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Third Party order

Master Data of Third Party Item:
1. Create Third party item using Tcode MM01 with material type HAWA (Trading
and select the following views.

Basic Data1 and Basic Data 2

Sales Views such as Sales Org 1, sales org 2 and Sales: General Plant data
MRP1, MRP 2 views (optional views)
General Plant data views
Accounting views

and click on "Organization Levels" and enter the following data.

Plant = 1000, Storage location is 0001, Sale organization is
1000,Distibutionchanngel is 10
and press Enter Key,
enter the Description of the material = Thrid party item, Base unit of
measurement = PC , material group= 00101 , weight etc., in the Basic Data 1 and
enter basic material = st60 and press enter key,
Now enter the following data in "sales: sales org1"
Division is 00 and Tax classification is 0 (no tax) and press enter key,
Enter the following data in "sales: sales org 2" view
item category group = BANS then system determines
during Sale Order processing.

item category = TAS

and also enter Account Assignment group = 01(Trading Goods) ,

press enter key,
enter Transportation group is 0001 , Loading group is 0001 @ Sales:General
/Plant view and press Enter key,
enter the purchase group = 100 in the purchasing View, press enter key,
observe the details such as MRP Type (i.e, PD / ND) and MRP controller (i.e.,101)
in the "MRP 1 view " and now again press enter key, observe the procurement
type = F (External procurement) in the "MRP 2 view".
enter storage conditions =01 @ Plant data/strorage 1 view.
Now enter the following data in the " Accounting 1 view ",
enter the valuation class = 3100
price control is V and Moving average price is 25 eur per pc and save the material
master (material numer is vz_tp600).

2. Create Third party Vendor using Tcode XK01 (vendor number is 00000 00007)

Note: use the Customer number "1000".

Transactional data
1. Create Sale order using Tcode VA01
enter the following data
order type is OR
Sales Organization is 1000
Distribution chaneel is 10
Division is 00
and Press enter key,
now enter the following data
Sold to party = 1000, PO number = test for Third party
PO date = to day date
material = vztpo01
qyt = 100 pc
and plant is 1000, press enter key and
observe the item category (i.e, TAS)
and enter the Pricing conditions (select the item row then select GoTO
/Item/conditions) , PR00 is 60 eur per pc
and Select Edit / Incompletion Log
system display the following message
Document is complete. Now save the Sale order (Ctrl+S).
note down the sale order number (i.e, 12103).
Now system creates the PR (Purchase Requistion) Automatically.
Step2: use Tcode VA03 (Display Sale order ) to notedown the PR Number.
Enter the order number = 12103 , press enter key,
select the item , select " Goto/ Item/Schedulines for item" and click on "PR
button" and
notedown the PR number (i.e, 10014293).
step 3 : convert the above PR into PO using Tcode ME21n.

observe the item category (i.e, S for third party ) and Account Assignment
(i.e, 1 for Third Party)
and also enter PBXX = 25 Eur per kg , save the PO and notedown the PO number

step 4 : Do GR using Tcode MIGO (This GR is known as statistical GR).

Note: use TcodeME22n (Change PO) and activate "Goods Receipt " indicator in
the Delviery Tab and also activate "GR_based IV" indicator in the Invoice Tab of
Item Details.

Accounting entries are

Cost of goods sold account is Debited with 2500 EUR
GR/IR Account is Credited
with 2500 EUR.
step 5:Post Incoming Invoice from the Third party vendor using Tcode MIRO.
Accounting entries are
Vendor account is Credited with 25000 EUR
GR/IR Account is Debited with 25000 EUR.
system display the following error.
Account 893010 has been set as not relevant for tax
Solution : use Tcode FS00
and enter the above Account number,click on change and click on "Control Data" ,
then enter Tax category = only input tax allowed
and activate "Posting without Tax Allowed" Check box and save.
now do the MIRO and save the document and notedown the Invoice number (i.e,
step 6: Create Customer Invoice using Tcode VF01 with reference to the sale order

Enter the sale order number = 12103 and press enter key,
observe the details such as quantity, net value etc.,
and save the document. Notedow the customer invoice number (i.e, 90036257).
Note: use Tcode VA03 and enter the sale order number (12103) and click on
"Display document flow" icon or press "Shift+F5" and observe the document
status details.