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No more
mission impossible

EE pioneer
to Asia and Eurasia

Reaching people groups
in U.S.

The impact of EE
for one man



2015 Issue #2

Helping People
Give Away Their
Faith in Christ
In an exciting, new effort in helping equip
people to share the Gospel, Evangelism
Explosion International is announcing a new
venture; creating informative 60-second
radio spots that will air on Christian radio
stations throughout the country. These
weekday broadcasts will assist people to
better share the Gospel in the context of
everyday life.
Over the years, the impact of radio for Evangelism Explosion cannot be underestimated.
In 1953, EE Founder, D. James Kennedy, was
awakened Sunday afternoon by his clockradio. For some reason the radio came on
to the voice of Donald Grey Barnhouse,
Pastor of 10th Avenue Presbyterian Church
in Philadelphia.
Dr. Kennedy immediately got up to change
the station before he heard a question that
set his mind reelingSuppose you were
to die today and stand before God and He
were to ask youWhat right do you have
to enter into My Heaven? what would
you say? This radio broadcast was the
catalyst for Jim Kennedy to place his trust
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in Jesus Christ.
I shall be forever grateful for the
radio broadcast of Donald Barnhouse
. . . which God used to bring me to
a saving knowledge of His Son, Jesus
Christ, Dr. Kennedy said.
Later, Dr. Kennedy established the
Truths That Transform daily radio
broadcasts that inspired millions of
believers to make an impact in their
communities. Radios positive impact
on the EE ministry is clear, and EE
President, John Sorensen, sees the
possibilities for Gods Kingdom. My
goal, by Gods grace, John says
emphatically, is to continue the mission for which this great ministry was
founded. And radio is an important
avenue to help us reach our goals.
John, who has a background in radio
broadcasting, will host the spots that
include valuable tips that listeners can
use in their witnessing everyday, as a
lifestyle, with the confidence that they
are doing what the Lord has called
them to do. The spots will point
listeners to a new, unique website
offering a toolbox of more free
witnessing resources including
Witnessing tips
Stories of transformed lives
Evangelism tools
Training events
The goal is to assist people to better
share their faith in Christ whenever
the opportunity arises.
Visit sharelife.today and discover a
treasure chest of relevant tips and
tools all available at your fingertips.


ll of us in the global fellowship of Evangelism Explosion are truly saddened by the loss
of Rev. E. H. (Buddy) Gaines, a man known to
thousands worldwide from his decades in Christian missions and his spectacular achievements as
a key leader of Evangelism Explosion across Asia
and Eurasia. Buddy slipped away peacefully at his
home to be with His Lord Monday, January 5th.
We extend our heartfelt condolences to his dear
wife, Martie, who served alongside him throughout
his ministry, and to his entire family.
And yet, we do not grieve as those who
have no hope. Buddy rested his hope for
Heaven entirely on what Jesus did for him.
We know where he is. He is absent from the
body but present with the Lord and alive
Before his EE training in 1973, Buddy was already
a seasoned missionary having served in Asia
for several years. But the week-long training
seminar in effective evangelism proved pivotal for
his career and the course of Christian missions
across the Far East.

Gospel Spreads in Asia

Buddy G

aines and

his wife M


It initiated a chain of events that led Buddy in 1979

to accept the position of EEs first Continental Vice
President for Asia.
Buddy led the effort to introduce Evangelism Explosion into Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan,
Mongolia, mainland China, Macau, the Philippines,
Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia,
Laos, India, Pakistan, Israel, and Egypt. By 1996, EE
was in use in all 42 nations of Asia. By 2002, some
125,000 Asians were trained in EE and more than
five million people had professed faith in Jesus Christ.
In 2013 alone, almost 20,000 Asians were trained to
share their faith in Jesus Christ through EE.
To honor his love for Jesus Christ, the new EE
China Training Center, in the city of Wuhan, will be
dedicated as the E.H. (Buddy) Gaines Training
Center for Evangelism.


While many have worked alongside him, Buddy led

the way in pioneering EE across Asia and the
former Soviet Union. Millions know and love Jesus
Christand are effectively sharing Him with others
because of the love, dedication and service of
E.H. (Buddy) Gaines.

Contact your local Christian radio station and ask them to consider airing the Share Life Today
60-second radio spots! Inform them that Ambassador Advertising, who has served Christian media
ministries worldwide for five decades, represents EE. Ambassador has made the download quick and
easy for stations. If they need more information ask them to email: charley@ambaa.com.

To view the beautiful memorial service of

E.H. (Buddy) Gaines visit:

Promote media that matters!

For a free demo visit: http://www.ambassadoradvertising.com/our-partners/evangelism-explosion

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visit us online: evangelismexplosion.org


ou probably know that EE has

equipped people from every nation in the
worldin over 100 languages and even
in places we dont normally think of as
Christian. But, did you know that here
in the USA, we also reach many other
cultures and people groups? Recently, a
group of Hispanic pastors met in a diner
in the Bronx, NY, to form a strategy for
strengthening the outreach to the Latino
community in the Northeast, as we have
all over the U.S.

Evangelism Explosion
10 Misty Valley Parkway
Arden, NC 28704
(954) 461-6100

Meanwhile, we have vibrant Vietnamese

and Korean ministries around the nation
and outreach to many other cultures. We
are also connecting with African American
communities of the inner cities with our
Urban Initiative, led by DeShawn Studav-


Frustration Turned to

ent, and reaching international students on college

campuses under the leadership of Nathan Lee.
One people group that is often overlooked is the
deaf they have a unique culture and language that
requires special outreach. We have been blessed to
find some highly skilled leaders to create Deaf EE so
that they can learn to share the Gospel, too. EE is
truly multi-cultural at home and abroad!

Liange engages in a connect activity

iange Zheng was frustrated. After becoming a follower of

Jesus Christ, he had a deep desire to not keep this Good News
to himself. He wanted to share it from the rooftops. But
he couldnt. Its not that he didnt try, but his efforts were

He had no idea where to turn tountil he and his pastor attended an XEE Launch. Following the Launch, Liange sent this note:
The XEE Launch was a wonderful experience and I cannot wait
to start XEE in our church. Thank you so much for your help!
Lianges pastor expressed a similar enthusiasm:
This was so much more than I expected!
The XEE training is now ongoing at Chinese Church for Christ
in Berkley, CA, and it will be exciting to hear testimonies of life
change in church members.
If you have questions or need scheduling information, email:
For information on training events, visit: evangelismexplosion.org/training

XEE training at
Chinese Church
for Christ