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fact sheet

acision message controller

The mobile network operator faces a number of unique challenges including

Key Benefits

the seemingly ever increasing complexity of technology, supported devices and

Advanced, multi-functional

network topology. This complexity is not only difficult to manage but provides
exploitation opportunities for fraudulent traffic.

messaging platform
Huge range of smart routing

Acision Message Controller

Rules-based trigger message


Acision Message Controller (MCO) is an advanced, multi-functional messaging

Key features:

platform that offers a huge range of smart routing functions and capabilities to trigger

SMS Delivery

sophisticated message handling scenarios.

SMS Firewall


SMS delivery
SMS firewall
Mobile Originated (MO) SMS routing
Multi-layer routing
Pre-paid service
Service triggering
Home routing

The fundamental capabilities of MCO include SMS Delivery for First Delivery Attempt
(FDA) or SMSC replacement; SMS Firewall for spam and fraud detection and control;
MO SMS Routing, providing a high level of MO control; Multi-layer Routing for mobile
number portability implementation for SMS; Pre-paid Service triggering, providing core
network offload of prepaid activity; Service Triggering, providing powerful and
transparent evocation of external services; Home Routing, to help with monitoring and
enforcing interconnection agreements; IP-SM GW, providing seamless transport
interworking and MO SMS Routing that may be used as a singalling gateway
replacement or to effectively improve the utilisation of existing messaging
infrastructure assets.

MO SMS Routing
Pre-paid Service
Service Triggering
Home Routing

Functional Flexibility

MCO for SMSC Capacity and FDA

Acision Message Controller was designed from the start to

Many mobile network operators have employed MCO to

provide the mobile network operator with an unparalleled

address the need for additional SMSC capacity and

level of flexibility in both deployment and utilisation. As a

effectively leverage existing infrastructural assets in place.

fully virtualised offering, the operator is free to deploy the

This provides the solution of expanding SMS capacity in a

platform in the manner that best suits strategic goals. Also,

cost efficient way. In many situations, this is achieved by

with a huge range of functional capabilities, the platform

implementing MCO for First Delivery Attempts and only

provides solutions to todays network challenges and is

transferring failed messages to the existing SMSCs.

future-proof to assure that tomorrows challenges are

easily addressed.

Typical MCO Utilisations

MCO for SMS Spam and Fraud Control

Another way that operators have employed MCO is detect
and control fraud, fakes, spoof and spam activity. MCO

With almost 80 MCO deployments globally, operators

provides 18 levels of Spam and Fraud control including

have utilised MCO for a variety of purposes. The range of

Anti-Fake, Anti-Spoof, Anti-Flood, Anti-Abuse, Keyword

uses for current deployments include:

Filtering, Black-/White-lists, SIM-Box Detection, Duplicate

Replacing existing SMSCs

Detecting and controlling spam and fraud

Message Detection, Malicious Content Detection,

Phishing and Scam Protection, Spam Protection, Call to
Action Detection, Grey Route Management, Interconnect

Augmenting SMSC capacity

Flow Control, HLR Protection, Mobile Number Portability

First Delivery Attempt (FDA) solution

Check, TCAP Segmentation Control and UDH Consistency

Versatile SMS router


Control and enrich messages


Reduce charging fraud

Addressing todays challenges and offering future-proof

Integration of new services

ways to be ready for challenges to come, Acision Message

Controller provides advanced, multi-functional messaging

Simplification of messaging architecture

capabilities with a huge range of smart routing functions

Single integration point for multiple


and sophisticated message handling abilities.

Why Acision
As the leader in messaging with more than 20 years of experience in signalling, routing and high-performance message
handling, Acision is well positioned to understand the challenge of managing and controlling messaging traffic. Using the latest
technologies for advanced, real-time filtering, the solution works agnostically across technology (SMS, MMS, IM, E-mail, SIP),
core networks, messaging platforms and handset types from any vendor:
80 operators are already utlising Acisions solution to augment cpacity and protect the network
Supported by a global and world-class services organisation, the solution is kept up-to-date