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1. The survey is to assess the systems on water and food in Calamba

and Los Banos. It will look at availability, use, management and access of
food and water systems. The purpose is to determine the security of water
and food in these areas. A total of 13 barangays will be surveyed. 9
barangays in Calamba and 4 barangays in LB. As a requirement, students will
be asked to sign a waiver and a short work contract before engaging in the
2. We will do a clustered approach in conducting the survey activity. We
will start the survey in the town of Calamba on March 6 th, specifically on
Brgys. Banlic, Banadero and Barangay 4. Then on March 7th, Brgys. Palingon,
Lingga and Lecheria; and finally, Brgys, Halang Bucal and Pansol on March
8th. We will proceed to LB on March 9 th starting with Brgys. Anos and
Bambang, and then, Brgys. Tadlac and Bayog on March 10th.
3. You will be divided into teams. Following a clustered approach, you will be
divided into teams. There will be three teams in Calamba. Each team will
compose 4 members. In LB, there will be two teams, with 6 members each.
Each team will cover one barangay for a day. Each day, I will specifically
assign one researcher from each team to work with Endo (Japanese) and Max
(German), respectively.
4. Each team will be provided with pocket wifi devices. Each team will be
provided with one pocket-wifi so that you can connect to the internet the
whole time while in the field. You should discuss among yourselves who will
be responsible for taking care of the device.
5. Survey forms A, B and C. There are three survey forms Survey form A, B
and C. Survey form A is specifically for the assessment of water and food. The
form is divided in four parts, I, II, III and IV. Survey form B and C are extended
versions of survey form A. They both have part V, which is for the assessment
of knowledge and practices for leptospirosis and access to micro-health
insurance. All questions in form B and C are the same, except for the last
section, G.
6. Each student will be assigned which survey form to use. During the
orientation you will be assigned to which survey form to use. You will be given
a url and by clicking on this, you will be automatically directed to the online
form. From here, you can start the survey process. You can key in your
answers by clicking on the choices, or writing numbers or phrases in the
blanks. Initially, I can give you the urls for all three survey forms for you to
see and practice on.
7. Practice working offline. In the field, internet is limited so most of you will
probably be working offline. One reason is because only one wifi device will
be provided. When working in the field, students not connected to the
internet should be extra careful not to lose their internet page until they
finally have to submit the form. You can open multiple pages though.
8. Dont click on go and back navigation keys. I would like to remind
you to please do not in any way press the enter or go and back
navigation keys because you will navigate out of your current page.
Remember that if you did, you will have to restart the survey process.

9. Submitting the survey form needs internet connection. Strategize!

Once you have finished the survey, you have to submit the form. You will
need internet connection. Decide on where to meet after each interview to
proceed with the submission. Or work as closer as possible to ensure good
network connection.
10.Payment of the allowance for each enumerator. Each enumerator will
be paid P750/ day. The payment will be given on a daily basis after the
interview. A first day payment, however, will be given in advanced on the
orientation day at LSPC, LB Campus. The next payment will be on Day 2 after
the work.