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SuccessFactors Learning iContent

Eliminate content chaos and

accelerate learning ROI


successfactors learning icontent: eliminate content chaos and accelerate learning roi

SuccessFactors Learning iContent

Eliminate content chaos and accelerate learning ROI
With iContent, you can
focus on the quality and
effectiveness of your
courseware. Also,
organizations realize
substantial cost
savings and deliver
content faster.

Say youre the head of learning for a large global manufacturer. Your
move to implement a learning management system (LMS) for the first
time is really paying off. Youre realizing ROI quickly as the adoption of
online learning has caught on with line managers and employees.
Subject matter experts in various lines of business easily contribute
content they create, and their online content supports instructor-led
training. Now, regulatory-required training is easier. And the company is
even developing a new leadership program based on proposed new
content. The benefits of e-learning are clear to the entire company.
However, the story soon changes. Learning managers at the company are frustrated. Employees
complain that courses stop during playback or sometimes never load. Frequently, end users call HR
about scores not tracking and the system incorrectly telling them they missed the course deadlines.
Finally, after the company misses a single critical compliance update, the COO and Chief Counsel
get involved and demand immediate fixes. The LMS is fantastic, but course delivery is killing you. As
a learning professional, you know that your team is working at full capacity. Whats the missing link?
How do you remedy this situation and make sure it doesnt happen again?
Organizations everywhere struggle with similar problems. As the shift to e-learning and rich media
content accelerates, , learning staffers spend more time managing content in addition to all of their
other duties. We call this Content Chaos and learning departments everywhere are straining under
the burden of ever-increasing e-learning courses, online simulations, videos, manuals, and
Fortunately, theres a way to relieve those pressures and keep up with the pace of business.
SuccessFactors iContent is a comprehensive, flexible Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution you can
use to support and streamline content delivery. With iContent, you can reduce the burdens of
administering e-learning infrastructure, decrease costs, and reliably deliver content faster to your
learning audience.

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Management Solutions. Bersin by Deloitte. 2012. To purchase the report, visit http://www.bersin.com/Practice/Detail.aspx?docid=15855&mo


successfactors learning icontent: eliminate content chaos and accelerate learning roi

CaaS: Why iContent is different

Learning in the digital age increases opportunities for organizations to bring learning out of the
classroom and onto the job. Employees can create their own content based on their knowledge
about customers, processes, and products. You can develop custom content thats tailored to your
organization and its unique challenges. You can even find and buy high-quality off-the-shelf
coursework from third-party content providers. The only downside to all of these options? You still
need to manage and deliver the content, which means putting it through a QA process that could
tie up resources youd rather have focused on core learning initiatives.

Its easy to
underestimate the
time, effort, and
expertise needed to
manage learning
content. Deploying
iContent can lead to
more effective training,
efficient use of training
budgets, and a better
end-user experience
for employees.

CaaS is similar to SaaS. Just like SaaS, there are no servers or hardware to build or buy. Because
its content management delivered as a service, you can avoid the need for expensive technical
resources, such as servers, disk space, IT staff, technical content specialists and network capacity.
CaaS handles the technology infrastructure and solves hosting, management, security, tracking,
and delivery problems. The goal is a better end-user experience.
Content is easy to access, download, and complete. Without disruptions, users find it easier to
complete coursework.

The pains of e-learning content management

In the past, organizations would manage their own content and buy or rent storage. Some LMS
providers would even give away storage. However, addressing content storage is not even half
the battle. Without attention to management, delivery, security, and updates, online content ceases
to be an effective training tool. Soon, you feel lots of pain as you wrestle with content management
and delivery challenges.
Administrative issues: Its easy to underestimate the difficulty of e-learning content
management. Unfortunately, many of the problems become clear when you find yourself
manually confirming AICC/SCORM compliance, troubleshooting end-user environment
variables, and dealing with non-tracking types of content, such as Word documents,
PowerPoints, and PDFs. Whether youre talking about custom or off-the-shelf content, getting
everything to work seamlessly takes a lot of work. Then theres the matter of security. Do you
know for sure that your confidential material is secure? If unauthorized outside users access
your content, they can burn through purchased licenses of third-party courses and even add or
delete unauthorized material.

User spikes can magnify bandwidth constraints.

If your organization releases a course to meet business deadline-driven (such as
end-of-year) training, it isnt unusual for demands on the system and network to
dramatically increase. When an entire user community takes a required course, a
network slows dramatically and sometimes crashes. The result? A negative user
experience, reduced training effectiveness, and even possible compliance problems.


successfactors learning icontent: eliminate content chaos and accelerate learning roi

Technology limitations: Hosting e-learning content on the free space that other LMS
providers provide actually strains network capacity and makes it hard to reliably deliver content.
The best content is rendered useless if it takes so long to download that users give up. If you
need more server space as your library grows, you may end up in conflict with IT concerning
priorities of upgrades, service, and maintenance.
Support needs: Even if your own IT people understand all of your technical needs and are
ready to support you, what about learning-specific expertise? Wouldnt it be nice to have a
learning content expert on the other end of the phone when you hit a dead end while
troubleshooting content that isnt tracking course completions correctly?
Content testing and validation: What happens when someone hits play? Will content load
properly on a mobile device? Will a course stop unexpectedly in the middle? Will custom
content from an internal team work without a glitch? Missing even one variable could delay
deployment and create compliance risks.
Content updates: Content is rarely static for long. Managing content updates requires the
same due diligence before content is production-ready. Its important to factor in resources for
ongoing management and updates. When subscribing to a large library of titles from a
third-party vendor, most customers ignore or neglect the need to handle monthly vendor
updates. Without a process to handle the updates, content becomes stale, or even
noncompliant, and organizations lose the full value of the purchased licenses.
You can try to manage these challenges on your own. You might even develop an in-house system
to reduce your pains for a while. However, theres a better way. With iContent, you can hand over
content management and delivery to SuccessFactors and instead focus on delivering the right
training to the right people at the right time.

The role of iContent with SuccessFactors LMS


successfactors learning icontent: eliminate content chaos and accelerate learning roi

How iContent can work in your organization

With iContent, you give us your content and we make it work. Youre free to focus on strategy and
learning effectiveness rather than updates and troubleshooting, which is a significant departure from
the old way of managing content delivery.
SuccessFactors iContent is a CaaS solution that complements SuccessFactors Learning. Two
levels of iContent service are available: Premium and Standard. For most organizations, iContent
Premium service is the right choice. It includes full e-learning content management, content testing,
and delivery assurance in addition to hosting and infrastructure support.

iContent Premium
With SuccessFactors Learning, you get a world-class LMS ranked as a leader in every major analyst
report, including Bersin by Deloitte, Forrester, Gartner, and IDC.2 iContent Premium is designed to
perfectly complement your LMS. iContent takes case of the infrastructure in the same secure,
scalable and reliable data centers that host SuccessFactors Learning. You also get a dedicated
content expert who tests and validates content. With iContent Premium, you also benefit from:
Dedicated content advisory and support resources, including an expert with AICC/SCORM
who has SuccessFactors Learning experience
Centralized management of your content library and your hosting
Efficient content delivery with the Akamai Content Distribution Network (CDN)
Support for custom, internally developed content
Full content management, including verification and management of both custom, internally
developed content, and third-party vendor content
Expert pre-production content testing
Deployment of content to the customers LMS
Regular content updates
Continuous process and delivery enhancements
24-hour content Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
End-user technical support for content
Content entitlement for title license control and security
Unlimited storage
Easy content backup

For the full list of analyst recognition, visit http://www.successfactors.com/en_us/company/recognition.html


successfactors learning icontent: eliminate content chaos and accelerate learning roi

iContent makes life a lot
simpler, because
everything is in one
Mike Malehorn
U.S. Department of Labor

Centralized library for easy access

When you move e-learning content to the cloud and manage the courses and information in a
single location, youre taking a significant step toward improved content governance and simplifying
tracking and version control. Learning professionals will find it easier to view everything in one place
and to find the training they need for seamless use with SuccessFactors Learning.
For the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), centralizing its learning content was key to maintaining the
sustainability of its programs.3 With iContent, the DOL enjoyed overall control of learning activities
with the flexibility to manage unique training needs at all levels of the department.
The cloud-based server centralizes all content across the DOL. SuccessFactors iContent makes
life a lot simpler, because everything is in one location, explained Mike Malehorn with the DOL.
And with iContent, the DOL doesnt worry about future needs, because the solution can scale to
handle everything that 17,000 DOL employees may require. The centralized content system also
eliminates server costs and saves time for learning administrators. Now the department can focus
on implementing key strategic learning initiatives, not managing the day-to-day processes of
content administration.

Fast, reliable course delivery to your workforce

Fast, reliable delivery of content can improve the user experience and course completion for your
learning audience. Because its integrated with the Akamai Content Distribution Network (CDN),
iContent helps you get fast, efficient, and reliable content distribution.
If youve ever shopped online, downloaded music, watched a Web video, or connected to work
remotely, youve probably used Akamais cloud platform. Akamai routinely delivers 15 to 30 percent
of all Web traffic and over 2 trillion Web requests each day. With customers such as Verizon
Wireless, Apple, ESPN, and NASA, among many others, Akamai ensures a secure, high-quality
online experience on any device, anywhere.

The SaaS environment

shifts the quality
assurance and content
troubleshooting work
off our shoulders.
Kelly Iblings
Securitas Security Services

Heres how the Akamai CDN benefits iContent. When a course is launched for the first time, its
cached on the CDN server thats geographically closest to the end user. The next time any
authorized user launches the course, it loads from the cache, which speeds up user response times
by 60 percent and reduces network demand on the content server. The CDN also supports delivery
during large-spike training events that can slow down or crash standard content servers.
Securitas Security Services knows about learning system capacity problems all too well. The
company needed to upgrade its learning systems but also had to find a solution that met many of
the integration and technical requirements already in place from legacy systems.4 Using the previous
Securitas LMS, remote users frequently experienced content-loading problems, lag time, and
time-outs. If wed had to host content on our own server, said Kelly Iblings, senior IT analyst, it
would have taken more resources.
iContent was an ideal fit because it met requirements for both the learning team and the IT team.
The SaaS environment shifts the quality assurance and content troubleshooting work off our
shoulders, said Iblings. With iContent and the Akamai CDN, Securitas accelerates content delivery
with faster downloads and streaming, which saves time and resources.

SuccessFactors Department of Labor Customer Case Study. http://www.successfactors.com/en_us/download.html?a=/content/dam/

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successfactors learning icontent: eliminate content chaos and accelerate learning roi

iContent experts
address most issues
and ensure that
e-learning content
works before it goes
live and end-users find
errors in coursework.

Access to dedicated support

With iContent Premium, you can call with questions and know that your dedicated iContent expert
can provide more than IT support. iContent experts are learning specialists who know your
challenges and understand the obstacles you face as a learning manager. These experts are part of
the SuccessFactors Learning team and have daily access to, and interaction with, SuccessFactors
learning engineers and product management teams.
iContent experts are source-agnostic: They help learning managers with content updates and
testing, regardless of the author. These specialists address most issues and ensure that e-learning
content works. They even troubleshoot end-user environment variables and resolve any issues

Content testing, validation, updating, and security

All content is tested and validated for launch, play, and track to ensure effective operation with the
customer learning application and faster deployment. To remove administrative burdens, iContent
experts deploy updates and ensure that all content is in the correct catalog so users easily and
quickly find and consume it.
Speed matters for the global optical retailer Luxottica because 24-hour turnaround on course
deployment reduces training costs, improves compliance with legal mandates, and increases
employee effectiveness. The 85 people who take our new retail training through iContent make
million-dollar purchasing decisions, said Angi Willis, learning technology project manager. So even
if they learn one thing in taking this training, it could save our company millions of dollars.
The iContent entitlement service backs each course launch, which ensures that each course is
accessible only by authorized end-users.

iContent Standard
For organizations that already have expert resources and teams in place to manage learning
content, the iContent Standard Service may be all you need. With Standard Service, you get:
Centralized management of your content library and your hosting
Efficient content delivery with the Akamai Content Distribution Network (CDN)
Content storage based on the number of users and gigabytes of storage,
with no charge for overages, so you buy only what you need
Easy content backup


successfactors learning icontent: eliminate content chaos and accelerate learning roi

Keeping up with the speed of business is rarely easy, but with iContent, your organization can keep
pace with its learning needs. Dont wait to make a move until courses fail to load or slow down,
course completions and scores arent tracked, or critical content updates dont occur, jeopardizing
With iContent, you wont get bogged down in the day-to-day administrative hassles and technical
headaches that come with managing learning content. Instead, you can turn your content
management frustrations over to SuccessFactors and watch as we make them go away. Call us
today so you can get back to the strategic side of learning.

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