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Hansons Family
Mr. Hanson is my uncle. He has two sons and a daughter. The first sons name is Jason and
the second is Jack. His daughters name is Kylie. Mr. Hanson works as a businessman. And
his wife is as a housewife.
They always spend the holiday together. Because my uncle is busy person. Sometimes they
have dinner at the restaurant, go to the recreation place or go to the cinema.
I. Answer these questions based on the text!
1. Who is my uncles name?

2. How many children does he have?

3. What is his wife?

4. Mention Mr. Hansons favorite recreation places!

5. Is he a busy person?

II. Cross (X) a, b, c, or d for the correct answer!

6. A : I help you?
B: I need a kilogram of sugar, please!
a. What b. Can c. How d. Excuse me
7. My grandmother is my mother or father.
a. Mothers b. fathers c. sisters d. brothers
8. I have a brother.
name is Donny.
a. Her b. Their c. Him d. His
9. She has hair
a. Straight c. Waving
b. Curly
d. Blonde
10. A : How is his ?
B : It is sharp/pointed.
a. Hair b. ear c. nose d. eye
11. Anne : I want to have lunch.
Liza : first!
a. Dont worry
c. wash your hand
b. Wash your meal d. dont cheat
12. your father will come soon!
a. Dont worry c. be lazy

b. Be happy

d. dont be nervous

13. I need of noodle.

a. a cup
c. a loaf
b. a spoon d. a bowl
14. Waiter : Excuse me, can I help you?
Sandy : Yes, I need , please!
a. A glass of coffee c. a cup of coffee
b. A cup of juice
d. a bowl of noodle
15. * car * rice *egg *computer
and are the examples of daily need.
a. Car, computer b. rice, egg c. car, egg d. computer, rice
16. A place where the tourist can spend the night is
a. lobby
c. hotel
b. caf
d. room boy
17. Tourist : Where is the nearest hotel from here?
Elizabeth : It is Star Hotel
Tourist : How is it?
Elizabeth : it is about 1 kilometer
Tourist : Thank you
Elizabeth : Youre welcome
a. long b. near c. far d. fast
18. The green vegetables is
a. Carrot b. spinach c. tomato d. chili
19. Cabbage is the name of
a. Fruit b. place c. food d. vegetable
20. Carol : is it an apple?
Nick :
a. yes, it is an apple
c. no it is a jackfruit
b. no, it is a pumpkin d. no, it is a pear
21. I have grandfather and grandmother, they are my
a. Grandparent b. grandchildren c. parent d. parent in law
22. My mother has two daughters and a son. She has children.
a. two b. three c. four d. five
23. bring books she today doesnt
a. she bring book doesnt today c. today book she doesnt bring
b. today she bring doesnt book d. she doesnt bring book today
24. The party starts at
a. Sunday

b. Morning
c. 25 May
d. 8 a.m.
25. My father a cup of coffee every morning.
a. drink b. drinks c. drank d. drinking
26. I need 2 kilograms of sugar. The price of 1 kilogram of sugar is Rp 8000. I pay to the
a. Rp 8000,- b. Rp 12.000,- c. Rp 16.000,- d. Rp 20.000,27. He eats a plate of rice.
The correct question for the sentence above is
a. Is he eating?
c. Where does he eat?
b. What does he eat? d. How does he eat?
(for number 28-30)
Mr. Suryo has two sons and two daughters. Sony is the first children and Nilam is the second.
Nilam has a young brother, he is Jono. And the last children is Salsa. Salsa is two years old
28. Mr. Suryo has children.
a. six b. five c. four d. three
29. is the third children.
a. Salsa b. Jono c. Nilam d. Sony
30. Mr. Suryos children is Salsa.
a. first b. second c. third d. four
31. I have three brothers.
a. I has no three brothers
b. I dont have three brothers

c. I have no brothers
d. Do I have three brothers?

32. Are there tourists in the hotel?

a. There are tourists in the hotel
b. There arent tourist in the hotel

c. Are there tourists in the hotel?

d. There are many tourists in the hotel

33. Nobita, Suneo and Giant are friends. Giant has a body.
a. thin b. short c. tall d. big
34. African has skin.
a. black b. white c. red d. brown
35. This is my father. He is a
He leads a school.
a. policeman
c. school guard
b. headmaster d. postman

III. Fill in the blanks with the correct words!

36. My Grandma has hair.
37. Sasha : What do you want to cook, mom?
Mother : I want to cook soup
Sasha : Do you need carrot?
Mother : ,
38. Keiko : I need a kilogram of meat, how much is it?
Seller : It is Rp 7000
Keiko : How about Rp 6000?
Seller : Ok, here it is
Keiko :
39. A : Do you like eggplant?
B : ,
I like potato
40. Im an animal. My neck is long. I like grass very much. Usually I live in the zoo or
Africas savannah.
Im is
41. Laura and Rico are having lunch at the (restorant)
42. Majapahit Hotel is in
43. My mother has a husband, he is my
44. Anton is a fat boy. has a fat body.
45. your sister? Yes, she is.
46. A : I help you, sir?
B : Yes, I need a room with a single bed.
Do these tasks!
47. Make good sentence with these words!
a. family b. curly

48. Mention 2 names of hotel in Sidoarjo or Surabaya!

49. Where do you usually buy vegetables?

50. Do you like staying in a hotel?

51. Your friend give you a piece of chocolate cake, what do you say to him?