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The administration department of the university is trying its level best to

provide each and every facility to the English department. It is also struggling
very hard to improve and upgrade the level of the department. The English
department is also planning to launch PhD programme in near future.
So far as the institutional support is concerned, followings are the details of the
support and facilities provided by the administration department of the
There is no doubt that the administration department of the university has
already provided sufficient facilities to the English department for running
its official matters appropriately and adequately.
For secretarial support, ONE assistant has been employed for office works
and assignments. Though he works very hard and diligently, yet sometimes
when he is engrossed in the office work, the need of another assistant is felt
So far as the technical staf is concerned it is not mandatory for the
English department specifically. A separate department has already been
established by the university that can easily be approached when the
department need any technical assistance regarding computer related issues
and problems.
An office cabin has been provided to every faculty member where he or she
can work without any disturbance and interruption.
Every faculty member has also been equipped with a computer system with
internet facility to be well informed about the latest trends in researches
about his or her relevant subjects.
The facility of printer has also been provided to the department but there is
only one printer for all the faculty members. Sometimes, the printer is out of
order so there should be another printer as a substitute for it.

Scanner is also an essential part of the office work without which an office
does not give a complete look. So, there should be, at least, one scanner to
scan and save the important documents.
One book shelf with the facility of lock system is also provided to every
faculty member to keep his or her necessary books and reading material.
One complete cupboard has also been provided to the department by the
administration department of the university and it is sufficient for the
One water dispenser has been made available in the department with the
facility of cold and hot water.
The facility of air conditioner, as well as, heater has been provided. One air
condition is sufficient for the department but one heater is not sufficient in
the winter season and some more are required for the other faculty
Following is the list of the items provided for institutional support, with
remarks, by the administration department of the university.
Facility/ Items


Secretarial Assistant
Technical Staf







Not Required as technical assistance
may be approached any time from the
technical department of the university

Office Cabin
internet facility



for any technical issue.

Sufficient/ satisfactory
Not Sufficient/Unsatisfactory. Must be
provided to every faculty member.

Water dispenser
Air Conditioner


Sufficient/ Satisfactory
Sufficient/ Satisfactory
Not Sufficient/ 5 more required for
the other faculty members

Working Stations

Sufficient/ Satisfactory
Sufficient/ Satisfactory
No or very less stationary items are




department. Should be provided to

every faculty member according to
their requirements.

Standard 8.1: There must be sufficient support and financial resources to

attract and retain high quality faculty and provide the means for them to
maintain competence as teachers and scholars.
In order to promote and flourish the current condition of faculty as well as
faculty members the university has always been arranging various and
diversified training programmes, workshops and seminars. Such kind of
activities not only increase the abilities of the faculty members but also
empower them with new trends and techniques in educational system.
The university is also going to hire the highly qualified faculty i.e. PhDs in
English department on permanent basis in near future to increase the
educational level of faculty though more than two PhDs already working as
visiting faculty in English department. .
Standard 8.2: There must be an adequate number of high quality graduate
students, research assistants and Ph.D. students.
As the English department has been working for the last many years so there
are sufficient number of graduate students. With the sufficient number of

graduate students there is also a great number of the students at master level.
The master level programme is being run in morning and evening shifts.
Moreover, from the last five years Mphil progamme is also being run in evening
shift that comprises linguistics and literature, and hundreds of students have
completed successfully their MPhil whether in linguistic or literature. So, there
has been sufficient number of students at graduate, master and MPhil level
and all of the three levels are being managed successfully by the English
So far as the research work is concerned it is being carried out by the faculty
member themselves and no separate research assistant has been hired yet for
the research purpose. But the department is thinking very seriously about
hiring a research assistant on permanent basis in near future. ----In spite of its serious eforts English department still could not start PhD
progamme because of some issues. But hopefully, as its M.Phil programme is
running very successfully in the evening, the department will be able to start
its PhD progamme very soon.

Standard 8.3: Financial resources must be provided to acquire and

maintain Library holdings, laboratories and computing facilities.
So far as the financial matter relating to the English department is concerned,
it is being managed by the finance office of the university and there is not any
special involvement of the English department except preparing the budget
plan for one year and present it to the respective office.