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The Seamless Mathematical Forcing

This utility is a force of one of nine numbers, which can be
phased into multiple outs or forces.
Effect: The spectator is to think of a two-digit number, and
after a few math sequences, comes up with a completely
different two digit number. The magician pulls out a list of
images next to numbers 1-100. The spectator looks to the
number they chose and memorizes the picture next to it.
After thinking of this image, the magician is now able to
duplicate it.
Method: Here are the directions for the spectator after
initially thinking of the two digit number.
I want you to add up both digits, and then subtract
this total from the original number
Based on the math involved here, their final number must be
one of the following:
9, 18, 23, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81
This then means that if a list of 100 pictures is given, you
place the force image next to each of these numbers and
spectators would never really noticeallowing you to
successfully duplicate their thoughts.