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1s6cop 01243020 FORM LP 2004134 MAY UNE 20" CARIBBEAN EXAMINATIONS COUNCH SECONDARY EDUCATION CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION SOCIAL STUDIES Paper 02~ General Proficiency Dhours 40 minutes 03 JUNE 2004 (p.m) You are advised Lo use 10 minutes to read the paper and select the questions that you will answer, GENERAL INSTRUCTIO: This paper has THREE sections, as follows \ SECTIONS Questions 1, 2 and § SECTION H Part 1 Questions 4 and S$ Develop Resources Part I Questions @ and 7 Development and Use of Resources SECTION Questions ® amt 9 ‘Consumer Attaies Questions 10 and 11 = Communication Questions 12 and 13 Tourism 1) You MUST answer FIVE questions ie al. (i) Anaseer TWO questions from SECTION A, ONE question from SECTION B Part. OND question from SECTION H Part I and ONE question from SECTION C ii) All answers MUST be written in complete sentences. ix) Where questions require an explanation, suggestion or proposal you should develop your responses fully. bono UNTIL YOU AKE TOLD TO DO SO. Copyright © 2007 Cantbtean Exarrunation Cami All rig eserves 1243208 2008 SECTION INDIVIDUAL INTERACTION Angwer TWO questions from this sect ALL answers MUST be given in complete sentences. (2) 8) Name TWO countnes from which the ancestors ofthe people ofthe Canbbhean came (2markst (i) Adentity ‘TWO family types that are found in the Caribbean (2 marks) (a) State TWO ancestral art forms that have lasted in the Caribbean (2 marks) joverthe years (marks) al ar forms have continu Give THREE reasons why some of our ances (©) Suggest cultueal groups in your country, TWO waysin which the customs and practices of their ancestors may be promoted. (Smarks) Total 17 marks Competition and co-operation in relationships an ‘Secialinferaction within ard between groups, J} Ga) ) State THREE advantages of competition withina social group (marks) (iy State THREE setivities thar would show co-operation between social yroups, (marks) Give THREE reasons why ALL members of social group may NOT parucipate inthe group's, » axes marks) co pasoeTwO apne sts Caley hcp ere rgeinerasas0cil ot (Smarhs) Total 17 marks GOON TO THE NEXT PAGE rau 2008 o ©) © GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS BASED ON FIRST PAST THE POST SYSTEM IN COUNTRY CONSTITUENCY POLITICAL PARTIES | por [up | gaP | Richmond al To Riverstown Z 20 faites ‘Smallville 3507 | [Bay Town 07 -TOFAL VOTES 1700 Define EACH of the following terms (i) Blectorate (i) Coalition Government (ii) Independent Candidate (6 marks) 4) Which poiteal panty won the seat in the constituency of Bay Town? 1 mark ) {i Name the potteal party which won the MOS'T seats nthe elections, (1 mark ) i) How many seats did te party you named in (b) (1) obtain? (mark Gis) Which political pay obtained the largest mamber of votes (mark) (9) State ONE reason why the election results would have been different unuler the Proportional Representation system, marks) Suggest TWO legitimate strategies hata political party may use tc help it winan election (Smarks) otal 17 marks GooN TOT ‘01230201 2008 SECTION B D USE.OF RESOURCES: PARTI Answer either question 4 OR question 5. EXPORTS FROM COUNTRY X | -XPORT PRODU | ALBEE, | eo (value in US$M) | Sagar 0 “Timber prods | [tite - Crude oil (a) @)__Drawabar graph to show the value of exports for County X. ne w statement about the data shown in the graphAable. Gai (b)G)__Define the term “natural resource eae (iy) Name-TWO marine resources found inthe Caribbean, marks) fi) State ONE use of EACH of the marine resources named in (by (i) above. marks) to) Sugpew TWO typesof assistance thal the government of your count may provide wcities (Smacks) indeveloping agro-based industries. tal 17 marks GOON TO THE NEXT PAGE (012430200 2004 Gay) Henny TWO physic rescues found in the Canican (marks) (ay Describe TWO ways by which he exaton of mineral resources may pole the (hy Explan TWO waysin which enironmentapollaon afectsthe people of the Caribean (marks) le) GiveONE reason why the conservation of our marine eSources is important othe region (marks) (6) Suggest youth groups in your country TWO ways by which they may show theirconcerns forthe conservation of our physical routes. (Smarks) “otal 17 marks PART IL Answer either question 6 OR question 7. ‘ a — — Coopenicnanongmembenotite | Organisation of Faster Cashes States (OECS) \Whte an anil for your schoo! magazine on he above topic. In your anicle name TWO member een sical the OECS and state TWO objectives the OFCS. Give THREE reasons why common at crvces eam example af eo-operation among mraber coutes, and finally. gees TWO reac etatthe OFCS Secretaria may take to make vey for OECS citizens to enter and live ny member country. ‘otal 17 marks +. Weteananicteon ‘Self-Employment. In your article define se employmentand then describe TWO ifferent challenges faced by self-employed persons. Give THREE reasons why persons may choose Tobecome self-employed. Finally, stiggest to Adult Education Co-ordinators TWO types of taining they may offer to young people who wish to be self-employed, ‘Total 17 marks GO ON TOTHE NEXT PAGE ‘012430201 2004 SECTION C OPTIONS: Answer only ONE question from this section. CONSUMER AFEAIRS Write an aricle for « acal newspaper on “Devaluation and the Consumer’. In your article, define devaluation and then state FOUR ways in which devaluation negatively affects the consumer, Next, give THREE reasons why a government may devalue its currency. Finally, suggest tothe Minister of Finance TWO strategies thata government may adopt to cope with te negative effecs of devaluation ‘Total 17 marks L Biron Bangin de Cantar | ‘Nzmanaer of nancial istiation,proparaleterto yourchens onthe above ope. First define ie fnkig’ aren otne TWO nancial tacactonsacent oy mae igh ne tanking, Ne cnn THREE erefisof con bankinganspsete ens ree eee they may tale when conducting electronic hanking activites ‘Total 17 marks COMMUNICATION ro Wann econ Commanieation inthe Cribican. In ouressay name TWO means of letonic aTmunicason and state TWO ways in hich modem electronic communksatomcmalecrceg tives of ee. Give THREE reasons why commercial houses suchas stores and speaker oe and ws leronic communication equipment. Finally, sugges TWO measures thas Carta ‘communication provider may implement to ensure a reliable service ‘Total 17 marks uw, = = ‘The Computeras a Communication Too! Write an article onthe above topic. First identify THREE ways in which the computer i used for commonicatbn and then stale THREE factors which influence the use of the computer an ‘communication ool. Next Exmail Finally. suggest TWO ways in which a company may introduce client to inforneaigs ‘Total 17 marks GOON TO THE NEXT PAGE 0124309012004 YOURISM 13. Write an essay on "Developing a Canbbean Tourisi Destination’. Begin your essay by desenbing, "THREE factors, other than sun, sea and sand, that influence fours to visita particular country, Then. give THREE reasons why making a tourist destination accessible is important tothe development of tourism. Finally, suggest TWO says a Carihbean destination may improve its attractiveness 10 visitors ‘Total 17 marks ployment Opporuritesin Tous) | Write anaricte on the above topic. In your article, entity TWO job opportunities in tourism for person who are knowledgeable in finance, and outline TWO requirements for these jobs. Nextexplain TIRE ways by which computerization in the tourism industry may create more employment opportunities. Finally sggst wo hoteliersin your country TWO sncentves which they may offer to latract the most qualified persons for employment inthe industry Total 17 marks END OF TEST (01243020 2008