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UNICEF Senegal Country Office is recruiting:

Title : Programme Planning & Monitoring Specialist

Grade/level : NO C
Duration : 1 Year
Duty Station : Dakar Senegal
Under the general guidance of the supervisor, and in close coordination
with the programme staf, ensure that the UNICEF Country Ofice has
useful, valid and reliable information on the performance of UNICEFsupported programmes, while ensuring their relevance in emergency
contexts, and their coherence with the National Development
Frameworks monitoring systems. Support the UNICEF Programme
planning & monitoring processes, in coherence with the UN
Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), and in line with the
National Development Framework.

Coordinate Country Programme Planning via an evidence-based and

inclusive process. Participate in the development of programme /
project key results (Outcomes and outputs) monitoring framework,
and the implementation of programme/project strategies.

Make professional contributions to and provide technical assistance

for establishing the major results monitoring objectives, priorities, and
activities in UNICEFs multi-year and annual IMEPs.

Likewise, support the development of UNDAF Results monitoring

Plans from a sound results-based programming process.

Support the establishment of Information systems and data bases that

are useful to monitor the Country Programme Humanitarian Response
Performance, and support the planning of UNICEF CO and partners
Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans.

Provide technical support to ensure that a set of programme

performance indicators is identified, regularly assessed, and adjusted
as necessary, in the context of the multi-year and annual IMEPs, the

Annual Management Plan, and Annual Work Plans, as outlined in the

Programme Policy and Procedures Manual).

Ensure the systematization of programmes field monitoring visits as a

programme quality assurance activity in the framework of HACT
implementation, through the design and updating of field monitoring
tools, analysis of and reporting on key findings.

Coordinate with partners the full implementation of MoRES / L3

monitoring in the convergence zones, while ensuring that monitoring
systems are properly designed, and that data collection and analysis
from the field are conducted regularly at least twice a year, to feed
into the programme performance monitoring in the Results
Assessment and Monitoring (RAM) in VISION, with special attention
to humanitarian response. Ensure regular bi-annual reviews of the
Country Programme Action Plan with Partners, to feed into the
Programme Results Assessment in RAM.

Drawing on monitoring and analysis of key program performance and

management indicators, provide professional inputs to the Country
Management Team for management reports, including fund
leveraging, funds utilization, donor reports due by the ofice. Ensure
data quality control of the Country Ofice Annual Report (COAR) and
coordinate its timely preparation and submission.

Promote the awareness and understanding of the shared responsibility

of planning and monitoring function among all staf members through
communication, learning, and development activities organizationwide.

In close collaboration with partners, ensure that a Planning and

Monitoring capacity building strategy and plan for UNICEF/UN staf,
national partners and institutions exists, in the context of the IMEP, or
UNDAF M&E plan. Pay particular attention to the strengthening of
Partners Management Information systems, and of SenDevInfo data
base, for routine data collection and analysis, that will contribute to
generate evidence for planning, monitoring and advocacy purposes.

Collaborate to implement capacity building strategies as a joint

commitment with other developmental partners. Utilize a range of
appropriate skills building strategies including self-learning, seminars
and workshops and practical experience in order that UNICEF and
UN staf have the basic knowledge and skills in understanding and
applying new Planning & Monitoring policies, tools, and methods to
fulfill their responsibilities. Similarly, design and implement strategies
suited to the skills needs of national partners.

Collaborate with the Regional PM&E Advisers and HQ Evaluation

Ofice for overall coordination of priority planning & monitoring

Partner with the Regional PM&E Adviser to ensure that current and
accurate data and results are included in national and regional reports
on the UNICEF Programme of Cooperation.

Undertake lessons-learned reviews on successful and unsuccessful

Planning & Monitoring practices and experience at the national level,
and ensure they are shared as appropriate. Similarly, pay attention to
Planning & Monitoring knowledge networks to identify innovations
and lessons learned that may be relevant for the CO and partners to
improve their Planning & Monitoring function.

Advanced university degree in social sciences, statistics, development

Professional work experience in programme development and
implementation including
monitoring and evaluation activities as follows:
Five years of relevant professional work experience. Developing
country work
experience and field work experience (for NO)
At least one instance of exposure to emergency programming,
including preparedness
planning. active involvement in a humanitarian crisis response
programme preferred.
Fluency in French and English. Knowledge of Wolof desirable.
Candidates must be national of Senegal and are asked to send their
applications with:

A cover letter
A curriculum Vitae
A P11 form completed and signed (P11 Form will be uploaded from

Internal candidates should provide their two last Performance

Evaluation Reports.

Only pre-selected candidates will be contacted and will be required to

send certified copy of diplomas and certificates.
Applications must be sent to: dakarerecruitment@unicef.org
Deadline for applications: Wednesday 12 August 2015
Female candidates are strongly encouraged, UNICEF is a nonsmoking environment.