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Wash every week (take it to a water center when there too much hard mud sothat pressure cleaning can
be done, ensure he does NOT directly spray on the bike...ask him to use his finger so that spray is not
direct the water should flowlike a garden spray).

You need:

Bucket and shampoo

Good towel which is lint free
Old tooth brush and paint brush and Kerosene or Diesel
Oil or appropriate lubricant
Plastic cover
Adhesive tapes
Chamois leather (optional :))

Shampooing: Don't use Nirma, Wheel, and Surf etc. They will just eat the latexcoat (which gives the





shine). The best solution is to use a Wax Based Carcleaning shampoo and the economic solution is to use a
Shampoo like Sunsilk orGarnier if you prefer :)


1. Always choose a cool and shady place at the same time do not do this atnight you might not see able to
see the grim properly. Ensure that there isno direct sun light as sun light might leave hard to remove and
ugly waterstains.


2. Before you start the washing, take an old paint brush. Dip it in Kerosene or Diesel and apply to oil
stained area or areas with strong grim such as under the chassis, crankcase etc. Kerosene or Diesel will
ease the grim easily.


3. Pour the shampoo in the bucket and fill it if possible with warm water.Warm water removes stains and
dust well than cold water.
4. Cover Silencer, Control Cables (handle bar), Spark plus unit with plasticcovers to ensure that the water
doesnt get into it.
5. Remove keys and stick adhesive tape so that water doesnt seep in.
6. Do spot stain checking and apply the washing shampoo to stain spots usingtoothbrush.
7. Start washing from top to bottom.
8. Wash her once and check for spots. If needed do it again.
9. Now spray plain water all over the bile again bottom to top.
10. Ensure that there no soap left.
11. Shake your bike or move it front and back to shake of excess water.
12. Now put her on side stand and let her idle for 5 mins and remove the plasticcovers.
13. Now wipe her dry using Chamois leather.
14. Lubricate all joints.
Now your bull is spotless and clean :)


Always wet and wring chamois leather before drying your bike. Itwill absurd more
water than a dry one.
Before starting the bike, close the fuel tap and open the overflow nut in the Carb. Let all the petrol run
away. Now tighten it.Again do the same. This will remove any water that is present inthe carb.

Paint Polishes:
This is an interesting subject. Basically there are two types of polishes, Synthetic and Organic. Any
polymerbased polish is an example of Synthetic type whereas any waxbased polish is an example of
organic wax.

The biggest benefit of synthetic polish is the LIFE of the polish. Some polishes available in the US even
work for 5 years if applied properly. The problem withSynthetic polishes is that the lower polymers in the
polish bond with the paint surface which prevents expansion or contraction of paints with respect to
theclimatic condition, which might cause the paint to crack. This will change intime and the latest ones
have overcome this problem.

Since these are organic they bond really well with the paint and do not affect the expansion or the
contraction of the paint thereby preventing cracking. They also tend to give a better shine and richness
than a synthetic polish. The only problem with them is LIFE and being oil based it attracts more dust
thansynthetic ones which have almost no oil. You might have to apply every monthor week based on your
climatic conditions.My personal choice is to go for any Polish that has Carnauba wax. Eg: Formula1 car
wax or Carnauba Straight. Also, wax paste is better than liquid wax.
If you live near very dusty environment, then the best one is Synthetic polishes.
Zaino is the best.

Applying Polish:
Now get a good wax polish (refer below). Apply it evenly in circular motion or as specified, some
manufacturers prefer vertical straight motion. Leave it for a min and you will see the haze now (varies
with polishes). Puff it in circular motion or as specified. Now the paint is shining and you can see your
smilereflected :)

Drop a drop of water. If it stays you need wax more, if it ran down without atrace, give yourself a pat.

Rainy days:
Rust is the best villain. Good polish like Zaino should protect your bull for 2 weeks and Carnauba based
ones will protect you for 1 week. During this timethey will have water repellant effect and will gradually
weaken. So polish yourBULL frequently.
Economic solution (metal and chrome) Try this:
Buy a Flint or Baygon Spray sprayer. Mix 1 part of Kerosene to 2 parts ofCoconut oil. Now spray it all over
the bike using the sprayer. Give 30 mins andwipe clean. This will prevent your bike from rust. The only
sore point, OILATTRACTS DUST and GRIME. So be ready to wipe her everyday.
Now if you do the above mentioned every week and wipe once a day, yourBULL will be ageless like a Mona
Lisa :>=

Imported (Ranking in order):
1. Zaino Z2 with Z1 (This was voted the best and can last for 4 weeks)
2. Einszentt Glanz Wax
3. Eagle Ones NanoWax
Source: Guru Reports Ultimate Wax test

Formula 1 (Cheap and good Carnauba wax polish)

Arexons Wax
Turtle Wax
Armour all
Mothers Wax
Wax it
Carnauba Straight


The History of Carnauba Wax

Carnauba wax is a resin produced by the wax palm tree Copernicia Cerifera. This tree grows in various
parts of South America. However, only the trees in the Northeasterntropical rain forests of Brazil produce
the premium quality wax used by MOTHERS.

Carnauba is available in various grades of purity and clarity: #1 yellow is the top gradegoing downward to
#2 yellow, #3 yellow, and various other commercial grades. For our wax products (California Gold
Carnauba Cleaner Wax, California Gold Original Formula Paste Wax, California Gold Natural Formula
Pure Carnauba Wax; paste andliquid; and Hot Wheels Premium Wax) we use #1 yellow exclusively, the
finest gradeof carnauba available.
Carnauba has a very strong grain structure and is the hardest wax known to man. In addition to being
incredibly durable, carnauba dries to a deep, natural shine (in contrast, bees wax, paraffin and many
synthetic waxes tend to cloud and occlude). Carnauba wax is produced by the leaves of the tropical
carnauba tree as protectionfrom the incredibly harsh conditions of the tropical rain forest intense heat,
harsh equatorial sun and constant moisture and humidity. Any surface coated with carnauba wax will be
similarly protected. Aside from automotive appearance products carnauba wax is used as a finish
coatingon a wide variety of items including: fine furniture, tobacco pipes and produce(apples, pears, etc.
are sprayed with carnauba to achieve their polished look). Its a major ingredient in lipstick and other
cosmetics. Before the advent of vinyl it was used extensively in producing phonograph records. Carnauba
wax is so pure its routinelyused to coat pills in the pharmaceutical industry.
Source: Mothers wax polishes www.mothers.com

Chrome Polishing:
What is Chrome plating?
Not going into technical analysis, chrome plating is nothing but coating acomponent or part of you BULL
with a mixture of metals, primarily Chromium and Nickel. Chrome plating gives great luster and mirror

like to finish. Someexample of Chrome plated parts in your BULL are Handle Bar, Silencer, CrashGuard,
Saree Guard and so on.
Note: The crankcase is Buffed Aluminum and not Chrome. Check out theAluminum section.

Applying Polishes:
General rule for any polish applies, first try in a small spot. If satisfied goahead.

Apply the polish to the chromed region in circular mode or as instructed bythe manufacturer.
Leave it for a min to form a haze (again check instructions).
Now wipe it clean and buff it with a clean turkey towel or any cotton clothwhich is lint free.
Apply some wax.

Do the water test. The chrome parts will be as good as a Mirror.


ICI Silicon Polish (Rating: 3/5)

Zinc Chloride or Chalk Powder (2/5)
Mr.Metal (4/5)
Eagle Ones Mag, Chrome and Aluminium Polish (yet to be tested)

Polished Aluminum's life (life of the gloss not the metal) is less as it tarnishes because of oxidation. It
becomes dull very fast and water based stains if notwiped immediately will stay for long.
This is what I am doing currently. I am using "Autosol" polish for Aluminum (Its available in hardware
1. Apply it on the aluminum part and rub in circular motion. You will see the cloth turning black (will
explain this later).
2. Once it's really black, change it and use a clean cloth and buff it as much as you can. There are two
schools of thought one which says leavethepolish for 12 mins before polishing and the other which says
don'tleave any gap. I prefer the second school. Will try the first schooland update later.
3. Leave it to dry and apply some wax.

1. Polishing Aluminum is little different. The skill here is the speed andnot PRESSURE.
Thats why they use high speed buffing wheels. SO thefaster you polish the SHINNER she
2. I told about those BLOODY waster spots. There is a solution. Mix 1portion of vinegar
to 1 portion of water. Apply this mixture to then spots and leave them for a min. Now wipe it. Recent
spots will vanish. Repeatthis process again and again till the OLD spots disappear. This will notcause any
harm for aluminum.


1. Eagle Ones Mag and Aluminum Polish ( www.eagleone.com )
2. Mr.Metal ( www.mrmetal.com )
3. Autosol

What the bl*** hell is this Rust?
When iron combines with oxygen, it forms iron oxide, or rust. Iron oxide is alarger molecule than iron, so
if iron oxidizes; it often puffs up and may evenflake. This is because the rust requires more physical space
than the originaliron. Once rust is formed, there is mobile oxygen in the metal, and the oxygencan move
deeper into the metal causing further rust.

Removing RUST:
I am going to give you various ways rust can be removed. If the rust is quite old or if it has marked its
territory deep, then the best thing to do will be tochrome plate it again so that it doesnt eat the steel.
1. Aluminum Foil:
Well you never thought of this right. Try this. Take Aluminum Foil and wrap it
around your finger and rub it until the rust disappears. Ensure that the shiny
side rubs the rust. Works on basic to medium rust.

Tip: Dip the Aluminum Foil in COKE for best results :)

2. Zinc Chloride or Chalk Powder:
Soft rust can be removed by applying zinc chloride or chalk powder. Wet a piece of cloth and dab some
powder and apply on the rusted area. Rub it untilthe rust is removed.
3. TEA :)
This again works for soft to medium rust. Prepare real think strong tea. Letssay you should use 5 tea bags
for 300 ml of water. Ensure it brews enough andthats the crucial part. Now let it cool for 510 mins. Now

soak the rusted partin the Tea for 24 hours or until the rust disappears. Wipe it, dry it and applypolish to
it. Voila is sparkling.
Okay how does this worksee basically Tea contains tannic acid which attacksthe rust.
4. Rubbing Compound:
This is used widely but I am little worried because if not properly used it can eat the metal. Go to any
paint store and buy some rubbing compound. The rubbing compound is an abrasive which basically eats
RUST and sometime the metal also. Dab some compound on a cloth and rub it in the rusted part till
the rust disappears. Now wash the area with mild shampoo and dry it. Apply some petroleum jelly and
wipe it clean after one hour. This neutralizes any residue of the compound. Now polish it. Well keep
watching this page I will give detailed study on Rubbing Compounds.
Some Rust Removers:
WD40 Rust Remover / Multipurpose Lubricant (I dont remember his name but
someone brought this topic in our Bull Meeting last Saturday)
Rustlick 631 DEF11 from ITW signode India LTD


After you remove the rust, polish it with Chrome polish (I use ICIsSilicon Polish) and
apply some wax or kerosene/coconut oil mixture to keep therust away :)

Preventing Rust:
Option 1: Apply a mixture of 1:2 Coconut Oil: Kerosene using a spray gun orSprayer.
Option 2: Apply petroleum jelly.
Option 3: Mix 1 part of Anhydrous Lanolin (Any pharmacy or chemical shop)with 5 parts of Paint Thinner.
Apply this mixture using a brush. This will form apreventive coat.
Caution: Some might be allergic to Anhydrous Lanolin

Wheel Detailing:
Usually we do not give much attention to this part which is as important as thebikes engine. I can push
my bike without an engine but can I without wheels : ). So now sit up and concentrate because a little
attention on your wheels can make your bike look lot younger 100 times SEXIER. Keeping the wheels in
topshape can bring a mediocre bull to Top shape. Now lets cut to the cheese.
For cleaning purpose, wheel is divided into three parts: tyres, rims and spokes.
Now lets look into each of them.

How important is the look of the tyre? Well you might wear the Giorgio Armani suit, a designer watch,
imported shoes, the best fragrance and then if you have unkept hair which is shabby and colored in all
possible ways with dirt and grease how will it look? Thats exactly how your bull will look if the tyres
are not treated with respect. Also, just like how a well kept hair prevents Balding a well kept Tyre
prevents cracking and improves the life of the tyre.
Of all parts, tyres are subjected to worst treatment. Heat changes due tocontinuous riding and stopping,
bruising from the well laid Indian Roads,scuffing and so on. So please help them and keep them smiling.
Here is how todo it :)=.

Cleaning a Tyre:
1. First inspect for small glass pieces, stones, gravels etc and remove them.These little things impact the
life of the threads.
2. Now take soft brush or sponge and wash the tyre with water.
3. Now using a mild soap solution (car wash solutions or mild shampoos) washthe tyre.
4. Dry them suing a soft lint free cloth.
Never wash the tyres immediately after a ride. Give it a rest of 1 hour beforewashing. This will cool the
tyre and make it ready for you.

Tyre Polishing:

Polishing not only improves the look but also the life of the tyres.
1. Select a nonsilicone and nonformaldehyde tyre polish. Formaldehydemight cause harm in due course
by separating the body ply from the sidewalls of the tyres.
2. Apply the tyre polish evenly in circular motion and leave for 1 min (or asinstructed by manufacturer).
3. Wipe the tyre and wait for 2 mins.
4. Now shine it for a rich and great luster.

Rims are mostly chrome plated. Refer to the section on chrome to know about polishing as I will
concentrate on just cleaning.

1. The most important part is the place where the spokes are attached to therim. This is where most of
the rust and grime settle. Take a toothbrush andkerosene and apply it in the joints. Scrub them lightly.
2. Now take some mild soap solution (For me diluted Prill works well). Usingthe toothbrush apply them in
the joints and also on the rim surface andsides of the rims. You can also use a small sponge for this. Leave
it for aminute.
3. Now rinse them with clean water.
4. Now apply chrome polish as described in the article.


They can make

Using a brass brush helps in removing rust and also minimizes scratches. your bull exotic
or crap, there is
no two ways
about it. Withproper care they will shine for long time. The OEM spokes for RE is not chromeplated and
do not have a mirror finish. They are made of Mild Steel and have mild shine. The Hub is made of
Aluminium and not buffed to shine. Oil and grime are frequent visitors to our spokes and hubs. If left
unattended, they will encroach space and settle there as Permanent guest which is not GOOD. Lets see
how to take care of them.


1. Based on the grime or how bad your spokes are, decide on what you need to
use. If its really bad then use Fine Scotch Brite. If not then use Sponge.
2. Kerosene is a very good grime remover. Use the Scotch Brite/Sponge and
apply kerosene on the spokes and rub till the grime is removed.
3. Now clean the HUB using a toothbrush and some kerosene.
4. Now take some mild soap solution (for me diluted Prill works well). Using arinsed scotch Brite/sponge
wash the spokes till its clean.

5. Wipe it clean with lint free towel.

6. You can apply all purpose metal polish or chalk powder. Refer to thepolishing section for more details.

7. Buff them clean for a good shine and big smile on your face.

Tip: You can polish the Hub using a Metal Polish such as Mr.Metal, Autosol,Mothers or Eagles
Aluminium Polish. Refer to the polishing section for moredetails. Since they are powder coated
will take a long time.

Removing Stickers:
1. First you need to kill the properties of the sticker. The best way to do thisis, use a Hair Dryer and blow
the sticker for 5 mins at varying speed. Thiswill heat the stickers and loose its properties. Alternative is to
apply warmwater, not HOT water, and let is soak for 34 mins.
2. As you apply heat slowly pull the sticker off at 90 degree angle. Almostevery sticker comes off this way.
3. If you still have pieces one. Apply an alcohol based solution or paint thinner(Do not use it if the surface
is painted) or Nail Polish remover. Some believe even Pepsi or Coke can help due to Acetone in it. Now
gently rub it with youfingers.
4. Wash the area with mild shampoo and dry it.
5. If the sticker is still present, use kerosene and wipe it away.
6. Now apply was polish in the surface and buff it.
This is how I removed the bloody KUN HYUNDAI sticker from my Santro :). Also,
you can take it to any sticker shop and ask them to remove it.

How to Remove Stickers powered by eHow.com

General Tips:
1. Bird Droppings: Use warm water instead of cold water, warm water (NOT HOT WATER) will ease the
process. First wet the bird dropping and leave for2 mins then add little shampoo and gently rub wipe with
a soft cloth.
2. Do not use SPONGE to wash your BULL. Sponge by default is coarse and small mud particles tend to
collect in the small pores. This will result inminute scratches which over the year will dull the paint. Use
soft cloth andkeep rinsing it.
3. For drying the best is Chamois leather. If it aint available, use Terryclothtowels.
4. The best indicator to determine if your bike needs waxing is WATER. Drop little water on the petrol
tank. If it runs away without leaving a trail thenyour bike is perfect. If stays as drop or leaves trial, its
time to WAX her.This is a real good test during rainy days to determine if you bull needs awax coat.
5. Ouch there is a deep scratch. Apply Petroleum Jelly. It will keep the rust atbay till you paint it.

6. Removing Stiff OIL grime: The best solution is Kerosene/Diesel (I prefer diesel as it doesnt leave a
trail). Take a brush and apply kerosene. It willloosen the grime. Now wash the area will your shampoo.
Its as clean as awhite horse.
7. Shampoos will leave strain if left for long. The best will to wash your bike isclean one side of the bike
and rinse it, then move to the second side. Thiswill you can eliminate the soap from drying.

Going on Vacation?
If you are going on a long vacation (10 days or more), do the following:
1. Clean you bike completely.
2. Apply polish to the painted area, BUT DO NOT BUFF OR CLEAN, leave it likethat. This will form a good
3. Apply automotive wax or furniture wax to chrome and aluminum areas.
4. Apply petroleum jelly to electrical points.
5. Inflate tyres and apply Tyre polish or Kiwi Wax Shoe Polish (Not liquid ones)
These are only for the external maintenance such as Paints, chrome and
aluminum not for the BULL as such.

(Various question raised by Bullsnot in any order)
1. Brasso: the shopkeeper says its only for brass and not for aluminum.
True. Do not use BRASSO.
2. Silvo/silverso: its for the chrome plated parts ,but can i use it on paintedsurface,like the tank?
Silvo/silverso: Only for Chrome. NOT for Paint...PLS dont even touch paint withthis/ Alternate for chrome
and aluminium Fine chalk powder.

3. waxpol: what is this for? how is it?

waxpol: Wax polish for paint Indian made, Grade Okay. try Formula 1 orArmour wax its really good.
4. powder wax: does it damage colour?
Pls dont use....use liquid or paste wax
5. today i bought a aluminumoxide paper which is the size of a A4 sheet butcosts 75Rs! the shopkeeper
said that it wud remove SCRATCHES! its from a german company called "Wurth" and he claims that it is
used by Mercedescar owners to remove scratches. thought , my bull too deserves such athing and bought
it. didnt use it yet. Have u heard of such a paper...its called 1200 paper,they also have 1000,2000
papers.think,the number issome quality number.
This is really long one but will try to cut it short: Have you heard of Sand
paper...I am sure you have...now this Alm oxide is one of the family. What you
have bought is a REAL fine sand paper coated with Alm Oxide which is used for
finishing metal parts like crankcase. the number 1000 signifies how fine your
sandpaper is. 1000 is Super Fine. This is needs to used carefully by exp people
else will result in fine scratches and uneven finish.
credit madbull ram (madras bulls)



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My bull was painted black 2 months ago and i can see stain at the petrol tank .. Around the petrol
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Is there a way to get rid of it ?
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jewelers rouge (A very fine powder of ferric oxide) is the best material to polish Aluminum body. You
can get it at jewelers hardware shops. Just clean and rub the surface with 1000 No. water paper (3M
company) with diesel or kerosine. Finally polish with 1200 No.water paper. Take little quantity of
jewelers rouge with water and rub that paste on Aluminum body. Polish with woolen cloth till you get
mirror surface. Feel free to exchange your ideas (suash19@gmail.com)
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