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G-Mat Math practice questions:




The thermometer above is calibrated to show degrees in equal increments. If the

temperature indicates a reading of level A, what is the temperature?
(A) 94.069
(B) 94.070
(C) 94.079
(D) 94.080
(E) 94.790


Starting at 11 A.M. on a certain day, rain began to fall at a rate of 1 inches

every two hours until 5 P.M. If 2 inches of rain had already fallen by
11 A.M. that day, how many inches of rain in total had fallen by 5 P.M. on that

(A) 3
(B) 6
(C) 7
(D) 7
(E) 9

The owner of a shoe store decides to calculate the percentage of customers

who purchase boots. If 40 percent of the stores customers end up purchasing
something, and of those purchasing something, 15 percent purchase boots,
what percent of the stores customers purchase boots?

(A) 4%
(B) 6%
(C) 15%
(D) 24%
(E) 55%



(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 4
(D) 325
(E) 329

The formula E = a/6 (E equals the square root of a over 6) describes the
relationship between the length of the edge E of a cube and the surface area of the cube.
How much longer is the edge of a cube with a surface area of 1350 than the edge of one
with a surface area of 600?
(A) 5
(B) 15
(C) 150
(D) 250
(E) 750

[1- (2/3)] =
(A) -1/3
(B) 1/27
(C) 125/729
(D) 25/81
(E) 5/9

After reading 3/5 of her chemistry homework on Wednesday night, Lorna read 1/3
of her remaining homework on Thursday night. What fraction of her original homework
would Lorna have to read on Friday night to complete her chemistry assignment?
(A) 1/15
(B) 2/15
(C) 4/15
(D) 2/5
(E) 4/5
If a store sells a six-pack of beer for $2.40, which represents a savings of 10
percent of the individual price of cans of beer, then what is the price of a single can of
(A) $0.35
(B) $0.40
(C) $0.44
(D) $0.50
(E) $0.55

In the gated community of Forrest Heights, 30 percent of the residents are men
over the age of 18 and 40 percent are women over the age of 18. If there are 24 children
living in the community, how many total residents live in the gated community of Forrest
(A) 32
(B) 80
(C) 94
(D) 112
(E) 124
Over the course of a hockey season, 30 percent of the players on a team scored
power play goals. What is the ratio of players on the team who scored power play goals
to those who did not?
(A) 3 to 10
(B) 1 to 3
(C) 3 to 7
(D) 1 to 1
(E) 3 to 1


In the figure above, 3a=b. What is the value of b-a?

(A) 2
(B) 30
(C) 45
(D) 90
(E) 135


X= {9,10,11,12}
Y= {2,3,4,5}

One number will be chosen randomly from each of the groupings above. If x
represents the chosen member of Set X and y represents the chosen member of Set Y,
what is the probability that x/y will be an integer?
(A) 1/16
(B) 3/8
(C) 1/2
(D) 3/4
(E) 15/16
The arithmetic mean of a data set is 46 and the standard deviation of the set is 4.
Which value is exactly 1.5 standard deviations from the arithmetic mean of the set?
(A) 42
(B) 44.5
(C) 47.5
(D) 50
(E) 52
The result obtained when x is multiplied by y is equal to ten times the result
obtained when y is subtracted from x. If y equals 5, what does x equal?
(A) 50
(B) 25
(C) 15
(D) 10
(E) 5

Question 1, the answer is: (C)
In this decimal specific question, A and E are not even on the visible scale shown by the
thermometer and can therefore be ruled out. B and D are the smallest and largest numbers
on the scale respectively, but the level indicated by A on the thermometer is a little less
than 94.08. Therefore the correct answer is C.
Question 2, the answer is: (B)
It rained from 11 A.M. until 5 P.M., for a total of six hours. The rate of rainfall was 1
inches every TWO hours. So in order to find the rainfall during those 3 two-hour periods,
you must multiply 1 times 3, for a total of 3 inches. Of note here is that this total is
the same as the number in answer (A), but you are not quite finished with your
calculations, so you must continue on. 2 inches of rain had already fallen on the ground
by 11 A.M. on that day so to get the total number of inches, you must add 3 and 2
together. 3 + 2 = 6, so the answer is (B).
Question 3, the answer is: (B)
This is what is called a plug-in question, meaning that you choose a number (try to
keep it simple like, say, 100) and do you calculations from there. So we say that there are
100 customers. 40 (which is 40% of 100) of them purchase something. Now the problem
says that 15% of the 40 who purchased something bought boots. So 15% of 40 is 6. The
correct answer is (B). You could have narrowed down your choices by automatically
eliminating answer (E), which is an answer greater than the percentage of customers who
bought anything at all, never mind having bought boots.
Question 4, the answer is (E)
Now rather than trying to multiply everything out completely, you should focus on the
units digit of both numbers. You wont need to know what 165 is if you know what its
unit digits equals. So 5 gives us a units digit of 5, so whatever the final answer is, the
units digit will be 5. We do the same computation with 164. We know that 4 gives us a
units digit of 6, so whatever the final answer is, the units digit will be 6. The question
asks you to subtract the second number from the first. You dont know the exact numbers,
but you know the last digit of each, so just subtract those two and see what you come up
___, ___ ___ 5
___, ___ ___ 6

Remember here that 5-6 does not equal negative (-) 1 since the above number is
obviously larger than the lower number based on the question asked. So now you know
the last number in the answer is 9, so look at the multiple choice answers. The only
answer that ends in a 9 is E, 329 and that is the correct answer.
Question 5, the answer is A.
Although this looks like it might be a geometry problem, it is really just a matter of
putting the numbers provided into the formula. First, start with the surface area of 600. To

find 600/6, divide 600 by 6 to get 100. Then take the square root of 100, this gives you
10. Next do the same thing with 1350. You might need scrape paper to help with this part
as dividing 1350 by 6 is not an equation most people have memorized. In any case, if you
divide 1350 by 6, you get 225. The square root of 225 is 15. The question asked you how
much longer 15 is than 10, so the correct answer is A, 5.
Question 6, the answer is (D)
First, start with the innermost set of parentheses: Square 2/3, this gives you 4/9. Then
subtract that from 1 and this gives you 5/9. Finally, square the result and this gives you
the answer (D) which is 25/81. You could have automatically eliminated (A) because the
square of any number is always positive.
Question 7, the answer is (C)
To correctly answer this fraction problem, you must understand the concept of the rest.
If Lorna reads 3/5 of her homework on Wednesday, that means that 2/5 of her homework
remains unread. She then reads 1/3 of the remaining 2/5 of homework. 1/3 of 2/5 (in
mathematical equations the word of means multiply) is 2/15. So how much has been
done? 3/5 + 2/15, which equals 11/15. The question asks how much remains and that
leaves us with 4/15, which is answer (C)
Question 8, the correct answer is (C).
If a six pack of beer sells for $2.40, then each can will cost .40 cents when they are
purchased all together. Choice (B) is .40 cents, but we know that the price of only one can
must be higher since buying a 6-pack gives you a discount, so we can eliminated choices
(A) and (B). 10% of .40 is .04, so the price of a single can is .44 cents (.40+.04) which
makes the correct answer (C).

Question 9, the correct answer is (B).

All tolled the percentages of men and women add up to 70%, so that means that 30% of
the residents in this community are children. Now all you have to do is set up the
30 =24
100 x

Solving for x, the total number of residents is 80, so the answer is (B)

Question 10, the answer is (C)

If 30% of the players on the team scored power play goals during the season, then 70%
did not score any. So the ratio of those who scored power play goals to those who did not
is 30 to 70 which reduces to 3 to 7.
Question 11, the answer is (D)
If you look closely at the drawing, you can see that a and b are supplementary angles.
This means that together, they make up a line. The sum of these angles therefore is 180.
If you change it to math language, it looks like this:
a + b = 180
Now you can return to the equation in the main question of 3a=b. You can use this
information to rewrite the equation a + b = 180 as
a +3a= 180
4a = 180
Since a + b and a=45, then b must equal 135, which is the wrong answer choice (E). You
must remember that the question asked for the solution b-a, so youre not done yet. Since
b-a=135-45, the correct answer is 90, answer (D).

Question 12, the answer is (B)

The simplest way to answer this question is to write down all of the possible
combinations. Then count the number of those combinations that result in integers and
divide it by the total number of combinations. Here is a list of all the combinations:








Of the 16 possible combinations, 6 result in integers:






Therefore, the probability that x/y will be an integer is 6/16 or 3/8, so the correct answer
is (B).
Question 13, the correct answer is (E).
In this problem, the standard deviation is 4. The question asks for a value that is 1.5
standard deviations from the mean of 46. 1.5 times 4 equals 6, so you are looking for a
number that is either 6 higher or 6 lower than 46. Since 40 is not one of the answer
choices, the obvious answer is 52 which is choice (E).
Question 14, the answer is: (D)
When you take the words of the question and put them into mathematical form, they look
like this: xy= 10(x-y). If y=5, then x must equal 10. Therefore the correct answer is (D).