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Department of Communication Internship Program

University of Maryland
Students name: Julia Steinly
Address: 24 Lombard St. Thurmont, MD 21788
Phone number: 301-788-2413

e-mail: jules.steinly@gmail.com

Worksite supervisor's name and title: Sandy Malone, Wedding Planner and Owner of W.I.V.
Organization name: Weddings in Vieques
Address: HC01 Box 8984 61 Calle Ambar, BO Florida Vieques, PR 00765
Phone number: 202-486-7575
e-mail: sandynmalone@gmail.com
Academic Instructor's name and title: Julie S. Gowin, Outreach Coordinator
Address: Department of Communication, R2130 Skinner Bldg., College Park, MD 20742
Phone number: (301) 405-7323
e-mail: gowin@umd.edu
Fax: (301) 314-9471
Descriptive Title of Internship Position:
Job description including general duties to be undertaken as part of the internship:

The students work should meet this description, the student should receive adequate
supervision, the student should have a safe place to work, and the student should have
the opportunity to fulfill learning requirements.
The student should provide diligent performance of work, safeguard the interests of the
organization, and share information that may impact the students ability to do the job
including the level of internship course for which the student has registered.
As an intern for Weddings in Vieques, I will write contracts, schedules and do lots of social media
promotion. I am also required to write at least two blogs before the internship ends. Ill learn
client relations, vendor relations, and organizational skills to help me put together a wellcoordinated event. I will also take photographs of the events and post them to various Weddings
in Vieques social media platforms. Interns do the behind the scenes written promotion for the
company as well as work with the clients on wedding days.
Description of compensation including amount, how and when paid and treatment of taxes, as
well as, facilities, and supervision to be provided by the worksite organization to the student:
Compensation: I will receive a stipend of $250 when the internship ends. Taxes do not apply in
this situation.
Supervision: My supervisor is Sandy Malone. I will check in with her multiple times a day to
discuss objectives for the week.
Facilities: I work in the Weddings in Vieques office in Puerto Rico.
Units of credit to be earned: 3 (require a minimum of 45 hours of work per credit)

Time frame of internship:

Start date: 7/1/15
End date: 8/17/15
Weekly schedule: Monday-Friday 8-7 and on various weekends.
Intern: The student should follow the syllabus provided by the instructor.
Supervisor: The supervisor should write an evaluation of the student and send it to the
instructor by semesters end. It should be signed and on company letterhead. This letter should
verify the number hours the student has worked and give a descriptive evaluation of the quality
of work provided by the student during the internship. A copy of the evaluation should be
provided to the student. Please note that students will be allowed to view the evaluation.
Instructors access to evaluate the student
Early in the internship the student should coordinate and the organization should welcome an
onsite visit at the worksite for the instructor. The onsite visit should include a tour of the facility
and the students workspace, and an opportunity to meet and talk briefly with the supervisor.
Student Interns Goals and Objectives (including project plan)
Goal: I will refine my writing skills by writing blog posts.
Objective: I will create at least 5 ideas to write about for each post.
Objective: I will write a piece thats worthy of being published on an online blog.
Goal: I will learn skills such as writing contracts, creating bouquets, participating in conference
calls and tweeting to promote the company.
Objective: I will take at least 10 pictures of my finished products (bouquets, tweets, etc.)
Objective: I will create at least 15 quality posts on Twitter.
Project plan: I will highlight the kinds of tweets and blogs to post online. Also, provide photo
evidence of the skills I learned during this internship. I will show how doing things like making
bouquets can enhance an online portfolio for an inspiring event planner. This project plan focuses
on the importance of using technology to enhance your resume even when projects may not
involve the Internet.
Weather emergency plan and absenteeism policy
I will make up the days do to inclement weather or illness.
Rights of the worksite in supervising the student
The supervisor has the right to direct the students work, hours, discipline, and termination.
Process of termination
Student and supervisor should share concerns with the instructor before taking action to
terminate the internship. The student should have permission of the instructor before
terminating participation in the internship. The instructor may remove the intern from the
The undersigned agree to the conditions, including any attachments, which shall be initialed, set
forth in this document for this internship.





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