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Date: _____________
Seller Reference No.:
Buyer Reference No: D2 02-17-14
Product Name: D2

We,_______________________ , represented by the undersigned
Mr.__________________________ ,hereby confirm our intent with full
corporate responsibility that we are ready, willing and able to
purchase the following commodity of D2, in the quantity, quality and
for the price specified and on the terms and conditions, as
hereinafter set forth.
Product: D2 GOST 305-82
Quantity: MT
Origin: Russian Federation
Delivery: __________metric tons CIF _________________x 12 months.
Inspections: SGS /Saybolt (Quantity and Quality)
Price: USD$710.00 per MT, gross per metric ton
Contract Terms: 12 months w/rollovers and extensions
Destination Port: _____________________________
Performance Bond: 2 % Issued by suppliers Bank
Payment: MT103/72
Commissions: USD ________ commission paid by buyer (50/50 Seller
Side Closed)

Buyer issues ICPO with bank details.

Supplier shall issue preliminary draft contract. Buyer signs and returns
preliminary Draft Contract electronically to Supplier.
3. Supplier shall issue proforma commercial invoice to Buyer.
Upon confirmation of receipt of the signed documents issued by the
supplier (Proforma Invoice indicating the general cost of the goods and draft
contract) Buyers Bank issues MT103 Field 72 Conditional for value of shipment
and sends via swift to the sellers bank with copy of the swift to Supplier.
Upon confirmation of the Financial Instrument the Supplier shall issue a 2%
performance bond and the documents (Dip Test Authorization, tank storage,
receipt and survey report made by SGS plus all the documents required for the
first shipment).


Buyer verifies the product within (5) five banking days.

Supplier issues the final Commercial Invoice for first lift to Buyer and full
documents of the product required for transfer of ownership to the Buyer. Product
is delivered insured and shipped to buyers port of destination CIF. Payment for
product is made at port of departure.
8. After the successful delivery of the spot purchase, by mutual agreement by both
Supplier and Buyer, the contract for 12 months delivery begins. Procedures and
payment terms as described above continue for the term of the contract, and then
by rolls and extensions.

Copy of license to export issued by the Ministry of Energy.
Copy of registration with Ministry of Justice-Export Duty Control.
Copy contract to transport the Product to the Port.
Copy of the charter party agreement(S) to transport the product to the discharge
. Supplier issues SGS Q/Q certification, Tank Storage Receipts and Dip Test etc.
PERFORMANCE BOND (PB) 2% of the value of first delivery
Delivery Per Schedule in SPA
Company Name: ________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________
Telephone: _____________________________________________
Telecopy: _______________________________________________
Email: __________________________________________________
Represented by: __________________________________________
Bank Name: ________________________________________________
Bank Address: ______________________________________________
Name Account: _____________________________________________
Account Number: ACC NO: __________________________________
Transfer Account: ___________________________________________

SWIFT Code: _________________________________________________

Account Number: ____________________________________________
ABA Routing No: _____________________________________________

X agrees to the above terms and conditions and issues this ICPO.

Company Name: _________________________________________

Individual Company: _____________________________________________

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