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The opinions in this document are protected under 1 st,/14TH amendments... although Im not.

My beliefs of the 2 track Legal Profession

reflect 9yrs of time that belonged to my family and lost because Pro Se are second class citizens with only HOPE of Access to Justice

At The Establishment o
off Our Constitutions, the Judiciary Bodies Were
pposed To Be The Most Helpless and Harmless Members off The Government.
Experience, however, soon showed in what way they were to
become the most dangerous; that the insufficiency of the
means provided for their removal gave them a freehold and
irresponsibility in office; that their decisions, seeming to
concern individual suitors only, pass silent and unheeded by the
public at large; that these decisions, nevertheless, become law
by precedent, sapping, by little and little, the foundations of
The Constitution, and working its change by construction,
fore any one has perceived that the invisible and helpless
worm has been busily employed in consuming its substance.

LIABILITY TO ACCOUNT. Thomas Jefferson, letter to Monsieur A. Coray, Oct 31, 1823
The colonists brought with them an appreciation of the virtues of self
reliance and a traditional
distrust of lawyers. When the Colonies were first settled
settled, the
the lawyer was synonymous with the
cringing Attorneys-General
General and Solicito
General of the Crown and the arbitrary Justices of the
Kings Court, all bent on the conviction of those who opposed the King
Kingss prerogatives, and twisting
the law to secure convictions.

Power corrupts, and absolute powe

power corrupts absolutely, unless individual
ndividuals make
consciousness efforts to steer his or her power towards the benefits of the society.
The great object of my fear is the federal judiciary
judiciary. That body, like gravity, ever
acting, with noiseless foot, and unalarming advance, gaining ground step
by step, and
holding what it gains, is engulfing insidiously the special governments into the jaws of
that which feeds them.
Thomas Jefferson, Mar 9, 1821
If anyone wonders how an ordinary person becomes a violent abuser, the answer is astonishingly
simple: violence is an exercise of power, and power acts on humans as the drug cocaine.
Researchers define power as an individuals relative capacity to modify others states by
providing or withholding resources or administering punishments. On the neurobiological
level, addiction to power is almost identical to addiction to cocaine.
Experience of power is associated with high dopamine levels, irritability, impulsivity, aggression,
stereotyped thinking, antisocial behavior, and awareness that one can act at will without
interference or serious social consequences.
Power is a legalized drug: on the neurobiological level, the exercise of power, even the feeling
of power, arouses the pleasurereward
reward circuitry mediated by dopamine in the brain
structures called basal ganglia and specifically nucleus accumbens.

The higher the power an individual has, the stronger the addiction.

The opinions in this document are protected under 1st,/14TH amendments... although Im not. My beliefs of the 2 track Legal Profession
reflect 9yrs of time that belonged to my family and lost because Pro Se are second class citizens with only HOPE of Access to Justice

King George III - England

"He [King George] has waged cruel war ag
ainst human nature itself, violating its most sacred right
of life and liberty in the persons of a distant people who never offended him, captivating &
carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere, or to incur miserable death in their
transportation thither." Thomas Jefferson, deleted from draft of the Declaration of Independence, June, 1776
this prejudice gained strength in the Colonies where "distrust of lawyers became an institution."
Several Colonies prohibited pleading for hire in the 17
th century. The prejudice persisted into the
18th century as "the
the lower classes came to identify lawyers with the upper class."
class. The years of
Revolution and Confederation saw an upsurge of anti
lawyer sentiment, a "sudden revival, after
the War of the Revolution,
lution, of the old dislike and distrust of lawyers as a class."
In the heat of these
hese Sentiments

California Court System

The largest state in the country had a Judiciary that for years has been ruled by a Judge
whom other
her judges called "King George" and who demanded a "one voice" concentration of
power within his branch. He was described as a Judicial dictator who abused distention within the
ranks and it appears that this control included the JC, CJP, AOC and the ranks of the California Bar.
George was a deeply polarizing chief justice, earning the sobriquet King George from
normally close-knit
knit fellow judges
judges, whom he antagonized with his autocratic
cratic direction of the
policymaking California Judicial Counci
Council (controlled by his hand-picked
picked appointees-CRONIES
and its bureaucratic counterpart, the Administrative Office of the Courts (which grew to more than
1,000 employees during his tenure)
tenure). George
ge used unification as a pretense to seize control of the
states trial courts http://www.city

Ronald "King Joffrey"" George

In his book "Chief"" establishes that Ronald George is not just
hubristic, but also mean-spirited.
spirited. He dismisses the 500 +
member Alliance of California Judges
Judges, formed to oppose his
centralized management policies, as malcontents, insects
beneath the status of ants, and not much more than an e
email string on the fringe of the judiciar

It appears that social indicators m

may be pointing to 2014 as the
possible beginning of a paradigm shift in the masses demanding
the return of the rule of law, transparency and accountability. I
am hopeful for the outing and ousting
ting of Judicial misconduct
by those tired of being constrained in an oppressive
environment with a plastic Constitution in a once honored and
respected career choice

This has been catalyzed within the in the first round of California's Judicial "Game of Thrones"
with the removal... or "sudden retirement of the King Judge Joffrey Ronald George.

The opinions in this document are protected under 1st,/14TH amendments... although Im not. My beliefs of the 2 track Legal Profession
reflect 9yrs of time that belonged to my family and lost because Pro Se are second class citizens with only HOPE of Access to Justice

Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will
vanish like spirits at the dawn of day. Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dupont de Nemours, April 24, 1816
On that note Thank you and Congratulations to the ACJ, Judicial Watch and all of the other
malcontents and insects beneath the status of ants, and who were never much more than
an e-mail string on the fringe of the judiciary . for fighting against the Status Quo

The Siafu ants of Western Africa and the Congo have functional stings but the reason why they're
notorious is because of their razor-sharp cutting mandibles. The ants march through the forests in
groups of millions, eating anything that moves and severely impacting the local environment
(even elephants run from them). Because of the magnitude of the colony sizes (over 20 million
individuals).The reason why this species is so deadly is the fact that the ants are virtually
unstoppable as they move together in full force. Anything that gets in the way is eaten to the
bone - NO EXCEPTIONS. The columns are easy to avoid but sometimes they come across human
homes, in which case the potential to kill becomes greater. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siafu

In Africa the Lion and the Elephant reign as Kings of the land but even the great and
powerful elephants run or in THEIR ARROGANCE.. FALL TO THE WILL OF THE MASSES

This also is representative of the power of The Will of the People

I think you should adopt the moniker of "Ants" or in this case "Siafu" as a symbol of both your
resolve and what can happen to those ignoring a oppressed community of those once perceived as
powerless and insignificant. These individuals sharing the same goals and motivations working
together and gained the community support and momentum of other frustrated people and
organizations with a purpose, focus, and goal and devoid of fear of retaliation they are clear on
their direction, and even knowing the path they are coming from, nothing will keep them from
the desired goals.
"The King is Dead" .. the only thing to fear is his ghost...thus any apparition stuck in the
shadow of the past requires an exorcism as do all of those that seek to prevent accountability

The opinions in this document are protected under 1st,/14TH amendments... although Im not. My beliefs of the 2 track Legal Profession
reflect 9yrs of time that belonged to my family and lost because Pro Se are second class citizens with only HOPE of Access to Justice

10 Facts About Psychopaths Discovered in UC Brain Scan Study


Psychopathy is defined as an antisocial behavior disorder that displays a diminished capacity

for remorse and characterized by poor behavior controls. This disorder is referred to in the
DSM as antisocial personality disorder (ASPD).
Keysers explained this study may alter how psychopaths are considered in criminal behavior.
He said: The predominant notion had been that they are callous individuals, unable to feel
emotions themselves and therefore unable to feel emotions in others. Our work shows its not
that simple. They dont lack empathy but they have a switch to turn it on and off. By default, it
seems to be off. The notion psychopaths have no empathy at all was a bleak prospect. It would
make it very hard for them to have normal moral development. Now that weve shown they have
empathy even if only in certain conditions we can give therapists something to work with.
Earlier this year, another study on psychopaths was conducted by anthropologists at the
University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) that showed participants who took a test to identify
whether or not they were psychopaths were found to display a ruthless behavioral response to
In this behavioral economic game those psychopaths felt wronged by others and turn to hurting
those they have singled out, without remorse.
Researchers suggested that this trait was widespread throughout the population and could prove
After answering a questionnaire, participants were measured on their psychopathic tendencies.
It was found that those who had psychopathic propensities would cheat those they thought
of as expendable.
Kevin Dutton, author of a book on psychopaths and the benefits of being one, asks: Psychopath is
a term that gets thrown about a lot in our culture. Are psychopaths misunderstood?
Dutton states that psychopaths have a lot of good things going for them. They are fearless,
confident, charismatic, ruthless and focused qualities tailor-made for success in twenty-first
century society.
Typically, a psychopath will initially seem charismatic and friendly. The first impression of those
who have no psychopathic tendencies is that the psychopath is a genuine and respectable person.
This personality is artificial and is revealed after a period of time, or when the psychopath decides
that they have been wronged.
.When a psychopath sets their sights on an individual, their relentless obsession toward
hurting that person can be incredible. Without a conscience, remorse or empathy, the
psychopath will do the inexplicable without consideration of how their actions will cause
damage or pain for others.

The opinions in this document are protected under 1st,/14TH amendments... although Im not. My beliefs of the 2 track Legal Profession
reflect 9yrs of time that belonged to my family and lost because Pro Se are second class citizens with only HOPE of Access to Justice

Since negotiations with psychopaths is futile, it is best for others to move away from this person
as quickly as possible. Although psychopaths quite often verbalize remorse having said that
thn contradict themslvs in words or steps.
This is evidence in the back-handed apologies they make that are conditional. An example would
be that they would apologize for the way others interpreted their words, but not the offensive
comments themselves.
In fact, a psychopath would believe that the problem lays with the other person, so their
comments and actions could not be a source of pain or suffering for those around them.
Identifiers that the person around you is a psychopath are:
The person lacks empathy
Makes self-serving moral choices
Lies repeatedly and unnecessarily
Is a master manipulator
Shows no remorse for their actions
Is two-faced

The opinions in this document are protected under 1st,/14TH amendments... although Im not. My beliefs of the 2 track Legal Profession
reflect 9yrs of time that belonged to my family and lost because Pro Se are second class citizens with only HOPE of Access to Justice

A Situationist Perspective on the Psychology of Evil

Understanding How Good People Are Transformed into Perpetrators.
The social psychology of good and evil: Understanding our Capacity for kindness and cruelty
Philip G. Zimbardo, Ph. D. (Psychology Department, Stanford University)
http://www.zimbardo.com/downloads/2003%20Evil%20Chapter.pdf Exerpts:

Evil is intentionally behaving , or causing others to act in ways that demean, dehumanize,
harm, destroy, or kill innocent people. This behaviorally-focused definition makes an agent
of agency responsible for purposeful, motivated actions that have a range of negative
consequences to other people. It excludes accidental or unintended harmful outcomes, as well
as the broader, generic forms of institutional evil, such as poverty, prejudice or destruction of the
environment by agents of corporate greed.
It also extends beyond the proximal agent of aggression, as studied in research on interpersonal
violence, to encompass those in distal positions of authority whose orders or plans are
carried out by functionaries. This is true of military commanders and national leaders, such
as Halter, Stalin, Mao, Poll Pot, Ida Amen, and others who history has identied as tyrants
for their complicity in the torture and deaths of untold millions of innocent people.

The Evil of Inaction

Our usual take on evil focuses on violent, destructive actions, but non-action can also become a
form of evil, when helping, dissent and disobedience are called for. Social psychologists
heeded the alarm when the infamous Kitty Genovese case made national headlines. As she
was being stalked, stabbed and eventually murdered, 39 people in a housing complex heard
her screams and did nothing to help. It seemed obvious that this was a prime example of the
callousness of New Yorkers, as many media accounts reported. A counter to this dispositional
analysis came in the form of a series of classic studies by Bibb Latin S and John Darley (1970) on
bystander intervention. One key nding was that people are less likely to help when they are in
a group, when they perceive others are available who could help, than when those people are
alone. The presence of others diffuses the sense of personal responsibility of any individual.

It is a truism in psychology that personality and situations interact to generate behavior, as do
cultural and societal inuences. However, I have tried to show in my research over the past 30
years that situations exert more power over human actions than has been generally acknowledged
by most psychologists nor recognized by the general public. Along with a hardy band of
experimental social psychologists, I have conducted research demonstrations in part designed as a
corrective balance to the pervasive fundamental attribution error.
However, this situationist approach continues to be dominated by the traditional dispositional
perspective fueled by reliance on the individualist orientation central in Anglo-American
psychology, and in our institutions of medicine, education, psychiatry, law and religion.
Acknowledging the power of situational forces does not excuse the behaviors channeled by
their operation. Rather, it provides a knowledge base to shift attention away from
simplistic "blaming of the victim," and ineffective individualistic treatments designed to change
the evil doer, toward more profound attempts to discover causal networks that should be
modied. Sensitivity to situational determinants of behavior, also guides risk alerts for avoiding or
changing prospective situations of vulnerability.

The opinions in this document are protected under 1st,/14TH amendments... although Im not. My beliefs of the 2 track Legal Profession
reflect 9yrs of time that belonged to my family and lost because Pro Se are second class citizens with only HOPE of Access to Justice

Please consider this Zimbardo homily that captures the essence of the difference between
dispositional and situational orientations:
While a few bad apples might spoil the barrel (lled with good fruit/ people), a vinegar
barrel will always transform sweet cucumbers into sour pickles -- regardless of the best
intentions, resilience, and genetic nature of those cucumbers So does it make more sense
to spend resources to identify, isolate and destroy bad apples or to understand how vinegar
works, and teach cucumbers how to avoid undesirable vinegar barrels?
My situational sermon has several related dimensions. First, we should be aware that arrange of
apparently simple situational factors can function to impact our behavior more compellingly than
seems possible. The research outlined here, along with others of my colleagues presented in this
volume, points up the inuential force of: role playing, rules, presence of others, emergent group
norms, group identity, uniforms, anonymity, social modeling, authority presence, symbols of
power, time pressures, semantic framing, stereotypical images and labels, among others.
Second, the situationist approach re-denes heroism. When the majority of ordinary people
can be overcome by such pressures toward compliance and conformity, the minority who
resist should be considered heroic. Acknowledging the special nature of this resistance means
we should learn from their example by studying how they have been able to rise above such
compelling pressures. That suggestion is coupled with another that encourages the
development of an essential but ignored domain of psychology heroes and heroism.
Third, the situationist approach should encourage us all to share a profound sense of personal
humility when trying to understand unthinkable, unimaginable, senseless acts of evil.
Instead of immediately embracing the high moral ground that distances us good folks
from those bad ones, and gives short shrift to analyses of causal factors in that situation, the
situational approach gives all others the benet of attributional charity" in knowing that
any deed, for good or evil, that any human being has ever done, you and I could also do -given the same situational forces. If so, it becomes imperative to constrain our immediate moral
outrage that seeks vengeance against wrong doers; instead to uncover the causal factors that
could have led them in that aberrant direction.
The Lucifer Effect - The analogy of Lucifers cosmic transformation from good to evil, Dr
Zimbardo Stanford Prison Experiment is the hypothesis that good people become the perpetrators
of evil due to an external catalyst. of institutionalized abuse and systems encouraging abuse

Kids For CA$H: is an example of the failure of anyone to stand up for what they knew was
wrong and hurting innocent children http://www.democracynow.org/2014/2/4/kids_for_cash_inside_one_of
This controversial Stanford experiment clearly showed perfectly normal people can be
transformed by institutionalized settings in less than 5 days . Zimbardo narrative of the
experiment explains why healthy students were changed as a result of being randomly assigned
roles in the prison experiment. Zimbardo also explores other major events where ordinary
people were transformed into vessels of extraordinary evil, including the genocide in
Rwanda and the rape of Nanking. He also discusses a phenomenon referred to as
administrative evil, and in particular how the corrosive effect of power leads to the
creation of a corrupt system.

The opinions in this document are protected under 1st,/14TH amendments... although Im not. My beliefs of the 2 track Legal Profession
reflect 9yrs of time that belonged to my family and lost because Pro Se are second class citizens with only HOPE of Access to Justice

Zimbardo was able to gain a unique insight into what life was like for those who spent weeks
long working shifts inside the military prison through
hrough his research into what went on at the Abu
Ghraib prison. Zimbardo was able to document the failures in leade
rship that led to many of the
abuses. Zimbardo became intimately involved in the aftermath of Abu Ghraib when he was invited
to be an expert witness for Sergeant Ivan Frederick, one of the accused who was standing trial
tr for
alleged prisoner abuses.

Bias Can
an Anyone In The Court Be Trusted ?
As a pro se litigant this is based on both, my research and
experience: It is Law that is the most corrupt industry in the
world. Lawyers are intrinsically tangled to everything financial
and while they pretend to have
ve "higher integrity
integrity", the experts
have determine that it lawyers are second to bankers and
CEO's for having the highest density of psychopaths in a
profession with 4x the rate of the general publics 1 in 100
Even more concerning is the attracti
attraction to power makes a Judge
even higher probability of being one with experts estimating it to be
about 10% of the judges that are psychopathic
psychopathic. While the lack of
empathy or guilt may be seen as a plus for a judge when there is no
motive to be abusive or bias, its the vindictive
vindictive, spiteful nature and
complete lack of conscience of psychopath
psychopathy that makes them
potentially a scary Societal Menace when granted the shield of
immunity and the power to destroy the lives of entire families at
Thomas Jefferson stated judges are as honest as other men and not more so. Apparently
he was generous in his trust of the Judiciary as statistically they are 10x more likelky less
honest as the ordinary man. This still means 90% of them are as honest however only 5% of
those are heroes. but if your car had a 1of 10 chance of killing your family each time you drove
would you use it? With a Judge and 2 lawyers in most case, that risk is multiplied. Clearly
Transparency and Accountability is most important in Family Law.
IMPORTANT RESEARCH re Pschopathic personality traits
Fishhead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB0k7wBzXPY ;

"Any profession which with a written code of ethics is an inherently unethical profession."
Robert Canup

" the plausible lie is the most serious problem facing humanity today. I will now discuss
the people who have been telling plausible lies: the Socially Adept Psychopaths or S.A.Ps
(pronounced SAPS) of the world. An example of S.A.P. thought processes is in order.
Most people have heard of Ted Bundy; the serial killer who was executed in Florida several years
ago. Not many people are aware of the fact that Bundy was studying to become a prosecutor, and
that eventually he hoped to become a judge. Those that do know that fact see it as some strangely
ironic twist - an inexplicable quirk in Bundy's bizarre makeup.

The opinions in this document are protected under 1st,/14TH amendments... although Im not. My beliefs of the 2 track Legal Profession
reflect 9yrs of time that belonged to my family and lost because Pro Se are second class citizens with only HOPE of Access to Justice

It never seems to occur to most people that the perfect place for a psychopathic serial
killer to hide in society is as a prosecutor or a judge; but I assure you that it occurs to the
Psychopaths of the world.
I would estimate that about 10% of the prosecutors and judges in the United States are in fact,
S.A.Ps. The ONLY difference between them and Ted Bundy is that they were able to control
outward signs of their Psychopathy until they achieved their goal of being in a position of
I will quote from my novel "Unsuspected" to show a psychopaths view of being a Judge.
'John had one overriding dream; to become a judge. Here was the greatest reward possible for a
psychopath: to put on the royal robes of the judiciary - to become a demigod - to have others
plead to Him and beg His indulgence, to have everyone rise in awe and respect when He entered
the room, for His word to literally be law, to be able to create an almost endless amount of
human misery, just because He could, to punish summarily anyone who, quite correctly,
displayed contempt for Him, to have the power of life and death over people, to be granted
the only royal title available in the United States "Your Honor".

The term narcissism comes from the Greek myth of Narcissus, a handsome Greek youth who
rejected the desperate advances of the nymph Echo. One day Narcissus was out hunting and
eventually he became thirsty. He went to drink from a stream and as he saw his reflection, he fell
in love with it. As he bent down to kiss it, it seemed to "run away" and he was heartbroken so
instead he just spent his time looking the perfection he saw in himself. Over time he grew thirstier
and thinner but he wouldn't touch the water for fear of damaging his reflection. Now unable to
consummate his love and afraid that leaving would result in the loss of love forever; he remained
at the stream and continued admiring himself. By loving only his reflection he neglected his health
and eventually dies of thirst.
The moral is: The obsession and self-love of a hollow image will ultimately end in demise
Narcissism fosters the denial truth and hides the fact that substance is the real need required
for a healthy existence. It prevents addressing the ugly that self-awareness could correct..
The elitist isolation formed in the Crystal Palace appears to promote narcissistic ideology which
seeks to protect and project the false image of the honesty and care to the judiciary. The policies
and actions exercised greatly differ from statutory readings and the system continues to be rich
with administrative indiscretions, cover-ups, and failures showing that the same behaviors
complained about and denied to the public are uttered within the rank and file although still
quietly as fear is the tool most used by both bullies and oppressive regimes. It appears as though
the sheets have been pulled back and the writing is on the wall and everyone is waiting for the
shoe to drop and either a total uprising by the ants finally joined by the rest of the typical 80% of
the watchers or the Come to Jesus moment for those still in power realize this is the opportunity
to finally repair what has been damaged and fraudulent and bring honor back to the bench