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Humans are emotional creatures and as such, emotions are imperative

to human behavior. Even though machines are highly efficient, they cant be
used in decision making, and that is what differentiates between a human
and a robot. Human intervention is essential in decision making. We have
stereotyped that a man should display only a few certain emotions and
women, another certain types of emotions. Double standards always
existed, let alone in the workplace.
Compassion or tearfulness are labeled as feminine emotion whereas,
bravado is branded as a masculine one. The common perception is that
though there may be no difference between mens and womens actual facial
outpourings(irrational) from within, while mens stem directly from outside
situations (appropriate, even logical). A study says, Women continue to be
under-represented in positions of political and economic power that require a
level head and a steady hand. Jobs that require rational decision making and
high level of performances in demanding circumstances would presumably
be unsuitable for those who cannot keep their head under pressure. On a
pragmatic note, women tend to get stressed out more under high workloads,
as compared to men. Also, there wont be many colleagues whom one could
depend on to during times like these, as they wont find them frank enough.
Here comes the need for a best friend at work, where one could turn to for
Now taking the example of John Boehner, who is the Speaker for the
House of Representatives in the United States, hes always spotted wetting
his hankies and is labeled as a weak man. In sharp contrast, the usually
cool and composed M.S.Dhoni broke down after winning the world cup. So, it
is difficult even for men to always contain their emotions, but wherever it is
appropriate, there is no harm in letting out the same. On the other hand,
take the example of our Honorable Minister of External Affairs, Mrs Sushma
Swaraj. She lost her cool in the Parliament after the 2004 Lok Sabha
elections and vehemently protested against Mrs Sonia Gandhi becoming the
Prime Minister of India.

Indeed men and women are different from each other with each having
their own distinct strengths and weaknesses. If men and women do express
the opposite genders so called emotions, they are just expressing their
feelings and not losing their masculinity and femininity respectively. We just
need to know the Line of Control as far as emotions are concerned. Why live
a lifeless life when you can express emotions?