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The Beils - Polish Mission

P. O. Box 147

Lincoln, 111.


"Ring the Bells

let the whole world know"

News from George and Vera Bajenskl



^^4 jflL > I


It isan amazing and sometimes frightening expehuman natures to see God leading us

unknown tomorrow, but what rewards and

many promises are given by Him to those who prove

to be obedient to His calling and follow His direction




and ministry. There was preparation
P''^ver and in study to enter Polish mission field,

I l^ter, this spring. After consulting with some of

brethren here, who are familiar with our work

^^HjU and mission situation, we saw that it was advisable

for us to establish an independent mission program,

but now
we are to
happily wewould like tomake thisofficial announcement
from the
February, 1971, Lincoln
Christian Church, Lincoln, l(linois-of which I was

a student member during my college days, and in which I was ordained to the ministry in 1965-is now our
home base for our mission program. Working under the spiritual concern of the elders and the mission

committee, and supported by prayers of many, we plan together with you dear Christian friends, to share

all of our victories in our ministry and also some problems or sorrows, as things will occur, giving all
honor and glory to Him, Who makes all things possible. Also as our new forwarding agent, Brother Jim
Emerson and his wife Beth, who are members of the Lincoln Christian Church, will keep all of our books,
finances, and correspondence straight and see that you will get our "Ring the Bells" newsletter. But
also for correspondence and dealing directly with us as shortly we will be in Poland, Vera's brother,
John Huk and his wife Ruth, who live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, have agreed to help the Emersons in
our corespondence with Poland. John and Ruth wUI also be responsible for putting our newsletter

This is our new official address, (please note the change!).



P.O. BOX 147

with Brother Jim Emersonforwarding agent.

Now wehave just completed one semesterof study at Lincoln Christian Seminary, and with a refreshed
mind, and a spirit set high, we are ready for service here, and in Poland, wherever He will lead us. There
is onemoreissuethatdelaysourleavingfor Poland, and that is finances. In Poland we will have no other
income except what we will receive from our friends and churches here in the United States. For this
reason, while writing this, we pray that some of you who can, will make it possible by your contribution,
for us to go with the Gospel, where others cannot go.
Here are some of our needs at the present time that we give for your prayerful consideration:
1. for our living-link support we still need about $180.00 on a monthly basis.
2. for our travelling expenses, and for shipment of luggage and equipment, we will need about $750
total, for the both of us.

3. there is still a need to buy special equipment like a projection screen, portable typewriter, out
side speakers, microphone, amplifier, transfomier, (all for our outdoor tent services) also new
film strips, and other teaching aids.
4. most recently we have made as a mission project one album of gospel music in the Polish language
to take to Poland, and we will still need about $500 to cover all expenses.
5. since our last newsletter, our Youth Camp Fund for Poland, has received less than $1,000 toward
the $10,000 needed.

These are some of our needs but above all we receive encouraging letters from Christians which motivate
us to do even more. Last week I received a letter from Brother Paul Bajko, who is leading the Mission
Department at Eastern Christian College, and who also helps our work in Poland, In a large measure, and
I would like to share with you just a few sentences of this letter.

". . . we are very happy for your dedication and service and pray that soon you will complete your
living-link support that we heartily recommend, and by the end of spring this year to be able to
return to Poland for a glorious ministry there. We receive many letters in which people and our
workers in Poland express their joy of your return. There is so much to do. Polish youth are waiting
for good leadership, some workers for guidance and advice, but most of all many sinners are waiting
for the Gospel of Christ which you will be able to bring to them in song and Word. We will be behind
you in our prayers and work with you as co-workers in the Lord's Vineyard. May the Lord bless you
Yours In Christ,
Paul and Dela Bajko

I do believe it is still not too late to go with help to those who possibly need it most. Who will go
there? Who will go and tell them of His love? Will you dear Christian friends? Yes it is possible for

you also to be involved in this difficult and needed mission field. Our plans at the present are to visit
a few more churches in the Western United States, informing them of the existence and growth of Christian

Churches in Poland. Afterwards, toward thefiiSS^ifcNe^^l-l--be4e^ingjlifiJJ.Qited.5ta^^

We trust you will remember us now as we travel and as vffeleave for Poland, that together in partner
ship with you, and through God's Almighty hand, we will rescue from the devil many precious souls!
Faithfully in His service.



George & Vera Bajenski

Please note our new address:

Ring the Bells-Polish Mission

P.O. Box 147
Lincoln, Illinois 62656

Please make all cheques and contributions payable to:

Ring the Bells Polish Mission

For your convenience and our better understanding in planning for the future, please complete,
detach, and mall to us the following:

n We are going to be praying for your work in Poland.

r~l I would like to continue to receive "Ring the Bells" newsletter.

n Count on our regular support of $

Q We will provide occasional support.

[3 I would like to receive George Bajenski's new album entitled, "My Redeemer Liveth" ($5.00).


"Ring the Bells . . . let the whole world know"

News from George and Vera BaJenskI


Dear Friends, Brethren, and Sisters in Christ,

We are writing this wrds to you from across
^^'"9 miles or kilometers away from you

And believe us it makes a difference now. But

thanks be to God that He is the same, and that He

is with us wherever we are,

as long as we believe

His Son Christ Jesus and love Him and serve

Him faithfully in places where He was called us to

be: Our Lord Christ Jesus is Wonderful Saviour

and Mighty God In Him

no boundaries, no

borders, no curtain-but all are " . . . one in the

Spirit . . .
the word . . . and they'll know we
are Christian by our love, by our love. Yes they'll
know we are Christian by our
. ." This song
is one of the last that we have learned last sum-

mer (70) being in your churches, youth camps, and


across the United States.


this song is helping us to live and serve our Lord

here in Poland wHiere He has safely brought us.

Our first busy summer schedule here in Poland is ending, and we thank God that He was with us.
How was Hewlth us, of course through His ^irit, but also through His servants, our dear Christian guests
and visitors fnDm the United States that visited us this summer.

And there was quite a few of them. Let

me recall some of the names of brethren that have visited us in Poland this summer, and whose service

was greatly helpful and most appreciated by Polish brethren.

made it possible that this letter is reaching you today. It
sister Max Ward
from Lincoln, III.
Their visit was longest, five weeks, 44messages preached,
two weeks of Youth Camp, tv\ro baptismal services with

seven additions. Many discussions and helpful observa-

Starting from most recent visitor who has


tions have been made that will for long time serve as a

nourishmentformany. Also Mrs. Randall on few different

occasions has demonstrated beauty of His creation in a

pictorial way through chalk art. All of it took much of
traveling, but we thank God for such opportunity. Another
exciting and blessed moment we have experienced, when in
July brother Charles Steele,minlsterof Old Orchard Church
of Christ, Ashland, Ky., and his wife, with group of fine
young members of this congregation has been with us.
Testimony that they have left with our people during their Left to right: Kostek, George, Vera, Gladys
two weeks of visit is unique and never will be forgotten.
& Max Ward Randall, and Mr. Bajenskl.
Not only through messages and songs, but through their dedication and commitment to Lord's work, and
expectancies of God's Kingdom. This wonderful group of young people seeing a need and opportunity is
deciding to help us in buying and building our youth camp, center of training activities for Christian
Churches in Poland. About 12 acres of land beside a ral^",~Tn city of Ostroda, northeast part of Poland

has been placed and purchased for our work. Many things are still needed to prepare this place for our

All projects will now cost approximately $12,000 and this ambitious and fine Christian group of

Old Orchard Church of Christ, is willing to help us.


thankful to God we are that He hears our prayers, and for this
group, and for all of you that love His Kingdom and us here in
Poland. Help us now in this prayer please, that this wonder
ful group of young people, will be strengthened, and this
important project will be completed.
In Christ and His Service,

Left to right: Kostek, Randall, & Bajenski.

Vera and George Bajenski

Lincoin Christian Church

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