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Pati Ram Yadav

Curriculum Vitae

To work hardly and carefully in a dynamic professional environment where I can utilize and apply my
knowledge, skills and creativity for growth of my company/department as well as to grow personally
and professionally so that I can perform various challenging works and cutting edge researches which
will help me and my company/organization to survive in competitive IT field.

20092013 Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering , Tribhuvan University,
Central Engineering Campus Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal, First Division.
20062008 Higher Secondary Education(10+2), Higher Secondary Education Board, Shrijana Gyan Kung, Biratnagar, Morang, Nepal, First Division.
2006 SLC(School Leaving Certificate), Nepal Government, L.L.Ku.Ma.Vi.(public
school), Lahan-3, Siraha, Nepal, First Division.

General Skill
* Hard working, work motivated, ability to listen feedback from senior, learn from
mistakes and weaknesses and correct them.
* Innovative/creative, task oriented with problem solving capabilities, Software debugging/troubleshooting skills and testing.
* Able to work under pressure and perform tasks within deadline.
* Good experience of group work and good communication skill.
* Project planning, project documentation, managing skills and ability to work independently.

Technical Knowledge
I have very good understanding of various Programming Languages like Compiler based, Interpreter
based or Procedural programming,OOP , Assembly Language programming, script programming
and web programming and I can grab any programming language in title time and also I have
good knowledge about network(wired or wireless) and security, various network and web protocol, OWASP(Open Web Application Security Project), various frequency band like LF, MF, HF,
VHF, UHF etc. and communication media like Wired, Optical Fiber, Bluetooth, WiFi, Mobile,
Aeronautical/Radar with their frequency band, standard, protocol, hardware.
Permanent Address: Malhaniya-2 Saptari, Nepal
H (984) 913 0786 T (980) 390 2187 B me.patiram@gmail.com
Current Address: Patan Dhoka-Lalitpur, Nepal

Programming Knowledge
C,C++ Basic needs of C/C++,Algorithms, Data Types and Expressions, conditional stateprogramming ments, Control Flow(Loops, Switch, Functions, Exceptions), Arrays(1-D, 2-D or
Multidimensional),Pointers, References, and Dynamic Memory Allocation,Structure,
OOP(Classes, Data Members, Constructors/Destructors, Operator Overloading,
Functional Overloading, Member Function, Friends Functions, Inheritance, Input/Output, GUI), Generic Programming(Templates, Templates Function, Templates Classes), STL (Standard Template Library) containers,(Sequence Containers,Associative Containers, Adapter Containers), Iterators, Objective C Programming
Java Basic needs of Java, JVM(Java Virtual Machine), Byte Code, Java Compiler,
Programming Java Interpreter, The Basic Java Application, Variables and the Primitive Types,
Strings, Objects, Enums, and Subroutines, Text Input and Output, Details of
Expressions, Programming Environments(Java Development Kits, Command Line
Environment, IDEs and Eclipse), Control Structure/Loop, Subroutines, Objects and
Classes(Instance Methods, Instance Variables, Constructors, Garbage Collection,
Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstract Classes, Interfaces, etc), Arrays, API, GUI
Programming(JFrame and JPanel, Components and Layout, Events and Listeners,
Applets and HTML, Graphics and Painting, Mouse Events,Timers, KeyEvents, and
State Machines, etc.), Advanced Input/Output: Streams, Files, and Networking,
Threads and Multiprocessing, etc
Python Basic needs of Python and How Python program work, Different Python versions,
Programming Python Interpreter, Data Structures, Control Flow, Modules, Packages, Input and
Output, Errors and Exceptions, Classes, Standard Library, Python Scripting, Web
Programming using Python, Networking using Python etc.
Apex Why salesforce uses Apex, Force.com IDE for Apex programming, Apex Programming
Programming Basic(similar to Java), Database Integration in Apex, Synchronous and Asynchronous
Apex programming, Writing Trigger for Event, Bulk Patterns, Unit Testing and
ability to develop large application in salesforce using Apex.
.net and C Fundamentals,Variables and Data Types, Expressions and Operators, Control StrucSharp tures, Implicit and Explicit Primitive type Conversion, OOP, Abstract Classes and
Programming Interfaces, Structures, Arrays, Properties, Indexers, Operator Overloading, Delegates and Events, Namespaces, Enums and Preprocessors, Formatting, Exception
Handling, Collections, Generics, Generic Collections, Specialized Collections, Threading, System.IO, Implicit and Explicit Type Casting,.Net Graphical User Interface
programming, Database creation, manipulation, multi-tier application creation, etc.

Web based Knowledge

I have advance knowledge and experience on following web programming/scripting or language.
HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Javascript, Qquery/KendoUI library, JSON, XML, Regex.

Database Knowledge
Generally database are two kinds MySQL/SQL(Relational) and MongoDB(Non-Relational/NoSQL).
I have knowledge and experience on both kind of database.

Permanent Address: Malhaniya-2 Saptari, Nepal

H (984) 913 0786 T (980) 390 2187 B me.patiram@gmail.com
Current Address: Patan Dhoka-Lalitpur, Nepal

MySQL/SQL installation and configuration, syntax, connection with different with server, Data
Types, create, drop, insert, select, update, join, link, sort, where Clause, Regexps,
Transactions, Alter, Indexes, Clone, Database Infor, Export, Import, normalization,
Triggers, Type of keys and how can be used etc
MongoDB Installation, configuration and environment setting, Data modeling, Database create,
drop, use, data insert, find, delete, select, sort, indexes, Replication, Aggregation,
Sharding, Backup, etc.

Networking and Security based knowledge

Networking I have good knowledge about network and security like different Network model(LAN,
and Security WAN, MAN, etc), OSI Model, TCP/IP protocol, Wired vs Wireless networks
and theirs different protocol, Networking Services, creation of Network, Router
configuration, IPV4/IPV5, Security at different layers, Authentication, Authorization,
Accounting, Security policy, type of security, encryption/description, private key,
public key, concept hashing, Server and client security issues, risk of hacking at
different layer and safety, basic concept of pen testing and ethical hacking, etc.

OS Knowledge
I have very good skill to operate and maintain security of Windows 7/8 and UNIX operating system
with/without command line.

Project Untertaken
* Ball and Beam controller using image processing(minor project)
* Hand Gesture Recognition for Human Computer Interaction ( image processing as
Major Project).

Currently working at Ambarkaar software Pvt.Ltd. as software developer.

Teaching Experience
Several groups of student at MEA (Majhaura Educational Academy), Sadtobato and Working in
Instrumentation II Lab in National College of Engineering, Sadtobato. Subjects(signal processing,
Networks and Circuits Theory, Analog and Digital Communication System, Digital Logic, Engineering
Math 2nd , DSP and object oriented programming C++)

1. Active member of locus 2069. 2. Worked in Pulchowk Robotics Club. 3. Technical compilation
held by Nepal Army 2070.

Maithali Mothertongue
Nepali Nationality
English good

Permanent Address: Malhaniya-2 Saptari, Nepal

H (984) 913 0786 T (980) 390 2187 B me.patiram@gmail.com
Current Address: Patan Dhoka-Lalitpur, Nepal