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As an experienced, published and dedicated professional academic, I have high-level skills in
complex mathematical research and publication, including the International Journal of Pure
and Applied Mathematics. On numerous occasions, I have presented my findings to large
and international audiences, have received recommendations and commendations from
prominent industry members, and have successfully published papers in many international
journals. My employment history demonstrates lecturing capabilities at a broad range of
levels within the university sector, and research capabilities in line with PhD studies via
Having presented my research and papers at a broad range of conferences, both within
Australia and internationally, I am keen to continue this; however, I also would like to
embrace lecturing responsibilities. The combination of my experience, advanced
mathematical knowledge, ability to build rapport with students, and to work collaboratively
with colleagues means my skills will make a positive contribution to your University and

ABD/PhD Equivalencies
Postgraduate Diploma in Logic, UQ
Master of TESOL, TEFLEN Training College
TEFL and TESOL Certificate, ITTT
Postgraduate Diploma in Management, Arrow Training
Certificate II and III in Security Operations,
International Security Training Academy
Structures of Algebra (Masters), UF
Linear Algebra, Complex Analysis, Algebra,
Real Analysis, Calculus of Variations, UF
Postgraduate Diploma in Systems Analysis, UE
Postgraduate Diploma in Translation/Interpretation, UE
Licentiate, Mathematics, UNESA
Technical Bachelor (eq., 4-year course), English, Fisk Schools
Diploma of Education (eq., primary),
College of the Company Saint Therese of Jesus

2000, 2001, 2002,




Offered free membership, PROz, 2015
Invited to present and speak at numerous international conferences, including:
ICT Social Media Conference, China, 2014
PROz International Conferences, 2013 and 2014
Real Analysis Symposium at USP, 2013
GWIC 12, UK, full sponsorship, 2012
Plovdiv, invited by Professor D Bainov, 2008
Recognised as one of the top 100 professionals in the world by the International
Biographic Centre, Cambridge, 2011
Recognised as one of the 2000 outstanding intellectuals of the 21 st Century by The

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Research Academy, UK
Internationally recognised as an expert in S-convexity by the editorial board of
the Asian-European Journal, 2009
Invited to write and publish a book chapter on social networks (Nova), 2008
Invited to become a member of the RGMIA, Prof. Dr. Sever Dragomir, 2001

We are adaptable, but our preferred philosophical line in practice would lead
us to assert that if a student is mentally able to learn, is willing to, and is
displaying behaviour consistent with willing to via actions (compliant
behaviour) in that direction, we can only be told to be an educator if they get
at least pass mark at the end of our course.
Our preferred philosophical line in teaching is a mix (John Dewey's, Paulo
Freire's, Gestalt's, and our own thoughts about the subject) that is slowly
taking shape (Teach for Freedom).

Top 3% on Academia.edu, 2015
More than 3000 downloads of the paper on the first definition of S2-convexity within
three months of release, Advances in Pure Mathematics Journal, 2011
Solved Zenos Paradox, Russells Paradox, Liars Paradox and found major flaws with
the mathematical definition of S-convexity, 2000 - 2015
Published first and second notes on the shape of S-convexity with IJPAM, 2014
Proved the Six Degree Theory to be scientifically implausible, 2003
Offered a Chancellors scholarship by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology,
Offered an international postgraduate research scholarship by the Royal Melbourne
Institute of Technology, 2002
Revised and presented remarks on the book of Dragomir on Hermite-Hadamard
Inequalities and was acknowledged in his book, 2001
Offered an International postgraduate Research Scholarship by Victorian University of
Technology, 2001
Determined the shape of S-convexity, 2001

Accreditation with the TRB (Mathematics, Secondary School)
Successfully recovered a student group universally deemed incapable for Mathematics
and taught them beyond the required syllabus
Received numerous recommendation letters and LinkedIn recommendations for
lecturing and teaching work
Invited to teach Portuguese at the Institute of Modern Languages and subsequently to
extend tenure
Represented the Victorian University of Technology at the Science Fair

The authors would like to thank Ms M.R. Pinheiro for some valuable remarks
which have been incorporated into this book. Professor Sever Dragmir on his
book on Hermite-Hadamard type Inequalities.

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It is known that you are a specialist on this subject (S-convexity). Hence I want
to ask you to referee this paper Jorg Koppitz, Managing Editor, Asian-European
Journal of Mathematics
The thoroughly prepared lessons are greatly effective, efficient, personalised for
the student and logicalyou are able to enrapture an audience with your
passion Jenny, Student
au.linkedin.com/pub/marcia-pinheiro/70/941/6a0 (endorsements of weight)
http://www.tutorfinder.com.au/tutor/marciapinheiro.php (reviews of weight)


Second Note on the Definition of S 1-convexity - Advances in Pure Mathematics,
Vol.5, No. 3, 2015 - ISSN 2160-0384;
Third Note on the Shape of S-convexity - International Journal of Pure and Applied
Mathematics, Vol. 93, No. 5, 2014 ISSN 1311-8080;
Second Note on the Shape of S-convexity - International Journal of Pure and Applied
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First Note on the Shape of S-convexity - International Journal of Pure and Applied
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First Note on the Definition of S1-convexity Advances in Pure Mathematics, Vol. 4,
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First note on s2-convexity Advances in Pure Mathematics, Vol. 1, pp. 1-2, 2011 ISSN 2160-0368;
S-convexity revisited (Fuzzy S-convex processes) - Long Version - Optimization
Letters, Vol. 3, No. 1/ January, 2009 ISSN 1862-4472;
Jensen's inequality in detail and S-convex functions - International Journal of
Mathematical Analysis, Vol. 3, No. 2, 95 - 98, 2009 ISSN 1312-8876;
S-convexity (Foundations for Analysis) - Differential Geometry-Dynamical Systems,
Vol. 10, No.1, 2008 ISSN 1454-511X;
Lazhar's inequalities and the S-convexity phenomenon New Zealand Journal of
Mathematics, Vol. 38, pp. 67-72, 2008 ISSN 1171-6096;
Social Networks: Proposal of settlement of terminology for evaluation
purposes. Social Networks: Development, Evaluation, and Influence. Nova Publishers,
2008 - ISBN 978-1-60456-800-4.
S-convexity revisited Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences, acc: 2005, Vol. 26,
No. 3, 2007, pp. 795-800, September issue ISSN 0972-0871;
Exploring the concept of s-convexity Aequationes Mathematicae Vol. 74, No. 3,

Marcia R Pinheiro Academic Modern Resume Page 4 of

2007, pp. 201-209 ISSN 0001-9054;
Starants Applied Mathematics and Computation, acc: 2006, Applied Mathematics and
Computation Vol. 188, 2007, pp. 10611070 ISSN 0096-3003;
Exploring the Concept of s-Convexity - Proceedings of the 6th WSEAS Int. Conf. on
Mathematics and Computers in Physics (MCP '04), 2004; and
Ostrowsky-type inequalities for functions whose modulus of the derivatives
are convex and applications - Inequality theory and applications - Vol.2, 2003 - with
N.S.Barnett, S.S.Dragomir, P.Cerone, A.Sofo ISBN 1-59033-866-9.

Research Group in Mathematical Inequalities and Applications
Senior Researcher
Tutor Universe, WebTeacher, MySpeakShop
Online Tutor: Maths, Logic, ESL and Portuguese



Marcia R Pinheiro
Translator and Interpreter for various organizations

1991 Current

Research Panel
Data Researcher

2012 2013

Bowel and Cancer Research Trust

Fundraiser and Educator


Online Teaching, Translator and Manager

2003 2009

Australian Technical College

Relief Teacher/Editor of Teaching Material, Mathematics

2008 2008

University of Technology, Sydney

Tutor, Vector Algebra
RMIT University
Relief Lecturer (Calculus)/Tutor, varied disciplines
Victoria University of Technology
Tutor and Reviser/PhD, Real Analysis, Calculus


2002 2004
2002 2004

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University of Queensland
Teacher, Portuguese

Marcia R. Pinheiro
60/274 South Tce
Adelaide SA 5000