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MobileArt MUX-100H

Preventative Maintenance Procedure

Location: ______________________________

Model: _______________ Manufactured: ______________

Date: _________________________________

Serial Number: ____________________________________

Note: The following is a summary of maintenance procedures. Always follow the official procedures prescribed in Shimadzu literature

1 Operational
Noises during travel
Motion of moving parts

Arm Catch

Emergency stop switch

Front Bumper

Lock release buttons

Drive Handle

Ensure no unusual noises
Verify that extention of tube arm, tube tilt,
collimator rotation, and column pivot
motion are smooth.
Verify arm can be easily locked and
released from parked position and that
drive motors are in high speed while the
tube arm is parked.
Verify when pressed, button illuminates
and all driving capability is suspended.




Manufacturing Date:

Verify when engaged, an audible alert is

heard and forward motion of unit is
Verify both lock release buttons on the
collimator handle and the manual relase
lever in the catch area function properly.
Verify drive handle and brake release
operation corresponds to drive motion.

2 Mechanical Adjustments
X-ray Tube


Fastening Hardware

Ensure securing hardware is fastened



Inspect cables for damage or excessive

wear. Lubricate HV cable tube side
terminals with silicone grease and HV
cable tank side appropriately

Fastening Hardware

Ensure securing hardware is fastened


Align x-ray and light field

Verify alignment

Collimator crosshairs mark central

Verify alignment and clean crosshairs.
portion of field
Actual field size matches field size
Verify size
indicated by collimator dials.

Tube Arm and Column

Fastening Hardware

Wire rope condition

Rail and roller surfaces

Ensure securing hardware is fastened

Verify wire ropes are free from breaks,
frays, or corrosion and have equal tension.
Apply wire grease.
Remove column top cover and verify
function of top of counterweights and
Verify smooth operation. Clean as

Arm Catch
Verify Operation
Control Panels and Switches
Verify Operation
Drive Handle
Verify Operation

Check condition and adjust microswitch if

tube arm does not park correctly.
Check condition and secure mounting.
Check condition and secure mounting.
Adjust handle calibration per adjustment
mode procedure.

Cassette Bin
Fastening Hardware
Sliding Cover
Exposure Switch
Verify Operation

Ensure securing hardware is fastened

Verify condition and that it is not gone.
Verify condition and that it is not gone.
Check condition and secure mounting.
Reduce cord slack if needed.

Charging Cable
Cable Condition

Verify no wear or damage and that the

cable retracts and locks properly.

Charging Capability

Inserting charging cable will illuminate "~"

signal on the charging meter and charging
will commense after 10 seconds.

Front Bumper
Fastening Hardware
Front Casters
Drive Wheels

Ensure securing hardware is fastened

Verify it moves freely.
Verify condition and clean if necessary.
Ensure wheels and hubcaps securely

Grounding Strap

Verify condition, ensure it is touching the

floor, clean if necessary

3 Electrical




Battery Information

Record the battery code (in initial settings

mode) and date of last battery installation
(written under top cover)

Battery Detection Circuit

Verify battery detection circuit in

adjustment mode. Adjust within 0.2V.

Battery Diagnostics

Run battery diagnostics in adjustment mode

and record the results in the order in which
they appear. Toggle through the results
with the remote control key. Replace
batteries after 2 years or if either side of
battery drops below 180V during exposure.
Note: only available with version 1.32
software or greater.

Measured kV:______ mA: _____

Exposure condition: 80kV, 160mA
Battery (+): ________________
Battery (-): _________________ Inverter
freq. voltage (Vin):_____
Measured mA: ______________
Measured kV: ______________

With a scope monitoring TkV testpoint,

verify 60, 80, 100, and 120kV are within
3kV or 5%, whichever is greater.

60kV: __________________kV
80kV: __________________kV
100kV: __________________kV
120kV: __________________kV

Record EEPROM version number (on M14

and M17 on NEXSC PCB)

Ver: ______________________

Measure battery voltage with unit powered


Replace after 1 year or when values are

too low.

Battery Code:______________
Install Date: ____________


Tube Voltage
Verify Tube Voltage
EEPROM Version
NEXSC Backup Battery
Check Condition

4 System Settings
User Settings
Forward Power Assist (PAS)
Acceleration (ACC)
Steering Control (StC)
Backward Power Assist (bAC)
Adjustment Mode
Tube Current Adjustment
Date and Time
Exposure Count
Cumulated Mileage
Error Log
Battery Charge Counter

Verify and record value (suggested: 70)
Verify and record value (suggested: 60)
Verify and record value (suggested: 100)
Verify and record value (suggested: 100)


PAS: _____________________
ACC: _____________________
StC: ______________________
bAC: _____________________

Calibrate per procedures described in

adjustment mode. Verify the TmA and
TkV signals. Record results on last page
data sheet.
Verify correct date and time.
Record exposure count.
Record cumulated mileage. Toggle between
total and relative miles with the remote
control button.
Record results on last page data sheet.
Record battery charge count.

Exposure Count: ____________

Total Cumulative: _________km Relative
Cumulative: _______km

Battery Charge: _____________