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Attachment 1.

MEMORANDUM FOR Commander, Organization, Station.
SUBJECT: Statement of Understanding Carry of Privately Owned Weapon (POW) on State Property
I, ___________________________, understand that carry of a POW is my individual and personal
election. I have not been directed to carry a POW as a condition of my service or employment in the
Tennessee National Guard. I understand the following restrictions on my ability to carry and hereby agree
to the following conditions:
1. That I alone am accountable for the responsible carry of my POW. I understand that it is my
responsibility to understand and comply with the both State and Federal laws, regulations, policies,
and prohibitions regarding where and when to carry my POW. I also understand that neither the
State of Tennessee nor the Federal government will cover me under the Federal Tort Claims Act or
the State Tort Claims Act if suit is brought against me or I am subjected to criminal charges for my use
or carry of my POW.
2. I understand that I am not permitted to carry unless I possess a valid handgun carry permit issued by
the State of Tennessee.
3. That individual carry of a POW in uniform is a privilege. As such, I will follow the orders and
directions of The Adjutant Generals Policy and implementing guidance regarding carry of POWs and
of my Commanders, Non-Commissioned Officers, and superior Officers if not in my chain of
command in regard to carry of my POW.
4. I understand that I can carry one POW only:
On authorized Military Department State properties.
b. In Army Combat Uniform or similar field uniform while my blouse is on, holstered on my service
belt only and that drop down holsters, shoulder holsters, ankle holsters or others are not

In Class A uniform with jacket on and not protruding so obviously as to impede regulation uniform
wear of the jacket.

d. That meets identical or nearly identical specifications of the M9 Beretta service pistol or smaller
with a holster that is identical or nearly identical to a service issued holster. I cannot carry revolvers
or derringers.
5. I understand that my POW will remain holstered at the waist at all times and that unholstering my
POW is considered intent to use deadly force and will be reported as a serious incident to the
Emergency Operations Center and The Adjutant General; and
6. I understand that I cannot carry POW:

Onto any Federal property including any Airbases, Armed Forces Readiness Centers, Joint Force
Headquarters, Volunteer Training Site Smyrna, and Storefront Recruiting Stations.

Attachment 1.

In Class B uniform, Physical Training uniform or in Class A uniform where later removal of my
Class A jacket in public is anticipated or required.

When I remove my ACU or similar uniform blouse for any reason including but not limited to work
in a detail, as kitchen duty, or authorized for temperature conditions.

Onto any area designated as a gun-free zone and that it may be the policy of individual
commercial property owners and business owners that I cannot carry a weapon onto their
premises and it is my responsibility to know where those areas are.

While issued Federal military assigned weapon of any kind.

With a magazine locked in the weapon.

7. If required to remove my weapon I will, without question, remove and store my weapon as directed by
my Commander, Non-Commissioned Officer, or other superior Officer.
8. I will provide all of the documentation that is required of me to show that I am properly licensed to
carry a POW with this SOU and will provide any and all additional documentation required of me by
my Commander, Non-Commissioned Officer, or superior Officer for the privilege to carry my POW in
uniform on State Military Department property. I further understand that I will have to provide this
information annually or when required by my Commander.