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1. Project Background and Description
Big Bazaar has noticed changes in the needs of its consumers and therefore has been upgrading its current assortment
to match these changes. However, due to reasons that we will explore in this project, this change has not been as
successful as intended hence the need for a review such as this one.

2. Deliverables

This project will delivery the following:

Overview of the consumer habits in the kitchen, serving, and washroom space

Competitors Analysis

3 5 year business plan

3. Project Scope
The aim of this project is to create a 3-5 year business plan to fill a gap which may or may not exist in the habits of consumers in
the kitchen, serving, and, washroom space. In order to fulfill this aim, several steps must be taken prior.
These steps will include conducting primary research in stores, both modern and contemporary; conducting secondary research
on consumer habits; comparing the results from both the primary and secondary research and finally creating a business plan
with this information. The primary research could be conducted through covert observation, and focus group interviews. The
secondary research will include sales data, consumer trends, and anything else which is seen as beneficial to the project. As a
result of the primary and secondary research, we should gain better insights into the barriers and triggers in the mind of the
consumer regarding changes in their habits. In addition to this, a competitors analysis will have to be done in order to give the
project balance.

4. Implementation Plan
Firstly, I will need to speak to those with experience in the spaces of kitchen, serving, and washroom. This will allow me
to understand the current situation with greater clarity. I will then visit contemporary and modern stores, in these stores I
will attempt to understand the specific triggers and barriers that the consumers have with regards to their changing
habits and their adoption (or lack thereof) of our new line of products. It should to be noted that traditional stores tend to
be located in the Southern regions of the country, whereas the contemporary stores can be easily found in Mumbai or
Delhi. At the stores, I will conduct primary research by observing consumers at the stores, and then conducing focus
group interviews with a batch of consumers who fit our target demographic. All the while, I will be gathering secondary
data to supplement the project. The information gathered until this point will be complemented by a competitors
analysis, to gage what and how our competitors are reacting to this change in consumer tastes. All of this will lead to an
actionable business plan which will detail how we can provide a service that is above what is currently being offered.