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Announcing the arrival of the Director, Mr Raymond Gai Panting @ Gaie.

Good evening to the Director, Camp facilitators and my fellow friends.

Welcome/ welcome/ and welcome to the Talent Time Night! We have so
much talent here and tonight, we are going to have many different and
exciting talents to perform. There are overall 9 teams who will participate
in the show tonight. It takes a lot of courage for all these people to
perform. So lets give the performers a big hand.
The objectives of the talent time night are to showcase teacher trainee
talent and passion for the stage, to provide unique performance
opportunities for the students and to build up self-confidence of the
students. Well, before listening to wonderful voices of the performers and
watching beautiful dancers, lets welcome our President, Michelle Wong
for a welcoming speech.
Thank you Michelle for the speech. Now with great honour, we would like
to invite the most honourable Director, Mr Raymond Gaie Panting to
deliver his speech.
Thank you sir for the meaningful speech. Now, we would like to invite Mr
Adam to present a token of appreciation to the Director.
Thank you.
Now, let me introduce our honorable judges.
First, Mr Adam
Second, Mr Murali Tharan
Third, Mr Murali Murugasen
First of all, I would like all of us to watch the slideshow of the activities
that we carried out throughout the English Language Society.
We will watch another video of the activities throughout Day 1 of the
English Language Camp.

Ok. Now please welcome the first performer, Bethrace Grazille Sylvester.
She will sing the song Top of The World. Ladies and gentlemen, please
welcome Bethrace Grazille Sylvester!
Thank you very much for the wonderful performance. Our next
performance is completely fresh and new. Lets welcome Loriana Jara and
Nursyazana Athirah with their duet song, It Will Rain.
Thank you to our amazing singers. So up next is a trio performance from
Michelle Wong, Law Szee Huei and Tang Siew Tien with the song entitled
Never Had A Dream Come True.
It was a fantastic performance from our beautiful performers! Alright, we
will continue our talent show with the next performance from Shirley
Chan, Ngo Hui Kiang and Chan Hie Chen with their song Love Story.
Thank you very much to our lovely singers. Now, lets put our hands
together for our respected Director for a song entitled Take Me to Your
Thank you Sir for the wonderful performance. Its our honour to have you
on stage singing for us.
Up next would be a dance show from Kong Siaw Ting, Elaine Chin, Alia
Syafika and Nurul Fatin called the Lemon Tree.
Thank you very much to the amazing dancers for their brilliant dance
performance. Now I would to welcome our duet singers, Yusnitha and Nora
with their song Number One.
Thank you to Yusnitha and Nora for their adorable duet performance.
Alright, now we will be inspired by a duet performance entitled What
Dreams Are Made Of from Law Szee Huei and Bethrace Grazille Sylvester.
Thank you very much for the delightful performance. Next, lets hear it
from Michelle Mar and Nurul Fatin with their duet song entitled The Day
You Went Away.

Thank you to our gorgeos singers. Last but not least, we will be
entertained by a solo dance performance entitled Hip Hop Yeah from
Tracy Lee. Lets welcome Tracy Lee!
Thank you Tracy for the wonderful dance. Now, we are going to give a
moment to the judges to decide the winners tonight.
Ok now is the exciting time. I have the final result of the winners tonight.
Before that, I would like to welcome the Director, Mr Raymond Gaie
Panting to give out the prizes.
The third place goes to
The second place goes to.
And the first place goes to..
Thank you Mr Director and congratulations to all winners. It was an
amazing performance from each and everyone of you. I hope you all have
fun tonight but time is getting late. The moon and stars are telling us to
go to bed. Thank you Sir for your kind presence to grace the ceremony
and thank you to camp facilitators and my fellow friends.Goodbye,
Goodnight and have a sweet dream.