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"O CrierofGood News....

shout with the voice

ofa trumpet blast... your God iscoming." mimh



From the very

beginning of
ha^been involved in

spreading Christ's
Gospel to the peo
ples of Belarus. The


our existence GMM

some future plans.

We thought you
might be interested



in an historical fact

Vitebsk ^






late nineteen and



First, it is Christ's

command to "go into





preach the Good

News." Second, two
pioneer missionaries









Gomel Y


early twentieth cen

tury Belarus was
greatly affected by a
significant Biblebelieving movement
which was called the


ministry, namely, our

own fathers (John K.


country. During the

reason is three-fold.



church life in this

Evangelical (Gospel)
Christian Movement.

It was led by an
evangelist, Brother


Repetski) were early Belarusian immigrants to

Canada. Third, simply because of a great need!

Ivan Prokhanov. This was an indigenous Spirit-led

Christian movement that swept over the Slavic
nations at that time. Great numbers were affected

Belarus is still recovering from years of political

and religious oppression and domination by her
neighbors. Its population numbers approximately 10

by its witness.
Both of our pioneer missionaries, mentioned
above, accepted Christ under its influence. In later
days, however, under the control of the Soviet

faith, for the most part, few of them actually

Government several of these Bible-believing evan

gelical groups, including the Evangelical Christians,

attend any church and are not knowledgeable in

what the Bible really teaches.

eventually came to be known as the Union of

While most Belaruslans claim to be Orthodox in

Approximately 1% of the country's population is

considered to be Bible-believing evangelical

were forced to form a union of churches which

Evangelical Christians-Baptists. This organized

church structure exists in some form within all of the

post-communist lands to this day, including Belarus.


In this issue of The Crier we would like to inform

you of our present-day mission involvement in

church life within the country of Belarus and share
Outreach In Central and Eastern Europe

To effectively conduct mission outreach in these

places, it is good to know the history and under
stand the system under which the churches conduct
their work.

January - February 2008


Like other Eastern and Central European coun

tries, Belarus was blessed with freedom and
independence in 1991. This came rather unexpect

edly and to this day Belarusian people continue to

search for their true national identity and meaningful
freedom. This major change provided many new
opportunities for those seeking for truth in the

Bonfire at Pearl Camp

One thing we believe that greatly contributes to

the life and growth of churches in Belarus is youth
camps. We have been encouraging and introducing
this idea to the life of local churches. Indeed, it is an

G. Repetski in studio of TransWorld Radio, Belarus

Some of our readers will remember, GMM used

to be known as a radio ministry. We were producing

and broadcasting weekly Christian programs in the

awesome experience to rent facilities that were orig

inally erected to educate youth in the ways of com
munism, but now are used to teach about Jesus.
One camp that we have been assisting and encour
aging in its development is Pearl Camp near the city
of Kobryn in southwestern Belarus. At one time this
facility was a Soviet military base. Now children
from all over the country are coming here to rest
and learn about Jesus, the Prince of peace.

Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian and Polish lan

guages. George Repetski to this day is using the

services of TransWorld Radio for broadcasting
Belarusian Christian messages.
Throughout the 1990's we also contributed signif
icantly in the area of Christian literature providing
books, booklets and tracts. The greatest of these
was printing the Bible in contemporary Belarusian.
For several years George worked on this project
with a capable national lin-

|t twe are working with alocal


1 guist. This precious Book is


now available to all who

search for truth. Presently

publisher in Belarus on the

production of a beautiful

fci and extremely popular chilB

dren's magazine called

I Krynichka. It brings much

H joy to Russian-speaking
I children throughout Eastern
Belarusian Bible

Prior military base, now Christian camp

Thank you, Lord, for lifting "this curtain," for

enacting such a miracle in our lifetime, for allowing
us to see this and presenting us with opportunites to
touch the lives of so many children.


Outreach in Central and Eastern Europe

January - February 2008

Dema Lazuta

Singing group, Good News Church, Minsi^

The main object of our ministry has always been

to develop strong New Testament churches where
the Gospel is preached in a loving and understand
able way, bringing people to repentance and new
life in Christ. A prime example of this is the Good
News Church in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

start 20 churches in Belarus in 10 years.

We have already started 2 churches over the
past 2 years from our own Good News Church. In
2006 together with our church plant we baptized 47
people. Praise the Lord!
Today our church has more than 500 members.
Also, we give help to other Belarusian churches and
local missionaries who want to plant churches. Now
we are about to start new congregations in
Bobruysk and Mogilev.

Dema, the minister of this growing congregation

recently wrote us the following:
"Since 1994 we have been partnering with GMM.
You helped us to establish contact with many of our
North American friends. As a result, we were able to

I don't think that we would be as effective as we

build our church building, lead seminars, confer

ences and children camps, send children to camps
in Poland, and shape the vision of our ministry.
We once had a dream to build a mega-church
but, because of our political situation, we could not

are today in our ministry without GMM's active

involvement. We are very thankful to God for the
ministry of GMM."
We close with one more comment recently
received from one of our friends in Belarus:

realize that dream. You influenced us and showed

us another way of developing our work. You encour

aged us to start many smaller churches rather than
build one mega-church. We now have a vision to

"The future of Christianity here is getting brighter

all the time with the quantity and quality of young
people whom we're reaching."

Baptism in Pinsk

George Bajenski speaking with Dema and coworkers

January - February 2008

Outreach in Central and Eastern Europe

Polish Church Update

Mississauga, Ontario

Precious in His Sight

Gene Dulin, a dear brother, with whom we
worked in reaching millions behind the iron curtain
with the Gospel, went to be with the Lord November

11, 2007. Gene and John Huk teamed up in their

missionary outreach from the early 1960's and
went well into the 1980's. We express our deepest
condolences to Lenora, Gene's wife, and daugh



ters, Vanita and Karlita, in their loss of a husband

and father. Below is a picture of John Huk and

Gene Dulin when they visited the grave of Ivan

Prokhanov (mentioned on page 1) in Berlin. This
grave site was later demolished by city authorities
for highway construction purposes.
Jim Tune, Grzegorz Bezubik, George Bajenski

Three months ago (October 21, 2007) the Polish

Christian Church opened its doors for the first time
to Poles in the local community. Thanks to the hos
pitality of Churchill Meadows Christian Church, help
of Impact Canada, and the faithful labor of Grzegorz
Bezubik and his family, this work is just beginning to
make an impact on the surrounding area. The
opening service had 60 in attendance. There were
a few special events such as a Christmas concert,
caroling services, and a guest speaker. This
brought about 40 people. Now for regular worship
services there are up to 20 in attendance.
From one local traditional Polish church there

was an announcement for people not to attend this

new church. We thank the Lord that at every service
new people are appearing. There are visible
changes in the lives of a few. We continue to pray

J. Huk & G. Dulin at Prokhanov's grave

Living Memorials

that soon there will be decisions for the Lord. Do

In memory of / Given by

remember this new church plant in your prayers.

"275^ Batik'sfought, tHe race iswon andtHou

art crownedat Cast."


Benjamin Bajenski
Jan & Larry Snyder
David & Margaret Eubanks

Gene Dulin

David & Margaret Eubanks

Eunice Ade
Walter Ade

Art Klein

George & Lucille Repetski

Daniel Huk

Joseph Redlich

Michael & John Zidkovich

John Huk, Jr.

John & Tennie Ficych

Samuel & Anna Ficych

Rev. & Mrs. Egnat Sidorchuk

Rev. & Mrs. John K. Huk

Katie Wandich

PoHsh Church Congregation

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Katie Wandich

Olga Emter

The primary mission of

Global Missionary

is to proclaim Christ's

message ofsalvatid
the people of a chang
ing post-communist
Centraf and Eastern


January - February 2008

Sarah Redlich

American Board: George Bajenski, Jim Gregory,


Jim Grella, David McFadden, Harold Smi{h,


Ken Wood

-Gan^dian Board: Phil Dempster, Michael Isaac,

George & Vera Bajenski

Davta ^anoy i-iauieia

George Repetski

' Ti Tuhe,

Lee Wood

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Outreach in Central and Eastern Europe

Printed in CanaOa














March 2008

Dear friends, there is one important development relating to our church camp in Ostroda, Poland, which we
would like to share with you today. We thought that the best person to do it is Sandy Hatfield:
"I can remember the moment like it was yesterday. Flinging the suitcase on the bed, tossing in shorts and
a swimsuit, bug spray and Bible, rolling up the sleeping bag, and bounding out to the car for the 45-minute
drive to Clinton, IL. Yes! It was finally summer and I was off to a week of church camp! What a great time we
had...making friends, swimming and playing softball, studying God's Word. My life was forever changed at

I doubt that I'm alone in my story, for many of you surely carry similar memories. There's something about
a camp setting that not only draws young people, but provides an atmosphere in which the Spirit of God can
touch and change hearts. Sitting around the campfire, gazing at the stars, singing songs of praise to the
Creator of allit brings a special awareness and an openness to God. Being in a new setting, surrounded by
enthusiastic and loving counselors, focusing on God with lots of new friendsit's hard to beat such an
awesome camp experience!

Ostroda Camp is one such place where such awesome experiences occur. Located in NE Poland, it is
one of only a few Christian camps available in this region. GMM has witnessed throughout the years the
countless number of lives influenced for the Kingdom through different ministries of this camp. Campers
travel much more than 45 minutes to Ostroda, some riding on a bus for over 24 hours to arrive at this place
that may forever change their lives.
GMM is committed to making Ostroda Camp available to as many people as possible. This year,
however, the camp is facing an additional challenge. In order to continue the camp's programs the entire
lower level of the main building has to be renovated. A Polish crew is presently rebuilding the toilet and
shower facilities and adding more classroom space. At the end of March six volunteers from American and
Canadian churches will join this renovation and complete the task. I can't wait to see the campers' faces once
they arrive and check out the new bathrooms! I can hear it now... "Whoopee!!! A new WO!" (or something
similar in Polish and Russian ).

Renovating bathrooms may not sound like such a "spiritual" endeavor, but it is part of our desire to serve
with excellence. Who among us doesn't value a pleasant, clean shower room? A facility that is well kept and
pleasing to the eye speaks "welcome" and reflects the character of our good God. As the campers arrive, we
hope everything will be in order so that nothing will distract them from seeking the face of God and meeting
personally with His Son, Jesus.
If you can give a special financial gift toward this renovation project, it would be greatly appreciated. The
cost of the project has surpassed initial expectations, especially in light of the devaluation of the dollar. There
Is still an urgent need for an additional $12,000 to complete the project. Ifvou are able to help, please make
checks payable to: Global Missionary Ministries, with a memo "camo funds. "Thank vou for vour ongoing
support of this ministry. It is through prayers and your sacrificial giving that more people from Poland, Russia,
Belarus and Ukraine will experience God at Ostroda Camp and be changed forever!"

With gratitude and best wishes,

Sandy Hatfield, on behalf of GMM

P.O. Box 41201, RPO Rockwood Mall, Mississauga, Ontario Canada L4W5C9 Phone:905-564-3578 Fax:905-564-6732 E-mail: gmm@gmmeuro.org



From the earli

after WWII. After the

collapse of commu

est days of
our missionary out


reach to Central and




actively involved in


for the Gospel over


local radio. He dili


gently distributed

country is a key state,

a spiritual bridge

a resident of Kovel,
became our close
coworker and a voice


the life of the church

nism a local evange

list, Visily Shakhveta,

east and

Bibles and Christian

literature in schools,


west Europe. It was

here some 1,000

Christianity was born
among the Slavic
people. Compared to its neighbors, Ukraine even

today seems to be more open to Christ's message.

The reason for this is that the historical Orthodox


villages and prisons

The city of Kovel
now has 3 churches.

The oldest of them still remembers the time of

preaching by Brother Ivan Prokhanov, leader of the

Evangelical Christian Movement. This year the first

Church in this country is torn by strife. One faction

church in Kovel will celebrate its 100-year anniver

proclaims its loyalty to the partriarch in Kiev, while

sary. The second church that grew out of this histor

ical congregation was started by Paul Karpuk and
GMM helped in this process. It grew to be an effec
tive, independent missionary-minded church in the

another adheres to Moscow's leadership. There Is

also the strong influence of the so-called Uniate

Catholic Church in the country, which prefers the
Vatican's leadership. Thus, loyalty in religious life is
divided, yet Ukrainians, as all of us, need to go
beyond just religious ritualism and come to know
the Lord on a personal basis.
In this issue of The Crier vje would like to share

a few bits of information of how the Lord is expand

ing and building His church in northwestern Ukraine

where GMM has been active over the years.

During the days of communism we visited,

encouraged and helped churches in this part of the
world through teaching, providing Christian litera
ture, and preaching over radio waves. In the 1980's
Paul Diatel was our radio minister. Paul was born in

northwestern Ukraine and immigrated to Canada

Outreach in Central and Eastern Europe

region {more on page 2). Five years ago a third

church emerged from the Kovel central congrega
tion. Valery Kubsky, a youth leader in the central
church, became their minister. This church "went
out into the streets" where the people are. They
rented a hall on a main street Using more contem

porary music in their worship, they preached a mes

sage of hope and freedom in Christ. A large asset to
this ministry was Natasha Doroshenko, a single
mother who developed an outreach to the ladies of
the city (more on the next page).
We are happy to help these growing churches in
Ukraine, and gladly share their stories with you.
March - April 2008


Paul Karpuk writes:

fit In 1998 God

Ilaid upon my
heart the need
to start a new
church. I shared
this with other
Christian friends

and together we
joined in prayer
concerning this
Paul Karpuk, minister
Turysk Church



prayed for about

a year. Then in

1999 we conducted our first full-week evangelistic

campaign in a nearby city called Turysk.
Approximately 500 people attended. From that time
on we continued regular services in this place.

p. Karpuk baptizing

In 2001 God gave us an opportunity to purchase

a large building which during communist days was a

bakery. We've been holding services in that building

since, although it still needs much renovating to
meet our needs. Our church tries to learn of and

meet people's specific needs. We strongly empha

size youth and children's work. Every year we orga

nize evangelistic camps for children and youth. We
visit schools and talk to students about the pitfalls of
alcohol use, drugs, smoking, illicit sex and let them
know what the Bible teaches in these matters.

During the last 2 years we've been conducting

special family events and separate outreaches for

Part of Turysk Congregation

Alongside the Sunday services, we also held Bible

studies in private homes, visited many new people,

and organized times of fellowship with youth and

children. During the summer we conduct camps. We
prayed and did all we could to call people to Christ.

The people of Turysk became our friends and many

of them repented and accepted Him. On June 11,
2000 we had our first baptisms. Out of this a new
church emerged.

p. Karpuk leading at Children's Camp in Ukraine

Outreach in Central and Eastern Europe

ladies and men. We organize camps for non-believ

ing families and introduce them to the Gospel mes
sage. In a nearby village we conduct work camps,
during which campers help people in the village with
their home chores, building projects, followed each
evening with Bible classes for the village kids. It is
our intention to open a soup kitchen to help feed the
poor in the city, do more work in state schools and

open missionary outreach in another village.

Our church is young, but we are anxiously look

ing for friendship, mutual prayer support and
encouragment with sister churches in other parts of
the world."

G. Repetski at Ukrainian Camp

larch April 2008

Valery Kubsky writes:

"f^ive years
\ ago
Lord spoke to me
and 8 other young
people, members



church in Kovel, to

begin a new min

istry to non-believing youth in the
city. We met in a
rented room in the

Valery Kubsky, minister

Kovel Ctiurch

Outdoor dining, Ukrainian camp

Many attended. We

result, many believed and were baptized. Today our

church is made up of 60 members and approxi

introduced contem

mately 100 in attendance."



porary Christian music and presented skits all point

ing to Jesus as the source of true life. This is how
our church began.

People came to our meetings out of personal

curiosity. Gradually they began to read Scripture

This church conducts various ministries through

out the week, Sunday worship services, Sunday
School classes, youth meetings and small Bible
studies in various sections of Kovel.

An unique outreach that has touched profession-

Worship band at V. Kubsky's church in Kovel

Centrai church in Kovel

and God opened their understanding and changed

hearts. People began to repent and accept Christ

al non-believers with the Gospel is a ladies ministry

developed by Natasha Doroshenko. She organizes
small meals for the ladies and shows them how the

as their Savior. They found rest from their sinful life

Gospel can meet their personal needs. Several

through Jesus. During the summer we conducted

camps where they had fun but were also given
opportunity to study the Bible more intensely. As a

women who attended this venue are now believers.

Natasha Doroshenko leading in ladies' outreach

larch - April 2008

Natasha writes of another ministry. "God has given

us a group of alcohol-dependent people to look
after. This is a difficult challenge. One needs much

Ladies fellowship

Outreach in Central and Eastern Europe

love and patience. We know that God loves them

too, so we labour as best we can."

Natasha and her coworkers have opportunity to

enter local schools and talk to students on topics

such as sexuality, abortion, smoking and alcohol

abuse. These contact people are then invited to
come to church.

This congregation is presently planning to devel

op a youth club in the city. They have located a
building but it needs major renovation. Some city
councilors don't see such a need and are in opposi
tion. Valery and Natasha ask us to pray for the Lord
to resolve this issue and to bless and expand their

Past GMM Partners from Ukraine

Current Mission Activities

At the end of March David Hatfield and five
short-term volunteer workers from the USA and
Canada will travel to Poland to assist in the renova

tions of the main Camp building in Ostruda.

The plumbing of this building which accommo
dates the kitchen, dining room and guests rooms
and main washroom and shower facilities needs

major attention. It was noted by local authorities

that repairs must be made before the camp season
begins. This requires much work and finances. We
thank the Lord for the men who have volunteered to

help and for all your help and prayers.

In the middle of April, George Bajenski will be
taking part in the 60th anniversary celebration of his
home church in Warsaw, Poland. George will then
visit churches in Belarus, possibly Russia and con
tinue into the summer camp ministry. Your prayer
on behalf of all GMM ministries is much appreciat



Living Memorials
In memory of I Given by

"Tfie Sattk'sfoutfit, tfie race iswon andt/iou

Valery Shakhveta,
Transported to

Radio minister,
Paul Diatel,
Fully retired,
living in Toronto

art crozunedat last"

Benjamin Bajenski
Jan & Larry Snyder
David & Margaret Eubanks
Patricia tng

be with the Lord!

Michael & John Zidkovich

John & Tennie Ficych

Samuel & Anna Ficych

Martha Green
Katie Wandich

Olga Emter

Daniel Huk

Joseph Redlich


John Huk, Jr.


Gene Dulin

David & Margaret Eubanks

Rev. & Mrs. Egnat Sidorchuk

Rev. & Mrs. John K. Huk

Eunice Ade

Katie Wandich

Walter Ade

Sarah Redlich

"He was pierced for our transgressions,

He was crustied for our iniquities,
The punishment that brought us peace was

Lida Clancy

Art Klein

Stephen & Eileen Hill

Bette Eskins

Frieda Tilley

Carole Plevin

upon Him,

And by His wounds we are healed."

Global Missionary Ministries

The primary mission of

Global Missionary

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Canadian Board: Phil Dempster, Michael Isaac,

message of salvation to

George & Vera Bajenski

ing post-communist

uavia Sandy Hatfield

George Repetski

Central and Eastern

March - April 2008


Jim Greila, David McFadden, Harold Smith,

Ken Wood

is to proclaim Christ's^

the people of a ch^ _

Tel. (905)564-3578
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American Board: George Bajenski, Jim Gregory,


ITune, Lee Wood

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Outreach in Central and Eastern Europe

Primed In Canada

"OCrier ofGood News.... shout with the voice

ofa trumpet blast... your God iscoming." isaiui


The Warsaw Christian Church, frequently

called Pulawska Street Church, is the largest and
most known Christian Church in Poland. It was

here, 51 years ago, that George Bajenski, GMM

missionaiy, committed his life to the Lord, grew,
and ministered until entering full-time missionary
work in 1974 to, "Preach the Word and Ring the


Bells" for Christ in Central and Eastern Europe.

Pulawska Str. building as it was purchased in 1947

with the help of American Christians

During this gathering we reviewed some his

torical pictures from past decades. We realized
from among all that had gathered for the opening
service, 60 years ago, only 4 persons remained
and were present at this meeting. We accepted
this reality as God still having some plans for us
in His ministry."

Over the years GMM has been actively

involved in many mission projects conducted by
this church. And to this day we continue to part
ner with it in ministry.
Followirtg the opening dedication service
of the Pulawska Str. Church in Warsaw - April 1948

April 2008 - 60th Anniversary Pulawska Street Church

"Last April, I (George B.) was in Warsaw.

Wednesday was the time of weekly Bible-study
and prayer for the Warsaw congregation. How
ever, this Wednesday, April 16th, things were
somewhat different. Yes, we sang Gospel songs,

prayed and worshiped, but our prayers had a

special objective. We thanked the Lord for guid
ing and leading us over the past 60 years, for it
was exactly on April 18, 1948, that this church
started at this very place.
I - r: Danuta Ryzyk, George Sacewicz,
George Bajenski, Gertruda Kobus
Outreach in Central and Eastern Europe

July -i^ugust 2008


"And the Lord added to their number..." (Acts 2:47)

The Warsaw Church effectively spreads God's

message throughout the city. In recent years its
membership had exceeded 600 persons (a Polish
version of a "mega-church"). At that point the
church's leadership decided to start a new congre
gation in the northern part of the city. We thank the
Lord that the new church is growing. God is bless
ing His work in both places. It looks like this new
sister congregation is even beginning to outgrow its
mother church. PTL!

On the second Sunday of June the Warsaw

Church conducted a baptismal service with 8 peo
ple, mostly young in age, being immersed into the
Lord. It was a joyful experience to hear testimonies
of their faith as they shared what Jesus means to
them. So far this year the Pulawska Church bap
tized 17 people, and its sister congregation in the
north baptizing 12. Indeed, the Lord is building His
church in Warsaw.

Baptism at Good News Church, Minsk, May 31, 2008

Testimony of 32-year old Vanya from Minsk,


"I grew up in a Christian home, but did not share

my parents' Christian faith. I studied and graduated
from Medical College and later married. My wife and
I are medical doctors. We were happy in family life,
but my parents continued to pray for my salvation. I
thought I don't need to have a personal relationship
with God. A year ago my parents gave my wife and
me tickets to a "Pure Heart Concert" that was orga
nized by Good News Church. The musicians shared

their testimonies and sang Christian songs which

were quite different from the style of music that I
heard in church as a child. After the concert there

Baptism at Pulawska Street Church, June 8, 2008

was an invitation to join the Alpha Course at the

church. My wife and I decided to attend. I didn't
miss any of the meetings and came to realize that I
need to accept Jesus as my personal Savior. I was
recently baptized but my wife has not made a deci
sion for Christ yet. Please pray for her. We attend
church services together, with our 7-year old daugh
ter and my mother-in-law."

At the end of April I had the privilege of visiting

and speaking in several churches in Belarus.
Recently Dema, minister of Good News Church in
Minsk, wrote: "We have good news. On May 31st
we baptized 14 people. Seven were from our Good

News Church and seven from our church plant

called, "New Land," which we started 18 months

ago. We are glad our new church plant is growing.

In November we are planning to plant a third con
gregation. We will be sending 80-100 people from
our Good News Church to begin this new church in
another part of the city. Please pray for this project.
We are very encouraged by our New Land Church
plant. They have the best rental space in town, right
in the heart of the city, next to the government build
ing. God answers our prayers and miracles
Outreach in Centra! and Eastern Europe


Good News Church after service

July - August 2008

Jesus as my Savior
and began a new life.
I told my mother
everything. At first she
had no objections to
me visiting the church,
but then she realized
that I was serious. She
forbade me even to

speak about going to

the church or the small

group. She considered

me too young to
understand what I was

doing. I was 16 and

obeyed her. It was
very difficult for me to
Church service in Turysk, Ukraine

From Turysk, Ukraine, Paul writes: "Yesterday,

June 22, our church conducted baptisms. Four peo
ple, including my teenage daughter, Anna, commit
ted their life to the Lord and were baptized. It was a
great celebration for all of us in the church. Please

continue to remember us in your prayers.

live without communi

cation with believers.

One year later I

entered university in
another city and went
to live there. I found a
church and started vis


iting it. I made a decision to be baptized. This

began a new period of problems in my life. My
mother begged me not to do this "sin." I was not
going to give up, especially after so many blessings
God sent me. He created a new person inside me
and absolutely changed my life. Like a bright morn
ing sunbeam fills a dark room with light, so did God
with me. He became my Father, my Friend, my
Lord, my Teacher, my Savior, and my Life! I know
that He has a special plan for me."

June 2008 - Baptism in Turysk

Earlier this year Oksana from Ukraine was bap

tized and shared her testimony:
"I come from a small village in Ukraine. My par
ents quarreled a lot and finally my dad left the family

for another woman. The sufferings that my mother

faced were unbelievable and it caused me to

become depressed. My brother was married and

started attending a Protestant church. I considered
myself an Orthodox believer and, at first, I didn't
want to enter a Protestant church. However with

time I decided I needed to find the truth for myself.

When my brother invited me to the church, I agreed
without any hesitation. I continued visiting because I
wanted to know the answers to all my questions.
These were my first steps to God. Later, I accepted
July - August"2008

Baptism at Ostroda - May 2008

We are also happy to inform you that during the

recent adult "Holiday with the Bible" camp in
Ostroda, Poland, we spoke and prayed with one
lady who came from Belarus. She made her confes
sion of faith and wanted to be immersed with the

Lord right there in the lake at Ostroda Camp. It was

Outreach in Central and Eastern Europe

a happy occasion for all of us, even as Scripture

teaches, heaven was rejoicing with us. The Lord is,
indeed, adding to His church "those who are being
saved" (Acts 2:47).

continues to grow day by day, love that is a rich

blessing, and desire to draw near to God and serve
Him wherever He leads. Maybe we will be back in
Poland again soon. Won't you join God where He is
leading you? Your prayers, presence and passion to
serve are essential to continue the good work He as
begun in Poland and all across the world.

Recently, Zbigniew, Director of Ostroda Camp in

Poland, wrote: "We are finishing the last camp of
the season, designated for children from Russia
and Belarus. It's great to see their smiling faces. We
are happy to teach them the truth about Jesus,
which will carry them throughout the rest of their
lives and into eternity. We thank the Lord for all
teachers, leaders and sponsors (GMM) who make
this work possible. May the Lord bless all of you
who contribute to Ostroda Camp's ministries."

Short-term mission team with David & Sandy Hatfieid

Our hearts and prayers are full of praise and

glory to God our Father, to Whom all praise is due.
SENSATIONAL is one word to describe our experi
ence in Poland serving through GMM on a shortterm trip.

We praise God for the way He worked out all the

details of the ten days at the "Holiday with the Bible"
camp for senior adults. The time was a blessing for
us all. The campers from Poland, Belarus and
Kaliningrad were an absolute delight to get to know
and our lives are greatly enriched and our hearts
humbled by our time together. Bible teachings were
encouraging, the worship times uplifting, and craft
and recreation refreshing. There was a beauty and
grace evident in the campers that we were privi
leged to witness, no matter what the circumstances.
God's heart for love, unity and oneness in the Body
of Christ was lived out at Camp Ostroda. Singing
and praising God in many languages (Russian,
Polish, American English) at the same time, but as

Arrival at Ostroda Camp from Russia

Living Memorials
In memory of / Given by

SattCe'sfought, tfie race iswon andtfiou

art croumed at [ast"
Nady & Fred Posnikoff
Alice Humeny

one, helped us have a foretaste of heaven.

Hundreds of pictures and hours of reflection do
not capture all that transpired at Camp Ostroda dur
ing our short stay, it has only planted seeds of faith
and love and desire deep in all our hearts; faith that

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The primary mission of

Giobal Missionary

is to proclaim Christ's
message of saivation tc
the people of a chang
ing post-communist
Central and Eastern

July - August 2008


Pauline Posnikoff
Paul F. Nourse

Nancy & Gary Vessell

Gene Dulin

Benjamin Bajenski
Janice & Larry Snyder
Sherry & Lacy Hall
Steve Onyschuk
Sandy Onyschuk

Victor Knowles

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Jim Grella, David McFadden, Harold Smith,

Ken Wood

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George & Vera Bajenski

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David & Sandy Hatfieid

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Outreach in Central and Eastern Europe

Printed in Canada


As we close this busy season of GMM's summer activities, we would like to share a few words how God is
blessing and using this ministry, and share especially one exciting development which will undoubtedly impact
Canada and Europe for Christ.

Global Missionary Ministries is entering a new partnership with a church planting mission, called Impact Canada.
There used to be a time when we presented the message of peace, hope and new life through Christ to

people living "behind the iron curtain." This encouraged them in their daily lives. Today life in Central and
Eastern Europe continues to change, however, the message we preach remains unchanged. The words of
Jesus: "Do not let your heart be troubled...! am the way, the truth and the life...my peace I give you" (John
14:1,6,17) continues to be the foundation of our preaching. These words bring comfort and point us in the right
direction, no matter whether we live in the East or West. Jesus is the Way. He keeps our life in harmony with
God's purposes and restores peace with Him.

As we enter this new expanded phase of ministry we will continue to present the Good News that Jesus
saves and assist local believers in planting and growing new churches. We pray that the impact it brings will
be effective and "spread everywhere the fragrance...and aroma of Christ" (2 Corinth. 2:14-15).
We asked Jim Tune, a GMM board member, to write a few words about these new developments.

OPE * * *

Pressing Forward for Greater Impact

As a boy I remember attending missionary con
ferences where the air would crackle with Great

Commission electricity as George Bajenski sang

out: "Ring the Bells, Ring the Bells, let the whole
world know . . ." Today, after four decades of faithful
ministry, the gospel bells continue to resound with
bold clarity at GMM. Countless lives have been
touched by the radio broadcasts of the gospel mes
sage behind the iron curtain during the godless
days of totalitarian communist rule. Literature,
books. Bibles and tracts have been translated into
the languages of eastern and central European
In the 1980's the Solidarity movement erupted in

Outreach in Central and Eastern Europe

Poland. When martial law was declared, GMM was

there shipping drums and containers filled with sup

plies for beleaguered Polish citizens. After the col
lapse of the iron curtain GMM sought new evange
listic strategies for rapidly changing, post-commu
nist Europe. Today GMM continues to "ring the
bells" in Central and Eastern Europe with a re
newed commitment to church planting, Christian
camp programs and leadership training.
More recently, the mission has embraced oppor
tunities to reach unchurched European peoples
here in North America. The launch of Polish

Christian Church in the Toronto area is a good

example of this. In partnership with Impact Canada

September - October 2008

a determined effort to reach the 250,000 Polish-

speaking residents of the Greater Toronto Area is

undenA/ay. In fact, Impact Canada and GMM have
been working together for some time to explore
expanded levels of partnership.
Along with leading Impact Canada (a national
church planting association), 1 have served for sev
eral years on the GMM board. Over that time the
board has grappled with succession issues at
GMM. How can we make sure that this vital ministry
continues to thrive in the future? How do we plan

provision of office and administrative services to

GMM. Again, this is primarily a change in structure,
not in purpose! George Bajenski will continue to
direct the mission business of GMM. An executive

director will be hired at Impact Canada to manage

regular operations there. I will shift from my current
role as director at Impact Canada in order to
assume leadership of the new umbrella organiza
tion, Impact Ministry Group.

The structural changes we are making are

Europeans residing in North America.

With regard to succession we have been asking
this question: How can we ensure GMM's effective
continuance going forward?
The board has recently approved a plan to

designed to enhance and enable even greater mis

sionary impact! Opportunities to impact Europe for
Christ continue to emerge. GMM has an incredibly
strong network of workers and leaders in Central
and Eastern Europe to partner with, in Poland, we
are working closely with Andrew Bajenski and the
church planting ministry of Pro Ecclessia. Luke
Bajenski is partnering in an exciting nation-wide ini
tiative called Realna Nadzieja (Real Hope) - an
organization whose goal is to present the gospel to
every household in Poland through a variety of
effective media. Our work with Dema Lazuta, a very
capable church planting leader laboring in Belarus,
is flourishing and several strong new churches have

address the mission's succession and continuation

been started.

needs. This plan involves formalizing the current

cooperative relationship between Impact Canada

David and Sandy Hatfield are expanding our

reach in the area of leadership training, camps,
music, and Jewish Messianic ministry. The launch

effectively for the day when GMM's current leader

ship retires? These are important issues to resolve.
Along with succession planning, we have been
brainstorming ways to streamline administration
and find additional office support to assist Vera with
her numerous responsibilities. On top of that, while
continuing to focus on work in Europe, we believe
that GMM is in a good position to reach unchurched

and GMM. We will establish a new charitable trust -

Impact Ministry Group - to function as an "umbrella

organization" providing resources, visionary collab

of Polish Christian Church in the Toronto area is a

smooth succession in the event of either retirement

positive first step towards reaching unchurched

Europeans in North America.
As we move ahead with these ministry initiatives,
we look forward to keeping GMM partners and
donors well informed. Your prayers and continued
partnership is much appreciated. We believe that an
exciting future - one of maximum impact for Christ -

or catastrophe. It also provides a platform for the

lies ahead!

oration, and business services to both Impact

Canada and GMM. This new entity will be served

by a joint board comprised of GMM and Impact
Canada trustees and directors.

This is a simple change in structure to facilitate

Jim Tune


From California

We were privileged to assist in leading an eight

day youth camp for 94 children between the ages of
8 and 16 outside of Kovel, Ukraine. With the help of
seven wonderful servants of God who acted as our

translators, we performed dramas, led all the chil

dren in meaningful crafts, helped to lead small
group studies with the children, led games and free
time, shared personal testimonies of faith, as well
as every other aspect of camp. We thank God for
the seeds of the gospel that were planted and the
Outreach In Central and Eastern Europe


Sundny Worship Serv'
R'nnrliti .'ind tl 00,1111

The Clirisiinns Univors

Short-term group from Temecula, California

September - October 2008

decisions that were made for Jesus. Our prayer is
that His kingdom is increased by His work through

Handcraft time at VBS, Solechniki

Richard & Marre's Anniversay Criuse in Poland

We were also able to minister at the Ostroda,

Poland camp for three days by doing a deep clean

ing of the facilities and grounds between camps.
It was a sincere pleasure and blessing to be able
to worship our God and Savior at three different
churches in Poland. We thank GMM and those pas
tors for allowing us the time to share during our vis

We all look forward to that day when we fellow

ship again with our new eternal brothers and sisters
around the Throne of Glory, (with no language barri
ers). Thanks to GMM (George Bajenski and Dave
Hatfield) for leading and coordinating our efforts in
both Ukraine and Poland. Our team of eight was
challenged, stretched, and blessed beyond mea
sure by our time of ministry.

Little did we know that lives would be changed

including our own. The purpose of the trip was to

facilitate Vacation Bible School and encourage

Viktor Pavlov, the local pastor in Lithuania.

The day we arrived, there was a small gathering
waiting with open arms to welcome us. It seemed
these local parishioners were as equally excited as
we were. Their reasons for excitement were quite
different. There had been three baptisms that morn

ing. What an awe-inspiring greeting God had

planned for us.
The first day with the children was a bit awkward
as we were all getting to know each other. But that
soon faded as we became fast friends. What an

amazing opportunity to spend five days with these

beautiful children. We were truly able to love and
give these children what they needed. The incredi
ble part was, Jesus Christ loved His children
through us.

From Oregon
Our team from Beaverton Christian Church con

sisted of five individuals of different backgrounds

with one common purpose: to share the gospel of
Jesus Christ in addition to being His ambassadors.

Our days were spent teaching, singing, playing,

and sharing the good news. Our evenings were
spent with the adults sharing our lives. Some gave
their testimonies, others told how God was working
in their lives. We took time to visit the homes of our

new friends to encourage them as well as talk with

Wtiti children at VBS in SolechnUci

September - October 2008

Visiting family in village in Lithuania

Outreach in Central and Eastern Europe

apart. We were able to see their faith in action

despite the meager conditions they lived in. What a
humbling experience this was for us as a team. It
was very powerful to see God's calling in their lives
as two young women committed themselves to
teaching Sunday school for the first time in the ten

Meadows Christian Church. We appreciate all their

hospitality, help and friendship.
Throughout the week we also meet for home
Bible study, occasional lectures on interesting sub
jects such as family life, evolution, and Biblical prin
ciples of raising children. We also conducted two
evangelistic concerts with the participation of

year history of this church.

freinds, musicians from Chicago.

them about the incredible God we shared worlds

As our time came to an end we as a team hon

estly believed that we accomplished what we set

out to do, God's will. To represent the Lord, the peo
ple of Beaverton Christian Church and to be of ser
vice to the people of Solechniki was an honor and a
privilege for us as individuals and as brothers and
sisters in Christ.

During the summer months we had two picnics

and several of our people attended church camp in
Erie, PA. In September during a Polish festival in
Toronto we distributed 1500 brochures about our

church, many New Testaments and good Christian


The good seed of God's Word was sown. We

now wait for what the Lord has in store for us during
our second year. Please remember us in your
prayers which we greatly appreciate.

As we look into the future, we pray that the

impact of GMM will continue to make a difference in

the lives of Europeans who are now free, yet face
spiritual darkness. We want to be there to call them
to Christ. Our concentrated summer activities in

Worship at Polish church in Mississauga, Ontario

Gregorz Bezubik, lead church planter of a new

church in Mississauga, writes:
"One year will soon pass since God opened a

door for us for worship in Mississauga. We thank

Him for His faithfulness. We also thank people of
good will who have supported us throughout this
year with prayers and financial gifts. Without your
help it would be impossible for us to be involved in
this great ministry of presenting the message of sal
vation through Jesus Christ among such a large
population of Polish immigrants here in greater

2008 required more funds than originally planned

and left us with less to cover regular ongoing
expenses. We would kindly ask you to consider giv
ing at this time to assist us so that we can enter the
new year debt-free and be in a better financial posi
tion to reach out to Europeans in 2009. We invite
you to continue partnering with us in ministry during
this challenging time of economic and administra
tive changes. In all things to God be the glory for
His provision!
Living Memorials
In memory of / Given by

"...thou art crowned at (ast."


We started this work as a family, that is our two

Nady & Fred Posnikoff

teenage daughters, young son, my wife and myself.

Alice Humeny

God carried us through this first year and now up to

25 persons meet regularly for worship.
Each Sunday we conduct worship service at the
Meadowvale Secondary School in Mississauga,
which is the same facility used by Churchill

Pauline Posnikoff

Thomas D. Forney, Jr.

Pat Owen

Our parents
Vi Tarasuk

The primary mission of

Global Missionary Ministries

Global Missionary

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Tel, (905)564-3578
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is to proclaim Christ's
message of salvation to
the people of a chang
ing post-communist
Central and Eastern


September - October 2008

American Board: George Bajenski, Jim Gregory,


Jim Grelia, David McFadden, Harold Smith,

Ken Wood

Canadian Board; Phil Dempster. Michael Isaac,

Jim Tune, Lee Wood

George & Vera Bajenski

David & Sandy Hatfield

E-mail: gmm@gmmeuro.org

George Repetski

Web: gmmeuro.org

Outreach in Central and Eastern Europe

Printed in Canada














Dear Friends,

It is with GREAT EXCITEMENT that we announce the inauguration of a year-round program to train and
encourage worship leaders in the country of Poland and the surrounding region.
Working in close partnership with Missio Musico (Association of
Christian Musicians in Poland) and Ostroda Camp (Center for Training

has led in establishing the CHRISTIAN
We thank the Lord for bringing this vision to a reality and for all
the people who stand behind it. Adam Kosewski, a young
musician/arranger born and raised near the city of Ostroda, is directing this challenging endeavor.
CSIVl will function as a weekend school, meeting Friday evening through Sunday afternoon five times
throughout the year at the camp/conference facility in Ostroda. Instruction will be given in vocal training,
instrumentation (piano, guitar, drums, flute, etc.), music theory, playing together as a worship team, and
other music-related themes. The program of the school will focus not only on musicianship, but also on the
foundational truths of worship and prayer as taught in Scripture. Students will gain a deeper understanding
of Cod's heart for worship as well as practical training to live a life devoted to God. Ongoing instruction and
encouragement will be offered via the internet to further support each student in life and ministry. The
ultimate purpose of the school is to expand the kingdom of God by strengthening the Church.
Quoting from the CSM website (www.csm.ostroda.ph:
As the Christian School of Music (CS/VI) we want to encourage and equip the
Church, investing in the talents and calling which God has given to those who are
His worshipers. We want to shape the attitude and character of musicians,
looking to that perfect example of a humble servant ~ Jesus Christ(Philippians

There is a great need for training in worship and prayer in Poland. Already prospective students have
exclaimed, "This school is an answer to my prayers!" Enrollment has begun and anticipation is running high
as the first weekend nears (Oct. 10-12). GMM strongly believes in this work and has taken a step of faith
promising S600/month toward the school. Please pray that God will use this school to revitalize worship
and prayer throughout the region of Poland.
Musicians at Summer

Music Workshop
in Ostroda

Adam Kosewski,

CSM Director (lower left)

GMM-lmpact Europe is committed to the success of this school and we prayerfully ask you to consider
supporting this new mission project. Your special gift for this worship training school can be sent to our
GMM address with the additional comment "school of music."

P.O. Box 41201, RPO Rockwood Mall, Mississauga. ON, Canada L4W 5C9 Phone: 905-564-3578 Fax: 905-564-6732 E-mail: gmm@gmmeuro.org