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Dates for your Diary

Friday 7th August: 2:45pm Funeral Service H. W. Ferugia. Eternal rest

grant unto him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. Amen
Slip Stitch - Knitting and sewing group, next meeting Wednesday 5th
August at 11:30 in the church hall. Everyone welcome, enjoy a chat and a
There will be a series of Jewellery Making sessions for children aged 6 to 12
years, to be held in the Church Hall on the following dates: July 27th,
August 3rd, August 10th, August 17th and August 31st. The children can
attend as many sessions as they wish. All equipment is provided, there is no
charge, however if you can afford a donation towards costs it would be
appreciated. If you have children that would like to attend, please see
Margaret Ingram or call on 01827 704858.


Tel: 01827 713177,
Website: st-benedicts-atherstone.org

Finance Secretary: Jo Howe 01827 750214

Newsletter: Brian Ingram 01827 704858
email: brianingramocds@gmail.com
Items for inclusion in the Newsletter by Thursday Noon

18th Sunday of the Year (B)

Rebecca (Becky) Buckler, sadly died 22nd July 2015 (No further
information available at present). Eternal Rest grant unto her O Lord and
let perpetual light shine upon her. Amen


Saturday Mass.

Saint Alphonsus

4.00 pm

Vigil Mass


Sun 02 Aug

9:30 am

18th Sunday

Mon 03 Aug

Sat 01 Aug


Jesus' call to conversion and penance, like that of the prophets
before him, does not aim first at outward works, "sack cloth and
ashes," fasting and mortification, but at the conversion of the
heart, interior conversion. Without this, such penance a remain
sterile and false; however, interior conversion urges expression
in visible signs, gestures and works of penance.

Tues 04 Aug

For the Parish

7.00 pm Prayer

Meet in Church, all



Wed 05 Aug

Interior repentance is a radical reorientation of our whole life, a

return, a conversion to God with all our heart, an end of sin, a
turning away from evil.
1430 - 1431

Friday 07 Aug
Sat 08 Aug
Sun 09 Aug

We extend a warm welcome to everyone worshipping here this

weekend, refreshments are served in the Church Hall after 9.30am
Mass, please come and join us, ALL ARE WELCOME.

The Transfiguration of

Thurs 06 Aug

the Lord
10.00 am

Service of Holy


Saturday Mass.

4.00 pm

Vigil Mass


18th Sunday of the year

Saint Dominic

The Liturgy & the of the Church

Readers this week:
Readers next week:

Sat. T. Wright
Sun: C. Forbes
Sat: S. Callers

A. Sender

Offertory Procession this week: Jo Howe & Co.

Eucharistic Ministers
D. Leader
T. Willmott
Next Week
T. Wright
D. Dickens
Church Cleaning Mrs. M. Reed Mrs. A. Cullen
Altar Society "

The Sick and their Carers

Please pray for Father Andrew, Pat & Maureen Burke, Bridie Symmons,
Ada Russell, Winifred Jones, Charlotte Smith, Kath Ford, Ursula Cope,
Patricia Carter, Christina Chetwynd, Olive Fortune, Victor John Zeslawski,
Val Horton and Father Paul. Please remember our housebound
parishioners in your prayers: Marion Burrows and Marie Aherne .

We pray for all our deceased relatives and friends especially those
who's anniversaries fall at this time, Rosamund Smith, France's
Menzies, William Prescott, Josie Leszczyk, we pray for the Soul of H. W.
Ferugia and Rebecca Buckler who recently died. May they Rest in

Money Matters
Collections last week: 1st - 271:27
167:64 - thank you!
Honesty Boxes
Votive Candles
June Direct Debit receipts were: 1st collection 417
2nd. 44
TOTE: 26/07/2015.
PRAYER GROUP - The prayer will take the basic format of Evening
Prayer of the Church with the opportunity to extend the various elements
of the Prayer (Praise and adoration, listening to Scripture readings and
Intercession for our various needs). To give you a sense of how long the
meeting might last - last week we prayed together for about half an hour!

"That in all things God may be glorified St. Benedict

Jesus Our Bread of Life

What a wonderful way to begin the new week with an assurance
from the author of life Himself. He says: I am the bread of life,
whoever comes to me will not hunger and whoever believes in me
will not thirst (John 6:35). We might be tempted to take these words
literally but at the same time, it conveys a truth that is beyond
human understanding and defies logic. The reason is that it is natural
to be hungry and whatever satisfies that hunger needs to be taken
seriously. There are different kinds of yearnings in life. They can be
classified according to the priority of needs. To use the expression of
economist, human wants are insatiable and this leaves a void in us.
While some need physical food, some others might need spiritual
and intangible food.
Physical food like potatoes, sausage and milk might satisfy a hungry
man or woman but such satisfaction is only temporary because one
needs to keep eating in other to fill that hunger. But what happens
where there is hunger for love, acceptance, recognition, and for
companionship? These are abstract concepts that define moments of
deep impression in ones life. What about material possessions?
Like the physical food, they need constant supply of it otherwise the
emptiness remains. This explains why Jesus has offered Himself as
the only source of human needs and satisfaction. Let us approach
Jesus today and implore Him to quench our thirst.