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A Message From the State Attorney

I would like to introduce
you to our newsletter - The
State Attorney Sidebar.
How compelling for our
newsletter to launch around
the anniversary of 9/11.
Twelve years ago, thousands
died at the hands of terrorists. It has also been one year
since four Americans tragically died in Benghazi.

The State Attorneys Office

is honoring those Americans
who lost their lives or were
In much the same way as
our military fights for our
countrys freedom, this office
will continually fight for justice. The SAO salutes all
who serve in our military, in
law enforcement, and in fire &
rescue. ~ God Bless. Angela

Never Stop Figh ng for Freedom, Never Stop Figh ng for Jus ce!

trial victories

The Rebuttal

shares her
Back to
school safety

The first in a series of responses to ques ons about the Zimmerman case
Many opinions have been
voiced since a jury deliberated
for 16 hours and rendered a
verdict of not guilty in the
George Zimmerman trial.
Many of those opinions
were based on misinformation
of fact and law.

that while Zimmerman was entitled

to use some force to defend himself,
he violated the law when he initiated
the conflict, then used excessive force
which resulted in the death of
Trayvon Martin.

In The Rebuttal we hope to clear

up some of the key areas that have
been lost in the shadows of this verWhile we fought hard for
justice, we certainly respect the dict.
jurys decision.
The first issue is why we did not
a Grand Jury.
The six jurors deliberated for
two days on the evidence and
the law. Justifiable use of deadly
force is a formidable defense
and we knew this was a tough
factual case. It was our belief

We decided not to use a Grand

Jury for the simple reason that a
Grand Jurys work is necessarily done
in secret. The standard of a grand
jury for charges to issue is probable

cause. If the case was taken to

the Grand Jury and an indictment was returned, the criticism would have been the State
Attorneys Office can indict a
ham sandwich.
Filing charges via an information is the primary method
by which we file our criminal
cases. The Zimmerman case
was already a matter of great
public interest. The charge
against Zimmerman was then
subject to the scrutiny of the
law, rules of criminal procedure,
rules of evidence, and the many
protections afforded to every



Justice Promised, Justice Delivered

A jury unanimously (12-0)
recommended the death penalty
for Leo L. Kaczmar. He was
convicted of Murder, First Degree Arson and Attempted Sexual Battery. ~ASA James Colaw.

Bobby L. Bigham was convicted of Trafficking in Morphine,

Opium, Oxycodone, Heroin and
Hydrocodone. ~ASAs Rebecca
Emert and Chris Bracken.

Randall D. Ratledge was

found guilty on six counts of
Aggravated Assault. ~ASAs Brittany Mauerberger and Peter

Noni J. Stinson was found

guilty of Manslaughter in the
death of her husband, Solomon
Stinson. ~ASAs John Guy and
London Kite.

John F. Hagans was convicted

Troy K. Curry-Pennamon was

of Sexual Battery on a minor.

~ASAs Alan Mizrahi and Theresa

sentenced to 25 years in FSP . He

was convicted of Attempted Second Degree Murder and Carrying
a Concealed Firearm. ~ASA Jessica Klingensmith.

Maria E. Bratton was convicted of Second Degree Murder of

Cecil Scroggie. ~ASAs Alexis
Sykes and John Kalinowski.

Floyd T. Rupp was convicted of

Sexual Battery and Lewd or Lascivious Molestation of a minor.
~ASAs Adair Rommel and Jessica

Jamie B. Spivey was convicted

of Sexual Battery. ~ASAs Terence Martin and Sandra Rosendale.

Co-defendants Terrence

Anthony L. Bryant was found

Paris II and Kendrick M. Jackson were both found guilty of

Armed Burglary with Assault and
Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon. ~ASAs Janeen Mira
and London Kite.

guilty of Armed Burglary with

Assault or Battery. ~ASAs Mike
Kirkland and Katie Deal.

Taliaferro R. Wilson was convicted of Sale, Manufacture or

Delivery of Cocaine within 1,000
feet of a Church. ~ASA Janeen


Rahim R. Allah was convicted

of Armed Robbery, Resisting
without Violence and PFCF.
~ASA Garrett Hill.

Hearings and Cheerings

Congratulations to Clay County Deputy Director, James Colaw,
for his appointment to Circuit Court Judge in the Eighth Judicial
Circuit. The Eighth Judicial Circuit covers Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Gilchrist, Levy and Union counties.
Colaw has served as the Deputy Director of the Clay County
State Attorneys Office since 2009.
Governor Rick Scott said, Jim Colaws extensive experience
serving the citizens of North Florida with distinction will be a great
asset in his new position on the Eighth Judicial Circuit Court. I am
confident that he will be a great asset on our bench and will continue doing good work for all Floridians.


Special Acknowledgement Opportunity


University, graduating in
May of 2010.

In August 2010, Garrett
was hired as a Legal
Trainee. He was sworn in
as an Assistant State Attorney in September 2010
and was assigned to County Court. In July 2011, Gar-

Charles Garrett Hill has

been a part of the SAO for
three years.

He earned his B.S. degree in Criminal Justice
from Faulkner University,
where he graduated as
Salutatorian in 2007. Garrett then attended law
school at Florida State
Assistant State
A orney Garre Hill

Lysa saw just

how important
the role of a
victim advocate
was and knew
that she wanted
to be able to do
the same for

rett was promoted to Circuit Court, Division CR-B

and then transferred to
Repeat Offender Court
ROC in October 2012.
Garrett was recently promoted to the Homicide/
Major Crimes Division on
August 19, 2013.

Victims Voice
One of the duties of the State
Attorneys Office is to provide
support for those who have
been a victim of a crime.

was sentenced to death.

newest victim advocate for the

Justice Coalition.

Not long after, Lysa suffered

Lysas story is truly inspiring. She
another major loss when her
managed to take all the negative
husband, Dana, passed away.
things she had endured and use
In 2009, Lysa Telzer became a Once again, Sabrina was there
them in a positive way that allowed
victim when she discovered her to offer her support and guidher to help others; just as Sabrina
mother-in-law, Renie Telzerance. Lysa saw just how imhad helped her. It goes to show
Bain, had been brutally murportant the role of a victim
dered. This horrific event deeply advocate was and knew that she you that good things are always
possible, even in the most difficult
affected her and her family; espe- wanted to be able to do the
cially her husband, Dana. Lysa
same for others. She began
became the support system that volunteering for the Justice
her family needed, even though Coalition, but never felt it was
she was struggling to cope with enough. Then, a victim advothe loss herself. Then, Victim
cate position became available
Advocate Sabrina Gouch
after Sabrina announced that
stepped in and offered support
she would be moving to take
to Lysa and her husband through care of a family member.
that difficult time. Sabrina stood Without hesitation, Lysa endby their side throughout the
ed her career in property
entire trial and was pre- management and seized the
sent when Renies killer opportunity to become the
Lysa Telzer with her motherinlaw Renie
TelzerBain and husband Dana

ASA Aaron

Off The Record

AssistantStateA or
neyAaron Feuer rep
ea ngcontesttoben
ChildProtec onTeam

ercontestants;ul mately



Safety Zone
SafetyTipsFromYourSAOInves gators

Be sure that your child knows his or her home number,address,yourwork/cellphone

Walk the route with your child beforehand.Tellhimorhertostayawayfromparks,vacant
Plan a walking route to school or the bus stop.Choosethedirectwaywiththefewest
streetcrossingsand,ifpossible,withintersec onsthathavecrossingguards.
Teach your children to arrive at the bus stop early.Stayoutofthestreet,waitforthebus
Teach your kids to obey all trac signals,signsandocerswhilewalking,bikingorriding
Stranger Danger MakesureyourchildknowstoNEVERapproachamotorvehiclefor
anyreason;noma erhowkindtheindividualseems.Ifthishappens,

Setting the Record Straight

Recently, the local newspaper posted an article about the
sentencing of Bianella Susana.
She is the mother of two-yearold David Galarriaga, who was
murdered by his big brother,
Cristian Fernandez.
In a news conference following the sentencing, Assistant
State Attorney Mark Caliel
was interviewed. The paper
misquoted ASA Mark Caliel
twice in the article about Susanas sentencing.
The original publication reported that Mr. Caliel said,
We hope Ms. Susana takes

advantage of this situation. But

we dont think she deserved it.
What Mr. Caliel actually said
was, We hope that Ms. Susana
takes advantage of this huge opportunity the judge gave her because, quite frankly, I dont think
she was deserving of that opportunity.
In another portion of the article, the newspaper quoted Mr.
Caliel saying, I think the people
who said we overcharged are
ignorant and uninformed. Once
again, this was incorrect. Mr.
Caliel said [in reference to those
who believe Susana was overcharged], I think those people are

uneducated and uninformed,

when it comes to Florida law and
what the facts and circumstances
of this case are.

Victim David Galarriaga