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1A wild goose


1) Foolish or hopeless quest 2) A search which is completely unsuccessful & a

waste of time because the person or thing being searched for does not exist or
is somewhere else
A temporary change from the typical or usual way of behaving [In a moment of
aberration, she agreed to go with him.] [QAEDAY KI KHILAF WARZI,
A state of not happening or being used at present [Hostilities between the two
groups have been in abeyance since last June.] [ILTAWAA, TAATTUL]
1) Describes 2 or more ppl who are next to each other & moving in the same
direction 2) Stay informed about the most recent facts about a subject or
situation [HUM QADAM]
Noun of abstain [AHTIRAAZ, BAAZ REHNA]
1) Difficult situation that brings trouble or destruction 2) A very deep hole which
seems to have no bottom 3) Anything profound, unfathomable, or infinite
To agree to do what people have asked you to do [He graciously acceded to our
request] [MANZOOR KR LENA]
To emphasize a particular feature of something or to make something more
noticeable [TAKEED, ZORR]
Public approval & praise [NARA HAYE MUSARRAT BULAND KRNA]
A person who helps someone else to commit a crime or to do something morally
To officially recognize, accept or approve of someone or something [ IKHTIAR
To decide officially in a court of law that someone is not guilty of a particular
crime [Five months ago he was acquitted on a shoplifting charge.]
1) Full of anger, arguments & bad feeling 2) Bitter in manner or temper [TUND
14Across the board Happening or having an effect on people at every level & in every area
1) Sharpness, acuteness 2) The ability to hear, see or think accurately & clearly
Impossible to persuade, or unwilling to change an opinion [I told her to rest but
she's adamant that she's coming] 2) Too hard to cut, break, or pierce [SAKHAT
To act as judge in a competition or argument, or to make a formal decision
about something [He was called in to adjudicate a local land dispute.] [FAISLA
1) Considered satisfactory & acceptable in a law court [The judge ruled that
new evidence was admissible.] 2) That may be allowed or conceded; allowable
1) To tell some1 that theyve done something wrong 2) To advise some1 to do
something 3) (formal) Rebuke (a person, conduct, etc.) [MUTANABBEH KRNA,
A mixture of earth & straw made into bricks & dried in the sun, used to build
houses in some parts of the world [KACCHI EENT]
Describes a person or animal that makes U feel great affection because they are
so attractive & often small [ LAIQ E AHTARAAM]
22Adrenalin/adrenali A hormone produced by the body when U are frightened, angry or excited,
which makes the heart beat faster & prepares the body to react to danger
1) Enemy 2) Opponent [He saw her as his main adversary within the company]
1) If a problem or illness afflicts a person or thing, they suffer from it 2) Distress
physically or mentally [MUSIBAT,TAKLEEF]
A list of matters to be discussed at a meeting ( Minutes: The written record of
what was said at a meeting)
To make a bad situation worse [SANGEEN/ TEZ KRNA]
1) 1 who doesnt know, or believes its impossible to know, whether god exists
2) 1 who denies or doubts possibility of ultimate knowledge in some area of
study [LA-IDRAIAT]
To make indifferent or hostile 2) To turn away; transfer or divert [All these

34American dream
38Anachronistic 1
39Anachronistic 2
41And so on (or

56Ardour (Ardor)

changes to the newspaper have alienated its traditional readers.] [MUNHARIF

A narrow road or path between buildings, or a path in a park or garden,
especially bordered by trees or bushes [PATRI, TUNG RASTA]
Something that is said or written that intentionally makes U think of a particular
thing or person [ ISHARA, KANAYA, HAWALA]
Someone who helps & supports someone else [ DOST, RAFEEQ]
1) Describes an unfriendly person who refuses to take part in things 2) Not
interested or involved, usually because you do not approve of what is
happening [ALAG THALAG]
A disease of the brain that affects especially old people, which results in the
gradual loss of memory, speech, movement & the ability to think clearly
1) The belief that everyone in the US has the chance to be successful, rich &
happy if they work hard 2) Ideal of democracy & prosperity
Relating to behaviour between people that is pleasant & friendly often despite a
difficult situation
In the middle of or surrounded by; among [BEECH MA]
An object worn because it is believed to protect against evil, disease or
unhappiness [TAVEEZ]
A person, thing or idea which exists out of its time in history, especially one
which happened or existed later than the period being shown, discussed, etc
Attribution of a custom, event, etc., to the wrong period [JIS MA GALAT WAQT
A type of drug which stops U from feeling pain
1) & others of the same kind 2) & in other similar ways
Not clearly male or female [With her lean frame & cropped hair, Lennox had a
fashionably androgynous look]
1) Strong dislike, opposition or anger 2) Spirit or feeling of hostility [In spite of
his injuries, he bears no animosity towards his attackers.] [DUSHMANI]
1) Narrative of events year by year 2) Historical records 3) Historical records of
the activities of a country or organization, or history in general [WAAQEAA]
A person who is strongly opposed to something or someone [HAREEF] (
Protagonist-An important supporter of an idea or political system)
The strong dislike or cruel & unfair treatment of Jewish people [Nazi antiSemitism forced him to emigrate to the USA] [YAHUDIO KA MUKHALIF, SAMI
1) (In the past in South Africa) a political system in which people of different
races are separated 2) (esp. in S. Africa) racial segregation or discrimination
When someone lacks interest or energy & is unwilling to take action especially
over a matter of importance [MURDA DILI, SARDMOHRI]
A very serious event resulting in great destruction & change
To make someone have strong feelings of shock or of disapproval [I was
appalled at/by the lack of staff in the hospital.] [KHOF DILANA, DARANA]
1) To prevent further disagreement in arguments or war by giving to the other
side an advantage that they have demanded 2) To bring to a state of peace,
quiet, ease, calm, or contentment; pacify; soothe [She claimed that the
government had only changed the law in order to appease their critics.] [RAFA
To inform [The President has been apprised of the situation.] 2) To give notice
to; inform; advise (often followed by of ) [KHABARDAR HONA, AAGAAH
1) Fitting; at the right time; to the purpose 2) Opportune; pertinent 3) With
reference to; in respect or regard to [apropos of the preceding statement]
1) Of or belonging to the distant past; from an ancient period in history 2)
Primitive; ancient; old an archaic form of animal life [an archaic system of
government] [QADEEM]
1) Eager, fervent, passionate 2) Burning 3) Showing strong feelings [1) An
ardent supporter of Manchester United 2) An ardent feminist] [PURJOSH,
Great enthusiasm or love [SARGARMI, ISHTIAQ]


A large wooden ship built by Noah in order to save his family & a male & female
of every type of animal when the world was covered by a flood [TABOOT,
The crime of intentionally starting a fire in order to damage or destroy
something, especially a building [ AMADANN AAG LAGANA]
59As a matter of fact 1) In reality; actually 2) Used to add emphasis to what you are saying, or to
show that it is the opposite of or different from what went before
Avoiding physical pleasures & living a simple life, often for religious reasons
1) To believe or say that something is caused by something else 2) Attribute
(ascribes his health to exercise) 3) Regard as belonging [MANSOOB KRNA]
1) To attack someone violently or criticize someone strongly 2) To cause
someone to experience a lot of unpleasant things [MARNA, HAMLA KRNA]
Official agreement to or approval of an idea, plan or request [MANZOOR
KRNA] (Dissent: strong difference of opinion on a particular subject;
disagreement [IKHTALAAF])
To take in, fit into, or become similar (to) [ MILA DENA, YAKSA KRNA]
Away from the correct path or correct way of doing something [The letter must
have gone astray in the post.] [GALAT RASTAY PER]
To make something smaller, thinner or weaker [KAMEE, TAKHFEEF]
The space or room at the top of a building, under the roof, often used for storing
things [BALA KHANA]
Without comfort; plain & without decoration; severe [SAADGI PASAND]
1) Opposed, disinclined, or loath 2) Having a strong feeling of opposition,
antipathy, repugnance, etc.; opposed [He is not averse to having a drink now &
then.] [NARAAZ]
To prevent something bad from happening; avoid [PHERNA, MORNA]
1) A self-evident truth that requires no proof 2) A universally accepted principle
or rule [JAAMEY QALMA]
1) To assume without proof, or as self-evident; take for granted 2) To suggest as
a basic principle from which a further idea is formed or developed [BUNYADI
72Back log
1) A large amount of things that U should have done before & must do now 2)
Arrears of work
73Back stabber
Someone who says harmful things about U when U are not there to defend
yourself or your reputation
1) The view behind something 2) The general situation in which particular
events happen
A strong feeling among a group of people in reaction to a tendency or recent
events in society or politics [The Sixties backlash against bourgeois
To cause someone to be completely unable to understand or explain something
To trick or deceive someone, often by confusing them [She was bamboozled
into telling them her credit card number.] [DHOKHA DENA]
1) To hit hard 2) To criticize someone severely (BASHFUL shy, diffident, tending
to feel uncomfortable with other people & be embarrassed easily [SHARMILA,
Area of land from which streams run into a river, lake or sea [CHOTA TALAAB]
A part of the coast where the land curves in so that the sea is surrounded by
land on 3 sides [KHALEEJ]
80Be (as) thick as
To be very close friends & share secrets, etc
81Be my guest
Something U say when U give someone permission to do or use something
To behave in your usual manner, rather than behaving in a way you think other
people might like [The best thing you can do is to go into the interview & just be
83Beef up
To make something stronger or more important [1) We need to find some new
players to beef up the team 2) The company has plans to beef up its
To be proper or appropriate for; suit; fit [His clothes befit the occasion]


99Bollocks (also
100Bogged down


103Bowled over
105Bring it on

107Buck up



110Belch = Burp

111By & large

112By all means

113By no means

In anticipation; in advance; ahead of time [1) We should have made

reservations beforehand 2) I hope to be beforehand with my report.] [PEHLAY
1) To surround or beset, with military forces or as with troubles [The occupants
of the beleaguered city had no means of escape] [MUHASIRA KRNA, NAAQA
To make something seem unimportant 2) To regard or portray as less impressive
or imp. than appearances indicate; depreciate; disparage [GHATANA,
1) Kind & helpful 2) Well-wishing; actively friendly & helpful 3) Charitable
(benevolent fund) [KHAIR KHUA, NAIK NIHAAD]
1) To surround a place, especially with an army, to prevent people or supplies
getting in or out 2) When someone is besieged, a lot of people surround them
To confuse someone [1) The instructions completely bewildered me 2) Arriving
in a strange city at night, I felt alone & bewildered.] [PARESHAN KRNA,
(of a government group) with two parts, such as the Senate & the House of
Representatives in the United States [DO MAJLISI HUKUMAT]
1) To divide into two parts 2) Forked; branched [Latin furca=fork] [DO
1) Obstinate believer who is intolerant 2) A person who has strong,
unreasonable beliefs & who thinks that anyone who does not have the same
beliefs is wrong [HUTT DHARM]
An expression of surprise and, usually, pleasure (I was just about to borrow
some money when bingo! - the cheque arrived.)
1) If a situation is bleak, there is little or no hope for the future 2) If weather or a
place is bleak, it is cold, empty & not welcoming or attractive [ROOKHA,
A fast, violent attack on a town, city, etc. usually with bombs dropped from
An amusing mistake made by an actor during the making of a film or television
programme & usually removed before the programme is shown
Feeling or showing sadness
(coarse slang) Nonsense [1) Thats a load of bollocks 2) Bollocks to that (=
that's nonsense)!]
To become so involved in something difficult or complicated that you cannot do
anything else [Try not to get too bogged down in the details.] [DALDAL MA
Noisy, energetic & rough [TUND, SHOR KRNE WALA]
1) Expression of strong disapproval or disagreement [NARAAZGI KI AWAZ] 2)
An expression used to surprise & frighten someone who does not know U are
near them
To knock someone to the ground by running into them
A child, especially one who behaves badly [LONDA]
Said to show that you are prepared & willing to compete in a competition or to
do something difficult [England versus Brazil - bring it on!]
1) A white woman or girl with dark hair 2) Woman with dark brown hair
To become happier or more positive or to make someone happier or more
positive [If she didn't buck her ideas up (= start working in a more positive
way), she'd be out of a job.]
If a part of the body is bulbous, it is fat & round [He had a huge bulbous nose.]
If U burnish something such as your public image, U take action to improve it
& make it more attractive [ UJLA KRNA, CHAMKANA]
To allow air from the stomach to come out through the mouth in a noisy way
When everything about a situation is considered together
1) Used to give permission 2) Certainly ["May I borrow this book?" "By all
Not at all [It is by no means certain that we'll finish the project by June.]
Unkind or cruel; without sympathy or feeling for other people [It might sound

callous, but I don't care if he's homeless. He's not living with me!] [BEDARD,
A small but noticeable part in a film or play, performed by a famous actor [He
appears briefly towards the end of the film in a cameo role as a priest.]
Truthful & honest, especially about something difficult or painful
A long, thin stick used in the past as a school punishment [LAATHI]
To take parts from a machine or vehicle in order to make or repair another
machine or vehicle
1) To try to obtain political support or votes, especially by visiting all the houses
in an area 2) To try to discover information or opinions by asking people 3) To
suggest an idea or plan for consideration [IMTAHAN LENA, KALAM KRNA,
HUSOOL E RAI] [Wind & wave power are now being seriously canvassed as
the solution to our energy problems]
A woolen piece of clothing which covers the upper part of the body & the arms,
fastening at the front with buttons, & usually worn over other clothes
The violent killing of large numbers of people, especially in war [The Battle of
the Somme was a scene of dreadful carnage.] [QATAL O GARAT]
The process of releasing strong emotions through a particular activity or
experience, such as writing or theatre, which helps you to understand those
Of the white or light-skinned race
Strong criticism or disapproval [His dishonest behaviour came under severe
censure.] [DAANT, MULAMAT]
Ending or stopping [AARAAM, ILTAWA]
A decorative light which hangs from the ceiling & has several branch-like parts
for holding bulbs or, especially in the past, candles [ FANOOS]
To repeat or sing a word or phrase continuously, or to sing a religious prayer or
song to a simple tune [We could hear the monks chanting.]
The frame of a vehicle, usually including the wheels & engine, onto which the
metal covering is fixed
Rudeness or lack of respect [ GUSTAAKH, SHOKH]
Informal for helicopter
1) Very bad 2) (especially of a disease or something bad) Continuing for a long
A written record of historical events [WAQEAAT KA ROZNAMCHA,
A friendly form of address
1) Cautious 2) Taking everything into account [MOHTAT, HOSHIAR]
To make a loud complaint or demand [The children were all clamouring for
1) Planned or done in secret, especially describing something that is not
officially allowed 2) Surreptitious [POSHEEDA, MAKHFI, PUR ISRAR]
A comment that is very often made & is therefore not original & not interesting
1) Describes a phrase or an idea which has been said or used so often that it
has become meaningless or boring
Expressed too frequently to be interesting or seem sincere [PURANA,
To finally get or win something [MAZBUTI PAKARNA]
A loose outer piece of clothing without sleeves, which fastens at the neck, & is
worn instead of a coat [ CHOGA, JABAH, LIBADA]
Separated from & having little contact with the outside world [ CHATTAY DAR,
141Closet 1
A cupboard or a small room with a door, used for storing things, especially
142Closet 2
Describes a belief, activity or feeling which is kept secret from the public,
usually because U are frightened of the results of it becoming known
Security pledged as a guarantee for the repayment of a loan [ HUM PALLU,
144Collateral damage During a war, the unintentional deaths & injuries of people who are not soldiers,
& damage that is caused to their homes, hospitals, schools, etc
To act together secretly or illegally in order to deceive or cheat someone [MILLI


To remember officially & give respect to a great person or event, especially by a
public ceremony or by making a statue or special building [YAAD KRNA]
1) Praise 2) Entrust, commit 3) Recommend 4) To formally praise someone or
In a correct & suitable amount compared to something else [ MUNASIB, HUM
To express sympathy to someone about some bad luck [I began by
commiserating with her over the defeat.] [TARS, REHM]
An official piece of news or an announcement, especially to the public or
newspapers [The palace have issued a communiqu denying the rumor]
A strong feeling of sympathy & sadness for the suffering or bad luck of others &
a desire to help them [REHM, KHUDA PARASTI]
A feeling of calm satisfaction with your own abilities or situation that prevents
U from trying harder [ MUTMAIN, KHUSH DIL]
Something which is made of various different parts [Scientists have put
together a composite picture of what the Earth's crust is like.] [MURAKKAB,
1) Planned or done together for a shared purpose 2) Describes an effort or
attempt that is determined & serious [HUM AAHANGI, ETTAHAAD]
To end a disagreement or some1's anger by acting in a friendly way or slightly
changing your opinions, or to satisfy some1 who disagrees with you [MANA
Happening or existing at the same time [Her two dramas are being shown
concurrently (= at the same time) by rival television stations.] [AIK SAATH]
To tell something secret or personal to some1 whom you trust not to tell any1
else [I'm going to leave my husband, she confided.] [RAAZ DAR BANANA,
To adjust something or change the controls on a computer or other device so
that it can be used in a particular way
Take or seize by authority [ZABT KRNA]
{noun: Connivance} 1) (foll. by at) Disregard or tacitly consent to (a
wrongdoing) 2) (usu. foll. by with) Conspire 3) To plan secretly and dishonestly
for something to happen which will be to your advantage 4) To allow something
bad to happen although you know about it [CHASHM POSHI, NAZAR
1) A feeling or idea that is suggested by a particular word although it is not
necessarily a part of the word's meaning, or something suggested by an object
or situation 2) Imply in addition to the literal or primary meaning [ ISHAARA
Comfort, esp. in grief or disappointment. [console is often confused with
Very noticeable or tending to attract attention, often in a way that is not wanted
[In China, her blonde hair was conspicuous.] [NUMAYAAN, MASHHOOR]
The state of advanced industrial society in which a lot of goods are bought &
sold [He disliked Christmas & its rampant (= extreme) consumerism.]
Perfect, or complete in every way [1) A life of consummate happiness 2) He's a
consummate athlete/gentleman/liar] [KAAMIL, AALA DARJE KA]
1) To spend time considering a possible future action, or to consider one
particular thing for a long time in a serious & quiet way 2) Survey visually or
mentally 3) Regard (an event) as possible 4) Intend 5) Meditate. [She was
staring out over the lake, lost in contemplation.] [TASSAWUR, IRADA ,
A strong feeling of combined dislike & lack of respect [ ZILLAT, TEHKEER]
168Contempt of court Behaviour that is illegal because it does not obey or respect the rules of a law
1) Satisfied; adequately happy 2) Willing. Make content; satisfy [KHUSH DIL,
Contradict: (Of ppl to state the opposite of what some1 else has said, or (of
one fact or statement) to be so different from another fact or statement that 1
of them must be wrong
Dichotomy: A difference between two completely opposite ideas or things


[There is often a dichotomy between what politicians say & what they do.]
Duplicity: Lack of honesty, especially by saying different things to two people
[They were accused of duplicity in their dealings with both sides.] [DO RUKHA
Paradox: A situation or statement which seems impossible or is difficult to
understand because it contains two opposite facts or characteristics
A device or machine that looks awkward or old-fashioned, especially one that
you do not know how to use [Whatever's that strange contraption you've got in
the garage?]
1) Clever rather than honest 2) Artificial & difficult to believe [I enjoyed the film,
but felt the ending was a bit contrived] [SAAZISH, EJAD KRNA]
A strong opinion or belief
174Counterproductive Having the opposite of the desired effect [Improved safety measures in cars can
be counterproductive as they encourage people to drive faster.]
175Counting on sth
1) To be confident that you can depend on someone 2) To expect something to
happen & make plans based on it
A political division of the UK or Ireland, forming the largest unit of local
government, or the largest political division of a state in the US [ZILLA, ILAQA]
A sudden painful tightening in a muscle, often after a lot of exercise 2) To limit
someone, especially to prevent them from enjoying a full life [ROK, QAID,
1) A person who has strange or unusual ideas & beliefs 2) An unpleasant &
easily annoyed person [KHABTI]
179Crank caller
Someone who makes unpleasant telephone calls to people whom they do not
Excrement, or when an animal or person produces excrement [That dog's just
UK had/US taken a crap on my lawn.]
A set of beliefs which expresses a particular opinion & influences the way U live
Strange or unnatural & making U feel frightened
To burn a dead person's body, usually as part of a funeral ceremony [My dad's
cremation was a sad affair.] [MAYYAT SOZI]
1) Critical analysis 2) A report of something such as a political situation or
system or a person's work or ideas, which examines it & provides an often -ve
judgment [TANQEED]
A very dishonest person, especially a criminal or a cheat
1) To travel on ships for pleasure 2) If a ship or aircraft cruises, it travels at a
continuous speed [BEHRI SAIR]
To break, or cause something to break, into small pieces [ TOOTNA, TODNA]
Connected with cooking or kitchens [PAKANAY SE MUTAALLIQ]
If an event or series of events culminates in something, it ends with it, having
developed until it reaches this point [ UROOJ PE HONA]
Deserving to be blamed or considered responsible for something bad [He was
held culpable (= blamed) for all that had happened.] [QABIL E MUAKHIZA]
A pipe for waste water that crosses under roads, railways, etc. [BAND NAALI]
Awkward because of being large, heavy or ineffective [ BHAARI]
1) The person in charge of a museum, art collection, etc. 2)
A manager; superintendent [MUHAFIZ]
To stop something before it is finished, or to reduce or limit something [The last
government severely curtailed trade union rights] [KAMEE KRNA, TAKHFEEF
195Cut throat
Fierce; not involving consideration or care about any harm caused to others
[The cut-throat world of journalism]
Very modern & with all the newest features
1) Person with a pessimistic view of human nature 2) A person who believes
that people are only interested in themselves & are not sincere [ROOKHA,
198 Dandy

199 Dateline

1) Very good ["Shall we meet at 6?" "Sure, that's just dandy."] 2) A man, who
dresses fashionable clothes & was very interested in his own appearance [KHUSH
Northsouth line partly along the meridian 180 from Greenwich, to the east of

200 Daunt
201 D-day 1

202 D-day 2

203 De facto

204 Debacle

205 Debauched

206 Decipher

207 Defy

208 Delineate

209 Delinquent

210 Deliver
211 Delta

212 Deluxe
213 Delve

214 Dementia

215 Demi
216 Demystifying
217 Den
218 Deplore

219 Deputation

220 Derision

221 Derogatory

222 Desolation

223 Desperate

224 Despise

225 Despot

226 Destitute
227 Deter

228 Detriment

229 Devolution

which the date is a day earlier than to the west

Discourage, intimidate [ BADDIL KRNA]
The day during the Second World War when the Allies began their invasion of Europe
by attacking the coast of northern France
A day when something important will happen (The landings began on 6 June 1944,
when Allied forces invaded Normandy)
Existing in fact, although not necessarily intended, legal or accepted [DAR
HAQIQAT] ( De jure = Having a right or existence as stated by law ) [AZ RUAY
A complete failure, especially because of bad planning & organization [ KHAATMA,
Something planned that goes wrong & is a complete failure, usually in an
embarrassing way [KHATA, SAKHT NAKAMI]
Weakened or destroyed by bad sexual behaviour, drinking too much alcohol, taking
drugs, etc [AYYAASH, BADKAR]
To discover the meaning of something written badly or in a difficult or hidden way
To refuse to obey, or to act or be against, a person, decision, law, situation, etc (Adj
defiant) [MUQABLA KRNA]
To describe or mark the edge of something [ NAQSHA KHEENCHNA, BAYAAN
A person, usually young, who behaves in a way that is illegal or unacceptable to
most people [His past delinquencies have made it difficult for him to get a job.]
To save someone from a painful or bad experience [Is there nothing that can be
done to deliver these starving people from their suffering?] [NIJJAAT, KHULASI]
An area of low flat land, sometimes shaped approximately like a triangle, where a
river divides into several smaller rivers before flowing into the sea
Luxurious & of very high quality
1) To search, especially as if by digging, in order to find a thing or information 2)
Search or research energetically or deeply [CHAAN BEEN KRNA]
A medical condition that affects especially old people, causing gradual worsening of
the memory & other mental abilities, & leading to confused behaviour [PAGAL
1) Half
2) Partly
To make something easier to understand
The home of particular types of wild animal
1) Regret deeply 2) Find exceedingly bad 3) To say or think that something is very
bad [He said that he deplored all violence] [AFSOS, MAATAM]
A group of people sent to speak or act for others [1) She was sent on a deputation
to see the Pope 2) The deputation from the EU arrives/arrive 2moro] [NAIB BANA
When someone or something is laughed at & considered ridiculous or of no value
[Her speech was met with hoots/howls of derision.] [TEHQEER, MAZAAQ]
1) Showing strong disapproval & not showing respect 2) Insulting [He made some
derogatory comment/remark about her appearance.] [HAQARAT AAMAIZ]
1) Describes a place that is unattractive & empty, with no people or nothing
pleasant in it 2) Extremely sad & feeling alone [VEERANI, TANHAI]
1) Willing to be violent, & therefore dangerous 2) Feeling that U have no hope & are
ready to do anything to change the bad situation U are in [NA UMEED, BAY AAS]
To feel a strong dislike for some1 or something b/c you think they are bad or
worthless {adj Despicable} [The two groups despise each other] [NAFRAT,
1) Absolute ruler 2) Tyrant 3) A person, especially a ruler, who has unlimited power
over other people, & often uses it unfairly & cruel [JABIR HUKUMRAAN]
Without money, food, a home or possessions [MEHROOM, BAYNASEEB]
To prevent or discourage someone from doing something by making it difficult for
them to do it or by threatening bad results if they do it (deterring) [BAAZ RAKHNA]
1) Harm, damage 2) Cause of this [She was very involved with sports at college, to
the detriment of (= harming) her studies.] [ZARER, KHARABI]
The moving of power or responsibility from a main organization to a lower level, or
from a central government to a regional government [TANAZZUL, SUPURDGI]

230 Devolve

To (cause power or responsibility to) be given to other people [Those duties will
necessarily devolve on/upon me.] [ZIMMA HONA YA KARNA]
231 Devour
1) To eat something eagerly & in large amounts so that nothing is left 2) To destroy
something completely [KHA JANA, HADAP KRNA]
232 Devout
Believing strongly in a religion & obeying all its rules or principles [a devout
Buddhist/Christian/churchgoer] [DEENDAR, AABID]
233 Diaphanous
Describes a substance, especially cloth, which is so delicate & thin that you can see
through it [a diaphanous silk veil] [SHAFFAAF, CHAMAKDAR]
234 Diatribe
An angry speech or piece of writing which severely criticizes something or someone
[a long diatribe against the government's policies.] [KISI CHEEZ KI BURAEEO KA
235 Diction
1) Style of speaking or writing as dependent upon choice of words 2) The choice and
use of words in writing or speech 3) The accent, inflection, intonation, and speechsound quality manifested by an individual speaker, usually judged in terms of
prevailing standards of acceptability; enunciation [ ZUBAN, TARZ E TEHRIR]
236 Connoisseur
A person who knows a lot about and enjoys one of the arts, or food, drink, etc. and
can judge quality and skill in that subject [a wine/art connoisseur]
A person who is or seems to be interested in a subject, but whose understanding of
it is not very deep 2) Engage (in an activity etc.) superficially {Synonyms: Amateur,
237 Dire
Very serious or extreme [ HAYBAT NAAK]
238 Discern
1) Perceive clearly with the mind or senses 2) Make out with effort. discernible adj.
[Latin cerno cret- separate] [ MALOOM KRNA, IMTIAAZ KRANA]
239 Discombobula To confuse or disconcert; upset; frustrate
240 Disgruntled
Unhappy, annoyed & disappointed about something [ UDAS, BARHAM, GAIR
241 Dismay
A feeling of unhappiness & disappointment [KHOFZADA KRNA, HIMMAT TODNA]
242 Disown
Deny or give up any connection with [INKAR KRNA, NA MAANNA]
243 Disposition
1) The particular type of character which a person naturally has 2) A natural
tendency to do something, or to have or develop something [BARTAO, QAABU]
244 Dissent
Strong difference of opinion on a particular subject; disagreement, especially about
an official suggestion or plan or a popular belief [IKHTALAF, AYTARAAZ]
245 Dissonance
Disagreement [BAY JORR]
246 Dissuade
To persuade someone not to do something [I tried to dissuade her from leaving.]
247 Distress
1) A feeling of extreme worry, sadness or pain 2) Anguish or suffering caused by
pain, sorrow, worry, etc [TAKLEEF, PARESHANI]
248 Diva
1) A very successful & famous female singer 2) Great woman opera singer; Prima
249 Doctrine
A belief or set of beliefs, especially political or religious, taught & accepted by a
particular group [The president said he would not go against sound military
250 Dogma
1) A fixed, especially religious, belief or set of beliefs that people are expected to
accept without any doubts 2) Principle, tenet, or system [USOOL]
The set of beliefs, ideas, etc. about social behaviour & relationships of a person or
251 Dogmatic
Asserting or imposing personal opinions; intolerantly authoritative; arrogant [PUR
252 Dominion
1) Control over a country or people 2) The land that belongs to a ruler 3)
Sovereignty, control 4) Realm; domain [RAAJ, HUKUMAT]
253 Dormitory
A large room containing many beds, especially in a boarding school or university
254 Douche bag 1 1) A wretched & disgusting person (Rude & derogatory.) [Don't be a douche bag.
Pick up your things & go home, Chuck.]
255 Douche bag 2 2) An ugly girl or woman (Rude & derogatory.) [Look at that face! What a douche
256 Downtown
In or to the central part of a city [I work downtown, but I live in the suburbs]
257 Downturn
A reduction in the amount or success of something, such as a country's economic
258 Drape
To put something such as cloth or a piece of clothing loosely over something

Person who does dull, laborious, or menial work, toil. Drudgery [I feel like a real
drudge - I've done nothing but clean all day! ] [GHULAM KI TARHA KAAM KRNE
260 Dubious
Thought not to be completely true or not able to be trusted [MASHKOOK,
261 Dungeon
An underground prison, especially in a castle [ PANAAH KI JAGAH]
262 Dysfunctional 1) Not behaving or working normally 2) Abnormality or impairment of functioning
263 Earmark
To keep or intend something for a particular purpose [Five billion dollars of this
year's budget is already earmarked for hospital improvements.]
264 Earnest
Serious or determined, especially too serious & unable to find your own actions
amusing [I thought he was joking - I didn't realize he was in earnest.]
265 Ebb
If a physical or emotional feeling ebbs, it becomes less strong or disappears
266 Ebony
267 Echelon
A particular level or group of people within an organization such as an army or
268 Edifice 1
A large building, especially a splendid one [The town hall is the only edifice
surviving from the fifteenth century.] [SHANDAR EMARAT, BADI EMARAT]
269 Edifice 2
A system which has been established for a long time [It looks as if the whole
political edifice of the country is about to collapse.]
270 Elicit
To obtain or produce something, especially information or a reaction [ZAHIR KRNA,
271 Elusive
Difficult to describe, find, achieve or remember [ DAGA BAAZ]
272 Emanate
1) To express a quality or feeling through the way that you look & behave 2) Issue or
originate (from a source) [Her face emanated sadness.] [ZAHIR HONA, JARI
273 Embark
To go onto a ship [We embarked at Liverpool for New York.] [LANGAR UTHANA]
{NOTE The opposite is disembarked.}
274 Eminent
1) Famous, respected or important 2) Distinction; recognized superiority [MUMTAZ,
QABIL E EHTARAAM] {Imminent: coming or likely to happen very soon}
275 Emolument
A payment in money or some other form that is made for work that has been done
276 Enact
To put something into action, especially to change something into a law [ QANOON
277 Ensue
To happen after something else, especially as a result of it [TAAQQUB KRNA,
278 Enterprise
Eagerness to do something new & clever, despite any risks [They've showed a lot of
enterprise in setting up this project.] [MOERKAY KA KAAM, FARAAKH HOSALGI]
279 Envisage
1) To conceive of as a possibility in the future; foresee 2)
To form a mental image of; visualize; contemplate [He envisages an era of great
scientific discoveries]
3) (archaic) to look in the face of; confront {
Synonyms: Picture, imagine, conceive, envision} [AAMNAY SAAMNAY HONA,
280 Epic
A film, poem or book which is long & contains a lot of action, usually dealing with a
historical subject 2) Extremely large [The problem of inflation has reached epic
proportions] [RIZMIA NAZM]
281 Epitaph
A short piece of writing or a poem about a dead person, especially one written on
their gravestone [KATBAH, MAZAAR]
282 Eschew
To avoid something intentionally, or to give something up [We won't have
discussions with this group unless they eschew violence.] [KINARA KRNA]
283 Espionage
1) Discovering of secrets, especially political or military information of another
country or the industrial information of a business 2) Spying or use of spies
284 Eulogy
A speech, piece of writing, poem, etc. containing great praise, especially for
someone who recently died or stopped working [QASEEDA, TAREEF]
285 Euphemism
A word or phrase used to avoid saying an unpleasant or offensive word [Senior
citizen' is a euphemism for 'old person'.] [BURI BAAT KO NARM ALFAAZ MAIN
286 Evade
To avoid or escape from someone or something [BACHNA, TALL MATOL KRNA]

259 Drudge

287 Evangelical

288 Eventuality

289 Execute
290 Exhilarate

291 Exhort

292 Exonerate

293 Expeditiously
294 Exposition

295 Expound

296 Extempore

297 Extradite

298 Facade

299 Face-of

300 Fall out

301 Farce

302 Fascism

303 Fast track

304 Fastidious

305 Fester

306 Fetters

307 Feverish

308 Fiat
309 Fiduciary

310 Figure of

311 Fillet
312 Flagrant

313 Flamboyant

314 Flare

315 Flay

316 Fleeting
317 Flight

Belonging to 1 of the Protestant Churches or Christian groups which believe biblical

teaching & persuading other people to join them [INJEEL K MUTALLIQ]
Something unpleasant or unexpected that might happen or exist in the future [KISI
To kill someone as a legal punishment [PHANSI DENA]
To give someone strong feelings of happiness & excitement [an exhilarating walk in
the mountains] [KHUSH KRNA, SHAAD KRNA]
To strongly encourage or try to persuade someone to do something [NASEEHAT
1) To show or state that someone or something is not guilty of something 2) Free or
declare free from blame etc. [ ILZAAM SE BARI KRNA]
A clear & full explanation of an idea or theory [It purports to be an exposition of
Catholic social teaching.] [NUMAISH, TAFSEEL]
To give a detailed explanation of something [She uses her newspaper column to
expound her views on environmental issues.] [TAFSEEL SE BAYAN KRNA,
Done or said without advance preparation or thought [At the audition, the actors
were asked to perform extempore.] {verb extemporize, UK usually extemporize}
To make someone return for trial to another country where they have been accused
of doing something illegal [TEHVEEL E MUJRIM]
To send or bring someone, or sometimes money or other property, back to their own
1) A false appearance that is more pleasant than the reality 2) The front of a
building, especially a large or attractive building [MAKAN KA AGWADA]
1) The act of facing the puck, as at the start of a game or period 2) An open
The unpleasant results or effects of an action or event [ MUZIR ASRAAT]
1) A ridiculous or meaningless situation or action 2) A humorous play or film where
the characters become involved in unlikely situations [MAZAHIA QISM KA NATAK]
A political system based on a very powerful leader, state control & extreme pride in
country & race, & in which political opposition is not allowed [FISTAIAT]
The quickest, but usually most competitive, route to success or advancement
Giving too much attention to small details & wanting everything to be correct &
1) If a cut or other injury festers, it becomes infected & produces pus 2) If an
argument or bad feeling festers, it continues so that feelings of hate or
dissatisfaction increase
(OLD USE) A pair of chains which were tied round the legs of prisoners to prevent
them from escaping [He felt fettered by a nine-to-five office existence.] [ZANJEER,
1) Suffering from fever [I'm feeling a bit feverish - I hope it's not the start of flu.] 2)
Excited, restless. [BEQARAR]
An order given by a person in authority [FARMAN, HUKM]
Relating to the responsibility to look after someone else's money in a correct way [a
breach of fiduciary duty] [AYTIMAAD, AMEEN]
An expression which uses words to mean something different from their ordinary
meaning ['Get up with the lark' is a figure of speech, meaning 'Get out of bed
A piece of meat or fish without bones (US-filet)
1) Shocking because of being so obvious 2) Blatant 3) Notorious 4) Scandalous
Very confident in behaviour, or intended to be noticed, especially by being brightly
colored [His clothes were rather flamboyant for such a serious occasion] [ROSHAN]
1) When something bad such as violence, pain or anger flares (up), it suddenly
starts or gets much worse 2) A sudden increase in the brightness of a fire [SHOLAY
1) To remove the skin from a person's or animal's body 2) Criticize severely [I'll be
flayed alive when she finds out] [KHAAL KHEENCHNA, TANQEED KRNA]
Brief or quick [NA PAYEDAR]
Someone who serves passengers on an aircraft

318 Flotilla

1) Small fleet 2) Fleet of small ships 3) A large group of boats or small ships [CHOTA
319 Flurry
1) A sudden, short period of activity, excitement or interest 2) A sudden light fall of
snow, blown in different directions by the wind [a flurry of activity] [JOSH]
320 Fluster
To make some1 upset & confused, especially when they are trying to do something
[If I look flustered it's b/c I'm trying to do about twenty things at once] [PARESHAN
321 Foil
1) To prevent some1 or something from being successful 2) Something or someone
that makes another's good or bad qualities more noticeable 3) Frustrate, baffle,
defeat [HAAR]
322 Foreman
Worker supervising others
323 Forfeit
1) Penalty 2) Thing surrendered as a penalty 3) To lose the right to do or have
something because you have broken a rule [ZABTI, TAWAAN]
324 Forge
To make an illegal copy of something in order to deceive [a forged passport/a forged
signature] FORGER- FORGERY
325 Formidable
Causing U to have fear or respect for something or someone because they are
impressive, powerful or difficult [KHOFNAK, HOLNAAK]
326 Forthcoming
1) Happening soon 2) Friendly & helpful, willing to give information or to talk [PESH
327 Fortify
To strengthen something, especially in order to protect it [The argument had
fortified her resolve to prove she was right.] [QILA BANDI KRANA]
328 Fortitude
Bravery over a long period [I thought she showed remarkable fortitude during that
329 Fortress
1) A large strong building or group of buildings which can be defended from attack
2) Fortified building or town
330 Frantic
1) Almost out of control b/c of extreme emotions 2) Done in a hurry & a state of
excitement or confusion [We've been frantic with worry] [QABU SE BAHIR,
331 Freshman
(INFORMAL frosh) A student in the first year of high school, college, or university
[Greg & Jody met in their freshman year at college & married soon after they
332 Frill
Strips of gathered or pleated material as an ornamental edging [JHALAR]
333 Frown
To bring ur eyebrows together creating lines above ur eyes to show that u are
annoyed or worried.[He frowned as he read the instructions] [TEVRI CHADHANA,
334 Frugal
1) Thrifty 2) Stinginess 3) Careful when using money or food, or (of a meal) cheap or
small in amount [KIFAYAT SHIAAR]
Carefulness in the use of money etc.; stinginess [KIFAYAT SHIAAR ]
335 Fugitive
1) A person who is running away or hiding from the police or a dangerous situation
[MAFROOR] 2) Lasting for only a short time; temporary [NA PAYEDAR]
336 Galore
In great amounts or numbers [And for the sweet-toothed, this caf has desserts
337 Gambit
A clever action in a game/situation, intended to achieve an advantage & usually
involves a risk [Promise to lower taxes is clearly an election-year gambit]
338 Gazette
1) Official publication with announcements etc 2) A book or part of a book that
contains a list of names of places, usually with some additional information
339 Genesis
The origin of something, when it is begun or starts to exist [IBTADA, PEDAISH]
340 Get away with 1) To succeed in avoiding punishment for something [If I thought I could get away
something 1
with it, I wouldn't pay any tax at all]
341 Get away with 2) To do something successfully although it is not the best way of doing it [Do you
something 2
think we could get away with just one coat of paint on that wall?]
342 Get carried
To become excessively involved, to take something too far. [It was nice of him to
write a poem for his new girlfriend, but shooting a full-length film is getting carried
343 Get
To start to go or move [We'd better get moving or we'll be late]
344 Get on
To have a good relationship (He doesn't get on with his daughter)
345 Get the hell
To leave a place quickly [Let's get the hell out of here, before any shooting starts.]

out of
346 Gimmick

1) Something which is not serious or of real value that is used to attract people's
attention or interest temporarily 2) Trick or device, esp. to attract attention or
347 Go banana
Go mad
348 Godspeed
Expression of good wishes to a person starting a journey
349 Gorge
1) A deep narrow valley with steep sides, usually formed by a river or stream cutting
through hard rock 2) To eat until you are unable to eat any more [KHANA
350 Gourmet
A person who knows a lot about food & cooking, & who enjoys eating high-quality
351 Grapevine
1) Vine 2) The means of transmission of a rumor
352 Gratify
To please someone, or to satisfy a wish or need [We were gratified by the response
to our appeal] [FARHAT]
353 Gratitude
The feeling or quality of being grateful [SHUKAR GUZARI,SHUKARANA]
354 Gratuitous
1) Given or done free of charge 2) Uncalled-for; lacking good reason
355 Grey matter
A person's intelligence [It's not the sort of movie that stimulates the old grey matter
356 Grin
Smile broadly, showing the teeth [DAANT NIKAAL KR MUN BANANA]
357 Gross
1) (especially in law) Unacceptable because clearly wrong 2) Extremely fat or large
& ugly 3) Extremely unpleasant 4) (in) Total [BHARI,KAHIL]
358 Grotesque
Strange & unpleasant, especially in a ridiculous or slightly frightening way [By now
she'd had so much cosmetic surgery that she looked quite grotesque] [HAFT
359 Grouches
1) A person who often complains 2) To complain in an angry way
360 Guillotine
A device, invented in France, consisting of a sharp blade in a tall frame which was
used in the past for killing criminals by cutting off their heads
361 Gulf
A very large area of sea surrounded on three sides by a coast [KHALEEJ]
362 Gullible
Easily deceived or tricked, & too willing to believe everything that other ppl say
[There are many miracle cures on the market for ppl gullible enough to buy them.]
363 Gut
A strong belief about someone or something which cannot completely be explained
feeling/reactio & is not necessarily decided by reasoning (I have a gut feeling that the relationship
won't last)
364 Handy
Useful or convenient [It's a nice house & its handy for (= near) the station.]
365 Hangover 1
A feeling of illness after drinking too much alcohol [I had a terrible hangover the
next morning].
366 Hangover 2
Something that continues from an earlier time [The present political system is a
hangover from the nineteenth century colonial era.]
367 Harness
1) To control something, usually in order to use its power 2) Make use of (natural
resources), esp. to produce energy
368 Haughty
Unfriendly & seeming to consider yourself better than other people [She has a
rather haughty manner.] [KHUD PASAND, MAGROOR]
369 Haunt
To cause repeated suffering or anxiety [Fighting in Vietnam was an experience that
would haunt him for the rest of his life.] [AAMAD O RAFT RAKHNA]
370 Hay fever
An illness like a cold, caused by pollen [She gets really bad hay fever.]
371 Heart throb
A famous man, often a singer or an actor, who is attractive to many women
372 Heavy duty
1) Providing an unusual amount of power, durability, etc. [heavy-duty machinery;
heavy-duty shoes ] 2) Very important, impressive, or serious [heavy-duty
373 Hefty
Large in amount, size, force, etc [1) Her salary will go up by a hefty 10% 2) A hefty
woman with dyed blond hair]
374 Hep
(Slang) Trendy, stylish
375 Hideous
1) Extremely ugly or bad [They've just built some hideous new apartment blocks on
the seafront.] [DRAWNA, BHAYANAK]
376 Hit man
1) A man who is paid to murder someone 2) (Slang) hired assassin
377 Hobnobbing
1) Mix socially or informally 2) To spend time being friendly with someone who is
important or famous [MIL JUL KR PEENA]
378 Homage
Deep respect & often praise shown for a person or god [On this occasion we pay
homage to him for his achievements.] [ITAAT,AHTARAAM]

379 Homicide
380 Horrendous
381 Horticulture
382 Hotline

[ IN FORMAL US] (An act of) murder

Extremely unpleasant or bad, horrifying
The study or activity of cultivating gardens [FANN E BAAGBANI]
A special direct telephone connection for emergencies [A national telephone hotline
has been set up for students suffering from stress.]
383 How/what/why Used when you are extremely surprised, confused or angry about something [1)
, etc. On earth How on earth did this happen? 2) Why on earth didn't you tell me before?]
384 Humane
1) Showing kindness, care & sympathy towards others, especially those who are
suffering 2) Benevolent, compassionate [NARM]
385 Hunch
1) Intuitive feeling or idea 2) To lean forward with your shoulders raised or to bend
your back & shoulders into a rounded shape
386 Hutch
A box made of wood with a wire front where small animals such as rabbits are kept
387 I cant help it
If you can't/couldn't help something, such as acting in a particular way or making a
particular remark, you are/were not able to control or stop it
388 Idiosyncrasy
A strange or unusual habit, way of behaving or feature that someone or something
389 Ignoble
1) Dishonorable 2) Of low birth, position, or reputation. [Latin related to *in-1,
390 Ignominy
Public embarrassment [The Workers' Coalition experienced the ignominy of total
defeat in the last election.] [BADNAMI, RUSWAI]
391 Ilk
A particular type, sort, family, class [The worst of her criticism was reserved for
journalists, photographers and others of their ilk.]
392 Imbroglio
1) An unwanted, difficult & confusing situation, full of trouble & problems
393 Immaculate
Perfectly clean or tidy [BAYDAAG, BAY GUNAAH]
394 Immigration
When someone comes to live in a different country ( Emigrate: To leave a country
permanently & go to live in another one)
395 Impart
1) To communicate information to someone 2) To give something a particular
feeling, quality or taste [BAKHSNA, ATA KRNA]
396 Impasse
A situation in which further development is impossible [BAND GALI]
397 Impeccable
1) Perfect, with no problems or bad parts 2) Faultless 3) Exemplary [BAY KHATA,
398 Impersonator To intentionally copy another person's characteristics, especially to make people
laugh 2) To attempt to deceive someone by pretending that you are another person
[TALBEES KRNE WALA] [Imposter: A person who pretends to be someone else in
order to deceive others] [DAGA BAAZ, THAGG]
399 Impetus

400 Implicate

401 Implication

402 Impound

403 Impregnable
404 Impunity

405 Incarceration

406 Inception

407 Inculcate

408 Indemnity

409 Indignant

410 Indiscreet

1) Something which encourages a particular activity or makes that activity more

energetic or effective 2) Force with which a body moves, impulse [JOSH, SHIDDAT]
To show that someone is involved in a crime or partly responsible for something bad
that has happened [Have they any evidence to implicate him in the robbery?]
When you seem to suggest something without saying it directly 2) The effect that
an action or decision will have on something else in the future
1) Confiscate 2) Take legal possession of 3) Shut up (animals) in a pound [QABZA
Powerful & impossible to beat, especially in sport [ NAAQAABIL E TASKHEER]
1) Freedom from punishment or from the unpleasant results of something that has
been done 2) Exemption from punishment, bad consequences, etc [BARIAT,
1) Imprison 2) To put or keep someone in prison or in a place used as a prison
The establishment of an organization or official activity [Since its inception in 1968,
the company has been at the forefront of computer development.] [AAGAAZ]
To fix beliefs or ideas in someone's mind, especially by repeating them often
Protection against possible damage or loss, especially a promise of payment, or the
money paid if there is such damage or loss [NUQSAAN KI ZAMANAT]
1) Angry because of something which is wrong or not fair 2) Anger at supposed
Saying or doing things which let people know things that should be secret or which
embarrass people [They have been rather indiscreet about their affair.] [GAIR

411 Inexplicable
412 Infidelity

413 Inflict

414 Infringe

415 Inhibit

416 Innate
417 Inquisition

418 Insight

419 Insolent

420 Instep

421 Instil (Instill)

422 Insurrection

423 Integrity

424 Intelligible

425 Inter alia

426 Intrepid

427 Introspection

428 Inundate

429 Invariably
430 Invigorate

431 Invincible

432 Irk

433 It never rains

it pours
434 Jack ass
435 Jeer

436 Jerk -jerky

437 Jilt

438 Juncture

439 Junkie

440 Juvenile

441 Juxtaposition

442 KGB

Unable to be explained or understood [NAAQAABIL E TASHREEH]
Unfaithfulness, esp. adultery [She could not forgive his many infidelities.]
To force someone to experience something very unpleasant [The suffering inflicted
on these children was unimaginable.] [LAGANA, DAALNA, AAID KRNA]
To break a rule, law, etc [They infringed building regulations.] [KHILAAF WARZI
To prevent someone from doing something, or to slow down a process or the growth
of something [ROKNA]
An innate quality or ability is one that U were born with, not one U have learned
A period of detailed & unfriendly questioning [The police subjected him to an
inquisition that lasted 12 hours] [TEHQIQAAT, TALAASH]
(The ability to have) a clear, deep & sometimes sudden understanding of a
complicated problem or situation [BASEERAT MUARIFAT]
Rude & not showing respect [1) An insolent child/young man 2) An insolent
gesture/remark] [GUSTAAKH, SHOKH]
The curved upper part of the foot between the toes & the heel, or the part of a shoe
or sock which fits around this
1) Introduce (a feeling, idea, etc.) into a person's mind etc. gradually 2) Put (a
liquid) into something in drops [DIL MA BITHANA]
1) Rebellion 2) An organized attempt by a group of ppl to defeat their govt. & take
control of their country, usually by violence [armed insurrection] [BAGHAWAT,
1) The quality of being honest & having strong moral principles that U refuse to
change 2) The quality of being whole & complete [RASSTBAZI, SAALMIAT]
(Of speech & writing) clear enough to be understood [She was so upset when she
spoke that she was hardly intelligible.] [QABIL E FEHM, SAAF O SAREEH]
Among other things
Extremely brave & showing no fear of dangerous situations [a team of intrepid
explorers] [NIDARR, DILAIR]
Examination & consideration of your own ideas, thoughts & feelings [His defeat in
the world championship led to a long period of gloomy introspection] [KHUD
1) Overwhelm 2) To give someone so much work or so many things that they
cannot deal with them all 3) To flood an area with water [KASRAT, GARQ KRNA]
To make someone feel fresher, healthier & more energetic [We were invigorated by
Impossible to defeat or prevent from doing what is intended [NAQABIL E
To annoy someone [The negative reply to my complaint really irked me] [TAKLEEF
Said when one bad thing happens, followed by a lot of other bad things, which
make a bad situation worse
A person who behaves foolishly [AHMAQ, GADHA]
1) Scoff derisively; deride 2) To laugh or shout insults at some1 to show U have no
respect for them [The ppl at the back of the hall jeered (at) the speaker] [TANZ,
Meat that has been cut into long thin strips & dried in the sun
1) Abruptly reject or abandon (esp. a lover) 2) To finish a romantic relationship with
someone suddenly & unkindly [He jilted her for his best friend's sister.] [HARJAI]
1) Critical convergence of events; point of time (at this juncture) 2) Joining-point 3)
Joining 4) A particular point in time [MILNE KI JAGA]
1) Someone who cannot stop taking illegal drug 2) Someone who wants to have or
do something all the time
1) A youthful 2) Of or for young people 3) Immature [a juvenile sense of humour]
To put things which are not similar next to each other [The exhibition juxtaposes
Picasso's early drawings with some of his later works.] [QURBAT, PASS PASS
State security police of the former USSR [Russian abbreviation, = committee of

State security]
An amount of money that is paid to someone illegally in exchange for secret help or
444 Kudos
The fame & public admiration that a person receives as a result of a particular
achievement or position in society [NAIK NAMI, SHOHRAT]
445 Ladle
A very big spoon with a long handle & a deep cup-shaped part, used especially for
serving soup [BADA CHAMCHA, DONI]
446 Lambaste
To criticize someone or something severely [His first novel was well & truly
lambasted by the critics.]
447 Languish
To exist in an unpleasant or unwanted situation, often for a long time [The ruling
party is languishing in third place in the opinion polls] [ZAEEF,KAMZOORI]
448 Leverage
Power to influence people & get the results you want [If the United Nations had
more troops in the area, it would have greater leverage.]
449 Lineage
1) Ancestry 2) The members of a person's family who are directly related to that
person & who lived a long time before him or her [KHANDAAN, NASAB]
450 Linger
To take a long time to leave or disappear [The smell from the fire still lingered days
451 Lisp
To pronounce 's' & 'z' sounds like 'th' [I was teased a lot at school because I spoke
with a lisp.] [LUKNAT, TUTLA KR BOLNA]
452 Live it up
To have an exciting & very enjoyable time with parties, good food & drink [He's
alive & well & living it up in the Bahamas.]
453 Loath, loth
Be loath to do sth: to be unwilling to do something [I'm loath to spend it all at once]
[GAIR RAZAMAND] {Loathe: To hate some1 or s/t ["Do you like fish?" "No, I
loathe it."] }
454 Logistics
1) Careful organization of a complicated activity so that it happens in a successful &
effective way 2) Organization of services & supplies
455 Lousy
456 Love me, love Said to warn someone that if they want to be in a relationship with U, they must be
my dog
willing to accept everything about U
457 Lucid
Clearly expressed & easy to understand or (of a person) thinking or speaking clearly
[She gave a clear & lucid account of her plans] [ROSHAN, DARAKHSHAN]
458 Lump
A hard swelling found in or on the body, especially because of illness or injury [She
found a lump in her breast.] [ANBAAR, DHAYLA]
A colourless liquid which takes useful substances around the body, & takes waste
matter, such as unwanted bacteria, away from body tissue in order to prevent
459 Machiavelliani Using clever but often dishonest methods which deceive people so that U can gain
power or control [AYYARI, SHATIRANA]
460 Macho
1) Behaving forcefully or showing no emotion in a way traditionally thought to be
typical of a man 2) Aggressively masculine
461 Made up
1) Describes a story or report that has been invented & is untrue 2) Wearing makeup
462 Magnate
Wealthy & influential person, usu. in business [MASHHOOR/BADA AADMI]
A person who has succeeded in business or industry & has become very wealthy &
463 Manifest
1) To show something clearly, through signs or actions 2) Easily noticed or obvious
464 Mannequins
A large model of a human being, used to show clothes in the window of a shop
465 Mar
To spoil something, making it less perfect or less enjoyable [Sadly, the text is
marred by careless errors.] [KHARAB KRNA, ZARAR POHONCHANA]
466 Marginalize
To treat someone or something as if they are not important [Now that English has
taken over as the main language, the country's native language has been
467 Marines
A part of a country's military forces which takes part especially in operations on
land which begin from the sea
468 Maritime
1) Connected with the sea or seafaring (maritime insurance) 2) Living or found near
the sea [Amalfi & Venice were important maritime powers.] [SAAHILI, BEHRI]
469 Mauve
(Having) a pale purple colour
470 Maxim
A brief statement of a general truth, principle or rule for behaviour [USOOL,
471 May day
A special radio signal sent from a ship or an aircraft when it needs help
472 Meagre
Very small or not enough (also meager) [HAQEER, LAAGAR]

443 Kickback

473 Medieval

Related to the Middle Ages [QUROON E WUSTA KA, CHATTI SADI SE

474 Medley
A mixture of different items, especially tunes put together to form a longer piece of
music [MILANA]
475 Melancholy
1) Sad 2) Sadness which lasts for a long period of time, often without any obvious
476 Melodrama
1) A story, play, or film in which the characters show stronger emotions than real
people usually do 2) Showing much stronger emotions than are necessary or usual
for a situation
477 Menace
1) Threat 2) Dangerous thing or person 3) Something that is likely to cause harm
478 Menial
Describes work that is boring, tiring & given a low social value [NOKER, SHAGIRD]
479 Men's room
A toilet for men in a public building such as a hotel or restaurant
480 Mephistophele The Devil
481 Mercantile
Related to trade or business [TIJARTI, TAJIRANA]
482 Merchandise
To encourage the sale of goods by advertising them or by making certain that they
are noticed [MAAL E TIJARAT, SODA]
483 Meticulous
1) Giving great attention to detail 2) Very careful & precise [JUZIYAAT KA KHAYAL
484 Militia
A military force which only operates for some of the time & whose members often
have other jobs
485 Mimic
To copy the way in which a particular person usually speaks & moves, usually in
order to amuse people [NAQAL KRNA, MAZAK UDANA]
486 Mirage
An image, produced by very hot air, of something which seems to be far away but
does not really exist [NAZAR KA DHOKHA, SARAAB]
487 Mitigate
To make something less harmful, unpleasant or bad [HALKA KRNA]
488 Monarch
Sovereign with the title of king, queen, emperor, empress, or equivalent
489 Monk
A member of a group of religious men who do not marry & usually live together in a
monastery [ZAHID, AABID]
490 Montage
A piece of work produced by combining smaller parts, or the process of making
such a work (The ads feature a montage of images - people surfing, playing football
& basketball)
491 Moot
1) To suggest something for discussion [The idea was first mooted as long ago as
the 1840s.] 2) Debatable, undecided. v. raise (a question) for discussion [It's a
moot point whether building more roads reduces traffic congestion.] [IJTAMA,
492 Morbid
1) Too interested in unpleasant subjects, especially death [a morbid fascination with
death] 2) Of the nature of or indicative of disease 3) colloq. Melancholy [FAASID,
493 Motel
A hotel by the side of a road, usually with spaces for cars next to each room
494 Mug
1) Someone's face [his ugly mug] 2) An act of attacking someone & stealing their
money [He was mugged in broad daylight] 3) A person who is stupid & easily
495 Mull sth over
To think carefully about something for a long time (I need a few days to mull things
over before I decide if I'm taking the job.)
496 Multifarious
Of many different types [The newspaper report detailed the fraudster's multifarious
business activities.] [RANG BARANGI, ANWA O AQSAAM KA]
497 Multiplex
A very large cinema that has a lot of separate cinemas inside it
498 Mundane
Very ordinary & therefore not interesting [DUNYAVI, ARZI]
499 Nascent
1) In the act of being born 2) Just beginning to be; not yet mature 3) Only recently
formed or started, but likely to grow larger quickly [a nascent political party]
500 Neo
1) New, modern 2) New form of [1)neo-fascist 2) neo-Nazi 3) neo-realist cinema]
501 Neolithic
Belonging to period when humans used tools & weapons made of stone & had just
developed farming [The neolithic period is s/t called the new stone age] [PATHAR K
Too large, too regular or without interesting differences, & unwilling or unable to be
changed [monolithic state-run organizations]
502 Nerd
A person, especially a man, who is unattractive & awkward or socially embarrassing
[Geek a person, especially a man, who is boring & not fashionable]

503 Nibble

504 Nod of
505 Not be
cup of tea
506 Notion
507 Notwithstandi
508 Novel

To bite something gently & repeatedly [1) Have you got some peanuts for us to
nibble while the party warms up? 2) Jenny's hamster's nibbled a hole in the sofa.]
To begin sleeping, especially not intentionally
If something or someone is not your cup of tea, they are not the type of thing or
person that U like (Thanks for inviting me, but ballet arent really my cup of tea)

Belief or idea [RAYE, NAZRIA]

1) Despite the fact or thing mentioned 2) In spite of; without prevention by. adv.
Nevertheless [TAAHAM, BAWAJOOD K]
1) A long printed story about imaginary characters & events 2) New & original, not
like anything seen before
509 Novice
A person who is not experienced in a job or situation [NO AAMOOZ]
510 Nut
Foolish, stupid or strange [What kind of nut would leave a car on a railway track?]
511 Obituary
A report, especially in a newspaper, which gives the news of someone's death &
details about their life [MOAT KI ITTALA YA AYLAAN]
512 Oblivion
The state of being unconscious [BHOOL, FARAMOSH, GUMNAMI]
513 Obnoxious
1) Very unpleasant or rude 2) Offensive 3) Objectionable [QAABIL E AYTARAZ,
514 Obscurantism Opposition to knowledge & enlightenment [QADAMAT PASANDI]
515 Obscure
1) Not known to many people 2) Unclear & difficult to understand or see [TAREEK,
516 Obtrusive
517 Odyssey
A long exciting journey [1) The film follows one man's odyssey to find the mother
from whom he was separated at birth 2) A spiritual odyssey ] [RIZMIA NAZM]
518 Okra ( Gumbo) The small green pods from a tropical plant eaten as a vegetable or used to thicken
soups & other dishes, or the plant itself
519 Ombudsman
Someone who works for a government or large organization & deals with the
complaints made against it
520 Omen
Something that is considered to be a sign of how a future eventll take place [Many
ppl believe that a broken mirror is an omen of bad luck] [FAAL NIKALNA,
521 Opine
To state something as an opinion [Power grows from the barrel of a gun, opined
Mao Tse-Tung.] [IZHAR E RAI KRNA]
522 Orchard
An area of land where fruit trees (not citrus trees) are grown [BAAGHECHA]
( Oasis A place in a desert where there is water & therefore plants & sometimes a
village or town)
523 Ordeal
A very unpleasant & painful or difficult experience [The hostages' ordeal came to
an end when soldiers stormed the building.]
524 Ostensible
1) Appearing or claiming to b 1 thing when it is really something else 2) Concealing
the real; professed [Their ostensible goal was 2 clean up govt corruption] [ZAHIR
525 Oust
To force someone to leave a position of power, job, place or competition [The
champions were defeated by Arsenal & ousted from the League Cup.] [HATA
526 Outlaw
1) Fugitive from the law 2) Person deprived of the protection of the law 3) Make
illegal; proscribe [QANUNI HAQ SE MEHROOM KARNA]
527 Outlay
1) Expenditure 2) An amount of money spent for a particular purpose; especially as
a first investment in something [We outlaid thousands of dollars on computers.]
528 Outreach
When an organization brings medical or similar services to people at home or to
where they spend time
529 Outset
The beginning [I told him at/from the outset I wasn't interested.] [AAGAAZ]
530 Overrun
1) If unwanted ppl or things overrun, they fill a place quickly & in large no. 2) To
continue beyond an intended limit [LOOTMAR KRNA, BARBAAD KRNA]
531 Oxymoron
Two words used together which have, or seem to have, opposite meanings
532 Pan
Including or relating to all the places or people in a particular group
533 Panacea
1) Something that will solve all problems 2) Universal remedy [AKSEER E AZAM,
1) A stylish, original & very confident way of doing things that makes people admire
you 2) Assertive flamboyance; confidence of style or manner
534 Panorama
A view of a wide area [WASEE MANZAR]


1) A view, especially a splendid view from a high position 2) A possible future action
or event that you can imagine
535 Pantheism
1) Worship that admits or tolerates all gods 2) Belief in many or all gods, or the
belief that God exists in & is the same as all things, animals & people within the
536 Parable
A short simple story which teaches or explains an idea, especially a moral or
religious idea [TAMSEEL, MISAAL]
537 Paramount
1) More important than anything else 2) Supreme; most important 3) In supreme
authority [ AALA, BADA]
538 Paranoia
1) Mental disorder with delusions of persecution & self-importance 2) Abnormal
suspicion & mistrust [KHALAL DAMAAG]
539 Paraphernalia All the objects needed for or connected with a particular activity [ZATI SAAZ O
540 Parole
When a prisoner is released before their period in prison is finished, with the
agreement that they will behave well [He's been released on parole.] [IQRAR,
541 Parse
To separate a sentence into grammatical parts, such as subject, verb, etc [TAJZIA
542 Pass the buck To blame someone or make them responsible for a problem that you should deal
with [She's always trying to pass the buck & I'm sick of it!]
543 Pass
No longer fashionable [UTRA HUA HUSN]
544 Paucity
A lack of something [There is a paucity of information on the ingredients of many
cosmetics.] [KAMEE, QILLAT]
545 Pecuniary
Relating to money [MAALI]
546 Perpetuate
To cause something to continue [Increasing the supply of weapons will only
perpetuate the violence & anarchy.] [JARI RAKHNA]
547 Persecution A A) To treat someone unfairly or cruelly over a long period of time b/c of their race,
Prosecution B religion, or political beliefs or to annoy someone by refusing to leave them alone
B) To officially accuse someone of committing a crime in a court of law or (of a
lawyer) to try to prove that a person accused is guilty of that crime [MUQADMA]
548 Perturb
1) Disturb mentally 2) Agitate [PARESHAN/TANG KRNA]
549 Pestilence
1) Any very serious infectious disease that spreads quickly & kills large no. of ppl 2)
A serious & growing problem [The report states that vandalism is a pestilence.]
550 Petrify
To frighten someone greatly, especially so that they are unable to move or speak 2)
If dead things petrify, they change to a substance like stone over a long period of
551 Petticoat
1) (attrib.) often derog. Feminine. 2) Woman's or girl's undergarment hanging from
the waist or shoulders
552 Pin down
To stop someone from escaping by surrounding them & shooting at them if they try
to escape
553 Piss somebody To annoy someone { Piss of (GO) to leave or go away, used especially as a rude
way of telling someone to go away}
554 Placate
To stop someone from feeling angry [outraged minority groups will not be placated
by promises of future improvements] [MUTMAIN KRNA, TASSALI DENA]
555 Plausible
1) Seeming likely to be true or believed [a plausible excuse] 2) 1 who appears to
be honest & truthful, even if he isnt [a plausible salesman] [MAQOOL,
556 Plethora
1) Over-abundance 2) A very large amount of something, especially a larger amount
than you need, want or can deal with [IFRAAT E KHOON]
557 Plight
1) An unpleasant condition, especially a serious, sad or difficult one 2) Pledge 3)
Engage (oneself) in marriage. [plight one's troth] [ZAMANAT DENA, MANGNI
558 Plodding
To work slowly & continuously, but without imagination, enthusiasm or interest
559 Pluralistic
Including or considering many different types of people, with different beliefs,
opinions & needs [We need to take a pluralistic approach to education.]
560 Poise
Calm confidence in a person's way of behaving, or a quality of grace & balance in
the way a person holds or moves their body [WAZAN KARNA]
561 Poke
To push a finger or other pointed object quickly into someone or something
562 Polaroid
A camera that takes a picture & prints it after a few seconds, or a photograph taken

with this type of camera

(also Lie detector) A piece of equipment used to try to discover if someone is
telling lies
564 Portend
To be a sign that something bad is likely to happen in the future [SHAGOON,
565 Pound
To hit or beat repeatedly with a lot of force, or to crush something by hitting it
repeatedly [MARNA, ZARB LAGANA]
566 Prank
A trick that is intended to be amusing but not to cause harm or damage
567 Preamble
1) Preliminary statement 2) An intro to a speech or piece of writing or statute/deed
3) Talk/activity not connected with most imp. matter [TAMHEED, DEEBAACHA,
568 Precarious
1) Uncertain; dependent on chance 2) Perilous 3) In a dangerous state because not
safe or firmly fixed 4) A precarious situation is likely to get worse [GAIR
569 Precipitate
To make something happen suddenly or sooner than expected [An invasion would
certainly precipitate a political crisis.] [JALD BAZI KRNA]
570 Predisposition The state of being likely to behave in a particular way or to suffer from a particular
571 Premise
An idea or theory on which a statement or action is based [They had started with
the premise that all men are created equal.] [MUQADMA K TOR PE PESH KRNA]
Previous case etc. taken as a guide for subsequent cases or as a justification
[Politicians fear that concession would set a dangerous precedent.] [MISAAL,
572 Preoccupy
To be the main thought in someone's mind, causing other things to be forgotten
573 Preposterous 1) Utterly absurd; outrageous 2) Contrary to nature, reason, or sense 3) Very foolish
574 Prerogative
Right or privilege exclusive to an individual or class [Skiing used to be the
prerogative of the rich, but now a far wider range of people do it.] [IKHTIAR,
575 Pretentious
Trying to appear or sound more important or clever than you are, especially in
matters of art & literature [a pretentious art critic] [RIAKARI, TASSANNO]
576 Pretext
A pretended reason for doing something that is used to hide the real reason
577 Pro
1) Supporting or approving of something [pro-American] 2) A person who plays
sport as a job rather than as a hobby [a tennis pro] [LIAY, KHATIR]
578 Profane
1) Showing a lack of respect for a god or a religion, often through language 2)
Irreverent, blasphemous 3) (Of language) Obscene [BAYHURMATI]
579 Profess
To claim something, sometimes in a way which is not sincere [AYLAAN,
580 Professed
1) Self-acknowledged (professed Christian) 2) Alleged, ostensible 3) Describes a
belief which someone has made known
581 Progeny
The young or offspring of a person, animal or plant [His numerous progeny are
scattered all over the country] [OLAAD]
582 Prolific
1) Producing a great no. or amount of s/t 2) Producing many offspring or much
output [He was probably the most prolific songwriter of his generation]
583 Prologue 1
A part that comes at the beginning of a play, story or long poem, often giving
information about events that have happened before the time when the play, story
or poem begins
584 Prologue 2
A series of events related to the main event & which happen before it [A series of
internal struggles was the prologue to full-scale civil war] [TAAARUFI TAQREER]
585 Prone
1) Tending to suffer from an illness or show a particular negative characteristic 2)
Lying on the front with the face down [OONDHA]
586 Propriety
Correct moral behaviour or actions [She was careful always to behave with
587 Proselytize
To try to persuade someone to change their religious or political beliefs or their way
of living to your own [TABDEELI E MAZHAB KA AMAL]
588 Protg
A young person who is helped & taught by an older & usually famous person [ZER
589 Protocol
The system of rules & acceptable behaviour used at official ceremonies & occasions

563 Polygraph

590 Protracted
591 Providence

592 Proximity

593 Prudent

594 Puke
595 Pull of

596 Punch line

597 Punk
598 Pursuit

Lasting for a long time or made to last longer [TAVEEL,/DAIR KRNA]

1) Protective care of God or nature 2) (Providence) God in this aspect 3) Foresight;
The state of being near in space or time [The best thing about the location of the
house is its proximity to the town centre.] [NAZDEEKI, QURB]
1) Avoiding risks & uncertainties; careful 2) Cautious; politic [It's always prudent to
read a contract properly before signing it.] [HOSHIYAR, MOHTAT, DANA]
To vomit [QAY KRNA]
To succeed in doing something difficult or unexpected (The central bank has pulled
off one of the biggest financial rescues of recent years)
The last part of a story or a joke which explains the meaning of what has happened
previously or makes it amusing
1) A young man who fights & is involved in criminal activities (SYN hooligan ruffian)

When you follow someone or something to try to catch them [The robbers fled the
scene of the crime, with the police in pursuit.] [TAAQQUB, TALAASH]
599 Quantum
The smallest amount or unit of something, especially energy [MIQDAR, TAADAD,
600 Quasi
1) Seemingly, not really 2) Used to show that something is almost, but not completely,
the thing described [The school uniform is quasi-military in style.] [ZAAHIRI TOR
601 Quote
Said to show that U are repeating someone else's words, especially if U do not agree
with them (She says they're, quote 'just good friends' unquote)
602 Radiance
1) Emitting rays of light 2) (Of eyes or looks) beaming with joy, hope, or love 3) (of
beauty) Splendid or dazzling [TAABINDA, NOOR AFSHAN]
603 Radical
1) Belief that there should be great or extreme social or political change 2) Relating to
the most imp. parts of something or some1; complete or extreme [BUNYAADI, ASLI]
604 Rampant
(Of something bad) getting worse quickly & in an uncontrolled way [He said that he
had encountered rampant prejudice in his attempts to get a job.] [SHIDDAT SE]
605 Rancor
A feeling of hate & continuing anger about something in the past [They cheated me,
but I feel no rancour towards/against them.] [BUGZ, ADAWAT]
606 Ransack
To search a place or container in a violent & careless way [CHAAN MARNA]
607 Rapacious
1) Strong desire to take things for yourself, usually using unfair methods or force 2)
Grasping, extortionate, predatory [ Her rapacious appetite for fame] [LUTERA]
608 Rattle
1) To (cause to) make a noise like a series of knocks 2) To worry someone or make
someone nervous [The creaking upstairs was starting to rattle me.] [KHAD
609 Ravage
To cause great damage to something [The area has been ravaged by
drought/floods/war.] [PAAMAAL KRNA, LOOTNA]
610 Rebuke
To speak angrily to someone because you disapprove of what they have said or done [I
was rebuked by my manager for being late] [SARZANISH, MULAMAT]
611 Reckless
Doing something dangerous & not caring about the risks & the possible results [BAY
612 Reckon
1) To think or believe 2) To calculate an amount [HISAAB LAGANA]
613 Reclamation 1) To take back something that was yours [BAAZIABI] 2) To make land, such as desert
or flooded areas, suitable for farming or building [ISLAAH]
614 Redeem
1) To get something back 2) To fulfill a promise or pay back a debt [CHURANA, AZAD
615 Redneck
A poor white person without education, especially one living in the countryside in the
southern US, who has prejudiced (= unfair & unreasonable) ideas & belief
616 Regress
1) Move backwards; return to a former, esp. worse, state 2) Psychol. (cause to) return
mentally to a former stage of life [WAAPSI, PALAT JANA]
617 Relentless
Continuing in a severe or extreme way [ BAY REHM, SANGDIL]
618 Relics
1) Object that is interesting because of its age or association 2) Part of a dead holy
person's body or belongings kept as an object of reverence 3) Surviving custom or
belief etc. from a past age 4) Memento or souvenir 5) (in pl.) What has survived
619 Relinquish 1) To give up s/t such as a responsibility or claim 2) To unwillingly stop holding or
keeping s/t [She relinquished her hold/grip on the steering wheel.] [CHORNA, TARK
620 Remand
To send someone accused of committing a crime away from court until their trial
begins [He was remanded on theft charges.] [HAWALAAT MA RAKHNA]

621 Reminiscent Making U remember a particular person, event or thing [ YAAD DILANE WALA]
622 Remiss
Careless & not doing a duty well enough [KAHIL, DHEELA]
623 Remorse
A strong feeling of guilt & regret about something you have done [After the argument,
she was filled with remorse.] [NIDAMAT]
624 Renegade
A person who has changed their feelings of support & duty from one political, religious,
national, etc. group to a new one [ TARIK E DEEN, MUNKAR]
625 Repeal
If a government repeals a law, it causes that law no longer to have any legal force
626 Repress
1) To not allow something, especially feelings, to be expressed 2) To control what
people do, especially by using force [ROKNA, DABANA]
627 Reproach
1) Express disapproval to (a person or oneself) for a fault 2) Rebuke or censure 3)
(often foll. by to) Thing that brings disgrace or discredit [SARZANISH KRNA]
628 Reprove
To tell someone that U disapprove of their wrong or foolish behaviour [MULAMAT
629 Repudiate
To refuse to accept something or someone as true, good or reasonable [CHOR DENA,
630 Repugnant 1) Extremely distasteful 2) Contradictory 3) Unpleasant, causing a feeling of disgust
631 Repulsive
Extremely unpleasant or unacceptable [NAFRAT ANGAIZ]
632 Resilient
Able to quickly return to a previous good condition (She's a resilient girl - she won't be
633 Respite
A pause or rest from something difficult or unpleasant [MOHLAT, WAQFA]
634 Rest
Used to tell someone not to worry & that U are in control of the situation
635 Resurgence Rising or arising again [PHIR SE ZINDA HONA]
636 Retreat
1) Place of shelter or seclusion 2) A private & safe place a country/mountain/lakeside
(residence) retreat
637 Retribution Deserved & severe punishment [BADLA, SAZA]
638 Revamp
1) Renovate, revise, improve 2) Patch up 3) To change or arrange something again, in
order to improve it
639 Reverberate 1) (Of sound, light, or heat) be returned, echoed, or reflected repeatedly 2) (of an
event etc.) Produce a continuing effect, shock, etc. [GOONJNA]
640 Revisit
Visit again
641 Rhetoric
1) Art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing 2) Language designed to persuade
or impress (esp. seen as overblown & meaningless) [FAN E KHITABAT, FASAHAT O
642 Roger
Used in radio communications to mean that a message has been received &
643 Rogue
1) Behaving in ways that are not expected or not normal, often in a destructive way 2)
Dishonest, unprincipled person 3) Mischievous person [BADMAASH]
644 Roll out
To make a new product, service or system available for the first time [The government
plans to roll out a series of tax cuts over the next few years]
645 Rowdy
Noisy & possibly violent [PURSHORE, JHAGRALU]
646 Ruminate
To think carefully & for a long period about something [SOCH BICHAR KRNA]
647 Sacred
648 Sacrilege
1) Violation of what is regarded as sacred 2) Treating something holy or important
without respect [BAYHURMATI KRNA]
649 Safari
An organized journey to look at, or sometimes hunt, wild animals, especially in Africa
650 Saga
1) A long complicated series of related usually negative events [It was just another
episode in an ongoing saga of marriage problems.]
651 Sagacity
Having or showing understanding & the ability to make good judgments; wise [a
sagacious person/comment/choice] [TEZ FEHMI, FARASAT]
652 Sane
Having a healthy mind & not mentally ill or showing good judgment & understanding
(SANITY) [It was a sane decision & one we all respected.] [DANA, MAQOOL]
653 Savvy
1) Practical knowledge & ability 2) Knowingness; understanding, us knowing; wise
654 Scale
To make something smaller than it was or smaller than it was planned to be [Shortage
back/down of money forced them to scale down the project.] [PAYMAANAY MA TAKHFEEF

655 Scandinavia (a person) Coming from Sweden, Norway or Denmark, often also Iceland, Finland or
the Faroe Islands
656 Scapegoat A person who is blamed for something that someone else has done [The captain was
made a scapegoat for the team's failure.] [BHEENT KA BAKRA]
657 Schism
A division into two groups caused by a disagreement about ideas, especially in a
religious organization [TAFARQA, PHOOT]
658 Schmuck
A stupid or foolish person [Her husband is such a schmuck!]
659 Scintillating Interesting, exciting & clever [1) scintillating wit/repartee/conversation 2) A
scintillating personality/speech] [CHAMAKNA]
660 Scof
1) Laugh & speak about a person or idea in a way which shows that you think they are
stupid or ridiculous 2) To eat something quickly & eagerly [TANZ, CHIDANA]
661 Scorch
1) To (cause to) change colour with dry heat, or to burn slightly 2) Very hot
662 Scorn
1) A very great lack of respect for someone or something that you think is stupid or
worthless 2) Disdain, contempt, derision [HAQARAT, NAFRAT]
663 Screw up
When bad experiences or people screw you up, they make you anxious & unhappy or
they damage your personality [It really screwed him up when he saw his friend get
664 Scum
A very bad or immoral person or group of people [JHAAG, FUZLA, TILCHAT]
665 Seamstress A woman whose job is sewing & making clothes [DARZAN]
666 Sedition
Language or behaviour that is intended to persuade other people to oppose their
667 Send of
Party etc. at the departure of a person, start of a project, etc. [We'll have to give her a
good send-off when she leaves the office.] [RUKHSAT KRNA]
668 Set
To trick someone in order to make them do something, or in order to make them seem
guilty of something that they have not done
669 Shove
To push someone or something forcefully
670 Showed up To arrive somewhere in order to join a group of people, especially late or unexpectedly
[We were expecting thirty people to come, but half of them never showed up]
671 Shrewd
Clear understanding & good judgment of a situation, resulting in an advantage
[Shrewd politicians avoid offending the electorate unnecessarily] [CHALAAK]
672 Shroud
To hide something by covering or surrounding it [PARDA DALNA, KAFAN PEHNANA]
673 Shrug
1) To raise your shoulders & then lower them in order to express a lack of knowledge
or interest 2) Slightly & momentarily raise (the shoulders) to express indifference,
674 Sift
1) Put through a sieve 2) Separate (finer or coarser parts) from material 3) Sprinkle
(esp. sugar) from a perforated container 4) Examine 5) Fall as if from a sieve
675 Silhouette
A dark shape seen against a light background
676 Sinister
Making you feel that something bad or evil might happen [The ruined house had a
sinister appearance] [MANHOOS, BAD DIANAT]
677 Skew
To cause something to be not straight or exact; to twist or distort [The company's
results for this year are skewed b/c not all our customers have paid their bills]
678 Skim
To read or consider something quickly in order to understand the main points, without
studying it in detail
679 Skirmish
Fight between a small no. of soldiers which is usually short & which happens away
from the main area of fighting in a war 2) A short argument (MUDBHEED, NOK JHOK)
680 Slander
A false spoken statement about someone which damages their reputation, or the
making of such a statement [BOHTAAN]
681 Slate
To attack by criticizing; to write or say that something is very bad [Her last book was
slated by the critics.] [NUQTA CHEENI KRNA]
682 Sleuth
Detective. v. investigate crime etc. [A bit of sleuthing from our investigative reporter
uncovered some interesting information on Mr. Parkinson.] [KHOOJI]
683 Slug
A slow-moving, lazy person [SUST AADMI]
684 Slumber
685 Sly
1) Cunning, crafty, wily 2) Secretive 3) Knowing; insinuating 4) Deceiving people in a
clever way in order to get what you want [CHAALAAK, CHUPA HUA]
686 Smear
1) Defame 2) To spread a liquid or a thick substance over a surface [The children had
smeared peanut butter all over the sofa.] [MALNA, LAGANA, DAAG]
687 Smite
[smote, smitten ] to hit someone forcefully or to have a sudden powerful or

destructive effect on someone [MARNA, SAZA DENA]

Having suddenly started to like or love something or someone very much [He was so
smitten by her that he promised to move to Argentina to be near her]
689 Smudge
A mark with no particular shape that is caused, usually accidentally, by rubbing
something such as ink or a dirty finger across a surface
690 Sneak 1
1) To go somewhere secretly, or to take someone or something somewhere secretly 2)
slang Steal unobserved [KHISAK JANA]
691 Sneak 2
To secretly tell someone in authority, especially a teacher, that someone else has done
something bad, often in order to cause trouble [CHUGLI KHANA]
692 Sneakers
A type of light comfortable shoe that is suitable for playing sports
693 Snort
To make an explosive sound by forcing air quickly up or down the nose ["And you call
that a first class service?" snorted one indignant customer.] [NATHNEY PHELANA]
694 Snub
To insult someone by not giving them any attention or treating them as if they are not
important [DAANT PILANA]
695 So be it
Expression of acceptance or resignation
696 Sociable
Describes someone who likes to meet & spend time with other people [MILANSAAR,
697 Solace
Help & comfort when U are feeling sad or worried [DILJOI, TASSALLI]
698 Solicit
To ask someone for money, information or help [It is illegal for public officials to solicit
gifts or money in exchange for favors.] [DARKHUAST KRNA]
699 Solicitor
A type of lawyer in Britain & Australia who is trained to prepare cases & give advice on
legal subjects & can represent people in lower courts
700 Sorority
A social organization for female students at some US colleges
701 Spank
Slap, esp. on the buttocks as punishment
702 Sparingly
1) Frugal 2) Economical 3) Restrained [BACHATAY HUAY, EHTIYAAT SE]
703 Spasm
Sudden uncontrollable tightening of a muscle [MAROOR]
704 Spatial
Relating to the position, area & size of things [FAZAI, MAKANI]
705 Spawn
1) A young animal or child 2) To cause something new, or many new things, to grow or
start suddenly [His death spawned countless films & books.]
706 Spew
If something spews liquid or gas or liquid or gas spews from something, it flows out in
large amounts [Paper came spewing from the computer printer] 2) To vomit
707 Spinning
A toy with rounded sides, a flattened top, a vertical handle, & a point at the bottom,
which turns round & round on the point [LATTU]
708 Spire
A tall pointed structure on top of a building, especially on top of a church tower
709 Spoof
1) Parody 2) Hoax, swindle [They did a spoof on/of the Nine Oclock News.] [ULLU
710 Sport
1) To wear or be decorated with something 2) A pleasant, positive, generous person
who does not complain about things they are asked to do or about games that they
711 Spunk
1) Bravery & determination 2) A sexually attractive man [JOSH, GUSSA]
712 Spur
To encourage an activity or development or make it happen faster [MEHMEIZ]
713 Stand out
To be very noticeable
714 Statesman An experienced politician, especially one who is respected for making good judgments
715 Statute
A law which has been formally approved & written down [AAEEN, KHAAS QANOON]
716 Staunch
1) Always loyal in supporting a person, organization or set of beliefs or opinions 2) To
stop something happening, or to stop liquid, especially blood, from flowing out
717 Stick-in-the- Someone who is old-fashioned, too serious & avoids enjoying themselves [My dad's a
real stick-in-the-mud.]
718 Strangle
1) To kill someone by pressing their throat so that they cannot breathe 2) To stop
something from developing [The org. was strangled by excessive bureaucracy]
719 Stratum
One of the parts or layers into which something is separated plural STRATA [PARAT,
720 Strictly
Being completely accurate
721 Strife
1) Violent or angry disagreement 2) Conflict; struggle [Twenty years of civil strife have
left the country's economy in ruins.] [JHAGRA, IKHTALAAF]
722 Stringent
1) Having a very severe effect, or being extremely limiting 2) Strict, precise; leaving no

688 Smitten

loophole for discretion [SHADEED, QAEDAY MA SAKHT]

Extremely good, beautiful or enjoyable [BULAND, BARTAR]
1) Not recognized or understood by the conscious mind, but still having an influence
on it 2) Below the threshold of sensation or consciousness [TAHTASHSHAOOR]
725 Subsist
1) (Often foll. by on) keep oneself alive; be kept alive 2) Remain in being; exist [The
prisoners were subsisting on a diet of bread & water] [WAJOOD RAKHNA]
726 Substantiat 1) To show something to be true, or to support a claim with facts (substantive
important, serious or related to real facts) [PEDA KRNA, HAQEEQI SABIT KARNA]
727 Subvert
To try to destroy or weaken something, especially an established political system [The
rebel army is attempting to subvert the government.] [ULAT DENA, BARBAD KRNA]
728 Succumb
1) To lose the determination to oppose something; to accept defeat 2) To die or suffer
badly from an illness [MAGLOOB HONA, DAB JANA]
729 Suffice
To be enough [ KAFI HONA]
730 Supplicant A person who asks a god or some1 who is in a position of power for something in an
anxious way that shows that they do not think of themselves as very imp. [ILTAJA,
731 Suzerainty 1) Feudal overlord 2) (archaiac ) Sovereign or State partially controlling another State
that is internally autonomous.-> suzerainty n. [MEHDOOD HUKUMRANI]
732 Swagger
Walk or behave arrogantly. [1) They swaggered into the room 2) A group of young men
swaggered about outside the bar.] [AKADD KER CHALNA]
733 Synthesis
The mixing of diff. ideas, influences or things to make a whole which is different or new
[He describes his latest record as 'a synthesis of African & Latin rhythms'.]
734 Taboo
Ritual isolation of a person or thing as sacred or accursed
735 Take sth on 1) Consider, take notice of; accept 2) To understand or accept an idea or a piece of
736 Take to
If you take someone or something to be something, or if you take them for something,
be/take for you accept or believe that they are that thing
[I'm not going to forge his signature for you! What do you take me for? (= You should
not believe I could do a thing like that.)]
737 Talmud
1) The collection of ancient Jewish laws & tradition for religious & social matters 2)
Body of Jewish civil & ceremonial law & legend [FIQAH E YAHOOD]
738 Tan
When your skin is brown from being in the sun
739 Tangled
1) Intertwines (threads or hairs etc.) or become entwined in a confused mass; entangle
2) (foll. by with) colloq. Become involved (esp. in conflict) with [ULJHANA, PHASANA]
740 Tantalize
To excite or attract someone by an offer or a suggestion of something which is, in fact,
unlikely to happen [LALLCHANA]
741 Tantamount Being almost the same or having the same effect as, usually something bad
742 Tax
The amount of income on which U do not have to pay tax
743 Template
A pattern made of metal, plastic or paper, which is used for making many copies of a
shape or to help cut material accurately [SAANCHA]
744 Tender
1) Gentle, caring or sympathetic 2) (of part of the body) Painful, sore or uncomfortable
when touched 3) Young 4) To give or offer something [DENA]
745 The Dole
The money that the government gives to people who are unemployed (dole sth out
to give something, usually money, to several people) [NASEEB, HISSA]
746 Thwart
To stop something from happening or someone from doing something [ MUZAHMAT
747 Tidbits
A small piece of interesting information, or a small item of pleasant-tasting food [Our
guide gave us some interesting titbits about the history of the castle.]
748 Tiptoe
To avoid dealing with a difficult subject, problem or person [Guy keeps tiptoeing round
round/aroun the problem, instead of confronting it.]
d sth/sb
749 Too good to So good that it is hard to believe, or seeming very good but not real [Her new job
be true
sounds too good to be true]
750 Torment
1) Severe physical or mental suffering 2) Cause of this [The tax forms were an annual
torment to him.] [AZAAB, TAKHLEEF DENA]
751 Totalitarian Of or being a political system in which those in power have complete control & do not
allow people freely to oppose them
752 Trance
1) A temp. mental condition in which some1 is not completely aware of &/or not in
control of themselves & of what is happening to them 2) Rapture, ecstasy [BAY

723 Sublime
724 Subliminal

Lack of loyalty to your country, especially by helping its enemies or attempting to
defeat its government [MULK SE GADDARI]
754 Tribulation 1) A problem or difficulty 2) Affliction [MUSIBAT, EZA]
755 Tribunal
A special court or group of people who are officially chosen, especially by the
government, to examine (legal) problems of a particular type [KHUSUSI ADALAT]
756 Trivia
Unimportant details or information [ADNA]
757 Truncate
To make something shorter or briefer, especially by removing the end of it [Television
coverage of the match was truncated by a technical fault.] [TARAASHNA,
758 Trunk call
Long-distance telephone call
759 Tumult
1) Uproar or din, esp. of a disorderly crowd 2) Angry demonstration by a mob; riot 3)
Conflict of emotions in the mind [The financial mkts are in tumult] [HUNGAMA,
760 Turn key
(Of a piece of equipment) ready for immediate use by the person who is buying or
renting it [More & more manufacturers are offering to tailor-make a turnkey system]
761 Twitter
(of a bird) To make a series of short high sounds [CHU CHU KRNA]
762 Unabated
Without weakening in strength or force [The fighting continued unabated throughout
the night] [BILA TAKHFEEF]
763 Unbridle
1) Not controlled or limited 2) Remove a bridle, constraints, etc., from (a horse, one's
tongue, etc.) [1) Unbridled insolence 2) Unbridled ambition/lust] [BAY LAGAAM
764 Underdog
1) In a competition, the person or team considered to be the weakest & the least likely
to win 2) A person or group of people with less power, money, etc. than the rest of
765 Underlay
1) Lay something under (a thing) to support or raise it. (Past & past part. -laid) n.
thing so laid (esp. under a carpet)
766 Undermine To make someone less confident, less powerful or less likely to succeed, or to make
something weaker, often gradually [JAD KAATNA, TABAH KRNA]
767 Underpinnin To give support, strength or a basic structure to something
768 Underscore To emphasize
769 Unequivocal Total, or expressed in a clear & certain way [SAAF, SAREEH]
770 Unleash
To release suddenly a strong, uncontrollable & usually destructive force [RASSI YA
771 Unnerve
To make someone feel less confident & slightly frightened [HIMMAT PAST KR DENA]
772 Upheaval
Violent or sudden change or disruption [Yesterday's coup brought further upheaval to
a country already struggling with famine] [INQALAAB E AZEEM]
773 Valor
Great bravery [He was promoted to the rank of major in recognition of his valour
during the battle.] [SHUJAAT, BAHADURI]
774 Varsity
Describes sports teams at schools or colleges which are at the most skilled level of
play [He was a member of the varsity baseball team] 2) {chiefly British informal}
University [JAMIA]
775 Vehemently In a strong & emotional way [SHADEED, SAKHT]
776 Velcro
Material that consists of two pieces of cloth that stick together, used to fasten clothes
777 Vengeance (Vendetta) The punishing of someone for harming U or your friends or family, or the
desire for such punishment to happen [INTIQAAM, BADLA]
778 Verbalize
To express ideas, opinions or emotions in words [ALFAAZ MA BAYAN KRNA]
779 Vested
If power or authority is vested in someone or something, or if they are vested with
power or authority, it is officially given to them [Control has been vested in local
780 Vibrant
1) Vibrating 2) (often foll. by with) Thrilling, lively 3) (of sound) Resonant 4) (of colours)
Bright & striking [This area will develop into a vibrant commercial centre] [JHOOMTA
781 Vie
To compete with other people to achieve or obtain something (vies; vied; vying) [Six
candidates are currently vying for the nomination.] [HAMSARI KRNA,MUQABLA
782 Vindicate
1) Vengeful 2) Having or showing a desire to harm someone because you think that
they have harmed you; unwilling to forgive [ INTIQAMI, TAZEERI]
783 Vis--vis
1) In relation to [I've got to speak to James Lewis vis--vis the arrangements for
Thursday] 2) In comparison with [AAMNAY SAAMNAY, DU BADU]
784 Vogue
1) Prevailing fashion 2) Popular use (had a great vogue) [TOR TARIKA, DHANG]

753 Treason

785 Wannabe

1) A person who is trying to achieve success or fame, usually unsuccessfully 2)

Anybody who would like to be someone else
786 Wary
Not completely trusting or certain about something or someone [HOSHIYAR]
787 Weary
Very tired, especially after working hard for a long time [THAKA HUA]
788 Wetland
1) Swamps & other damp areas of land 2) A large area of land covered with swamp or
789 Wince
To show pain briefly & suddenly in the face, often moving the head back at the same
790 Withhold
To refuse to give something or to keep back something [ROKNA, BAAZ RAKHNA]
791 Withholding Money taken from a person's income & paid directly to the government by their
792 Wizard
Someone who is an expert at something or who has great ability in a particular subject
793 Woe
1) Affliction; bitter grief 2) (in pl.) Calamities. Adj. woeful [Her face was lined and full
of woe.] [RANJ O GAM]
1) Seek the hand or love of 2) Try to win (fame, fortune) 3) Seek the favour or support
of [The airline has been offering discounts to woo passengers away from their
794 Yank
1) To pull something forcefully with a quick movement [She yanked open the cupboard
and everything fell out.] 2) A person from the United States of America [JHATKA]
795 Zenith
1) Point of the heavens directly above an observer 2) Highest point (of power or
prosperity etc) 3) The best or most successful point or time [NUQTA E UROOJ]
796 Zionism
A political movement which had as its original aim the creation of a country for Jewish
people, & which now works to help the development of Israel [SAIHONIAT]
797 Zombie
1) Co.lloq. Person who acts mechanically or lifelessly 2) Corpse said to have been
revived by witchcraft (use of magic) [He just sat in front of the TV all day like a


These are some of the words that I encountered the most while, reading, listening or
watching things. So Ive gathered them in a file and copied their meanings from two English
dictionaries (Cambridge+ Oxford) and 1 Urdu dictionary (CLEANTOUCH). It has helped me a lot
in improving my vocabulary, so I thought to share this file with you as well.
In order to learn these words I recommend following things to you:






Get back to back prints of first 8 pages in this original size (small font is intended for
reducing burden on hand and I assure you that when printed, it is easily and fairly readable
and legible)
You may delete the words (rows) that you already know and are completely sure about their
You can also omit or delete the words (rows) that you find or deem too advanced, trivial or
unworthy of memorizing, as I also feel that some words are related to particular readership
or listener ship
Just go through the words when you are free and try to retain some new words each time
Highlight the words that youve read and memorized on the hard copy, so as to please your
mind with your achievement & itll indicate lessening of burden
Some words in the list contain unconventional meaning of the word (E.g. blue, retreat, etc).
So dont completely rely on just one meaning. Reconfirm if you doubt something unusual

Below is a list of words, which I used to confuse or pronounce wrongly. So I suggest you
to check and confirm right pronunciation of these words from any good dictionary
(Cambridge Dictionary preferably)


De facto





















Good Luck!
1st August 2011


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