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In previous chapter we have discussed about greater alliance of proletarian class
with other all working masses instead of alliance of proletariat and peasantry. For
the formation of greater alliance, proletarian classes have to win all the aspirations
of all other toiling masses and class who gave their labor for society. This labor may
be physical, mental or intellectual labor. Apart from proletarian class there are many
other classes and different strata of people that may be peasantry, different strata
of petty bourgeois, cybertariat, etc as discussed elsewhere in this book. At present
there are two main contradictions. This two main polarity of contradiction remain
capital compromises big bourgeois capital corporate, multinational capital,
imperialist capital and big land owner class. In other pole working classes includes
proletarian class, different strata of peasantry and petty bourgeois, middle class
technicians etc. Greater alliances of all classes, masses who are dependent on the
labor (mental, physical) shall be possible of proletarian class can include the needs,
hope and aspiration of all other people in their struggle and ideology. These greater
alliances cannot be formed within a short period of time and by few discussions. It
recurs by long intercourse of action, struggle and planning.

Proletarian class will have to perform some very important task during this long
term of struggle and mass movement. These are:
1. Proletarian class will have a clear vision and experience about their ability,
power, weakness and limitations.
2. Proletarian class will know their associate working masses by mass
movement and class struggle. In due course of struggle and revolutionary
activity, proletarian class will consolidate their solidarity and fraternity with
their associate class and masses.
3. Proletariat class should know their enemies about their ability and power and
weakness. They should have their clear vision about opponent classes. This is
only possible by struggle by which there will be new direction taking their
experience from past struggle.
4. During revolutionary struggle and social change for formation of new socialist
order; proletarian class have change themselves, makes them as class of

greater , higher and progressive class to establish itself as an advanced class

and leader of all working class.
5. In the aim of Neo socialist revolutionary social change, working class and the
political parties will have to take some intermediate steps which enable
proletariat in conducting socialist change and socialist system by taking
active participation proving their leadership, accepted and supported by their
fraternal associate classes. This process will be possible by wider
democratization of different organizations like state sector, social
organizations, financial sectors and all productive units. These actions will
capable the working class and producer class to be the conductor of state
system from grass root level to state power.
6. To reach the ultimate goal except the mass organizations of the labor class,
peasantry and middle class will not be the only alliance, he political parties
are also needed. This is a theory of classical Marxism. In this context, there
will be only one revolutionary party to reach the goal of socialism and
communism. (as the Bolshevik party in Russia and Communist party in
China)---- this old theory is now obsolete. We have to think in an alternative
way. In the big country like India, with different religious ethnic and cultural
variations, so this is also true for whole world there must be many political
parties and groups who have common political program and ultimate goal.
Therefore it needed a greater platform which encompasses most of the
revolutionary parties and groups and other democratic organizations that
have some target to transform a system which is based on private property,
to a system of social property and that system of society will reduce slowly
the exploitation of man by man. Ultimately communism may come by
abolishing class-contradiction, and inequality between men through a
transitional new socialist system. From history of Indian independent struggle
we have noticed that Indian National Congress was mainly a greater platform
for section of the freedom fighters and parties who have common goal of
national independence. Indian National Congress was not political party. This
platform consolidated different political parties and groups of national
bourgeois, socialist party, even communist parties also. But the leadership
goes in favor of Indian capitalist classes. Just before and after independence
many political parties and groups were dissociated from this common
platform became transformed to a political party and was ruling after
independence as by taking the power of government. Indian freedom
struggle was a long term anti-imperialistic democratic movement. In this long
term process of struggle of independence was conducted by this greater
platform that is Indian National Congress. Though Indian National Congress
was not a single homogeneous party, but it took part as a main stream of
freedom struggle and became reflected the aspiration of all people of India
who want abolition of imperialistic British rule. There is no scope of detailed
discussion in this book. As the Indian national capitalist class was born with a
historical limitation of the period of imperialism and in colonial stage. In spite

of that the national bourgeois class had managed to use this platform and
become able to be the symbol of hopes and aspirations of Indian people. That
is why after independence Congress could dominate in general election
massively. With experience of the freedom fight and Gramsci Modern Prince
theory we can form such a platform where all section of people----------------such as various classes and sub classes, socialists, democrats, and
communist can join a single platform. With the slogan of peace , democracy
and socialism , the communists will consolidate all the toiling masses a
common platform under the flag of liberty. This platform gradually become
the new Modern Prince for communism and socialism with the aim of
achieving real socialism (neo socialism) so it was crippled and handicraft from
its birth and continued its growth in the same manner later time also. This
book did not have much scope about a detailed discussion about Indian
freedom movement which was led by Indian National Congress and its role
was that how much through the struggle and compromise. Here, we should
remember the thoughts of Antonio Gramscis Modern Prince where he
showed the homogeneous class and its political wings had taken their action
and programs which reflects hopes and aspirations of most of the people of
that society and state. In Indian freedom struggle, Congress led by Indian
capitalist class established themselves as Modern Prince as described by
Gramsci in his outstanding Marxian Classic. We can conclude from the
experience of freedom struggle and Gamscis thought of Modern Prince
there is a need of a communist platform which will consolidate different
classes, sub-classes, mass organizations , political groups and parties to
struggle for new socialism with greater democracy as transitional phase to
achieve communist society.