs, citrus,
and young trees shriveled,
Gus is holding his ownand happy to be
trees lost their leaves.
Christmas was a joy for
It broke my heart not to have been able
me, with two of my three children here for almost
to go to Colorado Springs.
Maybe Florida next
a week of fun and games-backgammon,
New address: 918 Fig Lane, Newman,CA
Perquacky, Boggle, and Anagrams when it's
cold or
95360. Ph.(209)862-1232.
P.S. Sure glad somewet outside, tennis across the street when it's
body FOUND
Mary Darling.
We keep a cheery fire going and stay pretty close
to hOllIe, with one BIG night out for dinner and a
movie during Christmas Week. By,New Year's they've
gone their separate ways and there are no voices
43-3 Secretary:
to listen
to unless the cat and I speak to each
Box 68
I spend all of almost every day now COllISierra Blanca, TX 79851
piling information for a book to record the present, past, and beginning of the P-47 Thunderbolt
KAYBIUCKbattled the flu for a month, then recovPilots Assoc. Since the real beginning starts
ered in time to join a five plane flight
to Mexbefore WWII, with the development of the P-47 itico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Columbia and PantOllla.
self, lIve been looking at some pretty interesting
Kay urges all WASPswho Dew J~s to attend the
including pix of Jacqueline Cochran and
P-47 -Reunion in Los Angeles, M.y 11-15.
Alexander P. deSeversky with his racy looking SEVwill send' an "entry" kit on request.

- 21 -

made her last flight
this winter after
a bout with cancer.
Since 1957 she had lived in
Yuma, AZ, working with the city recreatj.on department for children,
the. handicapped and Senior
She was also a director
of the C~p
Fire Girls and active in many community endeavors.
She will be missed.
mentions that he Doctor son has a
Baron now and flies
from Asheville, NCto Indianapolis
so that she can fly back with him and
her three grandchildren.
She and Betty
Nicholas are planning a visit to Florida in
March and will look in on some of the WASPsthere.
in August and has been
working on golf, traveling
and just IIsittingll.
She has a chance to fly some WWIIairplanes and
now has time to do it.
Marion expressed her
to all who worked so hard to get
veteran 1s status for the WASPs.
LOIS ZILERis still
teaching math in high school
and also operating a one-airplane,
one-instructor, flying school.
She hopes that all WASPs,
those still
flying, will work against
the restrictions
now being planned by FAAagainst
general aviation.
What a shame if future generations
cannot know the joy of flying for fun.
:is still
working for Bell Helicopter
and has been elected International
Chairman of
the Whirly Girls.
She is also acting in an advisory capacity to the Texas Education Agency
and the Civil Air Patrol in matters pertaining
to Aerospace Education.
Dora reports that Lillian
Roberts has asked her to do a survey on WASP
towards the n~e of our organization
and the criteria
for membership. If you feel
strongly on this subject, drop a line to Dora
at her address in the roster.
reports that her box number in the
Roster is wrong. It should be Box 254. Florence
is enthusiastically
selling IIOneto One Communicatorsll,
a microphone-~plifier
device useful
for hard-of-hearing
persons who cannot use a regular hearing aid.
Like the rest of us, she is
looking forward to the next reunionl
has a new address: .32.36Calle Largo,
Hollywood, FL .33021. Elsie has moved 15 times
since 1945, including 5 overseas spots, so it1s
no wonder we haven1t heard from her.
Frank is a FAAInternational
She invites
any WASPin the area to call her at

Betty has also taken tennis lessons and needs

Tennis, anyone?
- IIThanks to Lois for taking over
job as secretary.
It was fun, but time for a
Things here still
the same - enjoying
- have big house and grounds for sale
and hope to smaller one with less work so that
I have time to travel.
'Sorry I missed reunion. II
Betty, we thank you for a job well done for
many years.
m.nfL WAREhas her large home in Ladue and one in
Aspen to worry about and do for.
She keeps up
with painting,
music, drama and motion picture
as well as her keen interest
in the
ecology and conservation of natural resources
hitherto taken for granted.
Her travels have
taken her to Africa, China, Europe and the Galapagos Islands.
Daughter Judy married in Nov.
and lives close to hane. Wendymarried a doctor
from Oregon and settled there.
Nina is studying
in H~burg.
The triplets
are sophomores at their
Richard at Westminister in
Fulton, Mo.; J~es in West Virginia;
Ann in upper
NewYork state.
Ann, like her sisters,
was chosen maid-of-honor in the Veiled Prophet Ball.
With all of her activities,
Emmafound time to
attend the Colorado Springs IISeminarll
ELAINEJONESreports that mail service to Hawaii
seems to be abput two months late.
She, like
all of us, is wondering about our veteran status
and if there will be any benefits
before death.
Elaine suggests a good ~e
for our group,
ANGELSII.Pretty goodl
writes that her husband, Mel, whan
many of us enjoyed meeting at Colorado Springs,
bec~e ill suddenly in Nov. and has since had
brain surgery for a blood clot and then openheart surgery.
Our thoughts and prayers are
with you, Vilma.
LOUISEKIDD, in addition to the trip to the Colo.
Springs reunion, cruised from Vancouver to Alaska
and back along the inside passage, and spent the
Holidays in Atlanta, Ga. In between her travels,
Louise works as a volunteer at Bay Pines Veterans
Hospital and indulges in oil painting as a hobby.
NIELSENis still
an Oregonian and gardner
and enjoying both.
She recently had a visit from
an old friend from her Alaska homesteading days
in 1949.
Laurine, like most of us, wonders IIhow
longll before our Vets status is confirmed.
reports that she was in a severe
automobile accident in Dec. '77 which has really
missed the Colorado Reunion because
grounded her physically.
But that didn1t stop
of conflicting
dates with the Fall S.W. Sectional
her from working for the WASPbill by getting
meeting of the 991 s.
She attended the 99 meeting
on cOImllercial
even though she had just lost her husband of same
radio stations
to explain the WASPsituation,
45 years to leukemia. Ruth plans to get back into
contacting many Amateur Radio friends all over the
Braille work, and since she has kept her physical
world asking for letters
and Mail-grams in our
up to date, hopes to be an active pilot again.
Her f~y
consists of the IIAdmiralll
writes about the rugged winter hitting
(who actually was only a four-striper),
IlQue Sera
the Grand Rapids-roofs
collapsing from the
Sera", a Shetland Sheep dog, and her kitten IIKuu
weight of the snow. She enjoyed a visit from her
son Lance, who lives in Alaska, last sunmer.
teaching orchestra in the El
Gardening keeps her busy both at home and at her
Paso public schools.
She now has her flight physummerplace on the Lake.
sical and occasionally
flies a Cessna 150.
has been enjoying her retirement which
started with our meeting in Colo. She has started going to a German class in order to read and
speak more fluently
with her daughter-in-law
her family the next time she visits
in Germany.

-22 -



107 El:mAve.
San Bruno, CA 94066

time is now taken up with bowling in 3 leagues,

church and choir, and Eastern Star.
is a widow and now retired
a medical technologist.
She specialized
in hemaThe Colorado get together for our class was the
She states
she lives in a beautiful
welye had so far.
I counted 44, plus about
with state parks and summer camps nearby
10 husbands or relatives.
Each reunion seems to
and her interest
now is in poetry and antiques.
get better,
if that's
possible as all of them are
Mary asked what happened to VERACOOKand RUTHMARY
so much fun.
Ruthmary, if you read this,
why not drop Mary a card.
If anyone Imows about
The following attended the Colorado Conference and
the death of Vera Cook, please drop Mary a card or
hope I haven't missed anyone: Nacy Baker, Juanita
me as I'll
let Mary Imow.
Bolish Cooke, Faith Buchner Richards, Helen (Peggy)
and her husband are both reCalhoun, Grace Clark Fender, Connie Colby Kafka,
They usually spend 7 months in their home
Alta Corbett Thomas, Gwenn Cowart Hickerson, Lyda
at Fort Peck, Mt., the rest of the time they spend
DunhamKeefe, June Ellington
Petto, Mary Edith
and in the south.
Both are ham operators,
Engle, Rosa Lea Fullwood Meek, Ruth Gamber, Virginia
Marty's call letters
are WA7UJEand Ed's is N7CZ.
Harris Watry, Jennie Hrestu Reimann, Dorothea JohnThey have 2 married daughters living in Montana &
son Moorman, Dorothy Kocher Olson, Maryalice L' Homa single son living in California.
He is worldng
medieu Ford, Lydia Linder Kenny, Connie Llewellyn
on his conanertial pilots
Marty and Ed
Hewerton, Katy Loft Strehle,
Isabel Madison Van Lom,
are both sailing fans and have an Aquarius 21.
Alice Jean May Starr,
Margery Moore Holben, Betty
For winter fun they enjoy golfing in the south.
Nafi'z Martin, Edna Pedlar Bishop, Hazel Pracht Cald- ANNEHOWELL
is looking forward to a reunion in
well, Eileen Roach Kesti, Jeanne Robertson, Frances
Florida as she lives in Georgia.
Anne is highly
Rohrer Sargent, Mary Rosso Lewis, Madge Rutherford
dedicated to Christ and her religion.
Minton, Helen Schaefer,
Helen Snapp, Isabel Steiner
she teaches children's
Sunday School, home bible
study or llpeaks in a church.
She is finding much
Karkau, Eleanor Thompson Wortz, Vi Thurn Cowden,
happiness in her vocation.
Ruth Underwood Florey, Jane Waite Fliesbach,
is living in California
Ward Lazarsky, Vi Wierzbicld,
Barbara Willis Hein'"
6 miles from San Luis Obispo.
She states she plays
rich, Inez WoodwardWoods, Jan Richey Christian.
a lot of golf and works some in real estate.
Recently I flew to Dallas to visit my baymate BERT
has 8 acres 9 miles out in the boonMILLERCOLLINS. After a very successful
ies from Fairbanks.
Since she and CELIAHUNTER
owning and operating a metal fabricating
have sold Camp Denali, she has been guiding backshe and her partner have sold the business and she
pacldng trips into the Brooks Range area north of
is now retired.
She is still
in the
the Arctic Circle.
Last summer she had an especbusiness world and is a member of Womenin Constially good trip in the Gates of the Arctic from
years a good bowler, is active
Lake (where they were set down by a Grummin two bowling leagues.
Bert and I drove to Sherman,
an Widgeon) 60 miles down the N. Fork of the KoyTX to hawe lunch with ALBERTA
HEAD. After lunch we
ukuk up Ernie Creek over the Continental
church in which she is an active
and along Anuktuvuk River to the Eskimo Village of
member. Bert and I were very much impressed with
Anuktuvuk Pass, where they were picked up by bush
the beautiful
needle point seat cushions the ladies
plane 16 days later.
She said her client s were
of the church had made for the chap~
two couples in age range of 53-60 and they carried
While in Dallas, I phoned ESTHERREINHOLDT
back packs of 45-60 lbs.
From 3 base camps, they
and had a long chat.
time since 1943. In
waded rushing streams, climbed peaks and explored
1946 Esther married a former cadet who had been
hidden valleys.
They watched herds of caribou,
in Sweetwater when we were.
They have two
grazing grizzlies,
mountain sheep and moose. Ginny
daughters and two sons.
All are through college
has a daughter,
22, who is now a cowgirl on a
except the youngest daughter who is worldng toward
ranch in Wyoming.
her degree in deaf communications and worldng with
a visit
last fall from
the handicapped.
Ginny Hill Wood. Virginia and her husband spent
a year in Alaska in 1949-50 and stated it was a
I wrote to the 50 girls
that were unable to attend
great year, thanks largely to Ginny Wood and Celia
in Colorado for some news. Three of those letters
After WASPsVirginia
spent time in Eucame back undeliverable.
If anyone Imows the addrope, Alaska and various places in the U.S. Now
ress of Alice Jane Talcott,
Doris Manuel or Nancy
they seem to be settled
in a two century old Cape
Nesbit Staples,
please let me Imow.
Codder where they have been busy launching an
antique business.
They have, for several years
KEU.Y.15 husband, who has been retirnow, been working with an anti-nuclear
group in
ed from the Navy, is also now retired
as Safety
New Hampshire.
They are also becoming re-involvRepresentative
for the State of Florida.
ed in the UFOcontroversy.
She states for more
also plans to retire
from working at a VAhospthan a decade they had both been investigating
ital in June of this year.
Her son and daughter
for national
UFOresearch organizations
and had
are both married and both are living and worldng
become convinced of the reality
of the un-earthly
in Georgia.
Now, after a five year hiatus,
they are
MEIKLEmarried a navigatmr in
being drawn back into that field.
1943. They spent 3 years in Japan, 4 years in
and her husband John have
Hawaii and one year in Thailans while he was in
east to the west coast.
the Air Foroe.
He retired
in 1975. They have a
They have taken over as managers of a 72 unit
son and 2 daughters,
all married.
Mary Jane~B

-23 -

apartment complex not far from Seattle and Tacoma. Their new address is Colonial Village
C-9, 2022 I St. N.E., Auburn, WA98002.
as a court reporter
in 1970
and, s~ce then, has been doing what she wanted
to do since high school.
She now paints pictures in oils and acrylics
and Illil.kesstoneware
She, also, does china painting and
macrame. She has taught art in a high school
and teaches an.art class at home part of the time.
She enjoys ha~ng a shop on Hwy. 93 in Alamo,
Nevada, where she sells the articles
she makes
or paints plus plants.
She says she has a green
thumb and the plants sort of belong with the
They have a daughter and twin grandchildren now 13 years old.
went into CAAcommunications
stationed in Albuquerque, N.M. where she married in 1948. Her husband was a pilot for the
8th Air Force during the war. In 1955 she moved
to El Paso.
They have 2 girls and a boy.
went back to school and got her degree in Elementary ~ducation.
She has been teaching second
grade Slnce 1966. Her husband Beale is in real
estate in El Paso.
She says her children have
all left their nest now.
I received a .card from VIRGINIASWEET(DISBROW)
and I see. she is ~ L~. Col. but she didn It. say
what ser~ce
she lS In.
I noticed a rarity
a WASP,she uses the same address she had when
she was in training
in Sweetwater.
JO FARLEYTILTONaccepted a commission when
it was offered to us and when the Korean War
broke out she volunteered and was called to
active duty.
She served 4 years in California,
Germany and Texas.
Returned to civilian
but stayed in the Reserves and finally
She did not say what rank she obtained and I see
she is not listed
in the roster under WASPin
She finished her college education and became an elementary school teacher.
This year she plans on retiring
as she will have
completed 10 years teaching.
Her husband Forrest
was in the Air Force and retired
in 1971.
continues to write free lance
and has had published articles
and poetry and
some radio summer shows. Her latest
to aviation was in 1978 when she did a short biography for IINotable American Womenll.published at
Radcliffe College on Phoebe Fairgrave Omlie noted pilot.
Gene says she hopes to do further
work on her.
Gene has had quite a career in
TV, and radio.
Her early activities
after WASPdays was reported in the Dec. 1970
rented a car
and toured Colorado after the Conference.
would like a mini-reunion for 43-4 next summer.
Betty says if anyone is interested
in camping,
she and husband Jack have a spot about 40 miles
Wof Colorado Springs.
She says it's
only land
but, if we were all in self-contained
it could work out . Betty is willing to go to
any part of the country for a reunion.
If there
are enough of you interested
and you write and
tell me what you want, 1111 work on it but I
would have to know right away. Betty is into
environmental stuff up to her neck.
She is now.,.
busy fighting nuclear power.
~d husband Cal recently
sold their
motor home. I think they have covered every

- 24-

area that is worth seeing in this beautiful

world of ours and now, maybe, they will stay
put for awhile in San Diego.
HELENSNAPPand husband Ben, at this writing,
in Guatemala visiting
their son Jerry who has
been living there for a number of years.
after some health problems, seems to be recovering nicely.
is living in Montana and enjoying the outdoors.
The day before Thanksgiving
she shot her first
With so much snow this
winter she has been trying a new sport - snow
mobiling - which she says is a lot of fun.
recently received a large package of smoked trout.
She caught them and her brother Dick smoked them.
Unamn!ll so good!
A wee~ after I returned from Colorado Springs, a
retJ.red navy nurse and I flew military
to Australia.
A great trip with the Air Force - shades
of 1943-44.
On the way back we stayed 4 days
in Hawaii.
We had dinner one evening with JEANNE
in her beautiful
home high on a hill
overlooking the Pacific,
Diamond Head and surrounding are~.
I was so impressed with Jeanne I s
She has painted some beautiful
and now and then has them entered in
art shows and has been quite successful.
She is
also.very busy with her interior
decorating business.
I was sq glad Jeanne took time out .from
her busy life to drive with me and Juanita Bolish
Cooke to Colorado Springs.
We had such a delightful
43-5 Secretary:

6770 Edgemere #194
El Paso, TX 79925

Roll Call at Colorado SpringS: Jo IIDodill Pitz Egan

Betty Haas Pfister,
Marge Popell Sizemore, Lorrain~
Sterkel Blalock, Gayle Bevis Reed, Elva Moorhouse,
Helen Proter Sheffer, Jeanne P. DIAmbly, Caryl
IISudsll Stortz,
Jean Livingston Durkle Marion
Stegman Hodgson, Harrie~ White (Urban~, Babe Story,
Dorothy Ebersback, Syl~a Dahmes Clayton, Betty Shea
Boyd, Ellenor IICaliell Schaffer,
Harriet MacLane
Fisher, Ann Karlson Kenney, Ellen Croxton Evans
Celia M. Hunter, Marjory Sanford Thompson Edna'
Modisette Davis, Jill McCormick, Marion C~lstrom
Trick, Margaret Ray Ringenberg, Irene Fremd DeGray
Jerry Jordan (Hardman), Ruth Lindley Miller
Jane Thomas Campbell, Margaret Cax'Stegall
Shirley Slade Teer, Eddy, Vivian (Cadman).
What a wonderful Group--let1s
do it again in Florida!
received IIJrequest for
news for the previous Newsletter long after the
deadline for news. However, it was so interesting I saved it for this Newsletter.
Quote: IIGot
your lettor
(May 25, 1978) in Greece!
We are on
a 2 year cruise in our 45 ft. yawl.
Started from
N.Y. last year, June 15, 1977. Sailed from Halifax
to Ireland in 17 days (very short tiJne for a boat
Went through the canals of France (mostly
on deck), throught the Riviera and Italy,
spent the winter in Malta and we are now in Greece.
Next is Yugoslavia, Sicily,
the Bolerio
Spain, Gibralter
and across to the Caribbean!' W.ow,what an adventure! I envy you. Forgive
me if I got some of the place s wrong-your writing
is hard to read. (Jill)

RUTH- "I returned to Civilian life
in 1946, and continued working for my Father in
the Music Publishing Business.
After the 1948
reunion, the f~liar
routines began to give
away to the demands that life asks for the great
and pleasures one has been privileged
My sister married in 1935 and now has
four lovely children,
spaced out enough for me
to love and enjoy;
yes - occasionally
was fun, and up to now, at least they and
their children are not only family but friends.
My three brothers married and each has given me
a sister-in-law
to enjoy: a strawberry blonde, a
golden blonde and a honey blonde - all natural.
And they too have provided nieces and nephews I
can enjoy.
MyMother developed hypertension,
and as it progressed Dad and I were able to be
with her, and do for her anything we could, including our move to my present home~which is a
bungalow type.
Here too we have a lovely garden,
and that is my hobby. Mother left us in Jan.
1964, and Dad and I kept a1going, missing her,
but able to share the beautiful
person she was,
Nieces and nephews began to marry, and
my wonderful Dad danced with e{;ch bride in turn.
I have some lovely pictures
of this,
as it became
as much a MUSTfor each of them, as it had been
for them to make me take off my shoes on that date
when each could prove she was taller
than I.
Year's Eve, 1971, we celebrated via TV with New
York's hilarity.
The next morning Dad was not
too well.
Apparently he had taken cold.
His own
Doctor was out of town and his associate
did not
guess what later appeared.
It became pneumonia,
and his heart couldn't make it.
Wehad never
planned it, but I have continued in the business,
and by now just love every bit of it.
My home
was entered and ransacked: TV, Hi-Fi, Recorders,
Tape deck, Cassettes,
jewel.r,y and my
LOSSwas my original
43-W-5 wings.
I s there
any way I can get another pair?
I had not traded
them for the newer official
wings - sentimentally
because these were the wings I had received at
I am planning a two-weeks
vacation the last weeks in July.
A sort of bus
man's holiday.
It will be a tour of England culminating at thw summer choral festivals,
in i'linchester.
This is a special group affair,
and promises to be better than an Airline package, we'll
see. II
- "Am still
at the
Flaherty Study Center and still
working on the
But am also looking for a more
escape hatch during these heavy, long
Vermont winters.
Any WASPssouth of the border,
taking in boarders, let me know! Does anyone
know where Lillian Epsberg is?
Celia Hunter and
I have been touch recently and hope to meet - tho
she's a busy girl alright.
Would love to be in
touch with other 43-5ers who may remember me, and
needless to say, open house here for any who pass
this way. Amso very impressed with th~ gr~a~
work {and results)
of the group to obtalll veterans!. status but am mystified why no more n ws
about when it can be implemented? W01,1ld
like to
be abl~
take my carcass to ner-rby Vet hospital,
for instance.
Any further information on this??
If Irene Fremd, whomI remember very well, really

means it, I might drop in on her en route to

Mexico. Amdivorced and living aIlone. My exhusband, Roberto Frassetto,
lives in Venice,
Italy where he is involved in the Save Venice
Welived in Spezia on the Ligurian
coast for 6 years during the sixties."
Re,!d some of Monica's Job experiences:
2 yrs. during WrITIas ferry pilot (HASP)- 2 yrs. as researcher for Fortune Magazine, N.Y. and London - 4 yrs.
as assistant
to Betty Parsons, BETTYPARSONS
LERY,N.Y. - 1 yr. assistant
to Persormel Director,
Nevis Cy<;J.otron, Irvington-on-Hudson,
N.Y. - Organized owrt archaeological
research programs with two
field trips in Puarto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
Results published in Feb. 1960 issue of AlfJERICAN
- 3 yrs. as curator, Flaherty Study
Center, Brattleboro,
Vt. (1972-5). - Virgin Island
resident from 1951-56 and again from 1966-72 Resident in La Spezia, Italy 1960-66.
she speaks: Italian,
German and French.
Research in Samoa on a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)to develop sound track
for the silent (Flaherty)
film MOANA

Monica, I'm really impressed with the

life you have lived!
- "Haven't been doing very much.
Joined a health spa for swimmingand whirlpool.
Spend a lot of time taking care of two aristocrats who "rule the roost".
Wonderful reunion
last Fall with former "bay-mates".
with Vet Affairs or whoever is working on WASP
Plan a trip to Canada North.lest
in summer." Whoor what are your aristocrats?
I love animals-Jill.
LILLIAN(EPSBERG)- "Married June 1945 to
a Capt. E. Edwin Goodwater, Chemical Warfare.
After the war moved to his home town. We have
4 children; Douglas, who will have PHDin Physics
from the U. Of Ariz. this Spring; Ralph, who is
an M.D. just starting
his practice
in Memphis,
Tenn.; Arthur, an Artist specializing
in Medical
and a caboose, sauna and a Junior
in High School.
I took up bridge as a hobby and
became a Life Master in the American Contract
Bridge League. I travel to tournaments all over
the World. I teach bridge at the U. of Tenn. and
for clubs and organizations.
Have only flown for
pleasure a few times ,with friends who have their
own planes.
Latest hobby-travel,
spent 7 weeks
going around the World including that current hotspot Iran.
Plan to take a trip every year. II
Hey, Lillian,
Monica Flaherty Frassetto
is looking
for you! Jill
VIVIAN(CAIl1AN)- "We're still
planning our move
to So. Calif.
I hope that by the time this letter
comes out, said move will lu/.ve been executed?
Keeping this house ready lito show while living in
it" is not my idea of living it up. Our reunion
in Colorado Springs was outstanding!
Seeing so
many from 43-5 was just great!
But actually recognizing one another was even greater!
I haven't
told my husband this yet, but for the next reunion,
I'm planning to l~ad up our plane in San Diego
with us and Ruth Lindley ~luller.
From there we'll
fly to Texas and pick up Irene Fremd DeGray and
Bill, if they'll
fly with me? With any luck we'll
see you all itl Orlando in time for the reunion.
Nowwhat's wnong with that? (Nothing Vi, I'm all

-25 -

for it-in fact, you might stop by in El Paso and

find a passengerl).
Lola and Ed Ricci will probably want to race us from Los Angeles. But:ii the
fuel shortage gets worse they may not be able to
buy gas for all those enginesl See ya in Orlandol11
FINu''Y, l!:l'HEL
(MEYER) - II Since I've been almost completely out of touch with my WASP friends, it is
overwhelming how to begin. Marge Popell Sizemore
and I renewed our friendship about a y.ear ago. I
had to wait for her to finally contact me after
31 years, since I hadn't a clue as to how to find
her. She wrote a "wherever you arell letter to
the Newspaper of my hometown and they got in touch
wi th me. We had a great reunionl And though we
had changed a lot, one feature of our relationship
was still the same. We picked oranges, and when
it was tirr:eto bring them into the apartment, Harge
unlocked the trunk and held the door. I carried
them in remarking, "I know, you're. still delicate."
Besides, she's older than I. Statistics since
Jim and I met at Shaw Field where he
was director of flying. We married March 15, 1945.
He continued flying in the service and commercially
for about seven years. He has been sales engineer
for an industrial lubrica.nt company for some
twenty years. At the present time we are in
the process of moving to Delaware. We have been
having a great time converting our sommuer home
to permanent living. We have three children,
two girls and a boy. The girls are married and
we have two grandchi1.dren. Although I haven't
had a paying job all these years, I've been involved in the rescue squad, church activities,
Hospital work and all the usual things one does
who has children. We're looking forward to
moving to Delaware. Hopefully we'll hear from
some of you and that you would like to stop over
at our beach. We have plenty of room. I hope
to reinstate my pilots license. I wasn't too
interested in doing much flying in the New York
area but think I'll enjoy the less populated
areal Sorry I missed the Colorado Springs convention but will make every effort to attend the
next meeting. II
HODGSON, HARION (STEGEMAN), 'SCARLET' to 43-5 IIAfter seven years of researching and writing
and.rewriting and rewriting Scarlett's novel
is rolling off the presses. It's a Christian
Gothic , first one of its kind, as faD as we
can determine a real scary.mystery concerning
the supernatural. The background is President
Carter's favorite vacation spot, St. Simons Island, GA . It's in paperback, and you can have
an autographed copy by sending $2.50 plus 60i
for mailing to:.Marion Hodgson, 624 N. Bailey,
Fort Worth, T.[. 76107.
Also, cookbook #4 will
be out later this year, called 1I0ne Armed Cooking"
for new Mothers.
Cookbooks are great little
money-makers says Marion, IIbut my real'love is
writing fiction.1I She has had fiction published
in McCall's and Good Housekeeping.---Marion and
husband Ned are expecting a visit soon from Helen
Anne Turner Holland (43-5) and husband John
Incidently, all of Marion's baymates from the
infamous D-5were at the reunion in Colorado
Springs. Did a~one else have 100% representation of their Bay? I'm proud to have been among
those in the infamous Bay 5-Jill.


HUNTER, CELIA - IIIreally enjoyed the \'iASPreunion

and was again impressed with the great variety
among the WASPs, as,well as by their vigor and
energy. My only regret is that I couldn't get to
know some of them better. Rather than dividing
up by classes, I'd rather have sorted people out
through their life styles, their hobbies, their
personal philosophies, the very real and personal
divisions by which one chooses friends. Anyway,
it was a rare and wonderful occasion-a
real success for all who worked to make it possible."
JORDON, JERRY (HARIMAN) -- "Haven't done much since
Colorado Springs except shovel snow, fall on ice,
and curse the weatherl Our youngest, Melissa has
been "enjoying" ill health since the Christmas
vacation started. Right now she's been out of
school so much she's about to lose the lead in
the school play-has it down pat, but not there
to practice. ,Would like to ship her to someone
in the IISun Belt" for a month of baking in the
sun, if I knew where it was? (the Sun, that is.)
Am keeping the telephone company solvent as usual
with calls to the 5 grandchildren.especially.
Eddie still travels most of the time, and his
comments of Airline foods lately would blacken
this paper.-Enjoyed
Germany so much last Hay.
Would love to go back, but in June all our children should be here for our. 35th Anni'versary.
Our little house will really bulge at the seams,
plus I have a big new tent to pitch in the backyard. Any WASPs who are in the area are welcome
any time but especially June 2411 (Imagine 35
years with same guyl)
NUTT, HARIANNE (BEARD) - "I'm still working in the
Control Tower at Grumman, (Witham Field) Stuart, FL.
Will have 25 yrs. in June working in the Grumman
Control T.ower. This does not count almost 2 yrs.
of Control Tower work I did when I was in the
Marines.--Was asked recently by the Kiwanis Club
to give a talk on women in Aviation. ,It was great,
but I'm not a good public speaker. I'm on the
committee for our 2nd annual Flower and Garden
show at Grumman (Stuart Plant). It's lots of work
but plenty of fun too. I saw Teresa James (WAF)
last week. She.was recuperating from a bout with
the flu. Her sister Betty has been ill for about
a year now. She's better and back at work. They
are fun people to be around. I was in the Marine
Corps for awhile and the Air Force Reserve. Hy
last duty was in an Air Force Recovery Squadron
at Brookhaven Airport, L.I., N.Y. That outfit was
great I We put recovery light in (free) and constructed a Tower of sorts. It's since been deactivated. We put up all our buildings ourselves.
We started with a small one room building. We
sure scrounged. It really shows what can be if
one has to.1I
PATEl1J\N,YVONNE (PAT) -- "I have been selected
this year as the distinguished alumni at the
Univ. of Maryland. Will accept the honor at
the graduation ceremony, College park, Maryland
on May 19. Also am listed in this year's \'iho's
Who in American Women 1979. My novel, Tomorrow
Comes Last is making the rounds of publishers.
One bright note, a group on the West Coast is
reviewing manuscript for possible screen play.
I'n the meantime I'm writing short stories and
outlining a second novel. This one, a whodunit,

with a woman pilot as protagonist."

glad 1 know ya, Pat---Jill.
RAMSEY, NADINE - "Feel 1 must cOllllllent
on the most
successful WASP conference, which 1 attended in
Sept. It was great - and what a thrill to see
old friends and meet new ones. It was my first
get-together, but sincerely hope that it isn't
my last. 1 'm afraid anything 1 write now will
be a repetition of what appeared in the June
'78 Newsletter.
Bought a war surplus P-.38
(total 22 hrs) in Kingman, AZ in '45. Flew it
home where 1 was met by Newspaper reporters.
Later Life Magazine sent out a reporter-photographer and my picture with plane appeared on the
cover of the magazine as the only woman in the
World to own her own P-.38. Flew it about 2~ yrs.
and then sold it. Then went into business with
a warehouse full of instruments and small component parts. Married a former Air Force Pilot
in '49 and after selling the business we moved
to Edmonton, Canada where he flew for the D.E.W.
line. After a year there, he quit and we moved
to Portland, Oregon where he flew for an unscheduled Airline, and 1 was Link Trainer Instructor.
Stayed there for awhile and he quit and took a
job as an Airline pilot at Kingsport, Tenn.
Against ID better judgment I went with him but
divorced him in '57 and came on back to go~d ole
Calif. Decided male pilots don't always make the
most dependable husbands. 1 have been unsuccessfully married and divorced once again, but have
always resumed my maiden name. Have done nothing
(except the conference since (1965) when I started
a series of serious spinal operations, which curbed my flying activities.
I'm getting along ok.
now but have to have lumber injections frequently.
Try to keep in touch with the local area WASPs,
and hope someday to resume my flying. II
RUNTAN, BARBARA (HICKS) -- "Wilson and I have been
married for .3.3years. We have a beautiful daughter and t,'lO grandchildren, who are our pride
and joy. Wilson is now retired from the Air
Force and we love to fish, play gold, and Ranch.
In fact, we enjoy just doing what we want to do.
Would love to he:<.rfrom old friends!"
SHEFFER, HELEN (PORTER) - "'Enjoyed Colorado Springs
so much. So nice to have such a large.crowd.
still flying, part time instructing and some
charter also some office work. Can't work full
time because I am still a housewife with two
It was just announced that 1 will
receive the Woman Pilot of the year award for
It is presented by the Silver
Wings Fraternity for women who have fiown 25
more.. It will be presente.d March 4
~n Harr~s burg. My husband and 1 own a beautiful
~ld. tri-pacer and 1 taught my son Steve to fly
~~ ~t. He now has an A& P license and private
p~lot. He is working on his instrument rating.
My daughter Sue just gave up her three horses
and resigned as 'a radio announcer to settle down
and be a housewife for awhile. She has a 5 yr.
old son who also rode and showed. There are so
many changes in aviation that it is ~d
to keep
up, but, 1 gue ss I'll keep on as long as 1 can
pass the physical." Good luck to Helen and con~atulations
on your honorary--you deserve it! .



STORTZ, CARYL (JONES) -- "I think most everyone

was brought up to date at the Colorado Springs
meeting and it was good to see people that I
hadn't seen since deactivation.
On the way
home I went by Aspen and stopped with EllIllla War
The Fall colors were spectacularl 1 have been
to Guatemala for a brief trip. Bet\'leenhandling
the direct sales for Win Wood's book I'm; \'lERE
and a small wood working business, 1 have
managed to keep busy. \ionder how 1 ever found
time to work! II
Sweetwater I returned home to Hemlock, N.Y. and
joined the W.A.A.C. in Rochester, N.Y. Spent
a week at Ft. Devons, Mass. before taking a
troop train to Daytona Beach for basic training
and was sworn into the W.A.C. After basic 1
\'lassent to Chanute Field, Ill. for weather
training where 1 became a Corporal. Then 1
was transferred to Bolling Field, D.C. and workforecast research in the Pentagon. 1 met Sgt.
Evan Teter in Intelligence and we were married
and lived in D.C. area until he started working
with gas conversion companies which meant traveling to many cities including Miami, Savannah,
Portland, OR., Niagra Falls, Montreal, .Toronto,
Dover, Trenton, Philadelphia, and many more.
We lived in Daytona for 5 yrs. where 1 ..
took advantage of the G.I. Bill and went to Mary Carl
Beauty School in my old.W.A.C. area and worked
in a beauty shop until I had a miscarriage.
have a married daughter, Dawn Marie Carnley,
living in Tampa. Our son Ernest is stationed at
MacDill A.F .B. in Tampa. Evan retired from Wisconsin Gas Company, after 17 years of cold and
snow, on March .31, 1978. We, now, live on Smith
Lake near Crane Hill, Ala. about 45 miles north
of Birmingham. We like the people and terr.,in
here very much. We like to garden and travel.
Evan was in Alaska in the Air Force so has been
in all 50 states, but I've been in 49 as 1 have
missed Alaska so far.1I
THOMPSON, MARJORY (SANFORD) -- "Our two sons are
now learning to fly, and our daughter is married to a Captain in the Air Force who is also
taking flying training in their jet trainers.
So, love of flying seems to run in the' family!
Braxton and I are flying our twin-engine Beech
to Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Panama leaving
March 9th and returning March 25. We're flying with the Southwest Chapter of the Bonanza
Society and there will be .35 planes participating. Last year we flew to Mexico and Guatemala .with 29 planes in the group but it didn't
include Guatemala or Panama. It's such fun
seeing the same .people every year, and we"all
enjoy visiting the old Mayan sites.1I
\'lILLIAMS,VIRGINIA (ACHER) -- "I'd like to know
What became of our Veteran Status. I've heard
not one word since that "well foughtll battle
was won, and 1 'm curious? Richard; who flew
the F-15 in Englans is now leaving the Air
Force and returning to Mass. with his wife and
2 children to go into.business with his father.
We,are delighted about that, especially IIGrandrna Ginny" who has yet to see h~r 6 months old

Robert, our oldest,
is located
in Merrimack, N.H. He works for Nashua Corp.
in Nashua. He has recently received a promotion to Manager of Parts & Service, Int'l.
Office Systems Division.
As a reS'..u.t, he
travels world-wide.
Our youngest son Stephen
is connected with the Sterling
School Grassroots Project in Craftsbury Connnon,Vt. We
love to visit up there, it is so beautiful,
quiet and really in the "boondocks" U
busy as Regent of Old Concord Chapter
DARand expect to attend the National Convention in Washington, D.C. in April.
Hope to
spend a couple of weeks this summer at Martha's
If any WASPsare ever in this area
do feel free to stop with US4 We have 3 empty
bedrooms and would welcome anyone. Oh yesl
also volunteered at the Science Museumin Boston and was in there the other day and was
handed an excerpt from Sally Keil' s new book
about the WASPs. Have any WASPsread it?"
JILL "Finally did it!
Pulled up
stakes and moved from W. Lafayette,
IN. where
I lived for 23 years and was an Assistant
Professor at Purdue U. in the School of Aviation
Came there in 1955 and wrote the
original Professional
Pilots Program as I taught
Taught it for 2 yrs. by myself and then
got some help.
WhenI retired
due to Rheumatoid Arthritis,
there were 28 on
the Staff,
6 in the Pro-Pilot Program, and the
balance teaching in the Maintenance or Electrical
Really did love the workl
The first
Lady picked to fly for the Navy,
Rosemary Merims Conatser, was my student.
I have students with every major Airline in the
Country plus some Foreign Airlines.
out of the ice and snow and just soaking up
that heavenly sun here in El Paso, TI.
Had a
friend write and tell me that I chose the wrong
She said that I should have moved to
Well, El Paso didn't have any floods 1
Really did enjoy that reunion in Colorado
Had a nice visit with Betty Haas
She told of a fabulous trip she had
to Russia where she was a participant
in an
Helicopter event.
I was hoping that she would
write the details
to me so all of you could
enjoy the adventure.
I, too, am wondering
what is being done about the WASPVeteran status?
I'm just hoping that the ball has not
been dropped? And how long do they want us to
keep a low profile?
Please advise, whoever is
in charge.
Thank you."
-- "Hi! Everybody!
enjoyed the mini-reunion of the Southern California WASPsat Longfellow's Restaurant in Monrovia, Nov. 1978. As you all know, I have Sun
Hill Ranch Airport,
San Bernadino County, CAe,
just 56 miles north of the city of San Bernadino,
Highway 395. Look on your Los Angeles Sectional
great to see you when you cane in.
The newest concession now developing is the Resort Air Park.
Fly in, drive in any time.
overnight in the Camper Inn."
and Tucson
WASPs,18 in all, got toge~her Feb. 16 at the
Marina in Casa Grand for dinner.
From our class
were three; DawnRochow Seymour who lives in


Tucson a few months each year and Helen Hague

Pozzoban and me. We plan on doing it again in
the Fall.
The thing I enjoy the most these days
is being a Grandmother.
our 21 mo.
old granddaughter lives here in Tucson and visits
Besides that I still
work at IOTA
Eng'g. full time.
So keep busy."

43-6 Secretary:

381 Cedar Street
San Carlos, CA 94070

writes that all is well
with them again.
Her daughter Ann, who had
brain surgery, has recovered except for half her
finished college,
got married and just
returned from a wedding trip to Mexico.
daughter Alice and husband are into sky di vingthey want Margaret to try it, but she said she
needs an airplane under her.
She's still
teaching and is contentedly happy.
is spending two months in
San Diego visiting
her daughter and plans to do
a lot of golfing.
She and her husband recently
returned from a trip to lxtapa,
Mexico. Does
anyone have an extra picture of our class?
ordered one, but got the wrong class.
She wrote
about the error, but did not get an answer. Helpl
reports that she has had a
real hectic winter--all
She had a big holiday party; Jane ThOllUl.s
Campbell (43-5) and husband Jack came from North Carolina and Hattie
Maclane Fisher (4$-5) and Stan from Illinois
joined the festivities.
Arch & Moya are planning their II Safari II up the East Coast, across
Canada and back thru the Western States.
that Arch is retired,
they plan to travel for
3 or 4 months. }loya said she is looking forward to the 1980 Reunion in Orlando since she
had such a terrific
time seeing all her friends
at the last one.
She thought we all looked
Thanks Moya.
moved to Calif.
after li ving in "cold" Michigan for 33 years.
Gave up
her job of 19 years as City Treasurer of Boyne
City, sold her home and most of her furniture
and came out West to start a new life.
She found
an interesting
job as bookkeeper for the Senior
Coordinating Council of Palo Alto.
They do a
tremendous job for seniors and have tied many
programs together.
She Said "it's
a real
to see how active some of these
seniors are and what they do with their lives
and how full and rich their daily living is."
Ruth said it was a real joy to see all of you
in Colorado.
Ruth's new address is 2035 California #33, Mountain View, CA 94040 (415) 968-

(and other WASPs)can't put all
the names and faces together on our class picture.
I'm sending the names to Betty Cross and if the
with names, are not published in the
be happy to send them to you.
is a "lost" WASPagainl
She moved, and I have no address.
If anyone
knows her whereabouts, let me know. (Addie)
COOKwrites shat she returned to Guam
in November and hasn't been doing much of anything except taldng it easy.
She hasn't decided
whether to go Stateside
this summer or go to

- 28-

ROlLEsaid she and husband Ken
because it has great memoriesof AAFSAT.
really enjoyed the reunion in Denver and on the
took an early retirement " so
wayback to Billings, stopped and visited with
I could get mySocial Security paymentsback
YvonneAshcraft (43-7) in their lovely homein
before they went broke. I was pleased that they
West Denver. Marjorie said the past year was
gave me credit for Veteran's status just by my
spent getting over somemajor surgery she had in
telling them I was one. I had no idea it would
February. She enjoyed working in her garden and
be that simple. I don't knowwhat difference it
using all the produce it yielded. Her SS! yr.
made, but they said it made some. NowI want to
old mother, who so manyof the WASPs
knowif I am eligible to get hospitalization at
from the airport in Billings, is getting along
the Veteran's hospital here. That would save me
quite well and keeps her busy just keeping up
$500 a year in hospital insurance. It would be
with her and taking her places. Marjorie, her
nice, since I amnot yet eligible for Medicare."
husband and mother plan to spend at least" a month
Dot retired to start another caree. She is going
in Southern California this year.
to devote full time to "writing", an ambition she
RICCIwas delighted to get to Colorado
had since age 14.
Springs for the WASP
gathering-never saw so many MARGARET
has had quite a year. Her
45 year olds looking so greatl other than a few
husband, whoretired from the Judge AdvocateCorps
flights to Seattle during the year, the plane
ot the Army, taught at Loyola Univ. LawSchool
has been used only to buzz around locally.
for 11 years and retired fram t.hat last June.
have spent the past 4 months buying an acre and
They had taken a trip around the world in 1971-72
setting up a mobile homein the desert near Moand had such a good time, they decided to do it
jave. Now,we fly back and forth every time Ed
again! This time they took a 15 monthtrip
has 2 free days - lovely and quiet, no phone, no
around the world. They rented their home(which
TV- a relief from the hustle of L.A. Enjoyed
they designed themselves) and were on Raratonga,
luncheon with the So Cal area WASP
in December,
in the CookIslands, whenthey received a phone
and heard our newPrez, Miz 1.; JJ j an, enthuse
call with the news that their lovely hc:meand all
about her hopes for our .future - our group is
the furnishings were all burned up in the Santa
energetic and vocal, let's hope we can stay that
Barbara fire.
The couple whorented their hame
got out with just someof their clothing. Peg
- "Still at my job in NYC,
and Jay flew hometo clean up the horrible debris,"
planning howto get the water up to the federally
claim the insurance, then flew back to NewZealmandated "fishable, swimmable
II levels.
and to continue their trip.
They spent 4 months
citizen cOllDllents
on the plan, preparing presenhiking in NewZealand, which she claims. is the
tations for clubs and camnunityboards. Nowremost gorgeous hiking country on earth, tnou lAInt
cording the Project's Task Force, in addition to
on to Australia, Sri Lanka, the Seychelle Islands,
my other duties, and editing the materials to exNairobi, Egypt, Greece and then to Paris.
plain the plan to the local bodies that will have
they leased a car for 6 months and drove thru
hearings in the five boroughs this spring. Had
Europe and Russia. After a lovely sl.UllDler
all 4 of our children for Christmas, first time
Scandinavia, they returned hamein Sept. and are
in about 5 years. One camedownfrom Alaska,
in the process of rebuilding and refurnishing
one cameup from Georgia; the other two are neartheir homejust as it was before. They expect
by most of the time. Planned trip to bicycle in
to movein about April 1 and then Peg is going
Cubafor two weeks in February has been postponed
til April. Doing cross country skiing whenwe
to get back to writing articles for magazines.
can find ~
snowto keep our legs in shape. II
Her husband Jay is writing a law book which will
- liMy'79 news is more of the
be published next. year. You did have quite a
sameas last year: The ten children are gradyear Peg!
ually leaving the nest. Amdownto four living
would like to hear
at homeand two of these will be leaving this
fram any or all 43-6 cla.ssmates. She and her husy;oar. Ambusy with myart-related lectures
band (retired Air Force) cre enjoying their rewhich I give several times a week to local sohtirement in the mountains of North Carolina (near
ools and women'sorganizations.
I have a new
AShville). Her daughter lives. in Harrisburg, PA.,
lecture on Faberge, the goldsnith whomadethe
and works with the State goverIllllent. Nancysaid
fabulous Easter eggs for the Czars," and 11m rethe "lAIlcomemat" is always out - if you're a
turning to Russia in April to learn more about
golfer, bring your sticks.
The courses are great
his work. Amalso involved with the local Civic
in North Carolina. otherwise, she says you can
Association as president as wll as being very
enjoy what they locally term the "3-B Area"l
active with the Charismatic moment, so there's
Birds, Bourbonand Bridge'
not Dlllchfree time in my schedule. Sorry I
writes that her peaceful life
couldn't makethe convention. II
was disturbed in October whenthe Dlllchneeded
has quit her teaching job, but
repair work and painting on her homegot under
is not retiring.
She had a few falls and a heart
way. Every roam needed samething done so the reattack so is going to rest a bit and spend some
modeling will take sametime. Her law })pactice
time with her mother whois not well. Nancyhas
goes on as usual she reports I but she is gradofficially had her married nameThorne removed
ually working iJlto more probate and related matand will be NancyRuth Johnson again. Also note
She is trying to get up the courage to
new address: 404 Minnesota Ave., Beckley, W.Va.
office to Ramona,although she would
25801. Nancy said she will love going to Orlando

-29 -

havs. to commute for court appearances.
Bes~des be~
a la~er,
Maxins is also a farmer
but she ~d
she failed as a farmer because the'
orangss and grapsfruit
are snal.ler than normal.
due to lack of water and fertilizer,
then along
the cold ~eather and everything froze.
Max::l.Il.was a tJ.lller for the Pacific Air Haemat
ths Needles ny-by gas stop on Oct. 14 and went
on.to Tucson for the banquet at the finish.
sud the heat there was unbearable.
- "My big news is that I'm
to work-after
33 yearsl
I've been study~ng f~r a Real Estats license,
took the Stats
ex<llIlJust after Christmas and passed it.
I'm looking for a friendly
neighborhood realt~r
who will let me have time for ~ other activities
like ~ photography.
1'm still
taking classes
at a Jr. College which has a really super program
and I've set up ~ own darkroom at home since our'
Speaking of reunions, wasn't the
last one great?
What a turnout!"
said she did miss being with us
at .the Colorado Springs reunion, but had to go
to the hospital' instead.
Her illness
has been
rough on her, but she is a good patient,
following doctor's
orders and is progressing nicely.
She even conned the doctor into letting
her go
to NewHampshire to do a bit of skiing with Mark.
She was a colorful figure riding the slopes in
a pink jumpsuit'l
She sends her love to everyone.
enj?yed seeing all the iirls
Colorado Springs.
On'the drive to the Convention, she camped for two days on the North Rim
of the Grand Canyon and spent one day at M.esa
Verde National Park.
On the way home, she stopped at Parker Damwhere she camped on the edge
of the water.
She enjoyed her beautiful
and had a' real.ly nice time at our gathering.
Back home, she was doing her needlepoint and just
loafing around until December, when she got a
phone i call asking her to come back to work as a
Bond InsUrance Underwriter.
Mary said it's
work because there are so many contractors
working as'developers
and subdividers.
Like most of us, she too is waiting for news
about the status of the VAefforts.
TIBBETI'Swrites "I' want to say I thoUght'
the Confsrence at Colorado Springs was terrific.
admit it was orily the second reunion I've
been.able to make~ but to'see
so manY.old friends
again was delightful.
Shortly after my return
to Florida,
our Northern friends started to appeuand
buY Homes,'in this area:
As a result,
I've been receiving household goods & placing
thsm~ then' welcoming the folks to their new
homes in the "5UllIlY"South.
In February., we had
a get-together
of people from our old hame ~ea
in Mass. 80 people joined us.
Looking forward
to seeing you in Floridr. in' 1980.11
new to Acapulco for 8
days in October and will be going to Hawaii and.
possibly, Tahiti.
"Hope to. travel around the U.S. '
for a change this year and see all that we ha~
only seen by air previously,
if we can ever get
our 17 year old son through High'School without
any more broken legs or leg operations from football.
Maybe we can visit
a' few of you WASPsand .
hope you will visit me when in California.
snow skiing with my son, his girlfriend
and two

Thought I'd better go (as busy as I
was) as I felt pretty lucky to be invited.
many 17 year olds would invite their mother and
he might never again!
I stayed on the slopes
4 hours with thsm. Great fun!
Our 22 year old
daughter moved back home to save a little
for a llSWcar."
had some very heart-warming
meetings with the Seattle WASPsover the past
couple of years.
Several of them were interviewed on a TV program when th. WASPswere
seeking Veterans status.
Later, they were interviewed by a young lady who was doing work on
her doctorate at Washington State.
She was
writing a thesis on Womenin the Military.
revolve around skiing, bridge and
gol1'. She has two grown sons who are not married,
but live in the Seattle arsa and work for their
company. Jean and Lucy McGinnis enjoyed a visit
a couple of ysars ago when Lucy came to Seattls
for a National Garden Club meeting.
Other than
that, she said she lost contact with most of her
See you at the next reunion Jean?
was in the hospital
for a tims but is feeling quite well now. She
loves to reminisce about our reunion and keeps
in. touch with a couple of WASPswho also attended. She is still
an Elementary School Principal in Saginaw, but has been off work since Dec.
due to her illness.
She expects to be back at
work in a couple mors weeks. Peg said it was
19 degrees below zero and although she enjoy~
the snow which is beautiful
to look at, she
doesn't like the winter driving!
Hsr youngest
daughter and husband wers in an automobile accident~ but .were fortunate
to came out of it with
only severe cuts, a broken hand arid broken fingers.
All four of her childr.en ars married and
she has 3 lovely grandchildren.
has been laid up with the flu for 10
After the WASPConference, she toursd
Western & Southern Colorado.
At the end of Jan.,
Ruth Jones & Ida Carter (44-1) came to visit from
Oklahoma City.
They attended the Ft. Worth Rodeo
& Horse Show. Then they all went to San Antonio
and then down into the Rio Grande Valley.
weathsr was dreary and foggy, but they enjoyed
the fresh sea food, fruits
and vegetables.
returned to Ft. Worth & Oklahana City to ice and
snow. Joann said that evjryone agrees that this
n.eds to end - it's
just too muchl
If all goes wall, she is going to England, Scotland & Ireland in April where they will rent a
car and drive the "back roadsll and try to see
the "real" country instead of the big cities.
- "I do so enjoy the news
in the Newsletterl
Have nothing really to report - have been unusually busy with ~ decorating work all Fall and right up to now for
'which I'm thankful.
I did so snjoy see~g so
.many old friends at ths Confersnce in Colorado.
Howwonderful that so many of our class were there
this time.
Those who'didn't
make it 'really
missed <I. treat!
It was ~ first
tims that far-West'
and ,I thought the country enchanting - espeei~:r,:~hose
aspen trees.
My son, who
,l~ves'~n Atlanta too, has been having a wonderful time in the snow. At least he can use the
sled he bought sevsral years ago when snow was

-30 -

but dic;ln't. get deep enough. He took
m. for a spin down a nearby hill on it - quite
a thrill,
but too cold for me to stay loag."
- liMythanks to
all of you who replied with news. It was such a
pleasure reading your letters
and I enjoyed the
personal notes too.
My big news is that we are
We bought a 5 unit apartment in
CA. If you're wondering why w.
bought down South when we live up North', it's
because the price was rightl
NowI've started with
some redecorating
in our home. The kitchen was
screaming for paint and wall paper, but I kept.
waiting for a Genie to do it for me. Since none
show.d up, I've decided to tackl. the job myself.
I now have pots and pans all aver the house.
expect it will take me a month at least,
a c.iling
to new floor job and I can only
work on it evenings and weekends. I keep busy
orking and going to my sewing classes which I
enjoy so much. 11m fighting
the "battle
of the
bulg." by going to the Spa as often as I can.
other than that, my time is taken up with my two
grandaughters - my husband calls them the "Q;Tclone
They sure can mess up a room fastl
I!, in your travels,
any of you pass thre Sail
Carlos, CA, please stop by tor a visit.
welcome mat is always outl J II



123 W. Los Olivos St. Apt. D
Santa Barbara, CA.93105

Each reUDion s.emll to g.t bigger and better.

Colorado Springs was super and best of all twenty- thr
members o! 43-7 ..
er. there.
They were Noni. Horton
And.rson, Jean Babb, Allaire B.nn.tt,
Caro Bayl.y
Bosco, Mary Helen Burke, Carolyn Cl~on,
Clark, Jan. Speck Dre.
, Lois Boi.n Durham, ~
Drummond,Jan. Page Hlavac.k, Ann HolidaJ", Jua.
Evans McMorris, Connie Young Reynolds, Marie Barrett
Mash, Isabel Ty-nonMart.ll,
Ann Dessert Oliver,
J.an Parker Rose, Pat S.ars Sullivan,
Kaddy Landry
Doll Wise, Yvwm. Ashcraft Wood,
and Winnie Woods. All .
re to give me, before
a short ~
of what they have been
doing in the past y.ars,
some did, others did. not.
Thanks to you who did and those who wrote later.
does guidance counseling and
teaches Health and Physical Education at a school
in N.w York. She retired
last year fran the Air
Force Reserve with the rank of Lt. Col. and r.ceived the Meritorious Service Medal fran the .
Dept. of Defens., Secr~tary of the Air Forc.,
Office of Intormation,'
for her efforts
in a
assignment at the Pentagon as Chief
of Books and Magazines.
She maintains a pad in
Manhattan and a mini estate in Millbrock, Dutchess
County, N.Y.
ALLAIREarrived too late to get in the
class picture.
She presently
operates an animal
grooming parlor.
Don't recall
if she said she
boarded them as w.ll.
NADINEHARRIS- I heard she has eight childr.n; seven boys and
About fifteen
ago they sold their Luscanbe and bou&ht"a9amper
" ,; .',


HELENflew co-pilot
in the 1977 Powd.r
Puff Derby. She is still
active in flying and
operates a flight
gave me little
news of herself.
Says she plans to exchange the easy ille of retir.ment for the more rigorous, schedule of graduate school after Christmas.
She reported that
Ellie Bryant FOLK"whomwe were counting on to
help rind that Big Bold Man from Cripple Creek,
Colorado, that Ellie was so VQcal about during
Swe.twater days" had recently undergone back surgery and was scheduled tor discharge from the
hospit'al just days before the conference.
wishes from all .of us for a speedy recovery Ellie.
a highly successful
crop spraying operation out
ot Grand Junction and Rifle, Colorado. I watched
a T.V. news short showing the girls at work spraying the fields and was really impressed.
DlIDi, JUNESPECKwrites "1978 has been an exciting
a, .
onderoua trip to Egypt in the spring.
Stopped in Washington, D.C. to see the fabulous
new Air Spac. MUHWl1, found the WASPexhibit quite
then, the coup de grace, reunion at
Colorado Springs.
It was great to relive ye olde
daJ"s of Sweet.
Sorry- all of 43-7
coulc;lnlt be there."
Ecr works as the Chief Accounting
loyee for the Fire Dept. Hdqtrs. of Los Angeles.
She said her 1978 SUIlIIlervacation was the best
she had 'had in many a year.,
She visited with
in Connecticut,
then went to her favorite spot, Hawaii, , with a great-niece ,who had
just graduated from high school.
Lastly, a great
.four ~8
with the WASPsin Colorado Springs.
LOIS BOlm said her husband, is a pilot,
Police Chief 'and is now a newspaper distributor.
Lois .
orks with the IRS District
Office in Omahaas a personnelist.
She has six '
five boys and one girl and four grandchildren.
She expects to stay in the Omaha/Ralston area until the last boy graduates from high
LELALOUDDER.Received a nice letter
her. ,saYing she was sorry she had .to cancel plans
tor 'going to Colorado Springs.
S;dd she still
golfs on her good ~s
and just exists on her ofr.
She has been troubled with bad attacks of vertigo
and hopes to soon find the cause.
She travels
witp her husband, Jack, a lot.
The latter
'or October they expected to go to a convention. in
Atlanta, GAthen on to Germany for a week.
brought her gold clubs'to
convention and managed to squeeze in a game or
two at the Air Forc. Acade~.
Sounds like all "
she has done since she left the.reunion
is travel.
A note written at Thanksgiving said she had been
to NewYork, Washington, D.C., Phoenix and to the
Ballon Festival
in Albuqu.rque.
has 'eight children.
They have
a plan .hich her husband !lies and her young.st
son is working on .hi'. private license.
- In the past fe .
,y.ars I~
abel has, earned a Contractors license as .
11 as
her Instructor,
Instrument and Air Transport
She, instructs
and flies
charter .trips
for an 'aviation
COOlpani. She. has also built two

- 31-


duplex t;.pe houses oUui has plans for building a

IIIU1ti-unit complex.
- Wewere sorry to learn that
Annlost her husband last year. She is keeping
herself bus,y selling real estate.
drove to Colorado Springs
with her son whowas enroute to college. On her
return trip to Florida she stopped to visit Doris
Ellena Caloudek in Enid~ Oklahana and Lela Laudder
Harding in Oklahana City.
flew her plane to the reunion.
She is still actively engaged in her fiyinj; operation.
has written a book which 1 understand
is verT interesting.
It was on sale at the reunion but the few taes 1 was able to get to the
sales roan it was closed. Winnie~ howabout
sending me the title of the book and the publisher so I can share the information in our next
WISE~WClLEOOLLspends a great deal of tillle in
Kansas looking after her invalid mother and.managing the family farm. Her husband is retired
and they have two children~ a daughter who teaches music and a son still in college. She felt
fortunate to be living in. the Washington~D.C.
area so she could volunteer tillle working for our
legislation in the WASP
Headquarters office.
enjoys her job as Assoc. Dir.
of the Office of Instructional Resources at the
Univ. of Florida in Gainesville.
The work requires dealing. .with both faculty and students
and gives Kadd1'an opportunity to travel a great
deal. Her latest hobby is sailing which she says
is a lot like fiying.
There are manylakes near
Gainesville so she can sail in the evening and
trailer the boat to the Gulf of Mexico on weekends. If any of. you are going to Florida this
winter she would love to see you. Ph. (305)3739613 or (305)392-0371.
- Scmeoneat the reunion
&aid she could not attend as her daughter was
getting married about that tillls.
JEAN- nShortly after my return from Colo.
Springll~ I lllad~anunexpe.Qted decision to move,
so all of you make a note of the new address.
Telephone (805) 682-3944. Spent Christmas with
mybrother wholives in the San Francisco area
and~ in February~ am ort on anothsr junker.
This tim Ii. 35 day trip to Sri Lanka, India and
Nepal with a friend fran Mass.
Remembergirls~ if yoo.don't write and send me news
ot yourself, I have nothing to put.in the Newsletter,
so~ why don't all of you sit downand drop me a note
to be included-rii the next one and let us all plan
to go to the reunion in Florida in 1980. OK?
43-8 Secretary:

1813 Clare
Alice ~ TX78332

Wehad 22 in attendance in Colorado Springs~ 19

graduates and 3 trainees and we had a wonderful
time~ The only thing that could have madeit better would be to have our !!h2!! class - graduates
and trainees together.
was sporting a new hip joint looking
She had stories of her gardening and

madeher first reunion. She brought her
charming sister Rosie Buresh from Seattle~ WA.
Dot came all the way from Firenzie (Florence)
Italy and planned to visit Jackie Cochran before
returning to Italy in October.
- It was great getting
reacquainted with Margaret and her husband Art.
This was their first reunion.
and husband John were welcaned
to their first reunion. John is a retired FlyiDgTiger Pilot.
and husband Bill were vacationing ..in. Massachusetts~ but flew to Colorado
Springs from Boston. They live in San Antonio.
piloted her Beech Baron
to Colorado Springs with AnneDanceWhite (l~-l)
as co-pilot.
Col. John Bundyfram San Antonio~
former COat Eagle Pass AAFwent along as passenger. In October~ Maxine was appointed to the
national board of the U.S.O. by President Carter
and attended her first meeting in Washington~
D.C. Maxine's second grandson was born in July,
another grandson born Feb. 15 and another due
June 13.
Myletter was returned fran Melbourne Beach~FLo Can anyone of
you send a current address?
says 1IaDJ'news fram this exurbia is dullesville~ winter doldrums., talking
to ~self or the animals and being mao,at our
kid. away at school whowon't write. - Elcception:
seeing our fri.end MARY
FEARErfor several
hour. NewYear's Eve Day and catching up on (at
least) the last 25 years.n
TRIGGWTZreports that the Sacramento WASPs
were entertained in the homeof Gerry Mickelson
(43-2) (t).
They enjoyed a swim.and barbequed
ahicken and plan to keep their !'un get-.to-gethers
going. Goodweather finds Helen working in her
gardsn and orchard. HusbandJack is still teaching. She plans an Easter trip to Long Beach
to visi.t her mother. Helen sa.ys~ nIt's so nice
to have another reunion to look forward to. I'm
so grateful that there are those brave soul a
amongus who are willing to undertake such a
monumentaltask. II
still. fiying a Piper Archer
II with a commercial license at Ocean Reef.
She and husband Phil race every Saturday in the
Coral SoundSailing Club races - Bulleye Class.
No firsts yet, but 2 seconds.
was profiled in a section called "DynamicYearsll (Pg. 29). It is about Janet's
flying .B-26's in WWlI,her world record for consecutive turns in a spin (80) and a picture of
the Grasshopper observation WWIIairplane she
and her friends have rebuild and are nowfiying
and exhibiting-a 1942 Taylorcraft L2B. This
magazine is the Toice of AIM(Action for Independent Maturity) an affiliate
of AARP(American
Association of Retired People). She urges all
to join both groups - $3.00 for each and
2 beautiful magaZines. Janet wanted to get to
Colorado Springs in the IIworst wayll. She is
Supervisor of Medi-cal Eligibility.
has been spending all the
time she can outside rearranging flower beds


the building of a patio porch.
Weather has not been cond~cive to sailing so
they haven't been out.
They happily await the
of grandchild #3 in the summer.
ESTELLFEARYmade big news in the San Antonio
Express':News for Jan. 28, 1979 by her selection
as one of the ten Womenof the Year in San Antonio.
Mary is past president
of Laurel Heights
Garden Club, San Antonio Council of Flower Show
Judges and s~rved as chairman on the State Board
of Directors of the Judges Council.
She has
served as co-chairmAm of the San Antonio Garden
Center Christmas Pilgrimage.
She is a Life Master and Int'l.
judge and has judged shows in
Mexico, Chile,' and Rhodesia.
Her husband, Porter,
says it's
a joy to tr.vel with her to floral
events in foreign countries.
Her delight at the
exotic and rare flowers displayed gives him IIlllch
Mary got together with Jana Crawford
Eberly in Virginia during the Holidays.
wrote a poem liTo All WASPslI
which, she said, was inspired by us 43-8 WASP
and it is fantastic.
I hope it can be used at
out next reunion.
(It was read at our class
in Colorado Springs).
LOIS NASHreports all kinds of new record snow
in her part of the country - banks of snow
lining their driveway higher than the cars! They
spent the holidays in Florida with their 2 'lions
& daughter-in-law and her parents from,N.C.
Husband Al' s work is taking him to Australia!
He was to leave as soon as the visas were ready.
She will follow when the house is sold and furniture stored.
They will be there 1to 2 years.
Of course her attendance to the Florida reunion
is in question now, but she assures us shelll
make the first
one scheduled after their return
to the United States.
She sends special regards
to Class 43-8.
writes that her accomplishments in the intervening
years are all spinofrs - three children and 2 grandsons!
She wants
to congratulate
and thank all the hard-working
WASPsfor their successful endeavors in winning
veteran status.
She is sorry ,to have missed the
reunion one more time, but sends greeting to all.
Says shels holding our for Hawaii!11 - now therels
an ideal
writes IIWhatvistas and
have I been privileged
to share with
Mother Nature the past few months! The turning
aspen in Colorado were magnificent to behold and
I usually get no closer to snow than observing
the mountain peaks from my patio.
But John and
I flew to Minnesota for a few days the first
December. I had forgotten how truly beautiful
a blanket of white is - really breathtaking!
As is the cold air, and I no longer smirk when
they talk of their "chill factorll
Two days
after our return 'from Minnesota, we were off for
a month in Mexico. The roads ascend from straight
barren deserts to 9000' narrow hairpin curves.
It was our first
Christmas away from home in 34
One of our 'daughters is 'an artist
felt she could paint horses better in Oaxaca,
Mexico, than she" could in Calif.,
so we went
down to be with her.
Our other daughter flew
down to join us for the holidays.
Once back in

the good 011 U.S.A., you canlt imagine the euphoria that overcame us.
Even our changeless
seasons have a special beauty which weIII
be content to enjoy for a long time."
(Jean Robbins Rice) says she'legally changed her name last May to a name she invented and is HERSALONEI The update. on her life
as she wrote it follows,
IIAfter disbandenment
I returned to San Diego, to await my husbandl s '
return from the Phillipines.
Wethen went to
Reno--Tomls home town. After he graduated from
college he went back into the service and 'was
sent to Japan.
We spent 3 yrs. in Japan-with
many exciting experiences and came back loving
the Japanese and their culture.
Three years in
Chicago, Modesto, Oakland, Monterrey before going
to Rome, Italy.
Three years of great experiences
in Romeand Europe.
Had to be dragged home.
Three years in Chicago again, then 3 in St. Louis,
then retirement
in Reno. The best job offer came
from Las Vegas. I hated to come here, and have
never liked it very much. I do care for the desert and it replenishes
me ofttm.
After 7 years
in Las Vegas, Tomand I got a IIllltUal divorce and
I returned to college to finish and got a BAin
Social Services.
At divorce time I went into
psychotherapy and have been in it ever since-growing, learning,
applying, enjoying.
At that
time I also took up Skydiving.
I had a balll On
the 93rd jump the whirlwind took the air frOm my
parachute at 50 ft. up, and I broke several parts
of the body. I hung up the parachute, and called
it quits.
I applied and was admitted to Antioch
College/West Masters Degree program and went to
a Wilderness Survival Drug Program Cam}pusin the
wilds of Utah. I lived there 5 yrs. in a tipi,
amidst the beauty, peace, clean air and was part
of an intentional
cOffilIlllnity. Fantastic
experience s. More reality
and caring. than I had ever
experienced in my whole life.
Got my M.A. in
Psychology-emphasis on Counseling.
I ran the
campus kitchen and applied my knowledge of nutrition to all the patients/clients
and have the satisfaction
of knowing I have changed the nutritional thinking of hundreds of people.
11m still a,
part of an intentional
community that is very
heal~hy, and progressing learning,' helping, and
groWJ.ng, and very avande garde.
I love it.
now working at Raleigh Hills Alcoholic Treatment
Hospital as the Aftercare Coordinator.
11mlearning a great deal, and feel I'm of help to alcoholics.
I've been there a year; live with two roommates who are womenIIlUchyounger than me, but with
whom,I enjoy living.
'I date, have lots of fun,
cont~nue to study, and grow personally.
I have
two daughters--Ghristina
is getting her Masters .
in Psychology and is married to a San Francisco
Lawyer; she was a nurse for years,and has one
daughter, Aimee. My other daughter-Genevieve
lives here and is Asst. coordinator 'of a Child
Abuse program, and has a steady boyfriend He' 5
a fine man--both men are great.
My interests
Wholistic Health; lIm board VP for the local organization and really believe its concepts are
the rational
and coming way for people to' take ' .
~are of themselves.
I fly occasionally,
opera and classical
IIlUsic, jog, and do Hatha Yoga.
11mvolunteer counselor for .,Rape Crisis Center '

-33 -

locally; a certif'ied Drug Abuse Counselor. Really

wanted to go to Colo. Sprngs. reunion but was retused time ot!. Have lost most of myWASP
paraphanalia in my 40 moves. Myplaudits to tho::
whodid a tremendous lot of work re the Vet status.
Forgot to mention I'm going for myMarriage and
Family Counseling certification
this year.
MAC~ZIE and husband were to leave for
a we"ek'swinter vacation to the Azores in Feb.
with another couple. Hopethis all cameabout
as anticipated.
She writes "wasn't our reunion
great? It was such tun with so ma.nyof 43-8 there.
Madeus feel close, young & sassy."

wrote that while we were
checking in for the WASP
Conference in C.S." she
was in Wisconsin welcomingthe arrival of Susan
Marie" on Sept. 28th. Marie and John are delighted with their first granddaughter.
CALLhas a new address. P.O. Box
254" Ozark" MO65721. Kenyon"is this nearer
to a good fishing lake?
also has a new address. Instead of
movingto Oregon" she movedsouth toward Santa
Maria" CA. Her address is P.O. Box 153, Nipomo"
CA93444. PH (805)929-4l37. Before she le1'\ the
Santa Clara Valley 99s gave her a surprise party
and a lovely framed citation for "Outstanding
Contributions to Aviation,," plus planted a tree
44-1 SecretaI7:
in the Forest of Friendship in Amelia Earhart's
716 Second St. N.W.
hane town" also a handsomeattache case. This
NewPhiladelphia" Ohio
is a timely salute to a very worthy lady.
is in charge of The Wilson Museum
Conference in Colorado Springa is nowmemories for the 60%of those on our Class 44-1 mailing
and BaYsthat she doesn't get awayvery much.
Those who attended" including eight who came
So" if you are traveling up the coast of Maine
for the first time, are as follows:
toward Bar Harbor" why not stop in Castine and
see Ellenore.
Sounds interesting with a "Hearse
Adele Beyer" Betty Bechtold Brich!ord" Ida Carter"
House" which contains Castine's summ.erand winter
MardoCrane" Dorothy Kraliovec& Doug"Gene Shaffer
hearses of a hundred years ago. A difference?
FitzPatrick" Doria Gee" Margaret Gerhardt" Madelon
DOTKRASO~EBYsays since Dougretired from Pan
BurchamHill & Jack" Jeanette Jenkins" Ruth Craig
Am"most of their traveling has been between
Jones" Emily Porter nine & husband" Gadget Kostuk
their. hane in Carson City and Los Altos. They
& Bill, Pearl Bragg Laska" Mary Koth McCabe"Cathlook forward to the next reunion.
erine Murphy"AnneNoggle" Virginia Stell O'Neill"
regretted that she didn't
MaI7Jershin O'Rourke & Salty" AnneBarthol! Rawget to C.S. and said that the studio is unusually
lings" Dolores Meurer Reed" Marjorie Ellfeldt Rees"
busy this time of year. Marcia" I often think
Alice RiBS"Jane RObbins"Betty Wall Roberts" Barof you whenI watch the Sat. morn cartoons and
bara Manchester Robinson & Bill" Rosina Lewis Todd"
see all those characters flying through the air
Marge Harper Watson & Elmer" AnnaHopkinsWhite"
with such great ease. Somedaywe may cometo
Eileen Kea.l7Worden.
Most of our class were on noor six and this made
realize howIID.lch
these cartoon have shaped the
viaiting easier.
It,.ou agree that visiting with
of the world" for it seems to teach the
,.our classnates is tun and enjoyable, why don't we
ones to "THINK
BIG"" all things are possask the next reunion camnittee to reserve an eveible.
ning on the agenda so that classes can plan their
send sad news and good
owndinner parties.
If a class is too small, they
news. Son-in-law Dougdied of injuries followmight wish to join with other classes.
an. airplane crash last swmner. Especiall)- sad
found the. trips to the Academyand NORAD
very inis the fact 10hathe wasn't here to see his dauteresting.
Manyof us will welcomethe next reghter Kristina AnneWoodsonwho arrived Nov. 18.
union to be east of the Mississippi River for a
Kay&ridthe children are" nowback in Calif. and
change. Andnow" news from your classmates:
she is continuing to fly and hopes to get addADELE
hopes to change her work pace this year
itional ratings.
Son" Mike, has ma.JlY
and has started by volunteering to help Lola
Ricci with the WASP
Sales Items. She reports
Store at Ventana" south of Big Sur. Gene exthat the Calif. WASP
had a get-together to welpects to have one of her gal students in a
comethe newWASP
Prez. The new four inch W.A.S.P.
United Air Lines class.
Howthrilling to find
decal. shownat Colorado Springs are very nice
one of your students in the cockpit of a schedand if' you didn't get one at the last reunion"
uled airliner.
you can order one by calling Adele. There are
HILLspent a month last BWDIIIer
many, III&nY
other items that you might want to
visiting Mart,." Betsy and husband Drew.
consider buying.
She saw the vineyards and castles of the Rhine
and RUTH
JONESspent ChristValley and a medieval Bavarian City. Madelon
mas Holidays with relatives in Michigan and rereturned hane shortly before the WASP
turned hometo Oka City via Ohio. They brought
and was followed by Marty who joined his parents
back the 44-1 Scrap Books" 44-1 banner, etc.
in Colorado Springs for a few days before rethat I left in their car at L.A. before our deporting to fighter school at HomesteadAFBin
parture to NewZealand and Australia.
It was
Miami. Son" Tomand his wite are still in Japan;
good to aee them and rehash our trip.
and daughter Nanc;ris in her final year at
trip homefrom Ohio took almost a week because
Portland State. Madelonand Jack spend their
they were caught for :3 days in the big ice storm
leisure time at their cabin at Bend."OR
at St. Louis. Luckily the Holiday Inn where they
winter and summer. They enjoyed this first
reunion for them" and look forward to the next
stayed had an indoor pool" good food, and no proone in F10rida.
blems. They're planning a trip south to a warmGADGET
and Bill attended the
er cl.imate until winter is over.
Reunion in C.S. for the first time and nowlook

forward to the next one in 1980. Following the

reunion, they went to Myrtle Beach for a week
of golf, returning hometo welcomea new grandson Oct. 28th.
suggests the next. time
Ruth Jones and Skip Carter cometo Michigan we
have a mini-reunion.
Sounds good Doris. She
says that their son has movedfrom Dayton to
Atlanta where they visited him last fall.
was all set to fly to C.S.
for the WASP
Reunion, when a week before leaving,
she broke her leg and spent the next eight weeks
in bed. She reports that she is wa1.ki.nggood
now and hopes to be able to croS8-CoWltry ski
this winter.
She is busy with a couple of church
jo~, and researching the Hunt fami.ly. She still
fly. her Cessna 182 and is working on her Instrument Ratings. She says one of the big events of
1978 for her was entertaining a 99 fran India for
a few days.
STELLO'NEILLreporta she has recovered
from the aevere headache that sent her hane early
from the reunion. She says that her grandchildren loved the T-shirts she bought for them, and
hopes to get more at the next reunion. They were
the ones that were imprinted: "MyGrandmotherwas
a WASP". Ginny hates to waste her airline passes
and travels whenever she can. Weare all looking
forward to a great time at the next reunion in
Florida, and Ginny, please keep me informed of
sent greeting. and hopes
that more actioll on Veteran Status will happen
soon. Jersh, if' only you worked for one of the
VIP's that is delaying the process.
wrote that about a dozen WASP
went to Mary McCabe's Lodge at Steamboat Springs,
COfor several days after the reunion and had a
Im-ing the Christmas Holidays Betty planned to enjoy a South American Cruise with relatives.
No, ahe hasn't changed her nameyet.
Thanks Betty for the photo. I've added it to our
44-1 Scrap Book.
sent me one of her handmade Christmas Greetings and a letter.
Barbie recovered fran being run over by a car,
they traveled to Florida and then, in late Spring,
traveled with their trailer to NewYork and the
NewEDgland States.
In July they attended the
Barbershopper, s Int'l.
Convention at Cincinnati.
In jWle, Barbie joined the Sweet Adelines (Lady
Weshould have a talent Rite
at the next. WASP
Reunion. Bill and Barbie expect all their children and families hane for
the holidays this year. The first time in ma.ny
And, they're looking forward to the next.
Reunion in Florida.
wrote she especially enjoyed the
44-1 dinner party at the Reunion in Colorado
Springs. Wouldn't it be nice if' one evening was
reserved for Class Partie a at the next ReUilion?
If the classes were small, perhaps two or three
could get together.
finished college with honors in
Arkansaa and has movedto Texas. Her new address
is 2302ATrailside Dr., Austin, TX7ffl04. Congratulations Ann!
wrote that in 1978 she and
Ken had a wonderful trip to Israel as well as

trips to Venezuela and the Yucatan. They've

movedfran Texas to a new assignment in Florida.
Their address is 1505 So. Michigan Ave., Clearwater, FL 33516. Hinkey says this is a welcome
assignment as they look forward to renewing
friendships madem.anyyears ago when they spent
7 years in Lakeland, FL.
OOTHENRY'sholiday greetings finally arrived.
She has changed her address again. After the
school in Turkey closed, she transferred to
Spa.ill and is delighted with the change of scenery and interesting people. Her apartment overlooks Cadiz Bay in an area where the temperature
ranges between 40 to 65 degrees. During July
she spent a few weeks in Iowa when she was changing aSSignments. Dot, will you be homein 1980?
Her new address is DGF,El. School Box 19, Fro
NewYork 09540.
A.special thanks for the lovely holiday greetJ.Ilgs
REES,without news. It's always good
to hear fran you. Whynot send me a postcar~
while you are traveling so I knowyou are still
sent a nice long letter
that arrived just before I departed for Colorado
Springs and I ~shared it with. her A-8 Bqmates.
After living in Colorado Springs for 8 years,
she movedto Italy and missed the WASP
She and her husband have built a !lewhane at
Brindisi only 15 minutes from the beaches. She
has a garden and freezes fruits and vegetables
and welcomesany of her classmates that travel
to Italy.
Her son, Jim CaTiness, operates the
GuyLeather Co. at .32')North Circle Dr. in Colo.
Springs; so Fran won't lose all her contacts with
the U.S.A. It was good to hear from you, and
Fran it is nice to knowyour new homeis finished.
a special
thanks~for all your efforts that made the WASP
Conference so great.
It is so nice to have
classmates serving on a reunion committee.


- 35-

First Row1. to r. Anne Barthol! Rawlings, Mardo

Crane Mary Koth McCabe,Betty Wall Roberts,
Alice'Riss, Jane O. Robbins, Mary Jershin
Second Row1. to r. Marge Harper Watson, Betty
Bechtold Brichford, Gadget Gajdowski Kostuk,
AIlna Hopkins White, Adele F. Beyer, Margaret
Gerhardt, MadelonBurchamHill, Barbara Manchester Robinson, Catherine Murphy, Gene
Shaffer FitzPatrick, Rosina Lewis Todd
Third row 1. to r. Doris Gee, Jeanette Jenkins,
Virginia Stell O'Neill, Dot Krasovec Eby, Anne
Noggle, Emily Porter nine, EiJ.een Kealy Worden,
Pearl Bragg Laska, Dolores Meurer Reed, Ruth
C. Jones, Ida F. Carter.
Marjorie Ellfeldt Rees was absent whenphoto was


4727 East CambridgeAve.
Phoenix, AZ85008

Wewere saddened to hear fran MEBI~ "ROBY"

ANDERSONof the loss of their son in October. Our deepest sympathies are extend.d to Robyand Harry.

Harry retired
from the bank at Christmas and they
. are now planning on doing more traveling.
are looking forward to Orlando.
They ha.ve had their
share of cold weather this year, and although they
have been able to get feed to their stock a lot of
the ranchers in the area have had to go as long as
a week without doing so.
Roby said the ground was
frozen over 36 inches deep and everybody had frozen
and broken water pipes.
This should make Orlando
sound inviting.
JACOMINIJESCHIEN.sends apologies for people
wai.ting for pictures.
She reports two deaths in
the family and everything in a mess.
Jake is busy
as chai.rman of the SymphonyLeague in addition to
working for Bruce.
Her new attorney-daughter
in Bethel. Alaska should anyone be going that way.
and Hank bought a motel,
and lounge last September, and ha.ve
been working hard to get it organized.
It is
Cest Bon and just south of Baton Rouge'i going
toward NewOrleans and just off the 1-10 at
LA. She reports good Cajun cookiJlg
and lata of seafood.
Their son, Chris was home
from Paris for three weeks during the summer and
expected again at Christmas. He is still
teaching at the Sorbonne and giving lectures
on economics and politics
at a school of journalism in
Paris, in addition to courses at the International School at St; Germain en laye.
and family celebrated
Christmas on Jan. 1st when all the family could
be ,together.
And, on Jan. 5th they had a wedding scheduled for son, Chuck, and bride.
Harveys are planning to move to San Antonio in
September, but first
Maxine says she has to get
bullY and get their new home built.
SHAFERFLEISHERsays that after her wonderful trip to Australia
99 convention, around the
world and then to Colo. Springs and a visit
Roby's ranch, she is letting
her suitcases
for awhile.
However, she goes on to say she is
planning on the 99 convention at Albany this
summer and on to Mass. for a visit
so they are
not resting long.
She's now flying more for fun
than professionally.
IIShafll is hoping that we
have a good turnout in Orlando and looking forward to seeing everyone again.
sends a special IIHill to
She's ..
aiting for their oldest son
to return from Isfahan, Iran where he has been
with Bell Helicopter International,
Inc. as a
supervisor mechanic and instructor
for the past three years.
Although he was home
in Sept. for .30 days, she is anxious for his
return .
IISISSYIISIEBERstarted moving following return
from Colorado Springs.
After being in the same
place for 50 years she said one can only imagine
the ,chore.
However, sisters,
their children &
came to the rescue and took over.
Sisay says that at times she still
feels she is
just visiting
but gradually. getting to feel more
at home. Her new address: 6.316 N.W. 82, Oklahoma
City, OK731.32 Ph. (405)722-3458.
hav;ing her nose
to the grind-stone.
She is teaching schoo~
playing organ and piano at the Ramada evenings
(solo - cocktail
She and husband, Jack,


are planning to open their former reataurant

lounge in Pueblo West soon. As a result
not had much time for flying.
She commented on
her 3 year old grandaughter,
Miss Kimberly Ann
Frink, having begged daily to attend the reunion.
Ann took her the last day to have breakfast with
some of the girls only to find that Kimberly Ann
was so awed she would not open her mouth to say
one word.
wrote on the 19th of Feb. that she had
just finished
shoveling four feet of snow out of
her driveway following three hours of driving
through the worst snowstorm ever . She'd just
returned fram a long Writers Workshop Weekend
in Southern Virginia where she was teaching and
On Feb.26th she was to read at the
Library of Congress which she said for a poet is
like passing the bar. exam. March 1st, Ann is Clff
to the writer's
colony Mac Dowell in Peterborough,
N.H. for a month. She's never tried one of these
before and says she is trying not to panic.
Hughes and two sons are going to house sit for
her while she is there.
For the past two months
Ann has been teaching poetry in the classroom
and judging poetry contests for the Poetry Society of America. She will again join the American Wind SymphonyOrchestra in late May and into
June as their poet in residence on the Rivers.
Ann also wrote: III11m so glad I went to the reunion - it was like seeing sisters
I had forgotten I had. I'm almost sorry to see the picture;
until theA I thought we hadn't aged at all.
hasn't anyway.1I
and Herb reported they were glad
to have been at the reunion in Colorado Springs
and are looking forward to the Gmein 1980.
Although I had lovely Christmas Greetings fram
PASCHICH,I have nothing current
from them as. to their activities.
All reported
a great time in Colorado Springs.
LENTalso sent greetings
and a snapshot.
HALEwrote excitedly
that her son,
Mike, had just brought home an AT-6 (WWII) and
wants her to check out in it.
She said after
climbing into it she fait right at home and so
is contemplating this in the future.
She hopes
this will be an inspiration
to other IIWASPiesll
to try and get back in the air.
the Pacific Air Race after returning
from Colo.
Mike's girlfriend,
Pam, went as her
She says that Pam is keeping her interest
stimulated and they are planning the
Palms to Pines race in the summer and agai.n the
PARin the fall.
Husband, Bob, has sold his business and is retiring
on advice of his doctor.
After Viral Pneumonia and a heart attack in Oct.
it was "retire
or else".
They are now hoping to
do a lot more traveling
in and about the U.S.
is still
nursing at the local high
She reports liking the job, the hours
and pay being good and her summers and vacations
are free.
Sooo, she will .probably continue on.
Isabelle. hears from JIMMIEPARKER
REESfrom time
to time .. John is now in Ogden on assignment and
they are trying to sell their home in Las Vegu
and move to the SLC area.

BENTand Jack followed our convention
with a trip via car down through Colorado via the
Grand Canyon to Phoenix. where they flew home.
They are now planning a return trip this spring
with others fran Rochester to Arizona where they
will take the Colorado Hiver trip through the
Canyon. They had a happy busy time at Christmas when they had their two daughters,
one sonin-law, and a lovely lovely Golden Retriever at
home for about a week. As of her writing,
9th, June reported that skiing in the area had
been poor and that Jack was at Jackson Ho~e, wyo.
where he said the skiing was super.
June is
taking jewelry classes but, because of
weather, they had been caccelled that week along
with the closing of the schools in the Rochester
followed our convention
with a trip to Aspen to visit
her son and to S.F.
to visit
her daughter.
On her return she had
Sallie Honan as a house guest.
Sallie and Emily
Chapin were old friends and had start.d
while working together at Standard Oil and both
were members of WomenFlyers of America, Inc.
Vivian is enjoying snowy Vermont, and reports
her car at 20 below zero and going to
school where she does volunteer tutoring a few
days a week. Following the suggestion at the
convention she submitted Form 180.
She received
a reply from the Air Force:
The Air Force "as
Executive Agency for the Department of Defense,
is in the process of preparing an :ilIlplementing
regulation" And, when they get that regulation
they will send a copy. Vivian is wonderiIlg how
the WASPat the convention got her card.
Recently the Arizona WASPshad a dinner meeting at
the Marina in Arizona City.
Amongthose in our
class attending were HAZELSUERICHTER
who has
been living with her daughter in Tucson. She
looked absolutely
GREAT. Pat Patterson Welch
who was looking forward to a trip to Hawaii with
husband, Bill, for a Retired Officers meeting.
who moved to Phoenix last Nov.
She and Louis could, by now, write a book about
the trials
and tribulations
of trying to get a
house remodeled and the struggles with electricians, plumbers, carpenters and the like.
Your Secretary is keeping busy.
1 finished my
income tax course just before Christmas and have
been moonlighting since the middLe of Jan. for
H & R Block.
Although I have done accounting
most of my working years I find income tax an
new world.
most interesting
I am enjoying the work. However, there is
time left for sleep or much else.
Recently, I did have QD interesting
meeting while
waiting at the office of the vpnthalmologist.
Started chatting with a man who, in the course
of the conversation, was explaining to me that
he was a former pilot and that 1 should know
they were quite individualists.
I explained
1 understood and had been a WASP. So naturally,
the punch line was that he had been an instructor at Sweetwater through the class of 43-7
when he left to join the Air Force.
M. Sproule, now retired
and living in Phoenix.
Hope to see you all again in Orlando.
lilabelle McCrae Hale would like a.ll the girls
who.volunteered articles
for their Aerospace

to please contact her as soon as possible as they do nee them. Her address i.
7155 Mt. Vernon St. (P.O. Box 452), LemonGrove,
CA 92045
44-4 Secretary:

6440 Langdon Ave.
Van Nuys, CA 91406

FEEISHERreveals that she took a trip
aroU8d the World last sUDDner,meeting with the
99' s in Australia
as a highlight.
Says she'll
be in Orlando in 1980.
SHIPLEYsays she mss.d the Colo.
Springs reU9ion due to the arrival
of her first
in Tucson, AZ. Betty lost her husband 3! years ago and is still
teaching at Randolph AFBElelllllntary School.
Says she loves
being near the airplanes
and teaching AF children.
She has two sons in Arizona, David owns
a construction
comp~ and Charles is a consultant with the Arizona Hospital Assoc. Betty
offers an open invitation
to aI$ WASPsvisiting
San Antonio, TX!
says she plans retirement
from the teaching profession
this coming June,
having had a cataract
operation a few months
She says teaching high school English,
like flying,
she and husband plan on some travel spent
time in the Orient and now looking forward to
She's also working on a historical
novel and planning a salmon fishing trip with
classmates Frances Acker and Florabelle
busy, busy!
TEDESCHIsent me two verses titled
"Far Out" and "Out of Sight".
Jane is busy as
usual, served as WASPCoordinator for Connecticut during our campaign for militarization
and says it was an extremely rewarding experience having met 16 new WASPfriends as a resUlt.
Jane says to be sure to drop her a card
if you live in Eastern N.Y., Conn., R.I., Mass.,
Vt., N.H., or Maine, and you'd like to join a
group to have a Spring or SUDDner
local reunion.
She'll notify you where and when. Jane further
writes that "In Spring of 19'77 our Conn. Education Assoc. sent a reporter
to my Aeronautics
The interview was published in the Nov.
issue of the Assoc. Newsletter,
the Advisor.
The reporter
sent releases
(without warning me)
to UPl and my school area papers.
Never doubt
the power of the press.
1 received "fan" letters
from all over NewEngland (male admirers of the
WASP,some never having heard of them) & clippings forwarded by friends.
My College alumni
editor received a clipping from someone on Nantucket IJiland a: so did an article
for the Alumni Bulletin.
Ch. 3 TV talk show invited me
there & I was able to get 2 other WASP.included
at last minut Hartford Times was the one to
top all.
Headline: (World War II Ace).
exactly considered that we were acesl
what with the 1977 year of the WASPeffori it
was hoggling to mind and bo~ particularly
she's inTolved in tennis,
swimming, teaching,
writing light verse and recording for the Blind.
A. for JIliTsel!, (JEANMcCART),I plan to contact

- 37-

all local Southern CUif. WASPs for a Summer

swim bash! We had so much fun last, this yeu
should be bigger and better than ever. If interested, call or drop me a line.
ooRIS TANNER - "First, I want to finish my incomplete sentence, which was left dangling frem
the microph(lme on Saturday afternoon in Colorado Springs: (So from this Board of Education
~ork I am acquainted with controver~ - but
controvers has no lace in the Order of Fifinella , etc." Doris says she's sorry about not
being able to express her ideas better but,
when she got back from lunch and the issue of
running for President came up again, she was
taken by surprise, which c~lpled with a terrible sinus headache, nausea, and sore throat
was too much for her. She says "None of us
are "Special", just because we learned to ny.
We are "Special" because we proved that women
could live together through a tough training
situation and "make it", all of you ue beautiful - each in her own ver special way. And,
I love every one of you."




3161 Flowerdale Lane
Dallas, TX 75229

MILDRED TAYLOR MARSHAll - On Feb. 13, 1979, Millie

became a grandmotherl
On Feb. 14, 1979, Millie
and her husband left Hawaii for Chicago to meet
that granddaughter.
After a week in Chicago they
planned to go to Aspen, Colo. to ski and visit
with Justin Fletcher WOQds of 44-6. Millie's
husband, Lt. Gen. W.W. Marshall, retired from
the Air Force. They have a home in Hawaii where
they play golf, tennis and do some flying and
MARTY MACE BOSHART - Muty has a new address:
208~ South Iowa Ave., Washington, Iowa 52353.
Muty is Office Mgr. for a Northwestern Mutual
Insurance Agent. Marty sold her house and moved
into a lovely new apartment downtown and walks
across the squue to work. That's one way to
deal with the energy crunch.
BErTE RICHARDS COURT recently spoke to a group of
35 women during "Amelia Earhart Month". Bette
often gets the urge to fly as she had an Instructor, single and multi-engine, land and sea ratings. For the past 10 yeus she has worked in
the newborn nursery and plans to retire in May.
Since she aoes land and sea scapes, she will work
3 days per week at an Art & Craft Store.
MARY NESBIT HEARN writes she has no news. Muy will
be helping with our Reunion that is scheduled for
Orlando, FL in 1980. Muy was at the Reunionl
BETTY SHUNN attended the Colorado Springs Conference
and was on a natural 'high' for weeks after getting home.
FLORENCE SHUTSY REYNOLDS also attended the Conference and is looking forwud to the next one in
Orlando. Shutsy keeps busy with their flower
and silver businesses.
LIZ WATSON attended the gathering in Colorado and
will be there in Orlando.
MARJORY FOSTER MUNN was also at our Colorado Springs
Confe!'ence. Jimi writes: 'Dear Classmates, you
who didn't get to Colorado Springs were missed!

Our classmates as well as the others in our organization are growing dearer as time goes by.
We are also growing smaller. Hope you will try
hard to get to Orlando for our next reunion. Our
WASP family get-together is something you will
not want to miss. Jimi'.
LORRAINE NELSON BArN: "The Colorado Springs Reunion was my third Reunion. I attended the ones
held at Sweetwater and Reno. Each Reunion is
more fun. 44-5 was well represented at Colorado
Springs: Mary Nesbit Hearn, Liz Watson, Dolly
Sexten Wethey, Irene Raven Robertson, Virginia
Williams Hubbard, Becky McSheehy, Jacqueline
Twitchell Morgan, Peggy Moynihan McCoffrey, Merridee Newell Snively, Jean F. Hixson, Earlene
Flory Hayes, Marylyn Myers Peyton, Marjory Foster
Mwm, Florence Shutsy Reynolds, Betty Shunn, Holly
Hollinger Grasso, Selma Cronan, Martha McKenzie
Cupenter, Dot Swain Lewis, Bev Beesemeyer and
Roddy Rodriguez and Instructors Ziggy Hunter,
Rig Edwards and J.R. Smith. It was so good to
see 7 new faces at this reunion: Mary Nesbit
Heun, Irene Raven Robertson, Jacqueline Twitchell
Morgan Peg Moynihan McCoffrey, Marylyn Meyers
Peyton: Shutsy Reynolds and Martha McKenzie Cupenterl Besides the scheduled events we had ot~er
great times. Ziggy Hunter and I really struck ~t
rich. Esther Lorraine Stahr Cuddington (44-9) and
her husband invited us to drive with them way out
in the mountains to see the gorgeous yellow aspens.
We had lunch at the old Imperial Hotel in Cripple
Creek and went down in a goldmine."
MARY NESBIT HEARN invited her former baymates over
to their aputment for a Chinese dinner. Those
attending were: Becky McSheehy, Marylyn Myers
Peyton and husband, Merridee Snively, P~ggy Mc::Coffrey, Penny Peirce Garrett and Lorra~ne Ba~n.
J R Smith (Smitty) had open house for 44-5 and
Liz'Watson and Dolly Wethey had a cocktail party
for 44-5, also. Thenk you folks. Then, 44-5
got together for a dinner at the old Red Depot.
" The tour of the USAF Academy was out of this
world just getting to sit in the AF ~hapel
was well worth the trip to Colorado Spr:Lngs. For
those of you who have not attended a WASP reunion,
come to the next one it is a renewal. See you
in Orlandol" Lorraine.

-38 -

44-6 Secretary:


3814 ROilS Rd.

Palo Alto, CA 94303
Hello to everyone from your "new" class news reporter. We had a terrifically wonderful turnout
at the Colorado Spring a Convention; 34 were there
and our E.O., Hally Stires. AVA HAMM RICHARDSON
was truly missed and our sympathies go out to her
family. On the happy side, SHIRLEY CHASE was married to Lury Kruse in early Sept. in Williamsburg,
Va. The very best to both. After the meetings in
C.S., the Kruses, Hansens, and Wardles had a great
and beautiful week trip through southwest Colorado.
The Aspens outdid themselYe8 as did the weather.
A happy time was had by all. I'm deeply involved
in taxes and will be so until April 16. Looking
forward to a Cuibbean cruise in May. Will dock in
L.A. the day after the Hansens leave for their


happened since you gals left the Antlers on Sunday! On Monday Oct. 2, my daughter gave birth
to a premature baby (4 Ibs.) It was touch and
go for a while but now at 2 months weighs B Ibs.
and doing beautifully.
Thereabouts, my Mother
took a turn for the worse and passed away on the
25th. And, on the 29th, I was put in the hospital with (?) and lost my voice completely and
very painful but after a week I lived! Soon after
Thalnksgiving went to Okla. to visit Nancy for a
week. Weather was so bad in Colorado, couldn't
get back till last week and found my water pump
had frozen, had to get a new one and was without
water for a week. Now, here. I am and nothing has
happened for 2 days!"
CAROLYN CULLEN called from Martha's Vineyard to say
that she had just returned from San Juan (can't
imagine why) and to let us all know that the
Tradewind Airport is open to all, lovely grass
strip with camp sites all around. She said she
is active in real estate, flight instruction, and
Sounds great.
MARY RETICK WELLS writes she has now news but says
she has painted her house, inside that is, because
it's been too cold to do anything else. Also says
she is still editing her film, so small she needs
a magnifying glass! Has been involved in stre~ch
and sew, great strides, six hours to do a 30 ~n.
BETTY PHILLIPS HENNE writes: "Christmas I'm usually
alone so to give me company on Christmas morning
I invite people in for breakfast.
Two of my guests
were Buril and Ruth Barclay who brought a house
Blanche Noyes. Mrs. Noyes started flying
in 1929 and a charter member of 99's who, in 1930,
won the Bendix race from L.A. to Cleveland with
Louise Thaden. She was responsible for the program to start roof marking in towns throughout the
U.S.A. while she was employed in the F.A.A. She
was a most interesting woman. A close friend of
Jackie Cochran and Amelia Earhart. I showed her
some of the old newsletters and she knew some of
the gals. Incidently, Buril was ~ first fl~g~t
instructor in PA. retired from a high up pos~t~on
with the F.A.A. and a former president of the Ox5'&. Thought Colorado was a great success and am
looking forward to 19BO in Florida. It's only
200 miles away."
MARY BREIDENBACH HANSEN reports that the last winter
has gone by so fast that she doesn't ~ow where to
start! Last winter Vic's Mother was ~th us through all the rain and power outage~, but did manage a few short trips. In the spr~ng we flew back
to Vic's old stomping grounds and saw the damage
their severe winter had caused. It eve':lsno~e~
while we were.:lthere (May) 1st. Had a ~ce ~sJ..t
in Solv~,
CA with former neighbors who have retired there with 4 dOls, 3 horses, and 3 acres.
This is retirement?!
Vic even ran a tractor!
Farming is not our retirement!
The highlight of:
the year was the convention in C.S. and what a
time it was! It was good seein~ people I hadn't
seen since '44 and still reco~z~ng
them! Arter
the convention Shirley Chase Kruse and Larry, Sue
Boothe Wardle and Ken, and Vic and I rented a station wagon for a tour of Colorado. Had a wonderful trip, saw a lot of the state; in fa;t, there
was a canyon we got into and thought we d never

get out of, but thanks to Larry's good driving over

dirt roads, we managed to find the main highway.
Really looking forward to the reunion in Fla. and
a tour of the state and Disney World. Spent Thanksgiving in Birmingham witJ;lmy sister and family at
their lake cabin. Gained a few pcunds and then on
to Ohio to apend Turkey Day with Vic's B9 yr. old
Mother and his brother. Since then, Vic's Mother
has broken her hip, but seems to be doing well.
In Jan., we met Sue and Ken and off to Singing
Hills, out of San Diego, for a weekend of golf.
Since I can't keep score too well, I beat Sue
by 1 stroke1 We are planning a Caribbean Cruise
in May and will tell all in next newsletter.
Received a very nice letter from (ANITA PAUL)
Sister Theresa in Mount Carmel. La Plante, MD.
She expresses her deep appreciation for all the
good wishes of her old friends in the WASP and
especially the ones who see that she receives
the Newsletter and other news. She enjoyed all
the mementos sent her from the C.S. Convention.
She said she really liked the class picture and
renewing old ties with a new picture. The young
novices used our bumper stickers to adorn their
t~actor! She sent a really wonderful newspaper
article about the job she is doing at Mount Carmel. Do hope all of you get to see it at our
next get together. There was a really good picture of her and surely the 4fe she leads must be
rewarding as she looks absolutely radiant.
BETTY JANE WILLIAMS reports that over Thanksgiving
she flew to Palo Alto to spend the Holiaay with
SUe Wardle, your friendly reporter and her husbank, Ken. They motored north along the Calif.
coast to Shelter Cove a beautiful spot where
Betty has some property they spent a few delightful days in a home right off the water and
above the rocks, where the splash of the water
played lullabies at night and where you can sit
in the living room in front of a rearing fire and
watdh the airplanes land on the single airstrip,
just a golf faiaway away from you. A very relaxing time was had by all. Then over the Christ~as Holidays, Betty flew to Washington, D.C. to
spend the holidays with Lt. Col. Joan Olmsted
(44-9) Joan is still on active duty an Intelligence Officer with the Air Force, at Ft. Belvoir, Va. (Betty hints that years from now, Joan
should be allowed to write a book about her fascinating assignments and jobs of top priority and
responsibility that she holds). Whild in the DC
area, she socialized with Roddy McLean (~)
of this country's top Sumi artists met her lovely
family and also the family of Gen North Eahlbacher (~)
who lives in the suburbs also visited
with Velta Benn and other WASPs in the DC area.
Betty writes that this is the important year.
She will soon start enjoying complete military
Reserve retirement after her April birthda7, when
all those 2B years culminate in a small monthly
check from Uncle Sam. Her day-to-day activities
involve building a new business with her nephew,
the security business, for homes and industry
while still fulfilling the creative urges in film
She was Assoc. producer with pilotactress, SUsan Oliver, this past summer, one short
feature for theatrical release a comedy about a
Japanese cowP07, aptly titled "Cowboy Se".
is starting a series of cultural films, with a

-39 -

small group of concerned adults in the southern

Calif. area who seek to improve the substance of
films available in theaters today. First one
scheduled deals with an accomplished sculptor and
the thoughts, philosophy, etc. that encompasses
the creative process. Working with the State U.
at Long Beach, Betty is also applying for a grant
from the National Endowment of the Humanities to
develop a documentary on the WASPs this is an ambitious project but has been enthusiastically
endorsed and will probably be sometime in the creative process as well as in production. She reports she is working closely with Lillian Roberts
and Edna Davis in the area of public relations and
publicity and has a small WASP exhibit, if anyone needs same in any public appearances. This is
the exhibit that Marty Wyall, our historian, has
put together.
BEV BEESmYER wrote our editor BErTY CROSS that
she really enjoyed the reunion in C.S. and hopes
the Florida one is as much fun saving her
nickels for it. After she came home, she was
cutting down a couple of trees with a man helper
& dropped a log on her big toe and "broke the
stupid thing". SaYIi she's still wearing a cutout alipper. Bev didn't get any pics this last
reunion and says anyone who did (from classes
44-5 & 44-6) she'd like to track some down ali
she's kept a photo album of each re-union for
both classes since Palm Springs but slipped up
on this one and t~e Reno one.
happened soon after the reunion. Hy daughter
gave birth to a premature baby girl, my mother
took a turn for the worse and we buried her on
the 28th of October. On the 30th I entered the
hospital with a virus of the tr~ :hea tube.
Seems it takes quite a while to get over such
a series of events. We even had an earthquake.
44-7 Secretary:

859 N. June #301
Los Angeles, CA 90038

GERRY ASHWELL LOTOWYCZ is married to a Navy pilot

who was with Pan American Airlines and later
became an insurance agent. They have four lovely daughters and four grandchildren.
Two of
her daughters live in Long Island and two live
in Boulder, Colorado. After her children began
growing up, Gerry returned to the Plant World
and is now a 'permanent part; ti.me person' with
the Long Island Commisaion of the New York State
Parks. She is a field botanist specializing in
the flora of Long Island. "Her involvement in
aTiation now is as an occasional passenger.
DOROTHY SMITH LUCAS advised me last June - not in
time for the newsletter-that
she and her husband moved to a resort area about 30 SW of Austin, TX. They love it-golf,
swimming, tennis,
etc. Dorothy had to give up her volunteer duties with the Assistance League at Seton Hospital
when she escaped from the Big City.
JEAN LANDA is still in the Savings and Loan business she and Carlos started in 1950 It has
grown to more than 100 million dollars strong
with 36 employees. Carlos retired in January
but still has an office in downtown Spokane; ,


his job as Mexican Consul keeps him busy. Jean

spends her spare time being a grandmother-to
eight. They are lots of fun, she says, -on a
part time basis. Jean's hobby is travellingoff to Palm Springs, March 1st, where she and
Carlos have a condominium. On the first of April
they are taking their four girls on a Caribbean
crUise; the last of April, they will be in Los
Angeles, then in June, Colorado Springs and San
Francisco. in October and November they will
spend two or three weeks in Eastern Canada and
the Chicago Area.
MARY ANN WALKER DREHER and Frank are living an
interesting and busy life. They sit in their
home on a hill overlooking the Pacific making
such decisions as to where to fly their Cessna
182 next time. They do make that lovely flight
up to northern Calif. to visit their son and
daughter; attending numerous air shows and flyins is on their schedule-even Mexicali air
races. At the present time they are making plans
to attend the Oshkosh EAA this summer and of
course, looking forward to the WASP convention
at Disneyworld.
JANE HARRIS CUNNINGHAM is still plugging away at
her second-or is it third-_ducation Janie
is making q~ite a name for herself in the printing trade with her brochures, letters-and most
important, the lovely book of Indian Poetry
written by one of our Original Americans, Phil
George. Jane did it all-the typing, paste-up,
printing and hand stitching. Superb craftsmanship, Jane---a masterpiece in this world of mediocrity Keep up the good work. Next,.i-,
Janie's project will be a weekend workshop in
paper marbling. She's planning to start her
own semi-commercial business in printing and
bookbinding. First, Jane, get lots of resttake a deep breath and get ready to gol When
you start-with that quality work-you'll
BETTY PETTITT NICHOLAS retired at the end ,of Feb.
and celebrated by ferrying a Cessna Hawk from
Wichita to Indianapolis-then
a flying vacation
via Bonanza to Florida. Betty is looking forward to flying places and seeing more WASP friends
when she gets her own 150 dug out from behind a
two-foot snow bank. She plans to return to office, too, on special projects-part
BEE (FALK) HAYDU - "Our oldest, Joey, has announced his engagement to Wendy Parkinson, a lovely
girl we have known for years. They plan an
October wedding. We're so happy. I've been
very busy with real estate activities. We
bought a Beech Debonaire Bonanza in November
and I flew it to Fla. from N.J. En route one of
the magnetos "conked" out-at night. A few
gray hairs later I landed at Kinston, N.C. They
could not fix it until the next a.m. They did
and then I continued non-stop to W. Palm Beach
Airport next day. It's a beautiful flying machine and Joe and I are enjoying it very much."
MILDRED REXROAT is planning vacations visiting old
friends--hiking and biking with Muriel Rath Reynolda and Virginia Mullen, then to Pat Blackburn Bonanzinga and maybe' Dorothy Sorenson Van
Va1kenburg. If there is another Eagle Pass AAF
reunion, she will travel back to 1944-for dan-

cing, -w:uu.ng,relllJ..Jllscingand visiting old Mexico haunts Returning to the present--or perhaps the future--Re;x;yplans to remodel her house
to make it solar tempered as far as possible.
She hopes to do muchof the work herself
Goodluck, Rexy!
was so impressed with Jane.s
work that she brought it to work at the courthouse to showher friends what her classmates
look like 'back when.' Barnsie still finds it
hard to comprehendthat she actually made a
reunion after nearly '35 years of wishing
and hoping ' and plans to make attending reunions a habit.
We'll see her in Orlando in '80.
She's still working aw legal secretary for Pierce
County's District Court and likes the work. She
has becomea grandmother 'at long last.'
She and
her younger daughter, Faith--a high school junior
--are busy with showingtheir horses. It took 25
yrs. to up-grade to Arabians and nowthey have
four of them that they showand ride in the mountains.
Faith showsin hunter-jumper divisions.
and Dondevote their time to 'living by our ownpriorities'
which are ~ot necessarily in this order) to maintain physical health,
especially by golfing and bicycling assist
family (3 daughter and sons-in-law) and friends
as needed for reasons of illness, child care or
transportation photograph everything compile albums serve the community,Lila as volunteer to CampFire Girls serve their church
in various capacities, Lila tutors in reading
entertain, visit, play pinochle and other games
read, work crossword and jigsaw puzzles
travel and enjoy their mountain cabin. Lila
helped organize the Holiday Mini-Reunion Party
for the Los Angeles Area WASPs
in December.
(Moreon that later in this columnfrom Nona,
Holt Pickering.)' Lila became a memberof the
Board of Trustees for the DowneyUnited Methodiat
Church in Feu and thia month, March, the new
leader of the Chapter CA372, Downeyof TOPS,
(Take Off POUJuls
Also in 1978 and 1979 she became a memberof
the B-l7 CombatCrewmen
& Wingmen. Lila didn't
ny'B-l7s but was invited to join as a result
of the WASP
publicity in our struggle for recogni tion.
She's planning somekind of 'get together' in April for Jean Landa if she can"pin
Jean downon somedefinite date that she will
be in the L.A. area.
this is Betty's -letter word
for word. "Whatan absolutely GREAT
in Colorado Springs! Wemanagedto squeeze in
somecanoeing after myreturn from Colorado
Springs, ignoring our very stiff,. frozen tent
each morning of the trip.
But then picked
tomatoes from our garden until the end of Oct.!
Lovely winter arrived and I switched brieny to
someindoor activities
(furniture kit building
and finishing) before beginning to be late in
preparation for the Holidays. Our winters here
have a thousand different faces; we have done.
miles and'miles of hiking on the snow;which is
too crusted for idea XC ski.:ingthis year. n,u:ter
three years of it, I'm'even more enth~siastic
about my duties on the Governor's Critical Areas
Board. My Swinuningand yoga are every bit as

-41 -'

muchpleasure as needed for exorcise. Interests

seemto run rampant presently, as reflected in
the manywinter-acquired book titles on our
shelves, such as: 'Canoeing The Yukon,' 'HowTo.
Build Picture Frames,' 'Bedrock Fossil Locations
in Maine, " 'Backpack Cookery' and of course,
'Yoga for Your Leisure Yearsll1l'
,I will. begin
my night school course next Monday'at the Cornerstone Shelter Institute on 'Passive Solar
Housebuilding' and that will bring.me to Mayand
our customary 3-4 week canoe trip in the North
Country! We're sure having a 'Life Full "
visited old friends in Minn-.
esota last June and plans a Mediterranean cruise
when she can get away from her taxpayers--or
non-payers! Nona attended Lila's Mini-Reunion
and gave me a list ot 44-7 attendees ln addition to Lila and Nona, there were Gerry Bowen
Olinger, Joan SmytheMcKesson,Eileen Wright
Ferguson, and Mary AnnWalker Dreher. Also,
Lillian Roberts and Edna Davis were there. It
was a happy non-business get-together with wining and dining.
reports she has not been doing
anything lately that she hasn't always been
dOing except a little
hot-air ballooning
Her log book now shows31,000 hours
I'm back at the old AlmaMater---The Art
Center College of Des1gn--just about the only
student over thirty!!
Myonly canpetition for
age--Pete Bucher--(i'rom the Pueblo)-left
a year ago-So I'm nowranking senior citizen
on ccmpus. It's a tough school--I haven't been
so busy and worked so hard since the summerof
'441 Planning to take this SUllIller
off spending
part of it in Tucson pedangling in mypool and
painting, drawing-trying to' get someof what
I hope I've learned in the last year togethe~
Then back to the' drawing boards in. the fall .
& husband Guy stopped off in Denver
on the way to C.S. and got together with YVONNE
husband Rex and ALICEHISStor
dinner and socializing.
Betty (Red); Vonne&
Alice were stationed together tor awhile at
MooreField towing targets.
Alao visited with'
our elilest sonI s in-laws while .in Denver, (both
our sons are Air Force Career and Don's, the.
oldest, Father- in -law is also AF career stationed at LowryAFB).iince then, Donhas comeback.
to the States from Germanyand.now stationed at
Grand Forks AFB,N.D.. '(Youngest son is stationed
in England on his second tour of duty over there.)
On to Colorado Springs and after a wonderful Convention with tour to. NORAD
and AFAcadelllY
an extr.a day in C.S. and visited, with Guy's niece
and family wholive in CanonCity. They came-to
the Antlers and_we went to Royal Gorge..tor the
day then had dinner at. the SUJlbirdIDn overlooking Colorado Spring. culmin&ting a wonderful vacation. HusbandGuyretired _onSt.-,Patrick's Dq,
(good day for an Irishman to retire) and has been
devoting the'last couple of weeka ,to getting our
pasture in. shape tor planting and putting in a
large garden. It all goes well,. see you all in
Orlando in' 80.



739 Kawana Road
Columbia, S.C. 29205


enjoyed their
drive from Phoenix to Colorado Springs in their
Peuguot diesel and managed to locate diesel fuel
at critical
moments. Anne had lost 32 lbs. and
looked really greatl
She and Clarence stopped
off at Santa Fe for several days of sightseeing
before to Phoenix, where she is now in Real Estate and thoroughly enjoying it.
Anne writes,
"I thought that all the publicity
Phoenix received
about the heavy rains and nooding which we experienced (earlier
this year) would keep the
I snow birds I home from the East Coast, but they I
re still
nocking here and keeping us busy.
don't have time for needlework any more as real
estate seems to occupy all my waking moments."
HELENVENSKUS,ll735 North 19th Ave., Space A-Zl,
Phoenix, AZ 85029. After leaving the WASPprogram, Helen worked for the federal gov't.,
came to Phoenix and worked for a local hotel,
and later for the City of Phoenix until she had
a stroke last March. However, shels able to
live alone and can still
drive and hopes continued therapy will help her to improve even
more. (11m sure that a card or letter
from classmates would be appreciated
by Helen.)
s&7s, "After all these years it's
so nico to
know and hear trom some of the people who were
in 44-8! When talking with Anne Dailey, pictures nashed through JD:Y mind as she mentioned
Really nothing new with me.
I had a stroke March 3, 1978 which loft my left
side partially
and needless to say I
don't ny anymore. Kept at it for many years
after the WASP. Still
walking and talking, for which I'm thankful.
Would certainly
like to receive a little
news about all the other
girls who were in W-8. Not lost anymore."
get aroundl
Before going to Colorado Springs she had sailed
to Mexico, where she planned to return for Xmas.
She. drove from Sedona to the Colorado reunion
with Gertrude Dietz, Kay Elliot
Pegg Daiger Trego. ~verly
said they "had a
Ball" with DEDEguiding them through Indian
She writes,
"We are bnilding a new
house here (in Sedona), lovely views of the Red
Rocks all around.
Husband Jim and son Brad are
doing all the work; I'm just the Igo-ferl
Overlooks a lovely gol! course so guess where I
spend my timel
Daughter Lesley attends private
high school, Verde Valley School, and loves it,
the three-week back-packing trip coming up.
a great school, too."
Beverly heard from Kit Dooley at Christmas.
dido't go to Colorado Springs because she just
opened up her gift shop in Maine, besides helping her brother to run their big electrical
businese in New York City.
NEILL bought the travel agency in Jan.
1977, where she had been working for 10 yrs.
uBusiness is good--too good--but 11m not used to
wearing the boss I s hat yet.
Have one parental
at home, a 14 yr. old girl.
other four are launched," she wrote.

DIEl'Z announced at the reunion that she
was celebrating
her 33rd year as director
Tocaloma?(sp) ClllllPS and schools in So. Cali:r.
and Arizona.
She has no children of her own but
has nurtured plenty of other people's
through trauma of broken legs and arms.
KILLENis teaching emotionally handicapped at Edwards Air Force Base, Edwards, Calif.
"Last ciaughter, Talley, became the bride of Gary
Dunn, Sept. 30, so all four are now married.
Whoopee! So happy to see all the wonderful 44-8
gals at the Colorado Springs reunion - Dede,
Carla and Jackie for the first
time in 35 years!
Pride and togetherness
showed in our meetings.
Any of you going through my area please count my
address as your staying place for the night.
Would love to have you."
(Ty's address: 44613
N. Elm, LancasteJ; CA 93534.
has travelled
with husband
and children in the Air Force for 22 yrs.,
they retired
to Costa Mesa, CA in 1965.
returned to school and became a pa,ychiatric
When the last of the children moved out
three years ago, she and husband moved to Porterville,
CAwhere thoy now live.
And speaking of getting around, JOANGOUGH
"We had a wonderful trip around the
country last July in a 33~ ft. motor home. My
three children,
Scotty and two daughters joined us and in four weeks we travelled
8,640 mleslll
is still
in practiue
as a
remedial therapist
in NewYork, tutoring
children and training
other tutors.
son is married and daughter is a sophomore at
informed us that she had
picked up a new son-in-law.
("That I I d have
married myse.lf if I'd found him first,"
she says).
Daughter Meg and Gil Young were married last May
at their swmner home in Wanona. Mary Jane is
painting and had an art show, all watercolors,
scheduled last Oct. 16 - Dec. 16 in
living in a
Ighost townI with spouse, dogs, cat, chickens,
peacock and ducks.
Had a fossil
named for us-Gymnites Tregorum--officially
described as 'poor17 preserved,
badly deformed, but rarel
Not so, Peggy looked great in Colorado.
JERRI FULKCR00Kwas at C.S. reunion with friend
Cl.eo Copeland from Sumter, S.C. After leaving
Colorado, she and Cleo visited
two of her old
bos8es in Phoenix and played gol! when it was
Cleo is looking forward to next WASPra:union.
Jerri recoived a note from VIRGINIA"TOT"
FISHERWISE, lamenting that she was unable to
attend the C.S. reunion because of other trips
and a wedding.
She hopes to see everyone in
Disneyworld for the next reunion.
this note (Aug.
the better part of the past year in and out of
and had to give up the job.
Moved to
Mass. to be with daughter, and finally
oight months was well enough to go back to work.
Nowwith a.n electronics
firm and rather enjoy
instead of running as I did at the store.
Life on Cape Cod is great.
Have travelled

-42 -

a good deal and enjoy the ocean, only a few blocks

away. Peg is here and Pat about 25 miles away,
and son Andy is her for sunnner too.
No srandchildren yet.
Daughter Pat married in April.1I
HORSEwrites from Wakefield, R.I.:
will do anything at all to help gather the rest
of us up.
I'm hoping to find more of us and
will try hard.
My other interest
is our horses."
drop a note to Anne and see if she can tell
us a little
more about her activities.
As for your class secretary,
I Im simply trying to
survive while husband Frank is renovating
home. Son Douglas graduated from high school
last June and is working for a year before going
to college.
11m director
of public information
for Richland School District
2 in Columbia, S.C.
and working for a masters degree at the U. of S.C.
I sincerely
hope that we'll be able to gather
more news from 44-8 and especially
Flight Twol
Ed note:
Looks like Betty's
office phone has
changed from that in the Roster so put this in
your book, office ph. 803
Members of 44-8 attending
the 1978 Colorado Springs
Reunion were: Mary Jackson Kinney, Marie Jacobson
Jones, Marguerite Hughes Killen, Carla Howard Horowitz, Mary Jane Isham Ehrman, Joanne Blair Martin,
Doris Boothe Wanty, Gertrude Dietz, Gerry Fulk
Crook, Joan Gough Frost, Bonnie Dorsey Shinski,
Kay Elliott
Thompson, Beverly Dietrich Wilkinson,
Peggy Daiger Trego, Jean Ward Neill, Anne Dailey
and Betty Morton Brown.

44-9 Secretary:

4660 Rutherford Rd.
Powell, Ohio 43065

sent in a clipping from the Hartfort Courant newspaper, about Sona (Kierstead)
Wilson - she was honorary marshal .tor the Haddam
Conn'liI Veterans Day Parade.
Sona was very active in pushing for WASPVet legislation.
exchanged marriage vows with Irving
Van Brooker Feb. 10th.
We all wish her much
happiness in her new marriage.
wishes to extend a "big thank
you" to all the good people who worked so hard
for the Colorado SpriAgs reunion.
We, I am sure,
all join in with her with our GOOD
BETTYRIDDLE's husband, Howard, has taken early
and they are now trying to decide
where, when and what to move - or if they should
move at all.
They lOuld like to mover.near their
son in Hollywood. Fla.
Betty received a letter
from Marjorie Nicole, Virginia Spear & Mickey
Brown about what a good time everyone had at
the reunion she missed.
She hopes to make the
next one.
has recovered from the Colo. Springs
reunion and said it was wonderful seeing so many
old friends
She saw a Jo~
Carson program (Fep. 14) announcing a Fall TV program,
story of Wanen Pilots in
WWII- does anyone know anymore about this?
Mickey says her husband Bob is swamped with activities
and she has given up her job as of Sept.
and is being "just a housewile" and finding it
a pleasant
change~ They are planning to go to
San Francisco in April for the Amer. Educ. Re-

search Assoc. Conference.

She would like to drum
up a mini WASPreunion while there --anyone interested?
sent pictures
of reunion and" as all
of us, wished it could have lasted longer.
made another flying trip to Texas in Nov. and
while tmiting at the Shreveport,
La. airport
take off, Charlyne Creger met her and they talked some more.
moved to Powell, Ohio (just north
ot Columbus) in Sept. Took some getting use to
after 20 years absence, but quickly renewed old
and has been busy traveling
back &
forth the 100 miles to Cincinnati
children and friends a couple times a month. "A
pleasant surprise
awaited me when I got home from
the reunioD. - a letter
from "lost WASP"Janet
Wayne - I called her and it was so good to talk
to her again after 34 years.
She is Mrs. George
Tuch now.
Address: 346 W.C1fbaRd., Barrington,
60010. Janet - welcane back.
Thanks to Lois
Nash (43-8) for finding her."
SPEAR- "The 1978 C.onference was
great, and congratulations
to all those who worked so hard to make it that way. An added bonus,
while there made arrangements ttl see Elaine HarmoD.,Ruth Groves McClung, and Deane Ferguson
in D.C. at the end of October.
All of my class,
We had a marvelous afternoon and evening _
closing up our supper club while we reminisced.
Iliad a little
excitement getting
and I were following Fergie and we ended up in
Arlington Cemetery, which was closed.
The MP's
were quite understanding,
though, and we didn't
end up in the stockadel
- "Sorry -- too busy helping paint
and finish our new home to write what I've been
doing since the WASPget-together come to think
of it, I haven't been doing anything except help
finish the house - haul wood, hammer nails,
up insulation
(itchy job) ad infinitum.
Hope to
be through and moved in soon.
Hope sane WASPs
come by to see the finished product."
44-10 Secretary:

3330 E. La Salle
Colorado Springs, Coloo 80909

"As your class secretary,

I was surprised at the
number of W-10ers who were headed back to school,
at least those who responded to my cards.
even though I can't put everything that you wrote
in the Newsletter,
I want you to know that I really
enjoyed hearing fran each of you. What a joy it
was to visit with those of you who met with us in
Colorado Springs.
I was really too tired to do
much with ;rou."
is one of the students.
that she got tired of waiting for the GI Bill.
does no flying,
her husband i8 a pilot for United Airlines.
She was
golf tournament at the time of the
She also plays brid.ge (wish I could
play with her) and visiting
with her two sons
and one daughter.
One son is a golf-pro.
CARTERsays that she fiies with her husband. once in awhile.
She has heen on the Park
Board for the town of Fairfield,
CT. Says her
three children have all graduated !'ran college

-43 -

and left.
Then, she adds that since there is
lots of snow in CT. she skies a lot.
CREGERseems to be into traveling.
the reunion she went to Belize and Guatemala.
Says "Our bus driver got tanked up, fell asleep
unde: a tree and caused them to miss the next
Two Aussies, 2 natives arid Charlyne's
party were left at a ban~
stand with n? bus.
The Aussies conned a man WJ.th a Toyota pJ.ck-up
into taking them to the border.
The monsoon
hit, there were no holes in the bed of t~e
The roads were slick and the Wl.Ildshield wipers worked infrequently.
, They spent
the night in a $1.50 hotel.
They dined on bananas and fig newtons washed down with t~a. heated on the Aussies' Gaz, burner.
Charlyne J.S
planning another trip prior to the Orlando reunion.
HELENPAIN DAVISjoined us at Colorado Springs.
She was surprised
to'Tind out that there was an
active WASPgroup.
Says she doesn't fly.
H. DAVISis also into traveling.
'this minute she is on a freighter
headed for
via the Orient, with stops at Hong
Kong, Manila, Singapore 'and Malaysia.
,Says she
with Mary Jane Sellers.
JEWEL'ESTESsent three pages of news of general
to us.
hoped that it will be included in another part of this Newsletter.
didn't write but I happen
to know that she is flying again now that the
children are pretty much grown. Good luck Fern.
"mostly" in New
York. They keep the house in Vermont for skiing
and ,for the wandering college age kids.
husband has gone back to TV work and she has
gone back to Fordham U. to get her BA in Theater.
She says she always gets the Grandma and 'old
crone parts . She wants any old WASPbuddies to
stop by when they' are in New York.,
VIRGINIAHASHenjoyed the flight
from Colorado
Says it was beautiful.
Virginia flies
to lawv"'r seminars all over the southwest.
is having time to catch up on
personal things.
Says. she laid an additional
6" of fiberglass
in the attic!
iri tinie to feel virtuous
saving all that fuel in
the sub-zero weather.
Says she is ready for ,the'
reunion in Florida.
RUTHGLAsERGUHsESOl.ysthat the SacrilJllento area
gals had their own "mini" reunion in October.
Says 'that they comp~ed pictures
but didn't
us, any.,
ETHELLYTeHMILLERsays she doesn't fly but that
her retired
AF nusband does and she flies with
him. Her third grandson arrived shortly after
the WASPconvention and her daughter"wl1o is the
mother of~ Thel' s only granddaughter,
is pregnant.
THElMAHmCH MILLERflew home with Ginny Hash fram
Colorado 'Springs.
She then left for Albuquerque,
N.M. for the International
balloon fiesta.
no sooner got home than her son, Craig, was ,serio~sly injured in an auto accident.
He is ~ending nic~ly but T. K. SOl.ysshe. suddenly has grey
went to Hawaii after Christmas and
with old friends.
She did,re-

port that there's

snow on the high desert.
there was enough to cover the sand and was a
major event in Barstow, CA. They closed the
schools, the Marine Base and even the Sears Storel
RUTHREESPHILUPS says she still
is divorced and now living in Austin, TX. She has shop
selling man made diamonds.
went back to school when
her son started
to college.
She is now an art
~eacher to 8th graders and three times a grandmother.
Son Mark teaches business law in a
North Kansas City high school.
She doelln't fly.
Betty Fulbright
White doesn't fly but she has been
nominated by her motor cycle club, the Retreads,
as the Outstanding Female rider of the year.
husband, Omar, was nominated as the Outstanding
Male rider of the year.
She says that should
any of us see a Holiday RilJIlbler trailer,
stop them, they will give you a cup of coffee.
Or, if you see two red and white Honda Goldwing
motorcycles with Razorback RilJIlblers on the tour
packs don't run over them or push them off the
But do try to stop them for talk.
also had a mastectomy.
SHe feels luck since it
seems the cancer was contained and she'll
no more treatment.
is a doctor of Philosophy form the
School of Journalism at the U. of Missouri.
has been an advertising
agency executive for 15
years and is now teaching mass communication
courses, with emphasis in Broadcasting
at the
U. of Nebraska at Omaha. She runs and wants to
enter a ~ marathon (6miles) this year.
She says
she flies
only with United, American etc. and
plays golf and racquetball.
and is getting
WASPscrapbooks in order.
YOUNG: "I still
fly a very
and only with other pilots
in the plane.
I hope to change that soon.
I'm the Vice-Pres.
of the Pikes Peak; Eagle Rock Chapter of the
Antique Airplane Assoc., Program director
the Pikes Peak Chapter of the National Council
on Alcoholiam and, of course, I'm still
for Dept. of Social Services in El Paso County,
I've been accepted by the Denver U.
School of Social Work but probably won't be
able tci go until year-180.
II n be a candidate for a Masters degree.
My second son was
married in Aug. He had been badly injured
while working for the forest
service but now
usually walks almost without a limp.
There are
many things he can't do though.
II m still
JEWELLESTES: liMyhusband, Tom Estes and I were
very' pleased to have been invited to the dedication of the History of &viation Collection's
new location
in Nov. of 1978.
'1lliis project,
spearheaded b7 George Haddaway in The Univ. of
Texas in' Au.tin has had such magnificent
that it has been moved to the Univ. of Texas in
Dallas at the beautiful
and spacious McDermott
'I'was especially'pleased
to see that
the memorial which was dedicated to the 38 WASPs
who died in service and dedicated in Austin in
1975 has been given a praninent
and honored
This dedication
in Dallas was an
of IlEagles" from the field


or aviation. I join you in our gratitude to this

History of Aviation Collection for their having
contributed to the public service an awareness
and having afrorded an assurance that the memories and services of these forever-~oung wome~
are enshrined here. I recommend a ~sit to this
wonderful collection.




Kris Swan Lent

Like wandering sAeep
Milling in the lobby we gathered.
Searching for once familiar faces
Eyes squinting at nameplates.
Thirty-four (or more) years had rearranged us
Changed our hair, faces and bodies.
So that we hesitated to identify old friends
And waited for recognition.

We send our deepest sympathy" individually and

collectively" to Mr. Hank Erdmann" Director of
Training at Sweetwater" on the death of Mrs. Erdmann. Hank" our thoughts are with you.

Swiftly it came with remembered smiles

Familiar gestures, accents and voices
followed by shouts and warm embraces.

An interesting report was sent to Jewel Estes recently entitled A SHORT HISTORY OF WOMEN IN AVIATION.
It is a type of text and research for military personnel and in its contents it tr~ces the evolution of
women in aviation from the turn of the century.
Though it does limit the mission of the WASh as
listing them as; - "Train women to ferry
aircraft,,'train women to tow anti-aircraft targets
and taxi. military VIP's around the cc;>untry
".it .
does add:" They new every aircraft ~n the ~
Corps inventory and their safety record was somewhat better than that of male pilots." It also
mentioned that full military recognition has been
given along with Veteran's benefits. Aren't we
glad that a sense of humor is retroactive?

How we rejoiced at meetingl

Reclaiming old friends and making new ones
Unified by a bond forged so long ago.
With amazement we marked the accomplishment of
those who have soared to different heights in
varied careers.
While some of us have lingered earthbound
Claimed by housework, children and families
And reaping a different reward.
Years have gone from slo-time to jet speed and
What we did then seems so distant a memory
(as far removed as crawling!).


We gathered now to celebrate

That sweet victory won by those dedicated to our
To them we owe a debt of gratitude and love
For labor done through endless years.

43-4 Lauretta Foy: - Employed by Bell Helicopter IS

Van Nuya Center. Working with the Sales team,
she's been concentrating on more and better heliports. Holds Commercial pilot license, Single
Engine Land & Sea" Multi-engine land, instrument"
instructor" rotorcraft-helicopter
She's an FAA designated Flight Examiner for
Been flying since 1939,
learned on a Fleet biplane" has flown more than
100 different aircraft, and logged over 12,000.
Served as WASP for two years as a Ferry Pilot
wit)J 6th Ferrying Group, Long Beach" CA. After
the war was active as a Capt. in Air Force Reserve for several years. Her rlying activities
are too numerous to mention all of them here.
She's worked as a dancer, photographic double
for movie stars, test pilot, check pilot, etc.
EDNA MODISEI'TE DAVIS -"I sneaked a week for Safari
in Kenya, Africa in February. Such a marvelous
experience seeing all those animals living happily together on the same turf - wish people could
be as nice. Still laughing at the big Lt. Col.
Pateman pilot and friends in the middle of the
Colorado Springs runway with a dead airplane and
"everybody out and pushl" Hope everyone pushes
for the next convention. L./-3 -- S
Classmate IRENE MINTER BRADY, it has just been
learned" is in the hospital with terminal cancer
in Shreveport, LA. We know any cards or notes
from her classmates and friends would be greatly
Address them to; 6652 Burke St.
Shreveport, LA 71108.

And with farewells

We honor in our hearts those dear departed friends
Who shared this life with us.
Their spirits linger on in golden memories.
Oh God" we thank you for lives entwined
For hopes and dreams now realized.
We offer you exultant praise
For granting us these special ~ys.
DELLA TISSAW, chairman of the Service Committee,
sold her pilot wings to a collector with the
stipulation that he make a donation to the Order
of Fifinella in her name. He did so and Della
immediately donated the total amount of the
check to OOF. Thank you Della1
IMPORTANT LEGISLATION - S. 330 A bill that could be of
great importance to the WASP and all other veterans has been the subject of
hearings before the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs in Feb. & March.
This bill S. 330, co-sponsored by Sen. Alan Cranston and Sen. Gary Hart,
would give veterans the right to receive court rulings on cases decided against
them by the Veterans Administration. Astonishingly, the basic right of judi.
cial review has been consistently denied only to veterans. The V.A., third largest agency of the Federal Govt., is the only one not presently subject to reo
view by the Federal Courts.
"To isolate a Federal Agency from the scrutiny of the courts goes against
the very principles of our Constitutional System," Hart said. "Enactment of
this legislation is a matter of simple justice for the nations 29 million veterans
and their families."
"If you agree, you may offer your support for S. 330 by writing Sen.
Cranston or Sen. Hart & by writing the Senators from your own state.

-45 -


Report of President,
Bee Haydu, Business Meeting
of Order of Fifinella,
Antlers Hotel Colorado
Springs, Colorado, Sept. 30, 1978
. In. compiling the President's
report and realizing
7t will be my last one, I found it extremely diff1cult to try to summarize all that has been done.
I looked about me in the spot in our N.J. home I
call 1I0fficell at the boxes of WASPcorrespondence
and other material.
I looked on my desk at the unfinished personal business and thought of the many
hours I had been working on WASPthings instead of
helping my family with their various projects.
my eyes came back into focus on those boxes of correspondence, 1 was considering how I could tell you
about the volumes I have written in connection with
the office of President and work on the Militarization since Reno, June, 1975. Of course, 1 could
have counted all the letters
written but then that
would not have left me time to get here.
So what
1 did instead was to take the bathroom scale nd
weigh the boxes of WASPfiles.
They weighed 63 lbs.
We.produced 5 Newsletters in these past 3~ yeiJrs
material for which had to be provided.
Many a letter
of invitation
as well as thank you's and condolences had to be written on a continuing basis.
As you know, Joe and I spend about 6 months in'
Florida and 6 months in N.J.
In Florida I managed
to get the use of a WATTS
line 2 evenings a week
in 1976 - 77 season and one night a week for 197778 season. This saved us a great deal of money and
meant that 1 could follow up on many details
concerning Militarization
and organization business by
phone. Unfortunately,
the ccmpany with the WATTS
line will be going to a new system this season which
will eliminate my using .this line.
In N.J. it is a
There I am in the country and about 8 miles from the nearest town. No WATTS
and a long trip to have anything zeroxed or mailed
In reviewing the securing of publicity
for the
I estimated the following:
9 Newspaper Interviews (one of which was a.
syndicated UPI column which went to over
600 newspapers, arrnaged for by ~oni Anderson)
11 TV Interviews including IIGoodMorning Americall (arranged for by Viva magazine) and
appearance on liTo Tell The Truthll (arranged
b;r ~oodson-Todma.nafter they saw N.Y. Times
8 Radio Interviews
(up! one went to more than
900 stations)
6 Publiutions
and magazines
9 Personal appearances (talks, petition gathering, Air Shows, etc.)
4. Trieds and Failed (one was for national
In March, 1977 1 traveled to Washington, D.C.
at Col. Arnold's request to attend Militarization
strategy meeting with Senator Goldwater and the


Committee and to meet with Congresswomenand men. Around the May, 1977 Senate Hearings I spent 2 weeks in Washington, D.C. helping
with headquarters office,
setting up filing
sYStem, meeting with Militarization
Committee, meeting with those in Government, visiting
and Congres5lllen or their Aide:! and preparing for
the Senate Hearing.
While in D.C. I worked late
at night as well as Saturdays and Sundays.
were other trips to D.C. and I estimate that 1
spent at least 30 days there altogether.
You might like to know how the Board of Order
of Fifinella
arranged their Board Meetings and the
cost of these.
During the 3~ years of this present
Board, we were always concerned and aware of our
tight finances - aware that lots of money was
needed for the Militarization
fight in D.C. We
would arrange our meetings in a central
spot or
to coincide with other activities,
such as Hearings in Washington. We invited those Committee
Chairmen to the meetings where there was IID.l.ch
be discussed.
In the 3~ years we invited to
Board Meetings the Newsletter Editor, Betty Cross
once; J.R. Smith (Smitty), Chairman of the Hot
Springs Reunion and printer
of our Newsletter and
Ros~er once; and Virginia Hash, Bylaws and Corp.
Cha1rman, once. The reason we not have more at
the Board meetings were financial
since we did
pq the airline
fares of those attending the
However, the rest of the expenses came
from our personal pockets.
The one exception was
the May, 1978 Board meeting in Hartford, Conn.
At this meeting we dove-tailed
the fact that one
of our members had to be in the area for another
event and one was vacationing in bl . J. and the rest
could drive to the meeting.
At meetings other
than this one, those attending were the house
guests of other WASPsand friends.
In Indianap~lis, where there were 2 Board Meetings, Betty
N1cholas was our hostess arranging for other local
WASPsand friends to take us in.
She and they
would give us dinner partie s so we would not have
Whenwe were in the D.C. area
the same hospitality
was shown us there by Elaine'
Harmon and Lucille Wise. The Board was constantly
trying to save as well as earn money (Sara Hayden
tJ:r0ugh sales of items from which we derived pro-'
f1ta, raised large sums for the organization).
ETcmy member of the Board has spent funds for this
for which she is not seeking reimbursement. Nowthat we are better organized and
hopefully, will be receiving dues on a regula:.
basis, 1 would like to recommen-athe following:
1. The Board of Directors meet more frequently and involve more Conmittee Chairmen
at various meetings to better be able to
function actively.
2. A budget be set up for the Class Secretaries,
most of whCllll
pay all their mailing and printing
costs when they solicit
information for the Newsletter.
3. The bunion CcmDittees and Officers and
Board Members work long, hard hours preparing for reunions and doing organizational work. They expend personal funds
in these duties.
They pay registration
fees at these reunions as do all of you.

I would like to reonm:unendthat their registration

fees at future reunions be
In conclusion,
I want you all to kIlt.)Wthat while
this has been a lot of work, it was well worth it.
I have IIl&deso many new, true friends,
have met so
many interesting
people, have experienced
so many
new things in my life.
It has been a pleasure
being the President
of such a unique group of women whose many accomplishments other than that of
having been a WASPare unbelievable.
I thank you
fran. the bottom of my heart for the opportunity
of having served you.


; "It takes generosity

, to make the total



gift of one's fife to

God," says Sister

Since I was so overcome as to be speechless when

my beautiful
miniature golden wines were presented at Colorado Springs, please accept my deep and
now. I shall wear and
them foreverl
Speaking of wings, I am impelled to attempt to
clear up the resentment regarding my wearing "your"!
I feel that those who really know me would
not believe that I would IIl&squerade under false
I HAVEworn WASPwings w!.en speaking before groups, but I have always explained at the
outset that I was not a WASPpilot and that I was
IN ALLITS BEAUTY. The fact that there were photographs taken and published,
and that this would
cause resentment never occurred to me. The only
other time I have ever worn them was when I was
"lobbying" in Washington, at the suggestion of several people, including a Major General (command
and my congresSlll&nl And I wore them for the
same reason, not in pretense.
I have at least a
dozen photos in uniform with NOwingsl
I was told in Colorado Springs that regulations
were that no one except Miss Cochran and graduates
could wear the wings.
there is no
except a moral one which would prevent
from wearing them.
This should be corrected
I am as jealous of your wings as any of you could
And, I think I might be forgiven for reminding
you that the fir~t
seven classes would have had no
wings if I had not designed and arranged for them.
(You remember Mr. Odlum and Miss Cochran paid for
them) And 43-W-8, the firat
time wings were authorized by the AAF, would have been presented
cardhoard wings (because the official
wings could not
be ready in time) had it not been for my vehement
(Those who have them can see that the
43-W-8 wings were retooled pilot's
wings, and not
the official
For almost 37 years I have had your best interests at heart,
have presented you in the best pmssible light and have striven for your recognition.
I certsinly
would do nothing to diminish your image.
Best wishes to you, always.

Teresa, prioress
of Mount Carmel

The Nuns Of Mount Carmel

Life In The Cloister ...

.,-,.... __ ..
,.. ..~~.: :..:::
, =':~"''''::~P=
, .... ........




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So", I. ~


~~:' .:.:~of.'::'.;


'-, ..""",,, ... ,,,,,.,-...,



,....,..n-UA7 .

........ ,........

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:: ":.~'" .:;: f": '::~

,_, ,1",_,.

,~ .

11' '

,. ".nu..a





-47 -






V '~I_

;::':)0 .." ._"'0

List Of People Attending WASP Conference,

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Frances Sargent (Rohrer)

Alice-Jean Starr (May)
Eleanor Wortz (Thompson)
JDe rlaydu
Isabel Karkau (Steiner)
Sally Keil - ~iece of
['Jesley Disney
Harry AndersDn
Gwendolyne Hickerson
~lary Parker
r;,rs.m. [.J.Roach
Dr. DDnald Acker
Edna Bishop (Pedlar)
Gracemarie (Lee) Neville John E. Lont)
CLASS 43-1
Jeanne Christian
Eo H. ([,lase)masonhall
Braxton S. Thompson
CDl. Frank Dreher
Mary Lou Neale (Colbert)
Helen Snapp
Herbert Ter.>me
Dorothy Young
Lydia Kenny (Lindner)
BDb Ell iSDn
John C. Campbell
Geri Nyman (Lamphere)
Isabel Van Lom (Madison)
Kenneth rn. Gleszer
VictDr E. Hansen
Gertrude (G. C.) Kindig (Brown)Cornelia
Evelyn Howren (Greenblatt1
Doro~hy Olsen (Kocher)
DDnald E. HDlben
Marjorie Gray
JennIe Reimann (Hrestu)
~Jilliam KDStuk
Kenneth J. Rolle
Byrd Granger (Howell)
~lta !~omas (Corbett)
JDhn rr.iddletDn
Ann Johnson (R. Lt. Col.)
r',aryallce Ford (L' Hommedieu)
~Jilliam J. (Bill) PeytDn Cyrus Rober.tson
Barbara Lazarsky
Arthur H. Bridge
~aj. ~artha StantDn
Jeanne Robertson
Irving Van Brooker
Bill RDbinson
Nancy Lee Baker
Leslie McBride
Art Slaymaker
CLASS 113-2
Juanita Cooke (Bolish)
~1ike l'Jantry
"RDme" Tedeschi
Rosa ~eek (Fullwood)
Carl Trick
Ken ~'Jardle
marion Brown (Schorr)
Bobby Heinrich (Hillis)
Larry Kruse
Ed Harris
Marie Genaro (Muccie)
Clarence rJesky
Clyde L'J.Campbell
mary Huber (Darlin9)
CLASS 43-5
mrs. Mabel Roquette
Ren Dunlap
Florence Roberson (Lawler)
RDbert F. HDlden
Jary McKay (Johnson)
Jane Campbell (Thomas)
Bill Riche
Gordon J. O'Rourke
Catherine Bridge (Vail)
Edna Davis (Modisette)
Fred (Derf) Trumbull
Jim Rohrer
Geraldine Mickelsen (Ulmer)
Dorothy Ebersbach
Herbert S. Young
John E. Strehle, Jr.
~ary O'Brien (Trotman)
Lucille r,icVey(Friesen)
Bernt Risdal
Elmer L. lJatson
Ruth Reynolds (Francklint))
Yvonne Pateman
William G. Degray
JDhn A. Mc Ve y
Martha Rupley (~agenseil)
Betty Pfister (Haas)
Everett Calhoun
George Kinney
Farjorie Thompson (Sanford)
Rose Kielty Buresh
~~id Cassidy
Virginia Disney (Alleman)
Jean Dunkle (Livingston)
1. J. Cuddington
Joseph Bretherick
Betty Joiner (Eames)
Celia Hunter
Clay Grasso
Carl lJ. Reed
Kay Chaffey (Gott)
Harriet Fisher (~acLane)
Richard Dicranian
Guy A. Reed
Alma Hinds (Jerman)
Allison McBride (Burns)
Ruby Stringer
Sally Jennings
Ruth Trees
Shirley Teer (Slade)
Charles Ferree
"Jerner Hohn
Margaret Boylan (Kerr)
Helen Holland (Turner)
Rex Richards
Pete Young
Jill rilcCormick
~!ancy Hoino
Irvine Paris
Dawn Seymour (Rochow Balden)
Mary Emma Edwards
Emerson (mac) McKay
CLASS 43-3
Ann Kenney (Karlson)
Douglas Eby
Jack r.~artin
marion Trick (Carlstrom)
Ralph Reece
KiM CDl"den
Lois Hailey
Josephine Egan (Pitz)
June Ca ss
Guy S. Cross, Sr.
Louise Kidd
Jarry Van Lorn
P.I r'!ash
Vilma Qua{ls (Lazar)
Gayle Reed (Bevis)
Carlos Landa
Susan HDhn
Lois Ziler (Hollingsworth)
Ellan Evans (Croxton)
David Johnston
Esther Berner (Poole)
Sylvia Clayton (Dahmes)
Bill ~'Jarfield
Betty Budde (Deuser)
Caryl Stortz (Jones)
Eenjamin ~ysocki
Joyce Secciani (Sherwood)
Geraldine Jordan (Hardman)
Joel ~Jysocki
Kay Brick (menges)
Elva Moorhouse
Caray E. BovJles
Emma Ware (Coulter)
John T. Bent
Marjorie Sizemore (Popell)
James (Smitty) Smith
Clarice Bessent
~Jill iam R. En ~1e
Solange D'Hooghe
Earl I'ledlicott
Florence Knight
Clarence A. r,1~rshall
Helen Sheffer (Porter)
Ziggy Hunter
Grace Mayfield (Birge)
Jim '.iJortz
Margaret Stegall (Cox)
Logue Mitchell
Lillian Roberts (Connor)
Bliss Hansen
Charlotte Carl (mitchell)
Jerry Boxberger
Jean H. Pearson
Jim Hickerson
Margaret Ringenberg
Rigdon EdvJards
Irwin Jennings
Ruth Mullar (Lindley)
L. 'K. mcElyea
110 J. Scatena
Lorraine Blaylock (Sterkel)
CLASS 43-4
Charlie Kline
Helen De Gray (Fremd)
Cleo Copeland
Ellenor Schaffer (Kurten)
James ~. Burchard
Grace Fender (Clark)
ri:arjorie Rolle (Logan)
Margery Holben
Don r'.ann
Anne Shields
Leoti (Dedie) Deaton
Mary Lewis (Rosso)
Harriett White (Urban)
Holly Stires
Madge Minton (Rutherford)
Ben Snapp
Marion Hodgson (Stegeman)
Dorothea Moorman (Johnson)
Glen :'lilsDn
Vivian Eddy (Cadman)
Robert ~J. Steele
Helen Schaefer
rJoland Chatham
Alberta Head
CLASS 43-6
VIrgInIa Watry (Harris)
J. Ed~Jards
Lois .P. r"itchell
Faith Richards (Buchner)
moya Anonson (mitchell)
Katherine Strehle (Loft)
Jame s s. r"unn
Addie Ellison (\'Jolak)
James F. G: Sheffer
Jane Fliesbach (~aite)
Alice middleton
Charles Stegall
Col. John Bundy
Ir.aryRuth Rance
Eileen Kesti (Roach)
'1Dbert Hale
R. J. Akins, C. O. at
Nancy Thorne (Johnson)
Dr. Pichael ~cCrae
Betty martin (Naffz)
El Paso, Texas
Captola Johnson (Whittaker)
Pamela Jackson
Inez Woods (Woodward)
Marion Tibbetts
Julie r,1onkievJicz
Virginia Waterer (Broome)
Pat Leach
violet Cowden (Thurn)
Maxine Smith (Steward)
Roberta Leveaux - ENGLAND June Petto (Ellington)
R. A. fJeale
Carol Cook (~ebb)
t Se ymour
Helen Calhoun
Rita Webster (Davoly)
Sill Salden
~;ary Engle
Frances Tanassy (Snyder)
Fary Salden
C ons t ance Howerton (LIeu/ellyn) Anna Monkiewicz
Sill LotoVJYcz
Lyda Keefe (Dunham)
Ruth Neymark (Westheimer)
Henry D. Moorman
HovJson r'~otherof r,lary
Orpha Wilson (Brunsvold)
Col. L. Earnest Hearn rr:rs.Richard
Tim Howson

September 27.0ctober

1, 1978

Joann Garrett
Lee ,'lheeluJright (Leonard)
r~arjorie Rolle (Logan)
Lana Boxberger
Mildred Caldwell
Lola Ricci
Blanche Bross (OSborn)
Dorothy Henesy (Hopkins)
Irma Story


Emeral Drummond
mary Helen Burke
June Drew (Speck)
Kaddy Steele
Carolyn Clayton
Lucile ~Hse (Doll)
Jean Rose (Parker)
Ann Holaday
Betty Clark
Leonora Anderson
Uini fred t'lood
Jean Babb
Jane Hlavacek
Yvonne Wood (Ashcraft)
Isabel Martell
Anne Oliver (Dessert)
marie Marsh (Barrett)
June ~1c norris
~. Allaire Bennett
Car a Bosca

People Attending
r,,'arjorieRees (Ellfeldt)
Alice Riss
Doris Gee
Anne Noggle
Alberta Nicholson
CLASS 44-2

Annelle Bulecheck
Jean Soard (r~oore)
r'laryEllen Keil
Vlynema nlasonha 11
Frances Tuchband
Kate Lee Adams (Harris)
Ruth Adams
Moss (Craft)
Phyllis Felker (Tobias)
Jenn in gs (Lol'Je)
Molly Hicks (Barnes)
Jean Cole (Hascall)
Anne Lesnikowski
Leona Zimmer
Goat (Hawkins)

Conference (Continued)
Jeanne r(cSheehy
marlyn Peyton (myers)
Martha Carpenter
Florence Reynolds
Ca rol 'In Shunn
Dorothy Lewis (Swain)
Selma Cronan
Marjory Munn (Foster)
Earlene Hayes (Flory)
Peggy McCaffrey
ie Bray
Dortha Wethey (Sexten)
Lorraine Sain (Nelson)
nerridee Snively (Newell)
Holly Grasso (HOllinger)
morgan (Twitchell)
Virginia Hubbard (Williams)

r.1aryKinney (Jackson)
Crook (Fulk)
Joan Frost (Gough)
Anne Marshall
Jean fleill
Bonnie Shinski
Peggy Trego (Daiger)
Gertrude Dietz
Beverly Wilkinson
Doris ~anty (Boothe)
Joanne martin (Blair)
mary Jane Ehrman (Isham)
Carla Horowitz
Ty Killen (Hughes)
Eula Brown (Morton)
Kay Thompson


Ann Gleszer
Elaine Harmon
Nichol (Osborne)
CLF.SS 44-6
Betty Turner (Stagg)
Brown (r.:cLernon)
Mary He len Chappell
(Gosne 11) r.;aryJones (Re oalbuto)
Mary Hansen (Breidenbach)
Norma Douglas
Bethene Henne
Ruth ncClung
Barry Smith (Vincent)
Phyllis Hitner (Lee)
Sarabel L'lardle (Booth)
mae Lum (Vada)
Mary Uells (Retick)
Martha Reuel (Sarager)
Jean Hixson
Lillian Wray (Glezen)
Nanette Fuller
Ransom (Davis)
Frankie Bretherick
Violet Van 6elden (Nisley)
Betty Vlilliams
Virgini~ Spear (Eatherton)
CLASS 44-3
Kay Andersen
Phyllis 8~hl (mcCarty)
Harman (Downey)
Lois Durham
Gerry Vickers (Tribble)
Penney Garrett (Peirce)
Alma Jeschiem
Marie Pedersen
Mary Ann Richey (Showers)
, Dorothy
Rooney (Moulton)
Audrey Du Cote (Maxwell)
CLASS 43-8
I Mary
r.1ahlbacher (North)
Chatham (Parker)
Virginia Doerr (l~arren)
Justine Uoods
Helen Cannon (Johnson)
r,iaxine Flournoy
Delrose Sieber
Beverly Beesemyer
Barbara Tucker (Hershe)
Joalene Foster (Snodgrass)
Mary Helen Chapman
Nadine 11a91e (Canfield)
Doris Long (moffat)
mary' Holden -(l'Iaters)
Sarah (Betty) Williams
Helen Luts (Tri99)
Kristin Lent (Sulan)
Sarah Gleeson
Loes r.lacKenzie p,lonk)
Mary Burchard
Merilyn Petty (Hughes)
r,iarcia milner (l'lenzel)
June Bent (Braun)
Marilyn Saunders
Aldous (Jones)
,Margaret Slaymaker
(mctJamara Ruth Fleisher
Shirley Egler (Chase)
Anita Matthew
Pat Stark
Meriem Anderson
Nancy Hanks
Esther Cuddington
Mary Fearey (Estill)
Jimmie Rees (Parker)
Joan Lemley (rUchaels)
D. Deane Ferguson
r'1argot Reck
Ann Da:r
Verneda McLean (Rodriquez)
Mildred Ferre (~ouse)
Ann Frlnk (Brothers)
Betty Dybbro (White)
Marie Jones (Jacobson)
Andrea ShaUl
maxine Harvey (nlanoouo)
Lois Nash
Lois Young (Bristol)
Martha Barron (Clark)
Dorothy I'Jarfield (Aspell)
Vivian Nemhauser
Lavina Green (Lippincott)
CLASS 44-10
Hughes (Collins)
Ruth Brown (Humphreys)
'Isab~lle Ha!e (ncCrae)
Suzanne Delano (Parish)
Eleanor ['Ieems (Olsen)
Beryl Paschlch
Young (Peterson)
Frances Uarms (mclnerney)
CLASS 44-7
Virginia Coakley (mcPike)
Les Rose (Brav)
Ruth Guhse (Glaser)
Lois Auchlerlonie
Evelyn lJahlborg
Sara Hayden (Payne)
Bee Haydu (Falk)
Iris Schupp (Heillman)
Mary Cox (Cooper)
Natalie Vinson (Jones)
~ary Ann Dreher (Walkor)
Helen Hansen (Skjersas)
r,largaret Christian
(De Sol t)
Mary l'Jagner
Velta Benn (Haney)
Zerlaut (Riley)
CLASS 44-4
Beverly Carruth (Frisbie)
CLASS 44-1
Thelma r.1iller
Nancy Dunnam (Nordhoff)
~!ina ~lorrison
Meriem Anderson (Roby)
Carol Lewis (Nicholson)
mardo Crane
Frances Acker (Standefer)
Charlyne Creger
Betty .10 Reed (Streff)
Dotothy Eby (Kr~sovec)
Ann Dula (Tucker)
Ethel Miller (Lytch)
Gerri Clinger (Bol'Jen)
Jane T.e,ejeschi(Dunbar)
ilona Pickering
Patricia Coleman (Disston)
Dorothy Davis
IJadja I{ostuk (Ga jdoUJski)
(Lya 11)
Jano Cunningham
Dolores Reed (meurer)
Grey Dunlap (Hoyt)
Ann Atkeison
Scotty Gough (Bradley)
Barbara Robinson
Betty Cross (Roth)
Eileen Worden (Kealy)
Alyce Rohrer (Stevens)
Irene Wysocki
Margaret Temme (Eger)
Ruth Jones (Craig)
Faye Olney (WOlfe)
Kathleen Hilbrandt
Grace Lotowycz
Ida Carter
Hazel Hohn (Stamper)
Henze (McGrath)
Nancy Mayes
Rosina Todd (Lewis)
Florine Scaife (Phillips1
Lila mann (Mbore)
~ary O'Rourke
Jean McCart
Mary Anna Wyall (~artin)
Mary Jean Sturdevant
Gene FitzPatrick
Ruth Fleisher
Fern Douglas
Uancy Conklin
~atson (Harper)
Corrine Folkins (MacDonald)
Opal Fagan (Hicks)
Helen Davis (Paine)
Della Tissa~ (Gremling)
Pam Carr
Alberta Kinney (Paskvan)
~ary mcCabe (Koth)
Flora Reece (Smith)
Betty June Brown (Overman)
Adele Beyer
Louise J. Hyde (Brand)
Garland (Parish)
Ola -Rexroat
Betty Srickford
Peggie Eccles (Parker)
Roberts (~all)
Doris Tanner
Hulda Haag (Chilcoat)
Ann Rawlin9s
Dorothy mann (Britt)
Jean Landa
Ann White lHookins)
Ann O'Connor
Adela Scharr
Lelia Pearl L~ska (Bragg)
~!ellie r.1cCool
Betty Gillies
radelon Hill (Surcham)
CLASS !14-5
Barbara London (Erickson)
Nancy Crews
Emj.l'y.qine ipo.!..~~!:)
CLASS "'1-8
Florence Watson (miller)







Back Row- Esther ~rnerj Lois Ziler, Clarice Bessent,

Betty Budde,' Joyce Secciani, Florence
Front.Row - Grace Mayfield, Lillian Roberts, Lois
Hailey, Vilma Qualls, Louise KiddJ :&nina
Ware, Jean Pearson

- SO-

Front Bow- 1. to r. Nanc7 (JohnS<;n) Thorn.~ Cappy

(Whittaker) John.eon, Ma1iU'ine(Brunavold) Wilson,
Ruth (Wesjohei.mer)N~k,
Rita (Davo~) Webster, Lana. (Cusack) Boxberger, Carol (Webb)
Cook, H07& (Mitchell) Anonson, Anna (Flynn)
Second Bow- 1. to r. Maxine Steward Smith, Fr.
(Sn,yder) TanasllT, Har7 Ruth Rance, Lee (Leonard)
Wheelwright, Virginia (Broane) Watorerl Hildred
"Duke" Caldwell, Alice L. Middleton, Lola
(Perkins) Riccil Irma. "Babe" StoI71 Elizabeth
Third BoW- 1. to r. Joann Garrett, Addie (Wolak)
Elli.80nl Harion R. Tib\lettsl DorothT (Hopkins)

Fran rov-l.
to r. Ivonne Allhcratt Wood, Connie
IQung RoYUQldslLucille Doll Wisol Ann Holidq,
JUJle Speck Drewl Jean Babbl Caro Bayley BOSCQI
Nonie Horton Ander.onl Betty' Clark.
Back rov-l.
to r. Kad~ LandI7 Stoele, Marie
Barrett Marshl Winitred Woodl CarolJrn Cl~on,
Lois Boien Durhaml Ann Dessort OliverI &!eral
DrummondlMary Helen Burkel Isabel TynonMartellI Jean Parker Rosel ,Pat S~ars Sullivan.
Arriving too late for the picture wore: Allaire
Bennettl Jane Page lUavacekl June Evan. McMorris



Front row - 1. to r. Mary Estill Fearey, Marcia

WenzelMilner, Jo Snodgrass Foster, Maxine EdmondsonFlournoy, Frances Mcinerny Warms, Dot
Kielty, Lois Nash, Iris Hei.llman.Schupp, Eleanor Olson Weems.
Back row - 1. to r. Dodie Aspell Warfield, Andrea
Shaw, Marge Selfridge Dresbach, Margot Reck,
LoiD Dobbin Auchterlonie, Pat Pratt Stark, Peg
McNamaraSlaymaker, Lois MonkMacKenzie, Doris
Moffatt Long, Helen Skjersas Hansen, Helen
Trigg Lutz.


7510 Nottoway Place
Springfield, VA22150
(b) 45l-2679

Wehad not received a report from your new secretary at Press time. Hopeto receive news for the
next Newsletter. Class picture is above. Ed.

Front row: 1. to r. AnneBartholf Rawlings, Mardo

Crane, Mary Koth McCabe,Betty Wall Roberts,
Alice Riss, Jane O. Robbins, Mary Jershin
Second row: l. to r. Marge Harper Watson, Betty
Bechtold Brichford, Gadget Gajdowski Kostuk,
Anna Hopkins White, Adele F. Beyer, Margaret
Gerhardt, Madelon BurchamHill, Barbara Manchester Robinson, Catherine Murphy, Gene Shaffer FitzPatrick, Rosina Lewis Todd.
Third Row:l. to r. Doris Gee, Jeanette Jenkins,
Virginia Stell O'Neill, Dot Krasovec Eby,
Anne Noggle, Emily porter Kline, Eileen Kealy
Worden, Pearl Bragg Laska, Dolores Meurer
Reed, Ruth C. Jones, Ida F. Carter.
,Absent when photo was taken - Marjorie Ellfeldt Rees

BACK ROW-L. to R. Beryl Owens Paschich,

Mary Waters Holden, Virginia Lee Warren
Doerr, June Braun Bent, Mary Cooper Cox,
Margaret DeBolt Christian, Margaret Chamberlain Tamplin, Mary Martin Sabota (Eleanor B. Sabota), Evelyn Taylor Wahlborg,
Ruth Shaffer Fleisher.
SECOND ROW-L. to R. Pat Patterson Welch,
Ann Brothers Frink, Starley Grona, Ann Darr,
Lois Bristol Young, Vivian Gilchrist Nemhauser, Isabelle McCrae Hale, Kristin Swan
Lent, Mary Helen Crane Chapman.
BOTTOM ROW-L. to R. Patricia Nethercutt
Weaver, "Jake" Jacomini Jeschien, Jimmie
Parker Rees, Maxine Manogue Harvey, Dorothy Moulton Rooney, Meriem Roby Anderson,
Marguerite Tuffin Bernhardt.
Not Shown: Delrose "Sissy" Sieber.

- 52-

First row:. 1. to r. Betty Jo Streff Reed, Mary

Walker Dreher~ Bee Falk Haydu, Ola Mildred
Rexroat~ Velta Haney Benn~Eleanor Gunderson,
Lila MooreMann.
Second row: Margaret Parrish Garland~ Alberta Paskvan Kinney~ Betty June BrownOverman,Nona
Holt Pickering, Carol Lewis Nicholson, Nancy
Nordhoff' Dunnam~Red Barnes Sturdevant~ Beverly Frisbie Carruth, Betty Pettitt Nicholas.
Third row: Ann Caw10yO'Connor~Gerry Ashwell Lotewycz~Betty 'Red' Roth Cross, Hulda Chilcoat
Haag?, Scotty Bradley Gough~Jane Harris Cunnigham~Gerry BowenOlinger~ Jean Landa~ Joan
SmytheMcKessen~Opal Hicks Fagan.

Front row: 1. to r. Martha McKenzieCarpenter~ Earlene Flory Haye.~ Eva Marie Peder8on~ Betty
Sh\Uln~Dot Swain Lewis~ Florence Shutsy Reynold8~ Beck McShee~~ Dolly Sexten Wethey.
Middle Row: 1. to r. Irer." Ravon Robertllon~ Virgiaia Williams Hubbard~Selma Cronan~Marjory Foster Munn~Mary Nesbit Hearn~ Peg MoynihanMcC..rtrey ~ Holly Hollinger Grasso ~ Liz Watson.
Top Raw: 1. to 1'. Jean Hixson~ Jackie Twi.til!hell
Morgan~Merridee Newell Snive17~ Trix Nelson
Bain~ Roddy Rodriquez McLean~Bev Bees~er ~
Lavina Lippincott Green~ Marylyn Myers Peyton.

-53 -

Front Row:1. to r. Mary Jackson Kinney, Marie Jacobson Jones, Betty Morton Brown~'Marguerite
Hughes Killen~ Carla HowardHorowitz~ Mary Jane
Isham Ehrman~Joanne Blair Martin.
Back Row: Doris Boothe Wanty~.Gertrude Dietz~ Gerry
Fu1k Crook, JOM GoughFrost~ Bonnie Dorsey
Shinsld., KayElliott Thompson~Beverly Dietrich
Wilkinson, Peggy Daiger Trego~ Jean WardNeill
and Anne Dailey Marshall.


row: 1. to r. Nina Morrison, Charlyn Creger,

Dedie, Kay Hilbrandt,
Sara Payne Hayden, Frances Gimble McAdams,Millicent
Peterson Young,
Mary Martin Wyall.
Second Row: Virginia Hash, Mary Ceyanes Wagner,
Ruth Glazer Guhse, Ann Atkeison, Jacqueline
Riley Zerlaut,
Catherine McGrath Henze, Nancy
Mayes, Ethel Lytch Miller,
Fern Richardson
Douglas, Thelma Miller.
Top row: Virginia's
Virginia McPike Coakley
Natalie Jones Vinson, Pam Carr, Margaret Eager
Temme, Patricia
Diston Coleman, Dorothy Davis,
Helen Paine Davis, Elizabeth Phillips

Penny Garett,
Bill Peyton, Marylyn Myers Peyton,
Mate Hearn, Trix Nelson Bain, Merridee Newell
Snively, Mary Nesbit Hearn, Peg Moynihan McCoffrey

Virginia Eatherton Spear,

Norma Boston Douglas


rock west of Denver

Ice Sculpture

and 43-4 Classmates

Ben Snapp, Bruce Arnold,

Sally Keil


Smitty's bar Colo. Springs

Helen Snapp, Helen Schaefer, Juanita Bolish Cooke

and Jeanne Robertson.

Dottie and Pete Young

Byrd Granger and

Mary Lou Neale

Milli..cent Young, Bruce Arnold, Gen. Tallman, Mrs.

Tallman, Senator Goldwater.

Betty Turner and Air Force Officer Gail Snell

Marty Scrager Reuel and Betty Stagg Turl.dr.

- 55-

Ray Neale, Virginia

Mary Lou Neale, Brownie

1. to r.

Mickey McLernon Brown, The1 Lytch Miller,

Caty McGrath Henze

The plane was carrying three

passengers, a Boy Scout, a bishop
and a brilliant statesman, when the
pilot warned of an impending
crash. "Unfortunatly," the pilot
said, "we have only three parachutes. I must take one so that I
can report the accident."
"And I must take one," said the
brilliant statesman, "because I
have a great contribution to make
for mankind." He jumped out after
the pilot.
The bishop turned to the Scout.
"My son," he said, "I've had a long
life. Yours lies ahead. Take the last
parachute and good luck."
"Don't worry, Your Grace," said
the Scout. -"We've got two parachutes. The brilliant statesman
took my knapsack."
[Stolen from The Humbugger,
VA Hospital, Shreveport, La.,
Maury Schriftman, Editor.



Mrs. John Davis
114 N. Norton Avenue
Los Angeles, CA. 90004
Address Correction Requested
Forwarding and Return Postage Guaranteed