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Website Evaluation Rubric

Websites Name
URL http:
Type of Material in site

Points Obtained

Final Grade

Date of Assessment
Dear teacher, the following rubric was created to help you decide whether webpages or materials that you find online are suitable
for your teaching purposes or not. Carefully read it. And then apply it to a webpage that you find and that you believe can be
helpful for your teaching.


Appropriate support materials are provided on the Website that can

contribute to achieve lesson learning objectives and tasks.
Instructions are clear and easy to follow.
Visual design of materials is interesting and easy to navigate. It
enhances the appropriate use of materials by both students and
teachers as well.
A variety type of materials are used to support and represent
different areas of language study. The illustrations used on the
Website are used to fully represent the content of material.
The material found in website uses effective typographic design in
the main body of text, captions, indices, diagrams, and the like.
Information is well labeled and easy to spot.
Layout of Webpage is logical and consistent. The material is wellorganized, consistent, and predictable fashion. Individual subpages
are laid out in logical, uncluttered fashion.
Users can easily employ the resource. Teachers can easily and
clearly identify the pace and difficulty levels. Prerequisites are
identified. Instructions on tasks are provided, too.
Resources found in the website are suitable for a wide range of
learning/teaching styles. Materials found in webpage are flexible in
their in-class/blended learning application.
The resources found on webpage promote student engagement.
The resources incorporate aids to make it accessible for learners.
They incorporate hierarchical thinking.
The suggested methodology found on website and its resources
promotes active learning. Critical thinking, research skills, problem
solving, and/or group decision-making are present
Materials displayed or found on website are well-organized and
structured. Information is presented logically and suited to the
subject and objectives underlying it.






Areas to Work on to Make Materials Better for your Purposes

Include your observations here.

Teachers Comments

Designed by Prof. Jonathan Acua