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"Master Hypnotist Reveals Forbidden

Secret Of How To Control People's

Minds (Without Their Knowledge)
And Make Them Obey Covert Commands
During Normal Conversation!"

Best Part: Subjects won't have a clue what's going on as you

quickly and easily put them in a hypnotic trance... implant your
specific suggestions... and...direct their thoughts and actions to do
exactly what you want all while they are wide awake and talking
with you...
Keep reading to find out what the American Medical Association,
the "Greatest Hypnotist of All Time" and the current
hypnosis establishment kept hidden under "lock and key" for
decades and hoped you'd never discover...

It's true...
You really can hypnotize people in everyday situations. Quickly and easily. Without them
knowing what's going on. While they're fully awake... yet... under your hypnotic spell. Instantly
obedient. Ready, willing and able to do as you say.
While that may sound a little far-fetched I will prove every word is true. So take a few short
minutes and read this web page. Because you're about to discover some amazing things

Why The "Greatest Hypnotist of All Time"

Tried To Keep This Powerful Secret
Out Of The Mainstream...
Dr. Milton H. Erickson, MD, Ph.D. was the leading authority on hypnosis.
He spent 60-years learning, studying and testing hypnosis techniques. Many of them he
pioneered. His skills became so proficient he could hypnotize subjects while talking with them.
They had no idea what was happening. Yet they followed Dr. Erickson's commands on cue.

The main focus of his work was on applying hypnosis in medical or therapeutic environments.
He also used his knowledge in daily situations to gain a considerable advantage over others.
For example, up until 1953 doctors were banned from using hypnosis while treating patients.
The American Medical Association (AMA) prohibited members from the practice. Dr.
Erickson believed hypnosis was a viable and effective therapeutic tool. To keep his medical
license, he became an expert at hypnotizing patients during "normal" conversation. He broke the
rules and taught himself...

How To Put People In A

Waking Trance Without Anyone
Knowing About It...
Complete secrecy was of the utmost importance.
At the same time, Dr. Erickson refused to teach hypnosis to anyone other than licensed
doctors, dentists and psychologists. He felt his techniques were too powerful for the average
They could be used irresponsibly to the detriment of others.
With negative consequences like these...
" Man Caught On Video Hypnotizing
Cashiers Into Handing Over Cash Without
Resistance Or Memory Of What Happened... "

The full BBC report states:

'Hypnotist' thief hunted in Italy
Police in Italy have issued footage of a man who is suspected of hypnotizing supermarket
checkout staff to hand over money from their cash registers.
In every case, the last thing staff reportedly remember is the thief leaning over and saying: "Look
into my eyes", before finding the till empty.
In the latest incident captured on CCTV, he targeted a bank at Ancona in northern Italy, then
calmly walked out.
A female bank clerk reportedly handed over nearly 800 euros ($1200).
The cashier who was shown the video footage has no memory of the incident, according to
Italian media, and only realized what had happened when she saw the money missing.

CCTV from the bank showed her apparently being hypnotized by the man, according to the
Italian police believe the suspect could be of Indian or North African extraction.
Of course, the above is an extreme case of using the power of hypnosis illegally. It does prove
the point, however, that hypnosis in the wrong hands is a devastating tool.
Moving on...
The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Inc. "was formed to promote and advance the
contributions made to the health sciences by the late Milton H. Erickson, MD..."
The foundation's official position is no one can practice hypnosis other than licensed doctors,
dentists or psychologists. In fact, no one but licensed members of one of those professions, can
join the society, attend their meetings, buy or borrow items from their library or practice
Anyway, the AMA got wind of what Dr. Erickson was doing behind their backs.
They scheduled a "disciplinary hearing" (more like a professional massacre) to publicly shame
and strip him of his license.
They didn't count on the shocking events about to happen next...

American Medical Association

Lifts Ban And Allows Doctors To Use
Hypnosis In Their Practice...
Here's the story and why it matters to you...
The hearing was set to take place in New York City. Dr. Erickson knew he had to take matters
into his own hands before attending. He had to strike preemptively to secure his license and
Legend has it, Dr. Erickson found out when the president of the AMA was flying to New York...
and... he arranged to be on the same flight. You can imagine the tension when the president saw
Dr. Erickson boarding the airplane. You could probably cut it with a knife.
After a few minutes the atmosphere changed dramatically. Both the president and another board
member who came along with him felt at ease with Dr. Erickson.
They actually liked him.
But why?

After all, he was the same Dr. Erickson who snubbed his nose at their sacred rules. He was the
same man who practiced hypnosis without their permission. He was the same man they had
every intention of crucifying at the hearing just hours away. Now they both felt a deep sense of
respect and a binding rapport with him.
The reason that happened is simple: Dr. Erickson applied his covert hypnosis techniques - while
they were conversing - to win the other men to his side.
They suspected nothing.
As a result, the hearing went without a hitch. Dr. Erickson got to keep his license and was
vindicated. The following year, the American Medical Association reversed its position on
hypnosis. It was now an acceptable form of therapeutic treatment.
What this means to you is...

Hypnosis Works And Is

Accepted By The Leading Medical
Organizations In The Country...
Here's something interesting...
Hypnosis happens naturally all the time. Ever get into your car and arrive to a destination
without remembering how you got there? That's a perfect example of "natural hypnosis" at work.
You were literally in a self-induced trance... and... your unconscious mind was "driving" the car
for you.
I'm sure you've experienced something similar.
It's nothing unusual. This occurs all the time. To all of us.
Keep in mind, Dr. Erickson used covert hypnosis (actually, he was a "semi-covert" hypnotist)
techniques in many varied instances.
He used them to help people overcome fears and phobias. He used them to help the chronically
ill ease their pain. And, of course, he used them to influence, ethically control and persuade
These techniques can be applied in any situation in life, work or personal relationships by...
Therapists... Health Professionals... Counselors... Salespeople/Consultants... Business
Owners...Agents/Negotiators... Executives/Managers... Coaches...
Parents/Teachers... Anyone!
But there are two big (very big) problems: (1) Unless you are a licensed doctor, dentist or
psychologist you can't access Dr. Erickson's discoveries. And... (2) Even if you can get access

good luck trying to learn it. Because he did not leave a step-by-step program teaching his
(Side note: Dr. Erickson passed away in 1980. He published an enormous amount of material on
the subject of hypnotherapy. But he did not write an instructional "blueprint" about covert
Piecing together the puzzle took me nearly a decade. Do you have that kind of time?
Probably not!
Finding and learning true covert hypnotic techniques is almost impossible. No matter who you
are. The simple truth is they are not available to you... unless... you discover...

The Little-Known Secrets They

Don't Want You To Know...
Hi. My name is Igor Ledochowski.
Back in 2002, I was the first hypnotist to release a full audio course on conversational hypnosis.
That course is still the number one best-selling hypnosis course in the world. More on that
You may have read my book The Deep Trance Training Manual Vol. 1. It sent shock waves
throughout the hypnosis community. The first printing sold out in record time. Or maybe you've
heard about my successful Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy certification
program. This six-day training program is enthusiastically endorsed by the International
Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists. Maybe you've attended one of my
Master Classes for hypnotherapists. Or perhaps bought one of my many other programs or
The point is, I am one of the world's foremost experts and trainers on covert hypnosis.
In the rest of this message I'm going to reveal...
How to get your hands on the secrets Dr. Erickson, the American Medical Association... and...
the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Inc. would prefer you never come across on your own.
I stumbled upon hypnosis while attending Exeter University in England. At the time, my dream
was to become a hot-shot lawyer. Which I accomplished. To make that happen, I needed to learn
a lot as quickly as humanly possible.
A friend mentioned that hypnosis could help me. So I watched some tapes... listened to some
audios... and... began applying the information.
Pretty soon, I was able to...

Accomplish Twice The Work

In Half The Time...

The results were fantastic. I was hooked. And I decided to figure out ways to use hypnosis in
everyday situations. I went on a learning frenzy with the same intensity as a school of starving
For example...

First, I found out Dr. Milton Erickson was the best source of information on hypnosis. So I dug
deep and uncovered five volumes of unpublished works - academic texts - he authored. I poured
over those texts night and day... until... the information became second nature.
Then, I researched any available papers, journals, articles and whatever else I could find written
by Dr. Erickson from whatever source I could tap. Somehow I came across a few videos where
Dr. Erickson trained a group of hypnotherapists. I probably watched those videos several dozen
times. What can I say? I was a man on a mission.
Finally, I went so far as to track down several top Ericksonian therapists and trainers and study
directly with them. Some of these hypnotherapists had worked side-by-side with Dr. Erickson for
a number of years. I also took several 4 - 7 day and 2 - 3 week training courses... and... probably
spent over 1,000 hours reading, watching videos and studying.

Unfortunately, some of the training I received was wrong and counter-productive.

It took several years to finally get the whole truth about hypnosis.
Once that happened, I applied everything I learned in the real world. I practiced hypnosis on my
friends, family and eventually (using covert methods) on complete strangers. And then I was
ready to take my knowledge into the professional world.
I became obsessed with the idea of using hypnosis to...

Influence And Persuade People

(Without Them Being Aware Of It)
In Everyday Situations...
After a few years as a lawyer I decided that wasn't really for me.
And I started working with corporations as a coach. In fact, several Fortune 500 companies hired
me. In that environment, I had to figure out a "stealthy" undetectable way to make others
accept my suggestions. Because you can't just sit a corporate executive down and hypnotize
The covert hypnosis techniques I developed needed to work quickly at the unconscious level.
And they did. I easily gained control, commanded attention and compelled compliance from

How did I develop these totally covert techniques?

Good question. The answer is I took everything I had discovered from Dr. Erickson... and...
isolated the main principles he taught. That's when I realized he was using semi-covert hypnosis
on subjects. I wanted to use completely covert hypnosis.
By isolating the principles behind his techniques I knew what made them work. I then tested
different ways to turn his semi-covert strategies into truly "under-the-conscious-radar"
strategies. Ones you can use any time during normal conversations. Without being detected by
the subject or bystanders.
Success at the corporate level led me to open a hypnotherapy clinic.
In private practice, I dealt with everything from relationship problems, smoking issues, weight
loss, fears, phobias and just about anything else a therapist encounters. And again, my covert
methods worked like a charm. I had finally learned how to use the forbidden secret of true covert
Something even Dr. Erickson was not totally familiar with. Because in reality Dr. Erickson relied
on semi-covert techniques (not completely covert ones) to hypnotize subjects.
I began training others in my covert hypnosis methods. And my schedule was booked up in no
time. Private coaching students cheerfully shelled out $6,900 per person.
It dawned on me more people could be reached if I packaged my private coaching sessions into a
home study course. That's what I did in 2002 when I released the first version of my
conversational hypnosis course. Now, I'm releasing a bigger and better version.

Section 1: How Conversational Hypnosis

Gives You The Power To Get Others
To Do Exactly What You Want!

The three crucial factors that make conversational hypnosis produce fantastic
results in real-world situations! (These factors almost force people to fall under your
"spell"... because... they collapse a subject's defenses, pierce the unconscious mind
and put you in control. If you don't use all three every time your attempts will fail.)
The very first thing you must learn about hypnosis! (It will set you straight about
what's really possible... and impossible... when hypnotizing someone. Most people have a
huge misconception about this and end up making big mistakes. Don't let that happen to
Why - and when - hypnosis sometimes does not work! (The true story of how Dr.
Erickson - despite his best efforts - could not get a nurse to slap someone in the face
under trance. Funny? Maybe. But it illustrates using hypnosis in the wrong way can
backfire. On the other hand, when you know this secret you can use hypnosis the
right way and get what you want almost every single time!)
Why the CIA failed to create a "hypnotic assassin" like in The Manchurian Candidate!

What you can learn from the infamous "hypnotic messenger" story about getting
people to willingly comply with your hypnotic commands, orders and suggestions!
(You'll like reading about this!)
A simple five-word definition of what hypnosis is! (Write it down and commit it to
memory because this is exactly what you'll be doing to get others to comply with your
Why hypnosis is a perfectly natural state we all experience from time to time!
How to break a negative hypnotic spell that's been cast on you! (Think your "immune" to
this? Then think again. Because unproductive hypnotic inductions happen constantly.
Some of them are effecting you without your knowledge right now. But there is one
simple thing you can do - takes less than a minute - to purge yourself and keep these
things from penetrating your mind!)
What "monoideaism" is and why it matters to you as a practitioner of hypnosis!
How to tell when someone is in a self-induced or natural hypnotic trance!
The four mandatory stages of my hypnotic formula! (Implement all four and you
will have a conversational hypnotic interaction guaranteed! Miss just one and you
An easy way to snag someone's attention and keep them fixated on you! Which is a
critical skill to learn... if... becoming an expert at conversational hypnosis is important
to you

Section 2: How To Instantly Develop

A Deep Connection With People So You
Can Almost "Read" Their Minds!

The basic rule of thumb to building rapport with others fast!

How to properly use the technique of "matching and mirroring" so complete
strangers willingly to tell you their hidden secrets and welcome you with open arms!
(But watch out! There is one big limitation to this technique... and... you'd better
find out what it is before using it!)
Why being "nice" is counter-productive and often a barrier to bonding with others!
While the explanation may sound illogical it's the truth few students of hypnosis know!
How the "Law of Reversed Effect" can kill your chances of establishing rapport!
How to use the "Law of Fractionation" to get even hostile people to warm up to you!
Two simple ways to connect with people you find boring or don't particularly like!
(Sometimes the hypnotic subject is less than interesting. Here's how to overcome
this hurdle and build a friendly rapport anyway that lets you gain their trust...
and... gives you permission to "crawl" inside their head!)
The difference between Deep Rapport and Wide Rapport... and... which one is more
important when you're in the process of creating trust!
Hypnotic Rapport: Why this is the most powerful formula for making people feel
comfortable in your presence! (5 easy steps to building an instant connection with
almost any person - yes, even people who don't know you - on the planet!)
How to craft "rapport hooks" that practically force others to build rapport with you!
(An advanced rapport-building strategy that conditions people to look upon you as an

authority figure... listen to your advice... and... accept your guidance. Which makes it a
piece of cake to hypnotize them!)
How to "read" people like an open book! (This is how to recognize the often
subliminal signals people give off so you can anticipate their every move. Milton
Erickson was an expert at this fine art. In one instance, he was walking through a
hospital and a female co-worker was about to walk past him. He noticed one subtle
thing and congratulated her on being pregnant. Something she had just discovered
herself. Once you know this secret, you'll have the power to tell what others are
thinking even before they know!)
A fun exercise to help heighten your own sense of awareness! (Now your powers of
perception and intuition will become razor-sharp and subjects won't be able to resist your
hypnotic influence!)
The Signal Recognition System: 12 signs to look for that reveal when someone is
entering a hypnotic state and open to your suggestions!

Section 3: How To Alter Anyone's State

Of Mind On The Spot And Lead Them
Into A Mesmerizing Hypnotic Trance!

The number one tool hypnotists use to alter someone's state of mind! (You've been
using this tool since you were about one-year old. Now I'll show you how to super-charge
its powers.)
How to focus someone's attention on specific thoughts or ideas to the exclusion of
everything else! (The process I reveal takes people on a pleasant hypnotic
journey and leads them to take the action you have in mind. Whether that action is:
helping them make changes, overcome emotional issues, learn something new with
ease or buy your product or service!)
Four principles to creating a "smooth-as-silk" hypnotic conversation that flows
naturally! (Simple to learn... and once you do... you'll never have trouble putting people
under a hypnotic spell!)
How to pierce the critical conscious barrier and break through to the unconscious!
How the "Piggy-Back Principle" creates a resistance-free environment so your ideas get
accepted! (This is yet another way to by-pass the conscious barrier!)
How to use the "4 Words of Power" to craft a powerful hypnotic theme!
A secret way to prime unconscious responses! (I explain how to get someone to access
certain experiences during hypnosis to unlock their unconscious mind and leave it
unguarded. So I can implant any suggestion without struggle!)
How to master the art of hypnotic communication quickly! (Here is the distilled
wisdom of Milton Erickson simplified for anyone to learn! I've taken the "Milton
Model" and condensed it into the essentials of becoming proficient at
communicating with others hypnotically! Without having to spend decades learning
this mandatory skill.)
Why your success at hypnosis comes down to "how you say" things... and... not
necessarily the things you say! (A famous scientific study - the Birdwhistell Study proves this is true. And the implications for hypnotists are far greater than you might

6 "performance" principles master hypnotists rely on to gain (and keep) control of


Section 4: Secrets Of Getting People To

Follow Your Suggestions Without
Giving It A Second Thought!

Power tactics for establishing influential authority in personal and social situations!
(This is how you get others to look up to you with respect and deep admiration.
Even if they never met you before.)
How to quickly and easily gain a position as a "high status" figure others believe in...
and... whose advice and direction they look forward to following! (You'll be pleasantly
surprised as your kids, spouse, co-workers and even people you usually "butt heads" with
begin doing what you ask.)
A psychologically devastating strategy for getting someone with a dominant
personality to give up control and finally be on your side! (They'll consciously think
they still have the upper hand... yet... they unconsciously respond to you as an
authority figure! Amazing!)
How the "instant power meditation" technique installs the behavior patterns needed for
you to stand out from the crowd... and... attract positive attention! (I'll show you how to
become the center of attention no matter how shy or introverted you are right now!)
3 proven ways to project a calm and confident demeanor!
A fourth high status characteristic that conveys your personal power in no uncertain
How to find out if someone is willing to be hypnotized... before... you even try!
How to bypass the "critical factor" using these four strategic agreement tactics! (I'll show
you how to build a "yes momentum" that easily gets people to accept anything you tell
The magic power of the hypnotic triple! (How to condition someone's mind to
respond to your hypnotic suggestions eagerly!)
How to seed an outrageous idea (one that would normally get rejected) in someone's
mind so they eventually accept it without any critical thinking! (I give you an example of
how Milton Erickson did this with a patient who was uncomfortable being intimate with
her partner. By using this subtle technique the patient overcame her problem in no time.)
How a fundraiser used the "salami tactic" to secure huge donations from donors
who previously refused to give!
How to make people more responsive to your requests!

Section 5: The Key To Changing Another

Person's Behavior And Getting Them To
Act Now On Your Specific Commands!

The number one most important rule of persuasion! (Master hypnotists and sales
people rely on this rule to easily change the way others think and behave. Do this
you'll have people wrapped around your little finger too!)

How to trigger the emotional responses needed to activate a peak performance state! (Just
this one single skill improves ability to focus, solve problems and achieve the so-called
How the discovery of the "knee-jerk reflex" led scientists to the discovery of
unconscious responses and emotional triggers! (While the scientific community
credits Ivan Pavlov with this breakthrough it's not true. A virtually unknown
American scientist stumbled upon this concept and did the first known experiment
on activating unconscious reactions. Fascinating to say the least!)
How to set an emotional trigger in someone!
How to plant an idea into someone's unconscious and have them follow your
instructions days, weeks and even months later! (Oh yes you can... and... I'll show
you how!)
Special techniques for intensifying a subject's emotional response! (A key factor, by the
way, to success with hypnosis!)
How to induce any emotional state you want by activating someone's imagination
with innocent questions that create a vivid movie inside their mind! (I call it
the "Steven Spielberg" technique... and... when you get really good at this people
will actually experience the mental image as real.)
The amazing "ABSAIL Formula" for easy influence! (Here's a nice tidy summary of
the steps you need to take to make powerful behavioral changes in people!)

Section 6: Advanced Hypnotic Language Secrets

That Let You Slip Undetected Suggestions Into
The Unconscious Mind Quickly And Easily!

How and why emotion-drenched "hypnotic words" help induce a trance!

Why enriching your vocabulary with "hot words" is critical to influencing the
maximum number of people! (And a perfect example that illustrates the importance
of adopting these words into your every day conversations!)
3 great sources of "hot words" to inspire and motivate you! (Plus... another source you
pass by at the supermarket checkout counter!)
How to infuse your conversations with an emotional "back kick" using the power of
the contrast principle! (You can't help but capture attention using this secret!)
How to build a hypnotic theme chock-full of emotion-arousing words and language!
What "personal trance words" are... and... how to spot them when talking with
another person! (This separates true hypnotists from the rest of the pack. The
wannabe's don't understand how these words tap deep into the very core of human
nature to inspire and motivate people with ease!)
An elegant way to "pressure" the unconscious mind into taking action more quickly...
more effectively... and... more efficiently! (Think of it as a way to accelerate
unconscious response!)
Why people can't help but want something more if you tell them they can't have it!
(A "quirk" of human nature you can exploit to get your way. Especially when you
use my linguistic devices designed to arouse unconscious anticipation and make
people respond!)

How to cushion your commands so they are more easily accepted... and... why messing
up here could cause you to hit a brick wall of resistance!
How to distract the conscious mind with one message... while... giving the
unconscious mind a different message to work on at the same time! (A sophisticated
concept that lets you communicate using multiple layers to bypass the critical factor
and easily embed suggestions!)
5 more ways to distract the critical conscious factor by using conversational jiu-jitsu! (I'll
teach you the secrets of linguistic confusion... double negation... overloading... changing
meaning... and... shock and surprise! Your subjects won't stand a chance of resisting
being hypnotized!)
The "Amnesia Technique!" An example of how to temporarily erase someone's
short-term memory so they forget certain things while being hypnotized! (This is
why the cashier in the video above couldn't remember how the thief got her to hand
over cash out of the register!)
How Dr. Milton Erickson discovered the concept of embedded suggestions! (Up until
the 1950's no one in the mental health field had a clue they existed. Then one day, Dr.
Erickson had a flash of enlightenment and tested a theory that proved embedded
suggestions are real... and... can be easily placed in the unconscious mind. In his first
experiment, a secretary's migraine headache vanished within 10 minutes!)

Section 7: How To Tell Hypnotic Stories

That Captivate A Subject's Full Attention And
Put You In Total Control Of Their Actions! Part I

Why stories are such a powerful tool of stealth influence!

How to create the most effective and enjoyable hypnotic experience using stories the
subject identifies with! (All the great persuaders since the dawn of mankind exploited and continue to exploit - this universal psychological truth in almost every culture on
Four strategies for telling hypnotic stories that capture focus... and... create intense
interest so others are receptive to you! (You can also use all four at the same time
for even better results!)
The "Muhammad Ali Factor" for priming the unconscious mind! (He was a great
storyteller who planted images and impressions of his inevitable victory inside the
competition's mind. Without a doubt this helped him win many fights! Here's how to
make his secret work for you!)
The four secret pillars of world-class storytelling! (Miss any one and your story
won't make sense... nor... will it have any hypnotic impact whatsoever!)
How the "Strange New World" technique trains your imagination to come up with
fascinating and wonderful stories that spellbind anyone within earshot! (They'll listen
attentively to every word you speak until the story is finished... and... they are fully under
a trance!)
A startling side benefit of becoming a great storyteller! (Hint: It's like steroids for your
How to unleash your natural creativity... and... train your unconscious mind to
"feed" you relevant stories that help you hypnotize just about anyone at any time!

(Do this often and pretty soon enchanting stories will roll off your tongue with
almost no effort on your part!)
The "Forrest Gump Game" that trains you to dream up relevant stories right out of the
blue! (You'll find this fun, challenging... and most important... a great way to focus
someone's attention on you!)
How to turn any normal story into an irresistible hypnotic induction! (You'll
discover how to weave hypnotically-charged themes, concepts and ideas into stories
by practicing this simple exercise!)
5 insider tricks to polishing your stories into works of art!
A big mistake (and how to avoid it) people make when telling stories!
How to transform a boring "ho-hum" story into one jam-packed with emotional triggers
and other material that creates a hypnotic interaction! (This is the real secret to using
stories that make people respond and become hypnotized quickly and easily!)

Section 8: How To Create A

Hypnotic Induction During Normal
Everyday Conversation!

Three secrets to becoming an expert at conversational hypnosis... they'll catapult

your success to heights you never imagined!
How to hardwire the skills of the greatest hypnotists with this ultra-effective game that
takes just 60-seconds to play! (Maybe the fastest and easiest way to practice the
hypnotic process!)
How to tell if you are destined to become a great hypnotist yourself! (You might
balk when you first hear this... but... it's the truth! The best hypnotists usually have
this trait. You'll know if you possess too it by the end of this session.)
The first hypnotic induction you'll be doing during a real conversation! (This is going to
be fun!)
What science reveals about overpowering someone's will to hypnotize them... and...
why this is such a profound fact you absolutely must abide by!
The legend of the "evil eye!" Why it has persisted for centuries... and... what it has to do
with hypnosis! (When you learn this getting others to respond to your inductions will be a
How an ordinary bathroom mirror can help you flourish into a brilliant hypnotist!
How to create a "double reality" in your hypnotic subject... which... builds a strong tie
of rapport with their unconscious mind!
How talking to animals can help you develop powerful trance experiences in people!

Section 9: How To Tell Hypnotic Stories That

Captivate A Subject's Full Attention And Put
You In Total Control Of Their Actions! Part II

A secret way to tell stories that puts people in deep trances and produces
"amnesia" automatically! (Only the savviest hypnosis experts know this!)
How to deliver embedded suggestions straight to the unconscious mind that are
hidden within simple stories a child could tell! (You'll read about the famous

"Tomato Plant" induction Milton Erickson performed with a cancer patient. The
disease riddled the man's body as he suffered in great pain. Erickson told a story in
which he embedded suggestions of health and wellness. The condition improved
remarkably from this one session! Here's how to model Erickson's success!)
How to install an "emotional roller coaster" in a subject while telling an innocent
story! (A reliable way to help people change attitudes and behaviors in no time flat!)
Why metaphorical stories often allow people to accept suggestions they would
otherwise reject in a New York minute! (I relate the true account of how Milton
Erickson helped a man [who later became a famous therapist himself] overcome a
serious eating disorder ravaging his body. And it only took an hour to change his
mind. Something no one had been able to do for years!)
How to "pre-teach" the unconscious mind so it guides a subject to do whatever you
desire at just the right time! (Start using this secret storytelling technique and you'll
become a true "Puppet Master!")
A perfectly legal and ethical way to "brainwash" someone!
What a "nested loop" is... and... why it's the key to keeping someone's interest while
telling stories... and... penetrating the unconscious mind without conscious interference!
(Very few people know how to use this technique... but... it's perhaps the most powerful
one ever developed to mesmerize people while dropping undetected ideas, thoughts and
suggestions inside their unconscious mind!)
How to apply a special psychological strategy that: (1) Teases and piques curiosity
to the point of frenzy... (2) Forces the mind to stay focused and engaged on your
directions... and... (3) Allows you to predict how someone will react before they do!
(Hint: The nightly news does this at the beginning of every broadcast! It's perhaps
the surest way to keep hypnotic subjects glued to your every word.)
Why - as you become more proficient at storytelling - you should stockpile an arsenal of
your favorite ones! (It's probably not what you think!

Section 10: How To Become So Irresistible

Others Willingly Allow You To Direct
Their Reality And Obediently Do As You Say!

How to engineer an immediate "paradigm shift" in other people! (Within seconds

turn a nasty conflict into a harmonious interaction! This is how you control what
things "mean" to people - their reality - regardless of the situation.)
What a "frame" is... and... why it gives you the power to psychologically dominate
others (even those who are smarter and more experienced than you) without being
The secret to changing someone's perception so they see things your way!
How people really evaluate and judge what you say and do! (With this secret firmly in
your grasp you can lead others to whatever outcome you decide!)
How to gain an almost unfair persuasive advantage over others when you first meet!
(Instead of clashing with them, you will now become the dominant personality - the
one who calls the shots - by default with little to no effort! This secret can help you
overcome personality conflicts, bad attitudes and negative mindsets that try
undermining your influence.)

Four proven tactics for establishing your "world view" as the "right" one! (Very
important when trying to convince someone to follow your lead!)
Why most people give in so easily to someone else's point of view! (An often
overlooked fact of human behavior that forces people to accept even the most
ridiculous conclusions!)
How to eliminate objections from coming up in the first place! (They'll be embarrassed to
How to guide people to change the way they look at things... so... they look at things
from your perspective!
An ingenious way to "call someone's bluff" when they challenge you that quickly has
them back-peddling and accepting your position! (I'll tell you how one of my partners
used this technique to turn the tables on a tough client... and... get him to hire us for a
very lucrative project. This works great when you're negotiating anything -- a raise, more
time off, your kids going to be early -- anything!)
What you can learn from passionate enthusiasts... and... psychotic lunatics about
maintaining a dominant posture in any interaction! And why this attitude is
absolutely mandatory as a hypnotist!
A real-life example of just how much a sane person's grasp of reality can be distorted
given the right conditions!
How to deal with someone who challenges your position... without... sabotaging your
ability to influence them in a positive way! (These are the three... and only three...
tactics guaranteed to work every time!)
Revealed! The secret to attracting abundance!
The easiest way in the world to make a vast fortune fast! (What I reveal here will go
against the grain of everything you've ever learned at home or in school... yet... it is
perhaps the most pragmatic secret to making all the money your heart desires... and
then some! It has everything to do with your ability to become an irresistible force!)
How to deliberately change your own reality so you can enjoy wealth... success... health...
and all the good things in life starting right now! (Your hypnotic powers will increase at
the same time as a result!)
How to "fake" your way to the life of your dreams!

Section 11: The Closely-Guarded Secrets

Of Super Human Influence!

The surefire four-step checklist - I call it the LIFE Process - that

guarantees you remember all the secrets, skills and techniques in the course and
apply them in every day conversations as needed!
How to help the people you care about overcome an emotional slump... or... some other
life-sapping limitation making them miserable! (The solution lies in my tidy "PCAT
Formula" that works like a charm to motivate people into action!)
A secret hypnotic technique Milton Erickson relied on when he didn't know how to
help a patient! (It basically forces the unconscious mind of your subject to "rough
out" a solution for you!)
How to "see into the future" using hypnosis!

Advice from George Estabrooks (one of the greatest hypnotists who ever lived)
on the power of post-hypnotic suggestions! (Now people will do as you say even
when you're not there! Because no amount of conscious resistance can overcome
their compulsion to obey the suggestion you planted!)
Five steps to installing a post-hypnotic suggestion that can't be uprooted!
The single most important key to motivating anyone! (Getting people to do as you
say is a lot easier when you know this!)
Two types of motivation people respond to... and... which one is more effective than the
other! (Guessing here will absolutely destroy your chances at getting people to listen to
My six-step checklist to effortless influence! (Follow these six simple directions and
you can "light a fire" under anyone's butt! Even the most sluggish and unmotivated
people in your life will suddenly hop to attention and eagerly do what you tell them!)
The biggest secret scientists discovered about getting people to take action... even when...
they just don't want to! (Armed with this secret you really can get anyone to do almost

Section 12: How To Master Conversational

Hypnosis As Fast As Humanly Possible!

How to become proficient at using hypnotic language in daily interactions! (The first
and possibly most important step in creating a smooth hypnotic conversation!)
The 9-step sequence my private students rely on to make using covert hypnosis
20 master-level techniques that drill these secrets into your mind faster! (You'll
marvel at how easily my techniques become part of how you communicate!)
How to learn everything in this program without feeling overwhelmed! (This also works
whenever you want to learn anything new! All you need is to follow my directions and be
a little patient. In no time, things will "click" on auto-pilot!)
How to create an environment and atmosphere in which hypnosis happens
The "master keys" to shifting a normal conversation into a powerful hypnotic
induction! (Here's where the "rubber meets the road" and you begin drawing people deep
into a mesmerizing trance!)
How to put people at ease so your directions seep into the unconscious mind! (No
one will resist your advice, instructions or commands!)
What to do once you master conversational hypnosis! (You won't believe this piece of
advice at first... but... it's exactly the next step you must take... if... you want to live a life
of freedom!)
And much, much more!

How's that for an amazing "sneak peek" at the secrets you'll discover? And the above is just a
small (very small) taste of everything my course covers. I left no stone unturned in making sure
you receive a master-level education in conversational hypnosis. One you won't - and can't - get
anywhere else.

Because my course is truly a complete guide for learning the shortcut secrets, skills and
techniques needed to hypnotize anyone in any situation... and... get them to obey your covert

You decide......
Because on this webpage you'll discover how to "download" a NEW hypnosis technology into
your brain - it's a new frontier in hypnosis that is so powerful not even hypnosis veterans
(with 40+ years experience under their belt) will be able to "see it coming" when it's
used on them and will be unable to explain what happened after you've shuffled
their mind like a pack of cards. It's an evolution in hypnotic persuasion
that can get you anything you want...
Contracts... Deals... Bargains... Votes...
Reservations... Funding... The Minds &
Hearts Of Other People... ANYTHING!
On this webpage I'm going to show you how to use a NEW hypnosis technology to start
triggering a 5-million-year-old evolutionary "reset switch" in other people's brains so you can
get mind-altering hypnotic results like Oren, Dan, Ken and David.
What kind of results?
Take a look:
Oren is one of those unfathomable people who walks into the "lion's den" to meet with "ice cold"
multi-millionaire (and even BILLIONAIRE) venture capitalists.
With nothing more than his words and his mannerisms (he doesn't use PowerPoint presentations
or hide behind props) Oren pitches for large chunks of investment money.
And even though Oren has no schooling in sales techniques or corporate presenting...

He's Personally Raised More Than $400 MILLION Over The Past Few Years

Leaving just about all his contemporary "money hunters" choking in his dust.
Then there's Dan.
Dan's an entrepreneurial coach.
High-flying entrepreneurs (from a multitude of industries) flock to Dan to learn how to gain even
greater mastery and control over their business and their life.
Nothing too unusual about that I guess.
But you want to know something kind of funny?
Dan never attempts to personally sell anyone on paying the hefty 5-figure fee to become part of
his entrepreneurial coaching program.
In fact, whenever a hesitant prospective client contacts Dan on the phone to get more
information about his program, what happens on that call is kind of weird because Dan will say
39 words... and then... shut up.
He doesn't say anything else.
What happens next?
Well, typically there is a pause on the end of the phone. An uncomfortable deadly silence.
And then?
Then the prospective coaching client will launch full throttle into all the reasons why Dan's
program makes perfect sense for them and, invariably...

They Eagerly Sign-Up (And Make Payment) On The Spot

Like I said, Dan never attempts to sell or convince anyone of anything.
See Dan (like Oren) has stumbled upon a hidden "reset switch" in the catacombs of the human
brain - and as a result, enjoys an "unfair advantage" over all his competitors who haven't
discovered it yet.
Which bring us to the fascinating story of Ken.
Ken knows about the hidden "reset switch" in the human brain, too. And he took that rarefied
knowledge into the cut-and-thrust world of...

"Dialing For Dollars" As

A Stock Broker

Yep, Ken would pick up the phone and cold-call complete strangers to "pitch" stock.
Except Ken didn't exactly "pitch" stock. Certainly not like he was supposed to according to the
company training program.
Instead Ken did something that "on the surface", can't exactly be categorized or labeled
according to most all known selling or pitching strategies.
But you know what?
Ken would go months, and...

There Was Literally Nobody That Didn't Buy Stock From Him!
Even though they never met Ken in person and, he was a complete stranger to them two seconds
before he called.
Actually, Ken's company put the "audit police" on him and traced his calls because they were so
suspicious of his sales figures.
They had him pegged as a rogue broker using aggressive, threatening (and illegal) manipulation
tactics over the phone on the people he called.
He wasn't.
He simply knew about the hidden "reset switch" in the human brain and how to trigger it.
Does it get any crazier?
Yes it does.
Because let's not forget David.
Before I tell you David's story, I have to warn you: you may find it downright offensive or, for
your own reasons, it may cause a surge of jealously to rush through your body.
See during the evening David would call up women out of the dating classifieds section of a
local magazine.
Many of these women would be extremely "rigid" career orientated types (like power-hungry
lawyers, financial analysts and corporate executives, etc). And some of these women would be
more the "homey" type with varied interests.
No matter, because almost without fail, after just 20 to 30 minutes of being on the phone with
David for the very first time...

These Women Would Be

Having Uncontrollable
Full-Body Orgasms
Even multiple orgasms.
And in most cases the women were forbidden (by David) to "touch" themselves.
This is no joke, either.
Now here's the really amazing part:
Although the devastating mind-altering feats that Oren, Dan, Ken and David have been able to
achieve seem miraculous... the fact is...

Their Methods Are Still Rather Primitive (And Limited) Compared To What
You'll Be Able To Suggest To Another Persons Mind, When You Read On...
To understand why that is so, we need to open up the skull and take a closer look at the human
Basically the human brain is composed of three parts.
First there is the "upper brain" or the Neocortex as its officially called. The Neocortex is the
thinking, reasoning, analyzing and judgmental part of the brain. It's where we hold our
habitual ingrained thought patterns.
Anyway, if you've had any experience of trying to reason with or argue someone round to your
way of thinking... you already know...

The Neocortex (The "Thinking Brain") Can Be As Stubborn

As A Mule
Next we have the "mid brain". Officially known as the Mammalian brain.
This part of the brain is the social part of the brain. It helps us make sense of social interactions
and allows us to relate with other people.
But for the sake of having the most powerful hypnotic influence we are primarily interested
(initially, at least) with the "lower brain". This part of the brain is often referred to as the Limbic
brain or the Reptilian brain.
Or, as I like to call it...

The Crocodile Brain

Here's what's important to know about the crocodile (croc) brain.

In the lower west side "Zip Code" area of the croc brain is a small ball of motor-neurons called
the Amygdala (pronounced Ah-mig-dala).
The Amygdala is about 5-million-years old in evolutionary terms and is a fickle little "neuronetwork". Most biochemists and neuroscientists talk about the Amygdala as the "fire alarm" in
the brain. Or some such equivalent description.
That's because the Amygdala gets triggered when we perceive a threat (like a snake slithering
into view or a jack-knifed lorry skidding toward us). It's the Amygdala that instinctively kicks
into gear and causes us to run away from any kind of perceived threat to our survival.
But guess what?
There's a way to "verbally drug" the Amygdala to cause the whole brain (including the "security
guarded" Neocortex) to open up its doors ready and eager to absorb new information and ideas.
Actually, when the Amygdala is "verbally drugged" in just the right way (like I'm going to show
you how to do)...

The Entire Brain "Spins Out" And A Person's Ingrained (Defensive) Thought
Patterns Collapse
In An Instant
And when that happens - you can literally "reset" a person's thinking patterns so they accept and
act on the new ideas you "feed" them.
That, in a nutshell, is the "invisible" secret Oren, Dan, Ken and David have used to pull-off their
mind altering feats of hypnotic persuasion.
They have each, in their own way, used hypnotic "reset" language to collapse the thinking,
analytical, judgmental part of the brain (the Neocortex) by positively...

Hijacking The Amygdala

But... (and this is important)...
Where the likes of Oren, Dan, Ken and David have been able to "verbally drug" people by
hijacking the Amygdala in specific contexts and specific environments (where certain
conditions are set up in advance for them to be effective)... there now exists a NEW hypnosis
technology which allows you to positively hijack the Amygdala and collapse (and "reset") a
person's stubborn thought patterns....

Anywhere, Anyplace, Anytime

And on any person - no matter how "set-in-their-ways" they are.

Plus, the person you're using this NEW hypnosis technology on will have no idea what you're
doing. They won't suspect a thing. All they'll know is they'll feel uplifted and emotionally
energized after communicating with you.
Another thing:
Not only can you use this NEW hypnosis technology anytime, anyplace, anywhere - you can
use it in natural conversation for an endless variety of reasons.
Put simply: Anytime someone has a "stuck" mindset around a particular issue or decision you
can "unstick" it with the new hypnosis technology.
So for example:
You can use the new hypnosis technology in a business environment (to clinch big deals, sell
more of your goods and services, or turn-the-tables on a tyrant of a boss so they start sucking up
to you)... you can also use it in everyday life (to help someone drop a lifelong phobia, help your
child with their enthusiasm for school subjects or enable certain people to feel very good about
spending time with you).
And here's the really neat thing:
In each case where you use this new hypnosis technology you are enabling someone to make
superior decisions compared to what their "stuck" mind was capable of making.
For that reason...

Nobody Will Ever Get "Buyer's Remorse" Or Feel Cheated Or Tricked By You
It's just not possible for that to happen.
Anyway, just what is this NEW hypnosis technology?
I call it "Mind Bending Language". It took me 8 long years of trial-and-error to formulate,
synthesize and refine so I could use it fluidly in any situation.
Then it took me a further 2 years to figure out how best to teach it to other people in a structured
and easy-to-learn way.
It's been a long (and at times, frustrating) road. But it's been well worth it because you can now
have a lot of fun transforming yourself into a brain "re-setting" master hypnotist (and do so in a
matter of a couple weeks) through the new course I've put together for you, called:

Mind Bending Language

Card System
The Mind Bending Language Card System - (the ONLY "all-inclusive" place on earth you can
"upload" the mind bending language skill into you) -- comprises 16 audio CDs and 3 decks of
mind bending language training cards.
Basically the components of the system break down like this:
CDs 1 Lay the groundwork for the entire system and cover the fundamentals of mind bending language
- 2: (MBL) and how it fits into the overall framework of hypnosis.
CDs 3 (Used in conjunction with card deck 1): Formulas You Can Use For Instant Effect:
- 8:
These CDs and Card Deck 1 cover predefined language patterns of mind bending language
(MBL). Together they get you up to speed quickly with how to use MBL and can be considered
your training wheels.
In this module you have 5 suits of cards each containing 10 cards for a total of 50 cards.
Each card has a special MBL pattern that Ive carefully created to spin your mind out in one of
the 5 FUNDAMENTAL directions.
As you practice with this module youll be learning to speak in mind-bending ways. This allows
YOU to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your own mind so you automatically start thinking in more expansive ways.
CDs 9 (Used in conjunction with card deck 2): Using Mind Bending Language In Any Situation:
- 12:
These CDs and card deck 2 show you how to smoothly lace together MBL POWER WORDS
into a natural conversation with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Its during this component of the
system that youll learn how to go freestyle with MBL so you instinctively start using it without
relying on memory or the cards.
In this module youll take the THEMES that are imbedded in module to turn ANYTHING you
say to ANYONE at ANY TIME into something mind-bending
The ONLY thing they will know is that somehow they cannot think the same way, or feel the
same way, or even see the situation in the same way anymore.
There are 4 suits with 15 cards in each suit making up 60 cards in this module.
CDs (Used in conjunction with card deck 3): Advanced Strategies For Maximum Results:
13 16: These CDs and card deck 3 will show you how to become very strategic with MBL so you
naturally think, talk and act like a master mind bending hypnotists who can shift peoples
perceptions very quickly shifting people in and out of covert trances within minutes of talking
to them overcoming peoples problems, fears and anxiety and get them unstuck... sometimes

without even saying anything (Hint: Language is just one way of achieving mind bending results).
Once you have stretched your mind and then expanded your vocabulary so you can instinctively
FLOW with MBLs anytime anyplace and with anyone... the time comes for you to get more and
more STRATEGIC with the WAY that you use your language.
You see MBLs can be used subtly with undetectably small spins that nudge people's mind one
way or the other.
To do this elegantly and with guaranteed results, you need to understand the way that people
think and use language - the assumptions that the mind has made so that the MBLs can be used
with laser targeted precision to get the exact result you want.
The 4 suits in this deck (59 cards) will give you that precision. It will give you strategies to use at
different times and it will give you some advanced concepts in Mind Bending Language that will
take your power words to new heights.

To sum up the components of Mind Bending Language System:

If Module 1 is like learning to write by copying letters and words out in a book and Module 2 is
like learning to string the letters together into words and sentences to communicate ideas with...
...then Module 3 is like taking an advanced class in essay writing or storytelling. This is where
the real artistry and polish comes in. You will be mining the information in this module for
MANY years to come!
Anyway, here's the bottom line:
Because you'll get to hear me working directly with students on the CDs and you can follow
along as I go through the training cards one-by-one (giving you examples of how they would be
incorporated into a real conversation) it's a very interactive learning process.
And simply by going through the system...

You Will Instinctively Start Gaining A Level Of Mastery As A Mind Bending

Language Hypnotist
But what exactly does it mean to say you'll gain mastery as a mind bending language hypnotist?
Well, picture this:
I want you to imagine you are in a large auditorium filled with 10,000 other highly qualified,
highly experienced hypnotists.

I also want you to imagine you are up on stage at the front of the auditorium and, one by one,
you call onto the stage each of those 10,000 experienced hypnotists and you start doing MBL on
each one. Maybe to "nuke" a phobia. Maybe to help them come to a final decision on a dilemma
they've been facing. Or simply to light up their neurology like the Vegas strip.
Either way, after you had personally worked with all 10,000 experienced hypnotists would you
care to guess how many would have any clue what you had just done with them?
The truthful answer may shock you.
Because... at best...

Only About 3 Or 4 Of Those Experienced Hypnotists Would Have Any Clue

About The NEW Hypnosis Technology (MBL) You Had Used On Them
I know that may sound hard to believe.
But remember I teach hypnosis to packed-out audiences around the globe (meeting some very
experienced hypnotists with 40+ years experience under their belt along the way) and I can
categorically say that MBL is a totally new concept to them.
That's why I refer to MBL as....

The New Frontier In Hypnosis

If you allow it, it will turn you into a hypnosis superpower with neural supremacy.
You'll live out the rest of your days as a linguistic scuba-diver - plumbing the depths of the
seabed of consciousness where you get free reign to control how people think, react and act.
And listen to this:
If you still don't believe that a hypnosis veteran with 30 to 40 plus years experience won't
understand (and won't detect) MBL when it's used right before their eyes, then put it to the test.
Like this:
Go through the entire Mind Bending Language System and let all the material and MBL
patterns "seep" into you.
Then find the most experienced hypnotist you can and challenge them to a head-to-head contest
working on someone who has a "stuck" mindset. Let the experienced hypnotist go first and sit
back and watch the results unfold.

What then? Then you work with that same person (or someone with a similar problem) using the
MBL technology.
What will happen?
I can almost guarantee what will happen. The speed and completeness of the results you
produce compared to the incomplete results of the hypnosis veterans...

Will Utterly Dumfound And Embarrass Them

And that is true even if you are currently a rank beginner to hypnosis.
The MBL technology is just that fast and powerful.
For that reason I'm not happy for just anyone to get their hands on the Mind Bending Language
As a matter of fact, if you are the vindictive type who likes to prey upon the insecurities of other
people or manipulate them like a puppet on a string, then...

Please, Stay Well Away From The MBL Material

It's definitely not intended for you.
In fact, just to be clear, here are the 3 types of people the Mind Bending Language System is
ideally suited for:
IDEAL CANDIDATE 1): Existing Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists:
MBL will be an extremely powerful new "tool" in your hypnotherapy tool box if you are a
practicing hypnotists or hypnotherapist who has good integrity and enjoys enabling positive
change in people.
IDEAL CANDIDATE 2): Influence and Persuasion Enthusiasts:
MBL will revolutionize your ability to persuade and influence. Just think of the results Oren,
Dan, Ken and David achieved with a very crude and primitive form of MBL.
IDEAL CANDIDATE 3): Self-Improvement Enthusiasts:
Just going through the Mind Bending Language System will change your relationship with
yourself in very profound ways. It will completely alter your relationship with whatever used to
be a problem in your life.
For that reason, MBL is a very powerful "use-it-on-yourself" self-development tool.

So: If you fall into one (or more)) of those 3 ideal candidate categories above, then here's how to
get the Mind Bending Language System

"The FASTEST & Most

Comfortable Way To
Hypnotically Move People To
Take The Actions You Want
Them To Take"
Even the worlds top salespeople and
influencers wont be able to live with you once
you start using what youll discover on this
*(the shy, awkward Coffee Break Closer proves it)...
If you would like to have "super human" powers of influence -- the kind of influence abilities
even the world's best salespeople and platform speakers won't be able to live with -- then this will
be the most fascinating page you've ever visited.
You'll get an idea
dea of the "super human" influencing abilities that are awaiting you by checking
out the most unusual story of one of my students. For reasons that will become clear in a
moment, I refer to this student as...

The "Coffee Break Closer"

The "Coffee Break Closer" does not look like

your typical fast-talking
talking salesperson or charismatic influencer.
He looks very ordinary.
Plus hes shy and rather awkward around people.
And on stage -- next to his business partner -- he looks kind of "out-of-place".
See the "Coffee Break Closer" and his partner do free events that are designed to get "cold"
attendees to register for their paid
paid-for seminars.
It's a very hard business model.
nd their success relied upon the partner who is the star salesman. He's good. Very good.
good So
much so that by the end of the free 22-hour
hour event (AKA: sales presentation) he is able, on
average, to get 20% of the cold attendees to make a payment, there and then,
n, for one of their
expensive seminar programs.
20% is actually a very good "closing ratio" to a cold
audience who are attending a free
presentation and not expecting to have to make a purchase.

But Then Something Unheard

Of Happened...
Something so unusual
al that it completely altered the entire business model being used to sell the
paid-for seminars.
What happened?
Well, my student (who I refer to as the "Coffee Break Closer")) would have individual
conversations with attendees of the free presentation during the coffee breaks.
Nothing too unusual about that.

But what is unusual -- what is UNHEARD of in the entire industry -- is that EVERYONE the
"Coffee Break Closer" had a normal,
mal, polite sounding, conversation with during the coffee
break would make a down payment on the paid
for seminar... right there and then, on the spot.

His "Closing Ratio" Was Literally


During the coffee break!

Before any kind of formal selling process had started from the stage.
And even before any details of the paid
for seminar had been mentioned from the stage
Nobody in the industry had ever experienced closing 100% of the attendees before.
And to do so during the coffee break was literally unheard of.
But my student the "Coffee Break Closer" did just that.
So guess what?
Guess what the partner -- the star sales
salesman -- (who was consistently closing 20% of the attendees
from the stage) and the "Coffee Break Closer" started doin
That's right...
They did away with some of the content taught from the stage presentation.

And they "deleted" most of the star salesman's pitch.

Instead, my student, the "Coffee Break Closer" just mingled with attendees during the coffee
breaks and seemingly effortlessly "sold" places and got down payments for their paid seminars.

At A Closing Ratio That's Never

Been Heard Of Before
How did the "Coffee Break Closer" do it?
How did he get 100% of the people he had a normal sounding conversation with during informal
coffee breaks to sign-up and make down payments for paid-for events?
And how did he do it all without ever making so much as a sniff of a selling presentation and
without ever getting any kind of objection like: "It's too expensive" or "I need to think about
The answer is he used the Mind Bending Language (MBL) that I taught him.

That Is Only Part (A Smaller Part)

Of The Overall Answer.
Because he also used "something else" that I taught him to
use in conversation that "connects" MBL with the key and unique
motivational drivers inside the mind of each individual person.
And it's this "something else" that is the fuel that ignites the super
powerful engine of Mind Bending Language.
I'll tell you what that "something else" is in just a moment.
But first I want to tell you about another student I trained who
saw astonishing influencing results by combining Mind
Bending Language with the elusive "something else" I taught
This second student is a relationship coach.
He helps men and women get "back in the saddle" and find the right relationship partner.
Trouble was he wasn't getting enough clients for his coaching services.
So what did he do?

Well, firstly he went along - as an attendee - to some how to find a relationship partner type
He didn't have to pay to hire the venue and he didn't have to pay for the event (it wasn't his
event) but... this relationship coach was able to have natural-sounding conversations with some
of the attendees... and... just from those events alone...

Got All The Fee Paying Clients He Wanted

What gives?
Well, surprisingly enough, he never tried to overtly sell his coaching services.
He never even told them he was a relationship coach -- not at first, anyway.
Instead, all he did was have interesting "get to know you" conversations with some of the
attendees using the Mind Bending Language (MBL) that I taught him combined with that elusive
"something else" -- (the SAME elusive "something else" that the "Coffee Break Closer" used) -and...

Within A Few Minutes Of Seemingly Natural Sounding Conversation He Had

Strangers "Open Up" To Him & Sign Up For His Coaching Services
It was so easy for the relationship coach he was even able to "pick and choose" which people he
wanted to work with.
Anyway, here's why all this is important to you:
You can get influencing results that are just as good as the "Coffee Break Closer" and the
relationship coach -- in whatever area of your life you choose to influence people -- by allowing
me to show you what I taught them.
You already know ONE of the skills I taught them: Mind Bending Language (MBL) -- the
most powerful form of COVERT conversational hypnosis linguistics.
But what about that OTHER thing -- that elusive "something else"
I also taught them?
What is it?
That "something else" I taught them is MIND SHIFTING

And it's this MIND SHIFTING

G QUESTIONING that is the "missing (and critical) key" to
getting astonishing, "super human" like influencing results from Mind Bending Language.
See here's the thing:
You can be an absolute master at constructing sentences and talking in Mind Bending
super-important to realize)...
...but... (and heres whats super
...if you don't know how to CONNECT your Mind Bending Language (i.e., what you say) to the
subconscious (hidden) motivational drivers in people...

You Are Like A Blindfolded Person Throwing

Darts At A Wall That Doesn't Even Have A
Dart Board On It!

I'm sure you get my point:

The BIGGEST skill to darts is not being able to throw the dart -- its being able to throw the dart
and HIT the right target.
Likewise, the BIGGEST skill to the effective use of Mind Bending Language is not being able to
talk in a Mind Bending way its being able CONNECT your Mind Bending Language to the
subconscious (hidden) motivational drivers of the person you are intera
cting with.
And it's the ability to subtly elicit those subconscious (hidden) motivational drivers in other
PUZZLE for most people using (or wanting to use) Mind Bending Language in any situation
that requires covert hypnotic influence.
Which is why you'll be very excited about my proprietary...

"MBL 5 Minute Sales Method


The MBL 5 Minute Sales Method that I've developed is the culmination of using
MIND SHIFTING QUESTIONING along with Mind Bending Language and is going to be
your secret to getting "super human" like influencing results.
In just 5 minutes (no more than 10 minutes) you will be able to use a precision system of
influence -- that utilizes MIND SHIFTING QUESTIONS combine
d with Mind Bending
Language to move other people to take action
You can use The MBL 5 Minute Sales Method to make monetary sales or get fee paying
clients just like the "Coffee Break Closer" and the relationship coach I told you about.
While The MBL 5 Minute Sales Method is the most effective (and fastest) way to make
commercial monetary sales in business...

It Is Also The Most Effective (And Fastest) Way To

Move People Into Action In Any Area Of Life
For example:

You'll be able to get better (pr

(proper!) service at restaurants
Youll be able to get your kids to willingly complete their homework, eat their dinner and go
to bed on time.
Youll be able to get a refund on goods from a shop assistant that says its not our policy to
Youll be able to get nightmare neighbors to fix a broken fence that theyve neglected.

And youll be able to get fast (and comfortable) influence results in just about any area of your
life where you have to deal with other people.
See, the reason The MBL 5 Minute Sales Method is so astonishingly effective for all kinds of
sales and non-sales
sales influence is the primary step of using MIND SHIFTING QUESTIONS.
Because it is the MIND SHIFTING QUESTIONS that will enable you to:

Elicit people's subconscious (hidden) motivational drivers.

Extract the key motivational drivers to "construct" your Mind Bending Language
Create "unconscious moments" that are the "access points" (and powerful leverage
points) for the use of Mind Bending Language.

And then?
Then -- based on points 1, 2 and 3 above -- you will have all the "raw material" you need to
frame and develop the themes of your Mind Bending Language to move the person you are
communicating with to take the action you want them to take.
In other words:
The MIND SHIFTING QUESTIONS (i.e., the key motivational drivers they elicit along with
the "unconscious moments" they present) PAVE THE WAY for the use of precision influence
Mind Bending Language.
And when I say precision influence... I mean you can move someone to action (including making
a payment for something)...

In As Little As 5 Minutes Of Chatting To Them

Hence the name: The MBL 5 Minute Sales Method.
It's very easy (and completely natural sounding) to use in conversation, too.
And nobody will ever feel sold, manipulated or pressured into making a decision against their
They wont even EVER realize you are influencing their decision.
So anyway - if you want the same kind of "super human" influencing ability as the "Coffee
Break Closer" and the relationship coach I told you about -- you NEED to receive the same
training from me that they themselves did.
Which is easy to get, too.
See, I have put together a NEW home study training program that combines all the elements
of The MBL 5 Minute Sales Method including...

How to use Mind Shifting Questioning...

The "RIP Formula" for perpetual cycles of influence...
The "Contradiction Blowout Process" for neutralizing objections...
My "Choice Multiplier Process" for opening up new ideas and actions for the person you are
conversing with.
And of course, the practical use of speaking mastery-level Mind Bending Language

Just watch the DVDs and follow the "recipe" of influence I lay out and demonstrate and you'll
naturally find your influencing skills taking a HUGE leap forward.
For example:

If you decide to use the influencing methodology of The MBL 5 Minute Sales Method in
business / monetary sales applications -- don't be surprised if you start outselling everyone else in
your company within a few weeks.
And, if you decide to use The MBL 5 Minute Sales Method in non-sales situations -- don't be
surprised if everyone from your kids to restaurant staff to work colleagues start going out of their
way to give you what you want.
Bottom line:
To be become a "super human" influencer at work, at home, and everywhere you converse with
other people...
Just follow my MBL mastery influencing "recipe" (which culminates in The MBL 5 Minute
Sales Method) as taught and demonstrated in these DVDs that make up my NEW homestudy MBL MASTERY program:

Here's A Quick Breakdown Of The Mind

Bending Language Mastery Program:
DVD #01:
Mind Bending Language & The Agreement Reversal

DVD #02:
Pacing People's Reality & Unconscious Responses

DVD #03:
How Memory Works & Using The MBL System To Open Closed Minds

DVD #04:
Accessing Deeper Unconscious Thoughts & How To Ask Searching MBL Questions

DVD #05:
Influence Questions, Uncovering Motives & Assessing The Unconscious Mind

DVD #06:
"Baby Steps", Power Pauses & Creating Transformations

DVD #07:
Deconstruct A Persons Framework Using MBL Spins, Reconstruct It, Then
Uncover & Know "The Ins And Outs"

DVD #08:
The 3 Big Questions Of Influence & How They Radically Shift A Person's View

DVD #09:
Building Hypnotic Authority With Inferences, Summarizations & Conclusions

DVD #10:
How To Use Key MBL Techniques In Your Daily Communication & Present
Yourself As An Undisputed Authority Figure With "Echoing"

DVD #11:
How To Powerfully Elicit A Positive Emotional Response

DVD #12:
How To Use "The RIP Formula" To Create Perpetual Cycles Of Influence

DVD #13:
"The Contradiction Blowout", Choice Multipliers & Problem Destroyers

DVD #14:
Destroying Even Bigger Problems With Emotional Reference & Out-frames

And finally...

DVD #15:
The MBL 5 Minute Sales Method

All in all, when you receive my training through the DVDs (and accompanying BONUS
transcripts) you'll be able to comfortably and rapidly influence people in all kinds of situations.
Remember you may find yourself using the influencing skills to...

Sell coaching or hypnotherapy services within just 5 to 10 minutes of a seemingly "friendly

chat" (the other person will never feel "sold", manipulated or pressured into making a
Get better (proper!) service at restaurants
Get your kids to willingly complete their homework, eat their dinner and go to bed on time.
Smoothly get a refund on goods from a shop assistant that says its not our policy to refund.
Get nightmare neighbors to fix a broken fence that theyve neglected or turn down their
blaring music without getting into an argument.