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Frontispiece. Members of the Council of Nice Presenting their

Decision to the Emperor Constantine: Fourth Century 1

The Emperor Constantine Presenting the Labors of the Council of Nice

to Christ for his blessing 10
The Birth of the Virgin 17
Elizabeth receiving the visit of Mary 25
The Birth of Christ 33
The Adoration of the Magi 41
The Birth of John the Baptist 49
The Presentation in the Temple 57
Mary Offering in the Temple 65
The Birth of Christ 73
The Murder of the Innocents 73
St. John the Baptist 81
The Baptism of Christ in the Jordan 89
The Last Judgment 97
Hell 105
Christ's Entry into Jerusalem, and Christ before Pilate 113
The two spies sent by Joshua to Jericho, and their escape from the
house from Bahab 121
Christ in the Prsetorium and mocked, and his Descent into Hell . . . 129
The Bed Sea swallowing up the army of Pharaoh, after the Israelites
had passed through >x • • • •
• • 137
Christ Praying in the Garden 145
Peter cutting off the ear of Malchus, and the kiss of Judas 145
Christ bearing his Cross to Golgotha, followed by holy women .... 153
Veronica afflicted with an issue of blood 1G1
Christ on the Cross between the two Malefactors 177
Marriage of Cana in Galilee 193
The Burial of Christ 193
Mary supporting the dead Christ on her knees 209
The Interment of Christ 217
The Besurrection of Christ 225
Christ as a Gardener appearing to Mary Magdalene 233
Jesus Christ ascending to Heaven with two angels 241

Jonah cast into the sea, and his coming out of the whale 257
jJFTER the writings contained in the New Testament

were selected from the numerous Gospels and

Epistles then in existence, what became of the

Books that were rejected by the compilers?

This question naturally occurs on every investigation as

to the period when, and the persons by whom, the New

Testament was formed. It has been supposed by many that

the volume was compiled by the first council of Nice, which,

according to Jortin,* originated thus :

Alexander, bishop of Alexandria, and Arius, who was a

presbyter in his diocese, disputed together about the nature

of Christ ; and the bishop being displeased at the notions of

Arius, and finding that they were adopted by other persons,

"was very angry." He commanded Arius to come over to

his sentiments, and to quit his own : as if a man could change

his opinions as easily as he can change his coat ! He then

called a council of war, consisting of nearly a hundred

bishops, and deposed, excommunicated, and anathematized

Arius, and with him several ecclesiastics, two of whom

were bishops. Alexander then wrote a circular-letter to

*Rem. on Eccl. vol. ii., p. 177.


all bishops, in which he represents Arius and his partisans

as heretics, apostates, blasphemous enemies of God, full of

impudence and impiety, forerunners of Antichrist, imitators

of Judas, and men whom it was not lawful to salute, or to bid

God-speed. There is no reason to doubt of the probity and

sincerity of those who opposed Alexander and the Nicene

Fathers; for what did they get by it besides obloquy and

banishment ? Many good men were engaged on both sides

of the controversy. So it was in the fourth century, and

so it hath been ever since. Eusebius of Nicomedia, and

Eusebius the historian, endeavoured to pacify Alexander,

and to persuade him to make up the quarrel ; and Con-

stantine sent a letter by the illustrious Hosius of Corduba

to Alexander and Arius, in which he reprimanded them

both for disturbing the church with their insignificant dis-

putes. But the affair was gone too far to be thus composed,

and Socrates represents both sides as equally contentious

and refractory. To settle this and other points, the Nicene

council was summoned, consisting of about three hundred

and eighteen bishops, —a mystical number* of which many

profound remarks have been made. The first thing they

did was to quarrel, and to express their resentments, and

to present accusations to the emperor against one another.

So say Socrates, Sozomen, and Rufinus. Theodoret favours

his brethren in this affair, and seems to throw the fault

upon the laity. But the whole story, as it is related by

them all, and even by Theodoret, shows that the bishops
accused one another. The emperor burnt all their libels,

* Barnabas, viii. 11, 12, 13.

and exhorted them to peace and unity; so that if they

had not been restrained by his authority, and by fear

and respect, they would probably have spent their time in


This council of Nice is one of the most famous and

interesting events presented to us in ecclesiastical history ;

and yet, what is surprising, scarcely any part of the History

of the Church has been unfolded with such negligence, or
rather passed over with such rapidity. The ancient writers

are neither agreed with respect to the time or place in which

it was assembled, the number of those who sat in council,

nor the bishop who presided in it. No authentic acts of

its famous sentence have been committed to writing, or at

least none have been transmitted to our time.*

Although it is uncertain whether the books of the New

Testament were declared canonical by the Nicene Council,

or by some other, or when or by whom they were collected

into a volume, it is certain f that they were considered genu-

ine and authentic (with a few variations of opinion as to

some of them) by the most early Christian writers; and

that they were selected from various other Gospels and

Epistles, the titles of which are mentioned in the works

of the Fathers and early historians of the church. J The

books that exist, of those not included in the canon, are

carefully brought together in the present volume. They

patnrally assume the title of the Apocryphal New Testament;

and he who possesses this and the New Testament, has in

the two volumes, a collection of all the historical records

* Mosheim, Eccl. Hist., c. v. \ 12.

f See Table II. at the end of this work. % See Table I. at end.
relative to Christ and his Apostles, now in existence, and

considered sacred by Christians during the first four cen-

turies after his birth.

In a complete collection of the Apocryphal writings the

Apostles' Creed is necessarily included, and as necessarily

given, as it stood in the fourth and until the sixth century,

(from Mr. Justice Bailey's edition of the Common Prayer

Book), without the article of Christ's Descent into Hell;

—an interpolation concerning which the author of the

Preface to the Catalogue of the MSS. of the King's Library

thus expresses himself: "I wish that the insertion of the

article of Christ's Descent into Hell into the Apostles' Creed

could be as well accounted for as the insertion of the said

verse (1 John v. 7*).

* Catalogue of MSS. of the king's library, by David Casly, 4to, in Pref.

p. xxiv. For large particulars of Christ's Descent into Hell, see the Gospel
of Nicodemus, chap. xiii. to xx.
The verse above alluded to by Mr. Casly is 1 John, v. 7. This spurious
passage, in the authorized version of the New Testament, printed by the
Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and the King's Printers, and
appointed to be read in churches, stands thus "For there are three that bear

record in Heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost ; and these three are
one." This verse, Mr. Casly says, is now generally given up being in no ;

Greek MS. save one at Berlin, which is discovered to have been transcribed
from the printed Biblia Complutensia and another modern one at Dublin,

probably translated or corrected from the Latin Vulgate. It is conjectured

that it may have been inserted by the mistake of a Latin copyist: for the
owners of MSS. often wrote glosses or paraphrases of particular passages
between the lines, and ignorant transcribers sometimes mistook these notes
for interlined omissions by the original scribes, and accordingly in re-copy-
ing the MSS. incorporated these glosses or paraphrases into the body of the
text. For instance, Jerome, in one of his letters, says that an explanatory
note which he himself had made in the margin of his Psalter had been
incorporated by some transcriber into the text and Dr. Bentley, in the 96th

page of his Epistle, annexed to Malala's Chronicle, has proved "Etva opo$
eariv ev rn Apa^ig, in Galatians iv. 25, to be of the same stamp.f

f Cat. King's Libr. Pref. p. xxi.


u The best that can be said for it is, that it might possibly
have come in, in like manner, not long before, from a gloss

It is scarcely necessary to tell the reader, that in

1516 and 1519 Erasmus
published his and second editions of the Greek Testament, both of

which omitted the three heavenly witnesses. That having promised to insert
them in his text, if they were found iu a single Greek MS. he was soon ;

informed of the existence of such a MS. in England, and consequently

inserted 1 John, v. 7, in his third edition, 1522. That this MS., after a
profound sleep of two centuries, has at last been found in the library of
Trinity College, Dublin. That the Complutensian edition, which was not
published till 1522, though it professes to be printed in 1514, has the
seventh and eighth verses patched up from the modern Latin MS., and the
final clause of the eighth verse, which is omitted in its proper place, trans-
ferred to the end of the seventh. That Colinseus, in 1534, omitted the verse on
the faith of MS. That E. Stephens, in his famous edition of 1550, inserted
the verse, and marked the words ev tuc ovpavut. as wanting in seven MSS.
That Beza, suspecting no mistake, concluded that these seven MSS. contained
the rest of the seventh verse, and the eighth with the words ev ttji yrji*
Sir Isaac Newton wrote a Dissertation upon this passage, wherein he gave
a clear, exact, and comprehensive view of the whole question, and wherein
he says, that when the adversaries of Erasmus had got the date.f
The text is not contained in any Greek manuscript which was written
earlier than the fifteenth century. 2. Nor in any Latin manuscript earlier

than the ninth century. 3. It is not found in any of the ancient versions.
4. It is not cited by any of the Greek ecclesiastical writers, though, to

prove the doctrine of the Trinity, they have cited the words both before and
after this. 5. It is not cited by any of the early Latin Fathers, even when

the subjects upon which they treat would naturally have led them to appeal
to its authority. 6. It is first cited by Vigilius Tapsensis, a Latin writer

of no credit, in the latter end of the fifth century, and by him it is suspected
tohave been forged. 7. It has been admitted as spurious in many editions
of the :

New Testament since the reformation in the first two of Erasmus,
in those of Aldus Colinteus, Zwinglius, and lately of Griesbach. 8. It was

omitted by Luther in his German version in the old English Bibles of


Henry VIII., Edward VI., and Elizabeth, it was printed in small types, or
included in brackets ; but between the years 1566 and 1580, it began to be

printed as it now by whose authority

stands, is —
not known. (See Travis's
Letters to Gibbon, and Porson's to Travis. Also Griesbach's excellent

* Porson's Letters to Travis. Preface.'

t Newton's works by Horsley, 4to, vol. v. p. 549 —Bishop

Horsley, in his edition of
Sir Isaac Newton's works, has not included several MSS. on theological subjects for
the reasons which perhaps induce the nobleman in whose possession they remain to
withhold them still from publication. His lordship's judgment in this respect is said
to be influenced by a prelate whose notions do not accord either with Sir Isaac's
opinions or criticisms. They are fairly transcribed, in the illustrious author's own
hand-writing, ready for the press and it is to be regretted that the production of his

luminous mind be suppressed by any censorship, however respectable.

: —

or paraphrase, that was at first put in the margin or between

the lines."

Dissertation on the Text at the end of his second volume. Archbishop

Newcome omits the text, and the Bishop of Lincoln expresses his conviction
that it is spurious. (Elem. of Theol. vol. ii. p. 90, note).*
In a sumptuous Latin MS. of the Bible, written so late as the thirteenth
century, formerly belonging to the Capuchin Convent at Montpelier, after-
wards in the possession of Harley, Earl of Oxford, and now deposited in
the British Museum, the verse of the three heavenly witnesses is wanting, as
appears by the following literal extract from it

lie est qui tteitit per aquam ($ sanpinem. tlje rpeT

$ton in oq solum, seb in aqua (3 sanpinem (3 sjnu

spe est qui testificatuF quoniam rpe est Ijerttas.

(Quoniam tres sunt, qui testimonium bant in tra. Spe*

aqua. (3 sanguis, ft tres unum sunit

The following Greek and Latin authors have not quoted the text: J
Greek authors: — Irenseus — Clemens Alexandrinus — Dionysius Alexandri-
nus, (or the writer against Paul of Samosata under his name) Athanasius —
— —
The Synopsis of Scripture The Synod of Sardica— Epiphanius— Basil

Alexander of Alexandria Gregory Nyssen Nazianzen, with his two com-—

mentators, Elias Cretensis and Nicetas Didymus de Spiritu Sancto Chry- —

sostome An author under his name de sancta et consubstantiali Trinitate —

Csesarius Proclus —
The Council of Nice, as it is represented by Gelasius

Cyzicenus—Hyppolytus Andrias— Six catenae quoted by Simon— The mar-

ginal scholia of three MSS. Hesychius— John Damascenus— Oecumenius
— Euthymius Zigabenus.
Latin authors :— The author de Baptismo Lfereticorum, among Cyprian's

works Novatian-Hilary— Lucifer Calazitanus Jerome— Augustine Am- — —
brose— Faustinus Leo Magnus— The author de Promissis Eucherius —
Facundus Cerealis — Rusticus— —
Bede Gregory —Philastrius Arnobius,— —

junior Pope Eusebius.
It is evident that if the text of the heavenly vntnesses had been known from
the beginning of Christianity, the ancients would have eagerly seized it,
inserted it in their creeds, quoted it repeatedly against the heretics, and

selected it as the brightest ornament of every book that they wrote upon the

* Improved version of the New Testament, IS ^.


t Hakl. Coll. MSS. Cod. 4773. J Porson's Letters to Travis, p. 363.

By the publication of this volume, the Editor conceives

he has rendered an acceptable service to the theological

student and the ecclesiastical antiquary; — he has endeavoured

to render it more gratifying to the reader, and more con-

venient for reference, by arranging the books into chapters,

and dividing the chapters into verses. He has only to add,

that the lover of old literature will here find the obscure

but unquestionable origin of several remarkable relations in

the Golden Legend, the Lives of the Saints, and similar

subject of the Trinity. In short, if this verse be really genuine, notwith-

standing its absence from all the visible Greek MSS. except two, one of
which awkwardly from the Latin, and the other tran-
translates the verse
scribes it from a printed book; notwithstanding its absence from all the
versions except the vulgate ; and even from many of the best and oldest
MSS. of the vulgate ; notwithstanding the deep and dead silence of
all down to the thirteenth, and most of the Latins down
the Greek writers
to the middle of the eighth century if, in spite of all these objections, it be

still genuine, no part of Scripture whatsoever can be proved either spurious

or genuine and Satan has been permitted, for many centuries, miraculously

to banish the finest passage in the N. T. from the eyes and memories of
almost all the Christian authors, translators, and transcribers.*
Sir Isaac Newton observes, " that what the Latins have done to this text
(1 John v. 7), the Greeks have done to that of St. Paul (Timothy iii. 16).
For by changing o into 8 the abbreviation of 8eoc, they now read, Great is
the mystery of Godliness: God manifested in the flesh: whereas all the churches
for the first four or five hundred years, and the authors of all the ancient
versions, Jerome, as well as the rest, read, ' Great is the mystery of godliness
which was manifested in the flesh.' " Sir Isaac gives a list of authors, who, he
says, "wrote all of them, in the fourth and fifth centuries for the Deity of
the Son, and incarnation of God ; and some of them largely, and in several
tracts; and yet," he says, ''
I cannot find that they ever allege this text to
prove it, excepting that Gregory Nyssenf once urges it, (if the passage crept
not into him out of some marginal annotation). In all the times of the hot
and lasting Arian controversy, it never came into play though now these ;

disputes are over, they that read God made manifest in the flesh, think Sir
Isaac says, " one of the most obvious and pertinent texts for the business."
There are other interpolations and corruptions of passages in the New
Testament, but the Editor perceives that the few observations he has hastily
collected and thrown together in this note, have already extended it to undue
length, and it must here close.

* Porson's Letters to Travis, 8vo, p. 402.

^ Oiat. xi Contra Eunom.
productions, concerning the birth of the Virgin, her marriage

with Joseph, on the budding of his rod, the nativity of Jesus,

the miracles of his Infancy, his labouring with Joseph at

the carpentry trade, and the actions of his followers. Several

of the papal pageants for the populace, and the monkish

mysteries performed as dramas at Chester, Coventry, New-

castle, and in other parts of England, are almost verbatim

representations of the stories. Many valuable pictures by

the best masters — prints by. the early engravers, particularly

of the Italian and German schools — wood cuts in early black

letter, and black books — and illumination of missals and

monastic MSS. — receive immediate elucidation on referring

to the Apocryphal New Testament, and are without explana-

tion from any other source.







Their proper Names and Number of Chapters.

11TARY hath Chapters Ephesians hath Chapters . 4

p ro tevangelion 16 Magnesians 4
I. Infancy .... 22 Trallians 4
II. Infancy .... 4 Romans 3
Christ and Abgarus 22 Philadelphians 3
The Apostles' Creed 1 Smyrnseans 3
Laodiceans . . . 1 Polycarp 3
Paul and Seneca 14 y
Philippians 4
Paul and Thecla 12 I. Hernias —Visions ... 4
I. Corinthians . 23 II. Hernias — Commands 12

II. Corinthians . 4 III. Hernias—Similitudes 10


Barnabas . . . 15


Although the Apocryphal, New Testament was pat out without

pretension or ostentations announcement, or even solicitude for its fate, yet a
large Edition has been sold in a few months. The Public demanding an-
other, to this second Edition a small fragment of the Second Epistle of
Clement to the Corinthians, accidentally omitted, has been added it forms ;

the fifth chapter of that Epistle. There is, likewise annexed, a Table of the
years wherein all the Books of the New Testament are stated to have been
written to the •' Order of the Books of the Apocryphal New Testa-

ment," the authorities fromwhence they have been taken are affixed andj ;

finally, many numerous scriptural references subjoined in the

errors in the
notes to the Epistles have been corrected. These are the only material vari-
ations from the first Edition.
It escaped the Editor to notice that the legends of the Koran and the Hin-

doo Mythology are considerably connected with this volume. Many of the
acts and miracles ascribed to the Indian God, Creeshna, during his incarna-
tion, are precisely the same with those attributed to Christ in his infancy, by
the Apocryphal Gospels, and so largely particularized by the Bcv. Thomas
Maurice in his learned History of Hindostan.
Beference to the preceding Preface will leave little doubt that the Apo-
cryphal writings formed an interesting portion of the lay, as well as the
monkish literature of our forefathers. There is a Translation of the Gospel
of Nicodemus almost coeval with the origin of printing in England (a) and ;

ancient MSS. of the Gospels of the Infancy are still extant in the Welsh lan-
guage under the title of Mabinogi Jesu Grist.
Concerning any genuineness of any portion of the work, the Editor has
not offered an opinion, nor is it necessary that he should. The brief notice
at the head of each Gospel directs the reader to its source, and will assist him
to inquire further, and form an opinion for himself. Yet respecting the
Epistles, which commence at page 91, and occupy the remaining two-thirds

of the volume, the Editor would call attention to Archbishop Wake's testi-

(a) It was printed, in quarto, first by JMsnfttm fee HJ3ortie in 1509; next by 3oIjn Sfcot in
1525; by the^same printer subsequently; and several times afterwards.

mony. The pious and learned Prelate says, that these Epistles («) are a full
and perfect collection of "all the genuine writings that remain to us. of the
Apostolic Fathers, and carry on the antiquity of the Church from the time
of the Holy Scriptures of the New Testament to about a hundred and fifty
years after Christ; that except the Holy Scriptures, there is nothing remain-
ing of the truly genuine Christian antiquity more early (b) that they contain ;

all that can with any certainty be depended upon of the most Primitive

Fathers, (c) who had not only the advantage of living in the apostolical times,
of hearing the Holy Apostles, and conversing with them, but were most of
them persons of a very eminent character in the church, too (d) that we :

cannot with any reason doubt of what they deliver to us as the Gospel of
Christ, but ought to receive it, if not with equal veneration, yet but a little
less respect than we do the Sacred Writings of those who were their masters
and instructors;" and, ''if," (who translated these
says the Archbishop,
Epistles), (e) ''it shall be asked how I came
drudgery of a
to choose the
translator, rather than the more ingenious part of publishing somewhat of
my own composing, it was, in short, this because I hoped that such writ-

ings as these would find a more general and unprejudiced acceptance with all
sorts of men than anything that could be written by any one now living."
As a literary curiosity, the work has attracted much notice as throwing a ;

light upon the arts of design and engraving, it has already been useful to the
painter, and the collector of pictures and prints and, as relating to theology,

it has induced various speculations and inquiry.

But the Editor has been charged with expressing too little veneration for
the councils of the Church. He feels none. It is true that respecting the
three hundred Bishops assembled at the council of Nice, the Emperor Con-
stantine (/) says, that what was approved by these Bishops could be nothing
less than the determination of God himself; since the Holy Spirit residing in
such great and worthy souls, unfolded to them the divine will, (g) Yet Sa-
binus, the Bishop of Heraclea, affirms, that, "excepting Constan tine himself?
and Eusebius Pamphilus, they were a set of- illiterate simple creatures, that
understood nothing " and Pappus seems to have estimated them very low,

for in his Synodicon to that council, he tells us, that having " promiscuously
put all the books that were referred to the council for determination, under
*.he communion table in a church, they besought the Lord that the inspired
writings might get upon the table while the spurious ones remained under-
neath, and that it happened accordingly." A commentator (h) on this
legend suggests that nothing less than such a sight could sanctify that fiery

zeal which breathes throughout an edict published by Constantine, in which

he decrees that all the writings of Arius should be burned and that any per-
son concealing any writing composed by him, and not immediately producing
it, and committing it to the flames, should be punished with death, (i) Let
us, with the illustrious Jortin, (k) consider a council called, and presided over

(a) Ahp. Wake's Apostolic Fathers, Bagster's Edition, 8vo, 1817, Prelim. Disc, p. 120.

(6) Ahp. Wake's Apostolic Fathers, Bagster's Edition, 8vo, Prelim. Disc, p. 120.
W p- 126. (<i) p. 128.
(e) p. 155. (/) Socrates, Schol. Eccl. Hist. b. i. 9. (g) Ibid, c 9.
(h) Mace's N. Test., p. 875. (i) Socrates, Schol. Eccl. Hist. b. i. c. 9.

(k) Rem. on Eccl. Hist. vol. ii. p. 177.


g WicS
calumniated, reviled, hated
ana lemat L e * C ° mmunicated
and of being
banished, fined, be^ired served fT^'r >

jority; b 7 a love of
vanity and ambition; by
dieting anddom7ne^:W,ni? * ^ "^
a total ignorance of
total indifference about
it; by private friend.

attending, and a desire

to be at home; by the
hatred of contention,
&c (a) Whosoever
lisposed to pay a blind

the last in winch the Holy Spirit my be affirmed to have presided"

In accommodation (6

to this opinion, the
Church of u

.g.on '(c) *n "^

to the foiiowing am °^
general councils be gathered
Sri^sia* £
together, fo asmueh as

Sof God
will of they may
y men vhereof an be not

and; sometimes have erred even

*™»* «* *• 3S5
in fM„„ •

of fathers, councils and hierarchies,

and the encumbering edi ta °„
k.ngs and papal decretals. 60 d r
Charmed bv the loveliness of its
primitive slm^

was sometimes assembled and sometimes
tory of that Council savs, "it
Rome used to divert the'counci, b^rVif
the proposing of those things
would be infinite
which they thought
£? £j
^ ™ ^^
Brent ' a rr?

dimin sn thet
f "V? ™
translator of Paul's His-



P^/^^ -* to earth,,
instrument of their tempora. authority
crease of religion, and love and
towards their neigh

7 ^^
among wars
Christians, and employing ZlZl
fnahng neu, laws against
the powerful name of
all and snares
Hence Uiey wer no
mainlaS the"^
W ^tlt^ *

horl ty

(6) Jortin's Rem. on Eecl. Hist , vol. ii. p. 177. (c) Art xxl
plicity, every sincere human
heart will become a temple for its habitation
and every man becomes a priest unto himself. Thus, and thus only,
will be
established the religion of Him, who, having the same interest
with ourselves
in the welfare of mankind, left us, for the rule of our
happiness, the sum and
substance of his code of peace and good will-" Whatsoever
ye would that
men should do to you, do ye even so to them.
By some persons of the multitude, commonly known by the name of
Christians, and who profess to suppose they do God service by calling
themselves so, the Editor has been attacked with a malignity and
fury that
would have graced the age of Mary and Elizabeth, when Catholics
put to
death Protestants, and Protestants put to death Catholics, for the
sake of him
who commanded mankind to love one another. To these assailants, he owes
no explanation to the craft of disingenuous criticism, he offers no
reply to ;

the bolt of the Bigot, and the shaft of the Shrinemaker, he

scarcely con-
descends the opposition of a smile.
No. of
i- hap.

Mary hath ....

Protevangelion . .

I. Infancy ....

II. Infancy . . .

Christ and Abgarus

Apostles' Creed in its
ancient state ....

Apostles' Creed in its

present state . . . .


Paul and Seneca . .

Paul and Thecla

I. Corinthians ....
II. Corinthians ....
Magnesians . . t . .

Philadelphians ....
I. Ilermas —
Visions . .

II. Hermas— Commands

III. Hermas —
mi so'// ti




Jljwrwijtti leu) Ccstttmcnt


[In the primitive ages" there was a Gospel extant bearing this name, attri-
buted to St. Matthew, and received as genuine and authentic by several
of the ancient Christian sects. It is to be found in the works of Jerome,
a Father of the Church, who flourished in the fourth century, from
whence the present translation is made. His contemporaries, Epipha-
nius, Bishop of Salamis, and Austin, also mention a Gospel under this
title. The ancient copies differed from Jerome's, for from one of them
the learned Faustus, a native of Britain, who became Bishop of Eiez, in
Provence, endeavoured to prove that Christ was not the Son of God till
after his baptism and that he was not of the house of David and tribe

of Judah, because, according to the Gospel he cited, the Virgin herself

was not of this tribe, but of the tribe of Levi; her father being a priest
of the name of Joachim. It was likewise from this Gospel that the
sect of the Collyridians, established the worship and offering of raan-
chet bread and cracknels, or fine wafers, as sacrifices to Mary, whom
they imagined to have been born of a Virgin, as Christ is related in
the Canonical Gospel to have been born of her. Epiphanius likewise
cites a passage concerning the death of Zacharias, which is not in
Jerome's copy, viz. '' That it was the occasion of the death of Zacharias
in the temple, that when he had seen a vision, he, through surprise, was
willing to disclose it, and his mouth was stopped. That which he saw
was at the time of his offering incense, and it was a man standing in the
form of an ass. When he was gone out, and had a mind to speak thus
to the people, Woeunto you, whom do yeivorship? he who had appeared
to him in the temple took away the use of his speech. Afterwards
when he recovered it, and was able to speak, he declared this to the
Jews, and they slew him. They add (viz. the Gnostics in this book),
that on this very account the high-priest was appointed by their lawgiver
(by God to Moses), to carry little bells, that whensoever he went into
the temple to sacrifice, he, whom they worshipped, hearing the noise of
the bells, might have time enough to hide himself, and not be caught in
that ugly shape and figure." — The principal part of this Gospel is con-
tained in the Protevangelion of James, which follows next in order.]

CHAP. I. 2 Her father's name was Joa-

1 The parentage of Mary. 7 Joachim, chim, and her mother's Anna.
her father, and Anna her mother, go The family of her father was of
to Jerusalem to the feast of the dedi- Galilee and the city of Nazareth.
cation. 9 Issachar the high priest re- The family of her mother was of
proaches Joachim for being childless.
rpHE blessed and ever glorious 3 Their lives were plain and
X Virgin Mary, sprung from right in the sight of the Lord,
the royal race and family of Da- pious and faultless before men.
vid, was born in the city of Naza- For they divided all their sub-
reth, and educated at Jerusalem, stance into three parts
in the temple of the Lord, 4 One of which they devoted
2 17
Mary's parents barren. MARY. An Angel appears, and

to the temple and officers of the return home, lest his neighbours,
temple another they distributed
; who were present and heard all
among strangers, and persons in this from the high-priest, should
poor circumstances and the ; publicly reproach him in the
third they reserved for them- same manner.
selves and the uses of their own

5 In this manner they lived for 1 An angel appears to Joachim, 9 and

informs him that Anna shall con-
about twenty years chastely, in
ceive and bring forth a daughter, who
the favour of God, and the esteem shall be called Mary, 11 be brought
of men, without any children. up in the temple, 12 and while yet a
6 But they vowed, if God virgin, in a way unparalleled, bring
should favour them with any is- forth the Son of GodU 13 gives him a
sign, 14 and departs.
sue, they would devote it to the
service of the Lord on which
account they went at every feast
when he had been there
for some time, on a certain
in the year to the temple of the day when he was alone, the an-
Lord. 1 gel of the Lord stood by him
7 ^[ And it came to pass, that with a prodigious light.
when the feast of the dedication 2 To whom, being troubled at
drew near, Joachim, with some the appearance, the angel who
others of his tribe, went up to had appeared to him, endeavour-
Jerusalem, and at that time, Is- ing to compose him said
sachar was high-priest 3 Be not afraid, Joachim, nor
8 Who, when he saw Joachim troubled at the sight of me, for I
along with the rest of his neigh- am an angel of the Lord sent by
bours, bringing his offering, des- him to you, that I might inform
pised both him and his offerings, you, that your prayers are heard,
and asked him, and your alms ascended in the
9 Why he, who had no chil- sight of God.

dren, would presume to appear 4 For he hath surely seen

among those who had ? Adding, your shame, and heard you un-
that his offerings could never be justly reproached for not having
acceptable to God, who was children for God is the avenger :

judged by him unworthy to have of sin, and not of nature

children the Scripture having
; 5 And so when he shuts the
said, Cursed is every one who womb of any person, he does it
shall not beget a male in Israel. for this reason, that he may in a
10. He further said, that he more wonderful manner again
ought first to be free from that open it, and that which is born
curse by begetting some issue, appear to be not the product of
and then come with his offerings lust, but the gift of God.
into .the presence of God. 6 For the first mother of your
11 But Joachim being much nation Sarah, was she not barren
confounded with the shame of even till her eightieth year: And
such reproach, retired to the yet even in the end of her old
shepherds, who were with the age brought forth Isaac, in whom
cattle in their pastures the promise was made a blessing
12 For he was not inclined to to all nations. 3

Sam. i 3, 7, &c. 2
Acts x. 4. s
Gen. xvi. 2, &c and xviii. 10, &c.
promises them a child. MARY. ilUUI Concrtccfi.

7 Rachel also, so much in fa- clare, namely, when you come

vour with God, and beloved so to the golden gate of Jerusalem,
much by holy Jacob, continued you shall there meet your wife
ban-en for a long time, yet after- Anna, who being very much
wards was the mother of Joseph, troubled that you returned no
who was not only governor of sooner, shall then rejoice to see
Egypt, but delivered many na- you.
tions from perishing with hun- 14 When the angel had said
this he departed from him.
8 Who among the judges was CHAP. III.
more valiant than Samson, or I The angel appears to Anna ; 2 telU
more holy than Samuel ? And yet her a daughter shall be born unto /ier,
both their mothers were barren. 2 3 devoted to the service of the Lord in
9 But if reason will not con- the temple, 5, who, being a virgin and
not knowing man, shall bring forth
vince you of the truth of my
the Lord, 6 and gives her a sign
words, that there are frequent 8 Joachim and Anna meet
conceptions in advanced years, and rejoice, 10 and praise the Lord.
and that those who were barren 11 Anna conceives, and brings forth
have brought forth to their great a daughter called Mary.
surprise therefore Anna your
; AFTERWARDS the angel
wife shall bring you a daugh- appeared to Anna his wife
ter, and you shall call her name saying Fear not, neither think

Mary; that which you see is a spirit.
10 She shall, according to 2 For I am that angel who
your vow, be devoted to the hath offered up your prayers and
Lord from her infancy, and be alms before God, and am now
filled with the Holy Ghost from sent to you, that I may inform
her mother's womb ;3 you, that a daughter will be born
11 She shall neither eat nor unto you, who shall be called
drink anything which is unclean, Mary, and shall be blessed above
nor shall her conversation be allwomen. 6
without among the common peo- 3 She shall be, immediately
ple, but in the temple of the upon her birth, full of the grace
Lord ; that so she may not fall of the Lord, and shall continue
under any slander or suspicion during the three years of her
of what is bad. weaning in her father's house,
12 So in the process of her and afterwards, being devoted to
years, as she shall be in a mira- the service of the Lord, shall
culous manner born of one that not depart from the temple, till
was barren, so she shall, while she arrives to years of discretion.
yet a virgin, in a way unparal- 4 In a word, she shall there
leled, bring forth the Son of the serve the Lord night and day in
most High God, who shall, be fasting and prayer, shall abstain
called Jesus, and, according to from every unclean thing, and
the signification of his name, be never know any man ;

the Saviour of all nations. 4 5 But, being an unparalleled

13 And this shall be a sign instance without any pollution
to you of the things which I de- or defilement, and a virgin not

Gen. xxx. 1—22, and xli. l,&c. 2 Judgr. xiii. 2. and 1 Sam. 6. &c.
Lukei. 15. *Mattb. i. 21. »Matth. xiv. 26. 6
Luke i. 28. 7
Lukcii. 37.
Mary born. MARY. Ministered unto by Angels.

knowing any man, shall bring the Virgin to the temple of the
forth a son, and a maid shall Lord with offerings.
bring forth the Lord, who both by 2 And there were about the
his grace and name and works, temple, according to the fifteen
shall be the Saviour of the world. Psalms of degrees, 1 fifteen stairs
6 Arise therefore, and go up to ascend.
to Jerusalem, and when you 3 For the temple being built
shall come to that which is in a mountain, the altar of burnt-
called the golden gate (because offering, which was without,
it is gilt with gold), as a sign of could not be come near but by
what I have told you, you shall stairs ;

meet your husband, for whose 4 The parents of the blessed

safety you have been so much Virgin and infant Mary put her
concerned. upon one of these stairs
7 When therefore you find 5 But while they were putting
these things thus accomplished, off their clothes, in which they
believe that all the rest which I had travelled, and according to
have told you, shall also un- custom putting on some that
doubtedly be accomplished. were more neat and clean,
8 ^[ According therefore to 6 In the mean time the Vir-
the command of the angel, both gin of the Lord in such a man-
of them left the places where ner went up all the stairs one
they were, and when they came after another, without the help
to the place specified in the an- of any to lead or lift her, that
gel's prediction, they met each any one would have judged from
other. hence that she was of perfect age.
9 Then, rejoicing at each oth- 7 Thus the Lord did, in the
and being fully satis-
er's vision, infancy of his Virgin, work this
fied in the promise of a child, extraordinary work, and evi-
they gave due thanks to the dence by this miracle how great
Lord, who exalts the humble. she was like to be hereafter.
10 After having praised the 8 But the parents having of-
Lord, they returned home, and fered up their sacrifice, accord-
lived in a cheerful and assured ing to the custom of the law,
expectation of the promise of and perfected their vow, left the
God. Virgin with other virgins in the
11 Tf So Anna conceived, and apartments of the temple, who
brought forth a daughter, and, were to be brought up there,
according to the angel's com- and they returned home.
mand, the parents did call her
name Mary. CHAP. V.
2 Mary ministered unto by angels. 4
CHAP. IV. The high-priest orders all virgins of
1 Mary brought to the temple at three fourteen years old to quit the temple
years old. 6 Ascends the stairs of and endeavour to be married. 5
the temple by miracle. 8 Her parents Mary refuses, 6 having vowed her vir-
sacrificed and returned home. ginity to the Lord. 7 The high-priest
commands a meeting of the chief per-
AND whenand the time ofwere
three years
sons of Jerusalem, 11 who seek the
Lord for counsel in the matter. 13 A
weaning complete, they brought voice from the mercy-seat. 15 The

Those Psalms are from the 120th to the 134th, including hoth.
Her vow of virginity. MARY. TJie high-priest in difficulty.

high-priest obeys it by ordering all to break through by lying with

the unmarried men of the house of
a man.
David bring their rods to the altar,
7 The high priest being here-
17 that his rod which should flower,
and on which the Spirit of God should by brought into a difficulty,
sit, should betroth the Virgin. 8 Seeing he durst neither on
the one hand dissolve the vow,
BUTas the Virgin the Lord,
she advanced in years,
and disobey the Scripture, which
says, Vow and pay,
increased also in perfections, and
according to the saying of the 9 Nor on the other hand in-
Psalmist, her father and mother troduce a custom, to which the
forsook her, but the Lord took people were strangers, com-
care of her. manded,
2 For she every day had the 10 That at the approaching
conversation of angels, and every the principal persons
feast all
day received visitors from God, both of Jerusalem and the neigh-
which preserved her from all bouring places should meet to-
sorts of evil, and caused her to gether, that he might have their
abound with all good things advice, how he had best proceed
3 So that when at length she in so difficult a case.
arrived to her fourteenth year, 11 When they were accord-
as the wicked could not lay any- ingly met, they unanimously
thing to her charge worthy of agreed to seek the Lord, and ask
reproof, so all good persons, who counsel from him on this matter.
were acquainted with her, ad- 12 And when they were all
mired her life and conversation. engaged in prayer, the high-
4 At that time the high-priest priest, according to the usual
made a public order. That all way, went to consult God.
the virgins who had public set- 13 And immediately there was
tlements in the temple, and were a voice from the ark, and the
come to this age, should return mercy seat, which all present
home, and, as they were now of heard, that it must be inquired
a proper maturity, should, ac- or sought out by a prophecy of
cording to the custom of their Isaiah to whom the Virgin should
country, endeavour to be mar- be given and be betrothed ;

ried. 14 For Isaiah saith, there

5 To which command, though shall come forth a rod out of the
all the other virgins readily stem of Jesse, and a flower shall
yielded obedience, Mary the spring out of its root,
Virgin of the Lord alone an- 15 And the Spirit of the Lord
swered, that she could not com- shall rest upon him, the Spirit
ply with it. of Wisdom and Understanding,
6 Assigning these reasons, that the Spirit of Counsel and Might,
both she and her parents had the Spirit of Knowledge and
devoted her to the service of the Piety, and the Spirit of the fear
Lord and besides, that she had of the Lord shall fill him.

vowed virginity to the Lord, 16 Then, according to thia

which vow she was resolved never prophecy, he appointed, that all

Eccles. v. 4, 5, 6; and Psalm Ixxvi. 11.
Num. xxvii. 21, compared with Exod. xxviii. 30; Lev. viii. 8; Deut
xxxiii. 8 ; Ezra ii. 63 : Nehern. vii. 65.
The Virgin betrothed. MARY. Angel Gabriel salutes Mary

the men of the house and family Mary, with seven other virgins

of David, who were marriage- of the same age, who had been
able, and not married, should weaned at the same time, and

bring their several rods to the who had been appointed to at-

altar, tend her by the priest, returned

17 And out of whatsoever to her parents' house in Galilee.
person's rod after it was brought, CHAP. VII.
a flower should bud forth, and 7 The salutation
of the Virgin by Ga-
on the top of it the Spirit of the briel, who explains to her that she shall
Lord should sit in the appear- conceive, without lying with a man,
ance of a dove, he should be the while a Virgin, 19 by the Holy Ghost
coming upon her without the heats of
man to whom the Virgin should
lust. 21 She submits.
be given and be betrothed.
"VTOW at this time of her first
CHAP. VI. J_\ coming into Galilee, the
1 Joseph draws back Ms rod. 5 The angel Gabriel was sent to her
dove pitches on it. Hebetroths Mary from God, to declare to her the
and returns to Bethlehem. 7 Mary conception of our Saviour, and
returns to her parents' house at Galilee.
the manner and way of her con-
man named
rest there was a ceiving him.
Joseph, of the 2 Accordingly going into her,
house and family of David, and he filled the chamber where she
a person very far advanced in was with a prodigious light, and
years,who drew back his rod, in a most courteous manner sa-
when every one besides presented luting her, he said,
his. 3 Hail, Mary Virgin of the

2 So that when nothing ap- Lord most acceptable Vir- ! O

peared agreeable to the heavenly gin full of Grace The Lord is

voice, the high-priest judged it with you, you are blessed above
proper to consult God again, all women, you are blessed above
3 Who answered that he to all men, that, have been hitherto
whom the Virgin was to be be- born. 1
trothed was the only person of 4 But the Virgin, who had
those who were brought together, before been well acquainted with
who had not brought his rod. the countenances of" angels, and
4 Joseph therefore was be- to whom such light from heaven
trayed. was no uncommon thing,
5 For, when he did bring his 5 Was neither terrified with
rod, and a dove coming from the vision of the angel, nor
Heaven pitched upon the top of astonished at the greatness of
it, every one plainly saw, that the light, but only troubled about
the Virgin was to be betrothed the angel's Avords
to him 6 And began to consider what
6 Accordingly, the usual cere- so extraordinary a salutation
monies of betrothing being over, should mean, what it did por-
he returned to his own city of tend, or what sort of end it
Bethlehem, to set his house in would have.2
order, and make the needful 7 To this thought the angel,
provisions for the marriage. divinely inspired, replies
7 But the Virgin of the Lord, 8 Fear not, Mary, as though
Luke i.
Luke i. 29.
And tells her she shall < MARY. She is married to Joseph

I intended anything inconsistent 20 So that which shall be born

with your chastity in this salu- of you shall be only holy, be-
tation : cause it only is conceived with-
9 For you have found favour out sin, and being born, shall be
with the Lord, because you made called the Son of God.
virginity your choice. 21 Then Mary stretching forth
10 Therefore while you are a her hands, and lifting her eyes
Virgin, you shall conceive with- to heaven, said, Behold the hand-
out sin, and bring forth a son. maid of the Lord! Let it be unto
11 He shall be great, because me according to thy word. 2
he shall reign from sea to sea,
and from the rivers to the ends CHAP. VIII.
of the earth. 1 Joseph returns to Oalilee to marry the

12 And he shall be called the Virgin he had betrothed. 4 perceives

she is with child, 5 is uneasy, 7 pur-
Son of the Highest for he who ;
poses to put her away privily, 8 is told

is born in a mean state on earth

by the angel of the Lord it is not the
reigns in an exalted one in hea- work of man but the Holy Ghost, 12
ven. Harries her, but keeps chaste, 13 re-

13 And the Lord shall give moves with her to Bethlehem, 15 where
she brings forth Christ.
him the throne of his father Da-
vid, and he shall reign over the JOSEPH therefore went from
house of Jacob for ever, and of Judaea to Galilee, with in-
his kingdom there shall be no tention to marry the Virgin who
end. was betrothed to him :

14 For he is the King of 2 For it was now near three

Kings, and Lord of Lords, and j
months since she was betrothed
his throne is for ever and ever, to him.
15 To this discourse of the 3 At length it plainly ap-
angel the Virgin replied not, as peared she was with child, and it
though she were unbelieving, but could not be hid from Joseph :

willing to know the manner of it. 4 For going to the Virgin in

16 She said, How can that be? a free manner, as one espoused,
For seeing, according to my vow, and talking familiarly with her,
I have never known any man, he perceived her to be with child,
how can I bear a child without 5 And thereupon began to be
the addition of a man's seed? uneasy and doubtful, not know-
17 To this the angel replied ing what course it would be best
and said, Think not, Mary, that to take
you shall conceive in the ordi- 6 For being a just man, he
nary way. was not willing to expose her,
18 For, without lying with a nor defame her by the suspicion
man, while a Virgin, you shall of being a whore, since he was a
conceive; while a Virgin, you pious man.
shall bring forth and while a; 7 He purposed therefore pri-
Virgin shall give suck. vately to put an end to their
19 For the Holy Ghost shall agreement, and as privately to
come upon you, and the power , put her away,
of the Most High shall over- 8 But while he was meditating
shadow you, without any of the these things, behold the angel
heats of lust. I
of the Lord appeared to him in
Luke i. 31, &c.
Luke i. 38. Matt. i. 19.
Joachims offering THE PROTEVANGELION.
his sleep, and said Joseph, son of married the Virgin,
and did not
David, fear not know her, but kept her in chas-
9 Be
not willing to entertain tity.
any suspicion of the Virgin's 13 And now the ninth month
being guilty of fornication, or to from her conception drew near,
think any thing amiss of her, when Joseph took his wife and
neither be afraid to take her to' what other things were neces-
wife sary to Bethlehem, the city from
10 For that which is begotten whence he came.
in her and now distresses your
14 And it came to pass, while
mind, is not the work of man, they were there, the days were
but the Holy Ghost. fulfilled for
her bringing forth.
11 For she of all women is 15 And
she brought forth her
that only Virgin who shall bring first-born son, as the holy Evan-
forth the Son of God, and you gelists have taught, even our
shall call his name Jesus, that Lord
Jesus Christ, who with the
is, Saviour for he will save his Father, Son, and
Holy Ghost,
people from their sins. lives and. reigns to everlasting
12 Joseph thereupon, accord-
ing to the command of the angel,

Th LI0 0r An Hist ° rical

BIRTH ? the Perpetual
of CHRIST, and ^ Account ° f the


Mother, by JAMES the lesser, Cousin and

Brother of the
-Lord Jesus, chief Apostle and first Bishop of the Christians in
[This Gospel is ascribed to James. The allusions to it in the ancient Fa-
thers are frequent, and their expressions
indicate that it had obtained a
very general credit in the Christian world.
The controversies founded
upon it chiefly relate to the age of Joseph at the
birth of Christ and to
his being a widower with children, before
his marriage with he Virgin
It seems material to remark, that the
he virginity of Joseph, notwithstanding
legends of the latter ages affirm
Epiphanius, Hilary,°Chrf

EU 9 The P h ,ac t Occumenius, and
Latin Fathers till Ambrose, SfT
v >,
and thev
- ind£d
Greek Fathers afterwards, main-
tain the opinions of Joseph's age and
family, founded upon their belief
in the authenticity of this book. It is supposed to have been or
composed in Hebrew. Postellus brought the
MS. of this GoTpel
P from
int ° atin> and Sent h toOporimus, a
at ft^hSTftr *A
% H Bibliander,
£ printer

Sat h
making no il

P .T- ,, 3,dJ
doubt that*T K
CaU " e
a Protestant Divine, and the Professor
t0 be
M ?
ri ted in
W of
PostelIus asserts
can mcal? ln the eastern churches,
James was the author of it. It is nevertheless

ei e(
hal by
u l° 1
Catholic churches.]
me of the most learned divin '<* the Pro- ^
the history of the twelve
1 Joachim, a rich man, 2 offers to the INtribes of Israel we read
„ Lord, 3 is opposed by Reuben the high- there
priest,^because he 'has not begotten
was a certain person called Joa-
issue in Israel, 6 retires into the wil- chim, who being very rich, made
derness and fasts forty days and forty double 1 offerings to the Lord
nights. God, having made this resolu-
That is, gave as much more as he was obliged


rejected for Ids THE PROTEVANGELION. barrenness.

tion : my
substance shall be for 2 Then drew near a great
the benefit of the whole people, feast of the Lord, and Judith
and that I may find mercy from her maid said, How long will
the Lord God for the forgiveness you thus afflict your soul ? The
of my sins. feast of the Lord is now come,
2 But at a certain great feast when it is unlawful for any one
of the Lord, when the children to mourn.
of Israel offered their gifts, and 3 Take therefore this hood
Joachim also offered his, Reuben which was given by one who
the high-priest opposed him, say- makes such things, for it is not
ing it is not lawful for thee to fit that I, who am a servant,
offer thy gifts, seeing thou hast should wear it, but it Avell suits
not begot any issue in Israel. a person of your greater char-
3 At this Joachim being con- acter.
cerned very much, went away 4 But Anna replied, Depart
to consult the registries of the from me, I am not used to such
twelve tribes, to see whether he things; besides, the Lord hath
was the only person who had greatly humbled me.
begot no issue. 5 I fear some ill-designing
4 But upon inquiry he found person hath given thee this, and
that all the righteous had raised thou art come to pollute me with
up seed in Israel my sin.
5 Then he called to mind the 6 Then Judith her maid an-
patriarch Abraham, How that swered, What evil shall I wish
God in the end of his life had you when you will not hearken
given him his son Isaac; upon to me?
which he was exceedingly dis- 7 I cannot wish you a greater
tressed, and would not be seen curse than you are under, in
by his wife that God hath shut up your
6 But retired into the wilder- womb, that you should not be a
ness, and fixed his tent there, mother in Israel.
and fasted forty days and forty 8 At this Anna was exceed-
nights, saying to himself, ingly troubled, and having on
7 I will not go down either to her wedding garment, went about
eat or drink, till the Lord my three o'clock in the afternoon to
God shall look down upon me, walk in her garden.
but prayer shall be my meat and 9 And she saw a laurel-tree,
sat under it, and prayed
drink. and
CHAP. II. unto the Lord, saying,
1 Anna, the wife of Joachim, mourns
10 O God of my fathers, bless
her barrenness, 6 is reproached with me and regard my prayer as
it by Judith her maid, 9 site under a thou didst bless the womb of
laurel tree and prays to the Lord. Sarah, and gavest her a son
the meantime his wife Anna Isaac.

INwas distressed and perplexed

on a double account, and said I

will mourn both for my widow- 1 Anna perceiving a sparrow's nest in

hood and my barrenness. the laurels bemoans her barrenness.

In imitation of the fortv days and nights

1 fast of Moses, recorded Exod.
xxiv. 11, xxxiv. 28; Deut.'ix. 9; of Elijah, 1 Kings xix. 8; and Christ's,
Matt. iv. 2. 2 Gen. xxi. 2.
Angels foretell THE PBOTEVANGELION. Mary's birth.

AND she was looking

wards heaven she perceived
spoken of in all the
shall be

a sparrow's nest in the laurel, 2 And Anna answered, As

2 And mourning within her- the Lord my God liveth, what-
self, she said, Wo is me, who ever I bring forth, whether it be

begat me? and what womb did male or female, I will devote it
bear me, that I should be thus to the Lord my God, and it shall
accursed before the children of minister to him in holy things,
Israel, and that they should re- during its whole life.
proach and deride me in the 3 And behold there appeared
temple of my God : Wois me, two angels, saying unto her, Be-

to what can I be compared ? hold Joachim thy husband is

3 I am not comparable to the coming with his shepherds.
very beasts of the earth, for even 4 For an angel of the Lord
the beasts of the earth are fruit- hath also come down to him,
ful before thee, O Lord! Wo
and said, The Lord God hath
is me, to what can I be com- heard thy prayer, make haste
pared ? and go hence, for behold Anna
4 I am not comparable to the thy wife shall conceive.
brute animals, for even the brute 5 And Joachim went down
animals are fruitful before thee, and called his shepherds, saying
Lord ! Wo
is me, to what am Bring me hither ten she-lambs

1 comparable? without spot or blemish, and

5 I cannot be compared to they shall be for the Lord my
these waters, for even the waters God.
are fruitful before thee, O Lord 6 And bring me twelve calves

Wo is me, to what can I be without blemish, and the twelve

compared ? calves shall be for the,
6 I am not comparable to the and the elders.
waves of the sea for these, whe-
; 7 Bring me also a hundred
ther they are calm, or in motion, goats, and the hundred goats
with the fishes which are in shall be for the whole people.
them, praise thee, O Lord ! Wo8 And Joachim went down
is me, to what can I be com- with the shepherds, and Anna
pared ? stood by the gate and saw Joa-
7 I am not comparable to the chim coming with the shepherds.
very earth, for the earth pro- 9 And she ran, and hanging
duces its fruits, and praises thee, about his neck, said, Now I
Lord know that the Lord hath greatly
CHAP. IV. blessed me
10 For behold, I w ho was a T

1 An Angel appears to Anna and tells

her she shall conceive ; two angels ap- widow am no longer a widow,
pear to her on the same errand. 5 and I who was barren shall con-
Joachim sacrifices. 8 Anna goes to ceive.
meet him, 9 rejoicing that she shall
conceive. CHAP. V.

THEN an angel of the Lord

stood by her and Anna, said,
1 Joachim abides the first
house, but sacrifices on the morrow.
day in his

2 consults the plate an the priest's

Anna, the Lord hath heard thy forehead. 3 And is without sin. 6
prayer thou shalt conceive and
; Anna brings forth a daughter, 9
bring forth, and thy progeny whom she calls Mary.
Her dedication THE PROTEVANGELION. in the temple.

NDJoachim abode the' first I walk again on this earth till I

day in his house, but on bring thee into the temple of the
the morrow he brought his of- Lord.
ferings and said, 3 Accordingly she made her
2 If the Lord be propitious to chamber a holy place, and suf-
me let the plate which is on the fered nothing uncommon or un-
priest's forehead make it ma-
clean to come near her, but in-
nifest. vited certain undefiled daughters
3 And he consulted the plate of Israel, and they drew her
which the priest wore, and saw aside.
it, and behold sin was not found 4 But when the child was a
in him. year old, Joachim made a great
4 And Joachim said, Now I feast, and invited the priests,
know that the Lord is propitious scribes, elders, and all the people
to me, and hath taken away all of Israel
my sins. 5 And Joachim then made an
5 And he went down from the offering of the girl to the chief
temple of the Lord justified, and priests, and they blessed her,
he went to his own house. saying, The God of our fathers
6 And when nine months were bless this girl, and give her a
fulfilled to Anna, she brought name famous and lasting through
forth, and said to the midwife, all generations. And all the
What have I brought forth ? people replied, So be it, Amen.
7 And she told her, a girl. 6 Then Joachim a second
8 Then Anna said, the Lord time offered her to the priests,
hath this day magnified my and they blessed her, saying, O
soul ; and she laid her in bed. most high God, regard this girl,
9 And when the days of her and bless her with an everlasting
purification were accomplished, blessing.
she gave suck to the child, and 7 Upon this her mother took
called her name Mary. her up, and gave her the breast,
and sung the following song to
the Lord. 2
1 Mary at nine months old, walks nine
steps, 3 Anna keeps her holy, 4 When
8 I will sing a new song unto
she is a year old, Joachim makes a the Lord my God, for he hath
great feast. 7 Anna gives her the visited me, and taken away from
breast, and sings a song to the Lord. me the reproach of mine enemies,

AND the child increased in and hath given me the fruit of

strength every day, so that his righteousness, that it may
when she was nine months old, now be told the sons of Reuben,
her mother put her upon the that Anna gives suck.
ground to try if she could stand ;
9 Then she put the child to
and when she had walked nine rest in the room which she had
steps, she came again to her mo- consecrated, and she went out
ther's lap. and ministered unto them.
2 Then her mother caught 10 And when the feast was
her up, and said, As the Lord ended, they went away rejoicing
my God liveth, thou shalt not and praising the God of Israel.
Such an instrument God had appointed the high-priest to wear for such
discoveries. See Exod. xxviii. 36, &c-, and Spencer de Unm et Thummim.
Compare 1 Sam. ii., &c, with Luke i. 46.
Joseph throws THE PROTEVANGELIOK away his hatchet.

CHAP. VII. to call together all the widowers, each

bringing a rod. 7 The people meet
3 Mary being three years old, Joachim
by sound of trumpet. 8 Joseph throws
causes certain virgins to light each a
away his hatchet, and goes to the
lamp, and goes with her to the temple.
5 The high-priest places her on the
meeting, 11a dove comes forth from
his rod, and on his head. ] 2
third step of the altar, and she dances
with her feet.
He is chosen to betroth the Virgin. 1
refuses because he is an old man, 1

BUTshethewas twogrew,
girl and
old, Joa-
is compelled,
and goes to
16 takes her home,
mind his trade of building.
chim said to Anna, Let us lead
her to the temple of the Lord,
AND her parents went away
filled with wonder, and
that we may perform our vow, praising God, because the girl
which we have vowed unto the did not return back to them.
Lord God, lest he should be an- 2 But Mary continued in the
gry with us, and our offering be temple as a dove educated there,
unacceptable. and received her food from the
2 But Anna said, Let us wait hand of an angel.
the third year, lest she should 3 And when she was twelve
be at a loss to know her father. years of age, the priests met in a
And Joachim said, Let us then council, and said, Behold, Mary
wait. is twelve years of age what shall ;

3 And when the child was we do with her, for fear lest the
three years old, Joachim said, holy place of the Lord our God
Let us invite the daughters of should be defiled ?
the Hebrews, who are undefiled, 4 Then replied the priests to
and let them take each a lamp, Zacharias the high-priest, Do you
and let them be lighted, that the stand at the altar of the Lord,
child may not turn back again, and enter into the holy place,
and her mind be set against the and make petitions concerning
temple of the Lord. her, and whatsoever the Lord
4 And they did thus till they shall manifest unto you, that do.
ascended into the temple of the 5 Then the high-priest entered
Lord. And the high-priest re- into the Holy of Holies, and
ceived her, and blessed her, and taking away with him the breast-
said, Mary, the Lord God hath plate of judgment made prayers

magnified thy name to all gene- concerning her

rations, and to the very end of 6 And behold the angel of the
time by thee will the Lord shew Lord came to him, and said,
his redemption to the children Zacharias, Zacharias, Go forth
of Israel. and call together all the widow-
5 And he placed her upon the ers among the people, and let
third step of the altar, and the every one of them bring his rod,
Lord gave unto her grace, and and he by whom the Lord shall
she danced with her feet, and all shew a sign shall be the husband
the house of Israel loved her. of Mary.
7 And the criers went out
through all Judsea, and the
2 Mary fed in the temple by angels, 3 trumpet of the Lord sounded,
when twelve years old the priests con-
sult what to do with her. 6 The and all the
people ran and met
angel of the Lord warns Zacharias together.

See Exol xxviii. 22. &c.

Mary' slot to THE PROTEVANGELION. spin the pwple

8 Tf Joseph also, throwing Mary. 5 Zacharias, the high-priest,

away the hatchet, went out to becomes dumb. 7 Mary takes a pot
to draw water, and hears a voice, 8
meet them and when they were
trembles and begins to work, 9 an
met, they went to the high-priest, angel appears, and salutes her, and
taking every man his rod. tells her she shall conceive by the Holy

9 After the high-priest had Ghost, 17 she submits, 19 visits her

received their rods, he went into cousin Elizabeth, whose child in her
womb leaps.
the temple to pray ;
10 And when he had finished
his prayer, he took the rods, and
it to pass, in a
the priests, it
went forth and distributed them, was said, Let us make a new
and there was no miracle attend- veil for the temple.
ed them. 2 And the high-priest said,
11 The last rod was taken by Call together to me seven unde-
Joseph, and behold a dove pro- filed virgins of the tribe of David.
ceeded out of the rod, and flew 3 And the servants went and
upon the head of Joseph. brought them into the temple of
12 And the high-priest said, the Lord, and the high-priest
Joseph, Thou art the person cho- said unto them Cast lots before
sen to take the Virgin of the me now, who of you shall spin
Lord, to keep her for him the golden thread, who the blue,
13 But Joseph refused, say- who the scarlet, who the fine
ing, I am an old man, and have linen, and who the true purple.
children, but she is young, and I 4 Then the high-priest knew
fear lest I should appear ridicu- Mary, that she was of the tribe
lous in Israel. of David and he called her,

14 Then the high-priest re- and the true purple fell to her
plied, Joseph, fear the Lord thy lot to spin, and she went away to
God, and remember how God her own house.
dealt with Dathan, Korah, and 5 But from that time Zacha-
Abii'am, how the earth opened rias the high-priest became
and swallowed them up, because dumb, and Samuel was placed
of their contradiction. in his room till Zacharias spoke
15 Now therefore, Joseph, fear again.
God, lest the like things should 6 But Mary took the true
happen in your family. purple, and did spin it.
16 Joseph then being afraid, 7 % And she took a pot, and
took her unto his house, and Jo- went out to draw water, and
seph said unto Mary, Behold, I heard a voice saying unto her,
have taken thee from the temple Hail thou who art full of grace, 1
of the Lord, and now I will the Lord is with thee thou art

leave thee in my house I must ;

blessed among women.
I- go to mind my trade of building. 8 And she looked round to the
The Lord be with thee. right and to the left (to see)
whence that voice came, and then
trembling went into her house,
1 The priests desire a new veil for the
temple, 3 seven virgins cast lots for
and laying down the water-pot
making different parts of it, 4 the
she took the purple, and sat
lot to spin the true purple falls to down in her seat to work it.

Luke i. 28, &c.
Joseph's jealousy. THE PROTEVANGELIOK He is warned.
9 And behold the angel of the Whence is this to me, that the
Lord stood by her, and said, mother of my Lord should come
Fear not, Mary, for thou hast unto me?
found favour in the sight of God ;
21 For lo! as soon as the
10 Which when she heard, she voice of thy salutation reached
reasoned with herself what that my ears, that which is in me
sort of salutation meant. leaped and blessed thee.
11 And the angel said unto 22 But Mary, being ignorant
her, The Lord is with thee, and of all those mysterious things
thou shalt conceive which the archangel Gabriel had
12 To which she replied, spoken to her, lifted up her eyes
"What shall I conceive by the
! to heaven, and said, Lord
living God, and bring forth as What am I, that all the genera-
all other women do ? tions of the earth should call me
13 But the angel returned blessed ?
answer, Not so, O Mary, but the 23 But perceiving herself daily
Holy Ghost shall come upon to grow big, and being afraid,
thee, and the power of the Most she went home, and hid herself
High shall overshadow thee ;
from the children of Israel and ;

14 "Wherefore that which shall was fourteen years old when all
be born of thee shall be holy, these things happened.
and shall be called the Son of CHAP. X.
the Living God, and thou shalt
1 Joseph returns from building houses,
call his name Jesus for he shall
finds the Virgin grown big, being six
save his people from their sins. months' gone with child, 2 is jealous
15 And behold thy cousin and troubled, 8 reproaches her, 10
she affirms her innocence, 13 he leaves
Elizabeth, she also hath con-
her, 16 determines to dismiss her pri-
ceived a son in her old age.
vately, 17 is warned in a dream that
16 And this now is the sixth Mary is with child by the Holy Ghost,
month with her, who was called 20 and glorifies God who hath shewn
barren for nothing is impossi-
him such favour.
ble with God.
17 And Mary said, Behold
ANDwaswhen her month
come, Joseph returned

the handmaid of the Lord let from his building houses abroad,

it be unto me according to thy which was his trade, and enter-

word. ing into the house, found the

18 ^f And when she had Virgin grown big:
wrought her purple, she carried 2 Then smiting upon his face,
it to the high-priest, and the he said, With what face can I

high-priest blessed her, saying, look up to the Lord my God ?


Mary, the Lord God hath mag- or, what shall I say concerning
nified thy name, and thou shalt this young woman ?
be blessed in all the ages of the 3 For I received her a Virgin
world. out of the temple of the Lord
19 Then Mary, filled with joy, my God, and have not preserved
went away to her cousin Eliza- her such !

beth, and knocked at the door. 4 Who has thus deceived me ?

20 Which when Elizabeth Who has committed this evil in
heard, she ran and opened to my house, and seducing the Vir-
her, and blessed her, and said, gin from me, hath denied her ?
Luke ii 39, Ac.
Joseph and Marys THE PROTEVANGELION. chastity proved.

5 Is not the history of Adam 19 And she shall bring forth

exactly accomplished in me? a son, and thou shalt call his
6 For in the very instant of name Jesus, for he shall save
his glory, the serpent came and his people from their sins.
found Eve alone, and seduced 20 Then Joseph arose from
her. his sleep, and glorified the God
7 Just after the same manner of Israel, who had shown him
it has happened to me. such favour, and preserved the
8 Then Joseph arising from Virgin.
the ground, called her, and said, CHAP. XL
thou who hast been so much 3 Annas visits Joseph, perceives the
favoured by God, why hast thou Virgin big with child, 4 informs the
done this? high pried that Joseph had privately
married her. 8 Joseph and Mary
9 Why hast thou thus debased brought to trial on the charge. 17
thy soul, who wast educated in Joseph drinks the water of the Lord
the Holy of Holies, and received as an ordeal, and receiving no harm,
thy food from the hand of an- returns home.
10 But she, with a flood of
THEN came Annas the scribe,
and said to Joseph, Where-
tears, replied, I am fore have we not seen you since
and have known no man. your return?
11 Then said Joseph, How 2 And Joseph replied, Because
comes it to pass you are with I was weary after my journey,
child? and rested the first day.
12 Mary answered, As the 3 But Annas turning about
Lord my God liveth, I know perceived the Virgin big with
not by what means. child.
13 ^f Then Joseph was ex- 4 And went away to the
ceedingly afraid, and went away priest, and told him, Joseph in
from her, considering what he w hom you placed so much con-

should do with her and he thus

; fidence, is guilty of a notorious
reasoned with himself: crime, in that he hath defiled
14 If I conceal her crime, I the Virgin whom he received
shall be found guilty by the law out of the temple of the Lord,
of the Lord ;
and hath privately married her,
15 And if I discover her to not discovering it to the children
the children of Israel, I fear, of Israel.
lest she being with child by an 5 Then said the priest, Hath
angel, I shall be found to betray done this?
the life of an innocent person : 6 Annas replied, If you send
16 What therefore shall I do? any of your servants, you will
1 will privately dismiss her. find that she is with child.
17 Then the night was come 7 And the servants went, and
upon him, when behold an angel found it as he said.

of the Lord appeared to him in 8 Upon this both she and Jo-
a dream, and said, seph were brought to their trial,
18 Be not afraid to take that and the priest said unto her,
young woman, for that which is Mary, what hast thou done ?
within her is of the Holy Ghost 9 Why hast thou debased thy

See Matt. i. 18.
Joseph's trial THE PROTEVANGELION". and acquittal.

soul, and forgot thy God, seeing and went to his house, rejoicing
thou wast brought up in the and praising the God of Israel.
Holy of Holies, and didst receive
thy food from the hands of an- CHAP. XII.
gels, and heardest their songs ? 1 A decree from Augustus for taxing
10 Why
hast thou done this ? the Jews. 5 Joseph puts Mary on an
ass, to return to Bethlehem, 6 she
11 To which with a
flood of
looks sorrowful, 7 she laughs, 8 Joseph
tears she answered, As the Lord inquires the cause of each, 9 she tells
my God liveth, I am innocent him she sees two persons, one mourn-
in his sight, seeing I know no ing and the other rejoicing, 10 the
man. delivery being near, he takes her from
12 Then the priest said to the ass, and places her in a cave.

Joseph, Why hast thou done ANDthere went

came it that to pass,
this ? forth a decree
13 And Joseph answered, As from the Emperor Augustus,
the Lord my God liveth, I have that all the Jews should be
not been concerned with her. taxed, who were of Bethlehem
14 But the priest said, Lie in Judaea:
not, but declare the truth thou ; 2 And Joseph said, I will
hast privately married her, and take care that my children be
not discovered it to the children taxed but what shall I do with

of Israel, and humbled thyself thisyoung woman ?

under the mighty hand (of God), 3 To have her taxed as my
that thy seed might be blessed. wife I am ashamed and if I ;

15 And Joseph was silent. tax her as my

daughter, all
16 Then said the priest (to Israel knows she is not my
Joseph), You must restore to daughter.
the temple of the Lord the 4 When the time of the Lord's
Virgin which you took thence. appointment shall come, let him
17 But he wept bitterly, and do as seems good to him.
the priest added, I will cause 5 And he saddled the ass, and
you both to drink the water of put her upon it, and Joseph and
the Lord, which is for trial, and
Simon followed after her, and
60 your iniquity shall be laid arrived at Bethlehem within
open before you. three miles.
18 Then the priest took the 6 Then Joseph turning about
water, and made Joseph drink, saw Mary sorrowful, and said
and sent him to a mountainous within himself, Perhaps she is
place. in pain through that which is
19 And
he returned perfectly within her.
well, all the people won-
and 7 But when he turned about
dered that his guilt was not dis- again he saw her laughing, and
covered. said to her,
20 So the priest said, Since 8 Mary, how happens it, that
the Lord hath not made your I sometimes see sorrow, and
sins evident, neither do I con- sometimes laughter and joy in
demn you. thy countenance ?
21 So he sent them away. 9 And Mary replied to him,
22 Then Joseph took Mary, I see two people with mine eyes,

Num. v. 18.
Luke ii. 1.


Miracles at THE PROTEVANGELION Mary's labom

the one weeping and mourning, 8 And I beheld the sheep dis-
the other laughing and rejoicing. persed, and yet the sheep stood
10 And he went again across still.
the way, and Mary said to Jo- 9 And the shepherd lifted up
seph, Take me down from the ass, his hand to smite them, and his
for that which is in me presses to hand continued up.
come forth. 10. And I looked unto a river,
11 But Joseph replied, Whi- and saw the kids with their
ther shall I take thee ? for the mouths close to the water, and
place is desert. touching it, but they did not
12 Then said Mary again to drink.
Joseph, take me down, for that
which is within me mightily CHAP. XIV.
presses me. 1 Joseph finds a midwife. 10 A bright
13 And Joseph took her down. cloud overshadows the cave. 11 A
great light in the cave, gradually in-
14 And he found there a cave, creases until the infant is born. 13
and let her into it. The midwife goes out, and tells
Salome that she has seen a virgin
bring forth. 17 Salome doubts it.
1 Joseph seeks a Hebrew midwife,
2 20 her hand withers, 22 she suppli-
perceives the fowls stopping in their cates the Lord, 28 is cured, 30 but
flight, 3 the working people at their warned not to declare what she had
food not moving, 8 the sheep stand- seen.
ing still, 9 the shepherd fixed and
immoveable, 10 and kids with their HEIST I beheld a woman com-
mouths touching the water but not
T ing down from the moun-
tains, and she said to me, Where

AND leaving her and his sons

in the cave, Joseph went
art thou going, O man ?
2 And I said to her, I go to
forth to seek a Hebrew midwife inquire for a Hebrew midwife.
in the village of Bethlehem. 3 She replied to me, Where
2 But as I Avas going (said Jo- is the woman that is to be de-
seph) I looked up into the air, livered ? •

and I saw the clouds astonished, 4 And

answered, In the I
and the fowls of the air stop- cave, and she
is betrothed to me.
ping in the midst of their flight.5 Then said the midwife, Is
3 And I looked down towards she not thy wife ?
the earth, and saw a table 6 Joseph answered, It is Mary,
spread, and working people sit- who was educated in the Holy
ting around it, but their hands of Holies, in the house of the
were upon the table, and they Lord, and she fell to my lot,
did not move to eat. and is not my wife, but has con-
4 They who had meat in their ceived by the Holy Ghost.
mouths did not eat. 7 The midwife said, Is this
5 They who lifted their hands true?
up to their heads did not draw 8 He answered, Come and
them back : see.
6 And they who lifted 9 And
them the midwife went
up to their mouths did not put along with him, and stood in the
anything in cave.
7 But all their faces were 10 Then a bright cloud over-
fixed upwards. shadowed the cave, and the mid-
Christ born. THE PROTEVANGELION. Salome's unbelief.

wife said, This day my soul is seed of Abraham, and Isaac,

magnified, for mine eyes have and Jacob.
seen surprising things, and sal- 23 Make me not a reproach
vation is brought forth to Israel. among the children of Israel,
11 But on a sudden the cloud but restore me sound to my
became a great light in the cave, parents.
so that their eyes could not bear 24 For thou well knowest, O
it. Lord, that I have performed
12 But the light gradually many offices of charity in thy
decreased, until the infant ap- name, and have received my re-
peared, and sucked the breast of ward from thee.
his mother Mary. 25 Upon this an angel of the
13 Then the midwife cried Lord stood by Salome, and said,
out, and said, How glorious a The Lord God hath heard thy
day is this, wherein mine eyes prayer, reach forth thy hand to
have seen this extraordinary the child, and carry him, and by
sight that means thou shalt be re-
14 And the midwife went out stored.
from the cave, and Salome met 26 Salome, filled with exceed-
her. ing joy, went to the child, and
15 And the midwife said to said, I will touch him
her, Salome, Salome, I will tell 27 And she purposed to wor-
you a most surprising thing ship him, for she said, This is a
which I saw, great king which is born in Israel.
16 A virgin hath brought 28 And straightway Salome
forth, which is a thing contrary was cured.
to nature. 29 Then the midwife went
17 To which Salome replied, out of the cave, being approved
As the Lord my God liveth, un- by God.
less I receive particular proof 30 And lo a voice came to

of this matter, I will not believe Salome, Declare not the strange
that a virgin hath brought forth. things which thou hast seen, till
18 T Then Salome went in, the child shall come to Jeru-
and the midwife said, Mary, salem.
shew thyself, for a great contro- 31 So Salome also departed,
versy is risen concerning thee. approved by God.
19 And Salome received satis-
1 Wise men come from the east. 3 He-
20 But her hand was with-
rod alarmed ; 8 desires them if they
ered, and she groaned bitterly. 10
find the child, to bring him word.
21 And said, Woe to me, be- They visit the cave, and offer the child
cause of mine iniquity ; for I their treasure, 11 and being warned
in a dream, do not return to Herod,
have tempted the living God,
but go home another way.
and my hand is ready to drop
.off. THEN Joseph was preparing
to go away, because there
22 Then Salome made her
supplication to the Lord, and arose a great disorder in Bethle-
said, O God of my fathers, re- hem by the coming of
member me, for I am of the wise men from the east,

Matt. ii. 1, &c.

Tie THE PROTEVAls GELION. Star in the Bad.

2 Who said, Where is the unto him gold and frankincense,

king of the Jews born ? For we and myrrh.
have seen his star in the east, And
being warned in a
and are come to worship him. dream by an
angel, that they
3 When Herod heard this, he should not return to lien d
was exceedingly troubled, and through Judoca, they departed
sent messengers to the wise men, into their own country by an-
and to the priests, and inquired other way.
of them in the town-hall,
4 And said unto them, Where
have you it written concerning 1 Herod enraged, orders the infants in
Bethlehem to be slain. 2 Mi
Christ the king, or where should
her infant in an ox manger, o Eli-
he be born ? sabeth flees with her son John to tic
5 Then they say unto him, In mountains. G A
mountain miracu-
Bethlehem of Judsea; for thus lously divides and receives them. 9
it iswritten And thou Bethle-
Herod incensed at the escape of John.
causes Zacharias to be murdered at
hem in the land of Judah, art
the altar, 23 the roofs of the temple
not the least among the princes rent, the body miraculously conveyed,
of Judah, for out of thee shall and the blood petrified. 25 Israel
come a ruler, who shall rule my mourns for him. 27 Simeon chosen
his successor by lot.
people Israel.
6 And having sent away the THEN" Herod perceiving that

chief priests, he inquired of the he was mocked by the wise

wise men in the town-hall, and men, and being very angry,
said unto them, What sign was commanded certain men to go
it ye saw concerning the king and to kill all the children that
that is born ? were in Bethlehem, from two
7 They answered him, We years old and under.
saw an extraordinary large star 2 But Mary hearing that the
shining among the stars of hea- children were to be killed, being
ven, and so out-shined all the under much fear, took the child,
other stars, as that they became and wrapped him up in swad-
not visible, and we knew thereby dling clothes, and laid him in
that a great king was born in an ox-manger, 2 because there
Israel, and therefore we are was no room for them in the inn.
come to worship him. 3 Elizabeth also, hearing that
8 Then said Herod to them, her son John Avas about to be
Go and make diligent inquiry searched for, took him and went
and if ye find the child, bring up unto the mountains, and
me word again, that I may come looked around for a place to
and worship him also. hide him ;

9 So the wise men went forth, 4 And there was no secret

and behold, the star which they place to be found.
saw in the east went before 5 Then she groaned within
them, till it came and stood over herself, and said, O mountain
the cave where the young child of the Lord, receive the mother
was with Mary his mother. with the child.
10 Then they brought forth 6 For Elizabeth could not
out of their treasures, and offered climb up.

Matt. ii. 16. 2
Luke ii. 7 is alluded to, though misapplied 33 to
Herod's cruelty. THE PROTEVANGELION. Zaclis. murdered.

7 And instantly the mountain 17 But the children of Israel

was divided and received them. knew not when he was killed.
8 And there appeared to them 18 ^f Then at the hour of sa-
an angel of the Lord, to pre- lutation the priests went into the
serve them. temple, but
Zacharias did not
9 T[ But Herod made search accordingto custom meet them
after John, and sent servants to and bless them
Zacharias, when he was (minis- 19 Yet they still continued
tering) at the altar, and said waiting for him to salute them ;

unto him, Where hast thou hid 20 And when they found he
thy son ? did not in a long time come,
10 He replied to them, I am one of them ventured into the
a minister of God, and a servant holy place where the altar was,
at the altar how should I know and he saw blood lying upon

where my son is ? the ground congealed

11 So the servants went back, 21 When, behold, a voice
and told Herod the whole at from heaven said, Zacharias is

which he was incensed, and murdered, and his blood shall

said, Is not this son of his like not be wiped away, until the
to be king in Israel ? revenger of his bleed come.
12 He sent therefore again 22 But when he heard this,
his servants to Zacharias, saying, he was afraid, and went forth
Tell us the truth, where is thy and told the priests what he had
son, for you know that your life seen and heard and they all

is in my hand. Avent in, and saw the fact.

13 So the servants went and 23 Then the roofs of the tem-
told him all this : ple howled, and were rent from
14 But Zacharias replied to the top to the bottom
them, I am a martyr for God, 24 And they could not find
and if he shed my blood, the the body, but only blood made
Lord will receive my soul. hard like stone.
15 Besides know that ye shed 25 And they went away, and
innocent blood. told the people, that Zacharias
16 However Zacharias was was murdered, and all the tribes
murdered in the entrance of the of Israel heard thereof, and
temple and altar, and about the mourned for him, and lamented
partition three days. 1

There is a story both in the Jerusalem and Babylonish Talmud very
similar to this. It "is cited by Dr. Lightfoot, Talmud, Hicrosol, in Taannith,
fob 69 ; and Talmud, Babyl. in Sankedr., fob 96. " Eabbi Joehanan said.
Eighty thousand priests were slain for the blood of Zacharias. Eabbi
Judas asked Eabbi Achan, Where did they kill Zacharias ? "Was it in the
woman's court, or in the court of Israel? He answered: Keither in the
court of Israel, nor in the court of women, but in the court of the priests;
and they did not treat his blood in the same manner as they were wont
to treat the blood of a ram or a young goat. For of these it is written,
He shall pour out his blood, and cover it with dust. But it is written
here, The blood is in the midst of her she set it upon the top of the rock

she poured it not upon the ground. (Ezek. xxiv. 7.) But why was this?
That it might cause fury to come up to take vengeance I have set his

blood upon the top of a* rock, that it should not be covered. They com-
mitted seven evils that day: they murdered a priest, a prophet, and a
Simeon succeeds THE PROTEVANGELION. Zacharias.

26 Then the priests took If I James wrote this History in Je-

counsel together concerning a rusalem : and when the disturbance was
person to succeed him. I retired into a desert place, until the
27 And Simeon and the other death of Herod. And the disturbance
priests cast lots, and the lot fell ceased at Jerusalem. That which re-
upon Simeon. mains is, that I glorify God that he hath
28 For he had been assured given me such wisdom to write unto you
by the Holy Spirit, that he who are spiritual, and who love God:
should not die, till he had seen to whom (be ascribed) glory and domi-
Christ come in the flesh. nion for ever and ever, Amen.

king; they shed the blood of the innocent: they polluted the court: that
day was the Sabbath and the day of expiation. When therefore Nebuzara-

dan came there (viz. Jerusalem), he saw his blood bubbling, and said to
them, What meaneth this ? They answered, It is the blood of calves, lambs,
and rams, which we have offered upon the altar. He commanded then, that
they should bring calves, and lambs, and rams, and said I will try whether
this be their blood accordingly they brought and slew them, but the blood

of (Zacharias) still bubbled, but the blood of these did not bubble. Then he
said, Declare to me the truth of the matter, or else I will comb your flesh
with iron combs. Then said they to him, He was a priest, prophet, and
judge, who prophesied to Israel all these calamities which we have suffered
from you but we arose against him, and slew him. Then, said he, I will ap-

pease him then he took the rabbins and slew them upon his (viz. Zacharias'e)

blood, and he was not yet appeased. Next he took the young boys from the
schools, and slew them upon his blood, and yet it bubbled. Then lie brought
the young priests and slew them in the same place, and yet it still bubbled.
So he slew at length ninety-four thousand persons upon his blood, and it did
not as yet cease bubbling. Then he drew near to it, and said, O Zacharias,
Zacharias, thou hast occasioned the death of the chief of thy countrymen
shall I slav them all ? then the blood ceased, and did bubble no more."
^ukeii. 26.

The first Gospel of the INFANCY of JESUS CHRIST.
[Mr. Henry Sike, Professor of Oriental Languages at Cambridge, first trans-
lated and published this Gospel in 1697. It was received by the Gnostics,
a sect of Christians in the second century and several of its relations were

credited in the following ages by other Christians, viz., Eusebius, Athana-

sius, Epiphanius, Chrysostom, &c. Sozomen says, he was told by many,
and he credits the relations, of the idols in Egypt falling down on Joseph,
and Mary's flight thither with Christ and of Christ making a well to wash

his clothes in a sycamore tree, from whence balsam aiterwards proceeded.

These stories are from this Gospel. Chemnitlui out of Stipulensis, who

had it from Peter Martyr, Bishop of Alexandria, in the third century, says,
that the place in Egypt where Christ was banished is now called Matarea,
about ten miles beyond Cairo that the inhabitants constantly burn a lamp

in remembrance of it and that there is a garden of trees yielding a bal-


sam, which were planted by Christ when a boy. M. La Crosse cites a

synod at Angamala, in the mountains of Malabar, a.d. 1599, which con-
demns this Gospel as commonly read by the Nestorians in that country.
Ahmed Ibu Idris, a Mahometan divine, says, it was used by some Chris-
tians in common with the other four Gospels; and Ocobius de Castro men-
tions a Gospel of Thomas, which he says, he saw and had translated to
him by an Armenian Archbishop at Amsterdam, that was read in very
many churches of Asia and Africa, as the only rule of their faith. Fabri-
cius takes it to be this Gospel. It has been supposed, that Mahomet and
his coadjutors used it in compiling the Koran. There are several stories
believed of Christ proceeding from this Gospel as that which Mr. Sike

relates out of La Brosse's Persic Lexicon, that Christ practised the trade
of a dyer, and his Avorking a miracle with the colours; from whence the
Persian dyers honour him as their patron, and call a dye-house the shop
of Christ. Sir John Chardin mentions Persian legends concerning
Christ's dispute with his schoolmaster about his ABC;
and his lengthen-
ing the cedar-board which Joseph sawed too short.]

CHAP. I. 4 ^f In the three hundred and

1 Caiaphas relates, that Jesus when in ninth year of the sera of Alexan-
his cradle, informed his mother, that der, Augustus published a decree
he was the Son of God. 5 Joseph and that all persons should go to be
Mary going to Bethlehem to be taxed, taxed in their own country.
Mary's time of bringing forth arrives,
and she goes into a cave. 8 Joseph 5 Joseph therefore arose, and
fetches in a Hebrew woman, the cave with Mary his spouse he went to
fiUled with great lights. 11 The in- Jerusalem, and then came to
fant born, 17 cures the woman, 19 Bethlehem, that he and his
arrival of the shepherds.
family might be taxed in the
. in the
book of Jo-
we city of his fathers.
6 And when they came by the
seph the high-priest, called by cave, Mary confessed to Joseph
some Caiaphas that her time of bringing forth
2 He relates, that Jesus spake was come, and she could not go
even when he was in the cradle, on to the city, and said, Let us
and said to his mother go into this cave.
3 Mary, I am Jesus the Son of 7 At that time the sun Avas
God, that word which thou didst very near going down.
bring forth according to the de- 8 But Joseph hastened away,
claration of the angel Gabriel to that he might fetch her a mid-
thee, and my father hath sent me wife and when he saw an old

for the salvation of the world. Hebrew woman who was of Jeru-
Christ bom and I. INFANCY, circumcised in the

salem, said to her, Pray come ment, the cave at that time

hither, good woman, and go into seemed like a glorious temple,

that cave, and you will there see because both the tongues of an-
a woman just ready to bring gels and men united to adore
forth. and magnify God, on account of
9 It was after sunset, when the birth of the Lord Christ.
the old woman and Joseph with 21 But when the old Hebrew
her reached the cave, and they woman saw all these evident
both went into it. miracles, she gave praises to God,
10 And behold, it was all filled and said, I thank thee, O God,
with lights, greater than the thou God of Israel, for that mine
light of lamps and candles, and eyes have seen the birth of the
greater than the light of the sun Saviour of the world.
11 The infant was then wrap- CHAP II.
ped up in swaddling clothes, and 1 The child circumcised in the cave, 2
sucking the breasts of his mother and the old woman preserving his fore-
skin or navel-string in a box of spike-
St. Mary.
nard, Mary afterwards anoints Christ
12 When they both saw this with it. 5 Christ brought to the tem-
light, they were surprised the ; ple, 6 shines, 7 angels stand around

old woman asked St. Mary, Art him adoring. 8 Simeon praises
thou the mother of this child ?
13 St. Mary replied, She was.
14 On which the old woman
when the time of his cir-
cumcision was come, name-
said, Thou art very different ly, the eighth day, on which the
from all other women. law commanded the child to be
15 St. Mary answered, As circumcised, they circumcised
there is not any child like to my him in the cave.
son, so neither is there any wo- 2 And the old Hebrew woman
man like to his mother. took the foreskin (others say she
16 The old woman answered, took the navel-string),"and pre-
and said, my Lady, I am come served it in an alabaster-box of
hither that I may obtain an ev- old oil of spikenard.
erlasting reward. 3 And she had a son who was
17 Then our Lady, St. Mary, a druggist, to whom she said,
said to her, Lay thine hands Take heed thou sell not this ala-
upon the infant which, when baster box of spikenard-oint-

sh3 had done, she became whole. ment, although thou shouldst be
18 And as she was going forth, offered three hundred pence for
she said, From henceforth, all it.
the days of my life, I will attend 4 Now this is that alabaster-
upon and be a servant of this in- box which Mary the sinner pro-
fant. cured, and poured forth the
19 After this, when the shep- ointment out of it upon the head
herds came, and had made a fire, and the feet of our Lord Jesus
and they were exceedingly re- Christ, and wiped it off with the
joicing, the heavenly host ap- hairs of her head.
peared to them, praising and 5 Then after ten days they
adoring the supreme God. brought him to Jerusalem, and
20 And as the shepherds were on the fortieth day from his
engaged in the same employ- birth they presented him in the

The wise men worship I. INFANCY. Christ's swaddling cloth.

temple before the Lord, making ped him, and offered to him their
the proper offerings for him, ac- gifts.
cording to the requirement of 2 Then the Lady Mary took
the law of Moses namely, that
: one of his swaddling clothes in
every male which opens the which the infant was wrapped,
womb shall be called holy unto and gave it to them instead of a
God. blessing, which they received
6 At that time old Simeon from her as a most noble pres-
saw him shining as a pillar of ent.
light, when Mary
the Virgin,
St. 3 And at the same time there
his mother, carried him in her appeared to them an angel in
arms, and was filled with the the form of that star which had
greatest pleasure at the sight. before been their guide in their
7 And the angels stood around journey; the light of which they
him, adoring him, as a king's followed till they returned into
guards stand around him. their own country.
8 Then Simeon going near to 4 \ On their return their
St. Mary, and stretching forth kings and princes came to them
his hands towards her, said to inquiring, What they had seen
the Lord Christ, Now, O my and done ? What sort of journey
Lord, thy servant shall depart and return they had ? What
in peace, according to thy word ;
company they had on the road ?
9 For mine eyes have seen 5 But they produced the swad-
thy mercy, which thou hast pre- dling cloth which St. Mary had
pared for the salvation of all na- given to them, on account where-
tions a light to all people, and
; of they kept a feast.
the glory of thy people Israel. 6 And having, according to
10 Hannah the prophetess the custom of their country,
was also present, and drawing made a fire, they worshipped it.
near, she gave praises to God, 7 And casting the swaddling
and celebrated the happiness of cloth into it, the fire took it, and
Mary. kept it.
CHAP. III. 8 And when the fire was put
out, they took forth the swad-
1 The wise men visit Christ. Mary gives
dling cloth unhurc, as much as if
them one of his swaddling clothes. 3
An angel appears to them in the form the fire had not touched it.
of a star. 'They return and make a 9 Then they began to kiss it,
fire, and worship the swaddling cloth, and put it upon their heads and
and, put it in the fire, where it remains
their eyes, saying, This is cer-
tainly an undoubted truth, and it
it to pass, when the
is really surprising that the fire
was born at could not burn it, and consume it.
Bethlehem, a city of Judaea, in 10 Then they took it, and
the time of Herod the King with the greatest respect laid it
the wise men came from the up among their treasures.
East to Jerusalem, according to
the prophecy of Zoradascht, 1
and brought with them offer- 1 Herod intends to put Christ to death.
3 An angel warns Joseph to take the
ings namely, gold, frankin-
child and its mother into Efjypt. 6
cense, and myrrh, and worship- Consternation on their arrival. 13
An Idol falls. Christ's I. INFANCY, swaddling cloth heals a boy.

The idols falldown. 15 Mary washes and had turned into that inn,
Christ's swaddling clothes, and hangs all the inhabitants
of the city-
them to dry on a post. 16 Ason of
were astonished.
the chief priest puts one on, his head,
and being possessed of devils, they 10 And all the magistrates
leave him. and priests of the idols assem-
bled before that idol, and made
"VTOW Herod, perceiving that inquiry there, saying, What
J_M the wise men
did delay, means all this consternation,
and not return him, called and dread, which has fallen
together the priests and wise men upon all our country ?
and said, Tell me in what place 11 The idol answered them,
the Christ should be born ? The unknown God is come
2 And when they replied, in hither, who is truly God; nor
Bethlehem, a city of Judaea, he is there any one besides him,
began to contrive in his own who is worthy of divine wor-
mind the death of the Lord ship for he is truly the Son of

Jesus Christ. God.

3 But an angel of the Lord 12 At the fame of him this
appeared to Joseph in his sleep, country trembled, and at his
and said, Arise, take the child coming it is under the present
and his mother, and go into commotion and consternation
Egypt as soon as the cock crows. and we ourselves are affrighted
So he arose, and went. by the greatness of his power.
4 If And as he was consider- 13 And at the same instant
ing with himself about his jour- this idol fell down, and at his
ney, the morning came upon fall all the inhabitants of Egypt,
him. besides others, ran together.
5 In the length of the journey 14 ^f Bat the son of the priest,
the girts of the saddle broke. when his usual disorder came
6 And now he drew near to upon him, going into the inn,
a great city, in which there was found there Joseph and St.
an idol, to which the other idols Mary, whom all the rest had
and gods of Egypt brought their left behind and forsook.
offerings and vows. 15 And when the Lady St.
7 And there was by this idol Mary had washed the swaddling
a priest ministering to it, who, clothes of the Lord Christ, and
as often as Satan spoke out of hanged them out to dry upon a
that idol, related the things he post, the boy possessed with the
said to the inhabitants of Egypt, devil took down one of them,
and those countries. and put it upon his head.
8 This priest had a son three 16 And presently the devils
years old, who was possessed began to come out of his mouth,
with a great multitude of devils, and fly away in the shape of
who uttered many strange things, crows and serpents.
and when the devils seized him, 17 From that time the boy
walked about naked with his was healed by the power of the
clothes torn, throwing stones at Lord Christ, and he began to
those whom he saw. sing praises, and give thanks to
9 Near to that idol was the the Lord who had healed him.
inn of the city, into which when 18 When his father saw him
Joseph and St. Mary were come, restored to his former state of
Flight into Egypt I. INFANCY. Mary cures a ivoman.

health, he said, My son, what their clothes, and carried them

has happened to thee, and by away bound.
what means wert thou cured ? 4 These thieves upon their
19 The son answered, When coming heard a great noise, such
the devils seized me, I went into as the noise of a king with a
the inn, and there found a very great army and many horses,
handsome woman with a boy, and the trumpets sounding at
whose swaddling clothes she had his departure from his own city ;

just before washed, and hanged at which they were so affrighted

out upon a post. as to leave all their booty be-
20 One of these I took, and hind them, and fly away in haste.
put it upon my head, and imme- 5 Upon this the prisoners
diately the devils left me, and arose, and loosed each other's
fled away. bonds, and taking each man his
21 At this the father exceed- bags, they went away, and saw
ingly rejoiced, and said, My son, Joseph and Mary coming to-
perhaps this boy is the son of the wards them, and inquired, Where
living God, who made the hea- is that king, the noise of whose
vens and the earth. approach the robbers heard, and
22 For as soon as he came left us, so that we are now come
amongst us, the idol was broken, off safe?
and all the gods fell down, and 6 Joseph answered, He will
were destroyed by a greater come after us.
23 Then was fulfilled the pro-
phecy which saith, Out of Egypt 1 Mary looks on a woman in whom
Satan had taken up his abode, and
I have called my son. she becomes dispossessed. 5 Christ
CHAP. V. kissed by a bride made dumb by sor-
cerers, cures her, 11 miraculously cures
1 Joseph and Mary leave Egypt. 3
a gentlewoman in whom Satan had
Go to the haunts of robbers, 4 Who,
taken up his abode. 16 A leprous
hearing a mighty noise as of a great
girl cured by the water in which he
army, flee away.
was washed, and becomes the servant
"JVTOW Joseph and Mary, when of Mary and Joseph. 20 The lep-
_LM they heard that the idol rous son of a prince's wife cured in
was fallen down and destroyed, like manner. 37 His mother offers
large gifts to Mary, and dismisses her.
were seized with fear and tremb-
ling, and said, "When we were
in the land of Israel, Herod, in-
THEN they w ent into another
city where

there was a
tending to kill Jesus, slew for woman
possessed with a devil,
that purpose all the infants at and whom
Satan, that cursed
Bethlehem, and that neighbour- rebel, had taken up his abode.
hood. 2 One night, when she went
2 And there is no doubt but to fetch water, she could neither
the Egyptians if they come to endure her clothes on, nor to be
hear that this idol is broken and in any house ; but as often as
fallen down, will burn us with they tied her with chains or
fire. cords, she brake them, and went
3 They went
therefore hence out into desert places, and some-
to the secret places of robbers,times standing where roads
who robbed travellers as they crossed, and in churchyards,
pass by, of their carriages and would throw stones at men.
Christ cures a dumb bride, I. INFANCY. The possessed woman,

3 When St. Mary saw this wo- greatest respect and most splen-
man, she pitied her whereupon
did entertainment.
Satan presently left her, and fled 10 And being then furnished
away in the form of a young by the people with provisions for
man, saying, Wo to me, because the road, they departed and went
of thee, Mary, and thy son. to another city, in which they
4 So the woman was delivered were inclined to lodge, because
from her torment; but consid- it was a famous place.

ering herself naked, she blushed, 11 There was in this city a

and avoided seeing any man, and gentlewoman, who, as she ;went
having put on her clothes, went down one day to the river to
home, and gave an account of bathe, behold cursed Satan leaped
her case to her father and rela- upon her in the form of a serpent,
tions, who, as they were the best 12 And folded himself about
of the city, entertained St. Mary her belly, and every night lay
and Joseph with the greatest re- upon her.
spect. 13 This woman seeing the
5 The next morning having Lady St. Mary, and the Lord
received a sufficient supply of Christ the infant in her bosom,
provisions for the road, they asked the Lady St. Mary, that
went from them, and about the she would give her the child to
evening of the day arrived at kiss, and carry in her arms.
another town, where a marriage 11 When she had consented,
was then about to be solemnized and as soon as the woman had

but by the arts of Satan and the moved the child, Satan left her,
practices of some sorcerers, the and fled away, nor did the wo-
bride was become so dumb, that man ever afterwards see him.
she could not so much as open 15 Hereupon all the neigh-
her mouth. bours praised the Supreme God,
6 But when this dumb bride and the woman rewarded them
saw the Lady St. Mary entering with ample beneficence.
into the town, and carrying the 16 On the morrow the same
Lord Christ in her arms, she woman brought perfumed water
stretched out her hands to the to wash the Lord Jesus ; and
Lord Christ, and took him in her when she had washed him, she
arms, and closely hugging him, preserved the water.
very often kissed him, continu- 17 And there was a girl there,
ally moving him and pressing whose body was white with a
him to her body. leprosy, who being sprinkled with
7 Straightway the string of this water, and washed, was in-
her tongue was loosed, and her stantly cleansed from her le-
ears were opened, and she began prosy.
to sing praises unto God, who 18 The people therefore said
had restored her. Without doubt Joseph and
8 there was great joy Mary, and that boy are Gods,
among the inhabitants of the for they do not look like mortals.
town that night, who thought 19 And when they were mak-
that God and his angels were ing ready to go away, the girl,
come down among them. who had been troubled with the
9 T[ In this place they abode leprosy, came and desired they
three days, meeting with the would permit her to go along
two leprous persons, and I. INFANCY a newly married man.

with them; so they consented, 29 The woman inquiring

and the girl went with them till where that God was, whom she
they came to a city, in which spake of, the girl answered He
was the palace of a great king, lodges with you here in the same
and whose house was not far from house.
the inn. 30 But how can this be ? says
20 Here they staid, and when she where is he ? Behold, re-

the girl went one day to the plied the girl, Joseph and Mary
prince's wife, and found her in a and the infant who is with them
sorrowful and mournful condi- is called Jesus and it is he who

tion, she asked her the reason of delivered me from my disease

her tears. and torment.
21 She replied, Wonder not 31 But by what means, says
at my groans, for I am under a she, were you cleansed from your
great misfortune, of which I dare leprosy ? Will you not tell me
not tell any one. that ?

22 But, says the girl, if you 32 Why not? says the girl ; I
will entrust me with your private took the water with which his
grievance, perhaps I may find body had been washed, and
you a remedy for it. poured it upon me, and my le-
23 Thou, therefore, says the prosy vanished.
prince's wife, shalt keep the se- 33 The prince's wife then
cret, and not discover it to any arose and entertained them, pro-
one alive viding a great feast for Joseph
24 I have been married to this among a large company of men.
prince, who rules as king over 34 And the next day took
large dominions, and lived long perfumed water to wash, the
with him, before he had any Lord Jesus, and afterwards
child by me. poured the same water upon her
25 At length I conceived by son, whom she had brought with
him, but alas I brought forth a
! her, and her son was instantly
leprous son which, when he saw,
; cleansed from his leprosy.
he would not own to be his, but 35 Then she sang thanks and
said to me, praises unto God, and said,
26 Either do thou kill him, or Blessed is the mother that bare
send him to some nurse in such thee, Jesus O
a place, that he may be never 36 Dost thou thus cure men
heard of; and now take care of of the same nature with thyself,
yourself; I will never see you with the water with which thy
more. body is washed ?
27 So here I pine, lamenting 37 She then offered very large
my wretched and miserable cir- the Lady Mary, and sent
gifts to
cumstances. Alas, my son alas, ! her away with all imaginable re-
my husband Have I disclosed
it to you ? CHAP. VII.
28 The girl replied, I have 1 A man who could not enjoy his wife,
found a remedy for your disease, freed from his disorder. 5 young A
which I promise you, for I also man ivho had been bewitched, and
turned into a nude, miraculously cured
was leprous, but God hath cleans- by Christ being put on his back. 28
ed me, even he who is called and is married to the girl who had
Jesus, the son of the Lady Mary. been cured of leprosy.
A bewitched young man INFANCY. restored to his shape.

his neck, whom they kissed, and

THEY came
city, and had
a were feeding.
mind to lodge there. 13 But when the girl said,
2 Accordingly they went to a How handsome, ladies, that mule
man's house, who was newly is they replied with tears, and

married, but by the influence of said, This mule, which you see,
sorcerers could not enjoy his was our brother, born of this
wife same mother as we :

3 But they lodging at his 14 For when our father died,

house that night, the man was and left us a very large estate,
freed of his disorder : and we had only this brother,
4 And when they were pre- and we endeavoured to procure
paring early in the morning to him a suitable match, and
go forward on their journey, the thought he should be married as
new married person hindered other men, some giddy and jeal-
them, and provided a noble en- ous woman bewitched him with-
tertainment for them ? out our knowledge.
5 But going forward on the 15 And we, one night, a little
morrow, they came to another before day, while the doors of
city, and saw three women going the house were all fast shut, saw
from a certain grave with great this our brother was changed in-
weeping. to a mule, such as you now see
6 When St. Mary saw them, him to be
she spake to the girl who was 16 And we, in the melancholy
their companion, saying, Go and condition in which you see us,
inquire of them, what is the having no father to comfort us,
matter with them, and what mis- have applied to all the wise
fortune has befallen them ? men, magicians, and diviners in
7 When the girl asked them, the world, but they have been of
they made her no answer, but no service to us.
asked her again, Who are ye, 17 As often therefore as we
and where are ye going? For find ourselves oppressed with
the day is far spent, and the grief, we rise and go with this
night is at hand. our mother to our father's tomb,
8 We are travellers, saith the where, when we have cried suf-
girl, and are seeking for an inn ficiently we return home.
to lodge at. 18 When the girl had heard
9 They replied, Go along with this, she said, Take courage, and
us, and lodge with us. cease your fears, for you have a
10 They then followed them, remedy for your afflictions near
and were introduced into a new at hand, even among you and in
house, well furnished with all the midst of your house,
sorts of furniture. 19 For I :was also leprous;
11 It was now winter-time, but when I saw this woman, and
and the girl went into the par- with her, whose
this little infant
lour where these women were, name is Jesus, I sprinkled my
and found them weeping and body with the water with which
lamenting, as before. his mother had washed him, and
12 By them stood a mule, I was presently made well.
covered over with silk, and an 20 And I am certain that he
ebony collar hanging down from is also capable of relieving you
A bewitched young man I. INFANCY. restored and married.

under your distress. Wherefore, their mother, saying, Of a truth

arise, go to my mistress, Mary, our brother is restored to his for-
and when you have brought her mer shape by the help of the
into your own parlour, disclose Lord Jesus Christ, and the kind-
to her the secret, at the same ness of that girl, who told us of
time, earnestly beseeching her to Mary and her son.
compassionate your case. 29 And inasmuch as our bro-
21 As soon as the women had ther is unmarried, it is fit that
heard the girl's discourse, they we marry him to this girl their
hastened away to the Lady St. servant.
Mary, introduced themselves to 30 When
they had consulted
her, and sitting down before her, Mary
and she had
in this matter,
they wept. given her consent, they made a
22 And said, our Lady St. splendid wedding for this girl.
Mary, pity your handmaids, for 31 And so their sorrow being
we have no head of our family, turned into gladness, and their
no one older than us no father,;mourning into mirth, they began
or brother to go in and out be- to rejoice, and to make merry,
fore us. and sing, being dressed in their
23 But this mule, which you richest attire, with bracelets.
see, was our brother, which some 32 Afterwards they glorified
woman by have and praised God, saying, O
brought into which Jesus son of David who changest
this condition
you see : we therefore entreat sorrow into gladness, and mourn-
you to compassionate us. ing into mirth !

24 Hereupon St. Mary was 33 After this Joseph and Mary

grieved at their case, and taking tarried there ten days, then went
the Lord Jesus, put him upon away, having received great re-
the back of the mule. spect from those people
25 And said to her son, 34 Who, when they took their
Jesus Christ, restore (or heal) leave of them, and returned
according to thy extraordinary home, cried,
power this mule, and grant him 35 But especially the girl.
to have again the shape of a
man and a rational creature, as CHAP. VIII.
he had formerly. 1 Joseph and Mary pass through a
26 This was scarce said by the country infested by robbers, 3 Titus,
a humane thief, offers Dumachus, his
Lady St. Mary, but the mule comrade, forty groats to letJoseph and
immediately passed into a hu- Mary pass unmolested. 6 Jesus pro-
man form, and became a young phesies that the thieves, Dumachus and
man without any deformity. Titus, shall be crucified with him, and
27 Then he and mother his that Titus shall go before him into
Paradise. 10 Christ causes a well to
and the sisters worshipped the
spring from a sycamore tree, and
Lady St. Mary, and lifting the Mary washes his coat in it. 11 A
child upon their heads, they balsam grows there from his sweat.
kissed him, and said, Blessed is They go to Memphis, where Christ
thy mother, O Jesus, O Saviour works more miracles. Return to Ju-
dcea. 15 being warned, depart for
of the world Blessed are the
eyes which are so happy as to
see thee. N their journey from hence
28 Then both the sisters told I they came into a desert coun-
The two thieves. I. INFANCY. The sick healed.

try, and were told it was infested Jesus caused a well to spring
with robbers so Joseph and St.
; forth, in which St. Mary washed
Mary prepared to pass through his coat
it in the night. 11 And a balsam is produced,
2 And as they were going or grows, in that country from
along, behold they saw two rob- the sweat which ran down there
bers asleep in the road, and with from the Lord Jesus.
them a great number of robbers, 12 Thence they proceeded to
who were Memphis, and saw Pharaoh, and
their confederates, also
asleep. abode three years in Egypt.
3 The names of these two were 13 And the Lord Jesus did
Titus and Dumachus and Titus very many miracles in Egypt,

said to Dumachus, I beseech thee which are neither to be found in

let thosepersons go along quietly, the Gospel of the Infancy nor in
that our company may not per- the Gospel of Perfection.
ceive anything of them : 14 \ At the end of three years
4 But Dumachus refusing, Ti- he returned out of Egypt, and
tus again said, I "will give thee when he came near to Judaea,
forty groats, and as a pledge take Joseph was afraid to enter
my girdle, which he gave him 15 For hearing that Herod
before he had done speaking, was dead, and that Archelaus
that he might not open his his son reigned in his stead, he
mouth, or make a noise. was afraid
5 When the Lady St. Mary 16 And when he went to Ju-
saw the kindness which this rob- daea, an angel of God appeared
ber did shew them, she said to to him, and said, O Joseph, go
him, The Lord God will receive into the city Nazareth, ancl abide
thee to his right hand, and grant there.
thee pardon of thy sins. 17 It'is strange indeed that he,
6 Then the Lord Jesus an- who is the Lord of all countries,
swered, and said to his mother, should be thus carried backward
When thirty years are expired, and forward through so many
O mother, the Jews will crucify countries.
me at Jerusalem
7 And these two thieves shall
be with me at the same time upon 2 Two sick children cured by water
wherein Christ was washed.
the cross, Titus on my right hand,
and Dumachus on my left, and
from that time Titus shall go be-
WHEN they came afterwards
into the city Bethlehem,
fore me into paradise they found there several very
8 And when she had said, God desperate distempers, which be-
forbid this should be thy lot, O came so troublesome to children
my son, they went on to a city by seeing them, that most of them
in which were several idols died.
which, as soon as they came 2 There was there a woman
near to it, was turned into hills who had a sick son, whom she
of sand. brought, when he was at the
9 T Hence they went to that point of death, to the Lady St.
sycamore tree, which is now Mary, who saw her when she
called Matarea was washing Jesus Christ.
10 And in Matarea the Lord 3 Then said the woman, my
Christ's water cures. I. INFANCY. Caleb's miraculous cures.

Lady Mary, look down upon this CHAP. X.

my son, who is afflicted with most 1 Two wives of one man, each have a
dreadful pains. son sick. 2 One of them, named Mary,
and whose son's name was Caleb,
4. St. Mary hearing her, said, presents the Virgin with a handsome
Take a little of that water with carpet, and Caleb is cured; but the

my son, and son of the other wife dies, 4''which oc-

which I have washed
casions a difference between the women.
sprinkle it upon him. 5 The other wife puts Caleb into a hot
5 Then she took a little of that oven, and he is miraculously preserved

water, as St. Mary had com- 9 she afterwards throws him into a,
well, and he is again preserved; 11 his
manded, and sprinkled it upon mother appeals to the Virgin against
her son, who being wearied with the other wife, 12, whose downfall the
his violent pains, had fallen Virgin prophesies, 13 and who accord-
asleep ; and after he had slept a ingly falls into the well, 14 therein ful-

little, awaked perfectly well and filling a saying of old.

were in the same city
6 The mother being abundant- two wives of one man, who
went again had each a son sick.
ly glad of this success, One of
to St. Mary, and St. Mary said them was called Mary and her
to her, Give praise to God, who son's name was Caleb.
hath cured this thy son. 2 She arose, and taking her
7 There was in the same place son, went to the Lady St. Mary,
another woman, a neighbour of the mother of Jesus, and offered
her, whose son was now cured. her a very handsome carpet, say-
ing, O my Lady Mary accept this
8 This woman's son was af-
carpet of me, and instead of it
flicted with the same disease, and
give me a small swaddling cloth.
his eyes were now almost quite
3 To this Mary agreed, and
shut, and she was lamenting for
him day and night. when the mother of Caleb was
gone, she made a coat for her
9 The mother of the child
son of the swaddling cloth, put
which was cured, said to her,
it on him, and his disease was
Why do you not bring your son
cured but the son of the other
to St. Mary, as I brought my son

wife died.
to her, when he was in the agonies
4 ^f Hereupon there arose be-
of death and he was cured by
tween them, a difference in doing
that water, with which the body
the business of the family by
of her son Jesus was washed ?
turns, each her week.
10 When the woman heard 5 And when the turn of Mary
her say this, she also went, and the mother of Caleb came, and
having procured the same water, she was heating the oven to bake
washed her son with it, where- bread, and went away to fetch
upon his body and his eyes were the meal, she left her son Caleb
instantly restored to their former by the oven
6 Whom, the other wife, her
11 And when she brought her rival, seeing to be by himself,
son to St. Mary, and opened his took and cast him into the oven,
case to her, she commanded her which was very hot, and then
to give thanks to God for the went away.
recovery of her son's health, and 7 Mary on her return saw her
tell no one what had happened. son Caleb lying in the middle of

iif >2»

Caleb's life twice saved. I. INFANCY. In/ant Bartholomew cured.

the oven laughing, and the oven CHAP. XL

quite as cold as though it had
1 Bartholomew, when a child and sick,
not been before heated, and knew miraculously restored by being laid on
that her rival the other wife had Christ's bed.
thrown him into the fire.
8 When she took him out, ANOTHER woman in that
she brought him to the Lady St. city had likewise two sons
Mary, and told her the story, sick.
to whom she replied, Be quiet, I 2 And when one was dead,
am concerned lest thou shouldest the other, who lay at the point
make this matter known. of death, she took in her arms
9 After this her rival, the to the Lady St. Mary, and in a
other wife, as she was drawing flood of tears addressed herself
water at the well, and saw Caleb to her, saying,
playing by the well, and that 3 O my Lady, help and re-
no one was near, took him, and lieve me; for I had two sons,
threw him into the well. the one I have just now buried,
10 And when some men came the other I see is just at the point
to fetch water from the well, of death, behold how I (earnest-
they saw the boy sitting on the ly) seek favour from God, and
superficies of the water, and pray to him.
drew him out with ropes, and 4 Then she said, O Lord, thou
were exceedingly surprised at art gracious, and merciful, and
the child, and praised God. kind thou hast given me two

11 Then came the mother and sons one of them thou hast

took him and carried him to the taken to thyself, O spare me

Lady St. Mary, lamenting and this other.
saying, my Lady, see what my
O 5 St. Mary then perceiving
rival hath done to my son, and the greatness of her sorrow, pit-
how she hath cast him into the ied her and said, Do thou place
well, and I do not question but thy son in my son's bed, and
one time or other she will be the cover him with his clothes.
occasion of his death. 6 And when she had placed
12 St. Mary replied to her, him in the bed wherein Christ
God will vindicate your injured lay, at the moment when his
cause. eyes were just closed by death ;

13 Accordingly a few days as soon as ever the smell of the

after,when the other wife came garments of the Lord Jesus
to the well to draw water, her Christ reached the boy, his eyes
foot was entangled in the rope, so were opened, and calling with a
that she fell headlong into the loud voice to his mother, he
well, and they who ran to her as- asked for bread, and when he
sistance,found her skull broken, had received it, he sucked it.
and bones bruised. 7 Then his mother said, O
14 So she came to a bad end, Lady Mary, now I am assured
and in her was fulfilled that say- that the powers of God do dwell
ing of the author, They digged a in you, so that thy son can cure
well, and made it deep, but fell children who
are of the same
themselves into the pit which sort as himself, as soon as they
they prepared. touch his garments.
8 This boy who was thus
Leprous woman healed. I. INFANCY. Leprous princess cured by

cured, is the same who in the 11 They replied, Inquire not

Gospel is called Bartholomew. into our circumstances ; for we
are not able to declare our mis-
CHAR XII. fortunes to any person whatso-
1 A leprovs woman healed by Christ's ever.
washing water. 7 A princess healed 12 But still she pressed and
by it and restored to her husband. desired them to communicate
AGAIN there was a leprous their case to her, intimating, that
woman who went to the perhaps she might be able to
Lady St. Mary, the mother of direct them to a remedy.
Jesus, and said, O
my Lady, 13 So when they shewed the
help me. young woman to her, and the
2 St. Mary replied, what help signs of the leprosy, which ap-
dost thou desire ? Is it gold or peared between her eyes,
silver, or that thy body be cured 14 She said, I also, whom ye
of its leprosy ? see in this place, was afflicted
3 Who, says the woman, can with the same distemper, and
grant me this ? going on some business to Beth-
4 St. Mary replied to her, lehem, I went into a certain cave,
"Wait a little till I have washed and saw a woman named Mary,
my son Jesus, and put him to who had a son called Jesus.
bed. 15. She seeing me to be lep-
5 The woman waited, as she rous, was concerned for me, and
was commanded and ;Mary gave me some water with which
when she had put Jesus in bed, she had washed her son's body ;
giving her the water with which with that I sprinkled my body,
she had washed his body, said, and became clean.
Take some of the water, and 16 Then said these women,
pour it upon thy body Will you, Mistress, go along
6 Which when she had done, with us, and shew the Lady St.
she instantly became clean, and Mary to us ?
praised God, and gave thanks to 17 To which she consent-
him. ing, they arose and went to the
7 T[ Then she went away, Lady St. Mary, taking with
after she had abode with her them very noble presents.
three days 18 And when they came in
8 And going into the city, and offered their presents to her,
she saw a certain prince, who they showed the leprous young
had married another prince's woman what they brought with
daughter ;
them to her.
9 Butwhen he came to see 19 Then said St. Mary, The
her, he perceived between her mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ
eyes the signs of leprosy like a rest upon you ;

star, and thereupon declared the 20 And giving them a little of

marriage dissolved and void. that water with which she had
10 When the woman saw washed the body of Jesus Christ,
these persons in this condition, she bade them wash the diseased
exceedingly sorrowful, and shed- person with it which when they ;

ding abundance of tears, she in- had done, she was presently
quired of them the reason of cured
their crying. 21 So they, and all who were
Christ's washing water. I. INFANCY. Girl whose blood

g resent, praised God ; and being people that were about her in sor-
lied with joy, they went back to row.
their own city, and gave praise to 7 Then she asked the husband
God on that account. of the possessed person, Whether
22 Then the prince hearing that his wife's mother was alive ? He
his wife was cured, took her home told her, That her father and mo-
and made a second marriage, giv- ther were both alive.
ing thanks unto God for the re- 8 Then she ordered her mother
covery of his wife's health. to be sent to her: to whom, when
she saw her coming, she said, Is
CHAP. XIII. this possessed girl thy daughter ?
1 A girl, whose blood Satan sucked, re- She moaning and bewailing said,
ceives one of Christ's swaddling clothes
Yes, madam, I bore her.
from the Virgin. 14 Satan comes like
a dragon, and she shews it to him; 9 The prince's daughter an-
flames and burning coals proceed from swered, Disclose the secret of her
it and fall upon him; 19 he is mira- case to me, for I confess to you
culously discomfited, and leaves the that I was leprous, but the Lady
Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ,
THERE was also a girl, who healed me.
was afflicted by Satan 10 And if you desire your
2 For that cursed spirit did fre- daughter to be restored to her for-
quently appear to her in the shape mer state, take her to Bethlehem,
of a dragon, and was inclined to and inquire for Mary the mother
swallow her up, and had so sucked of Jesus, and doubt not but your
out all her blood, that she looked daughter will be cured for I do;

like a dead carcase. not question but you will come

3 As often as she came to her- home with great joy at your
self, with her hands wringed about daughter's recovery.
her head she would cry out, and 11 As soon as ever she had
say, "Wo, Wo is me, that there is done speaking, she arose and went
no one to be found who can deliv- with her daughter to the place ap-
er me from that impious dra- pointed, and to Mary, and told
gon her the case of her daughter.
4 Her father and mother, and 12 When St. Mary had heard
all who were about her and saw her story, she gave her a little of
her, mourned and wept over the water with which she had
her ;
washed the body of her son Jesus,
5 And all who were present and bade her pour it upon the
would especially be under sorrow body of her daughter.
and in tears, when they heard 13 Likewise she gave her one
her bewailing, and saying, My of the swaddling cloths of the
brethren and friends, is there no Lord Jesus, and said, Take this
one who can deliver me from this swaddling cloth and shew it to
murderer ? thine enemy as often as thou
6 Then the prince's daughter, seest him ; and she sent them
who had been cured of her lepro- away in peace.
sy, hearing the complaint of that 14 1 After they had left that
girl, went upon the top of her city and returned home, and the
castle, and saw her with her hands time was come in which Satan was
twisted about her head, pouring wont to seize her, in the same
out a flood of tears, and all the moment this cursed spirit appear-
Sitan sucked, cured. I. INFANCY. Jesus struck by Judas.

ed to her in the shape of a huge near him, he would bite his own
dragon, and the girl seeing him hands and other parts.
was afraid. 3 But the mother of this miser-
15 The mother said to her, Be able boy, hearing of St. Mary
not afraid daughter; let him alone and her son Jesus, arose presently,
till he come nearer to thee then and taking her son in her arms,

shew him the swaddling cloth, brought him to the Lady Mary.
which the Lady Mary gave us, 4 In the meantime, James and
and we shall see the event. Joses had taken away the infant,
16 Satan then coming like a the Lord Jesus, to play at a pro-
dreadful dragon, the body of the per season with other children ;

girl trembled for fear. and when they went forth, they
17 But as soon as she had put sat down and the Lord Jesus with
the swaddling cloth upon her them.
head, and about her eyes, and 5 Then Judas, who was pos-
shewed it to him, presently there sessed, came and sat down at the
issued forth from the swaddling right hand of Jesus.
cloth flames and burning coals, 6 When Satan was acting upon
and fell upon the dragon. him as usual, he went about to
18 Oh how great a miracle bite the Lord Jesus.

was this, which was done as 7 And because he could not


soon as the dragon saw the swad- do it, he struck Jesus on the right
dling cloth of the Lord Jesus, fire side, so that he cried out.
went forth and was scattered upon 8 And in the same moment
his head and eyes so that he Satan went out of the boy, and

cried out with a loud voice, What ran away like a mad dog.
have I to do with thee, Jesus, 9 This same boy who struck
thou son of Mary, Whither shall Jesus, and out of whom Satan
I flee from thee ? went in the form of a dog, wa3
19 So he drew back much af- Judas Iscariot, who betrayed him
frighted, and left the girl. to the Jews.
20 And she was delivered from 10 And that same side, on
this trouble, and sang praises and which Judas struck him, the
thanks to God, and with her all Jews pierced with a spear.
who were present at the working
of the miracle.
1 Jesus and other boys play together,
CHAP. XIV. and make clay figures of animals. 4
Jesus causes them to walk, 6 also
1 Judas when a boy possessed by Safan, makes clay birds, which he causes to
and brought by his parents to Jesus to
fly, and eat and drink. 7 The chil-
be cured, whom he tries to bile, 7 dren's parents alarmed, and take Jesus
but failing, strikes Jesus and makes 8 He goes to a dyer's
for a sorcerer.
him cry out. Whereupon Satan goes shop, and throws all the cloths into the
from Jesus in the shape of a dog. furnaca, and works a miracle therewith.
15 Whereupon the Jens praise God.
ANOTHER woman likewise
lived there, whose son was
possessed by Satan.
when the Lord Jesus
was seven years of age, he
2 This boy, named Judas, as was on a certain day with other
often as Satan seized him, was in- boys his companions about the
clined to bite all that were pre- same age.
sent ; and if he found no one else 2 Who
when they were at play,
Animates clay figures. I. INFANCY. Christ miraculously alters

made clay into several shapes, thou hast come, and spoiled them
namely, asses, oxen, birds, and all.
other figures, 13 The Lord Jesus replied, I
3 Each boasting of his work, will change the colour of every
and endeavouring to exceed the cloth to what colour thou de-
rest. sirest
4 Then the Lord Jesus said to 14 And then he presently be-
the boys, I will command these gan to take the cloths out of the
figures which I have made to furnace, and they were all dyed
walk. of those same colours which the
5 And immediately they moved, dyer desired.
and when he commanded them 15 And when the Jews saw
to return, they returned. this surprising miracle, they
6 He had also made the figures praised God.
of birds and sparrows, which,
when he commanded to fly, did CHAP. XVI.
fly, and when he commanded to
1 Christ miraculously widens or contracts
stand still, did stand still; and the gates, milk-pails, sieves, or boxes,
if he gave them meat and drink, not properly made by Joseph, 4 he not
they did eat and drink. being skilful at his carpenter's trade.
5 The King of Jerusalem gives Joseph
7 When at length the boys
an order for a throne. 6 Joseph works
went away, and related these on it two years in the king's palace,
things to their parents, their fa- and makes it two spans too short. The
thers said to them, Take heed, king being angry with him, 10 Jesas
children, for the future, of his comforts him, 13 commands him to pull
company, for he is a sorcerer; one side of the throne, while he pulls
the other, and brings it to its proper
shun and avoid him, and from dimensions. 14 Whereupon the by-
henceforth never play with him. standers praise God.
8 ^[ On a certain day also,
when the Lord Jesus was playing
with the boys, and running about,
took the
he passed by a dyer's shop, whose Lord Jesus with him, where he
name was Salem. was sent for to work to make
9 And there were in his shop gates, or milk-pails, or sieves, or
many pieces of cloth belonging boxes the Lord Jesus was with

to the people of that city, which him wheresoever he went.

they designed to dye of several 2 And as often as Joseph had
colours. anything in his work, to make
10 Then the Lord Jesus going longer or shorter, or wider, or
narrower, the Lord Jesus would
into the dyer's shop, took all the
cloths, and threw them into the stretch his hand towards it.
furnace. 3 And presently it became as
11 When Salem came home, Joseph would have it.
and saw the cloths spoiled, he 4 So that he had no need to
began to make a great noise, and finish anything with his own
to chide the Lord Jesus, saying, hands, for he was not very skil-
12 What hast thou done to ful at his carpenter's trade.
me, O thou Son of Mary ? Thou 5 |On
a certain time the
hast injured both me and my King of Jerusalem sent for him,
neighbours; they all desired their and said, I would have thee make
cloths of a proper colour ; but me a throne of the same dimen-
Joseph's bad carpentry. INFANCY Christ's miracles at play.

sions with that place in which I street, and seeing some boys who
commonly sit. were met to play, joined himself
6 Joseph obeyed, and forth- to their company :

with began the work, and con- 2 But when they saw him,
tinued two years in the king's they hid themselves, and left
palace before he finished it. him to seek for them:

7 And when he came to fix it 3 The Lord Jesus came to the

in its place, he found it wanted gate of a certain house, and
two spans on each side of the asked some women who were
appointed measure. standing there, Where the boys
8 Which, when the king saw, were gone ?
he was very angry with Joseph ;
4 And when they answered,
9 And Joseph afraid of the That there was no one there the ;

king's anger, went to bed without Lord Jesus said, Who are those
his supper, taking not any thing whom ye see in the furnace ?
to eat. 5 They answered, They were
10 Then the Lord Jesus asked kids of three years old.
him, What he was afraid of? 6 Then Jesus cried out aloud,
11 Joseph replied, Because I and said, Come out hither, O ye
have lost my labour in the work kids, to your shepherd ;

which I have been about these 7 And presently the boys

two years. came forth like kids, and leaped
12 Jesus said to him, Fear not, about him which when the wo-

neither be cast down men saw, they were exceedingly

13 Do thou lay hold on one amazed, and trembled.
side of the throne, and I will the 8 Then they immediately wor-
other, and we will bring it to its shipped the Lord Jesus, and be-
just dimensions. seeched him, saying, O our Lord
14 And when Joseph had done Jesus, son of Mary, thou art
as the Lord Jesus said, and each truly that good shepherd of Is-
of them had with strength drawn rael have mercy on thy hand-

his side, the throne obeyed, and maids, who stand before thee,
was brought to the proper dimen- who do not doubt, but that thou,
sions of the place O Lord, art come to save, and
15 Which miracle when they not to destroy.
who stood by saw, they were 9 After that, when the Lord
astonished, aud praised God. Jesus said, the children of Israel
16 The throne was made of are like Ethiopians among the
the same wood, which was in people; the women said, Thou,
being in Solomon's time, namely, Lord, knowest all things, nor is
wood adorned with various shapes any thing concealed from thee ;
and figures. but now we entreat thee, and be-
seech of thy mercy that thou
wouldst restore those boys to
1 Jesus plays with boys at hide and seek.
3 Some women put his playfellows in a
their former state.
furnace, 7 where they are transformed 10 Then Jesus said, Come hi-
by Jesus into kids. 10 Jesus caZ/s ther O boys, that we may go and
them to go and play, and they are play; and immediately, in the
restored to their former shape.
presence of these women, the
another day the Lord kids were changed and returned
ON Jesus going out into the into the shape of boys.
Boy poisoned I. INFANCY. by a serpent.

CHAP. XVIII. 8 But when, by reason of

their sorrow, they refused to
1 Jesus becomes the king of his playfel-
lows, and they crown him with flowers, come, the boys drew them, and
4 miraculously causes a serpent who forced them against their wills
had bitten Simon the Cananite, then a to come.
boy, to suck out all the poison again ;
9 And when they came to
16 the serpent bursts, and Christ re-
stores the boy to health-
the Lord Jesus, he inquired, On
what account they carried that
the month Adar Jesus ga- boy?
IN thered together the boys, 10 And when they answered,
and ranked them as though he that a serpent had bitten him,
had been a king. the Lord Jesus said to the boys,
2 For they spread their gar- Let us go and kill that serpent.
ments on the ground for him to 11 But when the parents of
sit on ;and having made a crown the boy desired to be excused,
of flowers, put it upon his head, because their son lay at the
and stood on his right and left point of death the boys made ;

as the guards of a king. answer, and said, Did not ye

3 And if any one happened hear what the king said ? Let us
to pass by, they took him by go and kill the serpent and ;

force, and said, Come hither, will not ye obey him ?

and worship the king, that you 12 So they brought the couch
may have a prosperous journey. back again, whether they would
4 | In the mean time, while or not.
these things were doing, there 13 And when they were come
came certain men, carrying a to the nest, the Lord Jesus said
boy upon a couch ;
to the boys, Is this the serpent's
5 For this boy having gone lurking place? They said, It
with his companions to the was.
mountain to gather wood, and 14 Then the Lord Jesus call-
having found there a partridge's ing the serpent, it presently
nest, and put his hand in to came forth and submitted to
take out the eggs, was stung by him to whom he said, Go and

a poisonous serpent, which leaped suck out all the poison which
out of the nest so that he was thou hast infused into that boy

forced to cry out for the help of 15 So the serpent crept to the
his companions who, when boy, and took away all its poison

they came, found him lying upon again.

the earth like a dead person. 16 Then the Lord Jesus
6 After which his neighbours cursed the serpent so that it imme-
came and carried him back into diately burst asunder, and died.
the city. 17 And he touched the boy
7 But when they came to the with his hand to restore him to
place where the Lord Jesus was his former health ;

sitting like a king, and the other 18 And when he began to cry,
boys stood around him like his the Lord Jesus said, Cease cry-
ministers, the boys made haste ing, for hereafter thou shalt be
to meet him, who was bitten by my disciple
the serpent, and said to his neigh- 19 And this is that Simon the
bours, Come and pay your re- Canaanite, who is mentioned in
spects to the king the Gospel.
Christ at play. I. INFANCY. Makes a dead boy speak.

CHAP. XIX. 9 Then the Lord Jesus going

1 James being bitten by a viper, Jesus

down stood over the head of the
bloivs on the wound and cures him. 4.
dead boy, and said with a loud
Jesus charged with throwing a boy voice, Zeinunus, Zeinunus, who
from the roof of a house, 10 miracu- threw thee down from the house-
lously causes the dead boy to acquit
him, 12 fetches water for his mother,
10 Then the dead boy answered,
breaks the pitcher and miraculously
gathers the water in his mantle and thou didst not throw me down,
brings it home, 16 makes fish-pools on but such a one did.
the sabbath, 20 causes a boy to die 11 And when the Lord Jesus
uho broke them down, 22 another boy bade those who stood by to take
run against him, whom he also causes
notice of his words, all who were
to die.
present praised God on account

ON another day Joseph sent of that miracle.

James to gather
his son 12 ^[ On a certain time the
wood and the Lord Jesus went Lady St. Mary had commanded
with him the Lord Jesus to fetch her some
2 And when they came to the water out of the well
place where the wood was, and 13 And when he had gone to
James began to gather it, be- fetch the water, the pitcher, when
hold, a venomous viper bit him, it was brought up full, brake.
so that he began to cry, and 14 But Jesus spreading his
make a noise. mantle gathered up the water
3 The Lord Jesus seeing him again, and brought it in that to
in this condition, came to him, his mother.
and blowed upon the place 15 Who, being astonished at
where the viper had bit him, this wonderful thing, laid up this,
and it was instantly well. and all the other things which she
4 ^[ On a certain day the had seen, in her memory.
Lord Jesus was with some boys, 16 f Again on another day
who were playing on the house- the Lord Jesus was with some
top, and one of the boys fell boys by a river and they drew
down, and presently died. water out of the river by little
5 Upon which the other boys channels, and made little fish-
all running away, the Lord pools.
Jesus was left alone on the 17 But the Lord Jesus had
house-top. made twelve sparrows, and placed
6 And the boy's relations them about his pool on each side,
came to him and said to the three on a side.
Lord Jesus, Thou didst throw 18 But it was the Sabbath day,
our son down from the house- and the son of Hanani a Jew came
top. by, and saw them making these
7But he denying it, they cried things, and said, Do ye thus
out, Our son is dead, and this is make figures of clay on the Sab-
he who killed him. bath? And he ran to them, and
8 The Lord Jesus replied to broke down their fish-pools.
them, Do not charge me with a 19 But when the Lord Jesus
crime, of which you are not able clapped his hands over the spar-
to convict me, but let us go ask rows which he had made, they
the boy himself, who will bring fled away chirping.
the truth to light. 20 At length the son of Hanani


Gathers spilt water. I. INFANCY. Kills a playfellow.

coming to the fish-pool of Jesus 8 Also which were the straight

to destroy the water vanished figures of the letters, which the

away, and the Lord Jesus said to oblique, and what letters had dou-
him, ble figures which had points, and

21 In like manner as this water which had none why one letter ;

has vanished, so shall thy life went before another and many ;

vanish and presently the boy other things he began to tell him,

died. and explain, of which the master

22 ^[ Another time, when the himself had never heard, nor read
Lord Jesus was coming home in in any book.
the evening with Joseph, he met 9 The Lord Jesus farther said
a boy, who ran so hard against to the master, Take notice how I
him, that he threw him down say to thee then he began clearly

23 To whom the Lord Jesus and distinctly to say Aleph, Beth,

said, As thou hast thrown me Gimel, Daleth, and. so on to the
down, so shalt thou fall, nor ever end of the alphabet.
rise. 10 At this the master was so
24 And that moment the boy surprised, that he said, I believe
fell down and died. this boy was born before Noah ;

11 And turning to Joseph, he

CHAP. XX. said, Thou hast brought a boy to

4 Sent to school to Zaccheus to learn his

me to be taught, who is more
letters, and teaches Zaccheus. 13 Sent
learned than any master.
to another schoolmaster. 14 re/uses to 12 He said also unto St. Mary,
tell his and
letters, the schoolmaster This your son has no need of any
going to whip him Ais hand withers learning.
and he dies.
13 ^[ They brought him then

THERE was also at Jerusalem to a more learned master, who,

one named Zaccheus, who when he saw him, said, say Aleph.
was a schoolmaster. 14 And when he had said Aleph,
2 And
he said to Joseph, Jo- the master bade him pronounce
seph, why
dost thou not send Beth to which the Lord Jesus

Jesus to me, that he may learn replied, Tell me first the meaning
his letters? of the letter Aleph, and then I
3 Joseph agreed, and told St. will pronounce Beth.
Mary; 15 But this master, when he
4 So they brought him to that lift up his hand to whip him, had
master who, as soon as he saw his hand presently withered, and

him, wrote out an alphabet for he died.

him. 16 Then said Joseph to St.
5 And he bade him say Aleph Mary, henceforth we will not
and when he had said Aleph, the allow him to go out of the house
master bade him pronounce Beth. for every one who displeases him
6 Then the Lord Jesus said to is killed.
him, Tell me first the meaning of
the letter Aleph, and then I will CHAP. XXI.
pronounce Beth.
7 And when the master threat- 1 Disputes miraculously ivith the doctors
in the temple, 7 on law, 9 on astronomy,
ened to whip him, the Lord Jesus 12 on physics and metaphysics, 21 is
explained to him the meaning of worshipped by a philosopher, 28 and
the letters Aleph and Beth fetched home by his mother.
Kills his schoolmasters. I. INFANCY. Disputes with the doctor.

AND when he was twelve years them a philosopher well skilled

old, they brought him to in physic and natural philos-
Jerusalem to the feast and when ophy, who asked the Lord Jesus,

the feast was over, they returned. Whether he had studied physic?
2 But the Lord Jesus con- 12 He replied, and explained
tinued behind in the temple to him physics and metaphysics.
among the doctors and elders, 13 Also those things which
and learned men of Israel to were above and below the power

whom he proposed several ques- of nature ;

tions of learning, and also gave 14 The powers also of the

them answers body, its humours, and their ef-
3 For he said to them, Whose fects.
son is the Messiah? They an- 15 Also the number of its
swered, the son of David members, and bones, veins, ar-
4 Why then, said he, does he teries, and nerves
in the spirit call him Lord ? when 16 The several constitutions
he saith, The Lord said to my of body, hot and dry, cold and
Lord, sit thou at my right hand, moist, and the tendencies of
till I have made thine enemies thy them ;

footstool. 17 How the soul operated

5 Then a certain principal upon the body
Rabbi asked him, Hast thou read 18 What its various sensa-
books? tions and faculties were
6 Jesus answered, he had read 19 The faculty of sjeaking,
both books, and the things which anger, desire ;

were contained in books. 20 And lastly the manner of

7 And he explained to them its composition and dissolution;
the books of the law, and pre- and other things, which the un-
cepts, and statutes: and the mys- derstanding of no creature had
teries which are contained in the ever reached.
books of the prophets things
; 21 Then that philosopher
which the mind of no creature arose, and worshipped the Lord
could reach. Jesus, and said, O Lord Jesus,
8 Then said that Rabbi, I never from henceforth I will be thy
yet have seen or heard of such disciple and servant.
knowledge What do you think
! 22 ^[ While they were dis-
that boy will be coursing on these and such like
9 ^[ When a certain astrono- things, the Lady St. Mary came
mer, who was present, asked the in, having been three days walk-
Lord Jesus, Whether he had ing about with Joseph, seeking
studied astronomy ? for him.
10 The Lord Jesus replied, and 23 And when she saw him
told him the number of the sitting among
the doctors, and
spheres and heavenly bodies, as in his turn proposing questions
also their triangular, square, and to them, and giving answers, she
sextile aspect; their progressive said to him, My son, why hast
and retrograde motion their
; thou done thus by us ? Behold I
size and several prognostications and thy father have been at
and other things which the reason much pains in seeking thee.
of man had never discovered. 24 He replied, did ye Why
11 f There was also among seek me ? Did ye not know that
and confounds them. I. INFANCY. Is baptized.

I ought to be employed in my 3 At which time the Father

father'shouse ? publicly owned him at Jordan,
25 But they understood not sending down this voice from
the words which he said to them. heaven, This is my beloved son,
26 Then the doctors asked in whom I am well pleased
Mary, Whether this was her 4 The Holy Ghost being also
son ? And when she said, He was, present in the form of a dove.
they said, O happy Mary, who 5 This is he whom we wor-
hast borne such a son. ship with all reverence, because
27 Then he returned with he gave us our life and being,
them to Nazareth, and obeyed and brought us from our mother's
them in all things. womb.
28 And his mother kept all 6 Who, for our sakes, took a
these things in her mind ;
human body, and hath redeemed
29 And the Lord Jesus grew us, so that he might so embrace
in stature and wisdom, and fa- us with everlasting mercy, and

vour with God and man. shew his free, large, bountiful

grace and goodness to us.

CHAP. XXII. 7 To him be glory and praise,
1 Conceals his miracles, 2 studies the
and power, and dominion, from
law and is baptized.

henceforth and for evermore,


"VTOW from this time Jesus Amen. ;

J_\ began to conceal his mir-

acles and secret works,

2 And he gave himself to the fl The end of the whole Oospel of the

Infancy, by the assistance of the Su-

study of the law, till he arrived I

preme God, according to what we


to the end of his thirtieth year found in the original.


Christ enlivens clay II. INFANCY. birds, kills a boy,


[The original in Greek, from which this translation is made, will be found
printed by Cotelerius, in his notes on the constitutions of the Apostles,

from a MS. in the French King's Library, No. 2279 It is attributed to
Thomas, and conjectured to have been originally connected with the
Gospel of Mary.]

^[An Account of the Actions Saviour Jesus Christ in

I his In-
and Miracles of our Lord and fancy. |

CHAP. I. and formed out of it twelve

sparrows and there were other

2 Jesus miraculously clears the water boys playing with him.

after rain.4 plays with clay sparrows,
5 But a certain Jew seeing
which he animates on the sabbath day.
the things which he was doing,
THOMAS, an judg- namely, his forming clay into
I ed it necessary to make the figures of sparrows on the
known to our brethren among sabbath day, went presently
the Gentiles, the actions and away, and told his father Jo-
miracles of Christ in his child- seph, and said,
hood, which our Lord and God 6 Behold, thy boy is playing
Jesus Christ wrought after his by the river side, and has taken
birth in Bethlehem in our coun- clay, and formed it into twelve
try, at which I myself was as- sparrows, and profaneth the sab-
tonished the beginning of which bath.

was as followeth. 7 Then Joseph came to the

2 ^[ When the child Jesus place where he was, and when
was five years of age and there he saw him, called to him, and
had been a shower of rain, which said, Why doest thou that which
was now over, Jesus was play- it is not lawful to do on the sab-
ing with other Hebrew boys by bath day?
a running stream and the wa-
; 8 Then Jesus clapping toge-
ter running over the banks, stood ther the palms of his hands,
in little lakes called to the sparrows, and said
3 But the water instantly be- to them Go, fly away and
: ;

came clear and useful again while ye live remember me.


he having smote them only by 9 So the sparrows fled away,

his word, they readily obeyed making a noise.
him. 10 The Jews seeing this, were
4 Then he took from the bank astonished, and went away, and
of the stream some soft clay, told their chief persons what a
and is reproved by Joseph. II. INFANCY. Sent to school.

strange miracle they had seen he says presently cometh to

wrought by Jesus. pass?
11 Then the parents of the
dead boy going to Joseph com-
2 Causes a boy to wither who broke down
his fish pools, 6 partly restores him, 7
plained, saying, You are not fit

kills another boy, 16 causes blindness to live with us, in our city,
to fall on his accusers, 18 for which having such a boy as that
Joseph pulls him by the ear. 12 Either teach him that he
BESIDES this, the son of bless and not curse, or else de-
Anna the scribe was stand- part hence with him, for he kills
ing there with Joseph, and took our children.
a bough of a willow tree, and 13 Tf Then Joseph calling the
scattered the waters which Jesus boy Jesus by himself, instructed
had gathered into lakes. him saying, Why doest thou
2 But the boy Jesus seeing such things to injure the people
what he had done, became an- so, that they hate us and prose-
gry, and said to him, Thou fool, cute us ?
what harm did the lake do thee, 14 But Jesus replied, I know
that thou shouldest scatter the what thou sayest is not of
water ? thyself, but for thy sake I will
3 Behold, now thou shalt say nothing
wither as a tree, and shalt not 15 But they who have said
bring forth either leaves, or these things to thee, shall suffer
branches, or fruit. everlasting punishment.
4 And immediately he be- 16 And immediately they who
came withered all over. had accused him became blind.
5 Then Jesus went away 17 And all they who saw it
home. But the parents of the were exceedingly afraid and
boy who was withered, lament- confounded, and said concerning
ing the misfortune of his youth, him, Whatsoever he saith, whe-
took and carried him to Joseph, ther good or bad, immediately
accusing him, and said, Why cometh to pass and they were :

dost thou keep a son who is amazed.

guilty of such actions ? 18 And when they saw this
6 Then Jesus at the request action of Christ, Joseph arose,
of all who were present did heal and plucked him by the ear, at
him, leaving only some small which the boy was angry, and
member to continue withered, said to him, Be easy
that they might take warning. 19 For if they seek for us,
7 ^[ Another time Jesus went they shall not find us thou hast :

forth into the street, and a boy done very imprudently.

running by, rushed upon his 20 Dost thou not know that
shoulder I am thine? Trouble me no
8 At which Jesus being an- more.
gry, said to him, thou shalt go
no farther.
9 And he instantly fell down 1 Astonishes his schoolmaster by
10 Which when some persons CERTAIN schoolmaster
saw, they said, Where was this A
named Zacchseus, standing
boy born, that everything which in a certain place, heard Jesug
Adventure at CHRIST AND ABGARUS. a dyer's.

speaking these things to his 7 And he arose and went

father. home, wonderfully surprised at
2 And he was much surprised, so strange a thing.
that being a child, he should
speak such things and after a
few days he came to Joseph,
1 Fragment of an adventure at a dyer's.
and said,
3 Thou
hast a wise and sensi- Jesus was passing by a cer-
ble child, send him to me, that
tain shop, he saw a young
he may learn to read. man dipping (or dyeing) some
4 When he sat down to teach cloths and stockings in a fur-
the letters to Jesus, he began nace, of a sad colour, doing
with the first letter Aleph them according to every person's
5 But Jesus pronounced the particular order
second letter Mpeth (Beth) Cghi- 2 The boy Jesus going to the

6 Then opening a book, he

taught his master the prophets
mel (Gimel), and said over all young man who was doing this,
the letters to him to the end. took also some of the cloths.

but he was ashamed, and was at \ Here endeth the Fragment of

a loss to conceive how he came Thomas's Gospel of the Infancy
to know the letters. of Jesus Christ



[The first writer who makes any mention of the Epistles that passed between
Jesus Christ and Abgarus, is Eusebius, Bishop of Csesarea, in Palestine,
who flourished in the early part of the fourth century. For their genu-
ineness, he appeals to the public registers and records of the City of
Edessa in Mesopotamia, -where Abgarus reigned, and where he affirms
that he found them written, in the Syriac language. He published a
Greek translation of them, in his Ecclesiastical History. 1 The learned
world have been much divided on this subject but, notwithstanding ;

that the erudite Grabe, with Archbishop Cave, Dr. Parker, and other
divines, has strenuously contended for their admission into the canon
of Scripture, they are deemed apocryphal. The Eev. Jeremiah Jones
observes, that the common people in England have this Epistle in their
houses, in many places, fixed in a frame, with the picture of Christ
before it; and that they generally, with much honesty and devotion,
regard it as the word of God, and the genuine Epistle of Christ.]

CHAP. I. 2 I have "been informed con-

A cerning you and yc&r cures,
copy of a letter written by King Ab-
which are performed without
garus to Jesus, and sent to him by
Ananias, his footman, to Jerusalem,
the use of medicines and herbs.
5 inviting him to Edessa.
3 For it is reported, that you
ABGARUS, king of Edessa, cause the blind to see, the lame
to Jesus the good Saviour, to walk, do both cleanse lepers,
who appears at Jerusalem, greet- and cast out unclean spirits and

ing. devils, and restore them to health


L. i. c 13,
Jesus' letter NICODEMUS. to Abgarus.

who have been long diseased, and ABGARUS, you are happy,
raisest up the dead forasmuch as you have be-
4 All which when I heard, I lieved on me, whom ye have not
was persuaded of one of these seen.
two, viz either that you are God
: 2 For it is written concerning
himself descended from heaven, me, that those who have seen me
who do these things, or the son of should not believe on me, that
God. they who have not seen might be-
5 On this account therefore I lieve and live.
have wrote to you, earnestly to 3 As to that part of your letter,
desire you would take the trouble which relates to my giving you a
of a journey hither, and cure a visit, I must inform you, that I
disease which I am under. must fulfil all the ends of my
6 For I hear the Jews ridicule mission in this country, and after
you, and intend you mischief. that be received up again to him
7 My city is indeed small, but who sent me.
neat, and large enough for us both. 4 But after my ascension I will
send one of my disciples, who
will cure your disease, and give
The answer of Jesus hy Ananias the
footman to Abgarus the king, 3 de- life to you, and all that are with
clining to visit Edessa. you.

The GOSPEL of NICODEMUS, formerly called the ACTS of

[Although this Gospel is, by some among the learned, supposed to have been
really written by Nicodemus, who became a disciple of Jesus Christ, and
conversed with him; others conjecture that it was a forgery towards the
close of the third century by some zealous believer, who observing that
there had been appeals made by the Christians of the former age, to the
Acts of Pilate, but that such Acts could not be produced, imagined it
would be of service to Christianity to fabricate and publish this Gospel
as it would both confirm the Christians under persecution, and convince
the Heathens of the truth of the Christian religion. The Rev. Jeremiah
Jones says, that such pious frauds were very common among Christians
even in the first three centuries and that a forgery of this nature, with

the view above mentioned, seems natural and probable. The same
author, in noticing that Eusebius, in his Ecclesiastical history, charges
the Pagans with having forged and published a book, called "The Acts
of Pilate," takes occasion to observe, that the internal evidence of this
Gospel shows it was not the work of any Heathen but that if in the

latter end of the third century we find it in use among Christians (as
it was then certainly in some churches) and about the same time find a
forger^of the Heathens under the same title, it seems exceedingly pro-
bable that some Christians, at that time, should publish such a piece as
this, in order partly to confront the spurious one of the Pagans, and
partly to support those appeals which had been made by former
Christians to the Acts of Pilate and Mr. Jones says, he thinks so more

particularly as we have innumerable instances of forgeries by the faith-

ful in the primitive ages, grounded on le*s plausible reasons. Whether
it be canonical or not, it is of very great antiquity, and is appealed to by
several of the ancient Christians. The present translation is made
from the Gospel published by Grynasus in the Orthodoxographa, vol. i.

torn. ii. p. 643.]

Christ accused by the NICODEMUS. Jews before Pilate.

The Gospel of Nicodemus the mon him to appear before your


disciple, concerning the Sufferings tribunal, and hear him yourself.

and Resurrection of our Master 8 Then Pilate called; messenger i

and Saviour Jesus Christ. and said to him, By what means

will Christ be brought hither ?
9 Then went the messenger
1 Christ accused to Pilate by the Jetvs
forth, and knowing Christ, wor-
of healing on the sabbath, 9 sum-
moned before Pilate by a messenger shipped him and having spread ;

who docs him honour, 20 worshipped the cloak which he had in his
by the standards bowing down to him. hand upon the ground, he said,

: Caiaphas, and Lord, walk upon this, and go in,

maliel, Judas, Levi, Nepthalim,


Summas, and Datam, Ga- for the governor calls thee.

10 "When the Jews perceived
Alexander, Cyrus, and other what the messenger had done
Jews, went to Pilate about Jesus, they exclaimed (against him) to
accusing J him with many bad Pilate, and said, Why did you not
crimes. give him his summons by a bea-
2 And said, We are assured dle, and not by a messenger ?
that Jesus is the son of Joseph the For the messenger, when he saw
carpenter/and born of Mary, and him, worshipped him, and spread

that he declares himself the Son the cloak which he had in his

of God, and a king 2 and not only hand upon the ground before him,

so, but attempts the dissolution of and said to him, Lord, the go-

the sabbath, 3 and the laws of our vernor calls thee,


fathers. 11 Then Pilate called the mes-

3 Pilate replied What is it senger, and said, Why hast thou

which he declares ? and what is it done thus ?

which he attempts dissolving ? 12 The messenger replied,
4 The Jews told him,We have When thou sentest me from Je-
a law which forbids doing cures rusalem to Alexander, I saw Je-
on the sabbath day 4 but he ;
sus sitting in a mean figure upon
cures both the lame and the deaf, a she-ass, and the children of the
those afflicted with the palsy, the Hebrews cried out, Hosannah,
blind, and lepers, and demoniacs, holding boughs of trees in their
on that day by wicked methods. hands.
5 Pilate replied, How can he 13 Others spread their garments
do this by wicked methods? They in the way, and said, Save us, thou
answered, He is a conjurer, and who art in heaven; blessed is he
casts out devils by the prince of who cometh in the name of the
the devils f and so all things Lord. 7

become subject to him. 14 Then the Jews cried out,

6 Then said Pilate, Casting out ' against the messenger, and said,
devils seems not to be the work [
The children of th# Hebrews
of an unclean spirit, but to pro- made their acclamations in the
ceed from the power of God. Hebrew language ;and how
7 The Jews replied to Pilate, couldst thou, who art a Greek,
We entreat your highness to sum- understand the Hebrew ?
Matt. xiii. 55, and John vi. 42 2
John v. 17, 18. Mark xv. 2.
Matt. xii. 2. &c; Luke xiii. 14 John, v. 18. 4
Exod. xx. 8, &c. 5
vi. 24, and xi. 5. 6 Matt, iv 34, and xii. 24, &c. 7
Matt. xxi. .8,
9, &c.


Christ worshipped by NICODEMUS. the standards.

15 The messenger answered held the standards in our hands

them and said, I asked one of and they bowed themselves and
the Jews and said, What is this worshipped him.
which the children do cry out in 26 Then said Pilate to the
the Hebrew language ? rulers of the synagogue, Do ye
16 And
he explained it to me, yourselves choose some strong
saying, they cry out Hosannah, men, and let them hold the stan-
which being interpreted, is, O, dards, and we shall see whether
Lord, save me; or, O Lord, they will then bend of them-
17 Pilate then said to them, 27 So the elders of the Jews
Why do you yourselves testify sought out twelve of the most
to the words spoken by the chil- strong and able old men, and
dren, namely, by your silence ? made them hold the standards
In what has the messenger done and they stood in the presence
amiss ? And they were silent. of the governor.
18 Then the governor said 28 Then Pilate said to the
unto the messenger, Go forth messenger, Take Jesus out, and
and endeavour by any means to by some means bring him in
bring him in. again. And Jesus and the mes-
19 But the messenger went senger went out of the hall.
forth, and did as before and ; 29 And Pilate called the en-
said, Lord, come in, for the gov- signs who before had borne the
ernor calleth thee. standards, and swore to them,
20 And as Jesus was going in that if they had not borne the
by the ensigns, who carried the standards in that manner when
standards, the tops of them Jesus before entered in, he would
bowed down and worshipped cut off their heads.
Jesus. 30 Then the governor com-
21 Whereupon the Jews ex- manded Jesus to come in again.
claimed more vehemently against 31 And the messenger did as
the ensigns. he had done before, and very
22 But Pilate said the much entreated Jesus that he
Jews, I know it is not pleasing would go upon his cloak, and
to you that the tops of the stan- walk on it, and he did walk
dards did of themselves bow upon it, and went in.
and worship Jesus ; but why do 32 And when Jesus Avent in,
ye exclaim against the ensigns, the standards bowed themselves
as if they had bowed and wor- as before, and worshipped him.
shipped ?
23 They replied to Pilate, CHAP. II.
We saw the ensigns themselves 2 Is compassionated by Pilate's wife, 7
bowing and worshipping Jesus. charged with being bom in fornication.
24 Then the governor called 12 Testimony to the betrothing of his
parents. Hatred of the Jews to him.
the ensigns and said unto them,
Why did you do thus ? "VTOW when Pilate saw this,
25 The ensigns said to Pilate, _LM he was afraid, and was
We are all Pagans and worship about to rise from his seat.
the gods in temples and how
2 But while he thought to
should we think anything about rise, his own wife who stood at a
worshipping him ? We
only distance, sent to him, saying,
5 65
Charged with being NICODEMUS. born in fornication.

Have thou nothing to do with fornication, and is a conjuror;

that just man ; for I have suf- but they who deny him to be
fered much concerning him in a born through fornication, are his
vision this night. proselytes and disciples.
3 "When the Jews heard this 1 Pilate answered Annas and
they said to Pilate, Did we not Caiaphas, Who are the proselytes?
say unto thee, He is a conjuror? They answered, They are those
Behold, he hath caused thy wife who are the children of Pagans,
to dream. and are not become Jews, but
4 Pilate then calling Jesus, followers of him.
said, thou hast heard what they 12 Then replied Eleazer, and
testify against thee, and makest Asterius, and Antonius, and
no answer? James, Caras and Samuel, Isaac
5 Jesus replied, If they had and Phinees, Crispus and Agrip-
not a power of speaking, they pa, Annas and Judas, are We
could not have spoke but be- not proselytes, but children of

cause every one has the com- Jews, and speak the truth, and
mand of his own tongue, to were present when Mary was be-
speak both good and bad, let trothed.
him look to it. 13 Then Pilate addressing him-
6 But the elders of the Jews self to the twelve men who spake
answered, and said to Jesus, this, said to them, I conjure you
What shall we look to ? by the life of Csesar, that ye faith-
7 In the first place, we know fully declare whether he was
this concerning thee, that thou born through fornication, and
wast born through fornication those things be true which ye

secondly, that upon the account have related.

of thy birth the infants were 14 They answered Pilate, We
slain in Bethlehem thirdly, that have a law, whereby we are forbid

thy father and mother Mary fled to swear, it being a sin Let them :

into Egypt, because they could swear by the life of Csesar that it
not trust their own people. is not as we have said, and we

8 Some of the Jews who stood will be contented to be put to

by spake more favourably, We
cannot say that he was born 15 Then said Annas and Caia-
through fornication but we phas to Pilate, Those twelve men

know that his mother Mary was will not believe that we know
betrothed to Joseph, and so he him to be basely born, and to be
was not born through fornication. a conjuror, although he pretends
9 Then said Pilate to the Jews that he is the son of God, and a
who affirmed him to be born king 2 which we are so far from
through fornication, This your believing, that we tremble to hear.
account is not true, seeing there 16 Then Pilate commanded
was a betrothment, as they testify every one to go out except the
who are of your own nation. twelve men who said he was not
10 Annas and Caiaphas spake born through fornication, and
to Pilate, All this multitude of Jesus to withdraw to a distance,
people is to be regarded, who and said to them, Why have the
cry out, that he was born through Jews a mind to kill Jesus ?

Matt, xxvii. 19. John v, 17, 18 ;
Mark xv. 2.
Christ disputes NICODEMUS. with Pilate.

17 They answered him, They and I should not have been de-
are angry because he wrought livered to the Jews but now my ;

cures on the sabbath day. Pilate kingdom is not from hence.

said, Will they kill him for a 10 Pilate said, Art thou a
good work ?* They say unto king then ? Jesus answered, Thou
him, Yes, Sir. sayest that I am a king to this :

end was I born, and for this end

CHAP. III. came I into the world ; and for
this purpose I came, that I should
1 Is exonerated by Pilate. 11 Disputes
bear witness to the truth and ;
with Pilate concerning Truth.
every one who is of the truth,
THEN Pilate, filled with an- heareth my voice.
ger, went out of the hall, 11 Pilate saith to him, What
and said to the Jews, I call the is truth ?

whole world to witness that I 12 Jesus said, Truth is from

find no fault in that man. heaven.
2 The Jews replied to Pilate, 13 Pilate said, Therefore truth
If he had not been a wicked per- is not on earth.

son, we had not brought him be- 14 Jesus said to Pilate, Be-
fore thee. lieve that truth is on earth
3 Pilate said to them, Do ye among those, who when they
take him and try him by your have the power of judgment, are
law. governed by truth, and form
4 Then the Jews said, It is right judgment.
not lawful for us to put any one
to death.
5 Pilate said to the Jews, The 1 Pilate finds no fault in Jesus. 16 The
Jews demand his crucifixion.
command, therefore thou shalt
not kill, belongs to you, but not THEN Pilate Jesus in the
and went out to the
to me. hall,
6 And he went again into the Jews, and said, I find not any
hall, and called Jesus by himself, one fault in Jesus.
and said to him, Art thou the 2 The Jews say unto him, But
king of the Jews ? he said, I can destroy the temple
7 And Jesus answering, said of God, and in three days build
to Pilate, Dost thou speak this it up again.
of thyself, or did the Jews tell it 3 Pilate saith unto them,What
thee concerning me ? sort of temple is that of which he
8 Pilate answering, said to eth?
Jesus, Am
I a Jew ? The whole 4 The Jews say unto him,
nation and rulers of the Jews That which Solomon was forty-
have delivered thee up to me. six years in building,* he said he
What hast thou done ? would destroy, and in three days
9 Jesus answering, said, My build up.
kingdom is not of this world if :
5 Pilate said to them again, I
my kingdom were of this world am innocent from the blood 5
then would my servants fight that man; do ye look to it.

Johnx. 32. 2
John xviii. 31, &c.
Exod. xx. 13. * John ii. 19.

5 Matt, xxvii. 24.

Pilate inclines to Christ. NICODEMIJS. The Jews demand his death.

6 The Jews say to him, His 16 The Jews say to Pilate, Our
blood be upon us and our chil- law commands us not to put any
dren. Then Pilate calling to- one to death 2 we desire that he

gether the elders and scribes, may be crucified, because he de-

priests and Levites, saith to them serves the death of the cross.
privately, Do not act thus; I 17 Pilate saith to them, It is
have found nothing in your not fit he should be crucified let :

charge (against him) concerning him be only whipped and sent

his curing sick persons, and away.
breaking the sabbath, worthy of 18 But when the governor
death. looked upon the people that were
7 The Priests and Levites re- present and the Jews, he saw
plied to Pilate, By the life of many of the Jews in tears, and
Caesar, if any one be a blasphe- said to the chief priests of the
mer, he is worthy of death ; Jews, All the people do not de-
but this man hath blasphemed sire his death.
against the Lord. 19 The elders cf the Jews an-
8 Then the governor again swered to Pilate, We
and all the
commanded the Jews to depart people came hither for this very
out of the hall and calling Jesus, purpose, that he should die.

said to him, What shall I do with 20 Pilate saith to them, Why

thee? should he die ?
9 Jesus answered him, Do ac- 21 They said to him, Because
cording as it is written. he declares himself to be the Son
10 Pilate said to him, How is of God, and a King.
it written ?
11 Jesus saith to him, Moses CHAP. V.
and the prophets have prophesied
1 Nicodemus speaks in defence of Christ,
concerning my suffering and re-
and relates his miracles. 12 Another
surrection. Jew, 26 with Veronica, 34 Centurio,
12 The Jews hearing this, and others, testify of other miracles.
were provoked, and said to Pi-
late,Why wilt thou any longer BUTNicodemus, a certain
hear the blasphemy of that man ? Jew, stood before the gov-
13 Pilate saith to them, If ernor, and said, I entreat thee,
these words seem to you blas- O righteous judge, that thou
phemy, do ye take him, bring wouldst favour me with the li-
him to your court, and try him berty of speaking a few words.
according to your law. 2 Pilate said to him, Speak on.
14 The Jews reply to Pilate, 3 Nicodemus said, I spake to
Our law saith, he shall be obliged the elders of the Jews, and the
to receive nine and thirty stripes, scribes, and priests and Levites,
but if after this manner he shall and all the multitude of the
blaspheme against the Lord, he Jews, in their assembly What is ;

shall be stoned. it ye would do with this man ?

15 Pilate saith unto them, If 4 He is a man who hath
that speech of his was blasphemy, wrought many useful and glo-
do ye try him according to your rious miracles, such as no man
law. on earth ever wrought before,

Leviticus xxiv. 16. 8

Exodus xx. 13. 8
Luke xxiii. 16.
Nicodemus speaks. NICODEMUS. A Jew cured by CJirist

nor will ever work. 1 Let him rose up, and desired leave of the
go, and do him no harm if he ; governor to hear him a few words.
cometh from God, his miracles, 13 And the governor said,
(his miraculous cures) will con- Speak what thou hast a mind.
tinue; but if from men, they 14 And he said, I lay for
will come to nought. 2 thirty-eight years by the sheep-
5 Thus Moses, when he was pool at Jerusalem, labouring
sent by God into Egypt, wrought under a great infirmity, and
the miracles which God com- waiting for a cure which should
manded him, before Pharaoh be wrought by the coming of an
king of Egypt ; and though the angel, who at a certain time trou-
magicians of that country, Jan- bled the water and whosoever

nes and Jambres, wrought by first after the troubling of the
their magic the same miracles water stepped in, was made whole
which Moses did, yet they could of whatsoever disease he had.
not work all which he did ;* 15 And when Jesus saw me
6 And the miracles which the languishing there, he said to me,
magicians wrought, were not of Wilt thou be made whole ? And
God, as ye know, O Scribes and I answered, Sir, I have no man,
Pharisees but they who wrought
; when the water is troubled, to
them perished, and all who be- put me into the pool.
lieved them.
16 And he said unto me, Rise,
7 And now let this man go take up thy bed and walk. And
because the very miracles for I was immediately made whole,
which ye accuse him, are from and took up my bed and walked.6
God; and he is not worthy of 17 The Jews then said to Pi-
death. late, Our Lord Governor, pray
8 The Jews then said to Nico- ask him what day it was on which
demus, Art thou become his he was cured of his infirmity.
disciple, and making speeches 18 The infirm person replied,
in his favour? It was on the sabbath.
9 Nicodemus said to them, Is 19 The Jews said to Pilate,
the governor become his disciple Did we not say that he wrought
also, and does he make speeches his cures on the sabbath, and cast
for him ? Did not Caesar place out devils by the prince of devils?
him in that high post ? 20 Then another certain 7 Jew
10 When the Jews heard this came forth, and said, I was blind,
they trembled, and gnashed their could hear sounds, but could not
teeth at Nicodemus, and said to see any one and as Jesus was ;

him, Mayest thou receive his going along, I heard the multi-
doctrine for truth, and have thy tude passing by, and I asked
lot with Christ! what was there ?
11 Nicodemus replied, Amen 21 They told me that Jesus

I will receive his doctrine, and was passing by then I cried out, :

my lot with him, as ye have said. saying, Jesus, Son of David,

Then another certain Jew have mercy on me. And he

John iii. 2. Acts v. 38.
These are mentioned also as the names of the magicians, 2 Tim. iii. 8.
* Exod. viii. 18, &c. 6
Acts v. 35. An allusion to Gamaliel's speech.
e John v. 1, 2, &c. 7 Mark x. 46.
with Veronica and others, NIC0DEMU3. testify of his miracles.

stood still, and commanded that

Capernaum; and there was in
I should be brought to him, and the synagogue a certain man
said to me, What wilt thou ? who had a devil and he cried

22 I said, Lord, that I may alone what

out, saying, let me ;

receivemy sight. have we to do with thee, Jesus

23 He said to me, Receive of Nazareth? Art thou come
thy sight and presently I saw, to destroy us ?
: I know that
and followed him, rejoicing and thou art the Holy One of God.
giving thanks. 31 And Jesus rebuked him,
24 Another Jew also came saying, Hold thy peace, unclean
spirit, and come out of the man;
forth, and said, I was a leper,
and he cured me by his word and presently he came out of
only, saying, I will, be thou him, and did not at all hurt him.
clean ; and presently I was 32 The following things were
cleansed from my leprosy. also said by a Pharisee I saw ;

25 And another Jew came that a great company came to

forth, and said, I was crooked, Jesus from Galilee and Judsea,
and he made me straight by his and the sea-coast, and many
word. 3 countries about Jordan, and
26 Tf And a certain woman many infirm persons came to
named Veronica, said, I was him, and he healed them all.6

afflicted with an issue of blood 33 And I heard the unclean

twelve years, and I touched the spirits crying out, and saying,
hem of his garments, and present- Thou art the Son of God. And
my blood stopped.
ly the issue of I
Jesus strictly charged them,
27 The Jews then said, We |
that they should not make him
have a law, that a woman shall known.
not be allowed as an evidence. 34 ^[ After this another per-
28 And, after other things, whose name was Centurio,
another Jew said, *I saw Jesus said, I saw Jesus in Capernaum,
invited to a wedding with his and I entreated him, saying,
disciples, and there was a want Lord, my servant lieth at home
of wine in Cana of Galilee ; sick of the palsy.
29 And when the wine was 35 And Jesus said to me, I
all drank, he commanded the will come and cure him.
servants that they should fill six 36 But I said, Lord, I am not
pots which were there with worthy that thou shouldst come
water, and they filled them up under my roof; but only speak
to the brim, and he blessed the word, and my servant shall
them, and turned the water into be healed.
wine, and all the people drank, 37 And Jesus said unto me,
being surprised at this miracle. Go thy way and as thou hast

30 And another Jew stood believed, so be it done unto thee.

forth, and said, 5 I saw Jesus And my servant was healed
teaching in the synagogue at from that same hour.
Matt. viii. 11, &c. 2
Luke xiii. 11.
* Matt. ix. 20, &c.
See concerning this woman called Veronica, on -whom
this miracle was performed, and the statue which she erected to the honour
of Christ, in Euseb. Hist. Eccl. 1. 7, c. 18.
John ii. 1, &c. 5 Luke iv.
33, &c. 6 Matt.
v. 23.
Mark iii. 11. 8 Matt. viii. 5, &c.

Christ s miracles witnessed. NICODEMUS. His death demanded.

38 Then a certain nobleman Jesus was not born through for-
said, I had a son in Capernaum, nication, said to them, What
who lay at the point of death shall I do, seeing there is like to
and when I heard that Jesus was be a tumult among the people. 2
come into Galilee, I went and 2 They said unto him, We
besought him that he would come know not let them look to it

down tohouse, and heal my

my who raise the tumult.
son, for he was at the point of 3 Pilate then called the multi-
death. tude again, and said to them, Ye
39 He said to me, Go thy way, know that ye have a custom, that
thy son liveth. I should release to you one pri-
40 And my son was cured soner at the feast of the passover ;

from that hour. 4 I have a noted prisoner, a

41 Besides these, also many murderer, who is called Barab-
others of the Jews, both men and bas, and Jesus who is called
women, cried out and said, He is Christ, in whom I find nothing
truly the Son of God, who cures that deserves death; which of
all diseases only by his word, and them therefore have you a mind
to whom the devils are altogether that I should release to you ?
subject. 5 They all cry out, and say,
42 Some of them farther said, Eelease to us Barabbas.
This power can proceed from 6 Pilate saith to them, What
none but God. then shall I do with Jesus who
43 Pilate said to the Jews, is called Christ ?

Why are not the devils subject 7 They all answer, Let him be
to your doctors ? crucified.
44 Some of them said, The 8 Again they cry out and say
power of subjecting devils can- to Pilate, You are not the friend
not proceed but from God. of Csesar, if you release this
45 But others said to Pilate, man ?* for he hath declared that
That he had l
raised Lazarus he is the Son of God, and a king.
from the dead, after he had been But are you inclined that he
four days in his grave. should be king, and not Csesar ?
46 The governor hearing this, 9 Then Pilate filled with an-
trembling said to the multitude ger said to them, Your nation
of the Jews, What will it profit hath always been seditious, and
you to shed innocent blood ? you are always against those who
have been serviceable to you ?
CHAP. VI. 10 The Jews replied, Who are
1 Pilate dismayed by the turbulence of
those who have been serviceable
the Jews, 5 who demand Barabbas to
to us?
be released,and (Jurist to be crucified,
9 Pilate warmly expostulates with 11 Pilate answered them, Your
them, 20 washes his hands of Christ's God who delivered you from the
blood, 23 and sentences him to be hard bondage of the Egyptians,
whipped and crucified.
and brought you over the Red
THEN Pilate having called
together Nicodemus, and
Sea as though it had been dry
land, and fed you in the wilder-
the fifteen men who said that ness with manna and the flesh of

Johnxi.l7.&c. 2
Matt, xxvii. 24. Matt, xxvii. 21.
4 John xix.12.
by the Jews, and NICODEMUS. ordered by Pilate.

quails, and brought water out of 20 Then Pilate taking water,

the rock, and gave you a law washed his hands before the peo-
from heaven ple and said, I am innocent of
12 Ye provoked him all ways, the blood of this just person;
and desired for yourselves a mol- look ye to it?
ten calf, and worshipped it, and 21 The Jews answered and
sacrificed to it, and said, These said, His blood be upon us and
are Thy Gods, O Israel, which our children.
brought thee out of the land of 22 Then Pilate commanded
Egypt Jesus to be brought before him,
13 On account of which your and spake to him in the follow-
God was inclined to destroy you ing words ;

but Moses interceded for you, and 23 Thy own nation hath
your God heard him, and forgave charged thee as making thyself
your iniquity. a king wherefore I, Pilate, sen-

14 Afterwards ye were enraged tence thee to be whipped accord-

against, and would have killed ing to the laws of former gover-
your prophets, Moses and Aaron, nors; and that thou be first
when they fled to the tabernacle, bound, then hanged upon a cross
and ye were always murmuring in that place where thou art now
against God and his prophets. a prisoner and also two crimi- ;

15 And arising from his judg- nals with thee, whose names are
ment seat, he would have gone Dimas and Gestas.
out but the Jews all cried out,

We acknowledge Caesar to be CHAP. VII.

king, and not Jesus. 1 Manner of Christ's crucifixion with
the two thieves.
16 Whereas this person, as
soon as he was born, the wise
men came and offered gifts unto
THEN hall,
Jesus went out of the
and the two thieves
him ; which when Herod heard, with him.
he was exceedingly troubled, and 2 And when they came to the
would have killed him. place which is called Golgotha,
17 When his father knew this, they stript him of his raiment,
he fled with him and his mother and girt him about with a linen
Mary into Egypt. Herod, when cloth, and put a crown of thorns
he heard he was born, would have upon his head, and put a reed in
slain him and accordingly sent
; his hand.
and slew all the children which 3 And in like manner did they
were in Bethlehem, and in all the to the two thieves who were cru-
coasts thereof, from two years old cified with him, Dimas on his
and under. 1 right hand and Gestas on his left.
18 When Pilate heard this 4 But Jesus said, My
account, he was afraid and com- ; forgive them For they know not

manding silence among the peo- what they do.

ple, who made a noise, he said to 5 And they divided his gar-
Jesus, Art thou therefore a king ? ments, and upon his vesture they
19 All the Jews replied to Pi- cast lots.
late, he is the very person whom 6 The people in the mean time
Herod sought to have slain. stood by, and the chief priests

1 2
Matt. ii. Matt, xxvii. 24, &c. "Matt, xxvii. 33.
z t
z <
Christ's crucifixion NICODEMUS. attended by miracles,

and elders of the Jews mocked 2 And while the sun was
him, saying, he saved others, let eclipsed, behold the vail of the
him now save himself if he can temple was rent from the top to

if he be the son of God, let him the bottom ; and the rocks also
now come down from the cross. were rent, and the graves opened,
7 The soldiers also mocked and many bodies of saints, which
him, and taking vinegar and gall slept, arose.
offered it to him to drink, and 3 And about the ninth hour
said to him, If thou art king of Jesus cried out with
a loud voice,
the Jews deliver thyself. saying, Hely, Hely, lama zabac-
8 Then Longinus, a certain sol- thani t which being interpreted,
dier, taking a spear, pierced his is, My My
God, God, why hast
side,and presently there came thou forsaken me ?
forth blood and water.
4 And after these things, Jesus
9 And Pilate wrote the title
said, Father, into thy hands I
upon the cross in Hebrew, Latin,
commend my spirit and having ;

and Greek letters, viz. This is the

said this, he gave up the ghost.
king of the Jews. 2
5 But when the centurion saw
10 But one of the two thieves
that Jesus thus crying out gave
who were crucified with Jesus,
whose name was Gestas, said to
up the ghost, he glorified God,
Jesus, If thou art the Christ,deli-
and said, Of a truth this was a just
ver thyself and us.
11 But the thief who was cru- 6 And all the people who stood
cified on his right hand, whose by, were exceedingly troubled at
name was Dimas, answering, re- the sight; and reflecting upon
buked him, and said, Dost not what had passed, smote upon their
thou fear God, who art condemned breasts, and then returned to the
to this punishment ? We indeed city of Jerusalem.
receive rightly and justly the 7 The centurion went to the
demerit of our actions but this ; governor, and related to him all
Jesus, what evil hath he done ? that had passed ;

12 After this groaning, he said 8 And when he had heard all

to Jesus, Lord, remember me these things, he was exceeding
when thou comest into thy king- sorrowful
dom. 9 And calling the Jews toge-
13 Jesus answering, said to ther, said to them, Have ye seen
him, Verily I say unto thee, that the miracle of the sun's eclij>se,
this day thou shalt be with me in and the other things which came
Paradise. to pass, while Jesus was dying ?

CHAP. VIII. 10 Which when the Jews heard,

they answered to the governor,
1 Miraculous appearance at his death.
10 The Jews say the eclipse was natural. The eclipse of the sun happened
12 Joseph of Arimathaza embalms according to its usual custom.
Christ's body and buries it. 11 But all those who were the
AND was about the
hour, and darkness was upon
sixth acquaintance of Christ, stood at a
distance, as did the women who
the face of the whole earth until had followed Jesus from Galilee,
the ninth hour. observing all these things.

John xix. 34. 2
John xix. 19. Matt, xxvii. 45, &c.
and his body buried by NICODEMUS. Joseph of Arimathoza.

12 And behold a certain man

3 The Jews answered him,
of Arimathiea, named Joseph, But how durst thou enter into
who also was a disciple of Jesus, the synagogue who wast a con-

but not openly so, for fear of the federate with Christ? Let thy
Jews, came to the governor, and lot be along with him in the other
entreated the governor that he world.
would give him leave to take 4 Nicodemus answered, Amen
away the body of Jesus from the so may it be, that I may have my
lot with him in his kingdom.
13 And the governor gave him 5 In like manner Joseph, when
he came to the Jew s, said to them

14 And Nicodemus
came, Why are ye angry with me for
bringing with him a mixture of
desiring the body of Jesus of Pi-
myrrh and aloes about a hundred late ? Behold, I have put him in
pound weight and they took
my tomb, and wrapped him up in
down Jesus from the cross with clean linen, and put a stone at the
tears, and bound him with linen
door of the sepulchre :

cloths with spices, according to

6 I have acted rightly towards
the custom of burying among the
him but ye have acted unjustly

aginst that just person, in cruci-

15 And placed him in a new
fying him, giving him vinegar to
tomb, which Joseph had built,
drink, crowning him with thorns,
aud caused to be cut out of a rock,
tearing his body with whips, and
im which never any man had
prayed down the guilt of his blood
been put and they rolled a great

stone to the door of the sepulchre.

upon you.
7 The Jews
at the hearing of
were disquieted, and trou-
CHAP. IX. bled and they seized Joseph

1 The Jews avgry with Nlcodemus ; 5 and commanded him to be put in

and with Joseph of Arimathoza, 7 whom custody before the sabbath, and
they imprison. kept there till the sabbath was

WHEN the unjust Jews heard 8 And they said to him, Make
that Joseph had begged confession for at this time it is ;

and buried the body of Jesus, not lawful to do thee any harm,
they sought after Nicodernus till the first day of the week come.

and those fifteen men who had But we know that thou wilt not
testified before the Governor, be thought worthy of a burial
that Jesus was not born through but we will give thy flesh to the
fornication, and other good per- birds of the air, and the beasts of
sons who had shewn any good the earth.
actions towards him. 9 Joseph answered, That
2 But when they all concealed speech is like the speech of proud
themselves through fear of the Goliath, who reproached the liv-
Jews Nicodemus alone shewed ing God in speaking against Da-
himself to them, and said, How vid. But ye scribes and doctors-
can such persons as these enter know that God saith by the pro-
into the synagogue ? phet, Vengeance is mine, and I

John xix. 38.
Joseph of A. imprisoned. NICODEMUS. Christ rises again

will repay to you evil equal to went forth, and while they were
that which ye have threatened to all admiring at Joseph's being
rue. gone, behold one of the soldiers,
10 The God whom you have who kept the sepulchre of Jesus,
hanged upon the cross, is able to spake in the assembly.
deliver me out of your hands. 3 That Vhile they were guard-
All your wickedness will return ing the sepulchre of Jesus, there
upon you. was an earthquake ; and we saw
11 For the governor, when he an angel of God roll away the
washed his hands, said, I am clear stone of the sepulchre and 3sit
from the blood of this just person. upon it
But ye answered and cried out, 4 And his countenance was
His blood be upon us and our like lightning and his garment
children. According as ye have like snow ; and we became
said, may ye perish for ever. through fear like persons dead.
12 The elders of the Jews hear- 5 And we heard an angel say-
ing these words, were exceedingly ing to the women at the sepul-
enraged ;and seizing Joseph, chre of Jesus, Do not fear; I
they put him into a chamber know that you seek Jesus who
where there was no window ; they was crucified ; he is risen as he
fastened the door, and put a seal foretold.
upon the lock 6 Come and see the place
13 And Annas and Caiaphas where he was laid and go pre-

placed a guard upon it, and took sently, and tell his disciples that
counsel with the priests and Le- he is risen from the dead, and he
vites, that they should all meet will go before you into Galilee
after the sabbath, and they con- there ye shall see him as he told
trived to what death they should you.
put Joseph. 7 Then the Jews called toge-
14 When they had done this, ther all the soldiers who kept the
the rulers, Annas and Caiaphas, sepulchre of Jesus, and said to
ordered Joseph to be brought them, Who are those women, to
forth. whom the angel spoke? did Why
*|[ In this place there is a portion ye not seize them ?
of the Gospel lost or omitted, 8 The soldiers answered and
which cannot be supplied. said, We
know not whom the wo-
men were ; besides we became as
CHAP. X. dead persons through fear, and
1 Joseph's escape. 2 The soldiers relate how could we seize those women ?
Christ' s resurrection. 18 Christ is seen
9 The Jews said to them, As
preaching in Galilee. 21 The Jews re-
pent of their cruelty to him.
the Lord liveth we do not believe
all assembly
they admired
10 The soldiers answering said
to the Jews, when ye saw and
and were astonished, because they heard Jesus working so many
found the same seal upon the miracles, and did not believe him,
lock of the chamber, and could how should ye believe us? Ye
not find Joseph. well said, As the Lord liveth, for
2 Then Annas and Caiaphas the Lord truly does live.
Deut. xxxii. 35 ; Heb. x. 40. Matt, xxviii. 11, 12, &c.
Matt, xxviii. 1, 2, &c.
and preaches in Galilee. NICODEMUS. Tlie Jews repent.

11 We have heard that ye shut midst of them in Mount Olivet,

up Joseph, who buried the body and saying to them, 1

of Jesus, in a chamber, under a 20 Go forth into

the whole
lock which was sealed and when world, preach the Gospel to all

ye opened it, found him not nations, baptizing them in the

there. name of the Father, and the Son,
12 Do ye then produce Joseph and the Holy Ghost and whoso- ;

whom ye put under guard in the ever shall believe and be baptiz-
chamber, and we will produce ed, shall be saved.
Jesus whom we guarded in the 21 And when he had said these
sepulchre. things to his disciples, we saw
13 The Jews answered and him ascending up to heaven.
said, We
will produce Joseph, 22 When the chief priests, and
do ye produce Jesus. But Jo- elders, and Levites heard these
seph is in his own city of Ari- things, they said to these three
mathsea. men, Give glory to the God of
14 The soldiers replied, If Jo- Israel, and make confession to
seph be in Arimathsea, and Jesus him, whether those things are
in Galilee, we heard the angel in- true, which ye say ye have seen
form the women. and heard.
15 The Jews hearing
this, were 23 They answering said, As
afraid, and said among them- the Lord of our lathers liveth, the
selves, If by any means these God of Abraham, and the God of
things should become public, Isaac, and the God of Jacob, ac-
then every body will believe in cording as we heard Jesus talk-
Jesus. ing with his disciples, and accord-
16 Then they gathered a large ing as we saw him ascending up
sum of money, and gave it to the to heaven, so we have related the
soldiers, saying, Do ye tell the truth to you.
people that the disciples of Jesus 24 And the three men farther
came in the night when ye were answered, and said, adding these
asleep and stole away the body words, If we should not own the
of Jesus and if Pilate the gover-
; words which we heard Jesus
nor should hear of this, we will speak, and that we saw him as-
satisfy him and secure you. cending into heaven, we should
17 The soldiers accordingly be guilty of sin.
took the money, and said as they 25 Then the chief priests im-
were instructed by the Jews and ; mediately rose up, and holding
their report was spread abroad the book of the law in their
among all the people. hands, conjured these men, say-
18 i But a certain priest Phi- ing, Ye shall no more hereafter
nees, Ada a schoolmaster, and a declare those things which ye
Levite, named Ageus, they three have spoke concerning Jesus.
came from Galilee to Jerusalem, 26 And they gave them a
and told the chief priests and all large sum of money, and sent
who were in the synagogues, say- other persons along with them,
ing, who should conduct them to
19 We
have seen Jesus, whom their own country, that they
ye crucified, talking with his might not by any means make
eleven disciples, and sitting in the any stay at Jerusalem.
Matt. xxviii. 16, and Mark xvi. 16.
Joseph of Arimathcea NICODEMUS. invited by the Jews

27 Then the Jews did assem- said to him, Perhaps the spirit
ble all together, and having ex- hath carried him into one of the
pressed the most lamentable mountains of Israel, there per-
concern, said, What is this ex- haps we shall find him. And they
traordinary thing which is come besought Elisha, and he walked
to pass in Jerusalem ? about with them three days,
28 But Annas and Caiaphas and they could not find him.
comforted them, saying, Why 4 And now hear me, O sons
should we believe the soldiers of Israel, and let us send men
who guarded the sepulchre of into the mountains of Israel, lest
Jesus, in telling us, that an angel perhaps the spirit hath carried
rolled away the stone from the away Jesus, and there perhaps we
door of the sepulchre ? shall find him, and be satisfied.
29 Perhaps his own disciples 5 And the counsel of Nicode-
told them this, and gave them mus pleased all the people and ;

money that they should say so, they sent forth men who sought
and they themselves took away for Jesus, but could not find
the body of Jesus. him: and they returning, said,
30 Besides, consider this, that We went all about, but could not
there is no credit to be given to find Jesus, but we have found
foreigners, 1 because they also Joseph in his city of Arimathea.
took a large sum of us, and they 6 The rulers hearing this, and
have declared to us according to all the people, were glad, and
the instructions which we gave praised the God of Israel, be-
them. They must either be cause Joseph was found, whom
faithful to us, or to the disciples they had shut up in a chamber,
of Jesus. and could not find.
7 And when they had formed
CHAP. XI. a large assembly, the chief priests
1 Nicodemus counsels the Jews. 6 said, By what means shall we
Joseph found. 11 Invited by the bring Joseph to us to speak with
Jeivs to return. 19 Relates the man-
ner of his miraculous
8 And taking a piece of pa-
THEN" Nicodemus arose, and per, they wrote to him, and said,
said, Ye say right, O sons Peace be with thee, and all thy
of Israel, ye have heard what family. We
know that we have
those three men have sworn by offended against God and thee.
the Law of God, who said, We
Be pleased to give a visit to us
have seen Jesus speaking with your fathers, for we were per-
his disciples upon Mount Olivet, fectly surprised at your escape
and we saw him ascending up from prison.
to heaven. 9 We know that it was mali-
2 And the scripture teacheth cious counsel which we took
us that the blessed prophet Eli- against thee, and that the Lord
jah was taken up to heaven; and took care of thee, and the Lord
Elisha being asked by the sons himself delivered thee from our
of the prophets, Where is our designs. Peace be unto thee, Jo-
father Elijah ? He said to them, seph, who art honourable among
that he is taken up to heaven. all the people.
3 And the sons of the prophets 10 And they chose seven of
to relate the NICODEMUS. manTier of his escape.

Joseph's and said to der confinement, on the day of

them, When
ye come to Joseph, preparation, till the morning.
salute him in peace, and give 20 But while I was standing
him this letter. at prayer in the middle of the
11 Accordingly, when the men night, the house was surrounded
came to Joseph, they did salute with four angels and I saw ;

him in peace, and gave him the Jesus as the brightness of the
letter. sun, and fell down upon the
earth for fear.
12 And when Joseph had read
21 But Jesus laying hold on
it, he said, Blessed be the Lord
God, who didst deliver me from
my hand, lifted me from the
ground, and the dew was then
the Israelites, that they could
sprinkled upon me but he,
not shed my blood. Blessed be

wiping my face, kissed me, and

God, who has protected me un-
said unto me, Fear not, Joseph
der thy wings. ;

look upon me, for it is I.

13 And Joseph kissed them, 22 Then I looked upon him,
and took them into his house. and said, Rabboni Elias Ee !

And on the morrow, Joseph answered me, I am not Elias,

mounted his ass, and went along but Jesus of Nazareth, whose
with them to Jerusalem.
body thou didst bury.
14 And when all the Jews 23 I said to him, Shew me
heard these things, they went the tomb in which I laid thee.
out to meet him, and cried out, 24 Then Jesus, taking me by
saying, Peace attend thy coming the hand, led me unto the place
hither, father Joseph. where I laid him, and shewed
15 To which he answered, me the linen clothes, and napkin
Prosperity from the Lord attend which I put round his head.
all the people. Then I knew that it was Jesus,
16 And they all kissed him; and worshipped him, and said,
and Nicodemus took him to his Blessed be he who cometh in the
house, having prepared a large name of the Lord.
entertainment. 25 Jesus again taking me by
17 But on the morrow, being the hand, led me to Arimathsea
a preparation-day, Annas, and to my own house, and said to me,
Caiaphas, and Nicodemus, said Peace be to thee but go not out ;

to Joseph, Make confession to of thy house till the fortieth day

the God of Israel, and answer to but I must go to my disciples.
us all those questions which we
shall ask thee CHAP. XII.
18 For we have been very
1 The Jews astonished and confounded.
much troubled, that thou didst
17 Simeon's (wo sons, Char in us and
bury the body of Jesus; and that Lenthius, risefrom the dead at Chrisfs
when we had locked thee in a crucifixion. 19 Joseph proposes to gel
chamber, we could not find thee; them to relate the mysteries of their re-

ever surrection. 21 They are sought and

and we have been afraid
found, 22 brought to the synagogue, 23
since, till this time of thy appear- privately sworn to secrecy, 25 and un-
ing among us. Tell us therefore dertake to write what they had seen.
before God, all that came to pass.
19 Then Joseph answering,
said, Ye did indeed put me un-
w HEN the chief priests and
Levites heard all these
The Jews dismayed. NICODEMUS. Charinus and Lenthius,

things, they were astonished, and and examined them separately 1

fell down with their faces on the who unanimously confessed the |

ground as dead men, and crying truth, and said, they had seen
out to one another, said, What is Jesus.
this extraordinary sign which is 9 Then Annas and Caiaphas
come to pass in Jerusalem ? We said " Our law saith, By the
know the father and mother of mouth of two or three witnesses
Jesus. every word shall be established." 2
2 And a certain Levite said, I 10 But what have we said?
know many of his relations, reli- The blessed Enoch pleased God,
gious persons, who are wont to and was translated by the word of
offer sacrifices and burnt-offer- God and the burying-place of ;

ings to the God of Israel, in the the blessed Moses is known.

temple, with prayers. 11 But Jesus was delivered to
3 And when the high priest Pilate, whipped, crowned with
Simeon took him up in his arms, thorns, spit upon, pierced with a
he said to him, *Lord, now lettest spear, crucified, died upon the
thou thy servant depart in peace, cross, and was buried, and his bo-
according to thy word for mine dy the honorable Joseph buried

eyes have seen thy salvation, in a new sepulchre, and he testi-

which thou hast prepared before fies that he saw him alive.
the face of all people a light to : 12 And besides these men
enlighten the Gentiles, and the have declared, that they saw him
glory of thy people Israel. talking with his disciples in
4 Simeon in like manner blessed Mount Olivet, and ascending up
Mary the mother of Jesus, and to heaven.
said to her, I declare to thee con- 13 ^[ Then Joseph rising up,
cerning that child He is appoint-
; said to Annas and Caiaphas, Ye
ed for the fall and rising again of may be justly under a great sur-
many, and for a sign which shall prise, that you have been told,
be spoken against. that Jesus is alive, -and gone up to
5 Yea, a sword shall pierce heaven.
through thine own soul also, and 14 It is indeed a thing really
the thoughts of many hearts shall |
surprising, that he should not
be revealed. only himself arise from the dead,
6 Then said all the Jews, Let j
but also raise others from their
us send to those three men, who I
graves, who have been seen by
said they saw him talking with many in Jerusalem. 3
his disciples in Mount Olivet. 15 And now hear me a little
7 After this, they asked them all knew the blessed Simeon, We
what they had seen who answer- the high-priest, who took Jesus

ed with one accord, In the pre- when an infant into his arms in
sence of the God of Israel we the temple.
affirm, that we plainly saw Jesus 16 This same Simeon had two
talking with his disciples in sons of his own, and we were all

Mount Olivet, and ascending up present at their death and fu-


to heaven. neral.
8 Then Annas and Caiaphas 17 Go therefore and see their

took them into separate places, tombs, for these are open, and j

Luke, ii. 29. 2
Deut. xvii. 6. Matt, xxvii. 53.
who rose teith Christ, NICODEMUS. relate his descent to hell

they are risen and behold, they

: spake, and said, Give each of us
are in the city of Ariinathcea, some paper, and we will write
spending their time together in down for you all those things
offices of devotion. which we have seen. And they
18 Some, indeed, have heard each sat down and wrote, saying,
the sound of their voices in pray-
er, but they will not discourse CHAP. XIII.
with any one, but they continue
1 The narrative of Charinus and Len-
as mute as dead men.
thius commences. 3 A great light in
19 But come, let us go to them, hell. 7 Simeon arrives, and announces
and behave ourselves towards the coming of Christ.
them with all due respect and
caution. And if we can bring
them to swear, perhaps they will
Jesus and Father,
who art God, also the resur-
tell us some of the mysteries of rection and life of the dead, give
their resurrection. us leave to declare thy mysteries,
20 When the Jews heard this, which we saw after death, belong-
they were exceedingly rejoiced. ing to thy cross for we are sworn ;

21 Then Annas and Caiaphas, by thy name.

Nicodemus, Joseph, and Gama- 2 For thou hast forbid thy
liel, went to Arimathsea, but servants to declare the secret
did not find them in their graves things, which were wrought by
but walking about the city, they thy divine power in hell.
found them on their bended 3 T[ When we were placed
knees at their devotions with our fathers in the depth
22 Then saluting them with of hell, in the blackness of dark-
all respect and deference to God, ness, on a sudden there appeared
they brought them to the syna- the colour of the sun like gold,
gogue at Jerusalem and having and a substantial purple -colour-

shut the gates, they took the ed light enlightening the place.
book of the law of the Lord, 4 Presently upon this, Adam,
23 And putting it in their the father of all mankind, with
hands, swore them by God all the patriarchs and prophets,
Adonai, and the God of Israel, rejoiced and said, That light is
who spake to our fathers by the the author of everlasting light,
law and the prophets, saying, who hath promised to translate
If ye believe him who raised you us to everlasting light.
from the dead, to be Jesus, tell 5 Then Isaiah the prophet
us what ye have seen, and how cried out, and said, 1 This is the
ye were raised from the dead. light of the Father, and the Son
24 Charinus and Lenthius, the of God, according to my prophe-

two sons of Simeon, trembled cy, when I was alive upon earth.
when they heard these things, 6 The land of Zabulon, and

and were disturbed, and groaned the land of Nephthalim beyond


and at the same time looking up Jordan, a people who walked in

to heaven, they made the sign darkness, saw a great light and

of the cross with their fingers on to them who dwelled in the re-

their tongues, gion of the shadow of death,

25 And immediately they light is arisen. And now he is

Isai. xi. 1 : Matt iv. 16.



who rose with Christ, NICODEMUS. relates his descent to hell.

come, and hath enlightened us to acquaint you, that the Son of

who sat in death. God Avill next visit us, and, as
7 And while we were all re- the day-spring from on high,
joicing in the light which shone will come to us, who are in dark-
upon us, our father Simeon came ness and the shadow of death.
among us, and congratulating all
the company, said, Glorify the CHAP. XIV.
Lord Jesus Christ the Son of 1 Adorn causes Seth to relate what he
God. heard from Michael the archangel,
8 Whom I took up in my when he sent him to Paradise to en-
arms when an infant in the tem- treat God to anoint his head in his
ple, and being moved by the
Holy Ghost, said to him, and BUTfather
when the man our first
acknowledged, That now mine
Adam heard these
eyes have seen thy salvation, things, that Jesus was baptized
which thou hast prepared before in Jordan, he called out to his
the face of all people, a light to son, Seth, and said,
enlighten the Gentiles and the 2 Declare to your sons, the
glory of thy people Israel. patriarchs and prophets, all those
9 All the saints who were in things, which thou didst hear
the depth of hell, hearing this, from Michael, the archangel,
rejoiced the more. when I sent thee to the gates of
10 Afterwards there came Paradise, to entreat God that he
forth one like a little hermit, would anoint my head when I
and was asked by every one, was sick.
Who art thou ? 3 Then
Seth, coming near to
11 To which he replied, I am the patriarchs and prophets,
the voice of one crying in the said, I Seth, when I was pray-
Avilderness, John the Baptist, and ing to God at the gates of Para-
the prophet of the Most High, dise, beheld the angel of the
who went before his coming to Lord, Michael appear unto me
prepare his way, to give the saying, I am sent unto thee from
knowledge of salvation to his the Lord I am appointed to

people for the forgiveness of sins. preside over human bodies.

12 And I John, when I saw 4 I tell thee Seth, do not pray
Jesus coming to me, being moved to God in tears, and entreat him
by the Holy Ghost, I said, Be- for the oil of the tree of mercy
hold the Lamb of God, behold wherewith to anoint thy father
him who takes away the sins of ', Adam for his head-ache
the world. i 5 Because thou canst not by
13 And I baptized him in the |
any means obtain it till the last
river Jordan, and saw the Holy |
day and times, namely, till five
Ghost descending upon him in thousand and five hundred years
the form of a dove, and heard a be past.
voice from heaven, saying, This 6 Then will Christ, the most
is my beloved Son, in whom I merciful Son of God, come on
am well pleased. earth to raise again the human
14 And now while I was going body of Adam, and at the same
before him, I came down hither time to raise the bodies of the

Luke ii. 29. Malt. iii. 13.
Sedan and the Pr NICODEMUS. of hell quarrel.

dead, and when he cometh he power, whom thou broughtest to

will be baptized in Jordan subjection by thy power.
7 Then with the oil of his 6 But if he be so powerful in
mercy he will anoint all those his human nature, I affirm to
who believe on him and the oil ; thee for truth, that he is almighty
of his mercy will continue to in his divine nature, and no man
future generations, for those who can resist his power.
shall be born of the water and 7 When therefore he said he
the Holy Ghost unto eternal life. was afraid of death, he designed
8 And when at that time the to ensnare thee, and unhappy it
most merciful Son of God, Christ will be to thee for everlasting
Jesus, shall come down on earth, ages.
he will introduce our father 8 Then Satan replying, said
Adam into Paradise, to the tree to the prince of hell, Why didst
of mercy. thou express a doubt, and wast
9 When all the patriarchs and afraid to receive that Jesus of
prophets heard all these things Nazareth, both thy adversary
from Seth, they rejoiced more. and mine?
9 As for me, I tempted him
CHAP. XV. and old people
stirred up my
1 the Jews with zeal and anger
Quarrel between Satan and the prince
against him ?
oj hell concerning the expected arrival
of Christ in hell. 10 I sharpened the spear for
WHILE all the saints were his suffering I mixed the gall ;

rejoicing, behold Satan and vinegar, and commanded

the prince and captain of death, that he should drink it I pre- ;

said to the prince of hell,

1 pared the cross to crucify him,
2 Prepare to receive Jesus of and the nails to pierce through
Nazareth himself, who boasted his hands and feet; and now his
that he was the Son of God, and death is near at hand, I will
yet was a man afraid of death, bring him hither, subject both to
and said, 2 My soul is sorrowful thee and me.
even to death. 11 Then the prince of hell an-
3 Besides he did many inju- swering, said, Thou saidst to me
me and to
ries to many others just now, that he took away the
for thosewhom I made blind dead from me by force.
and lame and those also whom I 12 They who have been kept
tormented with several devils, they should live again
here till

he cured by his word yea, and ;

were taken away
upon earth,
those whom I brought dead to hence, not by their own power,
thee, he by force takes away but by prayers made to God, and
from thee. their almighty God took them
4 To this the prince of hell from me.
replied to Satan, Who is that so- 13 Who then is that Jesus of
powerful prince, and yet a man Nazareth that by his word hath
who is afraid of death ? taken away the dead from me
5 For all the potentates of without prayer to God?
the earth are subject to my 14 Perhans it is the same who

St. Jerome affirms that the soul of Christ went to hell.
Matt. xxvi. 38.
Christ arrives at hell, NICODEMUS. and Satan is expelled.

took away from me Lazarus, after

saying, Lift up your gates, ye
he had been four days dead, aud princes; and be ye lift up,
did both stink and was rotten, and everlasting gates, and the King
of whom I had possession as a of Glory shall come in.
dead person, yet he brought him 2 When the prince of hell
to life again by his power. heard this, he said to Satan, De-
15 Satan answering, replied to part from me, and begone out of
the prince of hell, It is the very my habitations if thou art a

same person, Jesus of Nazareth. powerful warrior, fight with the

1(3 Which wheu the prince of King of Glory. But what hast
hell heard, he said to him, I ad- thou to do with him ?
jure thee by the powers which 3 And he cast him forth from
belong to thee and me, that thou his habitations.
bring him not to me. 4 And the prince said to his
17 For when I heard of the impious officers, Shut the brass
power of his word, I trembled for gates of cruelty, and make them
fear, and all my impious company fast with iron bars, and fight
were at the same time disturbed ;
courageously, lest we be taken
18 And we were not able to captives.
detain Lazarus, 1 but he gave him- 5 But when all the company of
self a shake, and with all the the saints heard this they spake
signs of malice, he immediately with a loud voice of anger to the
went away from us and the ; prince of hell
very earth, in which the dead 6 Open thy gates that the
body of Lazarus was lodged, King of Glory may come in.
presently turned him out alive. 7 And the divine prophet Da-
19 And I know now that he is vid, cried out saying, "Did not I
Almighty God who could per- when on earth truly prophesy
form such things, who is mighty and say, O that men would praise
in his dominion, and mighty in the Lord for his goodness, and
his human nature, who is the for his wonderful works to the
Saviour of mankind. children of men.
20 Bring not therefore this 8 For he hath broken the gates
person hither, for he will set at of brass, and cut the bars of iron
liberty all those whom I hold in in sunder. He hath taken them
prison under unbelief, and bound because of their iniquity, and
with the fetters of their sins, and because of their unrighteousness
will conduct them to everlasting they are afflicted.
life. 9 After this another prophet,*
CHAP. XVI. namely, holy Isaiah, spake in like
manner to all the saints, did not
1 Christ arrival at hell-gates; the con-
I rightly prophesy to you when I
fusion thereupon. 10 He
into hell.
was alive on earth ?
10 The dead men shall live,

while Satan and
of were hell
and they shall rise again
in their graves, and they
who are.
coursing thus to each other, on a rejoice who are in earth for the ;

sudden there was a voice as of dew which is from the Lord shall
thunder and the rushing of winds, bring deliverance to them.

John xi. 2
Psalni xxiv. 7, &c. Psalm cvii. 15, &:. 'Isaiah xxvi. 19.

Hell greatly disturbed on KECODEMUS. Christ's going thither-

11 And I said in another place, the deep darkness by iniquity,


O death, where is thy victory? and the shadow of death by sin. 3

O death, where is thy sting '?

12 "When all the saints heard CHAP. XVII.

these things spoken by Isaiah,
they said to the prince of hell, 1 1 Death and the devils in great horror at
Christ's coming. 13 He tramples on
Open now thy gates, and take death, seizes the prince of hell, and
away thine iron bars for thou ;
takes Adamwith him to heaven.
wilt now be bound, and have no
power. IMPIOUS Death and her cruel
13 Then there was a great officers hearing these things,

voice, as of the sound of thunder were seized with fear in their se-
saying, Lift up your gates, O veral kingdoms, when they saw
princes and be ye lifted up, ye the clearness of the light,

gates of hell, and the King of 2 And Christ, himself on a

Glory will enter in. sudden appearing in their habi-
tations; they cried out therefore,
14 The prince of hell perceiv-
ing the same voice repeated, cried
and said, are bound by thee We
thou seemest to intend our con-
out as though he had been ignor-
fusion before the Lord.
ant, Who is that King of Glory ?
15 David replied to the prince
3 art thou, who hast no Who
sign of corruption, but that
of hell, and said, I understand
bright appearance which is a full
the words of that voice, because
proof of thy greatness, of which
I spake them by his spirit. And
yet thou seemest to take no
now, as I have above said, I say
notice ?
unto thee, the Lord strong and
4 art thou, so powerful Who
powerful, the Lord mighty in
and so weak, so great and so lit-
battle he is the King of Glory,
tle, a mean and yet a soldier of

and he is the Lord in heaven and the first rank, who can com-
in earth
mand in the form of a servant
16 He hath looked down to as a common soldier?
hear the groans of the prisoners, 5 The King of Glory, dead
and to set loose those that are and alive, though once slain
appointed to death. upon the cross ?
17 And now, thou filthy and 6 Who layest dead in the
stinking prince of hell, open thy grave, and art come down alive
gates, that the King of Glory to us, and in thy death all the
may enter in for he is the Lord
creatures trembled, and all the
of heaven and earth. stars were moved, and now hast
18 While David was saying thou thy liberty among the dead,
this, the mighty Lord appeared and givest disturbance to our
in the form of a man, and en- legions ?
lightened those places which had I
7 Who
art thou, who dost re-
ever before been in darkness, lease the captives that were held
19 And broke asunder the fet- J
in chains by original sin, and
ters which before could not be bringest them into their former
broken and with his invincible
; liberty ?


power visited those who sate in 8 art thou, who dost

Psalm xxiv. 7, &c. 2
Psalm cii. 19, 20. 'Luke i. 79.
Christ gives Beelzebub NICODEMUS. dominion over Satan.

spread so glorious and divine a Beelzebub's defeat and banish-

light over those who were made ment, the scorn of God's angels
blind by the darkness of sin ? and loathed by all righteous
9 In like manner all the le- persons What inclined thee

gions of devils were seized with to act thus ?

the like horror, and with the 2 Thou wouldst crucify the
most submissive fear cried out, King of Glory, and by his de-
and said, struction, hast made us promises
10 Whence comes it, O thou of very large advantages, but as
Jesus Christ, that thou art a a fool wert ignorant of what
man so powerful and glorious in thou wast about.
majesty, so bright as to have no 3 For behold now that Jesus
spot, and so pure as to have no of Nazareth, with the brightness
crime ? For that lower world of his glorious divinity, puts to
of earth, which was ever till flight all the horrid powers of
now subject to us, and from darkness and death ;

whence we received tribute, nev- 4 He has broke down our pri-

er sent us such a dead man be- sons from top to bottom, dis-
fore, never sent such presents as missed all the captives, released
these to the princes of hell. all who were bound, and all
11 Who therefore art thou, who were wont formerly to groan
who with such courage enterest under the weight of their tor-
among our abodes, and art not ments have now insulted us, and
only not afraid to threaten us we are like to be defeated by their
with the greatest punishments, prayers.
but also endeavourest to rescue 5 Our impious dominions are
all others from the chains in subdued, and no part of man-
which we hold them ? kind is now left in our subjec-
12 Perhaps thou art that tion, but on the other hand, they
Jesus, of whom Satan just now all boldly defy us
spoke to our prince, that by the 6 Though, before, the dead
death of the cross thou wert never durst behave themselves
about to receive the power of insolently towards us, nor, being
death. prisoners, could ever on any oc-
,13 Then the King of Glory casion be merry.
trampliug upon death, seized, 7 T[ O Satan, thou prince of
the prince of hell, deprived him all the wicked, father of the im-
of all his power, and took our pious and abandoned, why
earthly father Adam with him to wouldest thou attempt this ex-
his glory. ploit, seeing our prisoners were
hitherto always without the least
hopes of salvation and life ?
1 Beelzebub, prince of hell, vehemently
upbraids Satan for persecuting Christ 8 But now there is not one of
and bringing him to hell. 4. Christ them does ever groan, nor is
gives Beelzebub dominion over Sitan there the least appearance of a
for ever, as a recompense for taking tear in any of their faces.
away Adam and his sons.
9 O prince Satan, thou great
THEN the prince of hell took
Satan, and with great
keeper of the infernal regions,
in- all thy advantages which thou
dignation said to him, O thou didst acquire by the forbidden
prince of destruction, author of tree, and the loss of Paradise,
Leaves hell and takes NICODEMUS. the saints with him.

thou hast now lost by the wood 2 Live now by the wood of
of the cross my cross; the devil, the prince
10 And thy happiness all of this world, is overcome, and
then expired, when thou didst death is conquered.
crucify Jesus Christ the King of 3 Then presently all the saints
Glory. were joined together under the
11 Thou hast acted against hand of the most high God
thine own interest and mine, as and the Lord Jesus laid hold on
thou wilt presently perceive by Adam's hand and said to him,
those large torments and infinite Peace be to thee, and all thy
punishments which thou art righteous posterity, which is
about to suffer. mine.
12 O Satan, prince of all evil, 4 Then Adam, casting him-
author of death, and source of self atthe feet of Jesus, ad-
all pride, thou shouldest first dressed himself to him, with
have inquired into the evil tears, in humble language, and
crimes of Jesus of Nazareth, a loud voice, saying, 1
and then thou wouldest have 5 I will extol thee, O Lord,
found that he was guilty of no for thou hast lifted me up, and
fault worthy of death. hast not made my foes to rejoice
13 Why didst thou venture, over me. O Lord my God, I
without either reason or justice, cried unto thee, and thou hast
to crucify him, and hast brought healed me.
down to our regions a person in- 6 O Lord thou hast brought
nocent and righteous, and there- up my soul from the grave;
by hast lost all the sinners, im- thou hast kept me alive, that I
pious and unrighteous persons in should not go down to the pit.
the whole world ? 7 Sing unto the Lord, all ye
14 While the prince of hell saints of his, and give thanks at
was thus speaking to Satan, the the remembrance of his holiness.
King of Glory said to Beelze- For his anger endureth but for
bub, the prince of hell, Satan, a moment in his favour is life.

the prince shall be subject to 8 In like manner all the saints,


thy dominion for ever, in the j

prostrate at the feet of Jesus,
room of Adam and his right- said with one voice, Thou art
eous sons, who are mine. come, O Redeemer of the world,
and hast actually accomplished
CHAP. XIX. all things, which thou didst fore-
tell by the law and thy holy
1 Christ takes Adam by the hand, the
rest of the saints join hands, and they
all ascend with him to Paradise.
9 Thou hast redeemed the liv-
ing by thy cross, and art come
THEN Jesus stretched forth
his hand, and Come said,
down to us, that by the death
of the cross thou mightest de-
to me, all ye my saints, who liver us from hell, and by thy
were created in my image, who power from death.
were condemned by the tree of 10 O, Lord, as thou hast put

forbidden fruit, and by the devil the ensigns of thy glory in hea-

and death ;
ven, and hast set up the sign of

Psalm xxx. 1, &c.

Adam converses NICODEMUS. with Enoch, &i

thy redemption, even thy cross blessed thief, who relates how he came
to Paradise.
on earth so, Lord, set the sign

of the victory of thy cross in THEN the Lord holding Adam

hell, that death may have do- by the hand, delivered him
minion no longer. to Michael the archangel; and
Then the Lord stretching he led them into Paradise, filled
forth his hand, made the sign of with mercy and glory ;

the cross upon Adam, and upon 2 And two very ancient men
all his saints. met them, and were asked by the
12 taking hold of Adam
And saints, Who are ye, who have
by hand, he ascended
his right not yet been with us in hell, and
from hell, and all the saints of have had your bodies placed in
God followed him. Paradise ?
13 Then the royal prophet 3 One of them answering,
David boldly cried, and said,
said, I am Enoch, who was trans-
O sing unto the Lord a new lated by the word of God 5 and :

song, for he hath done marvel- this man who is with me, is

lous things ;
hand and Elijah the Tishbite, Avho was
his right
his holy arm have gotten him translated in a fiery chariot.
the victory. 4 Here we have hitherto been,
11 The Lord hath made and have not tasted death, but
known his salvation, his right- are now about to return at the
eousness hath he openly shewn coming of Antichrist, being
in the sight of the heathen. armed with divine signs and
15 And the whole multitude miracles, to engage with him in
of saints answered, saying,
battle,and to be slain by him at
This honour have all his saints, Jerusalem, and to be taken up
Amen, Praise ye the Lord. alive again into the clouds, after
16 Afterwards, the prophet three days and a half.
Habakkuk cried out, and said, 5 Tf And while the holy

Thou wentest forth for the sal- Enoch and Elias were relating
vation of thy people, even for this, behold there came another
the salvation of thy people. man in a miserable figure carry-
17 And all the saints said, ing the sign of the cross upon
Blessed is he who cometh in the his shoulders.
name of the Lord for the Lord; 6 And when all the saints saw
hath enlightened us. This is him, they said to him, Who art
our God for ever and ever he thou? For thy countenance is

shall reign over us to everlasting like a thief's; and why dost

ages, Amen. thou carry a cross upon thy
18 In like manner all the shoulders ?
prophets spake the sacred things 7 To which he answering, said,
of his praise, and followed the Ye say right, for I was a thief,
Lord. who committed all sorts of wick-
edness upon earth.
8 And the Jews crucified me
1 Christ delivers Adam to Michael the
with Jesus and I observed the
They meet Enoch and
archangel. 3.
Elijah in heaven, 5 and also the surprising things which hap-

Psalm xcviii. 1, &c. 2
Psalm cxlix. 2.
Hab. iii 13. Matt, xxiii.
Gen. v. 24. 6 Kings ii. 11. Eev- xi. 11.
thief's story, NICODEMUS. how he came to Paradise.

pened in the creation at the cru- CHAP. XXI.

cifixion of the Lord Jesus.
1 Charinus and Lenthius being only
9 And I believed him to be
allowed three days to remain on earth,
the Creator of all things, and the 7 deliver in their narratives, which
Almighty King ; and I prayed miraculously correspond ; they vanish,
to him, saying, Lord, remember 13 and Pilate records these transac-
me, when thou comest into thy
10 He presently regarded my THESE are the divine and
sacred mysteries which we
supplication, and said to me,
saw and heard. I, Charinus and
Verily I say unto thee, this day
Lenthius are not allowed to de-
thou shalt be with me in Para-
clare the other mysteries of God,
as the archangel Michael ordered
11 And he gave me this sign us,
of the cross saying, Carry this, 2 Saying, ye shall go with my
and go to Paradise and if the brethren to Jerusalem, and shall

angel who is the guard of Para- continue in prayers, declaring

dise will not admit thee, shew and glorifying the resurrection
him the sign of the cross, and of Jesus Christ, seeing he hath
say unto him Jesus Christ who raised you from the dead at the

is now crucified, hath sent me same time with himself.

hither to thee. 3 Andye shall not talk with
12 When I did this, and told any man, but sit as dumb per-
the angel who is the guard of sons till the time come when the
Paradise all these things, and he Lord will allow you to relate
heard them, he presently opened the mysteries of his divinity.
the gates, introduced me, and 4 The archangel Michael far-
placed me on the right-hand in ther commanded us to go beyond
Paradise, Jordan, to an excellent and fat
13 Saying, Stay here a little country, where there are many
time, till Adam, the father of all who rose from the dead along
mankind, shall enter in, with all with us for the proof of the resur-
his sons, who are the holy and rection of Christ.
righteous servants of Jesus 5 For we have only three days
Christ, who was crucified. allowed us from the dead, who
14 When they heard all this arose to celebrate the passover
account from the thief, all the of our Lord with our parents, and

patriarchs said with one voice, to bear our testimony for Christ
Blessed be thou, O Almighty the Lord, and we have been
God, the Father of everlasting baptized in the holy river of
goodness, and the Father of mer- Jordan. And now they are not
cies, who hast shewn such favour seen by any one.
to those who were sinners against 6 This is as much as God al-
him, and hast brought them to lowed us to relate to you give ye ;

the mercy of Paradise, and hast therefore praise and honour to

placed them amidst thy large him, and repent, and he will have
and spiritual provisions, in a mercy upon you. Peace be to
spiritual and holy life. Amen. you from the Lord God Jesus

Luke xxiii. 43.

Charinus and Lenthius NICODEMUS. conclude their visit.

Christ, and the Saviour of us all. him to be the Son of God, according
the testimony of the Scriptures;
Amen, Amen, Amen. to
which, after they put him to death, they
7 And after they had made an
are examined.
end of writing and had wrote in
two distinct pieces of paper, Cha- AFTER these things Pilate
rinus gave what he wrote into the went to the temple of the
hands of Annas, and Caiaphas, Jews, and called together all the
and Gamaliel. rulers and scribes, and doctors of
8 Lenthius likewise gave what the law, and went with them into
he wrote into the hands of Mco- a chapel of the temple.
demus and Joseph and immedi- ; 2 And commanding that all the
ately they were changed into gates should be shut, said to them,
exceeding white forms and were I have heard that ye have a cer-
seen no more. tain large book in this temple
9 But what they had wrote was I desire you therefore, that it
found perfectly to agree, the one may be brought before me.
not containing one letter more or 3 And when the great book,
less than the other. carried by four ministers of the
10 When all the assembly of temple, and adorned with gold
the Jews heard all these surpris- and precious stones, was brought,
ing relations of Charinus and Pilate said to them all, I adjure
Lenthius, they said to each you by the God of your Fathers,
other, Truly all these things were who made and commanded this
wrought by God, and blessed be temple to be
ye conceal built, that
the Lord Jesus for ever and not the truth from me.
ever, Amen. 4 Ye know all the things which
11 And they went about with are written in that book tell me ;

great concern, and fear, and trem- therefore now, if ye in the Scrip-
bling, and smote upon their tures have found any thing of
breasts and went away every one that Jesus whom ye crucified, and
to his home. at what time of the world he
12 But immediately all these ought to have come shew it me. :

things which were related by the 5 Then having sworn Annas

Jews in their synagogues con- and Caiaphas, they commanded
cerning Jesus, were presently all the rest who were with them
told by Joseph and Nicodemus to go out of the chapel.
to the governor. 6 And they shut the gates of
13 And Pilate wrote down all the temple and of the chapel, and
these transactions, and placed all said to Pilate, Thou hast made us
these accounts in the public re- to swear, O judge, by the build-
cords of his hall. ing of this temple, to declare to
thee that which is true and
CHAP. XXII. 7 After we had crucified Jesus,
1 Pilate goes to the temple not knowing that he was the Son
; calls together
the rulers, and scribes, and doctors. 2 of God, but supposing he wrought
Commands the gates to be shut ; orders his miracles by some magical arts,
the book of the Scripture ; and causes
we summoned a large assembly
the Jews to relate what they really
in this temple.
knew concerning Christ. 14 They
declare that they crucified Christ in 8 And when we were delibe-
ignorance, and that they now know rating among one another about
The Jews repent and NICODEMUS. acknowledge Christ.

the miracles which Jesus had fering, our chief priests were sur-

wrought, we found many wit- prised at the signs which were

nesses of our own country, who wrought by his means, we opened
declared that they had seen him that book to search all the gene-
alive after his death, and that rations down to the generation of
they heard him discoursing with Joseph and Mary the mother of
his disciples, and saw him ascend- Jesus, supposing him to be of the
ing unto the height of the seed of David
heavens, and entering into them ;
16 And we found the account
9 And we saw two witnesses, of the creation, and at what time
whose bodies Jesus raised from he made the heaven and the earth
the dead, who told us of many and the first man Adam, and that
strange things which Jesus did from thence to the flood, were two
among the dead, of which we thousand, two hundred and
have a written account in our twelve years.
hands. 17 And from the flood to
10 And it is our custom Abraham, nine hundred and
annually to open this holy book twelve. And from Abraham to
before an assembly, and to search
Moses, four hundred and thirty.
there for the counsel of God. And from Moses to David the
11 And we found in the first king, fivehundred and ten.
of the seventy books, where 18 And from David to the
Michael the archangel is speak- Babylonish captivity, five hun-
ing to the third son of Adam the dred years. And from the Baby-
first man, an account that after lonish captivity to the incarna-
five thousand five hundred years, tion of Christ, four hundred
Christ the most beloved Son of years.
God was come on earth, 19 The sum of all which
12 And we further consider- amounts to five thousand and
ed, that perhaps he was the very half (a thousand).
God of Israel who spoke to 20 And so it appears, that
Moses, Thou shalt make the ark Jesus whom we crucified, is
of the testimony two cubits and Jesus Christ the Son of God, and

a half shall be the length there- true and Almighty God. Amen.
of, and a cubit and a half the
breadth thereof, and a cubit and In the name of the Holy Trinity,
a half the height thereof. 1 thus end the Acts of our Saviour
13 By these five cubits and a Jesus Christ, which the Empe-
half for the building of the ark ror Theodosius the Great found
of the Old Testament, we per- at Jerusalem, in the hall of
ceived and knew that in five Pontius Pilate among the public
thousand years and a half (one records; the things ivere acted
thousand) years, Jesus Christ in the nineteenth year of Tibe-
was to come in the ark or taber- rius Cossar, Emperor of the
nacle of a body ;
Romans, and in the seventeenth
14 And so our scriptures tes- year of the government of Herod
tify that he is the son of God, the son of Herod king of Gali-
and the Lord and King of Israel. lee, on the eighth of the calends

15 And because after his suf- of April, which is the twenty-

Exod. xxv. 10.

third day of the month of March, tory written in Hebrew by Ni-
in the ccud Olympiad, when codemus, of what happened after
Joseph and Caiaphas were Ru- our Saviour's crucifixion.
lers of the Jews; being a His-


[It is affirmed by Ambrose, " tbat the twelve Apostles, as skilful artificers
assembled together, and made a key by their common advice, that is,
the Creed by which the darkness of the devil is disclosed, that the

light of Christ may appear." 1 Others fable that every Apostle inserted
an article, by which the creed is divided into twelve articles and a ser- ;

mon, fathered upon St. Austin, and quoted by the Lord Chancellor
King, fabricates that each particular article was thus inserted by each
particular Apostle :

" Peter.— 1. I believe in God the Father Almighty

" John.— Maker of heaven and earth


James. — And in Jesus Christ his only Son, our Lord
3. ;

" Andrew. — Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Vir-
gin Mary;
"Philip- — 5. Suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead and
buried ;

" Thomas. — 6. He descended into hell, the third day he rose again
from the dead

" Bartholomew. 7. He ascended into heaven, sitteth at the right hand
of God the Father Almighty

Matthew. — 8. From thence he shall come to judge the quick and the
" James, the son of Alpheus.—9. I believe in the Holy Ghost, the holy
Catholic Church

" Simon Zelotes. — 10. The communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins

u Jude the brother

of James. — 11. The resurrection of the body

" Matthias. —12. Life everlasting. Amen." 2

Archbishop Wake
says " With respect to the Apostles being the

authors of this Creed, it'is not my intention to enter on any particular

examination of this matter, which has been so fully handled, not only
by the late critics of the Church of Eome, Natalia Alexander, Du Pin,
3 4

Arab. Opera, torn. ill. Serm. 38, p. 265. Kind's Hist. Apost. Creed,
8vo, p. 26. »
Nat AleS-; §i vu i.
. ; }., p . 490, &c .
Du Pin, Bibiioth. Ec-
cles., vol, i., p. 25.

&c, but yet more especially by Archbishop Usher, 1 Gerard Vossius, 2
Suicer, 3 Spanhemius, 4 Tentzelius, 5 and Sam. Basnage, 6 among the Pro-
testants. It shall suffice to say, that as it is not likely, that had any
such thing as this been done by the Apostles, St. Luke would have
passed it by, without taking the least notice of it so the diversity of :

Creeds in the ancient Church, and that not only in expression, but in
some whole Articles too, sufficiently shows, that the Creed which we call
by that name, was not composed by the twelve Apostles, much less in
the same form in which it now is." 7
Mr. Justice Bailey says: " It is not to be understood that this Creed
was framed by the Apostles, or indeed that it existed as a Creed in their
time ;" 8 and after giving the Creed as it existed in the year 600, and
which is here copied from his Common Prayer Book, he says, " how
long this form had existed before the year 600 is not exactly known.
The additions were probably made in opposition to particular heresies
and errors.''
The most important "addition," since the year of Christ 600, is that
which affirms, that Christ descended into hell. This has been proved not
only to have been an invention after the Apostles' time, but even after
the time of Eusebius. Bishop Pearson says, 9 that the descent into hell
was not in the ancient creeds or rules of faith. '' It is not to be found
in the rules of faith delivered by Irenseus, 10 by Origen, 11 or by Tertul-
It is not expressed in those creeds which were made by the
councils as larger explications of the Apostles' Creed not in the Nicene, ;

or Constantinopolitan not in those of Ephesus, or Chalcedon not in

; ;

those confessions made at Sardica, Antioch, Selucia, Sirniium, &c. It

is not mentioned in several confessions of faith delivered by particular
persons not in that of Eusebius Caesariensis, presented to the council

of Nice 13 not in that of Marcellus, bishop of Ancyra, delivered to Pope


Julius M not in that of Arius and Euzoius, presented to Constantine 15

; ;

not in that of Acacius, bishop of Csesarea, delivered into the synod of

Selucia 16 not in that of Eustalhius, Theophilus, and Sylvanus, sent to

Liberius 17 there is no mention of it in the creed of St. Basil 18 in the

; ;

creed of Epiphanus, 19 Gelasius, Damascus, Macarius, &c. It is not in

the creed expounded by St. Cyril, though some have produced that
creed to prove it. It is not in the creed expounded by St. Augustine f°
not in that other, 21 attributed to St. Augustine in another place not in ;

that expounded by Maximus Taurinensis nor in that so often inter- ;

preted by Petrus Chrysologus nor in that of the church of Antioch,


delivered by Cassianus; 22 neither is it to be seen in the MS. creeds set

forth by the learned Archbishop of Armagh. It is affirmed by Ruffinus,
that in his time it was neither in the Roman nor the Oriental Creeds." 23

Diatrib. de Symb. Voss. Dissert, de tribus Symbolis. 3 Suicer. The-
Baur. Eccles. torn. ii. Voce cvpflolov, p. 1086, &c. * Spanhem, Introd. ad

Hist. Eccles., \ ii., c 3. 5 Ernest. Tentzel. Exercit. select. Exercit. I. 6 Sam.

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Fathers, 8vo, p. 103. 8 Mr. Justice Bailey's Common Praver, 1813, p. 9.
9 Pearson on the Creed, fol.
1676, p. 225.
Lib. 1, c. 2. n Lib. de Prin-


cip. in Prooem.
Advers. Praxeam., c. ii., Virgin, veland., c. 1. De Prse-
pcript. advers. Hseres., c. 13.
Theodoret, 1. 1, c. 2.
u Epiphan. He. es.
72. 15
Socrat. 1. 1, c. 19. 16
Ibid. 1. 2, c. 40. " Ibid. 1. 4, c. 12. 18 Tract,
de Fide in Ascet. 19
In Anchorat., c. 120.
De Fide et Symbolo. 21 De
Symbolo ad Catechumenos. 22
De Incarnat., lib. 6. 23
Exposit. in Symbol.,
Apost., I 20.

As it stood An. Bom, 600. Copied As it stands in the booh of Common
from Mr. Justice Bailey's Edition of Prayer of the United Church of Eng-
the book of Common Prayer. land and Ireland as by law estab-
Before the year 600, it was no more lished.
than this."— Me. Justice Bailey.
p. 9 n.

1 I Believe in God the Fa- 1 I Believe in God the Fa-

ther Almighty: ther Almighty, maker of heaven
2 And in Jesus Christ his on- and earth
ly begotten Son, our Lord 2 And in Jesus Christ his on-

3 Who
was born of the Holy ly Son, our Lord
Ghost and Virgin Mary, 3 Who
was conceived by the
Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin
4 And was crucified under
4 Suffered under Pontius Pi-
Pontius Pilate, and was buried late, was crucified, dead and

5 And the third day rose buried

again from the dead. 5 He descended into hell
6 Ascended into heaven, sit-
teth on the right hand of the 6 The third day he rose again
Father from the dead
7 Whence he shall come to 7 He ascended into heaven,
judge the quick and the dead and sitteth on the right hand of

God the Father Almighty

8 From thence he shall come
8 And in the Holy Ghost to judge the quick and the dead.
9 f[ I believe in the Holy
9 The Holy Church; 10 The holy Catholic Church

10 The remission of sins ;

the communion of saints ;

11 The forgiveness of sins ;

12 The resurrection of the

11 And the resurrection of body and the life everlasting,

the flesh, Amen. Amen.

[This Epistle has been highly esteemed by several learned men of the church
of Rome and others. The Quakers have printed a translation vid plead
for it, as the reader may see, by consulting Poole's Annotations on Col.
vi. 16. Sixtus Senensis mentions two MiSiS-, the one in the Sorbonne
Library at Paris, which is a very ancient copy, and the other in the Li-
brary of Joannes a Viridario, at Padua, which he transcribed and pub-
lished, and which is the authority for the following translation. There
is a very old translation of this Epistle in the British Museum, among
the Harleian MSS., Cod. 1212.]

1 He salutes the brethren. 3 exhorts to me to live shall be a life to

them to persevere in good works, 4
Christ, to die will be joy.
and not to be moved by vain speaking.
6 Rejoices in his bonds, 10 desires
9 And our Lord will grant us
them to live in the fear of the Lord. his mercy, that ye may have
the same love, and be like-
PAUL an Apostle, not of
men, neither by man, but
10 Wherefore, my beloved, as
by Jesus Christ, to the brethren ye have heard of the coming of
which are at Laodicea. the Lord, so think and act in
2 Grace be to you, and Peace, fear, and it shall be to you life
from God the Father and our eternal
Lord Jesus Christ. 11 For it is God who worketh
3 I thank Christ in every in you ;

prayer of mine, that ye may 12 And do all things without

continue and persevere in good sin.
works looking for that which is 13 And what is best, my be-
promised in the day of judg- loved, rejoice in the Lord Jesus
ment. Christ, and avoid all filthy
4 Let not the vain speeches lucre.
of any trouble you who pervert 14 Let all your requests be
the truth, that they may draw made known to God, and be
you aside from the truth of the steady in the doctrine of Christ.
Gospel which I have preached. 15 And whatsoever things are
5 And now may God grant, sound and true, and of* good re-
that my converts may attain to port, and chaste, and just, and
a perfect knowledge of the truth lovely, these things do.
of the Gospel, be beneficent, 16 Those things which ye
and doing good works which have heard, and received, think
company salvation. on these things, and peace shall
6 And now my bonds, which be with you.
I suffer in Christ, are manifest, 17 All the saints salute you.
in which I rejoice and am glad. 18 The grace of our Lord Je-
7 For I know that this shall sus Christ be with your spirit.
turn to my salvation for ever, Amen.
which shall be through your 19 Cause this Epistle to be
prayer, and the supply of the read to the Colossians, and the
Holy Spirit. Epistle of the Colossians to be
8 Whether I live or die (for) read among you.

[Several very learned writers have entertained a favourable opinion of these
Epistles. They are undoubtedly of high antiquity. Salmeron cites
them to prove that Seneca was one of Caesar's household, referred to bv
Paul, Philip- iv. 22, as saluting the brethren at Philippi. In Jerome'"s
enumeration of illustrious men, he places Seneca, on account of these
Epistles, amongst the ecclesiastical and holy writers of the Christian
Church. Sixtus Senensis has published them in his Bibliotheque,
89, 90 and it is from thence that the present translation is made.
; Bar-
onius, Bellarmine, Dr. Cave, Spanheim, and others, contend that they
are not genuine.]

CHAP. I. which I could immediately have

Ann^us Seneca Paul Greeting. wrote an answer, had the young

SUPPOSE, Paul, you have man Deen at home, whom I in-

been informed of that conver- tended

JL to have sent to you

sation, which passed yesterday 2 For you know when, and by
between me and my Lucilius, whom, at what seasons, and to
concerning hypocrisy and other whom I must deliver every thing
subjects; tor there were some of[ w ^llc " I send
your disciples in company with 3 I desire therefore you would
us; not charge me with negligence,
2 For wher> we were retired if I wait for a proper person.
into the Sallustian gardens, 4 I reckon myself very happy
through which they were also in having the judgment of so
passing, and would have gone valuable a person, that you are
another way, by our persuasion delighted with my Epistles
they joined company with us. 5 For you would not be es-
3 I desire you to believe, that teemed a censor, a philosopher,
we much wish for your conversa- or be the tutor of so great a
tion: prince, and a master of every
4 We were much delighted thing, if you were not sincere.
with your book of many Epistles, I wish you a lasting prosperity.
which you have wrote to some CHAP. III.
cities and chief towns of pro- Ann^us Seneca to Paul Greeting.
vinces, and contain wonderful
instructions for moral conduct:
completed some vo-
5 Such sentiments, as I sup- I
lumes, and divided them into
their proper parts.
pose you were not the author of,
2 I am determined to read
but only the instrument of con-
veying, though sometimes both
them to Csesar, and if any favour-
able opportunity happens, you
the author and the instrument.
also shall be present, when they
6 For such is the sublimity of
those doctrines, and their gran- are
deur, that I suppose the age of 3 But if that cannot be, I will
give you notice of a
a man is scarce sufficient to be appoint and
instructed and perfected in the day,
when we will together read
knowledge of them. I wish your over the
welfare, my brother. Farewell. 4 I had determined, if I could
with safety, first to have your opi-
CHAP. II. nion of it, before I published it
Paul to Seneca Greeting. to Csesar, that you might be con-
RECEIVED your letter yes- vinced of my affection to you.
I terday with pleasure : to Farewell, dearest Paul.
IV. and acknowledging themselves
Seneca Greeting.
Paul to to have been in the wrong. Fare-
often as I read your letters,
AS I imagine you present with CHAP. VII.
me nor indeed do I think any Ajrar.a;us Seneca to Paul Greeting.

other, than that you are always PROFESS myself extremely

with us. I
pleased with the reading your
2 As soon therefore as you be- letters to the Galatians, Corin-
gin to come, we shall presently thians, and people of Achaia.
see each other. I wish you all 2 For the Holy Ghost has in
prosperity. them by you delivered those
sentiments which are very lofty,
CHAP. V. sublime, deserving of all respect,
Ann^eus Seneca to Paul Greeting. and beyond your own invention.

WE are very much concerned 3 I could wish therefore, that

at your too long absence when you are writing things so
from us. extraordinary, there might not
2 What is it, or what affairs be wanting an elegancy of speech
are they, which obstruct your agreeable to their majesty.
coming ? 4 And I must own my bro-
3 If you fear the anger of ther, that I may not at once dis-
Csesar, because you have abon- honestly conceal anything from
doned your former religion, and you, and be unfaithful to my own
made proselytes also of others, conscience, that the emperor is
you have this to plead, that your extremely pleased with the senti-
acting thus proceeded not from ments of your Epistles
inconstancy, but judgment. 5 For when he heard the be-
Farewell. ginning of them read, he declar-
ed, That he was surprised to find
such notions in a person, who
Paul io Seneca and Lucilius
had not had a regular education.
6 To which I replied, That the
CONCERNING those things
Gods sometimes made use of
about which ye wrote to me
mean (innocent) persons to speak
it is not proper for me to mention
by, and gave him an instance of
anything in writing with pen and
this in a mean countryman,
ink the one of which leaves

marks, and the other evidently

named Vatienus, who, when he
was in the country of Reate, had
declares things.
two men appeared to him, called
2 Especially since I know that
Castor and Pollux, and received
there are near you, as well as me,
a revelation from the gods. Fare-
those who will understand my
3 Deference is to be paid to all CHAP. VIII.
men, and so much the more, as Paul to Seneca Greeting.
they are more likely to take occa- ALTHOUGH I know the em-
sions of quarrelling. peror is both an admirer
4 And if we show a submissive and favourer of our (religion), yet
temper, we shall overcome effec- give me leave to advise you
tually in all points, if so be they against your suffering any injury,
are, who are capable of seeing (by shewing favour to us.)


flB Hi



2 I think indeed you ventured CHAP. X.
upon a very dangerous attempt, Paul to Seneca Greeting.
when you would declare (to the
emperor) that which is so very AS and place mywrite
often as
I to you,
contrary to his religion, and way
yours, I do a thing both dis-
of worship seeing he is a wor-
agreeable to myself, and con-
shipper of the heathen gods.
trary to our religion
3 I know not what you parti-
2 For I ought, as I have often
cularly had in view, when you
declared, to become all things to
told him of this but I suppose
all men, and to have that regard
you did it out of too great re- toyour quality, which the Roman
spect for me.
law has honoured all senators
4 But I desire that for the fu- with namely, to put my name

ture you would not do so ; for

last in the (inscription of the)
you had need be careful, lest by Epistle, that I may not at length
shewing your affection for me, with uneasiness and shame be
you should offend your master obliged to do that which it was
5 His anger indeed will do us always my inclination to do.
no harm, if he continue a hea- Farewell, most respected master.
then; nor will his not being Dated the fifth of the calends of
angry be of any service to us July, in the fourth consulship of
6 And if the empress act wor- Nero, and Messala.
thy of her character, she will
not be angry but if she acts as
a woman, she will be affronted. Ann-EUS Seneca to Paul Greeting.
happiness to you, my
Farewell. ALLdearest Paul.
2 If a person so great, and
CHAP. IX. every way agreeable as you are,
Ann^tjs Seneca to Paul Greeting, become not only a
common, but
a most intimate friend to me,
KNOW that my letter, where- how happy will be the case of
I in I acquainted you, that I Seneca
had read to the Emperor your 3 You therefore, who are so
Epistles, does not so much affect eminent, and so far exalted above
you as the nature of the things all, even the greatest, do not
(contained in them), think yourself unfit to be first
2 Which do so powerfully di- named in the inscription of an
vert men's minds from their for- Epistle
mer manners and practices, that 4 Lest I should suspect you
I have always been surprised, intend not so much to try me,
and have been fully convinced as to banter me for you know ;

of it by many arguments here- yourself to be a Roman citizen.

tofore. 5 And I could wish to be in
3 Let us therefore begin that circumstance or station
afresh and if any thing hereto-
which you are, and that you
fore has been imprudently acted, were in the same that I am.
do you forgive. Farewell, dearest Paul. Dated
4 I have sent you a book de the xth of the calends of April,
copia verborum. Farewell, dear- in the consulship of Aprianus
est Paul. and Capito.
7 97
CHAP. XII. 8 One hundred and thirty-two
Axxjevs Seneca to Paul Greeting. houses, and four whole squares
(or islands) were burnt down in
ALL happiness to you,my dear- six days
est Pau 1.
the seventh put an
Do you not sup- end to the burning. I wish

pose I am extremely concerned allhappiness.
and grieved that your innocence 9 Dated the fifth of the calends
should bring you into sufferings ? of April, in the consulship of

2 And that all the people Frigius and Bassus.

should suppose you (Christians)
so criminal, and imagine all the CHAP. XIII.
misfortunes that happen to the
Ann^eus Seneca to Paxil Greeting.
city, to be caused by you ?
3 But let us bear the charge
with a patient temper, appeal-
ALL happiness to you, my
dearest Paul.
ing (for our innocence) to the 2 You have wrote many vo-
court (above), which is the only lumes in an allegorical and mys-
one our hard fortune will allow style, and therefore such
us to address to, till at length mighty matters and business
our misfortunes shall end in un- being committed to you, require
alterable happiness. not to be set off with any rhe-
4 Former ages have produced torical flourishes of speech, but
(tyrants) Alexander the son of only_with some proper elegance.
Philip, and Dionysius ours; 3 I remember you often say,
also has produced Caius Caesar that many by affecting such a
whose inclinations were their style do injury to their subjects,
only laws. and lose the force of the matters
5 As to the frequent burnings they treat of.
of the city of Rome, the cause is 4 But in this I desire you to
manifest and if a person in my
; regard me, namely, to have re-
mean circumstances might be spect to true Latin, and to
allowed to speak, and one might choose just words, that so you
declare these dark things with- may the better manage the noble
out danger, every one should see trust which is reposed in you.
the whole of the matter. 5 Farewell. Dated v th of the
6 The Christians and Jews names of July, Leo and Savinus
are indeed commonly punished consuls.
for the crime of burning the CHAP. XIV.
city but that impious miscreant,
Paul to Seneca Greeting.
who delights in murders and
butcheries, and disguises his vil-
lanies with lies, is appointed to,
serious consideration
requited with these discov-
or reserved till, his proper time. eries, which the Divine Being
7 And as the life of every ex- has granted but to few.
cellent person is now sacrificed 2 I am thereby assured that I
instead of that one person (who sow the most strong seed in a
is the author of the mischief), fertile soil, not anything mate-
so this one shall be sacrificed for rial, which is subject to corrup-
many, and he shall be devoted tion, but the durable word of
to be burnt with fire instead of God, which shall increase and
all. bring forth fruit to eternity.
3 That which by your wis- will seem disagreeable, and not
dom you have attained to, shall be comprehended by them, see-
abide without decay for ever. ing most of them will not regard
4 'Believe that you ought to your discourses, yet the Word
avoid the superstitions of Jews of God once infused into them,
and Gentiles. will at length make them become
5The things which you have new men, aspiring towards God.
in some measure arrived to, pru- 7 Farewell Seneca, who art
dently make known to the em- most dear to us. Dated on the
peror, his family, and to faithful Calends of August, in the con-
friends sulship of Leo and Savinus.
6 And" though your sentiments


[Tertullian says that this piece was forged by a Presbyter of Asia, who being
convicted, "confessed that he did it out of respect of Paul," and Pope
Gelasius, in his Decree against apocryphal books, inserted it among
them. Notwithstanding this, a large part of the history was credited,
and looked upon as genuine among the primitive Christians. Cyprian,
Eusebius, Epiphanius, Austin, Gregory Nazianzen, Chrysostom, and
Severus Sulpitius, who all lived within the fourth century, mention
Thecla, or refer to her history. Basil of Seleucia wrote her acts, suffer-
ings, and victories, inverse; and Euagrius Scholasticus, an ecclesiasti-
cal historian, about 590, relates that '' after the Emperor Zeno had
abdicated his empire, and Basilik had taken possession of it, he had a
vision of the holy and excellent martyr Thecla, who promised him the
restoration of his empire; for which, when it was brought about, he
erected and dedicated a most noble and sumptuous temple to this
famous martyr Thecla, at Seleucia, a city of Isauria, and bestowed upon
it very noble endowments, which (says the author) are preserved even
till this day." Hist. Eccl., lib. 3, cap. 8.— Cardinal Baronius, Locrinus,
Archbishop Wake, and others; and also the learned Grabe, who edited
the Septuagint, and revived the Acts of Paul and Thecla, consider them
as having been written in the Apostolic age as containing nothing

superstitious, or disagreeing from, the opinions and belief of those times;

and, in short, as a genuine and authentic history. Again, it is said,
that this is not the original book of the early Christians; but however
that may be, it is published from the Greek MS. in the Bodleian Library
at Oxford, which Dr. Mills copied and transmitted to Dr. Grabe.]

The Martyrdom of the holy and

glorious first Martyr and Apos-
Paul went up to Ico-
after his flight from
tle Thecla. Antioch, Demas and Hermoge-
nes became his companions, who
were then full of hypocrisy.
1 Demas and Hermogenes become PauPs 2 But Paul looking only at
companions. 4 Paul visits Onesi- the goodness of God, did them
phorus. 8 Invited by Demas and
no harm, but loved them greatly.
Hermogenes. 11 Preaches to the
household of Onesiphorus. 12 His 3 Accordingly he endeavoured
sermon. to make agreeable to them, all
Paul' s companions PAUL AND THECLA. and preachings.

the and doctrines of

oracles 11 Then Paul went into the
Christ, and the design of the house of Onesiphorus, and there
Gospel of God's well-beloved was great joy among the family
Son, instructing them in the on that account and they em- :

knowledge of Christ, as it was ployed themselves in prayer,

revealed to him. breaking of bread, and hearing
4 ^f And a certain man named Paul preach the word of God
Onesiphorus, hearing that Paul concerning temperance and the
was come to Iconium, went out resurrection, in the following
speedily to meet him, together manner
with his wife Lectra, and his 12 Tf Blessed are the pure in
sons Simmia and Zeno, to invite heart for they shall see God.

him to their house. 13 Blessed are they who keep

5 For Titus had given them their flesh undefiled (or pure) ;

a description of Paul's person- for they shalJ. be the temple of

age, they as yet not knowing God.
him in person, but only being 14 Blessed are the temperate
acquainted with his character. (or chaste) ; for God will reveal
6 They went in the king's himself to them.
highway to Lystra, and stood 15 Tf Blessed are they who
there waiting for him, comparing abandon their secular enjoy-
all who passed by, with that de- ments for they shall be accept-

scription which Titus had given ed of God.

them. 16 Blessed are they who have
7 At length they saw a man wives, as though they had them
coming (namely Paul), of a low not; for they shall be made
stature, bald (or shaved) on the angels of God.^
head, crooked thighs, handsome 17 Blessed are they who trem-
legs, hollow-eyed had a crooked
; ble at the word of God for ;

nose full of grace for some-

; ; they shall be comforted.
times he appeared as a man, 18 Blessed are they who keep
sometimes he had the counte- their baptism pure; for they
nance of an angel. And Paul shall find peace with the Father,
saw Onesiphorus, and was glad. Holy Ghost.
Son, and
8 ^[ And Onesiphorus said 19 Tf Blessed are they who

pursue the wisdom (or doctrine)

Hail, thou servant of the blessed
God. Paul replied, The grace of Jesus Christ for they shall ;

of God be with thee and thy be called the sons of the Most
family. High.
9 But Demas and Hermoge- 20 Blessed are they who ob-
nes were moved with envy, and, serve the instructions of Jesus
under a show of great religion, Christ; for they shall dwell in
Demas said, And are not we eternal light.
also servants of the blessed 21 Blessed are they, who for
God ? '

Why the love of Christ abandon the

didst thou not salute us ?
10 Onesiphorus replied, Be- glories of the world for they ;

cause I have not perceived in shall judge angels, and be placed

you the fruits of righteousness at the right hand of Christ, and

nevertheless, if ye are of that shall not suffer the bitterness of

sort, ye shall be welcome to my the last judgment.
house also. 22 ^[ Blessed are the bodies and
Thecla admires PAUL AND THECLA. FauVs preaaHrig.

souls of virgins for they are ac- to marry her.

Accordingly he
ceptable to God, and shall not said to Theoclia, Where is my
lose the reward of their virginity Thecla?
for the word of their (heavenly) 6 Theoclia replied, Thamyris,
Father shall prove effectual to I have something very strange to
their salvation in the day of his tell you ; for Thecla, for the space
Son, and they shall enjoy rest of three days, will not move from
for evermore. the window not so much as to
eat or drink, but is so intent in
CHAP. II. hearing the artful and delusive
discourses of a certain foreigner,
1 Thecla listens anxiously to Paul's that I perfectly admire, Tha-
preaching. 5 Thamyris, her admirer,
concerts with Theoclia her mother to
myris, that a young woman of
dissuade her, 12 in vain. 14 Demas her known modesty, will suffer
and Hermogenes vilify Paul to herself to be so prevailed upon.
Thamyris. 7 For that man has disturbed
the whole city of Iconium, and
WHILE Paul was preach- even your Thecla, among others,
ing this sermon in the All the women and young men
church which was in the house of flock to him to receive his doc-
Onesiphorus, a certain virgin, trine ; who, besides all the rest,
named Thecla (whose mother's tells them that there is but one
name was Theoclia, and who was God, who alone is to be worship-
betrothed to a man named Tha- ped, and that we ought to live in
myris) sat at a certain window in chastity.
her house. 8 1 Notwithstanding this, my
2 From whence, by the advan- daughter Thecla, like a spider's
tage of a window in the house web fastened to the window, is
where Paul was, she both night captivated by the discourses of
and day heard Paul's sermons Paul, and attends upon them
concerning God, concerning cha- with prodigious eagerness, and
rity, concerning faith in Christ, vast delight and thus, by attend-

and concerning prayer ;

ing on what he says, the young
3 Nor would she depart from woman is seduced. Now then
the window, till with exceeding do you go, and speak to her, for
joy she was subdued to the doc- she is betrothed to you.
trines of faith. 9 Accordingly Thamyris went,
4 At length, when she saw and having saluted her, and tak-
many women and virgins going ing care not to surprise her, he
in to Paul, she earnestly desired said, Thecla, my spouse, why sit-
that she might bethought worthy test thou in this melancholy pos-
to appear in his presence, and ture ? What strange impressions
hear the word of Christ for she are made upon thee? Turn to

had not yet seen Paul's person, Thamyris, and blush.

but only heard his sermons, and 10 Her mother also spake to
that alone. her after the same manner, and
5 ^[ But when she would not said, Child, why dost thou sit so
be prevailed upon to depart from melancholy, and, like one asto-
the window, her mother sent to nished, makest no reply ?
Thamyris, who came with the 11 Then they wept exceeding-
greatest pleasure, as hoping now ly, Thamyris, that he had lost
Demaj andift'enmogehes- PAUL AND THECLA. betray Paul.

his spouse Theoclia, that she had

; abundance, and very rich provi-
losther daughter and the maids,
; sion.
that they had lost their mistress 2 They were brought to a table
and there was an universal richly spread, and made to drink
mourning in the family. plentifully by Thamyris, on ac-
12 But all these things made count of the love he had for The-
no impression upon Thecla, so cla and his desire to marry her.
as to incline her so much as to 3 Then Thamyris said, I desire
turn to them, and take notice of ye would inform me what the
them for she still regarded the
doctrines of this Paul are, that I
discourses of Paul. may understand them for I am

13 Then Thamyris ran forth under no small concern about

into the street to observe who Thecla, seeing she so delights in
they were who went into Paul, that stranger's discourses, that I
and came out from him; and am in danger of losing my in-
he saw two men engaged in a tended wife.
very warm dispute, 4 1 Then Demas and Hermo-
and said to
them; genes answered both together,
14 T[ Sirs, what business have and said, Let him be brought be-
you here? and who is that man fore the governor Castellius, as
within, belonging to you, who one who endeavours to persuade
deludes the minds of men, both the people into the new religion
young men and virgins, per- of the Christians, and he, accord-
suading them, that they ought ing to the order of Csesar, will put
not to many, but continue as him to death, by which means
they are ? you will obtain your wife
15 1 promise to give you a con- 5 While Ve at the same time
siderable sum, if you will give will teach her, that the resurrec-
me a just account of him for I ;
tion which he speaks of is already
am the chief person of this come, and consists in our having
city. children and that we then arose

16 Demas and Hermogenes re- again, when we came to the

plied, We
cannot so exactly tell knowledge of God.
who, he is; but this we know, 6 Thamyris having this ac-
that he deprives young men of count from them, was filled with
their (intended) wives, and vir- hot resentment
gins of their (intended) hus- 7 And rising early in the morn-
bands, by teaching, There can ing he went to the house of One-
be no future resurrection, unless siphorus, attended by the magis-
ye continue in chastity, and do trates, the jailor, and a great mul-
not defile your flesh. titude of people with staves, and
said to Paul
CHAP. III. Thou hast perverted the city
of Iconium, and among the rest,
1 They betray Paul. 7 Thamyris arrests
him with officers. Thecla, who is betrothed to me,
so that now she will not marry
THEN said Thamyris, Come me. Thou shalt therefore go
along with me to my house, with us to the governor Castel-
and refresh yourselves. So they lius.
went to a very splendid entertain- 9 And all the multitude cried
ment, where there was wine in out, Away with this impostor
Paul imprisoned, PAUL AND THECLA. Thecla visits him.

(magician), for he has perverted be condemned, but have faith,

the minds of our wives, and all the fear of God, the knowledge
the people hearken to him. of religion, and the love of
CHAP. IV. 8 So that if I only teach
1 Paul accused be/ore the governor by those things which I have re-
Thorny r is. 5 Defends himself. 9 Is ceived by revelation from God,
committed to -prison, 10 and visited
where is my crime ?
by Thecla.
9 When the governor
rnHEIST Thamyris standing he ordered Paul to be bound,
be- this,

X fore the governor's judg- and to be put in prison, till he

ment-seat, spake with a loud should be more at leisure to hear
voice in the following manner. him more fully.
2 O governor, I know not 10 But in the night, Thecla
whence this man cometh but taking off her ear-rings, gave

he is one who teaches that matri- them to the turnkey of the pri-
mony is unlawful. Command son, who then opened the doors
him therefore to declare before to her, and let her in ;

you for what reason he publishes 11 And when she made a pre-
such doctrines. sent of a silver looking-glass to
3 While he was saying thus, the jailor, was allowed to go
Demas and Hermogenes (whis- into the room where Paul was
pered to Thamyris, and) said then she sat down at his feet,

Say that he is a Christian, and and heard from him the great
he will presently be put to death. things of God.
4 But the governor was more 12 And' as she perceived Paul
deliberate, and calling to' Paul, not to be afraid of suffering, but
he said, Who art thou ? What that by divine assistance he be-
dost thou teach ? They seem to haved himself with courage, her
lay gross crimes to thy charge. faith so far increased that she
5 Paul then spake with a loud kissed his chains.
voice, saying, As I am now called
to give an account, O governor, CHAP. V.
of my doctrines, I desire your 1 Thecla sought and found by her rela-
audience. tions. 4 Brought with Paul before
6 That God, who is a God of the governor. 9 Ordered to be burnt,
and Paul to be uhipt. 15 Thecla
vengeance, and who stands in
miraculously saved.
need of nothing but the salva-
tion of his creatures, has sent
me to reclaim them from their AT
length Thecla was missed,
and sought for by the family
wickedness and corruptions, from and by Thamyris in every street,
all (sinful) pleasures, and from as though she had been lost, but
death and to persuade them to one of the porter's fellow-ser-

sin no more. vants told them, that she had

7 On this account, God sent gone out in the night-time.
his Son Jesus Christ, whom I 2 Then they examined the
preach, and in whom I instruct porter, and he told them, that
men to place their hopes as that she was gone to the prison to
person who only had such com- the strange man.
passion on the deluded world, 3 They went therefore accord-
that it might not, governor, ing to his direction, and there
<t\^ *Theth miraculously PAUL AND THECLA. saved from burning.

found her and when they came Lord Jesus in the likeness of

mob together, Paul, and said to herself, Paul

out, they got a
and went and told the governor is come to see me in my distressed
all that happened. circumstances. And she fixed
4 Upon which he ordered her eyes upon him but he in- ;

Paul to be brought before his stantly ascended up to heaven,

judgment seat. while she looked on him.
5 Thecla in the mean time 13 Then the young men and
lay wallowing on the ground in women brought wood and straw
the prison, in that same place for the burning of Thecla who, ;

where Paul had sat to teach her being brought naked to the
upon which the governor also stake, extorted tears from the
ordered her to be brought before governor, with surprise behold-
his judgment-seat; which sum- ing the greatness of her beauty.
mons she received with joy, and 14 And when they had placed
went. the wood in order, the people
6 When Paul was brought commanded her to go upon it
thither, the mob with more ve- which she did, first making the
hemence cried out, He is a ma- sign of the cross.
gician, let him die. 15 Then the people set fire to
7 Nevertheless the governor the pile though the flame was

attended with pleasure upon exceeding large, it did not touch

Paul's discourses of the holy her, for God took compassion
works of Christ; and, after a on her, and caused a great erup-
council called, he summoned tion from the earth beneath, and
Thecla, and said to her, Why a cloud from above to pour down
do you not, according to the law great quantities of rain and hail
of the Iconians, marry Thamyris? 16 Insomuch that by the rup-
8 She stood still, with her ture of the earth, very many
eyes fixed upon Paul and
; find- were in great danger, and some
ing she made no reply, Theoclia, were killed, the fire was extin-
her mother, cried out, saying, guished, and Thecla preserved.
Let the unjust creature be burnt
let her be burnt in the midst of CHAP. VI.
the theatre, for refusing Thamy- 1 Paul with Onesiphorus in a cave. 7
ris, that all women may learn Thecla discovers Paul; 12 proffers to
from her to avoid such practices. followhim : 13 he exhorts her not for
fear of fornication.
9 Then the governor was ex-
ceedingly concerned, and ordered the mean time Paul, toge-
Paul to be whipt out of the city,
INther with Onesiphorus, his
and Thecla to be burnt. wife and children, was keeping
10 So the governor arose, and a fast in a certain cave, which
went immediately into the thea- was in the road from Iconium to
tre; and all the people went Daphne.
forth to see the dismal sight. 2 And when they had fasted
11 But Thecla, justfas a lamb for several days, the children
in the wilderness looks every said to Paul, Father, we are
way to see his shepherd, looked hungry, and have not where-
around for Paul ;
withal to buy bread for Onesi- ;

12 And as she was looking phorus had left all his substance
upon the multitude, she saw the to follow Paul with his family.

1. Entrance to the confines of Hell.

2. Charon in his bark.

3. The Minotaur roaring at the approach of condemned souls.

4. Souls agitated by the impure breath of evil spirits.

5. Cerberus devouring the souls of gourmands.

6. The avaricious and prodigal condemned to carry burdens.

7. The envious and angry cast into the Styx.

8. Tower and wall of the evil city.

9. In this ditch are those who have sinned against their neighbors; Centaurs

shoot arrows at them.

10. Those who have sinned against themselves are here tormented by Harpies.

11. Rain of fire for those who have sinned against God.

12. Soul of the tyrant Gerion cast into the flames.

13. Debauchees and corrupters of youth flogged by devils.

14. Poisonous gulf into which flatterers are plunged.

15. Lake of fire in the caldrons into which Simonaics are cast.

16. Sorcerers and diviners, their faces turned backward.

17. Bog of boiling pitch for cheats, thieves, and deceivers.

18. Hypocrite crucified.

19. Perfidious advisers plunged into a flaming ditch.

20. For scandalous persons : one holds his head in his hand.

21. Robbers and other criminals tormented by a centaur armed with serpents.
22. Alchemists and quacks a prey to leprosy.

23. Well of ice, for traitors and the ungrateful.

24. Pluto in the midst of a glacier devouring the damned.

25. The holy city of Jerusalem. •

HELL. rPage 8.1.

Thecla visit* Paid, PAUL AND THECL A.and resists Alexander.
3 Then Paul, taking off his 13 He replied to her, Persons
Go, child,
coat, said to the boy, are now much given to fornica-
and buy bread, and bring it tion,and you being handsome, I
hither. am afraid lest you should meet
4 But while the boy was buy- with greater temptation than
ing the bread, he saw his neigh- the former, and should not with-
bour Thecla and was surprised, stand, but be overcome by it^
and said to her, Thecla, where 14 Thecla replied, Grant me
are you going ? only the seal of Christ, and no
5 She replied, I am in pur- temptation shall affect me.
suit of Paul, having been deli- 15 Paul answered, Thecla,
vered from the flames. wait with patience, and you
6 The boy then said, I will shall receive the gift of Christ.
bring you to him, for he is under
great concern on your account,
1 Paul and Thecla go to Antioch. 2
and has been in prayer and Alexander, a magistrate, falls in love
fasting these six days. with Thecla : 4 kisses her by force : 5
7 ^[ When Thecla came to the she resists him: 6 is carried before
cave, she found Paul upon his the governor, and condemned to be
thrown to wild beasts.
knees praying and saying,
holy Father, O Lord Jesus THEN Paul sent back Onesi-
Christ, grant that the fire may phorus and his family to
not touch Thecla; but be her their own home, and taking
helper, for she is thy servant. Thecla along with him, went for
8 Thecla then standing behind Antioch ;

him, cried out in the following 2 And as soon as they came

words O sovereign Lord,Creator
: into the city, a certain Syrian,
of heaven and earth, the Father named Alexander, a magistrate,
of thy beloved and holy Son, I in the city, who had done many
praise thee that thou hast pre- considerable services for the
served me from the fire, to see city during his magistracy, saw
Paul again. Thecla and fell in love with her,
9 Paul then arose, and when and endeavoured by many rich
he saw her, said, O God, who presents to engage Paul in his
searchest the heart, Father of interest.
my Lord Jesus Christ, I praise 3 But Paul told him, I know
thee that thou hast answered my not the woman of whom you
prayer. speak, nor does she belong to me.
10 T And
there prevailed 4 But he being a person of
among them in the cave an en- great power in Antioch, seized
tire affection to each other; her in the street and kissed her
Paul, Onesiphorus, and all that which Thecla would not bear,
were with them being filled with but looking about for Paul, cried
joy- out in a distressed loud tone,
11 They had five loaves, some Force me not, who am a stran-
herbs and water, and they so- ger force me not, who am a

laced each other in reflections servant of God I am one of the


upon the holy works of Christ. principal persons of Iconium,

12 Then said Thecla to Paul, and was obliged to leave that
If you be pleased with it, I will city because I would not be
follow you whithersoever you go. married to Thamyris.
and is thrown PAUL AND THECLA. to wild beasts.

5 Then she laid hold on Alex- the she-lion licked the feet oi
ander, tore his coat, and took Thecla. The title written which

his crown off his head, and made denotes her crime, was, Sacri-
him appear ridiculous before all lege. Then the woman cried
the people. out, O God, the judgments of
6 But Alexander, partly as this city are unrighteous.
he loved her, and partly being 5 After the beasts had been
ashamed of what had been doue, shewn, Trifina took Thecla home
led her to the governor, and with her, and they went to bed ;

upon her confession of what she and behold, the daughter of Tri-
had done, 1 he condemned her to fina, who was dead, appeared to
be thrown among the beasts. her mother, and said; Mother,
let the young woman, Thecla,
CHAP. VIII. be reputed by you as your daugh-
ter in my stead and desire her
2 Thecla entertained by Trifina; 3
brought out to the wild beasts ; a she- that she should pray for me,
lion licks her feet. 5 Trifina upon a that I may be translated to a
vision of her deceased daughter, adopts state of happiness.
Thecla, 11 who is taken to the amphi-
theatre again.
6 Upon which Trifina, with a
mournful air, said, My daughter
WHICH when the people Falconilla has appeared to me,
saw, they said The judg-
: and ordered me to receive you
ments passed in this city are in her room wherefore I desire,

unjust. But Thecla desired the Thecla, that you would pray for
favour of the governor, that her my daughter, that she may be
chastity might not be attacked, translated into a state of happi-
but preserved till she should be ness, and to life eternal.
cast to the beasts. 7 When Thecla heard this, she
2 The governor then inquired, immediately prayed to the Lord,
Who would entertain her upon ; and said O Lord God of heaven

which a certain very rich widow, and earth, Jesus Christ, thou
named Trifina, whose daughter Son of the Most High, grant
was lately dead, desired that she that her daughter Falconilla
might have the keeping of her may live forever. Trifina hear-
and she began to treat her in ing this groaned again, and said:
her house as her own daughter. unrighteous judgments O !

3 At length a day came, unreasonable wickedness that !

when the beasts were to be such a creature should (again)

brought forth to be seen; and be cast to the beasts
Thecla was brought to the am- 8 T On the morrow, at break
phitheatre, and put into a den of day, Alexander came to Tri-
in which was an exceeding fierce fina's house, and said The :

she-lion, in the presence of a governor and the people are

multitude of spectators. waiting bring the criminal

4 Trifina, without any sur- forth.

prise, accompanied Thecla, and 9 But Trifina ran in so violent-

There being something wanting here in the old Greek MS., it is supplied
out of the old Latin version, which is in the Bodleian Library, Cod. Digb. 39,
rather than out of Simeon Metaphrastes, a writer of the eleventh century.
The beasts refusing PAUL AND THECLA. to destroy Thecla.

ly upon him, that he was affright- and thrown into the place ap-
ed, and ran away. Trifina was one pointed for fighting with the
of the royal family and she thus beasts: and the lions and the

expressed her sorrow, and said bears were let loose upon her.

Alas I have trouble in my house

! 2 But a she-lion, which was of
on two accounts, and there is no all the most fierce, ran to Thecla,
one who will relieve me, either and fell down at her feet. Upon
under the loss of my daughter, or which the multitude of women
my being unable to save Thecla. shouted aloud.
But now, O Lord God, be thou 3 Then a she-bear ran fiercely
the helper of Thecla thy servant. towards her but the she-lion met

10 While she was thus engag- the bear, and tore it to pieces.
ed, the governor sent one of his 4 Again, a he-lion, who had
own officers to bring Thecla. been wont to devour men, and
Trifina took her by the hand, which belonged to Alexander,
and, going with her, said I went : ran towards her; but the she-
with Falconilla to her grave, and lion encountered the he-lion, and
now must go with Thecla to the they killed each other.
beasts. 5 Then the women were under
11 When Thecla heard this, a greater concern, because the
she weeping prayed, and said O : she-lion, which had helped The-
Lord God, whom I have made my cla, was dead.
confidence and refuge, reward 6 Afterwards they brought out
Trifina for her compassion to me, many other wild beasts ; but
and preserving my chastity. Thecla stood with her hands
12 Upon this there was a great stretched towards heaven, and
noise in the amphitheatre; the prayed and when she had done

beasts roared, and the people praying, she turned about, and
cried out, Bring in the criminal. saw a pit of water, and said, Now
13 But the woman cried out, it is a proper time for me to be
and said Let the whole city suf- baptized.

fer for such crimes and order all

; 7 Accordingly she threw her-
of us, governor, to the same self into the water, and said, In
punishment. O unjust judgment! thy name, my Lord Jesus
cruel sight Christ, I am this last day baptiz-
14 Others said, Let the whole ed. The women and the people
city be destroyed for this vile ac- seeing this, cried out, and said,
tion. Kill us all, O governor. O Do not throw yourself into the
cruel sight O unrighteous judg- water. And the governor him-

ment. self cried out, to think that the

fish (sea-calves) were like to de-
vour so much beauty.
1 Thecla thrown naked to the wild beasts ;
8 Tf Notwithstanding all this,
2 they all refuse to attack her; 8
throws herself into a pit of water. 10 Thecla threw herself into the
other wild beasts refuse her. 11 Tied water, in the name of our Lord
to wild bulls. 13 Miraculously saved. Jesus Christ.
21 Released. 24 Entertained by Tri. 9 But the fish (sea-calves,)
when they saw the lighting and
THEN Thecla was taken out fire, were killed, and swam dead
of the hand of Trifina, strip- upon the surface of the water,
ped naked, had a girdle put on, and a cloud of fire surrounded
She is saved PAUL AND THECLA. and released.

Thecla, so that as the beasts couldfought with the beasts lest, both

not come near her, so the people you and I, and the whole city
could not see her nakedness. be destroyed
10 Yet they turned other wild 16 For if Csesar should have
beasts upon her upon which ;any account of what has passed
they made a very mournful out- now, he will certainly immediate-
cry and some of them scattered
; ly destroy the city, because Tri-
spikenard, others cassia, others fina, a person of royal extract,
amomus (a sort of spikenard, or and a relation of his, is dead upon
the herb of Jerusalem, or ladies- her seat.
rose) others ointment so that 17 Upon this the governor

the quantity of ointment was called Thecla from among the

large, in proportion to the num- beasts to him, and said to her,
ber of people and upon this all
; Who art thou ? and what are thy
the beasts lay as though they circumstances, that not one of
had been fast asleep, and did not the beasts will touch thee ?
touch Thecla. 18 Thecla replied to him I ;

11 Whereupon Alexander said am a servant of the living God ;

to the Governor, I have some and as to my state, I am a be-
very terrible bulls let us bind liever on Jesus Christ his Son,

her to them. To which the gover- in whom God is well pleased;

nor, with concern, replied, You and for that reason none of the
may do what you think fit. beasts could touch me.
12 Then they put a cord round 19 He alone is the way to eter-
Thecla's waist, which bound also nal salvation, and the foundation
her feet, and with it tied her to of eternal life. He is a refuge to
the bulls, to whose privy-parts those who are in distress a sup- ;

they applied red-hot irons, that port to the afflicted, hope and de-
go they being the more torment- fence to those who are hopeless
ed, might more violently drag and, in a word, all those who do
Thecla" about, till they had kill- not believe on him, shall not live,
ed her. but suffer eternal death.
13 The bulls accordingly tore 20 TI When the governor heard
about, making a most hideous these things, he ordered her
noise but the flame which was clothes to be brought, and said

about Thecla, burnt off the cords to her put on your clothes.
which were fastened to the mem- 21 Thecla replied May that :

bers of the bulls, and she stood God who clothed me when I was
in the middle of the stage, as un- naked among the beasts, in the
concerned as if she had not been day of judgment clothe your
bound. soul with the robe of salvation.
14 But in the mean time Tri- Then she took her clothes, and
fina, who sat upon one of the put them on and the governor

benches, fainted away and died immediately published an order

; j

upon which the whole city was in these words ; I release to you
under a very great concern. Thecla the servant of God.
15 And Alexander himself was 22 Upon which the women
afraid, and desired the governor, cried out together with a loud
saying I entreat you, take com- voice, and with one accord gave

passion on me and the city, and praise unto God, and said There ;

release this woman, who has is but one God, who is the God
Thecla visits Paul PAUL AND THECLA. and her mother.

of Thecla; the one God who 3 Then Paul took her, and
hath delivered Thecla. led her to the house of Hermes ;

23 So loud were their voices and Thecla related to Paul all

that the whole city seemed to be that had befallen her in Antioch,
shaken and Trifina herself insomuch that Paul exceedingly

heard the glad tidings, and wondered, and all who heard
arose again, and ran with the were confirmed in the faith, and
multitude to meet Thecla and prayed for Trifina's happiness.

embracing her, said Now I be- 4 Then Thecla arose, and said

lieve there shall be a resurrec- to Paul, I am going to Iconium.

tion of the dead; now I am Paul replied to her: Go, and
persuaded that my daughter is teach the word of the Lord.
alive. Come therefore home with 5 But Trifina had sent large
me, my daughter Thecla, and I sums of money to Paul, and also
will make over all that I have clothing by the hands of Thecla,
to you. for the relief of the poor.
24 So Thecla went with Tri- 6 ^[ So Thecla went to Ico-
fina, and was entertained there nium. And when she came to
a few days, teaching her the the house of Onesiphorus, she
word of the Lord, whereby many felldown upon the floor where
young women were converted Paul had sat and preached, and,
and there was great joy in the mixing tears with her prayers,
family of Trifina. she praised and glorified God in
25 But Thecla longed to see the following words
Paul, and inquired and sent 7 O Lord the God of this
everywhere to find him; and house, in which I was first en-
when at length she was informed lightened by thee ; O Jesus, son
that he was at Myra, in Lycia, of the living God, who wast my
she took with her many young helper before the governor, my
men and women ; and putting helper in the fire, and my helper
on a girdle, and dressing herself among the beasts; thou alone
in the habit of a man, she went art God forever and ever. Amen.
to him to Myra in Lycia, and 8 ^[ Thecla now (on her re-
there found Paul preaching the turn) found Thamyris dead, but
word of God and she stood by
; her mother living. So calling
him among the throng. her mother, she said to her
CHAP. X. Theoclia, my mother, is it possi-
Thecla visits Paul.
ble for you to be brought to a
1 6 Visits Onesi-
phorus. 8 Visits her mother. 9 Who belief, that there is but one Lord
repulses her. 12 Is tempted by the God, who dwells in the heavens ?
devil. Works miracles. If you desire great riches, God
BUTto was no small surprise

Paul when he saw her

will give them to you by me ; if
you want your daughter again,
and the people with her for he ; here I am.
imagined some fresh trial was 9 These and many other things
coming upon them ;
she represented to her mother,
2 Which when Thecla per- (endeavouring) to persuade her
ceived, she said to him I have (to her own opinion).
: But her
been baptized, O Paul for he mother Theoclia gave no credit

who assists you in preaching, to the things which were said by

has assisted me to baptize. the martyr Thecla.
Works miracles. PAUL AND THECLA. Escapes defilement.

10 So that Thecla perceiving and glorified God, who had be-

Bhe discoursed to no purpose, stowed such power on the virgin
signing her whole body with the Thecla
sign (of the cross), left the house 18 Insomuch that the physi-
and went to Daphine and when cians of Seleucia were now of

she came there, she went to the no more account, and lost all
cave, where she had found Paul the profit of their trade, because
with Onesiphorus, and fell down no one regarded them
_ upon ;

on the ground and wept be- which they were filled with envy,

fore God. and began to contrive what

11 When she departed thence, methods to take with this ser-
she went to Seleucia, and en- vant of Christ.
lightened many in the knowledge
of Christ. CHAP. XL
12 If And a bright cloud con-
1 Is attempted to be ravished, 1 2 escapes
ducted her in her journey.
by a rock opening, 17 and closing
13 And after she had arrived
at Seleucia she went to a place
out of the city, about the dis-
tance of a furlong, being afraid
devil then suggested bad
their minds and
to ;

of the inhabitants, because they being on a certain day met to-

were worshippers of idols. gether to consult, they reasoned
14 And she was led (by the among each other thus: The
eloud) into a mountain called virgin is a priestess of the great
Calamon, or Rodeon. There she goddess Diana, and whatsoever
abode many years, and under- she requests from her, is granted,
went a great many grievous because she is a virgin, and so is
temptations of the devil, which beloved by all the gods.
she bore in a becoming manner, 2 Now then let us procure
by the assistance which she had some rakish fellows, and after
from Christy we have made them sufficiently
15 At length certain gentle- drunk, and given them a good
women hearing of the virgin sum of money, let us order them
Thecla, went to her, and were to go and debauch this virgin,
instructed by her in the oracles promising them, if they do it, a
of God, and many of them aban- larger reward.
doned this world, and led a mo- 3 (For they thus concluded
nastic life with her. among themselves, that if they
16 Hereby a good report was be able to debauch her, the gods
spread everywhere of Thecla, will no more regard her, nor
and she wrought several (mira- Diana cure the sick for her.)
culous) cures, so that all the city 4 They proceeded according
and adjacent countries brought to this resolution, and the fellows
their sick to that mountain, and went to the mountain, and as
before they came as far as the fierce as lions to the cave,
door of the cave, they were in- knocking at the door.
stantly cured of whatsoever dis- 5 The holy martyr Thecla,
temper they had. relying upon the God in whom
17 The unclean spirits were she believed, opened the door,
cast out, making a noise ;all although she was before apprized
received their sick made whole, of their design, and said to them,
Young men, what is your busi- heaven, saying, Fear not, The-
ness ? cla, my faithful servant, for I
6 They replied, Is there any am with thee. Look and see the
one within, whose name is The- place which is opened for thee
cla? She answered, What would there thy eternal abode shall be
you have with her ? They said, there thou shalt receive the
We have a mind to lie with her. beatific vision.
7 The blessed Thecla an- 12 The blessed Thecla observ-
swered: Though I am a mean ing, saw the rock opened to as
old woman, I am the servant of large a degree as that a man
my Lord Jesus Christ and ; might enter in; she did as she
though you have a vile design was commanded, bravely fled
against me, ye shall not be able from the vile crew, and went
to accomplish it. They replied : into the rock, which instantly so
It is impossible but we must be closed, that there was not any
able to do with you what we crack visible where it had open-
have a mind. ed.
8 And while they were saying 13 The men stood perfectly
this, they laid hold on her by astonished at so prodigious a
main force, and would have miracle, and had no power to
ravished her. Then she with the detain the servant of God but ;

(greatest) mildness said to them: only, catching hold of her veil,

Young men have patience, and or hood, they tore off a piece of
see the glory of the Lord. it;
9 And while they held her, 14 And even that was by the
she looked up to heaven and permission of God, for the con-
said O God most reverend, to firmation of their faith who

whom none can be likened who should come to see this venerable

makest thyself glorious over place, and to convey blessings to

thine enemies who didst deliver those in succeeding ages, who

me from the fire, and didst not should believe on our Lord Jesus
give me up to Thamyris, didst Christ from a pure heart.
not give me up to Alexander 15 Thus suffered that first
who deliveredst me from the martyr and apostle of God, and
wild beasts who didst preserve virgin, Thecla who came from
; ;

me in the deep waters who hast Iconium at eighteen years of age;


everywhere been my helper, afterwards, partly in journeys

and hast glorified thy name in and travels, and partly in a mo-
me; nastic life in the cave, she lived
10 Now also deliver me from seventy-two years so that she ;

the hands of these wicked and was ninety years old when the
unreasonable men, nor suffer Lord translated her.
them to debauch my chastity 16 Thus ends her life.
which I have hitherto preserved 17 The day which is kept
for thy honour for I love thee sacred to her memory, is the

and long for thee, and worship twenty-fourth of September, to

thee, Father, Son, and Holy the glory of the Father, and the
Ghost, for evermore. Amen. Son, and the Holy Ghost, now
11 Then came a voice from and for evermore. Amen.

Clement was a disciple of Peter, and afterwards Bishop of Rome. Clemens
Alexandrinus calls him an apostle. Jerome says he was an apostolical
man, and Rufinus that he was almost an apostle. Eusebius calls this
the wonderful Epistle of St. Clement, and says that it was publicly read
in the assemblies of the primitive church. It is included in one of the
ancient collections of the Canon Scripture. Its genuineness has been
much questioned, particularly by Pholius, patriarch of Constantinople,
in the ninth century,' who objects that Clement speaks of worlds beyond
the ocean that he has not written worthily of the divinity of Christ

and that to prove the possibility of a future resurrection, he introduces

the fabulous story of the phoenix's revival from its own ashes. To the
latter objection, Archbishop Wake replies that the generality of the
ancient Fathers have made use of the same instance in proof of the same
point and asks if St. Clement really believed that there was such a bird,

and that it did revive out of the cinders of the body after burning, where
was the great harm either in giving credit to such a wonder, or, believing
it, to make such a use as he here does of it?— The present is the Arch-
bishop's translation from the ancient Greek copy of the Epistle, which
is at the end of the celebrated Alexandrine MS. of the Septuagint and
New Testament, presented by Cyril, patriarch of Alexandria, to King
Charles the First, now in the British Museum. |
The Archbishop, in
prefacing his translation, esteems it a great blessing that this ''Epistle"
was at last so happily found out for the increase and confirmation both
of our faith and our charity.

CHAP. I. 3 6As also of that wicked and

detestable sedition, so ' unbecom-
He commends them for their excellent
ing the elect of God, which a
order and -piety in Christ, before their
schism broke out. few heady and self-willed men
have fomented to such a degree
THEat Church of God which
Rome, to the Church of
*is of madness, that your venerable
and renowned name, so worthy
God which is of all men to be beloved, is
at Corinth, elect,
sanctified greatly blasphemed thereby.
by the will of God,
through Jesus Christ our Lord 4 For who that has 8 ever been
grace and peace from the Al- among you has not experimented
mighty God, by Jesus Christ be the firmness of your faith, and
multiplied unto you. its fruitfulness in all good works

2 T[ Brethren, the
sudden and admired the temper and
and unexpected dangers and moderation of your religion in
calamities that have fallen upon Christ; and published abroad the
us, have, we fear, made us the magnificence of your hospitality
more slow in our consideration and thought you happy in your
of those things which you inquir- perfect and certain knowledge
ed of us of the Gospel ?

^ojourneth. 2 Called. See Hammond on Matt. xx.

Gr. in. 4 SeeBp.
Pearson's note on this place. Ed. Colomesii. p. 2. 5
Ibid. And. 7 Gr.
Strange to. 8
Gr. Lodged as a stranger. 9
Adorned with all manner of virtues.


How the divisions I. CLEMENT. in the church began.

5 For ye did any thing ye had

all things with- unto you, if in
out respect of persons and walk-
unwillingly sinned against him.
ed According to the laws of 12 Ye contended day and
God heing subject to those who
night for the whole brotherhood
had the rule over you, and that 15 with compassion and a
giving the honour that was fit-good conscience, the number of
ting to the aged among you. his elect might be saved.

6 Ye commanded the young 13 Ye were sincere, and with-

men to think those things that out offence towards each other ;

Avere modest and grave. not mindful of injuries all se- ;

dition and schism was an abom-

7 The women ye exhorted to
ination unto you.
do all things with an unblameable
14 Ye bewailed every one his
and seemly, and pure conscience
esteeming their neighbour's sins,
loving their own husbands, as
defects your own.
was fitting and that keeping :

3 15 Ye were kind one to ano-


themselves within the bounds of

4 ther without grudging being ;
a due obedience, they should
ready to every good work. And
order their houses gravely, with
5 being adorned with a conversa-
all discretion.
tion altogether virtuous and reli-
Ye were all of you humble gious, ye did all things in the

8 t

minded, not 7 boasting of any fear of God ; whose "command-

thing: desiring rather to be sub- ments were written upon the
ject than to govern; to give tables of your heart.
than to receive being content ;

with the portion God hath dis- CHAP. II.

pensed to you How their divisions began.
9 And
hearkening diligently
ALLwashonour and enlargement
to his word, ye 10 were enlarged given unto you and ;

in your bowels, having his u so was fulfilled that which is

suffering always before your written,
beloved did eat and
eyes. drink, hewas enlarged and
10 Thus a firm, and blessed waxed and he kicked.
and profitable peace was given 2 From hence came emula-
unto you and an unsatiable ; tion, and envy, and strife, and
desire of doing good and a ; sedition; persecution and dis-
plentiful effusion of the Holy order, war and captivity.
Ghost was upon all of you. 3 So they who were of no
11 And being full of 13 good renown, lifted up themselves
designs, ye did with
u great against the honourable those of ;

readiness of mind, and with a no reputation, against those who

religious confidence stretch forth were in respect; the foolish
your hands to God Almighty against the wise ; the young men
beseeching him to be merciful against the aged.

1 2 s 4 Themselves do their own business.

In. Presbyters. Canon, rule.
6 7
Vi J. Not. Junii in loc. 5 Temperance, sobriety. 1 Pet. v. 5.
8 10
Acts, xx. 35. 9
1 Tim. vi. 8. Embraced it in vour very bowels.
TraBijftara. See Dr. Grabe's Addit. to Bp. Bull's Def. fid. Nic p. 60, 61.
Gr. linapa. 13
Holy counsel, or purpose, or will. u Gr. good. ls WitH
mercy and conscience. 16
Ye were without repentance in all well-doing.
Titus iii. 1. 17
Prov. vii. 3. 18
Deut. xxxii. 15. 19
Confusion, tumults, &c
8 113
Envy and emulation I. CLEMENT. the original of strife.

4 Therefore righteousness and Cain rose up against Abel his

peace are departed from you, brother, and slew him.
because every one hath forsaken 5 Ye see, brethren, how envy
the fear of God and is grown ; and emulation wrought 6 the
blind in his faith nor walketh ;
death of a brother. For 6 this
by the rule of God's command- our father 7 Jacob fled from the
ments nor liveth as is fitting in face of his brother Esau.
Christ 6 It was this that caused
5 But every one follows his 8
Joseph to be persecuted even
own wicked lusts having taken :
unto death, and to come into
up an unjust and wicked envy, bondage. Envy forced 9 Moses
by which death first entered into to flee from the face of Pharaoh
the world. king of Egypt, when he heard
his own countrymen ask him,
Who made thee a Judge, and a
Envy and emulation the original of all ruler over us ? Wilt thou kill
strife and disorder. Examples of the me as thou didst the Egyptian
mischiefs they have occasioned. yesterday ?
7 Through envy Aaron and
FORinthus written,
process of time
it is

Miriam were u shut out of the
to pass that Cain brought of the camp, from the rest of the con-
fruit of the ground an offering gregation seven days.
unto the Lord. And Abel, he 8 12 Emulation 13 sent Dathan
also brought of the firstlings of and Abiram quick into the
his flock, and of the fat thereof: " grave because they raised up a
2 And the Lord had respect sedition against Moses the ser-
unto Abel, and to his offering. vant of God.
But unto Cain and unto his of- 9 For this David 15 was not
fering he had not respect. And only hated of strangers, but was
Cain was very sorrowful, and his persecuted even by Saul the
countenance fell. king of Israel.
3 And the Lord said unto 10 But 16 not to insist upon
Cain, Why art thou sorrowful ? antient examples, let us come
And why is thy countenance to those 17 worthies that have been
fallen? If thou shalt offer nearest to us and take the ;

aright, but not divide aright, brave examples of our own age.
hast thou not sinned ? Hold thy 11 Through zeal and envy,
peace unto thee shall be his 18 the most faithful and righteous

* desire, and thou shalt rule over pillars of the church have been
him. persecuted even to the most
4 And Cain said unto Abel grievous deaths.
his brother, Let us go down into 12 Let us set before our eyes
the field. And it came to pass, the holy Apostles Peter by un- ;

as they were in the field, that just envy underwent not one or

Walketh after. * Gen. iv. 3, &c 3
This is according to the lxx.
' AnooTpofa, conversion. 5 Fratricide. 6 Envy. 7 Gen. xxviii. 8 Gen. xxxvii.
9 Exodus ii. 15. 10
Exod. ii. 14. to lodge out. B Num. xii. 14, 15.
u Made
Brought. u Hades. 15
Had, or underwent the hatred, not only, &c.
To cease from. " Combatants, wrestlers. 18
The faithful and most righteous.
He exhorts them to I. CLEMENT. live by the rules.

two, but many 'sufferings; Hill 19 In a word, envy and strife,

at last being martyred, he went have overturned "whole cities,
to the place of glory that was and rooted out great nations from
due unto him. off the earth.
13 3 For the same cause did
Paul in like manner receive the
reward of his patience. Seven CHAP. IV.
times * he was in bonds ; he was 1 He exhorts them to live by the rules,
whipped, was stoned; he preached and repent of their divisions, and
both in the East and in the they shall be forgiven.
West ; leaving behind him the
glorious report of his faith :
things, beloved, we
14 And so having taught the 15
write unto you, not only
whole world righteousness, and 16 for your instruction, but also
for that end travelled even to the for our own remembrance.
utmost bounds of the West ; he 2 For^we are all in the same
at last suffered martyrdom"* by " lists, and the same combat is
the command of the governors, 18
prepared for us all.
15 And departed out of the 3 Wherefore let us lay aside
world, and went unto his holy all vain and empty cares; and
place being become a most emi- let us come up to the glorious

nent pattern of patience unto and venerable rule of our holy

all ages. calling.
16 To these T Holy Apostles 4 19 Let us consider what is
were joined a very great number good, and acceptable and well-
of others, who having through pleasing in the sight of him that
envy undergone in like manner made us.
many pains and torments, have 5 Let us look steadfastly to
left a glorious example to us. the blood of Christ, and see how
17 For 9 this not only men precious his blood is in the sight
but women have been perse- of God which being shed for

cuted and having suffered
: our salvation, 20 has obtained the
very grievous and u cruel pun- grace of repentance for all the
ishments, have finished the
course of their faith with firm- 6 Let us " search into all the
ness and though weak in body,
; ages that have gone before us
yet received a glorious reward. and let us learn that our Lord
18 "This has alienated the has a in every one of them still
minds even of women from their given place for repentance to all
husbands ; and changed what such as would turn to him.
was once said by our father 7
u Noah preached repentance
Adam ; 13 This is now bone of and as many as hearkened to him
my bone, and flesh of my flesh. were saved. 25 Jonah denounced
Labours. 2 3
And so.
By envy. 4 Having borne seven times bonds, Ac.

5 He received Vid. Pearson de Success, c. viii. \ 9. T Men who

the, &c. 6

have lived godly, is gathered together. 8

Become an excellent example
among us. 9 Envy. 10
The names of Danae and Dirce I omit. See Junius —
Annot. inloc. u Cursed afflictions or torments. 12
Envy or emulation.
Gen. ii. 23. 14 Great. 15
End. 16 Instructing you, but also remembering,
&c. "Place of encounter. "Imposed upon us all. 19 1 Tim. v. 4. Afforded
or given to. 21
Look diligently to. 22 From age to age. 23 Be turned. 2
Peter ii. 5 Genesis vii.
John iii.

He sets before them the I. CLEMENT. examples of holy men.

destruction against the Nine

dient, ye shall eat the good of
vites the land but if ye refuse and ;

8 Howbeit they repenting of rebel, ye shall be devoured with

their sins, appeased God by their the sword for the mouth of the ;

prayers : and x were saved, Lord hath spoken it.

though they were strangers to 15 These things has God esta-
the covenant of God. blished by his Almighty will,
9 f Hence we find how all desiring that all his beloved
the ministers of the grace of God should come to repentance.
have spoken by the Holy Spirit
of repentance. And even the CHAP. V.
Lord of all has himself 2 declared
I He sets before them the examples of
with an oath concerning it
holy men, whose piety is recorded in
10 3 As I live, saith the Lord, the Scriptures.
I desire not the death of a sin-
ner, * but that he should repent. let us obeyWHEREFORE
Adding farther this good sen- his excellent and glorious
tence, saying 5 Turn from your will
: and 10 imploring his mercy ;

iniquity, O house of Israel. and goodness, let us fall down

11 6 Say unto the children of upon our faces before him, and
my people, Though your sins II cast ourselves upon his mercy
should reach from earth to hea- laying aside all 12 vanity, and
ven and though they shall be contention, and envy which leads

redder than scarlet, and blacker unto death.

than sackcloth; yet if ye shall 2 Let us look up to those who
turn to me with all your heart, have the most perfectly minis-
and shall call me father, I will tered to his excellent glory. Let
hearken to you, as to a holy us take Enoch for our example ;

people. who being found righteous in

12 And in another place he obedience, was 13 translated, and
saith on this wise 7
Wash ye, his death was not u known.

make you clean; put away 8 the 3 Noah 15 being proved to be

evil of your doings from before faithful, did by his ministry
mine eyes; cease to do evil, learn preach 16 regeneration to the
to do well seek judgment, re- world and the Lord saved by
; ;

lieve the oppressed, judge the him all the living creatures, that
fatherless, plead for the widow. went "with one accord into the
13 Come now and let us rea- ark.
son together, saith the Lord 4 18 Abraham, who was called
though your sins be as scarlet, God's friend, was in like manner
they shall be as white as snow found faithful; inasmuch as he ;

though they be red as crimson, obeyed the 19 commands of God.

they shall be as wool. 5 By obedience he went out
14 If ye be willing and obe- of his own country, and from

3 * So much as his
deceived salvation. Ezekiel xxxiii. 11.
* Spoken.
repentance. 5 Ezekiel xviii. 30, 23 Isaiah i.; Jeremiah
Repent from. 6 ;

iii. 4, 19.
Isaiahv. 16. Evil from your souls.8 9
1 will make them as wool.
Becoming suppliants of, &c u Turn ourselves to his mercy. 12
labour. 13 Gen. v. 24. u Found. 15
Being found. 16 Gen. vi., vii., viii.
19 20
In unity. 18
James ii. 23; Isaiah xli. 8. Words. This
Examples eminent for I. CLEMENT. kindness and charity.

his own
kindred, and from his obedience he offered him up in
father's house
that so forsaking
: sacrifice to God, upon one of the
a small country, and a weak affi- mountains which God showed
nity, and a little house, he might unto him.
inherit the promises of God.
6 For thus God said unto
him l get thee out of thy coun-

try, and from thy kindred, and 1 And particularly such as have been
eminent for their kindness and charity
from thy father's house, unto a
to their neighbours.
land that I will show thee.
7 And I will make thee a
great nation, and will bless thee,
BYwas Lot saved and
out of Sodom,

and make thy name great, and when all the country round
thou shalt be blessed. And I about was 7 destroyed by fire
will blessthem that bless thee, and brimstone
and curse them that curse thee 2 The Lord thereby making
and in thee shall all families of it manifest, that he will not for-

the earth be blessed. sake those that trust in him

8 And again when he sepa- but 8 will bring the disobedient
rated himself from Lot, God to punishment and correction.
said unto him
Lift up now
; 3 For his wife who went out
thine eyes, and look from the with him, being of a different
place where thou art northward mind, 9 and not continuing in the
and southward and eastward and same obedience, was for that rea-
westward for all the land which son 10 set forth for an example,
thou thee will I give it, being turned into a pillar of salt
seest, to
and thy seed for ever.
to unto this day.
9 And I will make thy seed 4 That so all men may know,
as the dust of the earth, so that that those who are double mind-
if a man can number the dust ed, and distrustful of the power
of the earth, then shall thy seed of God, are "prepared for con-
also be numbered. demnation, and to be a sign to
10 And again he saith: and all succeeding ages.
*God brought forth Abraham, 5 "By faith and hospitality
and said unto him Look now was Rahab the harlot saved.

toward heaven, and tell the stars, For when the spies were sent by
if thou be able to number them: Joshua the son of Nun, to search
so shall thy seed be. out Jericho and the king of
11 And Abraham believed Jericho knew that they were
God, and it was counted to him come to spy out his country
for righteousness.
he sent men to take them, so
12 Through faith and hospi- that they might be put to death.
he had a son given him 6 "Rahab therefore being hos-
in his old age and through pitable, received them, and hid

Gen. xii. 1. 2
Gen. sail. 14. 3
Towards the sea. Gen. xv. 5.
Ason was given unto him. 6
Gen. xix. 2 2 Peter ii. 6 Jude 7.
; ;

' See Not. in loc. or punished with.

But those that turn another way, he
9 Not in concord. 10
Put for a sign. u Become. n Jos. ii. 1, &c.
puts, &c.
He sent men that should take them, that being taken, &c. " Therefore
hospitable Rahab.
What are given I. CLEMENT. for this purpose.

them under the stalks of flax, on CHAP. VII.

the top of her house. 1 What rules are given for this purpose.

7 And when the messengers


that were sent by the king came

LET us, therefore, humble our-
selves, brethren, laying aside
unto her, and asked her, saying, all pride, and boasting, and fool-
There came men unto thee to ishness, and anger And let us :

spy out the land, bring them do as it is written.

forth, for so hath the king com- 2 For thus saith the Holy
manded She answered, 3 The
Let not the wise man
two men whom ye seek came glory in his wisdom, nor the
unto me, but presently they de- strong man in his strength, nor
jmrted, and are gone Not dis- :
the rich man in his riches but ;

covering them unto them. let him that glorieth, glory in

Then she said to the 5 spies, the Lord, to seek him, and to do
know that the Lord your God judgment and justice.
7 3 Above all, remembering the
has given this city into your
hands; for the fear of you words of the Lord Jesus, which
he spake 13 concerning equity and
fallen upon all that dwell there-
long suffering, M saying,
in. When, therefore, ye shall
4 13 Be ye merciful and ye
have taken it 8 ye shall save me
shall obtain mercy forgive, and
and my father's house. ;

ye shall be forgiven as ye do, :

9 And they answered her, so shall it be done unto you as :

saying, It shall be as thou hast ye give, so shall it be given unto

spoken to us. 9 Therefore, when you as ye judge, so shall ye be :

thou sbalt know that we are judged as ye are kind to others ;

near thou shalt 'gather all thy so shall God be kind to you :

family together upon the house- with what measure ye mete,

top, and they shall be saved with the same shall it be mea-
but all that shall be found with- sured to you again.
out thy house, shall be de- 5 By this command, and by
stroyed. these rules, let us establish our-
so we may always selves, that
10 And they gave her more- walk obediently to his holy

over a sign that she should words being humble minded

: ; :

hang out of her house a scarlet 6 For so says 16 the Holy Scrip-
rope u shewing thereby, that by ture ; " upon whom shall I look,

the blood of our Lord, there even upon him that is poor and
should be redemption to all that of a contrite spirit, and that
believe and hope in God. Ye see, trembles at my word.
beloved, how there was not only 7 T[ It is, therefore, just and
faith, but prophecy too in this righteous, men and brethren,
woman. that we should become obedient
unto God, rather than follow

Men being sent by the king, and saying. 2
Verse 4. 3
Verses 4, 5.
4 6 Given you
Vid. Conjecture. Coteler. in loc. 5
Men. Verse 9. 7

this city. 8
Verse 13. 9 Verses 18, 19. 10
Versel8. "Mauyofthe
Fathers have applied this to the same purpose. See not.
12 13
— 14
Coteler . in loc.
Jer. ix. 23. Comp. 2 Cor. xi. 31. Teaching us. For thus be saith.
Luke vi . 35. 16
Holy Word. " Isaiah lxvi. 2. 18
He advises them I. CLEMENT. to be humble.

such through pride and

as '
16 And again he saith, u They
sedition, have made themselves loved him with their mouths, and
the ring-leaders of a detestable with their tongues they lied to
emulation. him. For their heart was not
8 For it is not an ordinary right with him, neither were they
harm that we shall do ourselves, faithful in his covenant.
but rather a very great danger 17 Let all deceitful lips be-
that we shall run, if we shall come dumb, and the tongue that
rashly give up ourselves to the speaketh proud things. Who
wills of men who promote strife have said, "with our tongue will
and seditions, to turn us aside we prevail our lips are our own, ;

from that which is fitting. who is Lord over us.

9 But let us be kind to one 18 For the oppression of the
another, according to the compas- poor, for the sighing of the needy,
sion and sweetness of him that now will I arise saith the Lord ;

made us. I will set him in safety, I will

10 For it is written, 3 The deal confidently with him.
merciful shall inherit the earth ;

and they that are without evil CHAP. VIII.

shall be left upon it but the :
He advises them to be humble ; and that
transgressors shall perish from from the examples of Jesus and of holy
off the face of it. men in all ages.
11 And again he saith,
have seen the wicked in great
power and spreading himself like
Christ theirs who are
and not who exalt
the cedar of Libanus. I passed themselves over his flock. The
by, and lo he was not I sought
! ; sceptre of the majesty of God,
his place, but it could not be our Lord Jesus Christ, came not
found. in the " shew of pride and arro-
12 Keep innocently, and do gance, 15 though he could have
the thing that is right, for there done so but with humility as

shall be a remnant to the peace- the Holy Ghost had before spoken
able man. concerning him.
13 Let us, therefore, hold fast 2 For thus he saith, JLord,
to those who religiously follow who hath believed our report,
peace and not to such as 7 only
; and to whom is the arm of the
pretend to desire. Lord revealed ? For he shall
14 For he saith in a certain grow up before him as a tender
This people honoureth plant, and as a root out of a dry
me with their lips, but their ground.
heart is far from me. 3 He hath no form or come-
15 And again, They "bless liness, and when we shall see
with their mouths,
but curse him, there is no beauty that we
in their hearts. should desire him.

In. 2
Prick on to.— See Junius Ann. 'Psalm xxxvii. 9. * Prov. ii. 10.
Psalm lxviii. 36. With religion or godliness. 7 With hypocrisy will it.
Isaiah xxix. 13. Psalm lxii. 4. 9 Blessed. 10
Cursed. "Psalm lxxvin.
u Boasting.
36, 37. 12
Psalm xii. 3.
will magnify our tongue.
Kainep dwa/uevog, though he were powerful. Isaiah liii. according to the
Persuades to I. CLEMENT. healing of

4 He is despised and rejected 14 Therefore will I divide him

of men a man of sorrows and
a portion with the great, and he
acquainted with grief. shall divide the spoil with the
5 And we hid, as it were, our strong because he hath poured

faces from him he was despised,

out his soul unto death and he ;

and we esteemed him not. was numbered with the trans-

6 Surely he hath born our gressors, and he bare the sin of
griefs, and carried our sorrows : many, and made intercession for
yet we did esteem him stricken, the transgressors.
smitten of God, and afflicted. 15And again he himself saith,
7 But he was wounded for our
1 am a worm and no man, a re-
transgressions he was bruised
; proach of men, and despised of
for our iniquities the chastise-
the people. All they that see
ment of our peace was upon him; me laugh me to scorn ; they
and with his stripes we are healed.shoot out their lips, they shake
8 All we like sheep have gone their heads, saying He trusted :

astray we have turned every

; in the Lord that he would de-
one to his own way, and the liver him, let him deliver him
Lord hath laid on him the ini- seeing he delighted in him.
quity of us all. 16 Ye see, beloved, what the
9 He was oppressed, and he pattern is that has been given to
was afflicted, yet he opened not us. For if the Lord thus hum-
his mouth he is brought as a bled himself, what should we do

lamb to the slaughter and as a who are brought 2 by him under


sheep before her shearers is dumb, the yoke of his grace ?

so he openeth not his mouth. 17 Let us be followers of those
10 He was taken from prison, who went about in goat-skins
and from judgment and who and sheep-skins preaching the

shall declare his generation? For coming of Christ.

he was cut off out of the land of 18 3 Such were Elias, and Eli-
the living, for the transgressions sseus, and Ezekiel the prophets.
of my people was he stricken. 4
And let us add to these such
11 And he made his grave others as have received the like
with the wicked, and with the testimony.
rich in his death because he; 19 Abraham has been greatly
had done no violence, neither witnessed of having been called

was any deceit in his mouth. the friend of God. And yet he
12 Yet it pleased the Lord to steadfastly beholding the glory
bruise him, he hath put him to of God, says with all humility,
grief; when thou shalt make his 5
1 am dust and ashes.
soul an offering for sin, he shall 20 Again of Job it is thus
see his seed, he shall prolong his written, That he was just and
days ; and the pleasure of the without blame, true one that ;

Lord shall prosper in his hand. served God, and abstained from
13 He shall see of the travail all evil. Yet he accusing him-
of his soul and shall be satisfied ;
self, says,
No man is free from
by his knowledge shall my right- pollution, no not though he
eous servant justify many: for should live but one day.
he shall bear their iniquities. 21 Moses was called faithful
Psalm xxii. 6. 2
MS. &l avrov. 3
We say. * To these, those also that
have been witnessed 6 6
of. Gen. xviii. 27. Job i. 1. 7 Job xiv. 4.

Persuades to I. CLEMENT. healing of differences.

in all God's House and by his gladness, that the bones which

conduct 1
Lord punished Is- thou hast broken may rejoice.
rael by stripes and plagues. 32 Hide thy face from my
22 And even this man, though sins, and blot out all mine ini-
thus greatly honoured, spake not quities.
greatly of himself but when the ; 33 Create in me a clean heart
oracle of God was delivered to O God ; and renew a right spirit
him out of the bush he said, within me.
Who am I, that thou dost send 34 Cast me
not away from
me ? I am of a slender voice, and thy presence, and take not thy
a slow tongue. holy spirit from me.
23 And again he saith, 3 1 am 35 Restore unto me the joy
as the smoke of the pot. of thy salvation, and uphold me
24 And what shall we say of with thy free spirit.
David, so highly testified of in 36 Then I will teach trans-
the Holy Scriptures ? To whom gressors thy ways, and sinners
God said * I have found a man shall be converted unto thee.
after my own heart, David the 37 Deliver me from blood-
son of Jesse, with my holy oil guiltiness, O God, thou God of
have I anointed him. my salvation, and my tongue
25 But yet he himself saith shall sing aloud of thy righteous-
unto God, 5 Have mercy upon ness.
me, O God, according to thy 38 O Lord open thou my lips,
loving kindness according unto and my mouth shall show forth

the multitude of thy tender mer- thy praise.

cies, blot out my transgressions. 39 For thou desirest not sacri-
26 Wash me thoroughly from fice, else would I give it thou ;

mine iniquity, and cleanse me delightest not in burnt offerings.

from my sin For I acknow-
! 40 The sacrifices of God are
ledge my transgressions, and my a broken spirit, a broken and a
sin is ever before me. contrite heart, God, thou wilt
27 Against Thee only have I not despise.
sinned, and done this evil in thy
sight, that thou mightest be CHAP. IX.
justified when thou speakest, and J3e again persuades them to compose their
be clear when thou judgest. divisions.
28 Behold I was shapen in
iniquity, and in sin did my
has the humility and
godly fear of these great
mother conceive me.
29 Behold, thou desireth truth and excellent men, recorded in
in the inward parts and in the the Scriptures, through obedi-

hidden part thou shalt make me ence, made not only us, but also
to know wisdom. the generations before us better;
30 Purge me with hyssop and even as many as have received
I shall be clean, wash me and I his holy oracles with fear and
shall be whiter than snow. truth.
31 Make me to hear joy and 2 Having therefore so many,

MS. eitpivev o 6eoc
Exod. iii. 11. 3 Exod. iv.
rov \aparfk 6ia tuv fiacnyuv.
5 Psalm li. to v. 17, according to the Hebrew.
10. * Psalm lxxxix. 20.
6Tearfulness. 7
So great and such kind of men. Witnessed of, or cele-
brated. 9 In.
and to obedience. I. CLEMENT. Of faith.
and such great and glorious Hitherto slialt thou come, and
examples, let us return to that thy floods shall be broken with-

peace which was the mark that in thee.

from the beginning was set be- 12 The ocean, unpassable to
fore us ;
mankind, and the worlds that
3 Let us look up to the Father are beyond it, are governed by
and Creator of the whole world the same commands of their

and let us hold fast to his glorious great master.

and exceeding gifts and benefits 13 Spring and summer, autumn
of peace. and winter, give place peaceably
4 Let us consider and behold to each other.
4 12
with the eyes of our understand- 14 The several quarters of
ing his long-suffering will and the winds fulfil their "work in

think how gentle and patient he their seasons, without offending

is towards his whole creation. one another.
5 The heavens moving by his 15 The ever-flowing fountains,
appointment, are subject to him made both for pleasure and
in peace. health, never fail to reach out
6 Day and night accomplish their breasts to support the life
the courses that he has allotted of men.
unto them, not disturbing one 16 Even the smallest creatures
M live together in peace and con-
7 The sun and moon, and all cord with each other.
the several companies and con- 17 All these has the Great
stellations of the stars, run the Creator and Lord of all, com-
courses that he has appointed manded to observe peace and
to them in concord, without de- concord being good to all.

parting in the least from them. 18 But especially to us who

8 The fruitful earth yields its flee to his mercy through our
food plentifully in due season Lord Jesus Christ to whom be ;

both to man and beast, and to glory and majesty for ever and
all animals that are upon it, ac- ever. Amen.
cording to his will not disput-

ing, nor altering any thing of

what was ordered by. him.
9 So also the unfathomable He exhorts them to obedience, from the
and unsearchable floods of the consideration of the goodness of God,
deep, are kept in by his com- and of his presence in every place.
mand ;

10 8 And the conflux of the

TAKE heed, beloved, that his
many blessings be not to 15
vast sea, being brought together
by his order into its several col- us to condemnation except we

lections, passes not the bounds shall walk worthy of him, doing
that he has set to it with l6 one consent what is good
11 But as he appointed it, and pleasing in his sight.
so it remains. For he said, 11 2 1T The spirit of the Lord is a

Deeds or works. 2 Let us return to the mark of peace given to us from the
4 6 Choruses.
beginning. 3
See him with our understanding. Soul.
8 9 Hollow, or depth.
6Bounds. 7 Doubting. Vid. Edit. Colomes. p. 53.
"Commanded, so it does. n Jobxxxiii. 12
Survive. u Mix
together. l5
All of us. 18 With concord. " Prov. xx. 27.
How ive must live that I. CLEMENT. we may please God.

candle, searching out the inward 14 For he is the searcher of

parts of the belly. the thoughts and counsels of the
3 Let us therefore consider heart; whose breath is in us,
how near he is to us ; and how and when he pleases he can take
that none of our thoughts, or it from us.
reasonings which we frame with-
in ourselves, are * hid from him. CHAP. XL
4 It is therefore just that we
Of faith, and particularly what we are
should not forsake our rank, by- to believe as to the resurrection.
doing contrary to his will.
5 Let us choose to offend a few
foolish and inconsiderate men,
all these things must be
confirmed by the faith
lifted up and glorying in their which is in Christ for so he ;

own pride, rather than God. himself bespeaks us by the Holy

6 Let us reverence our Lord Ghost.
Jesus Christ whose blood was 2 10 Come ye children and
given for us. hearken unto me, and I will teach
7 Let us honour those who you the fear of the Lord. What
are set over us let us respect
; man is there that desireth life,
the aged that are amongst us; and loveth good days ?
to see
and let us instruct the younger 3 Keep thy tongue from evil,
men, in the discipline and fear and thy lips that they speak no
of the Lord. guile.
8 Our wives let us direct to 4 Depart from evil and do
do that which is good. good seek peace and ensue it.

9 Let them show forth a lovely 5 The eyes of the Lord are
habit of purity in all their con- upon the righteous, and his ears
versation with a sincere * affec-
; are open unto their prayers.
tion of meekness. 6 But the face of the Lord is
10 Let the 5 government of against them that do evil, to cut
their tongues be made manifest off the remembrance of them
by their silence. from the earth.
11 Let their charity be with- 7 The righteous cried, and the
out respect of persons alike to- Lord heard him, and delivered
wards all such as religiously fear him out of all his troubles.
God. 8 Many are the troubles of
12 Let your children 7 be bred the wicked but they that trust

up in the instruction of Christ in the Lord, mercy shall encom-

13 And especially let them pass them about.
learn how great a power humility 9 Our all-merciful and benefi-
has with God how much a pure
; cent Father hath bowels of com-
and holy charity avails with passion towards them that fear
him; how excellent and great him; and kindly and lovingly
his fear is and how it will save
; bestows his graces upon all such
all such as turn to him with as come to him with a simple
holiness in a pure mind. mind.

» In the pride
is hid to him of our thoughts, or reasonings.
That nothing _

4 Will, or counsel.
of their own speech, or reason.
Correct, or amend.
8 Saving, 'The faith
Moderation. 6
Let them manifest. 'Partake of.
confirms. Psalm xxiv. 11.
Various proofs I. CLEMENT. from nature
10 "Wherefore let us not Every one sees how
wa- the earth.
ver, neither let us have any the seed is sown. The sower
doubt in our hearts, of his excel- goes forth, and casts it upon
lent and glorious gifts. the earth and the seed which ;

11 2 Let that be far from us when it was sown fell upon the
which is written, Miserable are earth dry and naked, in time
the double-minded, and those dissolves.
who are doubtful in their hearts. 20 And from the dissolution,
12 Who
say these things have the great power of the provi-
Ave heard, and our fathers have dence of the Lord raises it again
told us these things. But behold and of one seed many arise, and
we are grown old, and none of bring forth fruit.
them has happened unto us. CHAP. XII.
13 ye fools! * consider the The Resurrection further proved.
trees take the vine for an ex-

ample. First it sheds its leaves; LET us consider that wonder-

ful type of the resurrection
then it buds after that it spreads
which is seen in the Eastern
its leaves then it flowers then
; ;
countries ; that is to say, in
come the sour grapes and after ;
them follows the ripe fruit. Ye 2 There is a certain bird called
see how in a little time the fruit a Phoenix of this there is never

of the tree comes to maturity. but one at a time: and that

14 Of a truth, yet a little lives five hundred years. And
while and his will shall suddenly when the time of its dissolution
be accomplished. draws near, that it must die, it
15 The Holy Scripture itself makes itself a nest of frankin-
bearing witness, That 5 He shall cense, and myrrh, and other
quickly come and not tarry, and spices into which when its time
that the Lord shall suddenly is fulfilled it enters and dies.
come to his temple, even the 3 But its flesh putrifying,
holy ones whom ye look for. breeds a certain worm, which
16 Let us consider, beloved, being nourished with the juice
how the Lord does continually of the dead bird brings forth
shew us, that there shall be a feathers and when it is grown ;

future resurrection of which he to a perfect state, it takes up the


has made our Lord Jesus Christ nest in which the bones of its
the first fruits, raising him fromparents lie, and carries it from
the dead. Arabia into Egypt, to a city
17 Let us 7 contemplate, belov-called Heliopolis :

ed, the resurrection that is con- 4 And flying in open day in
tinually made before our eyes. the sight of all men, lays it upon
18 Day and night manifest a the altar of the sun, and so re-
resurrection to us. The night turns from whence it came.
lies down, and the day arises 5 The priests then search into
again the day departs, and the the records of the time; and
night comes on. find that it returned precisely at
19 Let us behold the fruits of the end of five hundred years.
Be double-minded. * Let the writing be far from us.
James i. 8.
4 Compare yourselves unto a tree. 5 Ex. MS. omitted by James, Hab. ii. 3

Malach. in. 1.
Coteler. AyyeXoc Angel. T
See. 8 Made every season.
Went forth, and so in the rest. 10
of the resurrection. I. CLEMENT. God's vengeance.

6 And * shall we then think unto day uttereth speech, and

it to be any very great and night unto night sheweth know-
strange thing for the Lord of all ledge. There is no speech nor
to raise up those that religiously language where their voice is
serve him in the assurance of a not heard.
good faith, when even by a bird CHAP. XIII.
he shews us the greatness of his It is impossible to escape the vengeance
power to fulfil his promise ? of God, if we continue in sin.
7 For he says in a certain SEEING
then all things are
place, Thou shalt raise me up,
seen and heard by God let ;

and I shall confess unto thee.

us fear him, and let us lay aside
8 And again I laid me down our wicked works which proceed

and slept, and awaked, because from ill desires; that through
thou art with me. his mercy we may be 10 delivered
9 And again, Job says, 3 Thou from the "condemnation to come.
shalt raise up this flesh of mine, 2 For whither can any of us
that has suffered all these things. flee from his mighty hand ? Or
10 Having therefore this hope, what world shall receive any of
let us * hold fast to him who is those who run away from him ?
faithful in all his promises, and 3 For thus saith the Scripture
righteous in all his judgments in a certain place,
who has commanded us not to shall I flee from thy Spirit, or
lie how much more will he not where shall I hide myself from

himself lie ? thy presence ?

11 For nothing is impossible 4 If I ascend up into heaven,
with God but to lie. thou art there if I shall go to

12 Let his faith then be stirred the utmost part of the earth,
up again in us and let us con- ; there is thy right hand If I :

sider that all things are nigh shall make my bed in the deep,
unto him. thy Spirit is there.
13 By the word of his 5 power 5 Whither then shall any one
he made all things; and by the go ; or whither shall he run
same word he is able (whenever from him that comprehends all
he will), to destroy them. things ?
14 Who shall say unto him, 6 Let us therefore come to
what dost thou? or who shall him with holiness of 13 heart, lift-
resist the power of his strength V ing up chaste and undefiled
15 When, and as he pleased, hands unto him loving our gra-

he will do all things; and nothing cious and merciful Father, who
u to partake of his
shall pass away of all that has has made us
been determined by him. election.
7 For so it is written, When
16 All things are open before
him nor can anything be hid
; the Most High divided the na-
from his council. tions, when he separated the
17 9 The heavens declare the sons of Adam, he set the bounds
glory of God, and the firmament of the nations, according to the
sheweth his handy work. Day number of his angels 16 his peo-

Do. 2
Psalm iii. 5. s
Job xix. 23. 4 Let our minds be fastened.
Majesty. 6
His word. 7
Wisd. xii. 12. 8
MS. rroiijoei. 9 If the, &c.,
Psalm xix. 1. Covered. "Judgments.
10 n Psalm cxxxix. 7.
A part, 15
Deut. xxxii. 8, 9. 16 So the lxx.
How to live I. CLEMENT. to please God.

pie Jacob became the portion of 8 Let the witness of our good
the Lord, and Israel the lot of actions be given to us of others,
his inheritance. as it was given to the holy men
8 And in another place he that went before us.
saith, Behold the Lord taketh 9 Rashness, and arrogance,

unto himself a nation, out of the and confidence, belong to them

midst of the nations, as a man who are accursed of God: but
taketh the first-fruits of his equity, and humility, and mild-
flower; and the Most Holy shall ness, to such as are blessed by

come out of that nation. him.

CHAP. XIV. 10 Let us then lay hold of his
How we must live that vie may please God. blessing, and let us l0 consider
WHEREFORE we being a what are the ways by which we
may attain unto it.
part of the Holy One, let
us do all those things that per- 11 Let us u look back upon
tain unto holiness those things that have happened
2 Fleeing all evil-speaking from the beginning.
against one another all filthy;
12 For what was our father
and impure embraces, together Abraham blessed ? Was it not
with all drunkenness, youthful because that through faith he
lusts, abominable concupiscences, wrought righteousness and truth ?
detestable adultery, and exe- 13 Isaac being 12 fully persuad-
crable pride. ed of what he knew was to come,
3 For 'God, saith he, resisteth cheerfully yielded himself up for
the proud, but giveth grace to a sacrifice. Jacob with humility
the humble. departed out of his own country,
4 Let us therefore hold fast fleeing from his brother, and
to those to whom * God has given went unto Laban and served
His grace. him and so the sceptre of the

5 And let us put on concord, twelve tribes of Israel was given

being humble, temperate; free unto him.
from all whispering and detrac- 14 Now what the greatness of
tion; and justified by our 5 this Gift was, will plainly ap-
actions, not our words. pear, if we shall take the pains
6 For he saith, 6 Doth he that distinctly to consider all the parts
speaketh and heareth many of it.
things, and that is of a ready 15 For from him came the
tongue, suppose that he is right- priests and Levites, who all
eous ? 7 Blessed is he that is born ministered at the altar of God.
of a woman, that liveth but a 16 From him came our Lord
few days: 8 use not therefore Jesus Christ according to the
much speech. flesh.
7 Let our praise be of God, 17 From him came the kings,
not of ourselves ; for God hateth and princes, and rulers in Judah.
those that commend themselves. 18 Nor were the rest of his

Deut. iv. 34. 2
Num. xxvii. 3
9, 1 Pet. v. 5.
Ja. iv. 4
The grace of God
has been given. 5 Works. 6 speaketh many things shall also hear,
He that
&c. 7
Job xi. 2. 3, Ixx. 8 Be not wordy. Are praised of. 10 See what are
the ways of his blessing. u Unroll. 12 Foreknowing what was to be, became a
sacrifice. 13
These gifts he shall know who will carefully consider them.
Of justification I. CLEMENT. by faith and works.

'tribes in any small glory: God commanded all the living crea-
having promised that * thy seed tures that are upon it, to exist.
(says he) shall be as the stars of 6 So likewise the sea, and all
heaven. the creatures that are in it ; hav-
19 They were therefore ing first created them, he enclosed
greatly glorified, not for their them therein by his power.
own sake, or for their own works, 7 And above all, he with his
or for the righteousness that they holy and pure hands, formed
themselves wrought, but through man, the most excellent, and, as
his will. to his understanding, truly the
20 And we also being called greatest of all other .creatures,
by the same will in Christ Jesus, the character of his own image.
are not justified by ourselves, 8 For so God says, 6 Let us
neither by our own wisdom, or make man in our image, after
knowledge, or piety, or the works our own likeness So God created
which we have done * in the holi-man, male and female created he
ness of our hearts them.
21 But by that faith by which 9 And having thus finished all
God Almighty has justified all these things, he commended all
men from the beginning to that he had made, and blessed

whom be glory for ever and ever. them, and said, 7 increase and
Amen. multiply.
CHAP. XV. 10 We
see how all righteous
We are justified by faith ; yet this must men have been adorned_ with
not lessen our care to live well, nor our good works Wherefore* even

pleasure in it. the Lord himself, having adorn-

we do therefore,
'Shall we be joiced^,
ed himself with his works, re-

slothful in well-doing, and lay 11 Having therefore 8 such an

aside our charity ?j God forbid example, let us without delay,
that any such thing should be fulfil his will; and with all our

done by us. strength, work the work of

2 But rather let us hasten with righteousness.
all earnestness and readiness of CHAP. XVI.
mind, to perfect every good work. This enforced from the examples of the
For even the Creator and Lord holy angels, and from the exceeding
of all things himself rejoices in greatness of that reward which God
has prepared for us.
his own works.j
3 By his Almighty power he

fixed the heavens, and by his

good workman with con-
receives the bread
incomprehensible wisdom he of his but the sluggish
labour ;

adorned them. and lazy cannot look him in the

4 He also divided the earth face that set him on work.
from the water, with which it is 2 We
must therefore be ready
encompassed and fixed it as a
and forward in well doing for ;

secure tower, upon the founda- from him are all things.
tion of his own will. 3 And thus he foretells us,
5 He also by his appointment,
behold the Lord cometh, and
Sceptres. 2
Gen.xxvii. 17. 'Glorified. * In holiness of heart. All-
greatest. 6
Gen. i.2fi, 27. 7
Gen. i. 28. 8 This. 9
Come to.
Isaiah xl. 10. lxii. 11.
Of attaining the reward I. CLEMENT. of the righteous.

his reward is with him, even be- full assurance faith in confi-

fore his face, to render to every dence temperance in holiness


one according to his work. 3 And all this has 7 God sub-
4 He warns us therefore before- jected to our understandings
hand, with all his heart to this 4 What therefore shall those
end, that we should not be sloth- things be which he has prepared
for them that wait for him ?
ful and negligent in well doing.
5 Let our boasting, therefore, 5 The Creator and Father of 8
the Most Holy he only
and our confidence be in God :spirits, ;
let us submit ourselves to his will. knows both the greatness and
Let us consider the whole multi- beauty of them.
tude of his angels, how ready they 6 Let us therefore strive with
stand to minister unto his will. all earnestness, that we may be
6 As saith the scripture, thou- found in the number of those
sands of thousands stood before that wait for him, that so we
him and teD thousand times ten may receive the 10 reward which
thousand ministered uuto him. he has promised.
' And they cried, saying, Holy,
7 But how, beloved, shall we
holy, holy is the Lord of Sa- do this ? We must fix our minds
baoth : The whole earth is full by faith towards God, and seek
of his glory. those things that are pleasing
7 Wherefore let us also, and acceptable unto him.
8 We must
being conscientiously gathered act conformably
together in concord with one an- to his holy will and follow the

other as it were with one mouth, way of truth, casting off from us

cry earnestly unto him, that he all unrighteousness and iniquity,

would make us partakers of his together with all covetousness,
great and glorious promises. strife, evil manners, deceit, whis-
8 For he saith, 6 Eye hath not pering, detractions all hatred

seen, nor ear heard, neither have of God, pride and boasting; vain-
entersd into the heart of man, glory and ambition A ;

the things which God has pre- 9 For they that do these things
pared for them that wait for him. are odious to God ; and not only
CHAP. XVII. they that do them, but also 13 all
1 We must attain unto this reward by
such as approve of those that do
faith and obedience, which we must them.
carry on in an orderly pursuing of the 10 For thus saith the Scrip-
duties of our several stations, without ture, " But unto the wicked, God
envy or contention. 21 The necessity
said, What hast thou to do to
of different orders among men. 33 We
have none of us anything b<xt what we declare my statute, or that thou
received of God: whom therefore we shouldst take my covenant in thy
ought in every condition thankfully to mouth ? Seeing that thou hatest
instruction, and castest my words
HOW blessed and wonderful, behind thee.
beloved, are the gifts of God. 11 When thou sawest a thief,
2 Life in immortality bright- then thou consentedst with him

ness in righteousness truth in and hast been partaker with adul-


1 2
Every good work. Him. 3
Dan. vii. 10. 4 Isaiah vi. 3. 6 Every
creature. 6 Isaiah lxiv.
4, 1 Cor. ii. 9.
He. 8 Ages. 9 Quantitv. 10 Gifts.
If we shall. 12
Perform those things that are agreeable. 13
Eom. i. 32.
Psalm 1. 1 5, &c., ac. to the Hebrew.


Of faith and obedience I. CLEMENT. in our calling.

terers. Thou givest thy mouth 21 Ask of me, and I will give
to evil, and thy tongue frameth thee the heathen for thy inherit-
deceit. Thou sittest and speakest ance, and the utmost parts of
against thy brother ; thou sland- the earth for thy possession.
erest thine own mother's son. 22 And again he saitli unto
12 These things hast thou 7
him, Sit thou on right hand my
done and I kept silence thou ; until I make thine enemies my
thoughtest that I was altogether footstool.
such a one as thyself: but I will 23 But who are his enemies ?
reprove thee, and set them in even the wicked, and such who
order before thine eyes. oppose their own wills to the
13 Now consider this ye that will of God.
forget God, lest I tear you in 24 Let us therefore 8 march
pieces, and there be none to de- on, men and brethren, with all
liver. earnestness in his holy laws.
14 Whoso offereth praise, glo- 25 Let us consider those who
rifieth me and lo him that dis- fight under our earthly gover-

poseth his way aright, will I nors How orderly, how readily,

shew the salvation of Godn and with what exact obedience

15 This is the way, beloved, in they perform those things that
which we may find *our Saviour, are commanded them.^
even Jesus Christ the high-priest 26 All are not 9 generals, nor
10 u captains,
of all our offerings, the defender colonels, nor nor 12
and helper of our weakness. inferior officers :

16 By him we look up to the

27 But every one in his re-
highest heavens and behold, as
; spective rank does what is com-
in a glass, his spotless and most manded him by the king, and
excellent visage. those who have the authority
17 By him are the eyes of our over him.
hearts opened by him;our fool- 28 They who are great, can-
ish and darkened understanding not subsist without those that
rejoiceth to behold his wonder- are little nor the little without

ful light. the great.

18 By him would God have us 29 But there must be a mix-
to taste the all things, and then there
knowledge of immor- ture in
tality :who being the bright- will be use and profit too.
ness of his glory, is by so much 30 Let us, "for example, take
greater than the angels, as he our body the head without the :

has by inheritance obtained a feet is nothing, neither the feet

more excellent name than they. without the head.
19 For so it is written, who 31 And even the smallest
maketh his angels spirits, and members of our body are yet
his ministers a flame of fire both necessary and useful to the
20 But to his son, thus saith whole body.
the Lord, 5 Thou art my Son, to- 32 But all conspire together,,
day have I begotten thee. and M are subject to one common

That which has the power to save us.
Heights of heaven. 3 Heb. i. 3, 4.
4Psalm cix. 4. Heb. i. 7. 5 Heb. i. 5. 6 Comp. Psalm ii. 7, 8. 7 Heb. i. 13,
Psalm cv. 1. 8 War. 9 Prefects. 10 Commanders of a thousand. "Centu-
rions. 12 Commanders of 50, and so on.
1 Cor. xii. 13, 21. u Use one com-
mon subjection.
9 m
Exhorts from the I. CLEMENT. different orders of men

use, namely, the preservation of FOOLISH

and unwise men
the whole x
body. who have neither prudence
33 Let therefore our whole nor learning may mock and de-
body be saved in Christ Jesus ride us being willing to set up

and let every one be subject to themselves in their own conceits;

2 8
his neighbour, according to the 2 But what can a mortal man
order in which he is placed .by do ? Or what strength is there in
the 3 gift of God. him that is made out of the dust ?
34 Let not the strong man de- 3 For it is written, there was
spise the weak and ; let the weak no shape before mine eyes; only
see that he reverence the strong. I heard a 9 sound and a voice.
35 Let the rich man distri- 4 10
For what ? Shall man be
bute to the necessity of the poor pure before the Lord ? Shall he
and let the poor bless God, that be blameless in his works?
he has given one unto him, by 5 Behold, he trusteth not in
whom his want may be supplied. his servants and his angels he;

36 Let the wise man shew chargeth with folly.

forth his wisdom, not in words, 6 Yes, the heaven is not clean
but in good works^ in his sight, how much less they
37 Let him that is humble, that dwell in houses of clay of ;

not bear witness to himself, but which also we ourselves were

let him leave it to another to made?
bear witness of him. 7 He smote them as a moth :

38' Let him that is pure in the and from morning even unto the
flesh, not grow proud of it, know- evening they endure not. Be-
ing that it was 4 from another that cause they were not able to help
he received the gift of continence. themselves, they perished he ;

39 Let us consider therefore. breathed upon them and they

breth whereof we are made died, because they had no wisdom.
who, and what kind of men we 8 "Call now if there be any that
came into the world, as it were will answer thee and to which ;

out of a sepulchre, and from of the angels wilt thou look ?

outer darkness. 9 For wrath killeth the foolish
40 He that made us, and man, and envy slayeth him that
formed us, brought us into his is in error.
own world; having 6 presented 10 I have seen the foolish
us with his benefits, even before taking root, but lo, their habita-
we were born. tion Mas presently consumed.
41 Wherefore, having received 11 Their children were far
all these things from him, we from safety, they 12 perished at the
ought in everything to give gates of those who were lesser
thanks unto him to whom be than themselves; and there was
glory for ever and ever. Amen, no man to help them.
what was prepared


for them, the righteous " did
From whence he exhorts them to do
everything orderly in the Church, as eat and they shall not be deli-

the only way to please God. vered from evil. '

2 3
MS. to aua. As also has he placed. His grift. * Another that pave

him. s
Of what matter. 6 Prepared for us. 7
And impudent, and without
instruction. 8
For. 9
An air.
John iv. 16, <fec, xv. 15, iv. 19. u Job v.
12 13 14
1, &c. Were crushed upon. Deliver. Eat.
to order in the church I. CLEMENT. as pleating to God.

13 Seeing then these things appointed for sins and transgres-

are manifest unto us, it will be- sions but only at Jerusalem

hoove us, to take care that look- nor in any place there, but only
ing into the depths of the divine at the altar before the temple
knowledge, we do all things in that which is offered being first
order, whatsoever our Lord has diligently examined by the high-
commanded us to do. priest and the other minister we
14 And particularly, that we before mentioned.
perform our offerings and service who do any- 21 They therefore
to God, at their appointed sea- thing which is not agreeable to
sons for these he has com- His will are punished with death.

manded to be done, not rashly 22 5 Consider, brethren, that

l r

and disorderly, but at certain by how much the better know-

determinate times and hours. ledge God has vouchsafed unto
15 And therefore he has or- us by so much the greater dan-
dained by his supreme will and ger are we exposed to.
authority, both where, and by
what persons, they are to be CHAP. XIX.
performed; that so all things The orders of Ministers in Christ's
Church established by the Apostles
being piously done unto all well- according to Christ's command, 7
pleasing, they may be acceptable after the example of Moses. 16 There-
unto a him. fore they who have been duly placed in
16 They therefore who make the ministry according to their order
cannot without great sin be put out of it.
their offerings at the appointed
seasons, are happy and accepted
because that obeying the com-
Apostles have preached
to us from the Lord Jesus
mandments of the Lord, they Christ Jesus Christ from God. ;

are free from sin. 2 Christ therefore was sent by

17 And the same care must God, the Apostles by Christ so ;

be had of the persons that min- both were orderly 6 sent, accord-
ister unto him. ing to the will of God.
18 'For the chief-priest has 3 For having received their
his proper services; and to the command, and being thoroughly
priests their proper place is ap- assured by the resurrection of
pointed and to the Levites ap-
; our Lord Jesus Christ; and
pertain their proper ministries convinced by the word of God,
and the layman is confined within with the fulness of the Holy
the bounds of what is commanded Spirit, they went abroad, pub-
to laymen. lishing, That the kingdom of
19 Let every one of you there- God was at hand.
fore, brethren, bless God in his 4 And thus preaching through
proper station, with *a good con- countries and cities, they ap-
science, and with all gravity, pointed the first fruits of their
not exceeding the rule of his conversion to be bishops and
service that is appointed to him. ministers over such as should
20 The daily sacrifices are afterwards believe, having first
not offered everywhere ; nor the proved them by the Spirit.
peace-offerings, nor the sacrifices 5 Nor was this any new thing
By chance. 2
To his will. 3
See Coteler. in loc. 4
Being in a good con-
science. 5
Ye see. 6 Done. 7
1 Thess. i. i.
With the full assurance.
9 Vid. Coteler. in loc.
Of the orders I. CLEMENT. the ministry.

seeing that long before it was tribe has God chosen to perform
written concerning bishops and the office of a priest, and 7 to
deacons. minister unto him in holy things.
6 For thus saith the Scrip- 12 And when the morning
ture, in a certain place 1 will
: was come, he called together all
appoint their 2 overseers in right- Israel, six hundred thousand
eousness, and their ministers in men and shewed to the princes

faith. their seals and opened the


7 And what wonder if they, tabernacle of witness and ;

to whom such a work was com- brought forth the rods.

mitted by God in Christ, estab- 13 And the rod of Aaron was
lished such officers as we before found not only to have blos-
mentioned ;when even that somed, but also to have fruit
blessed and faithful servant in upon it.
all his house, Moses,
set down 14 What think you, beloved ?
in the Holy Scriptures all things Did not Moses before know
that were commanded him. what should happen ?
8 Whom also all the rest of the 15 Yes verily but to the end :

prophets followed, bearing wit- there might be no division, nor

ness with one consent to those tumult in Israel, he did in this
things that were appointed by manner, that the name of the
him. true and only God might be
9 For he, perceiving an emu- glorified, to him be honour for

lation to arise among the tribes ever and ever, Amen.

concerning the priesthood, and 16 So likewise our Apostles
that there was a strife about it, knew by our Lord Jesus Christ,
which of them should be that there should contentions
adorned with that glorious name arise, upon account of the min-
commanded their twelve captains istry.

to bring to him
twelve rods; 17 And
therefore having a
every tribe being written upon fore-knowledge of this,
its rod, according to its name. they appointed persons, as we
10 And he took them and have before said, and then gave
bound them together, and sealed direction, how, when they should
them with the seals of the twelve die, other chosen and approved
princes of the tribes and laid men should succeed in their

them up in the tabernacle of ministry.

witness, upon the table of God. 18 Wherefore we cannot think
11 And when he had shut that those may justly be thrown
the door of the tabernacle he out of their ministry, iwho were
sealed up the keys of it, in like either appointed by them, or af-
manner 6 as he had done the terwards chosen by other emi-
rods and said unto them, Men nent men, with the consent of

and brethren, whichsoever tribe the whole church and who ;

shall have its rod blossom, that have with all lowliness and in-

Isaiah lx. 17. 2 Bishops, Deacons.
3 Signified. 4
An emulation hap-
pening. 6 Numb. xvii. 6
And the Rods. 'To exercise the office of the
8 Thatthis should be so. 9 About the
priesthood, and to minister, &c.
name of the bishoprick. 10 Left a list of other chosen and approved per-
sons, who should succeed them in their ministry. See Dr. Arden's Disc,
upon this passage. Dr. Hammond's Power of the Keys, c iii. p. 413.
Exhorts to peace I. CLEMENT. from holy orders.

nocency ministered to the flock 7 They were

killed; but by
of Christ, in peace, and without accursed men, and such as had
self-interest, and were for a long taken up an unjust envy against
time commended by all. them.
19 For it would be no small 8 * And all these things they
sin in us, should we cast off those
underwent gloriously.
from their 1 ministry who holily 9 For what shall Ave say, bre-
and without blame 2 fulfil the thren? Was Daniel cast into
duties of it. the 5 den of lions, by men fear-
20 Blessed are those priests, ing God ? Ananias, Azarius, and
who having finished their course Misael, were they 6 cast into the
before these times have obtained 7 fiery furnace by men, 8 profes-
a fruitful and perfect dissolu- sing the excellent and glorious
tion for they have no fear, lest worship of the Most High ?

any one should turn them out God forbid.

of the place which is now ap- 10 What kind of persons
pointed for them. then were they that did these
21 But we see how you have things ? They were men abomi-
put out some, who lived reputa- nable, full of all wickedness;
bly among you, from the minis- who were incensed to so great
try, which by their innocence a degree, as to bring
those into
they had adorned. sufferings, who with a holy and
CHAP. XX. unblameable purpose of mind
He exhorts them to peace from examples worshipped God not knowing :

out of the Holy Scriptures, 20 par- that the Most High is the pro-
ticularly from St. Paul's exhortation tector and defender of all such
to them. as with a pure conscience serve

YE are contentious, brethren,

and zealous for things that
holy name to whom be
glory for ever and ever, Amen.

pertain not unto salvation. 11 But they who with a full

2 Look into the Holy Scrip- persuasion have endured these
tures, which are the true words things, 10 are made partakers of
of the Holy Ghost. Ye know glory and honour and u are ex- :

that there is nothing unjust or alted and lifted up by God in

counterfeit written in them. their memorial throughout all
3 There you shall not find ages, Amen.
that righteous men were ever 12 1" Wherefore it will be-
cast off by such as were good hoove us also, brethren, 12 to fol-
themselves. low such examples as these ; for
4 3 They were persecuted, but it is written, Hold fast to such
it was by the wicked and unjust. as are holy for they that do so

5 They were cast into prison ;

shall be sanctified.
but they were cast in by those 13 And again in another
that were unholy. place he saith, 13 With the pure
6 They were stoned; but it thou shalt be pure, ( u and with
was by transgressors. the elect thou shalt be elect),
1 2 3 4
Bishoprick. Offer the gifts. Just men. Suffering these things they
underwent them gloriously. 5 Dan. vi. 16. 6
Shut into. 7
Dan. iii. 20.
Worshipping the worship. 9 Full of virtue. 10
Have inherited. "Have
been exalted. 12
cleave to.
Psalm xvii. 2. u Omitted by Junius,
and now restored from the MS.
Farther exhorts I. CLEMENT. to peace and union.

but with the perverse man

thou admonish you concerning him-
shalt be * perverse. self, and Cephas, and Apollos,
14 Let us therefore join our- because that even then ye had
selves to the innocent and right- begun to fall into parties and
eous ; for such are the elect of factions among yourselves.
God. 22 Nevertheless your partial-
15 "Wherefore are there strifes, ity then led you into a much less
and anger, and divisions, and sin forasmuch as ye J0 placed

schisms, and wars, among us ? your affections upon Apostles,

16 2 Have we not all one men of u eminent reputation in
God, and one Christ ? 3 Is not the church ; and upon another,
one spirit of grace poured out who was greatly tried and ap-
upon us all ? Have we not one proved of by them.
calling in Christ ? 23 But consider, we pray you,
17 Why then do we rend and who are they that have now led
tear in pieces the members of you astray and lessened the ;

Christ and raise seditions 12 reputation of that brotherly


against our own body ? And love that was so eminent among

are come to such a height of you?

madness, as to forget that 4 we 24 It is a shame, my beloved,
were members one of another ? yea, a very great shame, and un-
18 Remember the words of worthy of your Christian " pro-
our Lord Jesus, 5 how he said, fession, to hear that the most
Wo to that man, (by whom of- firm and
ancient church of the
fences come) It were better for Corinthians should, by one or

him that he had never been born, two persons, be led into a sedi-
than that he should have of- tion against its priests.
fended one of my elect. It were 25 And this report is come
better for him, that a mill- not only to us, but to those also
stone should be tied about that differ from us.
his neck, and he should be cast 26 Insomuch that the name of
into the sea, than that he the Lord is blasphemed through
should offend one of my little your folly and even ye your- ;

ones. selves are brought into danger

19 Your schism has perverted by it.
many, has discouraged many: it 27 T[ Let us therefore with all
has caused diffidence in many, haste 16 put an end to this sedi-
and grief in us all. And yet tion and let us fall down before

your sedition continues still. the Lord, and beseech Him with
20 If Take the epistle of the tears that He "would be favoura-
blessed Paul the Apostle into bly reconciled to us, and restore
your hands 7 What was it that us again to a 18 seemly and holy

he wrote to you at his first course of brotherly love.

preaching the Gospel among 28 For this is the gate of
you righteousness, opening unto life :

21 Verily he did 8
by the spirit as it is written,
Open unto me
Turn aside. 2 Eph. iv. 4. 3 lCor. xii. 4 Eom. xli. 5 For he said. 6 Luke,
xvii. 2. ' See Dodwell's add. and Pearson, Dr. Grabe, &c 8
send to you. 9 Inclinations. 10
Inclined. n Witnessed of.
u So much spoken of. u Institution. I5
See Dodwell. 16
Take away.
17 18 19
Becoming favourable. Grave, venerable. cxviii. 19, 20.
The value and effects of I. CLEMENT. unity and charity.

the gates of righteousness ; I will j

mits of no divisions is not sedi- ;

go in unto them and will praise J

tious but does all things in

the Lord. This is the gate of peace and concord.

the Lord, the righteous shall 6 By charity were all the elect
enter into it. of God made perfect Without :

29 Although therefore many it nothing is pleasing and ac-

gates are opened, yet this gate ceptable in the sight of God.
of righteousness is that gate in 7 Through charity did the
Christ at which blessed are they Lord 6 join us unto himself;
that enter in, and direct their whilst for the love that he bore
way in holiness and righteous- towards us, our Lord Jesus Christ
ness, doing all things without gave his own blood for us, by the
disorder. will of God his flesh for our

30 Let a man be faithful, let flesh his soul, for our souls. ;

him be powerful in the utterance 8 f Ye see, beloved, how great

of knowledge: let him be wise and wonderful a thing charity
in making an exact judgment of is and how that no expressions

words let him be pure in all his are sufficient to declare its per-

actions. fection.
31 But still by how much the 9 But who is fit to be found
more he seems to be * above in it? Even such only as God
others by reason of these things, shall vouchsafe to make so.
by so much the more will it be- 10 Let us therefore pray to
hoove him to be humble-minded him, and beseech him, that we

and to seek what is profitable to may be worthy of it that so we ;

all men, and not his own advan- may live in charity being un- ;

tage. blamable, without human pro-

CHAP. XXI. pensities, without respect of per-
1 The value which God puts upon love sons.
11 All the ages of the world,
and unity : the effects of a true charity,
8 which is the gift of God, and must from Adam, even unto this day,
be obtained by prayer.
are passed away but they who ;

HE that has the love that is have been made perfect in love,
in Christ, let him keep the have by the grace of God ob-
commandments of Christ. tained a place among the right-
2 For who is able to express eous and shall be made mani- ;

the obligation of the love of fest in the 'judgment of the
God ? What man is sufficient to kingdom of Christ.
declare, and is fitting, the excel- 12 For it is written, 8 Enter
lency of its beauty ? into thy chambers for a little
3 The height to which charity space, till my anger and indigna-
leads is inexpressible. tion shall pass away And I will :

4 Charity 3 unites us to God remember the good day, and will

charity covers the multitude of raise you up out of your graves.
: charity endures all things, 13 Happy then shall we be,
is long-suffering in all things. beloved, if we shall have fulfilled
5 There is nothing base and the commandments of God, in the
sordid in charity charity lifts unity of love
that so, through

not itself up above others ad- love, our sins may be forgiven us.
; [

Greater. 2 Bond. 3 Glues. 4 1 Peter iv. 9. 5
1 Cor. xiii. 7, &c « Take
8 9 Are we.
us up. 7
Animadversion, or visitation. Isaiah xxvi. 20.
Exhorts to unity from I.CLEMENT. the example of Moses,

14 For so it is written, went down alive into the grave,

ed are they whose iniquities are death swallowed them up.
forgiven, and whose sins are 6 Pharaoh and his host, and
covered. Blessed is the man
of Egypt, their
to all the rulers
whom the Lord imputeth no sin, chariots also and their horsemen,
and in whose mouth there is no were for no other cause drowned,
guile. in the bottom of the Red Sea, and
15 Now this blessing is ful- perished but because they hard- ;

filled in those who are chosen by ened their foolish hearts, after so
God through Jesus Christ our many signs done in the land of
Lord, to whom be glory for eyer Egypt, by Moses the servant of
and ever. Amen. God.
7 f Beloved, God is not indi-
gent of any thing nor does he ;
1 He exhorts as have been con-
cerned in these divisions to repent,
demand any thing of us, but
and return to their unity, confessing that we should confess our sins
their sin to Ood, 7 which he enforces unto him.
from the example of Hoses, 10 and 9
8 For so says the Holy David,
of many among the heathen, 23 and 10 will confess unto the Lord,
of Judith and Esther among the Jews.
and it shall please him better

LET us therefore, as many as

have transgressed by any of
than a young bullock that hath
horns and hoof. Let the poor
the 2 suggestions of the adver- see it and be glad.
sary, beg God's forgiveness. 9 And again he saith, " Offer
2 And as for those who have unto God the sacrifice of praise,
been the heads of the sedition and pay thy vows unto the Most
and faction among you, * let Highest. And call upon me in
them look to the common end of the day of trouble, and I will
our hope. deliver thee, and thou shalt
3 For as many as are endued glorify me. The sacrifice of God
5 12

with fear and charity, would is a broken spirit.

rather they themselves should 10 Tf Ye know, beloved, ye
fall into trials than their neigh- know full well the Holy Scrip-
bours And choose to be them- tures and have thoroughly
: ;

selves condemned, rather than searched into the oracles of God

that the good and just charity call them therefore to your re-
delivered to us, should suffer. membrance.
4 For it is seemly for a man 11 For when Moses went up
to confess wherein he has trans- into the mount, and tarried there
forty days and forty nights in
5 6 And not to harden his fasting and humiliation God ;

heart, as the hearts of those were said unto him, "Arise, Moses,
hardened, who raised up sedition and get thee down quickly from
against Moses the servant of hence, for thy people whom thou
God whose punishment was broughtest out of the land of

manifest 7 unto all men for they Egypt, have committed wicked-

'Psalm xxxii. 2
See Junius in loc. 'Chief leaders. 4 They ought. 5 Walk-
6 Ratherthan. 7 Num.xvi. 8
ins: according to; live in. Exod.iv. 9 Chosen.
Psalm lxix. 31. u Psalm 1. 14. 12
Psalm li. 17. 13
Exod. xxxii.
Deut. ix.
the heathens, &c. I. CLEMENT. TJie benefit

ness they have soon transgress-

: not to be repented of, both have
ed the way that I commanded done and will always be ready
them, and have made to them- to do.
selves graven images. 17 *[[
Nay and even the Gen-
12 And the Lord said unto' tiles themselves have given us
him, I have spoken unto thee examples of this kind.
several times, saying I have 18 For we read, How many

seen this people, and behold it is kings and princes, in times of

a stiffnecked people let me : pestilence, being warned by their
therefore destroy them, and put oracles, have given up themselves
out their name from under hea- unto death that by their own

ven. And I will make unto blood, they might deliver their
thee a great and a wonderful country from destruction.
nation, that shall be much 19 'Others have forsaken their
larger than this. cities, so that they might put an
13 But Moses said, Not so, end to the seditions of them.
Lord Forgive now this people
; 20 We know how many among
their sin or if thou wilt not,
; ourselves, have given up them-
blot me also out of the book of selves unto bonds, that thereby
the living. O admirable charity they might free others from
O insuperable perfection The ! them.
servant speaks freely to his Lord 21 Others have sold them-
He beseeches him either to for- selves into bondage that they
give the people, or to
destroy might feed 10 their brethren with
him together with them. the price of themselves.
14 if Who is there among you 22 And even many women,
that is generous ? Who that is being strengthened by the grace
compassionate ? that has Who of God, have done many glorious
any charity ? Tjet him say, if and manly things on such
this sedition, this contention, and occasions.
these schisms, be upon my ac- 23 The blessed "Judith, when
count, I am ready to depart to ; her city was besieged, desired the
go away whithersoever you elders, that they would suffer her
please and do whatsoever * ye
; to go into the camp of their
shall command me : Only let enemies and she went out ex-

the flock of Christ be in peace, posing herself to danger for the

with the elders that are set over love she bore to her country and
her people that were besieged
15 He that shall do this, shall
and the Lord delivered Holofer-
get to himself a very great hon- nes into the hands of a woman.
our in the Lord and 5 there is ;
24 Nor did Esther, being per-
no place but what will be ready fect in faith, expose herself to
to receive him For the earth
: any less hazard, for the delivery
is the Lord's and the fulness of the twelve tribes of Israel, in
thereof.^ danger of being destroyed. For,
16 These things they who have by fasting and humbling herself,
their conversation towards God she entreated the Great Maker

2 s
Blot out. * The multitude.
Once and twice. More, greater.
Every place. 6 Psalm xxiv. ' But that we may bring the examples of

8 9 Many. 10 "Judith, viii. ix. x. xiii.

heathens. Citizens. Others.
The strangers. u Esther, vii. viii.
of mutual advice I. CLEMENT. and correction.

of all things, the God of 'spirits; no evil touch thee. In famine '

so that beholding the humility of he shall redeem thee from death

her soul, he delivered the people, and in war from the power of
for whose sake she was in peril. the sword.
10 Thou shalt be hid from
CHAP. XXIII. the scourge of the tongue nei- ;

The benefit of mutual advice and correc- ther shalt thou be afraid of de-
twu. He entreats them to Jtallow that struction
„+„„„+• „ , 1 , •, ,1 ,


, • , • ,, , . wlien it cometn.
which is here y
qiven to them. r™ i ! \ ., -, -T
11 Thou shalt laugh at the
WHEREFORE let us also wicked and sinners neither ;

pray for such as are fallen shalt thou be afraid of the beasts !

into ' sin. That being endued of the earth. The wild beast
with humility and moderation, shall be at peace with thee.
they may submit not unto us, but 12 Then shalt thou know that
to the will of God. thy house shall be in peace and ;

2 For by this means they the habitation of thy tabernacle
shall obtain a fruitful and perfect shall not err. Thou shalt know
remembrance, with mercy, both also that thy seed shall be great
in our prayers to God, and in and thy offspring as the grass of
our mention of them before his the earth.
saints. 13 Thou shalt come to thy
3 Let us receive correction, at grave as the ripe corn, that is
which no man ought to repine. taken in due time like as a ;

4 T T3eloved, the reproof and the shock of corn cometh in, in its
correction which we exercise to- season.
wards one another, is good, and 14 Ye see, beloved, how there
exceeding profitable for it unites shall be a defence to those that

us the more closely to the will of are corrected of the Lord. For
God. being a good instructor, he is
5 "For so says the Holy Scrip- willing to admonish us by his
ture, Tbe Lord corrected me, holy discipline.
but he did not deliver me over 15 Do ye therefore who laid
unto death.
For whom the Lord the first foundation of this se-
loveth he chasteneth, and scourg- dition, submit yourselves unto
eth every son whom he receiveth. your 9 priests and be instructed ;

b" '
The righteous, saitn
saith he, unto repentance, bending the
shall instruct me in mercy and '

knees of your hearts,

reprove me; but let not oil of 16 Learn to be subject, lay-
sinners make fat my head. !
ing aside all proud and arrogant
7 And again he saith, Happy j
boasting of your tongues.
is the man whom God correcteth ;
17 For it is better for you to

therefore despise not thou the be found little, and approved, in

chastening of the Almighty. the sheepfold of Christ, than to
8 For he rnaketh sore and bind- j
seem to yourselves better than
eth up he woundeth and his
; I
others, and be cast out of his
u fold.
hands make whole. I

9 He shall deliver thee in six 18 For thus speaks the excel- I

troubles yea in seven there shall lent and all virtuous wisdom,

1 2 3
There shall be to them. 4 onr
Ages; who. Viz. that of schism. i. e.
Fellow- Christians. 5
Psalm xcviii. Prov. iii. 11. 7
Psalm cxli. 5.
Job v. 17. &c. 9
Elders. 10
See Junius in loc.
u See Coteler in loc.
Commendation to II. CLEMENT. sincere obedience.

Behold I will and the Lord of all flesh,
pour out the word Spirits,
of my spirit upou you, I will who hath chosen our Lord Je.sus
make kuown my speech unto you. Christ, and us by him, to be his
19 Because I called and ye peculiar people;
would not hear, I stretched out 2 Grant to every soul of man
my words and ye regarded not. that calleth upon his glorious
20 But ye have set at nought and holy name, faith, fear, peace, I

all my counsel, and would none long-sullering, patience, temper-


of my reproof. I will also laugh ance, holiness and sobriety, unto

at your calamity, and mock when all well-pleasing 3 in his sight

your fear cometh. through our High-Priest and i

21 When your fear cometh as Protector Jesus Christ, by whom

desolation, and your destruction be glory, and majesty, and
as a whirlwind, when distress power, and honour, unto him

and anguish cometh upon you. now and for ever more. Amen.
22 Then shall ye call upon
3 ^f The messengers whom we
me, but I will not hear you the :

have sent unto you, Claudius,

wicked shall seek me, but they
Ephebus, and Valerios Bito, with
shall not find me. For that
Fortunatus, send back to us
they hated knowledge, and did
again with all speed in peace,
not seek the fear of the Lord.
and with joy, that they may the
23 They would not hearken
sooner acquaint us with your
unto my counsel they despised :

peace and concord, so much

all my reproof. Therefore shall
prayed for and desired by us
they eat of the fruit of their own
and that we may rejoice in your
ways and be filled with their
good order.
own wickedness.
* * * 4 The Grace of our Lord
Jesus Christ be with you, and
CHAP. XXIV. with all that are anywhere called
1 Recommends them to God. Desires
speedily to hear that this Epistle has by God through him To whom

had a good effect upon them. 4 Con- be honour and glory, and might |

clusion. and majesty, and eternal domi-

"VfOW God, the inspector of nion, by Christ Jesus, from
±\ all things, the 2 Father of everlasting to everlasting. Amen. |


[Archbishop Wake is the translator of this Second Epistle, which he says
was not of so great reputation among the primitive Fathers as the first.
He defends it notwithstanding and in answer to those who objected to

Clement's First Epistle, that it did not duly honour the Trinity, the
Archbishop refers to this as containing proof of the writer's fulness of
belief on that point.]

CHAP. I. God: as of the judge of the

That we ought to value our salvation; and the dead nor should
living, ;

and to shew that we do, by a sincere we think any less of our salva-
obedience. tion.
BRETHREN, we ought so to 2 Tor if we think meanly of
think of Jesus Christ as of him, we shall hope only to re-
6 Little things, or
Prov. i. 23, &c.
Master. 3
To his name. Ilim.
The Gentiles II. CLEMENT. to be saved.

ceive some small things from CHAP. II.

1 That God had before prophesied by
3 And if we do '
so ; we shall Isaiah, that the Gentiles should be
sin not * considering
; from saved. 8 That this ought to engage
such especially to live well; without
whence we have been called,
which they will still miscarry.
and by whom, and to what
place and how much Jesus
; REJOICE, thou barren, that
Christ vouchsafed to suffer for bearest not, break forth and
our sakes. cry thou that travailest not for ;

4 What recompense then shall she that is desolate hath many

we render unto him ? Or what more children than she that hath
fruit that may be worthy of an husband.*
what he has given to us ? 2 In that he said, Rejoice
thou barren that bearest not, he
5 For indeed *how great are
spake of us for our church was :
those advantages which we owe ;

barren before that children were

to him in relation to our holi-

given unto it.

ness? He has illuminated us: i

3 And again when he said, ;


as a father, he has called us his

Cry thou that travailest not l

children he has saved us who

he implied thus much That :
were lost and undone. ;

after the manner of women in

6 What praise shall we give travail, we should not cease to
to him ? Or what reward that put up our prayers unto God
may be answerable to those 5 abundantly.
things which we have received ? 4 And for what follows, because
7 We
were defective in our un- she that is desolate hath more
derstandings worshipping stones; children than she that hath an
and wood gold, and silver, and husband it was therefore added,

brass, the works of men's hands because our people which seem

and our whole life was nothing to have been forsaken by God,
else but death. now believing in him, are become
8 Wherefore being encom- more than they who seemed to
passed with darkness, and having have God.
such a mist before our eyes, we 5 And another Scripture saith,
have looked up, and through his 6 1 came not to call the righteous
will have laid aside the cloud but sinners (to repentance).
wherewith we were surrounded. The meaning of which is this :

9 For he had compassion upon that those who were lost must be
us, and being moved in his bow- saved.
els towards us, he saved us 6 For that is, indeed, truly
; I

having beheld in us much error, great and wonderful, not to con-

and destruction and seen that firm those things that are yet

we had no hope of salvation, but standing, but those which are

only through him. falling.
10 For he called us who were 7 Even so did it seem good to
not; and was pleased from no- Christ to save what was lost
thing to give us being. and when he came into the

Hear as of little things. 2 Knowing. 3
How greatly holy things do we
owe unto him. * Isaiah liv. 1. 5 'A7r/.wf.
See St. James i. 5. Compare
Rom. xii. 8. 2 Cor. viii. 2, ix. 11, 13. Matt. ix. 13.
Exhorts against the II. CLEMENT. things of this world

world, he saved many, and called sense of one another's sufferings

us who were already lost. and not be covetous of money
8 Seeing then he has shewed but let us, by our good works,
so great mercy towards us and confess God, and not by those

chiefly for that, we who are that are otherwise.

alive, do now no longer sacrifice 15 Also let us not fear men :

to dead Gods, nor pay any wor- but rather God. 5

ship to them, but have by him if we should do such wicked
been brought to the knowledge things, the Lord hath said:
of the Father of truth. Though ye should be joined unto
9 x Whereby shall we shew me, even in my very bosom, and
that we do indeed know him, not keep my commandments, I
but by not denying him by would cast you off, and say unto
whom we have come to the you 6 Depart from me I know
: ;

knowledge of him ? not whence you are, ye workers

10 For even he himself saith, of iniquity.
* Whosoever shall confess me
before men, him will I confess CHAP. III.
before my Father. This there- 1 That whilst we secure the other world,
we need not fear what can befall us in
fore is our reward if we shall
this. 5. That if we follow the interests
confess him by whom we have of this present world, we cannot es-
been saved. cape the punishment of the other. 10
11 Buty wherein must we con- Which ought to bring us to repentance
fess —
him ? Namely, in doing and holiness, 14 and
because in this world is
that presently:
the only time
those things which he saith, and
for repentance.
not disobeying his command-
ments by worshipping him not
WHEREFORE, brethren,
with our lips only, but with all leaving willingly for con-
our heart, and with all our mind. science sake our sojourning in
For he saith in Isaiah 3 This: this world, let us do the will of
people honoureth me with their him who has called us, and not
lips, but their heart is far from fear to depart out of this world.
me. 2 For the Lord saith, 7 Ye
12 Let us then not only call shall be as sheep in the midst of
him Lord ; for that will not wolves. Peter answered and
save us. For he saith * Not : said, What if the wolves shall
every one that saith unto me tear in pieces the sheep ? Jesus
Lord, Lord, shall be saved, but said unto Peter, Let not the
he that doeth righteousness. sheep fear the wolves after death :

13 Wherefore, brethren^ let 8

And ye also fear not those that
us confess him by our works by ; kill you, and after that have no
loving one another in not com-
; more that they can do unto you ;

mitting adultery, not speaking but fear him who after you are
evil against each other, not envy- dead, has power to cast both soul
ing one another but by being
; and body into hell-fire.
temperate, merciful, good. 3 For consider, brethren, that
14 Let us also have a mutual the sojourning of this flesh in

What is the knowledge which is towards him. 2 Matt. x. 32. Tsaiah
4 5 Wherefore we doing these things. 6Matt,
xxix. 13. Matt. vii. 21.
xii. 23; Luke xiii. 27. 7 Matt. v. 16. 8
Luke xii. 4, 5.
and to repentance. II. CLEMENT. 0/ the resurrection.

the present world, is but little, eousness to deliver their children ;

and of a short continuance, but how can we hope to enter into

the promise of Christ is great the kingdom of God, except we
and wonderful, even the rest of keep our baptism holy and un-
the kingdom that is to come, defiled? Or who shall be our
and of eternal life. advocate, unless we shall be
4 What then must we do that found to have done what is holy
we may unto it? We
attain — and just ?
us, therefore, my bre-
must our conversation
order 10 Let
holily and righteously, and look thren, contend with all earnest-
upon all the things of this world ness, knowing that our combat
as none of ours, and not desire is at hand and that many go

them. For, if we desire to pos-

long voyages to encounter for a
sess them we fall from the way corruptible reward.
of righteousness. 11 And yet all are not
5 For thus saith the Lord, crowned, but they only that
No servant can serve two mas- labour much, and strive glo-
ters. If therefore we shall de- riously. Let us, therefore, so
sire to serve God and Mammon contend, that we may all be
it will be without profit to us. crowned. Let us run in the
For what will it profit, if one straight road, the race that is in-
gain the whole world, and lose corruptible and let us in great :

his own soul ? numbers pass unto it, and strive

6 Now this world and that to that we may receive the crown.
come are two enemies. Thisspeak- But and if we cannot all be
eth of adultery and corruption, crowned, let us come as near to
of covetousness and deceit but it as we are able.;

renounces these things. 12 Moreover, we must consider,

7 We
cannot, therefore, be that he who contends in a cor-
the friends of both but we must;
ruptible combat, if he be found
resolve by forsaking the one, to doing anything that is not fair, is
enjoy the other. And we think taken away and scourged, and
it is better to hate the present cast out of the lists. What think
things, as little, short-lived, and ye then that he shall suffer, who
corruptible, and to love those does anything that is not fitting
which are to come, which are in the combat of immortality?
truly good and incorruptible. 13 Thus speaks the prophet
8 For, if we do the will of concerning those who keep not
Christ, we shall find rest but if their seal :
Their worm shall not ;

not, nothing shall deliver us die, and their fire shall not be
from eternal punishment if we quenched and they shall be for ;

shall disobey his commands. For a spectacle unto all flesh.

even thus saith the Scripture in 14 Let us therefore repent,
the prophet Ezekiel, If Noah, whilst we are yet upon the earth :

Job, and Daniel should rise up, for we are as clay in the hand of
they shall not deliver their chil- the artificer. For as the potter
dren in captivity. if he make a vessel, and it be
9 Wherefore, if such righteous turned amiss in his hands, or
men are not able by their right broken, again forms it anew
MS. Alexander, ociut; kcu dtxaiaq avqpEibeaBai. 2
Luke xvi. 13 Matt.
xvi 26. 4
Ezek. xiv. 14, 20. Isaiah lxvi. 24.
A fragment II. CLEMENT. of the Lord's kingdom.

but if he have gone so far as to flesh as the temple of God. For


throw it into the furnace of fire, in like manner as ye were called


he can no more bring any reme- in the flesh, ye shall also come to

dy to it. judgment in the flesh. 4 Our one


15 So we, whilst we are in this Lord Jesus Christ, who has


world, Should repent with our saved us, being first a spirit, was

whole heart for whatsoever evil made flesh, and so called us

we have done in the flesh while even so we also shall in this

we have yet the time of repent- flesh receive the reward.

ance, that we may be saved by 3 Let us, therefore, love one
the Lord. another, that we may attain unto
16 For after we shall have the kingdom of God. Whilst we
departed out of this world, we have time to be healed, let us
shall no longer be able to confess deliver up ourselves to God our
our sins or repent in the other. physician, giving our reward
17 Wherefore, brethren, let us unto him.
doing the will of the Father, and 4. And what reward shall we
keeping our flesh pure, and ob- give ? Repentance out of a pure —
serving the commandments of heart. For he knows all things
the Lord, lay hold on eternal before hand, and searches out our
life: for the Lord saith in the very hearts.
gospel, If ye have not kept that 5 Let us, therefore, give praise
which was little, who will give unto him not only with our :

you that which is great ? For I mouths, but with all our souls
say unto you, he that is faithful that he may receive us as child-
in that which is least, is faithful ren. For so the Lord hath
also in much. said; 6
They are my brethren,
what he who do the will of my father.
18 This, therefore, is
saith keep your bodies pure,
; 6 ^f Wherefore, my brethren,
and your seal without spot, that let us do the will of "the Father,
ye may receive eternal life. who hath called us, that we may
live. Let us pursue virtue, and
CHAP. IV. forsake wickedness, which lead-
eth us into sins and let us flee ;

1 We shall rise, and be judged in our allungodliness, that evils over-

bodies ; therefore we must live well in
take us not.
them, 6 that ice ought, for our own in-
7 For, if we shall do our dili-
terest, to live well ; though few seem to
mind what really isfor their advantage, gence to live well, peace shall
10 and not deceive ourselves: seeing follow us.
And yet how hard is
God will certainly judge us, and ren- it to find a man that does this ?
der to all of us according to our works.
For almost all are led by human

AND let not any one among fears, choosing rather the pre-

you say, that this very flesh sent enjoyments, than the future

is not judged, neither raised up. promise. I

Consider, in what were you saved 8 For they know not hoAV
in what did you look up, if not great a torment the present en-

whilst you were in this flesh. tjoyments bring with them; nor
2 Wemust, therefore, keep our what delights the future promise.
1 2
Let us repent. There. 3
Luke xvi. 10, 12. 4
MS. Alex, plane pic ex-
6 6
hibit: eic Xpifof. Vox. Oeov non est in MS. Matt. xii. 50. 'For, for this
cause, we cannot find a man. Aliter Wendel. in traduct. lat q. v.

A Fragment. II. CLEMENT. Of the Lord's kingdom.

9 And if they themselves only hour expect the kingdom of God

did this, it might the more easily in love and righteousness be- ;

be endured but now they go on

; cause we know not the day of
to infect innocent souls with their God's appearing.
evil doctrines not knowing that
both themselves, and those that
hear them, shall receive a double A Fragment.
Of the Lord's kingdom.
10 Tf Let us, therefore, serve 1 * * For the Lord himself,
God with a pure heart, and we being asked by a certain person,
shall be righteous but if we
: When his kingdom should come?
shall not serve him because we When two shall be
do not believe the promise of and that which is without
God, we shall be miserable. as that which is within and the ;

11 For thus saith the prophet; male with the female, neither
Miserable are the double minded male nor female.
who doubt in their heart, and 2 Now two are one. when we
say, these things we have heard, speak the truth to each other,
even in the time of our fathers, and there is (without hypocrisy)
but we have seen none of them, one soul in two bodies
though we have expected them 3 And that which is without as
from day to day. that which is within He means —
12 O ye fools! compare your- this he calls the soul that which

selves to a tree; take the vine is within, and the body that which
for an example. First it sheds is without. As therefore thy
its leaves, then it buds, then body appears, so let thy soul be
come the sour grapes, then the seen by its good works.
ripe fruit; even so my people 4 And the male with the female
have borne its disorders and afflic- neither male nor female; He —
tions, but shall hereafter receive means this; he calls our anger
good things. the male, our concupiscence the
13 Wherefore my brethren, female.
let us not doubt in our minds, 5 When therefore a man is
but let us expect with hope, that come to such a pass that he is
we may receive our reward for subject neither to the one nor

he is faithful, who has promised the other of these (both of which,

that he will render to every one through the prevalence of cus-
a reward according to his works. tom, and an evil education, cloud
14 If, therefore, we shall do and darken the reason,)
what is just in the sight of God 6 But rather, having dispelled
we shall enter into his kingdom, the mist arising from them, and
and shall receive the promises; being full of shame, shall by re-
Which neither eye has seen^nor pentance have united both his
ear heard, nor have entered into soul and spirit in the obedience of
the heart of man. reason then, as Paul says, there

15 If
Wherefore let us every is in us neither male nor female.

See I. Clement, chap. x. nCor. ii. 9.


gmm ?^il

> mt=i
[Barnabas was a companion and fellow-preacher with Paul. This Epistle
lays a greater claim to canonical authority than most others. It has
been cited byClemens Alexandrinus, Origen, Eusebius, and Jerome,
and many ancient Fathers. Cotelerius affirms that Origen and Jerome
esteemed it genuine and canonical; but Cotelerius himself did not
believe it to be either one or the other ; on the contrary, he supposes
it was written for the benefit of the Ebionites (the christianized Jews,)
who were tenacious of rites and ceremonies. Bishop Fell feared to own
expressly what he seemed to be persuaded of, that it ought to be treated
with the same respect as several of the books of the present canon. Dr.
Bernard, Savilian professor at Oxford, not only believed it to be genu-
ine, but that it was read throughout, in the churches at Alexandria, us
the canonical scriptures were. Dodwell supposed it to have been pub-
lished before the Epistle of Jude, and the writings of both the Johns.
Vossius, Dupuis, Dr. Cane, Dr. Mill, Dr. S. Clark, Winston, and Arch-
bishop Wake also esteemed it genuine: Menardus, Archbishop Laud,
Spanheim, and others, deemed itapocryphal.]

5 For which cause brethren,
Preface to the Epistle. I also think verily that I love
you above my own soul because
ALLsonshappiness you
and daughters,
to my
in the

that therein dwelleth the great-

name of our Lord Jesus Christ, ness of faith and charity, as also
who loved us, in peace. the hope of that life which is to
2 Having perceived abun- come.
dance of knowledge of the great 6 "Wherefore considering this,
and l excellent * laws of God to that if I shall take care to com-
be in you, I exceedingly rejoice municate to you a part of what
in your blessed and admirable I have received, it shall turn to
souls, because ye have so wor- my reward, e that I have served
thily received the grace which such good souls ; I gave diligence
was grafted in you. to write in a few words unto
3 For which cause I am full you; that together with your
of joy, hoping the rather to be faith, "knowledge also may be
saved inasmuch as I truly see
a spirit infused into you, from 7 There are therefore three
the pure fountain of God things ordained by the Lord ;;

4 Having this persuasion, and the hope of life; the beginning
being fully convinced thereof, and the completion of it.
because that since I have begun 8 For the Lord hath both
to speak unto you, I have had a declared unto us, by the pro-
more than ordinary good success phets those things that are past
in the way of 7 the law of the and "opened to us the beginnings
Lord which is in Christ. of those that are to come.

iEquitatum, AtKatuuaruv, righteous judgments.
Honestarum. 2 Spiri-
tibus, 4
Natural, Gr. e/^vrov. See chap. xix. i^vrov ihpsav
(hdaxnc; which the Lat. Int. renders, Naturale dnnuru Doctrinse. Comp.
Jam. i. 21. 5 Liberari Gr. at videtur owdt/vai. 6 Honesto from the Gr.

kuXtjc. 'Comp. Psalm 119, 33, viz. either by preaching or fulfilling the same.
8 Usser. i° Tvumc..
Vid Annot. Vos. in loc 9 Talibus spiritibus servienti.
Aoy/xara kv/hov, Constitutions of the Lord. 12
Viz. faith and Charity. See
before. 13
Namely, which we are to believe. u That is, which are to be-
hoped for, and end in love.
10 145
Preface BARNABAS. continued.

9 Wherefore, it will behoove tions, incense is an abomination

us, *
as he has spoken, to come unto me your new moons and ;

more holily, and nearer to his sabbaths; the calling of assem-
altar. blies I cannot away with, it is
10 I therefore, not as a teach- iniquity, even the solemn meet-
er, but as one
of you, will en- ing your new moons and your

deavour to lay before you a few appointed feasts my soul hateth.

things by which you may, on 8 These things therefore hath
*many accounts, become the more God abolished, that the new law
ioyful. of our Lord Jesus Christ, which
CHAP. II. is without the yoke of any such

That God has abolished might have the spirit-

the legal, sacri- necessity,
fices to ual offering of men themselves.
introduce the spiritual right-
eousness of the Gospel. 9 For so the Lord saith again
u Did I at
SEEING then the days are ex- to those heretofore ;

ceeding evil, and the adver- all command your fathers when
sary has got the power of this they came out of the land of
present 5 world we ought to give Egypt concerning burnt-offer-
the more diligence to inquire ings of sacrifices ?
into the righteous judgments of 10 But this I commanded
the Lord. them, saying, Let none of you
2 7 Now the assistants of our imagine evil in your hearts
faith are fear and patience our ; against his neighbour, and love
no false oath.
fellow-combatants, long-suffering
and continence. 11 Forasmuch then as we are
3 Whilst these remain pure not without understanding, we
in what relates unto the Lord, ought to apprehend the design
wisdom, and understanding, and
of our merciful Father. For
science, and knowledge, rejoice he speaks to us, being willing
together with them. that we who have been in the
4 For God has manifested to same error about the sacrifices,
us by all the prophets, that he should seek and find how to
has no occasion for our sacrifices, approach unto him.
or burnt-offerings, or oblations 12 And therefore he thus be-
8 u The sacrifice of God
.saying thus To what purpose
; speaks us,
is the multitude of your sacrifices (is a broken spirit,) a broken and
unto me, saith the Lord. contrite heartGod will not despise.
5 I am full of the burnt-offer- 13 Wherefore brethren, we
ings of rams, and the fat of fed ought the more diligently to in-
beasts and I delight not in the
; quire after those things that be-
long to our salvation, that the
blood of bullocks, or of he-goats.
6 10 When ye come to appear adversary may not have any en-
before me who hath required
; trance into us, and deprive us
this at your hands? Ye shall of our spiritual life.
no more tread my courts. 14 Wherefore he again speak-
7 Bring no more vain obla- eth to them, concerning these

Given as to know. 2 Honestins et Altius: the more honestly and highly.
3 Like yourselves. * In many things. 5
As;e. 6
Equitus. 7
Comp. Grsee.
Clem. Alex. 8 Isaiah i. 11. 9 Lamhs. 10 Isaiah, i. 12, 13, 14. » Jer. vii.
22, 23.
Zech. viii. 17. 13
Of the mercy of Our Father. " Psalm i. 19.
Prophecies in Daniel BARNABAS. concerning Christ, &c.

things ;
' Ye shall not fast as ye CHAP. III.
do this day, to make your voice The prophecies of Daniel, concerning the
to be heard on high. ten kings, and the coming of Christ.
15 Is it such a fast that I have WHEREFORE it is neces-
chosen ? a day for a man to afflict sary that searching dili-
gently into those u things which
his soul ? Is it to bow down his
head like a bulrush, and to spread are near to come to pass, we
sackcloth and ashes under him ? should write to you what may
Wilt thou call this a fast, and an serve to keep you whole.
acceptable day to the Lord ? 2 To which end let us flee from
16 But to us he saith on this wise. every evil work and hate the
Is not this the fast that I have errors of the present time, that
chosen, to loose the bands of wick- we may be u happy in that \\ hich
edness, to undo the heavy burdens, is to come
and to let the oppressed go free; 3 Let us not give ourselves the
and that ye break every yoke ? liberty of disputing with the
17 * Is it not to deal thy bread wicked and sinners ; lest we
to the hungry, and that thou should chance in time to become
bring the poor that are cast out like unto them.
to thy house ? When thou seest 4 For the consummation of 13
the naked that thou cover him, sin is come, as it is written, as
and that thou hide not thyself the prophet Daniel says. And
from thine own flesh. for this end the Lord hath short-
18 Then shall thy light break ened the times and the days,
forth as the morning, and thy that his beloved might hasten hie
health shall spring forth speed- coming to his inheritance.
ily; and thy righteousness shall 5 For so the prophet speaks
go before thee, the glory of the w There shall ten kings reign
Lord shall be thy reward. in the heart, and there shall rise
19 Then shalt thou call and last of all another little one, and
the Lord shall answer thou shalt ; he shall humble three kings.
cry and he shall say, Here I am. 6 And again Daniel speaks in
If thou put away from the midst manner concerning the king-
of thee the yoke, the putting doms ;and I saw the fourth
forth of the finger, and speaking beast dreadful and terrible, and
vanity 7
and if thou draw out
; strong exceedingly and it had

thy soul to the hungry and sat- ten horns. 1 considered the

isfy the afflicted soul. horns, and behold there came up

20 In this therefore brethren, among them another little horn,
God has manifested his 8 fore- before which were three of the
knowledge and love for us be- first horns plucked up by the ;

cause the people which he has roots.

purchased to his beloved Son were 7 ought therefore to under- We
to believe in
sincerity and stand this also And I beseech ;

therefore he has shewn these you as one of your own brethren,

things to all of us, that we should loving you all beyond my own
not run as proselytes to 10 the life, that you look well to your-
Jewish law. selves, and be not like to those who
1 2 3 *V. 7. 5 V. 8. «V. 9. 'V. 10. Provi-
Isa. lviii. 4. V. 5. V. 6.
dence. 9 Simplicity. 10
Their. "Histantibus: read Instantibns. "Beloved.
Temptation. Dan. ix. M Dan. vii.
V. 7. 16
V. 8. " Heap up sins.
That Christ was BARNABAS. to suffer, provt

add sin to sin, and say : That as in us lies let us meditate upon
their covenant is ours also. Nay, the fear of God and strive to ;

but it is ours only for they have the utmost of our power to keep

for ever lost that which Moses his commandments that we may ;

received. rejoice in judg-his righteous

8 For thus saith the Scrip- ments.
ture And Moses continued fast-
: 13 For God will judge the
ing forty days and forty nights world without respect of persons
in the Mount; and he received and every one shall receive ac-
the covenant from the Lord, even cording to his works.
the two tables of stone, written 14 If a man shall be good, his
by the hand of God. righteousness shall go before him
9 But having turned them- if wicked, the reward of his
selves to idols they lost it as the ;wickedness shall follow him.
Lord also said to Moses Moses, ;
15 Take heed therefore lest
go down quickly, for thy people sitting still, now that we are call-
which thou hast brought forth ed, we fall asleep in our sins
out of Egypt, have corrupted and the wicked one getting the
themselves, and turned aside dominion over us, stir us up, 7
from the way which I command- and shut us out of the kingdom
ed them. 3 And Moses cast the of the Lord.
two tables out of his hands and 16 Consider this also: although

their covenant was broken; that you have seen so great signs and
the love of Jesus might be sealed wonders done among the people
in your hearts, unto the hope of of the Jews, yet this notwith-
his faith. standing the Lord hath forsaken
10 Wherefore let us give heed them.
unto the last times. For all the 17 Beware therefore, lest it
time past of our life, and our happen to us as it is written. ;

faith will profit us nothing un- There may be many called, but

less we continue to hate what is few chosen.

evil, and to withstand the future CHAP. IV.
temptations. So the Son of God That Christ was to suffer: proved from
tells us Let us resist all iniquity
the prophecies concerning him.

and hate it.

11 Wherefore consider the
this cause did our Lord
vouchsafe to give up his body
works of the evil way. 5
Do not to destruction, that through the
withdraw yourselves from others, forgiveness of our sins we might
as if you were already justified be sanctified that is, by the ;

but coming altogether into one sprinkling of his blood.

place, inquire what is agreeable 2 Now for what concerns the
to and profitable for the beloved things that are written about
of God. For the Scripture saith him, some belong to the people
Wo unto them that are wise in of the Jews, and some to us.
their own eyes, and prudent in 3 For thus saith the Scripture :

their sight. He was wounded for our trans-


12 Let us become spiritual, a gressions, he was bruised for our

perfect temple to God. As much iniquities, and by his blood we are
Exod. xxxi xxxiv. 2 Exod. xxxvii. 7. Deut. ix. 12, 3
V. 19. 4
Heb. x. 25. 6 Vid. Gr. Clem. Alex. Isa. v., 21. Matt. xxv. 7— 10.
8 9
Matt. xxii. 14. Isa. lii. 5-7.
from prophecies BARNABAS. concerning him.

healed. He was led as a lamb to he preached to them, and shewed

the slaughter, and as a sheep be- the exceeding great love which
fore his shearers is dumb, so he he bare towards them.
opened not his mouth. 12 And when he chose his
4 Wherefore we ought the apostles, which were afterwards
more to give thanks unto God, to publish his Gospel, he took
for that he hath both declared men who had been very great
unto us what is passed, ' and not sinners that thereby he might

suffered us to be without under- plainly shew, 5 That he came not

standing of those things that are to call the righteous but sinners
to come. to repentance.
5 But to them he saith ; The
13 Then he clearly manifested
nests are not unjustly spread for himself to be the Son of God.
the birds. For had he not come in the
6 This he spake, because a flesh, how should men have been
man will justly perish, if having able to look upon him, that they
the knowledge of the way of might be saved ?
truth, he shall nevertheless not 14 Seeing if they beheld only
refrain himself from the way of the sun, which was the work of
darkness. his hands, and shall hereafter
7 And for this cause the Lord cease to be, they are not able to
was content to suffer for our endure steadfastly to look against
souls, although he be the Lord the rays of it.
of the whole earth; to whom 15 Wherefore the Son of God
God said before the beginning came in the flesh for this cause,
of the world, Let us make man that he might fill up the measure

after our own image and likeness. of their iniquity, who have per-
8 Now how he suffered for secuted his prophets unto death.
us, seeing it was by men that he And for the same reason also he
underwent it, 4 1 will shew you. suffered.
9 The prophets having receiv- 16 For God hath said of the
ed from him the gift of prophecy, 6 stripes of his flesh, that they
spake before concerning him were from them. And, 7 I will

10 But he, that he might abo- smite the shepherd, and the sheep
lish death, and make known the of the flock shall be scattered.
resurrection from the dead, was 17 Thus he would suffer, he-
content, as it was necessary, to cause it behooved him to suffer
appear in the flesh, that he might upon the cross.
make good the promise before 18 For thus one saith, prophe-
given to our fathers, and pre- sying concerning him Spare ;

paring himself a new people, my soul from the sword. And

might demonstrate to them whilst again, Pierce my flesh from thy
he was upon earth, that after fear.
the resurrection he would judge 19 And again, the congrega-
the world. tion of wicked doers rose up
11 And finally teaching the against me, ' (They have pierced
people of Israel, and doing many my hands and my feet).
wonders and signs among them, 20 And again he saith, I gave
2 3 6
Vid. Ed. Ox., p. 21. Prov. i. 17. Gen. i. 26. * Learn. Matt. ix.
13. 6
Namely, from the Jews- 7 Zach. xiii. 6, 7. According to the i,xx.
Psalm xxii. 20. Psalm cxix. 120. Psalm xxii. 10, 17. 9 These words
Prophecies concerning BARNABAS. Christ's sufferings.

iny back to the smiters, and wicked encompassed me about.


my face I set as an hard rock. They came about me, as bees
about the honey-comb and, :

CHAP. V. "Upon my vesture they cast lots.

The subject continued.
6 Forasmuch then as our

AND when he had fulfilled Saviour was to appear in the

the commandment of God, flesh and suffer, his passion was
What says he Who will con hereby foretold.

tend with Let him stand 7 For thus saith the prophet
against me: or who is he that against Israel ^ Wo be to their :

will implead me ? Let him draw soul, because they have taken
near to the servant of the Lord. wicked counsel against them-
Wo be to you 3 Because ye selves, saying, let us 16 lay snares

shall all wax old as a garment, for the righteous, because he is

the moth shall eat you up. unprofitable to us.
2 And again the prophet adds, 8 Moses also in like manner
He is put for a stone for stum- speaketh to them; "Behold thus
bling. Behold I lay in Zion saith the Lord God Enter ye ;

for a foundation, a precious into the good land of which the

stone, a choice corner stone an Lord hath sworn to Abraham, ;

honourable stone. And what and Isaac, and Jacob, that he

follows ? And he that hopeth would give it you, and possess
in him shall live for ever. it; a land flowing with milk
3 What then? Is our hope and honey.
built upon a stone ? God forbid. 9 Now what the spiritual
But because the Lord hath "har- meaning of this is, learn 18 It is ;

dened his flesh against sufferings, as if it had been said, Put your
he saith, 1 have put me as a trust in Jesus, who shall be ma-

rirm rock. nifested to you in the flesh. For

4 And again the prophet adds; man is the earth which suffers
The stone which the builders forasmuch as out of the 19 sub-
refused has become the head of stance of the earth Adam was
the corner. And again he saith formed.
"This is the great and wonderful 10 What therefore does he
day which the Lord hath made. mean when he says, Into a good
f write these things the more land flowing with milk and
plainly to you that ye may un- honey? Blessed be our Lord,
derstand u For indeed I could who has given us wisdom, and a

be content even to die for your heart to understand his secrets.

sakes. For so says the prophet, 20 Who
5 But what saith the prophet shall understand the hard say-
again ? u The counsel of the ings of the Lord ? 21 But he that

were doubtless cited thus by Barnabas, because that without them, those
foregoing do not prove the Crucifixion of Christ. But through the repetition
of the same preposition, this latter part was so early omitted, that it was not
in the Latin interpreter's copy. x 3
Isaiah 1. 6. Isa. 1. 8, 9-
3 i 6
Rep. In. Isa. viii. 14. 5
Isa. xxviii. 16. Gr. put in strength,
or strengthened. 8 9
» Isa. 1. 7. Ps. cxviii. 22. V. Clem.
Alex. Strom, v.
This is not in the Old Latin Version. " Vid. Ed. Ox„
p. 29, a. TTEpiiji?ifia ttjq ayanrjc v/iuv. 12
Ps. xxii. 16. I3
Ps. cxviii. 12. w Ps.
xxii. 18. 15
Is. Hi. 9.
Bind. « Exod. xxxiii. 1. ,8 Vid. Cot. An. Mar?.
ex Clem. Alex. 19 rrpoauirov. 20
Osee, xiv. ult. * Prov. i. 6. Ec. i. 10.
The scape-goat BARNABAS. typical of Christ.

is wise, and intelligent, and that the Lord Bftith again. " In what
loves his Lord. place shall I appear before tho
1 Seeing therefore he has re- Lord my God, and be glorified ?
newed us by the remission of our 19 He answers I will confess
sins, he has put us into another unto thee in the congregation in
frame, that we should have souls the midst of my brethren and ;
like those of children, forming will sing unto thee in the church
us again himself by the spirit. of the saints.
12 For thus the Scripture 20 Wherefore we are they
saith concerning us, *
where it whom he has brought into that
introduceth the Father speaking good land.
to the Son
Let us make man
21 But what signifies the milk
after our likeness and similitude and honey ? Because as the child

and let them have dominion over is nourished first with milk, and
the beasts of the earth, and over then with honey so we being ;

the fowls of the air, and the fish kept alive by the belief of his
of the sea. promises, and his word, shall live
13 And when the Lord saw the and have dominion over the
man which he had formed, that land.
behold he was very good he said, 22 For he foretold above, say-

Increase and multiply, and re- ing, increase and multiply, and
plenish the earth. And this he have dominion over the fishes,
spake to his son. etc.
14 I will now shew you, how 23 But who is there that is
he made us a new creature, in now able to have this dominion

the latter days. over the wild beasts, or fishes, or

15 The Lord saith 8 Behold I fowls of the air ? For you know

will make the last as the first. that to rule is to have power,
Wherefore the prophet thus that a man should be set over
spake, Enter into the land flow- what he rules.
ing with milk and honey, and 24 But forasmuch as this we
have dominion over it. have not now, he tells us when
16 Wherefore ye see how we we shall have it namely, when ;

are again formed anew as also we shall become perfect, that we


he speaks by another prophet may be made the inheritors of

Behold saith the Lord, I will the covenant of the Lord.
take from them, that is, from VI. CHAP.
those whom the spirit of the
The scape-goat an evident type of this.
Lord foresaw, their hearts of
stone, and I will put into them UNDERSTAND then my be-
hearts of flesh. loved children, that the good
17 Because he was about to God hath before manifested all
be made manifest in the flesh and things unto us, that we might
to dwell in us. know to whom we ought always
18 For, my brethren, the to give thanks and praise.
u 2 If therefore the Son of God
habitation of our heart is a
holy temple unto the Lord. For who is the Lord of all, and shall

Gr. made us another form. * Vid. Ed. Ox., p. 30, b. • Vid. Vet. Lat
In. *
As he saith to the Son. «Gen. i. 26, Ac.
Gen. i 28. » Gr. a second
formation. »Isa. xliii. 18, 19,&c. 9 Heb.iii. »° Ezek. xi. 19. "So St. Paul,
1 Cor. iii. 16, 17. 12
Ps. xlii. 2.
Jer. xxxh. 22.
Tlie scape-goat BARNABAS. typical of Christ.

come to judge both the quick and appearsto have been a type of
dead, hath his Jesus.
suffered, that
byAnd let all the congre-
stripes we might live us be- gation
: let spit upon it, and prick it
lieve that the Son of God could and put the scarlet wool about its
not have suffered but for us. But head, and thus let it be carried
being crucified, they gave him forth into the wilderness.
vinegar and gall to drink. 9 And this being done, he that
3 Hear therefore how the was appointed to convey the goat,
priests of the temple did foreshew led it into the wilderness, and
this also
the Lord by his com- took away the scarlet wool, and

mand which was written, declar- put it upon a thorn bush, whose
ed that whosoever did not fast young sprouts when we find
the appointed fast he * should die them in the field we are wont to
the death: because he also was eat so the fruit of that thorn

himself one day to offer up his only is sweet.
body for our sins that so the
; And to what end was this
type of what was done in * Isaac ceremony ? Consider one was ;

might be fulfilled, who was of- offered upon the altar, the other
fered upon the altar. was accursed.
4 What therefore is it that he 11 And why was that which
says by the prophet? 5 And let was accursed crowned ? Because
them eat of the goat which is they shall see Christ in that day
offered in the day of the fast for having a scarlet garment about
all their sins. Hearken diligently his body and shall say Is not ; :

(my brethren,) and all the priests, this he whom we crucified; hav-
and they only shall eat the in- ing despised him, pierced him,
wards not washed with vinegar. mocked him ? Certainly, this is
5 Why so ? because 1 know he, who then said, that he was

that when I shall hereafter offer the Son of God.

my flesh for the sins of a new 12 u As therefore he shall be
people, ye will give me vinegar then like to what he was on earth,
to drink mixed with gall; there- so were the Jews heretofore com-
fore do ye only eat, the people manded, to take two goats fair
fasting the while, and lamenting and equal. That when they shall
in sackcloth and ashes. see (our Saviour) hereafter com-
6 And that he might foreshew ing (in the clouds of heaven),
that he was to suffer for them, they may be amazed at the like-
hear then how he appointed it. ness of the goats.
7 7 Take, says he, two goats, 13 Wherefore 12 ye here again
fair and alike, and offer them, see a type of Jesus who was to
and let the high priest take one suffer for us.
of them for a burnt offering. 14 But what then signifies this.
And what must be done with the That the wool was to be put into
other ? Let it says he be accurs- the midst of the thorns ?
ed. 1 5 This also is a figure of Jesus,
8 Consider how exactly this sent out to the church. For as
In same manner applied Heb. ix.
Lev. xxiii. 29. The vessel of his
spirit. *Gen. xxii. 5
Numb. xxix., &c, Vic.Annot. in loc.
Cot. in Marg. et
Vid. Annot. Cot. Levit xi. Vid. Maimon, tract, de die Exv. Edit, du
9 Vid. Maim. ib.
Veil, p. 350, &c. 8
Vid. Edit. Ox. p. 40 a. 41. b. p. 341.
&c. 10
Vid. Voss. in loc. " The Greek is imperfect. Vid. Lat. Ver.
'M M f\Jfr
Christ typified BARNABAS. by the red heifer.

he who would take away the 6 But why were there three
scarlet wool must undergo many young men appointed to sprin-
difficulties, because that thorn kle ? To denote Abraham, and
was very sharp, and with difficul- Isaac, and Jacob, because they
ty get it *
So they, says Christ,
: were great before God.
that will see me, and come to my 7 And why was the wool put
kingdom, must through many upon a 6 stick? Because the king-
afflictions and troubles attain dom of Jesus was founded upon
unto me. the cross and therefore they

CHAP. VII. that put their trust in him, shall

live for ever.
The red heifer, another type of Christ.
8 But why was the wool and
BUT what 2 type do ye suppose
hyssop put together ? To signify
it to have been, where it is
that in the kingdom of Christ
commanded 3 to the people of Is- there
shall be evil and filthy
rael, that grown persons in whom
days, in which however we shall
sins are come to perfection,
be saved and 7 because he that

should offer an heifer, and after

has any disease in the flesh by
they had killed it should burn
some filthy humours is cured by
the same.
2 But then young men should
9 Wherefore these things be-
take up the ashes and put them
ing thus done, are to us indeed
in vessels and tie a piece of
; 8
evident, but to the Jews they
scarlet wool and hyssop upon a
are obscure because they heark- ;

stick, and so the young men

ened not unto the voice of the
should sprinkle every one of the
people, and they should be clear
from their sins. CHAP. VIII.
3 Consider how all these are Of the circumcision of the ears; and
delivered in a * figure to us. how in the first institution of circum-
4 This heifer is Jesus Christ; cision Abraham mystically foretold
Christ by name.
the wicked men that were to offer
it are those sinners who brought

him to death: who

AND therefore the Scripture
again speaks concerning our
have no more to do with it the ; ears, that God has circumcised
pinners have no more the honour them, together with our hearts.
of handling of it For thus saith the Lord by the
5 But the young men that holy prophets By the hearing

performed the sprinkling, signi- of the ear they obeyed me.

fied those who preach to us the 2 And again, They who are
forgiveness of sins and the puri- afar off, shall hear and under-
fication of the heart, to whom the stand what things I have done.
Lord gave authority to preach And again, u Circumcise your
his Gospel being at the begin-
: hearts, saith the Lord.
ning twelve, 5 to signify the 3 And again he saith, Hear
tribes, because there were twelve O Israel! For thus saith the
tribes of Israel. Lord thy God. And again the

Acts xiv. 22. 2
Numb. xix. 3
That this was also a type of Christ, see
Heb. ix. 13. * Vid. Vet. Lat. Interpr. Simplicity, Gr.
Gr. to testify. 6 Wood.
' Vid. Coteler. in loc. 8 Them. 9 Septuag. Psalm xvii. 45. Isaiah xxxiii.
13. u Jer. iv. 4. " Jer. vii. 2.
Spiritual meaning BARNABAS. of clean and unclean

Spirit of God
prophesieth, say- of the covenant ? And
of Israel
ing :
there that would
is even the Egyptians themselves
live for ever, let him hear the
are circumcised,
voice of my Son. 10 Understand therefore, chil-
4 And again, Hear, O Hea-
dren, these things more fully,
ven and give ear O Earth Be- ! that Abraham, who was the first
cause the Lord has spoken these that brought in circumcision,
things for a witness. looking forward in the Spirit to
5 And again he saith * Hear Jesus, circumcised, having re-
the word of the Lord, ye princes ceived the mystery of three letters,
of the people. And again Hear
11 For the Scripture says that
Children The voice of one
! Abraham circumcised three hun-
crying in the wilderness. dred and eighteen men of his
6 Wherefore he has circum- house. But what therefore was
cised our ears that we should the mystery that was made
hear his word, and believe. But known unto him ?
as for that circumcision, in which 12 Mark, first the eighteen,
the Jews trust, it is abolished, and next the three hundred. For
For the circumcision of which the numeral letters of ten and
God spake, was not of the flesh ;
eight are I H. And these denote
7 But they have transgressed Jesus.
his commands, because the evil 13 And
because the cross was
one hath deceived them. For that by which we were
to find
thus God bespeaks them T
Thus ;
grace therefore
; he adds, three
saith the Lord your God (Here hundred the note of which is

1 find the new law) Sow not T (the figure of his cross),
among thorns but circumcise ; Wherefore by two letters he sig-
yourselves to the Lord your God. nified Jesus, and by the third his
And what doth he mean by this cross.
saying? Hearken unto your 14 He who has put the en-
Lord, grafted gift of his doctrine within
8 And again he saith,
Cir- us, knows that I never taught to
cumcise the hardness of your any one a more 13 certain truth
heart, and harden not your neck, but I trust that ye are worthy
And again, 9 Behold, saith the of it.
Lord, all the nations are uncir- CHAP IX '

cumcised, (they have not lost That commands of Moses concern-

their fore-skin) but this people :
ing dean and unc i ean beasts, &c,
is uncircumcised in heart. were all designed for a spiritual
9 But you will say the Jews signification.

were circumcised for a sign. "OUT why did Moses say 14

And so are all the Syrians and ±J shall not eat of the swine,
Arabians, and all the idolatrous neither the eagle nor the hawk ;

priests but are they therefore

: nor the crow nor any fish that

1 2 3 4
Psalms xxxiii. xxxiv. Isaiah, 1. 10. Isaiah, i. 2. Isaiah
s 6 8 9
1. 10. Isaiah, xl. 3. Angel. 7 Jer. iv. 3, 4. Jer. iv. 4. Deut. x. 16.
That people. u Vid. Cot. in loc. conter. Orig. ad Rom
cap. ii. 25. u That
many others of the ancient Fathers have concurred with him in this, see
Cot. in loc. Add. Ennd. p. 34, 85, ibid. Ed., &c, &c ,3
in this he goes on the received opinion of the RR. Vid. Annot. Cot. and Ed.
Ox. in loc. Lev. xi. Deut. xiv. Add. Ainsworth on Lev. xi. 1, and Deut.
xiv. 4.
beasts under the •
BARNABAS. law of Moses.

has not a scale upon him? adjudged to death. For so

answer, that in the spiritual those fishes are alone accursed,
sense, he comprehended three and wallow in the mire, norj
doctrines, that were to be ' gath- swim as other fishes, but tumble
ered from thence. in the dirt at the bottom of the
2 Besides which he says to deep.
them in the book of Deuteron- 7 But he adds, neither shalt
omy, And I will give my statutes thou eat of the hare. To what
unto this people. Wherefore it end? —To signify this to us;
is not the command of God that Thou shalt not be an adulterer
they should not eat these things ;
nor liken thyself to such persons.
but Moses in the spirit spake For the hare every year multi-
unto them. plies the places of its conception
3 Now the sow he forbade them and so many years as it lives, so
to eat meaning thus much thou
; ; many it has.
shalt not join thyself to such 8 Neither shalt thou eat of the
persons as are like unto swine ;
hyena that ;is, again, be not an

who whilst they live in pleasure, adulterer, nor a corrupter of

forget their God but when any ; others neither be like to such.

want pinches them, then they And wherefores -Because that

know the Lord as the sow when
; creature every year changes its
she is full knows not her master kind, and is sometimes male and
but when she is hungry she sometimes female.
makes a noise and being again
; 9 For which
cause also he
fed, is silent. justly hated the
weasel ; to the
4 Neither, says he, shalt thou end that they should not be like
eat the eagle, nor the hawk, nor such persons who with their
the kite, nor the crow that is mouths commit wickedness by

thou shalt not keep company reason of their uncleanness ; nor

with such kind of men as know join themselves with those im-
not how by their labour and pure women, who with their
sweat to get themselves food mouths commit wickedness. Be-
but injuriously ravish away the cause that animal conceives with
things of others and watch how its mouth.

to lay snares for them when at 10 Moses, therefore, speaking


the same time they appear to as concerning meats, delivered

live in perfect innocence. indeed three great precepts to
5 (a So these birds alone seek them in the spiritual significa-
not food for themselves, but) sit- tion of those commands. But
ting idle seek how they may eat they according to the desires
of the flesh others have pro- of the flesh, understood him
vided being destructive through as if he had only meant it of

their wickedness. meats.

6 Neither, says he, shalt thou 11 And therefore David took
eat the lamprey, nor the poly- aright the knowledge of his three-
pus, nor the cuttle-fish; that is, fold command, saying in like
thou shalt not be like such men, manner.
by using to converse with them 12 Blessed is the man that
who are altogether wicked and hath not walked in the counsel of

In the understanding. Deut. iv. Vid. antiq. Lat. Vers.

Baptism and BARNABAS. the cross of Christ

the ungodly ; as the fishes before aright the commandments, speak

mentioned in the bottom of the as the Lord would have us.
deep in darkness. Wherefore he has circumcised our
13 Nor stood in the way of ears and our hearts, that we might
sinners, as they who seem to fear know these things.
the Lord, but yet sin, as the
sow. CHAP. X.
14 And hath not sat in the
Baptism and the Cross of Christ fore-
seat of the scorners; as those told in figures under the law.
birds who sit and watch that
they may devour.
15 Here you have the law
LETtheus Lord
now inquire
took care
concerning meat perfectly set manifest anything beforehand
forth, and according to the true concerning water and the cross.
knowledge of it. 2. Now for the former of these,
16 But, says Moses, ye shall it is written to the people of Is-

eat all that divideth the hoof, and rael how they shall not receive
cheweth the cud. Signifying that baptism which brings to for-
thereby such an one as having giveness of sins but shall insti- ;

taken his food, knows him that tute another to themselves that
nourisheth him and resting upon cannot.

him, rejoiceth in him. 3 For thus saith the prophet

17 And in this he spake well, 1 Be astonished, O Heaven and !

having respect to the command- let the earth tremble at it, be-
ment. What, therefore, is it cause this people have done two
that he says ? —
That we should great and wicked things they ;

hold fast to them that fear the have left me, the fountain of
Lord with those who meditate on living water, and have digged

the command of the word which for themselves broken cisterns,

they have received in their heart that can hold no water.
with those that declare the right- 4 Is my holy mountain a
eous judgments of the Lord, and Zion, a desolate wilderness?
keep his commandments; For ye shall be as a young bird
18 In short, with those who when its nest is taken away.
know that to meditate is a work 5 And again the prophet saith,
of pleasure, and therefore exer- 1 will go before thee, and will
cise themselves in the word of make plain the mountains, and,
the Lord. will break the gates of brass, and
19 But why might they eat will snap in sunder the bars of

those that clave the hoof? Be- iron and will give thee dark, and;

cause the righteous liveth in hidden, and invisible treasures,

this present world; but his ex- that they may know that I am.
pectation is fixed upon the other. the Lord God.
See, brethren, how admirably 6 And again He shall dwell :

Moses commanded these things. 5 in the high den of the strong

20 But how should we thus rock. And then, what follows
know all this, and understand it ? in the same prophet ? His water
We, therefore, understanding is faithful ye shall see the king ;

Jeremiah, ii. 12. Vid. Annot. Coteler. and Ed. Oxon. in loc. s
i. 1, 2. * Isaiah xlv. 2. 'Isaiah, xxxhi. 16, 17.
foretold under BARNABAS. the Lw.

with glory, and your soul shall grew up by it and he that shall

learn the fear of the Lord. eat of them shall live for ever.
7 And again he saith in ano- The signification of which is
ther prophet He that does these : this that we go down into the wa-

things shall be like a tree,
; ter full of sins and pollutions but ;

planted by the currents of water, come up again, bringing forth

which shall give its fruit in its fruit ; having in our hearts the
season. Its leaf also shall not fear and hope which is in Jesus,
wither, and whatsoever he doth by the spirit. And whosoever
it shall prosper. shall eat of them shall live for
8 As for the
wicked it is not ever.
so with them
but they are as 15 That is, whosoever shall

the dust which the wind scatter- hearken to those who call them,
eth away from the face of the and shall believe, shall live for
earth. ever.
9 Therefore the ungodly shall
not stand in the judgment,
neither the sinners in the council The subject continued.

of the righteous. For the Lord like manner he determines

knoweth the way of the right-
INconcerning the cross in ano- 5

eous and the way of the ungod- ther prophet, saying And when :

ly shall perish. shall these things be fulfilled ?

10 Consider how he has joined 2 The Lord answers When ;

both the cross and the water to- the tree that has fallen shall
gether. and when blood
rise, shall drop
1 For thus he saith Blessed : down from the tree. Here you
are they who put their trust in have again mention made, both
the cross, descend into the water of the cross, and of him that was
for they shall have their reward to be crucified upon it.
in due time then, saith he,
; will 3 6
And yet farther he saith
I give them.
it by (when Israel was
12 But as concerning the pre- fighting and beaten by, a
sent time, he saith, their leaves strange people to the end that

shall not fall meaning thereby ; God might put 7 them in mind
that every word that shall go out how that for their sins they
of your mouth, shall through were delivered unto death) yea,
faith and charity be to the con- the holy spirit put it into the
version and hope of many. heart of Moses, to represent both
13 In like manner doth an- the sign of the cross, and of him
other prophet speak.
And the that was to suffer that so they ;

land of Jacob was the praise of might know that if they did not
all the earth magnifying there- believe in him, they should be

by 4 the vessel of his spirit. overcome for ever.

14 And, what follows? And
4 Moses therefore piled up—
there was a river running on the armour upon armour in the mid-
right hand, and beautiful trees dle of a rising ground, and

Psalm, i.
2 tovto Tayet and o, the Old Interpreter did
Zeph. iii. 19. 3
not read ; and Clemens Alex. Strom, p. 463, transcribing this passage
lib. iii.
hath them not. i. e., the body of Christ.
4 5
Vid. Conject. Edit. Oxon.
Coinp. iv. Esdr. v. 4, et Obs. Cotel. in loc. 6 See St. Hier. in like manner.
Ann'ot, D. Bernard, p. 124, Edit Oxon. Exod. xvii. 7
That were so beaten.
Again set them in array, being armed. Lat Vera. 157
God's promises BARNABAS. made to.

standing up high above all of 11 Then Moses spake unto

them, stretched forth his arms, them, saying when any one

and so Israel again conquered. among you shall be bitten, let

5 But no sooner did he let him come unto the serpent that
down his hands, but they were is set upon the pole; and let

again slain. And why so ? To — him assuredly trust in him, that

the end they might know, that though he be dead, yet he is able
except they trust in him they to give life, and presently he
cannot be saved. shall be saved and so they did.

t> And in another prophet, he See therefore how here also you
saith, *I have stretched out my have in this the glory of Jesus
hands all the day long to a peo- and that 6 in him and to him are
ple disobedient, and speaking all things.
against my righteous way. 12 Again ; What saysMoses
7 And again Moses makes a to Jesus the son of Nun, when
type of Jesus, to show that he he gave that name unto him, as
was to die, and then that he, being a prophet that all the peo-
whom they thought to be dead, ple might hear him alone, * be-
was to give life to others in ; cause the father did manifest all
3 4
the type of those that fell in things concerning his son Jesus,
in Jesus the Son of Nun
Israel. and ;

8 For God
caused all sorts of gave him that name when he
serpents to bite them, and they sent him to spy out the land of
died forasmuch as by a serpent
; Canaan 9 he said Take a book
; :

transgression began in Eve : that in thine hands, and write what

so he might convince them that the Lord saith Forasmuch as

for their transgressions they shall Jesus the Son of God shall in
be delivered into the pain of the last days cut off" by the roots
death. all the house of Amalek. See
9 Moses then himself, who here again Jesus, not the son of
had commanded them, saying, man, but the Son of God, made
Ye shall not make to yourselves manifest in a type and in the
any graven or molten image, to flesh.
be your God yet now did so
13 But because it might here-
himself, that he might represent after be said, that Christ was the
to them the figure of the Lord Son of David therefore David

Jesus. fearing and well knowing the

10 For he made a brazen ser- errors of the wicked, saith "the ;

pent, and set it up on high, and Lord saith unto my Lord, sit
called the people together by a thou on my right hand until I
proclamation where being come, make thine enemies thy footstool.

they entreated Moses that he 14 And again Isaiah speaketh

would make an atonement for on this wise. The Lord said unto
Christ my Lord, I have laid
them, and pray that they might
be healed. hold on his right hand, that the

Isaiah, lxv. 2. 2 So Trenseus, Jnst. Mart. St. Chrysost, &c. Edit. Oxon. p.
5 Dent. xvii. 15. 6 Rorn. 7
77, a.
Sign. * Israel falling. xi. 36. Deut.
xviii. 15, 18. 8
So the other Fathers. Just. Mart. &c. Vid. Edit. Oxon. page
79. 9 Vid. Tnterp. Vet Lat. Exod. xvii. 14. Comp. Vet. Lat. Interp.
"Psalm cix. 3. 12 Vid. Annot.Coteler, in loc. Edit. Oxon. page 78, c Isaiah
xlv. 1.

God's 'promises BARNABAS. made to.

nations should obey before him, spirit foresaw the figure of the
and I will break the strength of people that was to come.
kings. 7 And what saith the Scrip-
15 Behold, how doth David ture? And Jacob crossed his

and Isaiah call him Lord, and hands, and put his right hand
the Son of God. upon Ephraim, his second, and
the younger son, and blessed him.
CHAP. XII. And Joseph said unto Jacob Put ;

The promise of God not made to the thy right hand upon the head of
Jews only, but to the Gentiles also, Manasseh, for he is my first-born
and fulfilled to us by Jesus Christ.
son. And Jacob said unto Jo-
BUT us go yet farther, and
let seph; I know it, my son, I know
inquire whether people this but the greater shall serve
be the heir, or the former and the lesser though he also shall
; ;

whether the covenant be with us be blessed.

or with them. 8 Ye see of whom he ap-
2 And first, as concerning the pointed it, that they should be
people, hear now what the Scrip- the first people, and heirs of the
ture saith. covenant.
3 * Isaac prayed for his wife 9 If therefore God shall have
Rebekah, because she was bar- yet farther taken notice of this
ren and she conceived. After-
; by Abraham too our under-

wards Rebekah went forth to standing of it will then be per-

inquire of the Lord. fectly established.
4 And the Loi'd said unto her 10 What then saith the Scrip-
There are two nations in thy ture to Abraham, when he 5 be-
womb, and two people shall come lieved, and it was imputed unto
from thy body; and the one him for righteousness? Behold
shall have power over the other, I have made thee a father of the
and the greater shall serve the nations, which without circumci-
lesser. Understand here who sion believe in the Lord.
was Isaac who Rebekah and
; ; 11 Let us therefore now in-
of whom it was foretold, this quire whether God has fulfilled
people shall be greater than that. the covenant, which he sware to
5 And in another prophecy our fathers, that he would give
Jacob speaketh more clearly to this people ? Yes, verily, he gave
his son Joseph saying Behold ;it but they were not worthy to

the Lord hath not deprived me receive it by reason of their sins.

of seeing thy face, bring me thy 1 For thus saith the prophet
sons that I may bless them. And Moses continued fasting
And he brought unto his father in mount Sinai, to receive the
* Manasseh and Ephraim, desi- covenant of the Lord with the
ring that he should bless Ma- people, forty days and forty
nasseh, because he Avas the elder. nights.
6 Therefore Joseph brought 13 7 And he received of the

him to the right hand of his Lord two tables written with the

father Jacob. But Jacob by the finger of the Lord's hand in the

'Comp. Vet. Lat. Interp. Gen. xxv. 21. Comp. St. Paul Rom. ix. Just.

Mart. Tert. &c. Vid. Ed. Oxon. p. 11, a. Gen. xlviii. *Vid.Lat.
Interp. Vet. 5
Gen. xv. 17. So St. Paul himself applies this: Rom. iv. 3.
Exod. xxiv. 18. 7
D.ut. ix. 10. Exod. xxxi. 12.
Jewish Sabbath BARNABAS. typical.

Spirit. And Moses when he ering us from darkness, to pre-

had received them brought them pare unto himself a holy people.
down that he might deliver them 21 Wherefore the prophet
to the people. saith 1 the Lord thy God

14 And the Lord said unto have called thee in righteous-

Moses 1 Moses, Moses, get thee ness, and I will take thee by

down quickly, for the people thy hand and will strengthen
which thou broughtest out of the thee. And give thee for a cov-
land of Egypt have done wick- enant of the people, for a light
edly. of the Gentiles. 6 To open the
15 And Moses understood that eyes of the blind, to bring out
they had again set up a molten the prisoners from the prison,
image and he cast the two ta- and them that sit in darkness

bles out of his hands and the out of the prison house.

tables of the covenant of the 22 Consider therefore from

Lord were broken. Moses there- whence we have been redeemed.
fore received them, but they were And again the prophet saith
not worthy.
The spirit of the Lord is upon
16 Now then learn how we me, because he hath anointed
have received them. Moses, be- me he hath sent me to preach

ing a servant, took them but ; glad tidings to the lowly to ;

the Lord himself has given heal the broken in heart to ;

them unto us, that we might be preach remission to the captives,

the people of his inheritance, and sight unto the blind to ;

having suffered for us. proclaim the acceptable year of

17 He was therefore made the Lord, and the day of resti-
manifest that they should
; fill tution to comfort
; all that
up the measure of their sins, mourn.
and that we 2 being made heirs CHAP. XIII.
by him, should receive the cov- That the sabbath of the Jews was but a
enant of the Lord Jesus. figure of a more glorious sabbath to
18 And again the prophet come, and their temple, of the spirit-
; Behold, I have set thee ual temples of God.

for a light unto the Gentiles, to

FURTHERMORE it is writ-

be the saviour of all the ends ten concerning the sab-

of the earth, saith the Lord the bath, in the Ten Command-
God who hath redeemed thee. ments, which God spake in the
19 Who for that very end Mount
Sinai to Moses, face to
was prepared, that by his own face Sanctify the sabbath of

appearing he might redeem our the Lord with pure hands, and
hearts, already devoured by with a clean heart.
death, and delivered over to 2 And elsewhere he saith
If thy children shall keep my
the irregularity of error, from
darkness and establish a cov- sabbaths, then will I put my

enant with us by his word. mercy upon them.

20 For so it is written that the 3 And even in the beginning
father commanded him by deliv- of the creation he makes men-

2 3
Exod. xxxii. 7. Deut. ix. 12. Vid. Lat. Interpret. Vet. Isaiah
5 Isaiah xlii. 6. 6 7
xlix. 6. 4 For salvation unto. Verse 7. Isaiah
lxi. 1, 2. Comp. Luke, iv. 18. 8
Words. 9 Exod. xx. 8. Jer. xvii. 24.
The temple BARNABAS. typical

tion of the
sabbath. l
And Lord) shall be able to sanctify
God made in six days the works it, being ourselves first made
of his hands; and he finished holy.
them on the 2 seventh day, and 9 Lastly, he saith unto them :

he rested the seventh day, and 6 Your new moons and your
sanctified it. sabbaths I cannot bear them.
4 Consider, my children, what Consider what he means by it
that signifies, he finished them the sabbaths, says he, which ye
in six days. The meaning of it now keep are not acceptable
is this that in six thousand unto me, but those which I have

years the Lord God will bring made when resting from all

all things to an end. things I shall begin 7 the eighth

5 For with him one day is a day, that is, the beginning of
thousand years as himself tes- the other world.

tifieth, saying, Behold this day 10 For which cause we ob-

shall be as a thousand years. serve the eighth day with glad-
Therefore, children, in six days, ness, in which Jesus rose from
that is, in six thousand years, the dead and having mani- ;

shall all things be accom- fested himself to his disciples,
plished. ascended into heaven.
6 And what is that he saith, 11 \ It remains yet that I
And he rested the seventh day speak to you concerning the tem-

he meaneth this that when his ple how these miserable men be-

Son shall come, and abolish the ing deceived have put their trust
season of the 5 Wicked One, and in the house, and not in God
judge the ungodly and shall himself who made them, as if it

change the sun and the moon, were the habitation of God.
and the stars then he shall
; 12 For much after the same
gloriously rest in that seventh manner as the Gentiles, they con-
dav. secrated him in the temple.
7 He adds lastly Thou shalt 13 But learn therefore how the

sanctify it with clean hands and Lord speaketh, rendering the

a pure heart. Wherefore we temple vain 9 Who has measur- :

are greatly deceived if we ed the heaven with a span, and

imagine that any one can now the earth with his hand ? Is it
sanctify that day which God has not I ? Thus saith the Lord, 10
made holy, without having a Heaven is my throne, and the
heart pure in all things. earth is my footstool. What is
8 Behold therefore he will the house that ye will build me ?
then truly sanctify it with bles- Or what is the place of my rest?
sed rest, when we (having re- Know therefore that all their
ceived the righteous promise, hope is vain.
wh en iniquity shall be no more, 14 And again he speaketh
u Behold they
all things being renewed by the after this manner r

'Gen. ii. 2. Exod. xx. 11, xxxi. 17. * Vid. Coteler; Annot. in loc.
3 How general this tradition then was. See Coteler. Annot. in loc.
Edit. Oxon, page 90, a. Psalm Ixxxix. 4. That is, to the time of the
Gospel, says Dr. Bernard, q. v- Annot. p. 127, Ed. Oxon. 5
So the Lat.
Vers. 6
Isaiah, i. 13, 7 So the other Fathers, q. v. apud. Coteler. Annot.
in loc. p. 36. 8
Vid. Edit. Oxon. et Vet. Lat. Interp.. Isaiah, xl. 12.
Isaiah, lxvi. 1.
n Isaiah, xlix. 17.
11 161
of the way BARNABAS. of light

that destroy this temple, even name of the Lord, we are become
they shall again build it up. renewed, being again created as
And so it came to pass for it were from the beginning.

through their wars it is now de- Wherefore God truly dwells in

stroyed by their enemies and our house, that is, in us.

the servants of their enemies 22 But how does he dwell in

built it up. us ? The word of his faith, the
15 Furthermore it has been calling of his promise, the wisdom
made manifest, how both the city of his righteous judgments, the
and the temple, and the people of commands of his doctrine ; he
Israel should be given up. For himself prophesies within us, he
the Scripture saith
And it shall himself dwelleth in us, and open-

come to pass in the last days, that eth to us who were in bondage
the Lord will deliver up the of death the gate of our 3 temple,
sheep of his pasture, and their that is, the mouth of wisdom,
fold, and their tower into destruc- having given repentance unto
tion. And it is come to pass, as us and by this means has

the Lord hath spoken. brought us to be an incorruptible

16 Let us inquire therefore, temple.
whether there be any temple of 23 He therefore that desires to
God ? Yes there is and that be saved looketh not unto the

there, where himself declares man, but unto him that dwelleth
that he would both make and in him, and speaketh by him ;

perfect it. For it is written being struck with wonder, foras-


And it shall be that as soon as much as he never either heard
the week shall be completed, the him speaking such words out of
temple of the Lord shall be his mouth, nor ever desired to
gloriously built in the name of hear them.
the Lord. 24 This is that spiritual temple
17 I find therefore that there that is built unto the Lord.
is a temple. But how shall it be
built in the name of the Lord?
I will shew you. Of the way of light ; being a summary
18 Before that we believed in of what a Christian is to do, thai he
may be happy for ever.
God, the habitation of our heart
was corruptible, and feeble, as a
temple truly built with hands.
thus, I trust, I have de-
clared to you as much, and
19 For it was a house full of with as great simplicity as I
idolatry, a house of devils inas- could, those things which make

much as there was done your salvation, so as not to

in it for
whatsoever was contrary unto have omitted anything that
God. But it shall be built in might be requisite thereunto.
the name of the Lord. 2 For should I speak further
20 Consider, how that the of the things that now are, and
temple of the Lord shall be very of those that are to come, you
gloriously built; and by what would not yet understand them,
means that shall be, learn. seeing they lie in parables. This
21 Having received remission therefore shall suffice as to these
of our sins, and trusting in the things.
Zeph. ii. 6. just. Heb. 2
Dan. ix. Haggai, ii. Vid. Lat. Ver. Interp.
* So the old Lat. Interp.
to a Christian. BARNABAS. Way of darkness.

3 Let us now go on to the other 9 Thou shalt not accept any

kind of knowledge and doctrine. man's person, when thou re-
There are two ways of doctrine provest any one's faults. Thou
and power the one of light, the shalt be gentle.
; Thou shalt be
other of darkness. quiet. Thou shalt tremble at
4 But there is a great deal the words which thou hast heard.
of difference between these two Thou shalt not keep any hatred

ways: for over one are appointed in thy heart against thy brother.

the l angels of God, the leaders Thou shalt not entertain any
of the way of hght over ths doubt whether it shall be or

other, the angels of Satan. And not.

the one is the Lord from everlast- 10 Thou shalt not take the
ing to everlasting the other is name of the Lord in vain. Thou

the prince of the time of un- shalt love thy neighbour above
righteousness. thy own soul.
5 Now the way of light is this, 11 Thou shalt not destroy thy
if any one desires to attain to the conceptions before they are
place that is appointed for him, brought forth nor kill them ;

and will hasten thither by his after they are born.

works. And the knowledge that 12 Thou shalt not withdraw
has been given to us for walking thy hand from thy son, or from
in it, to this effect Thou shalt thy daughter but shall teach
: ;

love him that made thee: thou them from their youth the fear
shalt glorify him that hath re- of the Lord.
deemed thee from death. 13 Thou shalt not covet thy
6 Thou shalt be simple in neighbour's goods; neither shalt
heart, and rich in the spirit. thou be an extortioner. Neither
Thou shalt not cleave to those shall thy heart be joined to proud
that walk in the way of death. men but thou shalt be num-

Thou shalt hate to do anything bered among the righteous and

that is not pleasing unto God. the lowly. Whatever 3 events
Thou shalt. abhor all dissimula- shall happen unto thee, thou
tion. Thou shalt not neglect shalt receive them as good.
any of the commands of the 14 Thou shalt not be double-
Lord. minded, or double-tongued; for
7 Thou shalt not exalt thyself, a double tongue is the snare of
but shalt be humble. Thou shalt death. Thou shalt be subject
not take honour to thyself. Thou unto the Lord and to inferior
shalt not enter into any wicked masters as to the representatives
counsel against thy neighbour. of God, in fear and reverence.
Thou shalt not be over-confident 15 Thou shalt not be bitter in
in thy heart. thy commands towards any of
8 Thou shalt not commit forni- thy servants that trust in God ;

cation, nor adultery. Neither lest thou chance not to fear him
shalt thou corrupt thyself with who is over both because he ;

mankind. Thou shalt not make came not to call any with re-
use of the word of God, to any spect of persons, but whomsoever
impurity. the spirit had prepared.

Vid. Coteler. loc. et Basil, in Psalm i. Greedy, nfeoveKTw.
Who shall BARNABAS. cast out.

16 Thou shalt communicate are at variance, and bring them

to thy neighbour of all thou together.
hast thou shalt not call any-
; 24 Thou shalt confess thy sins
thing thine own for if ye par- : and not come to thy prayer with
take in such things as are incor- an evil conscience. J

ruptible, how much more should 25 This is the way of light.

you do it in those that are cor-
ruptible ?
Of the way of darkness; that is, what
Thou shalt not be forward
kind of persons shall be for ever cast
to speak for the mouth is the

out of the kingdom of God.
snare of death. Strive for thy
soul with all thy might.
not out thine hand to receive,
BUT the way of
crooked and full
darkness is
of cursing.
and withhold it not when thou For is the way
it of eternal
shouldest give. death, with punishment in ;

18 Thou shalt love, as the which they that walk meet those
apple- of thine eye, every one things that destroy their own
that speaketh unto thee the souls,

Word of the Lord. 4 Call to thy 2 Such are; idolatry, confi-

remembrance, day and night, dence, pride of power, hypoc-
the future judgment. risy, double-mindedness, adul-
19 Thou shalt seek out every tery, murder, rapine, pride,
day the persons of the right- transgression, deceit, malice, ar-
eous and both consider and go rogance, witchcraft, covetous-

about to exhort others by the ness, and the want of the fear
word, and meditate how thou of God.
mayest save a soul. 3 In this walk those who are
20 Thou shalt also labour the persecutors of them that are
with thy hands to give to the good haters of truth lovers of ; ;

that thy sins may be for- lies who know not the reward
poor, ;

given thee. Thou shalt not de- of righteousness, nor cleave to

liberate whether thou shouldst any thing that is good.
give nor, having given, mur-
: 4 Who administer not right-
mur at it. eous judgment to the widow and
21 Give to every one that orphan who watch for wicked- ;

asks so shalt thou know who is ness, and not for the fear of the

the good rewarder of thy gifts. Lord :

22 Keep what thou hast re- 5 From whom gentleness and

ceived thou shalt neither add patience are far off; who love

to it nor take from it. vanity, and follow after rewards

23 Let the wicked be always having no compassion upon the
thy aversion. Thou shalt judge poor nor take any pains for ;

righteous judgment. Thou shalt such as are heavy laden and

never cause divisions but shalt ;

make peace between those that 6 Ready to evil speaking, not

See Eccles. iv. 29. Ibid., ver. 28. For so I choose to read
it,vnep rr/e rpi'XVS <*ov ayuvevaeic, according to the conjecture of Cotelerius.
Ibid., ver. 36. 4
And remember him night and day. The words Wfiepac
K^ufEcjf, seem to have been erroneously inserted, and pervert the sense.
Gr. Saints. 6 Gr. For the redemption of thy sins. Comp. Dan. iv. 24.
See lxx.
Who shall be BARNABAS. cast out.

knowing him that made them; 12 And may God, the Lord
murderers of children ; corrupt- of all the world give you wis-
ers of the creatures of God dom, knowledge, counsel, and
that turn away from the needy understanding of his judgments
oppress the afflicted are the
; in patience.
advocates of the rich, but unjust 13 Be ye taught of God ;

judges of the poor; being alto- seeking what it is the Lord re-
gether sinners. quires of you, and doing it that ;

7 It is therefore fitting that ye may be saved in the day of

learning the just commands of judgment.
the Lord, which we have before 14 And if there be among you
mentioned, we should walk in any remembrance of what is
them. For he who does such good, think of me; meditating
things shall be glorified in the upon these things, that both my
kingdom of God. desire and my watching for you
8 But he that chooses the may turn to a good account.
other part, shall be destroyed, 15 I beseech you I ask it as

together with his works. For a favour of you whilst you are

this cause there shall be both a in this beautiful ' tabernacle of

resurrection, and a retribution. the body, be wanting in none of
9 I beseech those that are in these things but without ceasing

high estate among you, (if so be seek them, and fulfil every com-
you will take the counsel which mand. For these things are
with a good intention I offer to fitting and worthy to be done.
you,) you have those with you 16 Wherefore I have given
towards whom you may do good the more diligence to write unto
do not forsake them. you, according to my ability,
10 For the day is at hand in that you might rejoice. Fare-
which all things shall be de- well, children, of love and peace.
stroyed, together with the wicked 17 The Lord of glory and of
one. The Lord is near, and his all grace, be with your spirit,
reward with him.
is Amen.
11 I beseech you, therefore,
again, and again, be as .good
lawgivers to one another; con-
tinue faithful counsellors to each Tf The end of the Epistle of Bar-
other remove from
; among you nabas, the Apostle, and fellow-
all hypocrisy. traveller of St. Paul the Apostle.

T[ Of the Epistles of Ignatius.

[The Epistles of Ignatius are translated by Archbishop Wake from the

text of VossiuS. He says that there were considerable differences in the
editions the best for a long time extant containing fabrications, and

the genuine being altered and corrupted. Archbishop Usher printed

old Latin translations of them at Oxford, in 1644. At Amsterdam, two
years afterwards, Vossius printed six of them, in their ancient and pure
Greek and the seventh greatly amended from the ancient Latin ver-

sion, was printed at Paris, by Ruinart, in 1689, in the Acts and Mar-
tyrdom of Ignatius, from a Greek uninterpolated copy. These are
supposed form the collection that Polycarp made of the Epistles of
Ignatius, mentioned by Irenseus, Origen, Eusebius, Jerome, Athanasius,
Theodoret, and other ancients but many learned men have imagined

all of them to be apocryphal. This supposition, the piety of Archbishop

Wake, and his persuasion of their utility to the faith of the church, will
not permit him to entertain hence he has taken great pains to render

the present translation acceptable, by adding numerous readings and

references to the Canonical Books.]

CHAR I. work that was con-natural unto

1 Commends them for sending Onesimus, you.
and other members of the church to 4 For hearing that I came
him. 8 Exhorts them to unity, 13 bound from Syria, for the com-
by a due subjection to their bishop. mon name and 9 hope, trusting
IGNATIUS, who is also called through your prayers to fight
Theophorus, to the church with beasts at Rome; so that by
which is at Ephesus in Asia 10 suffering I may become indeed

most deservedly happy being the disciple of him "who gave

; I

hlessed through the greatness himself to God, an offering and

and fulness 2 of God the Father, sacrifice for us 12 (ye hastened ;

and predestinated before the to see me). I received, there-


world began, that it should be fore, in the name of God, your

always unto an enduring and un- whole multitude in Onesimus.
changeable glory being united
; 5 Who by inexpressible love
and chosen 3 through his true is ours, but according to the
passion, according to the will of flesh is your bishop; whom I
the Father, and Jesus Christ our beseech you, by Jesus Christ, to
God; all * happiness, by Jesus love and that you would all ;

Christ, and his undefiled grace. strive to be like unto him. And

2 I have heard of your name blessed be God, who has granted

much beloved in God which ye unto you, who are so worthy of

have 6 very justly attained by a him, to enjoy such an excellent
habit of righteousness, accord- bishop.
ing to the faith and love which 6 For what concerns my fel-
is in Jesus Christ our Saviour. low servant Burrhus, and your
3 How that being followers
8 14
most blessed deacon in things
of God, and stirring up your- pertaining to God I entreat you ;

selves by the blood of Christ ye that he may tarry longer, both for
have perfectly accomplished the yours, and your bishop's honour.

In. 2
See Eph. iii. 19. 3 In. 4 Health, Joy. 5 Eeceived. Vid. Epist.
Interpol. 6 Vid. Coteler. in loc. Comp. Gal. iv. 8. 7
Pearson. Vind. Ignat.
Par. 2, cap. 14. 8 Imitators. 9 Viz. of Christ. 10 Martyrdom. n Eph. v.
12 13 l4
2. See the old Lat. Ed. of Bishop Usher. Possess. Blessed in all
Of unity EPHESIANS. and subjection.

7 And Crocus also worthy most bounds of the earth, are by

both our God and you, whom I the will of Jesus Christ.
have received as the pattern of 13 "Wherefore it will become
your love, has in all things re- you to run together according
freshed me, as the Father of our to the will of your bishop, as
Lord Jesus Christ shall also re- also ye do.
fresh him together with Onesi-
; 14 For your "famous presby-
mus, and Burrhus, and Euclus, tery, worthy of God, is fitted as
and Fronto, x
in whom I have, exactly to the bishop, as the
as to your charity, seen all of you. strings are to the harp.
And may I always, 2 have joy of 15 Therefore in your concord
you, if I shall be worthy of it. and agreeing charity, Jesus
8 It is therefore fitting that Christ is sung and every single ;

you should by all means glorify person among you makes up the
Jesus Christ who hath glorified chorus
you that * by a uniform obe-
: 16 That so being all conso-
dience 5 ye may be perfectly nant in u love, and taking up
joined together, in the same the song of God, ye may in a
mind, and in the same judgment: perfect unity with one voice,
and may all speak the same sing to the Father by Jesus
things concerning everything. Christ to the end that he may

9 And that being subject to both hear you, and perceive by

your bishop, and the presby- your works, that ye are indeed
tery, ye may be wholly and tho- the members of his son.
roughly sanctified. 17 Wherefore it is profitable
10 These things I 'prescribe for you to live in an unblamea-
to you, not as if I were some- ble unity, that so ye may always . T^N^
body extraordinary for though 15 have a fellowship rfith God.

I am bound for his name, I am


not yet perfect in Christ Jesus.

But now I begin to learn, and 1 The benefit of sub\ctiort. 4 The
I speak to you as fellow disci- bishop not to be res)s%ctaffo faTfaf\T) \&\V'
ples together with me. because he is not forward ia^jUcKtbi}y * v * S
it: 8 warns them against heretics
11 For I ought to have been
bidding them cleave to Jesus, whose
stirred up by you, in faith, in divine and human nature is declared;
admonition, in patience, in long- commends them for their care to keep
suffering but forasmuch as cha-
themselves from false teachers; and
shews them the way God.
rity suffers me not to be silent

towards you, I have first taken
upon me to exhort you, that ye
FOR I if time have
in this little
had such a familiarity with
would all run together according your bishop, I mean not a carnal,
to the will of God. but spiritual acquaintance with
12 For even Jesus Christ, our him how much more must I

inseparable life, is sent by the think you happy who are so

will of the Father as the ; joined to him, as the church is to
bishops, appointed unto the ut- Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ to

By. 2
See Philem. 20. Wisd. xxx. 2.
In all manner of ways. In
9 For. 10
one. 5 6
The. 7 Command you. 8 In.
1 Cor.
i. 10.
11 u Whence. 13
Worthy be named. w Con-
Mind, counsel, opiuion, &c. to
cord. Partake of.
Love to the bishop EPHESIANS. Exhorts against heresy.

the Father that so all things

dogs, who bite secretly : against
may agree in the same unity ? whom ye must guard yourselves,
2 Let no man deceive himself; as men hardly to be cured.
if a man be not within the altar, 7 There is one physician, both
he is deprived of the bread of fleshly and spiritual; made and
God. For if the prayers of one incarnate ; truenot made ; God
or two be of such force, as we life in death both of Mary and of ;

are told how much more power-

; God first passible, then impassi- ;

ful shall that of the bishop and ble even Jesus Christ our Lord. ;

the whole church be ? 8 Wherefore let no man de-

3 He therefore that does not ceive you as indeed neither are ;

come together in the same place ye deceived, being wholly the

with it, is proud, and has al- servants of God. For inasmuch
ready 3 condemned himself. For as there is no contention nor
it is written,
God resisteth the strife among you, 9 to trouble you,
proud. Let us take heed there- ye must needs live according
fore, that we do not set ourselves to God's will.
u soul be for My
against the bishop, that we may yours and I myself the expi- ;

be subject to God. atory offering for your church of

4 5 The more any one sees his Ephesus, so famous throughout
bishop silent, the more let him the world.
revere him. For whomsoever 9 They that are of the flesh
the master of the house sends to cannot do the works of the spirit
be over his own household, we neither they that are of the spirit
ought in like manner to receive the works of the flesh. As he
him, as we would do him that that has faith cannot be an infi-
sent him. It is therefore evident del nor he that is an infidel have

that we ought to look upon the faith. But even those things
bishop, even as we would do upon which ye do according to the flesh
the Lord himself. are spiritual forasmuch as ye ;

5 And indeed Onesimus him- do all things in Jesus Christ.

self does greatly commend your 10 Nevertheless I have " heard
good order in God that you all : of some who have 15 passed by
live according to the truth, and you, having perverse doctrine ;

that no heresy dwells among you. whom ye did not suffer to sow M
For neither do ye hearken to any among you but stopped your ;

one more than to Jesus Christ ears, that ye might not receive
speaking to you in truth. those things that were sown by
6 For some there are who them 17 as becoming the stones

carry about the name of Christ of the temple of the Father, pre-
in deceitfulness, but do things pared for 18 his building and ;

unworthy of God whom ye must ; drawn up on high by the Cross

flee, as ye would do so many wild of Christ, as by an engine.
For they are ravening 11 Using the Holy Ghost as
Matt, xviii. 19. 2
Is already proud and has, &c. 3 Judged, or separated.
4 James, iv. 6. 5
And the. • Accustom themselves to carry. 7
In wicked
deceit. Avoid. 8 9 Which can. 10 Without doubt ye live. "Vid. Voss.
Annot. in loc Pearson, Vind. Ign. par. 2, pp. 207, 208. To ages. 13
neither is faith the things of infidelity, nor infidelity the things of faith.
"Known. 15 Passed thither. ^ Upon. 1T Comp. Eph. ii. 20, 21, 22.
1 Pet. ii. 5. 18
The building of God the Father. 19
By the engine of the
cross, etc.
Exhorts to prayer, EPHESIANS. against sin,

the rope your faith being your

5 The last times are come 7

support and your charity the upon us let us therefore be very


way that leads unto God. reverent and fear the long-suffer-
12 Ye are therefore, with all ing of God, that it be not to us
your companions in the same unto condemnation.
journey, full of God; his spiri- 6 For let us either fear the
tual temples, full of Christ, full wrath that is to come, or let us
of holiness adorned in all things love the grace 8 that we at present

with the commands of Christ. enjoy: that 9 by the one, or other,

13 In whom also I rejoice that of these we may be found in
I have been thought worthy by Christ Jesus, unto true life.
3 10
this present epistle to converse, 7 Besides him, let nothing
and joy together with you ; that be worthy of you 12 for whom ;

with respect to the other life, ye also I bear about these bonds,
love nothing but God only. those spiritual jewels, in which I
CHAP. III. would to God that I might arise
through your prayers.
1 Exhorts them to prayer; to be un-
blameable. 5 To be careful of salva-8 Of which I entreat you to
make me always partaker, that I
tion; 11 frequent in public devotion;
13 and to live in charity. may be found in the lot of the
PRAY also without ceasing Christians of Ephesus, who have
for other men for there is always
agreed with the Apos-
hope of repentance in them, that tles, 14 through the power of Jesus
they may attain unto God. Let Christ.
them therefore at least be in- 9 ^f I know both who I am,
structed by your works, if they and to whom I write I, a person ;

will be no other way. condemned ye, such as have :

2 Be ye mild at their anger obtained mercy I, exposed to :

humble at their boasting; to their danger ye, confirmed against ;

blasphemies return your prayers danger.

to their error, your * firmness in 10 Ye are the passage of those
the faith when they are cruel, that are killed for God the com-
: ;

be ye gentle not endeavouring panions of Paul in the mysteries


to imitate their ways. of the Gospel; the Holy, the

(3 Let us be their brethren in martyr, the deservedly most
all kindness and moderation, but happy Paul at whose feet may I :

let us be followers of the Lord be found, when I shall have at-

for who was ever more unjustly tained unto God who
through- ;

used ? More destitute ? More out all his epistle, makes mention
despised ?) of you in Christ Jesus.
4 That so no herb of the devil 11 Let it be your care there-
may be found in you but ye may fore to come more fully together,

remain in all holiness and so- to the praise and glory of God.
briety 6 both of body and spirit, For when ye meet fully together
in Christ Jesus. in the same place, the powers of

Pearson, ib. part 2, cap. 12. 2
Carriers. 3
These things I write. Be 4

6 In Jesus Christ both bodily and

ye firm. 5
Who has been more, etc. 8
spiritually. 1 Cor. vii 34. 7 Remain: or, for it remains. Is present.
10 Without him.
One of the two, only that we may be found, etc. 18
Become you. 12
In. 13
Assented to. "In. "Witnessed of. Vid.
Coteler. in loc. Pears. Vind. Ign. Par 2, cap. 10.
to charity, and to EPHESIANS. love of the Gospel.

the devil are destroyed, and his by those things of which he is

mischief is dissolved by the silent.
unity of their faith. 22 There is nothing hid from
12 And indeed, nothing is God, but even our secrets are
better' than peace, by which all nigh unto him.
war both 3 spiritual and earthly 23 Let us therefore do all
is abolished. things, as becomes those who
13 Of all which nothing is have God dwelling in them ;

hid from you, if ye have perfect that we may be his temples, and

faith and charity in Christ Jesus, he may be our God as also he :

which are the beginning and end is, and will manifest himself be-
of life. fore our faces, by those things
14 For the beginning is faith 11 for which we justly love him.
the end is charity. And these
two * joined together, are of God :

1 To have a care for the Gospel. 9 The

but all other things which con- virginity of Mary, the incarnation,
cern a holy life are the conse- and the death of Christ, were hid from
quences of these. the Devil. 11 How the birth of Christ
15 No man professing a true was revealed. 16 Exhorts to unity.
not deceived, my brethren
faith, sinneth neither does he

who has charity hate any.

BE 12
those that corrupt families
16 5 The tree is made manifest by adultery, shall not inherit the
by its fruit so they who profess kingdom of God.

themselves to be Christians 6 are 2 If therefore they who do

known by what they do. this according to the flesh, have

17 For Christianity is not the suffered death how much more ;

work of an outward profession shall he die, who by his wicked

but shows itself in the power of doctrine corrupts the faith of
faith, if a man be found faithful God, for which Christ was cru-
unto the end. cified ?
18 It is better for a man to 3 "He that is thus defiled,
hold his peace, and be 'than to
; shall depart into unquenchable
say he is a Christian and not to be. fire, and so also shall he that
8 15
19 It is good to teach; if hearkens to him.
what he says he does likewise. 4 For this cause did the Lord
20 There is therefore one mas- sufFer the ointment to be poured
ter who spake, and it was done; on his head that he might ;

and even those things which he breathe the breath of immortality

did without speaking, are worthy unto his church.
of the Father. 5 Be not ye therefore anointed
21 He that possesses the word with the evil savour of the doc-
of Jesus is truly able to hear his trine of the prince of this world :

very silence, that he may be let him not take you captive from
perfect ; and both do according the life that is set before you.
to what he speaks, and be known 6 And why are we not all

Destruction. 2 Concord. 3
Of things in heaven and of things on earth.
5 6 Shall be seen or made manifest.
* Beintj in unity. Matt. xii. 38.
Speaking, not to be. 8
If he who says, does. 9 That he may. 10 Him.
Out of. 12 The corrupters of houses. 1 Cor. vi. 9, 10. 13 1 Cor. x. 8.
15 16
Such a one being become defiled. Hears him. Keceives ointment.
Psalm xliv. 8, cxxxii. 2.
TJie incarnation, &c, EPHESIANS. hid from the devil.

wise, seeing we have received 13 Hence

all the power of
the knowledge of God, which is magic became dissolved and ;

Jesus Christ ? Why

do we suf- 1
every bond of wickedness was
fer ourselves foolishly to perish ;
destroyed men's ignorance

*not considering the gift which was taken away and the old

the Lord has truly sent to us? kingdom abolished God himself ;

7 Let my life be sacrificed

3 14
appearing in the form of a man,
for the doctrine of the cross; for the renewal of eternal life.
which is indeed a scandal to the 14 From thence began what
unbelievers, but to us is salvation God had prepared from thence-

and life eternal. forth things were disturbed; for-

8 Where * is the wise man ? asmuch as he designed to abolish
Where is the disputer ? Where death.
is the boasting of those who are 15 But if Jesus Christ shall
called wise ? give me grace through your
9 For our God Jesus Christ prayers, and it be his will, I
was according to the dispensation purpose in a second epistle which
of God 5 conceived in the womb I will suddenly write unto you
of Mary, of the seed of David, to manifest to you more fully
by the Holy Ghost; 7 he was the dispensation of which I have
born and baptized, that through now begun to speak, unto the new
his passion he might purify man, which is Jesus Christ; both
water, to the washing away of sin. in his faith, and charity in his ;

10 'Now the Virginity of Mary, suffering, and in his resurrection.

and he who was born of her, was 16 Especially if the Lord shall
kept in secret from the prince make known unto me, that ye
of this world as was also the
; all by name come together in
death of our Lord three of the : common in one faith, and in one
mysteries the most spoken of Jesus Christ; who was of the
throughout the world, yet done race of David according to the
in by God.
secret flesh the Son of man, and Son

11 How then was our Saviour of God

obeying your bishop

manifested to the world? A and the presbytery with an en-

star shone in heaven beyond all tire " affection breaking one ;

the other stars, and its light was and the same bread, which is the
inexpressible, and its novelty medicine of immortality our ;

struck terror into men's minds. antidote that we should not die,
All the rest of the stars, together
but live forever in Christ Jesus.
with the sun and moon, were the 17 My
soul be for yours, and
chorus to this star but thattheirs whom ye have sent to the

sent out its light exceedingly glory of God, even unto Smyrna,
above them all. from whence also I write to you ;
12 And men 10
began to be giving thanks unto the Lord
troubled to think whence this and loving Polycarp even as I
new star came so unlike to do you. Remember me, as Jesus
all the others. Christ does remember you.

Are we
foolishly destroyed ? 2
Not knowing. 3 See Dr. Smith's note in
loc. 1 Cor.
i. 18, 23, 24-
4 *1
Cor. i. 20. 5
Carried. 6 But by. 7
was. Who
8 10
Mysteries of noise- 9 Silence or quietness. See Rom. xvi. 2-5. There
was a disorder. u Novelty. 12
Them. 13
Disnppeared. 14
Being made
manifest. 15
Reveal. 16 That ye may obey. 17 Mind.
Exhorts to reverence MAGNESIANS. the bishop.

18 Pray for the church which worthy to be found to the glory

is in Syria, from whence I am of God.
carried bound to Rome being 19 Fare ye well in God the

the least of all the faithful which Father, and in Jesus Christ, our
are there, as I have been thought common Hope. Amen.
^f To the Ephesians.


CHAP. I. judged worthy to see you, by
4 Mentions the arrival of Damas, their Damas your
most excellent
bishop, and others, 6 whom he exhorts bishop and by your very wor-;

them to reverence, notwithstanding he thy presbyters, Bassus and Apol-

was a young man.
lonius and by my fellow-servant

IGNATIUS who is also called Sotio, the deacon ;

Theophorus to the blessed

; 5 In whom "I rejoice, foras-
(church) 2 by the grace of God much as he is the subject unto
the Father in Jesus Christ our his bishop as to the grace of
Saviour in whom I salute the God, and to the presbytery as

church which is at Magnesia to the law of Jesus Christ I0 1 ;

near the Mseander and wish it determined to write unto you.


all joy in God the Father and in 6 Wherefore it will become

Jesus Christ. you also not u to use your bishop
2 When I heard of your well too familiarly upon the account
ordered love and charity in God, of his youth but to yield all ;

being full of joy, I desired much reverence to him according to

to speak unto you in the faith the power of God the Father as ;

of Jesus Christ. also I perceive that your holy

3 For having *been thought presbyters do not considering :

worthy to obtain a most excellent his age, which indeed to ap-
name, 5 in the bonds which I car- pearance is young but as be- ;

ry about, I salute the churches comes those who are prudent in
wishing in them a union both of God, submitting to him, or rather
the body and spirit of Jesus not to him, but to the Father of
Christ, our eternal life as also our Lord Jesus Christ, the bishop

of faith and charity, to which of us all.

nothing is preferred: but espe- 7 It will therefore "behoove
cially of Jesus and the Father you w with all sincerity, to obey

in whom if we undergo all the your bishop in honour of him


injuries of the prince of this pre- whose pleasure it is that ye
sent world, and escape, we shall should do so.
enjoy God. 8 Because he that does not do
4 Seeing then I have been so, deceives not the bishop whom

2 s
Vid. Interp. Lat. Epist. Interpol.
1 In. According to. * Been vouch-
safed aname carrying a great deal of divinity in it. 6 See Bishop Pearson.
6 Sing, commend. ' Undergoing,
Vind. Ign. par. ii. cap. 12, p. 146.
escaping. 8 Worthy of God.
9 Whom may I enjoy. 10
Apud. Vet. Lat.
Interp. Glorificato Deum Patrem D. nostri Jesu Christi. Vid. Voss.
Annot. in loc. Pearson Prsef. ad Vind. Ignat. 12 Seeming youthful state.
It is becoming. " Without any hypocrisy. 15
Who willeth it.

Exhorts to live MAGNESIANS. orderly and in unify.

he sees, affronts him that is cons most 'dear to me being

but *
invisible. For whatsoever of entrusted with the ministry of
this kind is done, it reflects not Jesus Christ who was the Father ;

upon 3 man, but upon God, who before all ages, and appeared in
knows the secrets of our hearts.