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10 East 17th Avenue

Columbus, OH 43201-1568
Primary Tenant: Veera Gonagundla
All Tenants: Veera Gonagundla
240 W 8th N
Columbus , OH 43201
Dear Tenant(s) of 240 W 8th N
As the end of this lease year wraps up, there are a few things that we would like to remind you to do.
Please make sure to fill out our " Notice of Intent to Vacate" form (attached). Please make
sure you fill it out completely and return it to our office.
If you have automatic payments set up, you will need to log on to your portal and cancel them
to ensure payments will not continue to be paid.
Remember to include an addressed, stamped envelope with your form. We will need the ITV
form at least 30 days prior to move out. If we do not have this form, we will not have a correct
address to send the security deposit/closing statements.
Note: Only the primary tenant should fill out the Intent to Vacate. The primary tenant will
receive the check/info in the mail). If you cannot print the form you can always stop in the
accounting office at 10 E 17th Ave Columbus, OH 43201 to pick one up or fill it out here.
Please review your account and make sure everything is paid and any questions are
answered. Once tenants start moving out, due to our increased volume of work- it may take
longer to get resolved.
Please make sure to leave your unit as clean as possible to avoid any cleaning/damage
charges at the end of your lease.
If you are interested in renewing, please contact our leasing office immediately to see if your
unit is still available.
If you have any questions please contact me via email and I will answer your questions or forward
them to the appropriate person.
Thank you!
NorthSteppe Realty, Inc.
email questions to: nsr.billing@gmail.com

NorthSteppe Realty, Inc.


Effective date:_______________________
(Date all occupants and belongings will be out of the apartment)

ADDRESS: 240 W 8th N

Reason for vacating unit: End of Lease Other _________________________
All Tenants on the lease: Veera Gonagundla :

Please be advised that the undersigned intends to terminate tenancy for all tenants.
The deposit check will be written out with all tenants names and mailed to the Primary
Tenants address if more than one address is received.
PRIMARY TENANT: Veera Gonagundla
Telephone ( )________________________ email :_______________________
I understand that if I have not fulfilled my obligations as stated in my rental agreement, that I will forfeit my
security deposit. I also understand that if I move prior to the expiration of my rental agreement, I (we) must
continue to pay rent on time until the rental agreement expires or the apartment is re-rented, whatever occurs
first. I understand that any deposit refunded will be returned in one check made out to the PRIMARY TENANT.

I hereby sign this Intent to Vacate form on behalf of all occupants. I understand that all keys
(entry and mail, etc) must be returned to the office on the date of my/our Move Out. If after hours,
keys may be dropped in the mail slot if properly marked and placed in an envelope.



Delivered to Management on _________________. Received by_____________

1946 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201 Office: 299-4110 ext 314 Fax: 614-454-4166
Intent to vacate form can be emailed to: nsr.billing@gmail.com