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Role play(cultural diversity)

Very good morning for our lecture and friends, in this class we have Malay, Indian,
and Chinese, so we from the different country or different race, its means that we have
different culture, and always there have kinds of cultural stock, which influence in our
daily life in every day. So in todays role play our group will give you a role play
perform which based on the cultural diversity.

Situation I
(in the English class)

TaoTao: good morning class

Students : good morning sir... .. .. ....
TaoTao : my name is Li Taotao, i am from china, you can call me Mr Li or Dr. Li. I
am going to teach your class English writing for this semester, hope all of you have a
good experience in this class....

TaoTao : so at the beginning of class i have one question..... , that is what kind of
essays that you have wrote before this semester.
Ayu:Sir, before that i had wrote some English essay, such as global issues (child
education, global environment, Cultural diversity and others)

Balkis: I had wrote some articles too and ill be glad if sir could give some comments
on that.

Taotao : Alright, very good answers. Okay class be silent. Well will meet in our next

Situation II
The lecture give assignment for the student. Lecture divided 2 group of the student
with different races. Some of the student not agree with the division members in the
(In class)
Taotao : Good morning class.
All Student : Good Morning, Sir (playing handphone)
Taotao : Today, I want give your assignment group. I am planning to divide 3 people
in a group. I want one group consists different race. Group 1 Balkis, Sun and Devi.
Group 2 Ayu, Nana and Lim.
Sun : I do not agree. (angry). I think it is better if our group assignments is own
Devi : Right, I also do not agree with the group members.
Balkis : We're all adults as we are going to do our own choice.
TaoTao : Why would you want to deny. My decision is conclusive.
Nana : I think this is a good way of doing assignment. Right?
Ayu : That's right. Maybe lecturer want to create solidarity among students.
Yee : We are 1 Malaysia right. Please do not be racist.
Taotao : Okay, I hope you all can work together in setting up this group assignments. I
give you 2 weeks to complete this task. That's all from me. I have a meeting. If you
have problem you can meet me at my room.
Yee : Okay, Thank You Sir.
Ayu :Yee and Nana can give your number phone? I want to create WhatsApp group.
Nana : Oh, can. Easy to discuss.

Situation 3
(In class)
There some arguments occur among group 1.

Sun : I dont want to be in this group with both of you, I just hope to be in Lims
Balkis : me too! I just dont understand what are you trying to express? And Devi,
your Indian slang make me hard to get what are you talking about.
Sun : You think Im glad to be in same group? I dont like to stay in this group with
different racesSome of you like to complete the task in last minutes. When
discussion session, you just keep quiet and without any contribution towards the
Devi : shut up you all! Dont argue like a child okay? Make me shame only to be a
part of this group. Whats the matter about my slang? This is an appropriate English!
Why I should be the member of the group who are poor in English? I rather do
assignment myself without your help. You guys are troublemakers for me.
Balkis : Fine! But you cant judge me because now Im the group leader; you all must
listen to me. You must follow my instructions and stop complaining about the group
Sun : Sorry I am not free to make discussion, dont ask me to prepare anything.
( Sun walk out from classroom)

Situation 4
One week passed.
Lecturer : Hi, good morning class. As I have told in previous class all of you are
required to send your assignment by today.
Ayu: Yes sir, the deadline for the assignment today isnt it?
Yee: We did our assignment already sir.
Nana: We were just waiting for your instruction sir.
TaoTao : Ohw, thats great. Im glad to see such responsible students. But how about
the group 1? From the beginning I have never seen any response or commitment from
you. How about the assignment?
Balkis:Erm actually we havent start with our assignment sir.
Devi : Yes sir, we dont have enough time to finish the assignment.
Sun: Can we send that assignment by next week sir?
Group 1: Can you give us some more time to finish our assignment sir?
TaoTao: What??? How come this group can finish their assignment in given time but
you cant do so?Its so embarrassing and disappointing. As I told before I hate excuses
especially in studies.
Devi : Sir, thats her fault. She never cooperate.
Balkis: Thats her fault. She was giving so many excuses.
Sun: Thats totally not my fault thats their attitude!!!
TaoTao : Stop itt!!! Stop blaming others. You should change your attitude or else
youll be in trouble insomeday. I want you to be together always. Do give your full
commitment and cooperationamong your group members. Fine. Im giving you one
last chance to send your assignment.Do send it in your next class.
Group 1 : Thank you very much sir. We will do it and will send it on next class.

Situation 5
Part I
Today, all students must submit their group assignment as it has been notified by their
Tao Tao :Well, as I told you earlier that all of you must submit your group assignment
by today and no more excuses.
All students :Yes Sir, we have set up our group assignment that you have given.
Tao Tao : Okay good! I will collect it now. Next week our class lecture will be cancel
as I have a meeting.
Nana :Okay, Sir, but when we may know our marks for the assignment?
Tao Tao :Well, I will announce the marks in two weeks so I will see you again in two
weeks. Okay, thank you class.
Part II
Two weeks later. The lecturer announce the marks. Group 1 get the lowest mark than
Group 2.
Tao Tao :As I mention before I will announce your marks today. Group 1 received 40
marks while Group 2 scored 80 marks.
Group 2 :Yes. We did it!
Group 1 :What.?? Are you sure, Sir? (Stressful face)
Tao Tao :Yes. I am pretty sure about the marks because there were no collaboration
among you when doing this assignment. Am I right.?
Sun :You are right, Sir. We are very sorry. Please forgive us, Sir.
Tao Tao :Actually you must ask apologize with your group members and other friends
too. From now on, I dont want all of you fighting or have a conflict among each
other, understand?
All students : Okay Sir.
Tao Tao :Okay, I have a meeting so I must to leave now. I hope you guys will befriend
after this. See you on next class.
All students :Thank you Sir.
The lecturer leave the class.

Devi : Hey you guys, I want to make an apologize with both of you. I know that I
always make my own decision and not discuss with both of you first.
Balkis :I am sorry too and I hope after this we can be a good friends and no more
conflict between us, okay.?
Sun :Me too. Now we are friends right ?
Balkis & Devi : Sure we are friends. (shake hand)
Balkis :Yee, Nana and Ayu, we also want to make apologize to all of you.
Yee :Its okay. We are fine and we dont mind about what all of you have done to us.
So I hope that we will be best friends always.
All students : Yes!! We also hope that...( They laughed together)
Ayu : Hey guys, lets hang out in cafe...
Sun :Yes, lets go there.
All of them walk away to the cafe.
Part III
Nana : Devi, can you tell us about traditional food?
Devi : Aww yeah sure. We have so many traditional food and i just tell you some of it.
We have roti canai, capati, thosai, idli and many more. Hey, how about Chinese
traditional food. Can you guys tell me some of it.
Lim : Yes, with pleasure. One of our traditional food is called Tang Yuan which we do
in winter festival. Tang Yuan is made by rice flour, and it has peanut, red beans, and
chocolate fillings. Its really delicious.
Balkis : We also have our traditional food. For example we have nasi lemak, rendang
kuih lapis, and ketayap.
Sun : The food is halal right? (All nodded their head). Lets share our food together.
All : Sure sure..
Ayu : Hope we will be together like this forever.

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